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Among guests registered at the San
Carlos are: Mr. and Mrs. T. Cornish,
Chicago; Mrs. Martha- 33. Smith, Mias
Mattie L. Smith, Atlanta; Mrs. - E.
Keller. York, Pa.; Captain C. H. Hop
kins, Fort McPherson, Ga.; H. L..
Stimpson, Cleveland.
Miss Clara ; Sherman, of Montana,
has arrived in Pensacola to succeed
Mr. Kohler as pianist with the Xation
al Park Jazz Orchestra at the San
Carlos. Mis3 Sherman spent the past
season In orchestraljwork in New York
City. "
McDavid Caro left yesterday for lie
David to spend Christmas with rela
tives, later going to Century to visit
with relatives and friends. .
Friends of Mr. J. R. Barker, an X.
& . 2C. engineer on the M. & M. Divi
sion, will be gratified to know that he
is not as seriously injured as was at
first supposed in a recent accident at
Greenville, Ala. He suffered a broken
right leg which was quite severely
crushed but can be saved unless un
booked for complications set in. He is
at present in a hospital in Greenville,
.but will be taken to Montgomery, his
home, as soon as possible. Mr. Earker
formerly resided In Pensacola and has
many friends in the city.
His two sons, V. K. and Millard, are
spending the holidays with relatives
in Pensacola, while their mother Is in
Greenville with their father.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Garrett, of Jack
sonville, are spending the holidays in
Pensacola as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Home at their home on
East Cervantes-st.
Miss Amelia Berlin leaves Saturday
at noon for Xew York City, where
she will visit for several months as
the guest of Miss Agatha Silverberg.
She will be joined in Meridian, Miss.,
by Miss Silverberg and brother, Mr.
Hal Silverberg. who have been visit
ing at points in Misssisippi. Miss
Silverberg visited in Pensacola for
some time during the summer as the
guest of the -Misses Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Mackey. and
little daughter, Jessica Jane, left yes
terday for Mobile, to spend the holi
days with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles .B. Hervey
leave Friday for New . Orleans,' to at
tend the grand opera and will go to
Mobile in time to attend the ball given
by the Strikers, one of Mobile's oldest
mystic societies. While in Mobile they
will be the guests of Mrs. Hervey's
sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. M. J. Wise. Mrs. Hervey's niece,
Miss Doris Blake, of Houston, who is
visiting at the Wise home expects to
return to Pensacola with Mr. and Mrs.
Hervey. Miss Blake was their guest
before going to Mobile and during her
stay was shown many lovely social
courtesies. Of the expected visit of
the Herveys in Mobile the Register
says: -
"One home which will be especially
bright during the holidays, will be that
of the M. J. Wise, as having a young
son, Marion, who always keeps it live
ly, it has an added attraction since the
coming of Mrs. Wise's pretty niece,
Doris Blake, of Houston, who arrived
from Pensacola the first of the week
for an extended stay here. She was
the Thanksgiving guest of her aunt,;
Mrs. Chas. B. Hervey, over there, and
now comes to be the Christmas guest
of her Mobile aunt;" Mrs. Wise.
"Tuesday afternoon she was a fa
vored guest at the Marion Adams
homo in Flo-Claire, when lovely Mar
garet Blacksher Adams was hostess to
her card club and Invited three ex
tra tables of guests, and Thursday
night this attractive Texas girl was
lovely ,In a.' white evening dress with
touches of silver, when she attended
the. BacHelors Christmas cotillion at
the Battle House with Ernest Buck
as her escort. The Herveys, who will
spend Christmas week in Xew Or
leans as guests of the St. Charles Ho
tel, will arrive in Mobile in time for
the Strikers ball on New Year's eye.
Mr. Hervey will return to Pensacola
after New Years, but his wife will re
main for a longer visit here and Mrs.
Wise will give two bridge parties the
week after New Year, one on the sixth
of January and another on Friday, the
ninth, in compliment to her sister,
Mrs..- Hervey, and her niece, Miss
Mr. ... J. C. Middleton, of Iowa, is
visiting in Pensacola as a guest at the
home of his cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam F. Breen. Before returning home
he expects to visit points in South
Florida. :
Mrs. W. W. Jones has gone to Wal
nut Hill to spend Christmas and visit
for a short time with her son, Mr.
Leon . Jones and family. She accom
panied Mr. Jones on his return after
a short motoring trip to the city.
Friends of Leonardo Knowles . are
pleased to learn of his arrival from
Savannah, Ga., Wednesday morning.
Mayes -.Printing' Co.
Dublin Ga, Dec. 24. W. E. Hatha
way, county policeman was fatally shot
near .here today as he entered the
home of Ashelbey Warnock, seeking
an Illicit still, but after he fell he
fired five shots Into !is opponent!
Hathaway and Warnock both died in a
few minutes.
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Baltimore, Dec, 24. (Special to the
Journal.) The American Sugar Re
fining Co., of New York will build In
Baltimore a huge refinery", probably
nouncement in the Manufacturers
constructed, according to announ
cement in the Manufacturers Record
of this week. At least 1,000 employes
will be required and $8,000,000 is the
preliminary estimate of the cost of
construction and equipment; work is
expected to begin at once.
. The daily capacity of a Portland
cement plant in an Alabama town will
be increased to 5000 barrels, the ap
proximate cost of the new machinery
required being $1,500,000.
An annual production of 50,000 tons
of iron pipe Is planned at Chattanooga.
Tenn., by an iron works firm, with
a contemplated investment of $1,500,
000. At St. Louis, Mo., an iron works
company will increase to four times
its present capacity at an expenditure
of $300,000. In St. Louis also a man
ufacturer of electrical machinery will
erect additions and make improve
ments at a cost of $600,000.
From the textile districts in the
past week comes the announcement
of capital increase of a cotton mlH
company at Columbia, S. C, from $15,
000,000 to $20,000,000; at Bamberg,
in the same state, cotton mills make
additions and install machinery at - a
cost of $350,000. Improvements and
additions are reported also for cotton
mills at Talladega, Ala., Bessemer
City, N. C, and West Point, Ga. A
cottonseed-oil mill will be erected at
Snow Hill, N. C. by mills incorporated
there for $590,000.
Gravel beds will be developed near
Columbus, Miss., from a pit estimated
to contain 5,000,000 to. 10,000,000 tons.
At Huntington and at Wheeling, W.
Va., coal companies have been incorpo
rated with capitalization of $500,000
Packing and stockyard companies at
Houston, Tex will build aN $3,000,000
packing and canning plant for meats,
vegetables and fruits; stockyards cost
ing $1,000,000 will also be established.
Additions and improvements to a
large lumber plant at Vicksburg, Miss.,
will cost $50,000; buildings include
veneer plant, box factory, planing mill,
tie and timber mill, machine shop,
warehouses, etc.
One million dollars will be expended
for the erection of buildings at a Bap
tist college in an Arkansas town. At
St. Louis, Mo., a $1,250,000 hospital is
under construction. Office buildings
costing $500,000 each are planned for
Fort Worth and Port Arthur, Tex. A
$500,000 structure will be erected in
Atlanta, Ga., for use as a garage; in
Atlanta, also, a $300,000 hotel will be
built. In Alexandria, Va?, a corporation
has been formed with $300,000 capital
for the erection of dwellings for em
ployees of a naval torpedo plant. At
Tulsa, Okla., a $500,000 hospital will
be erected. ' 1
Several important building opera
tions are contemplated in Baltimore,
one of these Involving the expenditure
of $1,500,000 for the erection of 460 two
story brick dwellings. Another $2,
000,000 development calls for the pur
chase of a 35 -acre tract in Baltimore
suburbs and the erection of daylight
type of dwellings thereon. A 30 -acre
tract has been purchased by other real
estate operators in another suburban
section for a similar purpose.
A marine railway, costing $300,000
Is under contemplation at Mobile, Ala.,
by a shipbuilding Riant of that city.
New York, Dec. 24. Legal -warfare
between Richard Croker, former chief
tain of Tammany hall, and his son
Richard. Croker, Jr., which has raged
between lulls for some years will be
resumed in court the day after Christ
mas. The elder Croker has obtained
orders calling on his son to show
cause on Friday why three judgments
obtained against the father should not
be set aside.
Basketball fans in "this city have
reason to be elated over the chances
of witnessing a real old-time basket
ball affray on the 27th of this month,
when the representative team of the
Mobile TV clashes with the local Y.
M. C. A. five. For the first time In
four years; basketball relations be
tween the two teams have been re
sumed, but, during the period of ath
letic inertia caused by the war, none
of the old time rivalry that has ex
isted in the past has been lost. Both
teams are, anxiously awaiting the
game and, as in former years, both are
confident of victory.
The local team although young
er in years than any of its predeces
sors. Is a great deal faster and makes
up in shooting skill what it lack in
weight. under the skillful and as
siduous coaching of Ben Jones good
pass work and a splendid system of
, 1 . . . . m . .
piay uas oeta ueveiopea. a ne team
has confidence and expects to take the
more experienced . Mobile aggregation
by storm, although the local players
are aware that the task will not be
an easy one. The Mobile quintette is
generally recognized as one of the
fastest teams in the south and has
games scheduled with the leading col
leges below the Mason-Dixon line.
The local line-up will in all prob
ability consist of: F. Caro, Jones, Hers
kovitz, Sanchez, L. Caro, Olsen and
Brassell. The exact line-up has not
yet been announced.
Because of the large number of re
turned college men interested In all
all kinds of athletics and especially in
a match game of this calibre an un-
! usually good crowd is expected Sat
urday night.
Will Palmer wa3 released on peace
bond from the county jail yesterday
afternoon. Palmer was arrested upon
request of his wife and was charged
with being drunk.
Clarence Roper, one of three im
plicated in the Malarao store robbery
was released on cash bond of $250 yes
terday afternoon.
Gus Hogan, colored, was released
from the county jail yesterday after
noon on $100 bond. Hogan was charged
with carrying concealed weapons.
Adam Nix, colored, was released on
$79.29 bond yesterday. Nix was
charged with carrying liquor and lewd
ness, y
Reverend J. D. West and Miss Vir
ginia West, of Newton, Miss., are the
guests of their daughter and sister,
Mrs. R. Pope Reese, expecting to re
main for some time.
Mr. J. F. VIrkelbach, of Meridian,
Miss., arrived in Pensacola Tuesday
night to Join Mrs. VIrkelbach and
children to spend the holidays with
her mother, Mrsr M. Peake.
Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Allen, of Bir
mingham, arrive this morning to be
the holiday guests of Mrs. Allen's par
ents. Captain and Mrs. T. S. Caro.
Mrs. Allie McDavid Caro and son,
Paul,- Miss Mamie McDavid left yes
terday for Milton, where they will
spend the holidays as the guests of
Mrs. Caro's sister, Mrs. Ida McDan
iel and family. .
Should Ba Quarantined.
Many physicians believe that any
one who has a bad cold should be com
pletely isolated to prevent other mem
bers of the family and associates from
contracting the disease, as colds are
about as catching as measles. One
thing sure the sooner one rids him
self of a cold the less the danger, and
you will look a good while before ydu
find a better medicine than Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to aid you in cur
ing a cold.
1QORT of
. Steamers.
The Shipping Board ' steamer Lake
Filbert, stream (awaiting cargo). -
- The British steamer Senator,
v The American steamer Cushatta,
The shipping board steamer Noc
calula, Tarragona wharf (loading).
The American steamer Botsford,
The American steamer Argenta,
The Shipping Board steamer Mar
shall, stream (loading.).
The shipping board steamer Lake
Savus, Tarragona wharf (loading.)
The Italian steamer Bronte, from
The Cuban schooner Gabriel Palmer,
stream. , - ,
The American schooner Frederick A
Duggan, stream, (loading.) .
The American schooner Furustrand,
stream (loading). -
The British schooner W. S. M. Bent
ley, stream (loading.)
The British schooner McDonald,
stream (loading.) .
The American schooner Mary Mon
son Gruener. (unloading)
- Barks. "
The Spanish bark Saurez, No. 2,
Commendencia wharf (loading.)
The Spanish bark Virga del Mer,
stream. (Loading.)
The Aiken barge Consul, stream.
Barges. Aiken barge Bobby-Ho, Pal
afox wharf.
American barge Iberia, stream
American barge, Smith - Terry
stream (loading).
Aiken barge, Jackson, stream (load
ing). The American barge, Madison,
Tugs, Aiken tug Leroy, Palafox j
Vlffo6t& White
"Better Clothes"
Greetin g
Watson, Parker & Reese Co.
A. - A
Chicago, Dec 24. Illinois coal ope
rators declared today that the increase
In the retail price of coal of between
30 and 35 cents a ton, announced by
several fuel companies did not result
from a higher price being charged
by the producers, because of a wage
boost granted to end the strike, as
they saiL this had not been done,
wharf. ' ."...
The American tug, Bathalum. Tar
ragona wharf. ,. '
The Aiken tug Dixie. Palafox wharf.
Tn Alkei. tug Nellie. talifCX
Steamers. ;
The American steamer Lake Mymer,
for the Pensacola Shipping Co., Nov.
15. .
The Shipping Board steamer Alta,
from Nicaragua for Frederick Gilmore
& Co., due Dec 10.
,The Shipping Board steamer Mona
fan, from Nicaragua for Frederick
Gillmore & Co.. due Dec, 10. N
The American schooner Mary" Man
son Gruener, for Nicaragua.
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