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mm lodge
lit I
Sumptuous Banquet Is Enjoyed
By Menbers Following: Busy
An inte-estinjj and well attended
meeting o:' Damon Lodge No. 13 K.
3f P. was held Tuesday night at "which
the installation of officers who were
recently elected for the ensuing term
tvas held. The installation was very
Impressive and each new officer prom
ised that :hey would do all in their
power to make the lodge grow. A
number ot visiting brothers were pres
ent and rade Interesting talks.
The auditing committee appointed
gut the last meeting reported that they
made an audit of the books for the
twelve months ending December 31
and their report was received and
After the? meeting closed the mem
bers were taken in hand by the re
freshment committee and escorted to
the Palace Cafe where a banquet had
been spread for them. A number of
fchcrt talks were made and all enjoyed
a happy evening.
No. 1 Continued From
Page One
the democratic party, and will be
mal-e a serious attempt to be chosen
as the party nominee again?
4. "Will the peace treaty be made a
party issu in 1020?
5. "IVhicIi of the eight or nine
prominent candidates for president
will rise s.bove his fellows at the
Presiden-; Wilson will send a mes
sage to th i gathering at the Jackson
Day banquet from his sick room stat
ing that under no circumstances will
he accept a nomination for a third
term, the leading democrats here ex
pect. That announcement will set off
the booms for the various candidates
who will hi' present and a scramble
will commence for the nomination.
With President "Wilson out of the
way for tl e nomination and some
idea obtainable as to who will be the
democratic standard-bearer the re
publicans rill he able to shape their
campaign. Up to now they have been
in the air s nd unable to prepare plans
as to a cardidate or policy.
President "Wilson will in his mes
sage to the- party gathering point the
way for the party to go with regard
to the peai.e treaty, industrial and
economic conditions and issues in
general, it is believed. He will then,
for the first time since he waselected,
cease to bo the head and shoulders of
the democratic party. No man has
perhaps .ever so entirely dominated
his party ai President Wilson.
It wijl then be interesting to note
the succest William Jennings Bryan
gains in his effort to become the lead
er of the party again as successor to
Woodrow Wilson, and whether he suc
ceeds in steering the party's course in
a manner that will bring about his
own nomination for the fourth time.
Mr. Bryan's speech at the banquet
will receive unusual attention.
Mr. McAdoo's declination of all in
vitations to attend the Jackson Day
Bpirti to make Pensacola one of the
banquet at first puzzled politicians
who believed he had committed a
grave tactical error in not seizing on
the occasion to get his boom well un
der way. A further and deep study
of the incident, however, shows that
McAdoo is :aking what may turn out
to be a very shrewd course. By stay
ing away hr will escape the necessity
of committing himself to an definite
platform or statement of policies at
this time, with the convention 6
monhs away and the country in an ex
tremely unsettled condition.
The president has been rather gen
erally criticised for his failure before
now to statu his position regarding a
third term. His friends have taken
the position that it would have ap
peared presumptious for him to decline
something that was not offered him.
The republicans for the most part
have refrained from attacking his
failure to speak out on the third term
hoping he would accept another nom
ination. The president's announcement that
he will not again be a candidate will
be sad new:j to the republicans who
have hoped he "would run again and
ive them the opposition to a third
term as a telling weapon. The presi
dent is expected to announce his in
tention to retire to private life and
regain his health, shattering in the
public service.
The Jackson Day dinner is expected
to dispel the gloom that has hung
over the democratic party since the
set-back received in the elections of
191S when bDth the senate and house
were lost.
General Leonard Wood for the re
publicans an I William G. McAdoo for
the democrats, provided of course that
the president is out of the runnig, ap
pear to be in the lead for nomination
by their respective parties. The sur
est sign of this perhaps is that all
the other prospective republican can
didates are Trying to smother the
Wood boom, while the democrats with
presidential ispirations are trying to
kill off the boom for McAdoo.
Fear of ths Wood boom was exhib
ited by those- who attended the meet
ing of the republican national commit
tee here ear y in December. The
Wood boome rs were very busy try
ing to pledge the national committee
men for thei- man and making as
much noise as possible. The "big
bosses'' at the meeting decided the
Wood boom must - be snuffed out at
any cost, and have set about to do it.
Xow that the McAdoo boomers have
commenced to make some headway
t:, friends ot all the other candidates,
actual and hopeful, are trying to
emnt'ncr it. The situation is very sim
Uar in each party there is the fear
f 1
W 1
' MALTA Mrs. Paul Medium,
noted social beauty and accom
plished musician and singer, leads
society on this British Mediterra
nean possession. Her fatlier-in-law
is governor general of the
The funeral of Mrs. Dan Wilkinson
will be held from the " home, 612 X.
Alcaniz-st at 3:30 o'clock this after
noon. Burial will be at St. John's
cemetery- The services will be con
ducted by Rev. L W. Chalker and Dr.
A. S. Moffett..
Bearers will be Harry S. Lurton, J..
R. Duncan, W. S. - Duncan, Malcolm
White, W. A. Freeman, Thomas P.
White, W. C. Diffenderfer and Ros
coe Wallace. Honorary bearers will
be Arthur Gunn, L,. E. Xobles, R. W.
Waters, J. E. Taylor, Wiley McDavid.
II. C. Stringfield, J. T. Stringfield
and C-G.' Murphy.
Mrs. Wilkinson died yesterday
morning following a short illness with
j blood poisoning. She is survived by
. her husband, Dan Wilkinson, who is
an auditor of "the Jennings Naval
Stores company, two sons, W. I of
j Pensacola and Elmer, of Mississippi
and one daughter, Mrs. J. O. McPhail
of Montgomery.
William Emery died yesterday aft
ernoon at his home near Goulding
after an illifes3 of several days with
pneumonia. He was 76 years old, and
had resided in and near Pensacola for
a number of years, having been en
gaged in various farming enterprises
near Ferry Pass, where he resided be
fore moving to Goulding. Mr. Emery
is survived by a wife .and two sons,
Charles and William, who ,vere with
him at his death, as well as a number
of relatives away from here.
Mr. Emery was a member of Pensa-
; cola Lodge. Xo. 42, Free and Accepted
Good Health Creates an Attractive
Magnetic Personality and Wins
that Wood or McAdoo will get enough
convention delegates pledged to make
a very formidable showing on the
first ballot which may be improved on
early succeeding ballots.
The game now is to 'tnt out a fav
orite son from every state so that on
the first few ballots, and until tho
bosses can get together there will be
a score of candidates with nobody . Masons, which body will conduct the"
particularly in the lead.
The boom for General Pershing is
making remarkable headway in the
West, according to reports reaching
Washington, and may soon outstrip
the boom for GeieraT Wood.
Kansas City appears to be in the
lead for selection as the place for
holding the democratic convention,
now that St. Louis has definitely
withdrawn and thrown its strength to
Kansas City. The democratic national
committee will on Thursday choose the
time and place for holding the con
vention. Kansas City has a big purse
to offer. Chicago and San Francisco
are also prepared to make strong bids
for the convention. The date of this
convention will probably be about
June 17th, ten days after the meeting
of the republican convention in Chi
cago on June 6th.
funeral services tomorrow afternoon
from his home to its burial place in
St. Johnson's cemetery at 2 p. m.,
where the regular Masonic burial ser
vice will be held, the following broth -ers
acting as pall-bearers: Dudley R.
Saunders, L. W. Hardy, Nathan Zung,
L. E. Heinberg, Dr. Aubrey B. Saun
ders and Victor J. Little.
Special Communication of Pensa
cola Lodge No. 42, F. & A. M., Wed
nesday Jan. 7, at 1:30 p. m., at K. of
P. hall for the purpose of attending
funeral of our late brother Wm.
Emery. All brothern urged to attend.
R. C. WHITE, W. M.
cssary. but he protested against "a
scramble for deposits."
"We do not see why a roisc in re
discount ra!"s should bring about such
a scramble," be said. "The federal re
serve bank rate increases are only
temporary, whereas relations of the
bankers with their customers are sup
posed to be permanent.
"No customer sbould.be led to look
upon deposits as an investment, and
the banks should not look upea de
posits other than as a liability"
Competition by bankers with the in
vestment market was not conductive to
sound banking, Governor Harding said, j
"While we have turned our backs on ;
the period of war financing," lie con
tinued, "we cannot expect in the im
mediate future a condition such as was
considered normal under
standards. We will reach normal only
when the obligations of the government
are greatly reduced &n the remainder
absorbed by the investing public.
"Unessential loans should be dis
couraged. Federal banks must be kept
in condition to meet industrial and com
mercial demands and ready to provide
for any emergency. In ordinary times
a raise in rediscount rates is the natural j
corrective, of undue expansion, but we
cannot add to our gold holdings by
raising rates, nor must we do any
thing to discourage "production."
(Compiled for the Journal by
weather bureau office.)
Pensacola, Fla., Jan. 7, 1920.
Sunrise 6:46
Sunset ' 5:05
Moonrise "...'.. 7:26 p.m.
Moonset 7.-5C a.m.
High tide,,.. i 11:30 p.m.
Low tide 8:59 a.m...
Next phase of the moon, last quar
ter, 12th.
Yesterday's Weather.
TEMPERATURE: 7a.m. 12m. 7 p.m.
Dry bulb 41 53 61
Wet bub 3S 52 59
Highest 62; lowest 3S; mean 50:
normal 52; mean same date last year.
Accumulated deficiency this year to
Pepto-Mangan Has Put Thousands
Into the Healthy: Full
Blooded Class.-
- v
How the red-blooded, energetic, and
attractive man or "woman Is envied
by those who feel that it will always
be their unfortunate lot to be thin,
pale, and weak-bodied!
And yet why continue to envy men
and women who possess a vigorous,
healthy physical condition and an at
tractive, magnetic personality? Poor
health and lack of vitality are often
merely the result of impoverished
Gude's Pepto-Mangan is for people
whose . bodies suffer from lack of
proper blood nourishment. Pepto
Mangan enriches the blood and in
creases the number of healthy red
blood cells, which are so necessary to
carry the proper nourishment, vigor
ousness, and strength to every part of
the body.
Physicians introduced Gude's Pepto
Mangan to the public because they
knew that it contained the very prop
erties that are so sorely needed to
build up thin, water blod. For your
convenience, Pepto-Mangan is pre
pared in two forms, liquid and tab
let. Both contain exactly the same
medicinal value.
Insist on the genuine Pepto-Mangan.
To be sure you are buying the genu
ine Pepto-Mangan, ask your druggist
for "Gude s. And be; sure the, name
"Gude's"' is on the package. Adv.
Tonight promptly at 8 o'clock the
senior basketball league will com
mence. A double header will be
played on every Wednesday night and
some fast ' and interesting games can
be expected. The first game will be
between the Wilson-Biggs, captained
by "Buddy" Caro, and the M. & O.,
captained by the invincible Lars
Sanchez. This game should prove
close and exciting as both teams are
evenly matched and have put in lots
of good time practicing.
The second round will be with the
Pensacola hiRh school which is being
coached by Rex Farrior.'and the team
captained by R. K. Hess. Coach Far
rior Is confident of a winning team
and has hopes of winning the pen
nant this year. Captain Hess made
J the statement that he could also use
the pennant. So as all the captains
are banking on winning it, fans can
expect to see some of the classiest
basketball yet played at the local "Y."
Five affable exponents of Yel-O-Pine
are at the San Carlos and will
remain in Pensacola until they have
thoroughly demonstrated the merits of
the yellow pine. They tell of the ad
vances made by the Tel-O-Pine com
pany, of Montgomery, which produces
an antiseptic, a cough remedy, a salve
and pine healing oil. The crew con
sists of G. P. Harper, Joe Scherrer, E.
C. Cooner, L. S. Harper and L. J.
Drake. They are here to talk Yel-O-Pine,
but last night took ime to wattch
'Crazy Rich" perform on top of the
San Carlos. , As he turned away G.
P. Harper was heard to remark: "I
have always said I would try anything
once, but now I take it back."
N 1fKE!iiJU;lr" m
M t wi 1 11 m ii mi ...mi if 1 in i 1 1 :; 1 1. 1 11 1 1 1 1
Journal Wants Pay Big Dividends
January, 79
January, 15
No. 3 Continued From
Page One.
loved home city, our Pensacola, might
well be taken care of during allthe
emergencies that occurred daring the
war time.
And. Whereas, each and every mem
ber of our chamber of commerce feels
deeply grateful for such, services to
the men who has been our leader.
Now, Ther?ore, Be it hereby Re
solved, That we do hereby maka
formal record of our high appreciation
of his unselfish devotion to duty, his
steadfastness of purpose, his ability as
a leader of men and measure, and his
high courag to do all things neces
sary to advance the welfare of onr
beloved home city, Pensacola.
Resolved further. That our secretary
mail to the man whom we wish hereby
to honor an - engrossed copy hereof
onder the signature of the secretary
and the seal of the corporation.
Dated January 6th, 1920.
Pensacola, Florida.
Pledges of support and loyalty were
given by all present before the meet
ing adjourned and the directors
pledged to attend all executive meet
ings and to be otherwise ready for
any duty upon call of the president
during the twelve months in which
they are to serve.
pre-war J date- 40
Highest of record for
Lowest of record for
For 24 hours ending 7 p. m., 0.07.
Total for this month to 7 p. m., 0.06.
Normal for January 4.04 inches.
Accumulated - excess deficiency this
year to dote0.75.
7 a. m., 78; 12 noon, 93; 7 p. m., 90.
7 a. m., 30.23; 7 p. m., 30.12.
Widow Preferred to
Death at Home
The regular bi-monthly supper of
the Yacht Club will be held at the
club house at 7 o'clock tonight. Chair
man Frederic of the house commit
tee says the fishermen have supplied
him with the first essentials of an ex
cellent supper and he expects all the
members to be on hand.
An important business meeting will
be held following the supper. The
annual election of officers will be held
January 21.
"For many years I suffered from
stomach trouble. All the doctors I
tried helped me but little. All said I
would have to go to hospital and be
operated on for gall stones or I would
not live much longer. I told them I
preferred to meet death at home. One
day 'I picked up an advertisement of
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and since
taking a course of it more than a year
ago have not had a single pain in my
stomach, have good appetite and can
eat anything." .It is a simple, harm
less preparation that removes the ca
tarrhal mucus from the intestinal ;
tract ana allays the inflammation
which causes practically all stomach,
liver and intestinal ailments, includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. Crystal
Pharmacy and druggists everywhere.
The local chapter of the Red Cross
has made application for a Red Cross
public health nurse, and has been
promised by the Southern Division of
the Red Cross, that Pensacola will get
the first nursn available for- tVio
It is expected that she will arrivif
within the next few weeks, and will
have her headquarters at the local
Red Cross rooms on the second floor
of the American National Bank build
ing. Her duties, while not yet defi
nitely known here, will probably in
clude visiting the homes of the county
and talking to the various organiza
itons as they request as a sort of edu
caional campaign.
A colored nurse under the super
vision of the public health nurse will
be employed to care for the needs of
the colored population.-
H V. I M i
1 1 iw
from subscribers, and in order to give all an
equal opportunity to take advantage of saving
the SPECIAL OFFER has been extended to
1 he
in which to save $1.00 on your subscription to
Do Not Let This Opportunity Pass! Send in Your Subscription TODAY!
The Of fer is Open to Old and New Subscribers Alike.
This Schedule Shows the Saving" You Can Make if You Send in Your Payment for Sub
scription Now. J;
Effective Jan. 15, 1020.
One Month . 5 .65
Three.Months 1.95
If Paid by Jan. 15, 1920
One Month $ .55
Three Months 1.65
Six Months - 3.25
One Year 6.50
One Year 7.50
This offer is open to old and new subscribers alike as it is meant to give everyone
opportunity to benefit by paying" their subscription before the new rate goes into effect.
Think It Over! Could You Make $1 Easier?
The Pensacola Journal is an institution that belongs to the people of West Florida it
is your newspaper, pledged to the service of your best interests and promotion of your
welfare. -
The Pensacola Journal is the paper of All West Florida. It is constantly striving to
serve the interests of West Florida people. '
The Journal is devoted to the promotion of good roads and has been a strong advo
cate of the "Old Spanish Trail" and other development throughout West Florida.
The Cattleman's Excursion to Kentucky a year or so back was promoted by The
The Journal was instrumental in the formation of the West Florida Stock Raisers'
The Pensacola Journal, during the past year has printed hundreds of special articles
and editorials on crop development, agricultural development and stock raising in West
Floridaand has given its support and indorsement to every movement for the good of
this section.

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