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AW) " a
A pair of real nice silk socks
is a very acceptable grift. So
likewise would be a half dozen
pairs of Holeproof Hose the
kind that wear so well.
Plain lisles . . i. . .25c and 35c
Silk lisles. . . . . 1 . 50c and 75c
Pure silk ....$1.00 and $1.25
Silk clocked, .:. ... . . .$1.75
. . j ............. $lJ
Silk and wool .... .... .$1.50
'Better Clothes"
eatttlQ ancl for cooking '
you'll find no better oleomargarine
than this delicious Supreme Marigold.
It contains nothing but the purest
- ingredients. Always packed under
the yellow and black label.
The Name
on a Self -Rising Flour
package guarantees sat- '
isfaction. The cost is .
low and the perform- "
ance infallible.
nashville" roller mills
The Red Mill
Try Musterole. See How
Quickly It Relieves
You just rub Musterole inbriskly, and
C3ually the pain is gone a delicious
soothing comfort comes to takeitsplace.
Musterole is a ciean, white ointment,
made with oil of mustard. Use it instead
of mustard plaster. Will not blister.
Many doctors and nurses use Muste
. ole and recommend it to their patients.
They will gladly tell you what relief
it gives from sore throat bronchitis,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia,
congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lum
bago, pains and aches of the back or
joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet cold3 of the
chest. Always dependable.
SO and 60c jars; hospital size $20.
- Have Soft
ma air
you can Have
Long, Straight
Soft, Lustrous,
Beautiful Hair
By Using ;
IlCnni IF! Panada
Ilt&fcULIN IteirDressing
Stops Tallin ff Hair, remores Dan
druff and . makes your hslr grow
ioag, sort, nwiy. Try big box to
day. Sold by drug stores or sent by
mail f? .vita - ..
" ai.uir9 vr vvuli I
rite tor Particulars
BE a :
S f,P0HAOCHAt ; Oof-;
I 9
Tugs of the Aiken Company Will
Put to Sea Immediately.
News of the settlement of the Tow
boat engineers' strike was given .out
officially yesterday. ;. ;',.-. r
It is generally understood that the
engineers won out on both the increase
of wagesjand the additional engineer
for ocean going tugs. .'
With the , ending ' of the strike the
tugs of the Aiken Towboat company
began to show signs of activity and
began to get up steam.
The tug Simpson will leave today
for Mobile to take in tow two barges
there, and the L,eroy and Sea King are
expected to get away with barges for
Cuba within the next day or' two. Sev
eral barges, Including the Anken bar
ges, George T. Locke and the Bobby
Ho and Consul are already loaded,. in
the harbor and are ready to go.
No. 3 Continued From
Page One ,
a plebiscite was to be taken, and which
ever country was chosen by the ve-ters
was to pay a sum of money to the
country which lost on the plebiscite.
Up to the present moment, no plebis
cite has taken place, owing to the in
transigent attitude of Peru as to who
shall have the vote. Chile wishes
everybody to be given the right to
vote, but Peru -is not in accord with
us about this. That, is, shortly, the
root or the question.. There is no
danger of war, however, between the
two countries.
"We are on very good terms with
the other two ABC Powers; the
frontier difficulties with the Argen
tine have hpfn
Washouts, Floods and Coal
Strike Hamper AH Traffic
North and South Bound
Due to the general derangement of
traffic lines northward occassioned by
the recent floods and washouts, an em
bargo has been placed ort all outgoing
shipments from this city. How long
this embargo wIlrTfold cannot be told
course. Chile was the first South 'hut it Is believed by -traffic authorities
here that it will be lifted within a short
time, just as soon as the damage sus
tained can be repaired.
; The coal strike caused an embargo
to be placed recently on all cargoes
No. 1 Continued From
. Page One
American nation to submit to arbitra
tion, in 1903, when we accepted King
Edward's solution of the difficulties
with the United States. . . . v
"The Monroe Doctrine, of which the
whole world hears so much from time wvino- th t RA,.h a
iOn!imnSCtlnentalp0licyf0rland but with the termination of
MtJ ,0rthand : South. -It orlg- the Btrike Wednesday it is believed
Jinated. it is said. In the brain of theaf w Mjl ,k
Kngiish statesman. George Canning. At;tiZ "T " ' "
the time of the Holy Alliance In Ea- th' ,few w,eeks
rope he Instructed the British Mln- Seeri vessels are loading cargo at
ister at Washington-to suggest it to Present at Pensacola, but in nearly
the American government. An - ex- every insance these vessels will not
change of letters followed between ,De affected, by the embargo as the cor
Monroe. Jefferson, and Madison in ' eoeS have already been assembled and
1823. vTne Monxoe Doctrine , was" the irl many instances come directly from
outcome. I this city. i
"With ' regard to the League of Na-I Ships which are loading cargo at
A-i'-f nnAa tt t,on8 Chile approved of the scheme 'this port at present are the Arfsfenta,
saved Augusta from floods tomght, but wIthout diacuss!on We fuly appre. McDonald. W. S. M. Ber.tlev. Avest
and Monday generally were receedinff elated the noble intenUons of the Harshaw, Saurez. Furustrand, Lake
throughout Mississippi, Alabama and statesmen who conceived the measure. Savus, Virga LeMer and City of San
Georgia today but anxiety wastelt'as 11 " "eiPs. even 11 oniy ior a time, toiAntonio.
Railroad Legislation Held Up
v By Opposition to Cum
' mins Bill.
- Washington, Dec. Hope of en
acting railroad legislation by January
1, the-date on which President Wilson,
has announced the roads will be turned
back to private control, was virtually
abandoned today by senate leaders, be
cause of strong and unexpected oppo
sition to the Cummins,bill.
to' the fate of hundreds of persons
make the world tranquil, it will be of j
enormous utility. Today we cannot
caught by the highwaters. Fourteen judge it; we must await results. What HARVARD WTTT. PT,AY
Known cieaa nave, been reported to we can ao is xo appreciate tne spirit
date, but this list probably will be in
creased by later reports. It is esti
mated property damage resulting from
the high waters will, mount to several
million dollars.
The dead were listed as follows:
Atlanta, Ga. Three white persons.
Montgomery, Ala. Two white farm
ers; three negroes.
Hattiesburg, Miss. Three negroes;
Meridian, Miss. One negro.
Most serious conditions reported to-
whfch animated those who brought it
into being."
jNo. 4 Continued from
Fage One
Cambridge, Mass, Dec. 11 The
Harvard University football team will
play, a western eleven at Pasadena.
Cal.. Xcw Year's dav. The committer
loads were available. Relief for some on athletirs at Harvard today voted
points, however, faced delay because of to recaU its refusa of an invitation
a most unprecedented snowfall. In the from the Carnival of Roses commUtee
piains states caiiroaa traitic was oaa- ,
Jackson, Miss. Two white persons. Aly interrupted by snow drifts, and in
coal situation. The crimson eleven be-
l T : . : .i a i 1
forty hours of uninterrupted snowfall i gafT Practice yesterday.
day existed in Southern and Central .was recorded, conditions were worse. unoniciai iniormauon indicated tne
Alabama. Hundreds of persons, in- Throughout the central area the sub- University of Oregon team would be
1 narvara s opponent.
c-uding 113 negro .convicts and fifteen eer temperatures that yesterday in
white guards, are marooned along the many places established season records
Tallapoosa River, northeast of Moiit. ! today had given way to milder temper
gomery. - Wetumpka, Prattville, and ' atures and lessened the sacrifice coal
other towns swept by flood waters saving entailed. Denver led the up
front -the Chattahoochee River, how-. ward trend of the mercury with a 62
ever, reported improved conditions to-, degree range from 12 below zero to 50
Chicago, Dec. 11 Vice-president
Dunham of Armour and company an
nounced tonight that plans are under
consideration for the reorganization of
the various Armour interests into a
large number-of separate corporations.
Cuticura Soan
The Velvet Touch
For the Skin
Sop.01ntwnt.Tlmtn 3Sc mrnrtm For,.-.,
Carter Brokerage Co
Export Freight Etoker
and r orwarders
T.p.t us enpace your snaci? uk. ..
want room for export. We aro aW
posted as to lowest freight rafos
avauaoie space.
Room 403,, Thicscn BIdg., Tonsacoi
Cash or credit
Supplies and Repairs,
4 Tour business appreciated
Cor. Belmont and Davis s-.reey.
Does This Interest You?
Boy Wood at Reduced Prices!
- -
Rough Mill Ends, wet, while they last nr
. $2.00
at, per load
Dry Light Wood,
per load ......
All Hard Pine Blocks, extra large, - A a
. 10 for $2.25, or 20 for tPr.UU
Kindling, '
per sack
PHONE 1313
day. ' .
In Mississippi more than one thou
sand persons, mostly negroes were
driven from their homes at Hatties
burg when the Leaf River overflowed
its' banks last night, causing heavy
property damage in the city and sur
rounding country.
At Meridian, Enterprise and Laurel
and Basic City, portion of the towns
above. At other places the moderation
was less marked. At Minneapolis the
thermometer rose from 16 below to
even zero.
Omaha; from 16 below to 6 above
and at Chicago from minus 8 to plus
5, with relief from the ' unseasonable
weather in all sections forecast for by
tomorrow night.
Except in the Illinois fields where it
were inundated causing - considerable was said by one union leader that the
damage and suffering. Railroad traf- ' men had looked forward to a 31 per
fic fin the eastern part of the state cet increase, and in Montana, where
was almost completely suspended, J the, district president said the miners
Conditions at Columbus and West -WOuld not return to work as long as
Point, the principal points in Georgia the soldiers itre in the coal fields, It
affected by the floods of the Chatta- waS( eipected' work generally woufd be
hoochee, were Improved today. At both resumed today.
both points the river exceeded its pre- j Generally the mines were in condi
vlous high nark made in 1S86. Re- tion to be worked Immediately. They
ports from West Point stated that sup- J naj been kept in order by conserva
plies were reaching the east side of theion crews left by the strikers and the
town in sufficient quantities, but con-re&ular shifts of engineers and fire
ditions on the west side of the river, ' men
cut off .by the carrying away of the big ( A number of cities and towns in the
highway bridge, were not so satisfac- pacific northwest were reported in ur
tory. Efforts were being made to care gent need of fuel- Salem, Ore., was
for the residents there by means of entirely without coal and more than 2
barges and boats. " - I feet of snow had fallen.
The high waters were receeding at j -
Columbus, but a score or industries ; -
forced to close by the shutting off ori
the hydroelectric power, still were idle .
today. It. was estimated that more ;
than 15,000 persons were made idle by
the flood. .
No. 2 Continued From
Page One
mills could spin and weave Is now re
stricted by destruction of machinery in
the devastated regions of Europe and
restriction of the hours of labor bu
these conditions would not be per
manent. One thing which alarmed him was
the enormous development of the use
of motor cars in America with a con
sequent demand f--r 500,000 bales of
staple cotton for fabrics in tires. This
demand existed at a time when the
whole world supply of staple cotton,
he said, had been reduced to 1,500,000
bales. ' : ' r -- "
Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Morning
Wash away all stomach, liver,
and bowel poisons bsfore -breakfast.
To feel your best day in - and day
out, to feel clean inside; no sour bile
to coat your tongue and sicken -your
breath or dull your head; no constipa
tion, bilious attacks, sick headache,
cold, rheumatism or gassy, acid stom
ach, you must bathe on the inside like
you bathe outside This is vastly more
Important, because; the skin pores do
not absorb impurities into the s blood,
while the bowel pores do. .-'X..
To" keep these poisons and - toxins
well flushed from the stomach, liver,
kidneys and bowels, drink before
breakfast each day, a glass , of hot
water with "a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in it. This will cleanse,
purify, and freshen the entire alimen
tary tract before eating more food.
Get a quarter pound of ' limestone
phosphate from your .pharamist. -It is
inexpensive and almost - tasteless.
Drink phosphated hot water : every
morning to rid your system of these
vile poisons and toxins; also to pre
vent their formation. Adv.
$ ; ; &
Pensacola, Dec. 11. Trading on the
open market has been discontinued.
Receipts today we're, spirits 52, rosin
243; shipments, spirits 159, rosin 125;
stocks, spirits 4.958, rosin 52,864. .
Savannah.. Dec. 11. The spirits mar
ket was firm as 157i with sales of
65 casks. The rosin market was
steady with sales of 741 barrels.' Re
ceipts, spirits 37, rosin 610; shipments,
spirits 508, rosin 1,082; stocks, spirits
13. .493 rosin 51,087.
Quotations were as follows: WW.
21.60: WG. 20.75: X. 19.75; M. 18.60;
K. 18.10; I. 17.00; H. 16.50; G. 16.45;
F. 16.40; E. 16.35; D. 16.30; B. 16.25.
Jacksonville Dec. 11. The spirit
market was firm at 168. with sales
of 71 .casks. The rosin market was
quiet with sales of 498 barrels. Re
ceipts, spirits 9,425, rosin 90,111.
Quotations were as follows: WW.
21.50;.WG. 20.75: X. 20.00; M. 13.75;
K. 18.00:1. 17.001 H. 16.40-16.43; G.
16.40; F. 16.35-16.40; D. 16.30-16.35; D.
B. 16.25. '
New Orleans, Dec. 11. otton open
ed steady. Desember, 39.60; January,
37.69; March, . 35.10; May, 32.60; July.
31.23. - "
New York. Der. 11. Cotton futures
opened steady. December, 38:65; Jan
uary. 37.15; March, 34.75; May. 32.60;
July, 31.1?. -
Cotton closed easy. Closing bid. De
cember. 37.05; January, 35.30; March,
32.95; May. 31,10; Jiuly, 30.10.
Xew-vVork Dec. II. The cotton
fciaSrket'. was nervous and unsettled
early today. Buying on the settle
ment of the coal controversy was re
stricted by an announcement that no
immediate relaxation of fuel . restric
tions could be exjjected and that coal
would be refused vessels at South
Atlantic and Gulf, ports for coastwise
and: shipment to Cuba. There was
also uneasiness oier the . continued
weakness of foreign exchange and after
opening 25 points lower to 8 points
higher, active' months sold about .20
Vj-points net 'lower to 36.65 for
January and 3240 for J,ay.
man s
best pal
is his smoke
" Close harmony-
mars us
dies. Field
THIS Chesterfield blend is so close that
it's secret. . It's our private, exclusive
blend, the formula for which is closely
guarded. It cannot be copied. j
Experts take the unusually fine Turkish
tobaccos real Turkish, mind you, not so
called "Turkish" and blend them with
Domestic leaf of especially choice selection
fine, silky Blue Grass Burley and the
sun-ripened leaf of old Virginia,
This blend "brings out a new flavor one
that makes Chesterfields different and im
possible to imitate. Every puff tells you
that Chesterfields Satisfy"!
And the moisture-proof package keep3
'em firm and fresh, whatever the weather.
' - V can't be copied M
; " - ' Z2mm?ZL
....... i
20 fdr 20 cents
v ...

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