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Slit- -"""W.WK'"$
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Ed C. Nutt Tent Show.
"Under Cover" presented by the
popular Ed. C. Nutt medy Players
jjot away to a flying start last night
and kept the large audience g-uessing
as well aa delighted and thrilled till
the fall of the final curtain. The
play ha3 a "punch" just before the
finish of the last act that never fails
to catch the audience. "Under Cover"
both from a dramatic and scenic
standpoint Is a production any mana
ger might be proud of. and Mr. Nutt
deserves the many flattering com
ments heard on all sides. The ward
robe worn in the bill would do credit
to any two dollar attraction, while the
stage settings and electrical effects
are most elaborate. 1 -
"A Broadway show at popular prices"
Just about expresses it and any one
who misses "Under Cover'' will indeed
miss a treat.
Miss Nona Xutt always artistic and
convincing contributes a charming bit
"I had catarrh of the stomach and
head for three years. My stomach
was so bad that every time I ate any
thing sweet, such as fruit or pastry,
the burning hot water would run out
of my mouth. I took a laxative
every night.
"Since taking Milks Emulsion, my
bowels move regularly. I have now
taken ten bottles and have gained
10 1-2 pounds. All my friends re
mark how fine I am looking, and it
seems a pleasure to live again, with
out stomach trouble." Bert Becker,
Miami, Ohio. -
Physics usually make slaves out o
and OI1 your hunting trip. It's the balance of the. cast only goes to J troubie in many cases Is directly due
prove the cleverness of the players by to constipation.
whom she is surrounded. Harry' Milks Kmulslon is a pleasant, nutri-
ltich, who thrilled thousands with his tlve footj an(j a corrective medicine.
The latest revolver out made
by Remington. Three safety
devices. Will not jam. Shoots
as true as you can point. A sure
protection for any home. The
only 38 that carries eight cartridges.
Protect your home and loved t of acting and adds much to the sue-
nnp? bv hivin-r on in the house ces9 of tho evenings entertainment, their users, and weaken the
Ones Dy nainfa on. Ill Hie IlOUaC sunDOrt Ehe receives from ! lntnrt of rnrrectln.r them.
Mr. Becker says life is a joy,
without constipation or
stomach trouble
really indispensible for unex
pected us 3 in close quarters.
IUflht at Rty's Right ct the Corner
C63 hafi proven it will cure
Malaria, Chills and Fever, Bil
ious Fever, Colds and LaGrippe.
sensational free act on the S in Carlos
hotel, before the performance was seen
between acts of the play in an act
that wa3 very good and was a novelty
a?fay from the usual vaudeville at
traction. "Under Cover" continues to-
! night and tomorrow night giving way
for "The Sweetest Girl in Dixie."
Wiilard Storage butteries and Repair
of A Makes Battens
Two 8eti Marina Ways Machine
BY op in Connection
1 The Parlor Market
Homi of All That's Pura
Poultry, I'az nd Groan Groceries
Pensucota Home and Savings
J. FI. Baylks, Sec'y
!5 South rJfo)u Phenm 232
setter than
Dog Risks Life to Repay Kindly Act.
Fate as the powerful factor that
sways the destinies of humans and
animals is interestingly brought out
in "Back to God's Country,"' adapted
from "Wapi. the Walrus." by James
Oliver Curwood, and which will be
shown today abainj; at the Isis thea
tre. As Dolores LeBeau, a woodland
girl, whose kindly nature has won her
the love of even the most savage
beasts of the forests, Nell Shipman
meets Peter Burke, a novelist roam
ing in the wilds of Canada for mater
ial fur his new boolv. Both are inspired
by the love of animals, to whom they
show kindness.
How this consideration for dumb
brutes is repaid aftr Peter and Dolo
res, married, go into the Artie re
gions to investigate conditions among
the Eskimos is most grippingly shown
when Wapi, the killer, a great Dane
dog whose friendship Dolores has won,
saves their lives.
It restores healthy, natural bowel
action, doing away with all need of
pills and physics. It promotes appe
tite and quickly puts the digestive
organs in shape to assimilate food. As
a builder of flesh and strength. Milks
Emulsion is strongly recommended to
those whom sickness has weakened,
and is a powerful aid in resisting and
repairing the effects of wasting dis
eases. Chronic stomach trouble and
constipation are promptly relieved
usually in one day.
This is the only solid emulsion
made, and so palatable that it is eaten
with a spoon like ice cream. Truly
wonderful for weak, sickly children.
No matter how severe your ca"se,
you are urged .to try Milks Emulsion
under this guarantee Take six bottles
home with you, use it according to
directions and if not satisfied with lh
results, your money will be promptly
refunded. Price 60c and $1.20 per
bottle. The Milks Emulsion Co.,
Terre Haute, Ind. Sold by druggists
Mexico City. Jan. 4 Scores of per
sons were killed in a violent earth
quake which occured in many parts of
r : i . . : v. A i, ,7 : ,.
rf VV "4,m,raikinn;ieu inous" turbances is believed to have been near
ands of Pensacolians by his dar.ng j the volcano of Orizaba,
trapeze acts from the roof of the San incomplete reports indicate the state
Carlos hotel. To describe the darintr; r.f voi-i cm i fom,! t Vir -nor nfnnv
acts that he did is almost impossible
but he made many gasp ani so sen
sational was it that many were com-
although it was felt- throughout the
Reports say 30 are dead in one vl!-
pelled to walk away. They could not laKe aud unconfirmed reports place
stand to see this man go th
v,Uo oiuHin., ue i.irins mat tro
rough his ithe sarre ln another. There are 50 vic
, tS ' I Urns, including numerous dead at Jal-
Ag-B f H if II I with, this act cannot be understood
1IH Pill unles3 the act is witnessed. Before
' ins icats jticn mad
Mr. and Mrs. "William O. Turtle,
who have been visiting through the
holidays as the guests of Mrs. Turtle's
sisters, the Misses Brent at their home
on V. LaRua-st., have returned to
their home in Chicago. Mr. Turtle is
the son of Capt. J. E. Turtle of the
engineering department, U. S. army,
at Fort Pickens.
Darkens Beautifully and Restores
Natural Color and Lustre
at Once.
Lileut.-Comdr. "Walter F. IaFren:, XT. 1 Common garden sage brewed into a
S. N., has gone to Norfolk to Join nisi heavy tea, with sulphur and alcohol
ship tne "iiopeweii ana irom were aaded wlI1 turn streaked and
win pruceeu iu uu.. faded hair beautifully dark and lux
LaFrenz wUl remain in PensacoA for , uriaRt M
the winter as the guest of Mr. anaj .... .
the winter as the guest
Mrs. J. C. Watson, 421 N. ra!afox-st.
Lieut, and Mrs. "Webster M. Wright
have returned to the city after spend
ing the holidays at Miami and Palm
Mrs. R. Y. Patterson of Palm Beach,
returns home tonight after spending
the past month in the city with her;
mother, Mrs. Lillie R- Johnson,
phur recipe at home, though, is
troublesome. An easier way is to get
the ready-to-use preparation im
proved by the addition of other in
gredients a largo bottle, at little cost
at drug stores, known as "Wyeth's
Sage and Su!phur Compound," thus
avoiding a lot of muss.
"While gray, faded hair is not sin
ful, we all desire to retain our youth-
one f,,t .Too-a. .
I arVftnlnty knt. 1TT
, -- T. C! nn1rm,n Wo 0 x. "jeillS
lou auu x . .. "3"'-' ; I Sage and Sulphur Compound, no one
tomorrow iui a. 1 u . ,., v ,. , .
New York City' and "Washington
Cut This Out It Is Worth Money
Don't miss this. Cut out thi3 slip,
enclose with 5c and mail it to Foley &
Co.. 2S35 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, III.,
writing your name and address clearly
You will receive ln return a trial pack
age containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, for coughs, colds and croup
Foley Kidney Pills for pain in sides
and back; rheumatism, backache, kid
ney and bladder ailmentc; and Foley
Cathartic Tablets, a wholesome and
thoroughly cleansing cathartic, for
constipation, biliousness, headache,
and sluggish bowels. Sold everywhere.
wfJ jmf
STifiunt Building
- ip
Miss Ellle Muldon leaves tomorrow
for Millbrook, N. Y, to resume her
6tudies at the Bennett school.
The friends of Mrs. M. B. Preston,
who has been very 111 for the last few
days will be pleased to know that she
is somewhat improved.
Mr. S. E. Bell returned Sunday n!ght
to Auburn, where he is attending the
Ala. Tech. after spending the holi
days at home.
Mrs. John Dtilaam leaves tonight
for Corsicana, Texas,- Vt visit with
her sister, Mrs. James M. Dyer be
fore going to New York City in the
spring. Mrs. Denham has just return
ed to the city after spending the holi
days in Montgomery with her son,
Robert S. Denham and family.
Dcn't You Forget It.
Bear ln mind that Chamberlain's
Tablets not only move the bowlea but
improve the appetite and strengthen
the digestion. They contain no pepsin
or other digestive ferment but strength
en tho stomach and enable it to per
form its functions naturally. Adv.
Stomach ills
permanently disappear after drinking tLs
celebrated Shivar Mineral v ater. Positiyely
rnaranteed hj raoney-back offer. Taste
ne; c-Rts a trifle. DelivreI anywhere by
our Pensacola Agents, West Florida Cf
wry Cu. Pboua tbww
New Elixir, Called Aspiron
al, Medicated With Latest
Scientific Remedies, Used
and 1 Indorsed by Euro
pean nd American Army
Surgeons to Cut Short a
Cold and Prevent Compli
cations. , .
Every Druggist in U. S. Ik
structsd to Eefund Price
While You Wait at Count
er If B elief Docs Not Com
Within. Two Minutes.
a briet announcement and then pro
ceeded as though it was no under
taking at all. His performance is one
that requires nerve, and plenty of It
ar.d he has more than the average
man's share. Rich performes his acts
again tonight at seven o'clocic.
Dr. V. G. McLeod ha reettmed his
dental practice at rooms 400-C2 Bleunt
Building. Phone 1458. 7t
oa. iacK or communication witn
small towns makes even approximate j
estimates of casualties impossible. The ;
earthquake caused great alarm in large
Get the Genuine fgMtfSb
and Avoid J2j
Bicycles Fishing: Tackle Baseball Goods
Delightful Taste, Immediate
Relief, Quick Warm-Up.
The sens it ion of tho year iu the
rfnig; trado ia AfpironrJr the two
minuta cold and totih reliever, au
thoritatively guaranteed by tha lrbora
toriea; tesretl, approved and most
enthusiastic illy endorsed by the high
est authorities, and proclaimed by
the common people rs ten times aa
quick aud jfi'ectivo as whiskey, rock
ajid rye, or any other cold and" cough
remedy they havo ever tried.
All drn stores are now supplied
with the wonderful new elixir, so all
you have tc do to grot rid of that cc' 1
is to step iaU tho nearest drug store,
hand the clerk half a dollar for a bottle
cf Aapiroual and tell him to Krrvo 3-011
two teaspor nfuls with four teaspoon- 1
fuls cf water in a plas-. "With your i
watch in jour hand, take the drink i
iu enswaiJow and call for your money !
back in tr o minutes if vou cannot
ie?i your co d fadmjr away like a dream
vv.tjun tne mko limit. Don't bo bash-
tul, for all druggists invite vou and
expect you to try it. Everybody's '.
aomg it. ' i
When yojr cold or cough is re
lieved, tako the remainder of the botlo
home to your wife avl babies, for
Afpironal is by far the safest and most
efiective, tie eas-iest to takg and the
most agreeable old and cog remedy
hr infants end children. Adv.)
Remember the Name,
TaKe a good looK at tHe
SacK and saytoyour
Grocer .
"77ic Flour that Guarantees
the Biscuits "
He'll Know!
.. .. I iMv 1
11 rg ashvil 1 Mm 1 ffj rvi 11 1 - u 1 r i a
I Th Red Mill 0ydA Jl
- f&im$Mm
Influenza, Pneumonia, Menin
gitis, Dyptheria, Small Pox,
Scarlet Fever, Measels
Whooping Cough and
Many Other Con
tagious Diseases
Contracted at
School Through
Parents are advised to teach their
shildren, as part of their 3ai?y toilet.
j how to sterilize the nose and throat ,
! with Eucapine, the preparation of OI.
1 Eucalyptus, which became so popular
In this country during the epidemic
i of influenza and pneumonia. A child
i ran be shown In a minute how to u?e
j It, and, if reminded by the parent. '
will do so systematically without as- j
sistance or objection. I
: The child dips the little finger Into
the Jar of Eucapine and Introduces
it up each nostril: then, catching the
nose between the thumb nad first fin
ger suddenly releases It as he draws
In his breath, thus sniffing the Eu
capine back into the throat. The Eu
; capine gradually spreads over tre
1 throat, tonsils, ear ducts and larynx,
eternizing, cleansing and healing any
inflammation or irritation and pre
1 dentine tha formation cf adenclds
enlarged tonsils, earache, aearces
and serious lung diseases.
. st.j-i!!iation with Eucapine keep
the nose clean, healihy. comfortabl j
and free from germs; relieves timplt j
hroim to'iehs. colds and sore throat i
almost immediately and is so pleasant
that even the younge3t children leart
to call for their Jar of Eucapin ana
use It for themselves whenever the?
feel a cold or sore throat coming oa
Colds are contagious and if ' ever?
member of the family, especially thos
wv must breathe the infected dust
of mihlic buildings. Ftreets nad con
veyances, would make sierilizaticn ,
with. Encapine a part of their daily ,
jtoiiet, much sickness would be avoid- j
NOTE The product referred M
;hove may be obtained at anj drps
Noll Shipman and Chas Arlin a in a Scene From "Sack to Gads C ountry" lsis Tedsy.
store for half a dollar and a jar shouM
be provided ' for each member of tti9
family. Incluciing the
iplally the nurse.
can tell, because It does it so nat
urally, so evenly. You Just dampen a
sponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by
morning all gray hairs have disap
peared. After another application or
two your hair becomes beautifully
dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant and
you appear years younger. Adv.
For head or throat
Catarrh try the
vapor treatment-
"vOUR BODYGUARD" 30. GO. i.20
Every tiling About
Cuficura Soap
Suggests Efficiency
.Ointmewt.TmlgiM.ate. 1 1 1 hm . romnmlaa
Does i his
p?r saclc
I Yon?
Buy Wood at Reduced Prices!
; $1.25
.... $2.00
..... $4.00
..... $1.00
Rough Mill Ends, wet, while they last
at, per load
Dry Light Wood,
per load
11 Hard Pine Blocks, extra large,
10 for $2.25, or 20 for
teams Lumber khwmiw.
PIIOE 1313
Jtfr mti M Xirt$
Jill" Tv "".rlt j
r yui i in
I I i . i 'I
. TH ' ! I: . V ! ' I ' i . If i ' 1 .'1 1 1 ' ' fl ! ( ' I i C If t
,'".VCk,.l, 1 ,: , ..: ,1, f II. I "1 1., I' J I
1 ii
1" 1
'.'iii'r'iM'1 ' 'pi f!
I 'I I ' 1
1 1 i
4 1 1
MS i .IS.
Fine Metals Have
Given Maxwell its Rank
V w M-IE verv substance of which a car is made
denotes its quality; and the use of fine and
strong metals in the Maxwell has won it
many, many friends.
. It was necessary to make the Maxwell . chassis
of the very best materials. For its great mission
was to transport hi an cxtrzmeJy economical way
as great a passenger load over the same road and at
the same speed as the larger and heavier cars.
Thus it was obvious that the Maxwell had to be
light. Anr) to make it light the quality metals
were used.
Metallurgists, the men who have made the
study of metals a science, say that it compares
favorably pound for pound with the highest priced
cars the world has produced.
But you need not be a metallurgist to discover
this "inner goodness" in a Maxwell. Three months
will tell; six months will tell you more.
Otherwise Maxwell in five short years would
never have grown from a production of 5,000 a
year to 100,000 a year.
300,000 Maxwells on the highways of the world
today answer most any question you can ask about
this great car. Price, $985 f. o. b. Detroit.
servants, espe-f
' I I It i
1 i
: M ...
- ' i
MM lit - ---
? iiniiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiii
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tii 1 1 '!. ... , r

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