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, .25c
Phone 2027
qcookusi Apples, per doz.
Lemons, per doz. ...... .
Crookfield Butter, lb ... .
1 ,. Tt"k
Ocfagon Soap, bar 7 '2 c
OctTon Washing Powder,
American Sardines, 4 cans . 25c
TToinz Spaghetti, can . . . . . .15c
Tomatoes, large can anu. xy
Seedless Raisins, pkg. ... .20c
prunes, per lb ........... 25c
Dromedary Dates, pkg. ...25c
.'laxwell House Coffee,
lb tin . . .50c
P'V-kled Onions, jar . . .' . . . .10c
Fare Apple Cider Vinegar,
bottle . . . .....I0c
Beech Nut Jam -or Jelly, jar 25c
Garden Cash Grocery
Garden and DeVillier Sts.
Vre Deliver to All Parts of the
Phone 2027
Hart SchafFner & Marx and
Kirschbaum Suits
Let us Tune and Regulate
your Piano or Phonograph. We
guarantee to please you. ,
Phone 791 ' 18 E. Garden St.
We Grind Our
Own Lenses
flmety Attention Would Avoid
Much Trouble and Danger.
If mothers and nurses would only
learn that children's colds and sor
throats, are "acute catarrh an
Jeads to adenoids and enlarged tonsils,
many surgical operations would t4
innrpd thplr children.
Motrers should know, if they would
pnly think, that infants and youn
children do. not and cannot" clear th
phlegm' from their air passages. Th
ecretions accumulate, harden, becom
impure, unsanitary and irritatinf
Chronic Inf lama tion (catarrh), ensuel
f.nA produces adeaolds. enlarged ton
$lls, pigeon chest . (weak lungs) an
pi edisposes to pneumonia and tu
With a little attention all of thll
! may be avoided, for the mother's prob
Jem of keeping the child's nose ana
throat in a sanitary condition an
free from germs is now perfectly
solved. Simply telephone the drug
(tore for a family jar of Eucapin
Salve, costing fifty cents, enough foi
a winter's supply. Eucapine is i
rnild .and most agreeable ealve, es
pecially ppared to keep the child'l
nose and throat in a sanitary condition
and free from germs and secretion
1'our druggist Is familar with th
prescription, which consists of euca
lyptus, wintergreen. menthol, cara
hor and pinus sylestris, made into a
eoothing, cleansing, healing, and anti
peptic salve which even the babies find
most agreeable. ,
Kub Eucapine Salve up the nostril!
for colds, and if the throat ar,d ton
eils are inflamed put a little of it oi
the back of the tongue from which if
will sprefiid to the tonsils and throat
Eucapine relieves croupi in a fetf
moments and is an ind'xapensible als
to every 'Intelligent, mother. Even thi
little tots soon learn to use it ioi
themselves and to ask for it whe
their air passages are irritated. Th(
grown ups find it equally agreeably
and effective in all catarrhal trouble
Of the none and throat. Eucapini
a.lve mayoe had at am- druar stor
Don't Experiment with Catarrh
It Often Leads to Dread Consumption
You Will Never Be Cured By
Local Treatment With Sprays.
Catarrh 13 a condition of the blood
and can not be cured by local appli
cations of sprays and douches; this
ha feeeri proven by the thousands
-4 who have vainly ' resorted to this
method of treatmit. f
Catarrh should not be neglected or
experimented with. The wrong treat
ment is valuable time lost, during
which the disease is getting a firmer
hold upon its victim, and making it
more .difficult for even, the proper
treatment to accomplish results.
Though Catarrh makes its first. ap
pearance in the nostrils, throat and
air passages, the disease becomes
more and more aggravated and final-Ga Adv.
ly reaches down into the lungs, and
everyone recognizes the alarming
conditions that result when the lungs
are affected.. Thus Catarrh may be
the forerunner of fhat tnost dreaded
and hopeless of all diseases, consump
tion. - ' ' '
Ko local treatment affords perman
ent relief. Experience has taught that
S. S. S. Is the one remedy which at
tacks the disease at Its source, the
blood, and produces satisfactory re
sults In even the worst cases. Ca
tarrh sufferers are urged to give S.
S. S. a thorough trial. It Is sold by
all druggists. You are invited to
write to the Medical Department for
expert advice as to how to treat your
own case. Address Swift " Specific
Co., 254 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
:lects boar
The Central Trades and Labor Coun
cil last night elected officers to serve
for the next six months as follows:
President Hi S. Kjeley; Vice-president
C "Van Xotter; Secretary-treasurer, J.
X. Jolly; Oulde L. "Stock; Guardian
Rupert of the B. R. C of A.; trustee
for IS months, F. B. Pierce.
On Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
members from all locals In the city
will meet at Boilermakers' hall to
organize what is to be known as the
Workingmen'a Social and Political
Be BetterXooking Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
pallid tongue coated appetite poor-
.you have a bad tast in your mouth
a lazy, no-good iwling you sfcouii
take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for caiomel were prepared by
. Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study.
DrJSdwards' OuveTaHets are a purely
You will know them by their olive color.
- To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
co pimples, a feellnz of buoyancy like
childhood daysyou must pet at the cause.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets act on
the liver and bowels like calomel yet
have no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. Millions of boxes are sold
annually at 10c and 25c. Take one or
two nightly and note the pleasing results.
. . iri
Try Making Ycur Utvn K
Ton can save about $?, and have
ft better remedy than ttar rfd-
uiade kind, tasiiy dune LQ
If you combined the curative proper
ties cf every known "ready-made courh
remedy, you probably could not cet as
much real curative power as there is in
this simple home-made eoujrh "syrup,
which is easily prepared in a few
Get irom any drufrjjist 2y2 ounces of
Pinex, pour it into a pint bottle and
nil the bottle with svrup, using either
plain granulated sugar syrup, clarified
jnolasses. honey, or corn svrup, as de
sired. The result is a full pint of
really better cough syrup than you could
buy ready-made for three times the
money. Tastes pleasant and never
Spoils. ' u
This Pinex and Syrup preparation get3
Tight at the cause of a cough and gives
almost immediate relief. It loosens the
phlegm, steps the nasty throat tickle
and heals the sore, irritated membranes
so gentlv and easily that it is really
A day's use will usually overcome the
ordinary cough p.nd for bronchitis, croup,
lioarsfnis5 and bronchial asthma, there
w nothing better.
Pinex is a most valuable concentrated
compound of genuine Norway pine ex
tract, and has been used for generations
to break up severe coughs.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2'3 ounces of Pinex" with
full directions, and don't accept any
thing elie. Guaranteed to give absolute
satisfaction or monev promptlv - re
funded. The Pinex Co., Ft. W -
InJ. -
Automobile dealers of I'ensacoia
formed a permanent organization by
adopting a constitution and by-laws
under which they elected officers at a
meeting held at the Chamber of Com
merce rooms last night. Officers for
the ensuing year are: P. D- Tabault,
president; H. E. Root, vice-president;
c. T T?n wan . secretary: P. H. Brock,
treasurer and the following board of
directors: 11-' E. Quiha, D. de R. M.
Scarritt, C. E.' Abbott and J. E. Daniels
The name of the association is the
"Pensacola Automobile Dealers Asso
ciation." Any automobile or accessory
dealer, garage man or automobile in
surance man in Pensacola is eligible
to membership. The initiation fee is
$10.00 and the annual dues are Jlo.00
payable semi-annually. P. H. Brock,
D- de R- M- Scaxritt and H. E. Quina
were appointed on the membership
committee with instruction to work
fast and have every eligible dealer join
the association within the next week.
On next Wednesday night a dinner will
be given at the San Carlos hotel and
it i3 hoped to have - a representative
attendance from all classes of the auto
mobile industry.
At the call to order, T. H. Lacy,
chairman of the committee on consti
tution and by-laws presented a report
which was adopted without amend
ment. A vote of thanks was extended
the committee consisting of T. H. Lacy,
D. de R. M. Scarritt and H. E. Quina-
It was determined to provide printed
copies of the constitution and by-laws
as well as membership blanks. This
will be done by Secretary Rowan.
T. H. Lacy was made an honorary
member of the association with full
privileges and was given a vote of
thanks for his efforts in organizing the
Pensacola Automobile Dealers Associa
tion. The matter of an automobile
show for Pensacola will be" determined
by. the officers and board of directors.
. C. P. O. Charles Raedy, U. S. N.
stationed at Brooklyn, N. Y., has re
turned to hisauties after a short leave
of absence spent in the city with his
cousin. Mrs- Pat McIIugh and family
at their home on Avright-st.
Mr. and Mrs- .Todd Hancock are vis
iting in Jacksonville," guests at the
Seminole hotel.
Mrs. H. L. Covington left Tuesday
night for Valdosta where she was
called by the very critical illness of
her mother, Mrs. Denmark.
Miss Virginia Royall of Boston re
turns home today after a delightful
visit through the holidays in the city as
tne guest or Miss Judith Maxwell.
6 Bell-ans
Hot wafer.
.Sure Relief
Cuticura Talcum
is Fragrant and J
Very Healthful
Sample free of Cuticm- Laboratories. Dept.
K, MMjm, Ma. 2Sc. everywhere.
The Journal Straw Ballot editor
has received the following letter from
II. M. Cobb of Pensacolar
"Enclosed is my straw ballot and I
want to add that as we all know the
present administration of the demo
cratic party with President Wilson as
its leader has been one of the most
Among guests registered at the San successful in our history despite the
Carlos are: Mr. and Mrs. L. w. Jack- I thousands of handicaps it has encoun
son of Chicago," Chas. II. O'Rourke and tered. So let's give them another
Name "Bayer" is on genuine
Aspirin say Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
Is a "Bayer package," containing prop-f.-
directions for Headache. Colds, Pain,
Neuralgia, Lumbago, and Rheumatism.
Same "Bayer' means genuine Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for nineteen
fears. Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets
tost few cents. Aspirin is trade mark
vf Eaye-r Manufacture of Monoacetio
icidester of Salicylicacid- AjIv.
a ni''i:i'-1aB
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid
troubles are most dcngarc"a3 be
csi2sa cf their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they givo
that they need attention by taking
Ths world's standard remedy for thes
fiisordera, will often ward off these dis
eases and strengthen the body against
farther attacks, yhree eiacs, all druggists.
t-.a R&me GoI J M!t! aa m; boS
accatt DO iznitatisa
B. G. Evans, New Orleans.
The many friends of Dr. S. R. Mal
lory Kennedy will be glad to know that
he is reported as slowly improving
after having been confined at his home
by Illness since before the 'holidays-
Miss Blanche White has gone to
Columbus, Ga.. Where she will be the
guest of Mrs. Frank Olver. Before re
turning home Miss White will accom
pany Mrs. Olver on a motoring trip to
Atlanta for a short visit with friend3.
Friends of Mrs. Marion C. Caldwell
will regret to learn that she continues
quite ill at her home, 231 X. Baylen-et.
Mr. N. R. Lipplncott of Pittsburg
Va arrives In Jhe city today to join
Mrs. Lipplncott who is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hallmark.
Friends of Mr. R. II. Hainline will
regret to learn that he received news
last night of the very critical illness
of his father at his home in Quincy,
111. Mr. Hainline leaves for Quincy
today at noon.
chance in normal times that they may
demonstrate their ability and success.
to the end that we shall continue to he
the world's leader." - "
The straw vote cast up to noon yes
terday follows: Democrats, first choice
McAdoo 4, Cox 2. Owen 2, Wilson 1,
Bryan 1, Marshall 1, Pomerene 1;
second choice McAdoo 1; third choice,
Lansing 1.
Republicans, first choice Harding
1; Lowden l; second choice Poin
dexter 1; third choic3 Coolidge 1 .
f ' i i.-
Says Cream Applied to Nostrils
Relieves Head-Colds at Once
111 " " . i
If your nostrils are clogged and your
head is stuffed and you can't breathe
freely because of a cold or catarrh
just get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm at any drug store. Apply a little
of this fragrant, antiseptic cream Into
your nostrils and let it penetrate
through every air passage of your
head, soothing and healing the inflam
ed swollen mucous membrane and you
get Instant relief.
Ah! how good It feels. Your nos
trils are openly our head Is clear, no
more hawking, sniffling, blowing; no
more headache, dryness or struggling
for breath. Ely's Cream Balm is just
what sufferers from head colds and ca
tarrh need. It's a delight.
CuScura Quickly Soothes
Itching Scalps
Cuticura kills dandruff, stops itch
ing, the cause of dry, thin and
failing hair. Treatment: Gently
rub Cuticura Ointment, with the.
end of the hnger, on spots ot dan
druff and itching. Follow next
morning with a hot shampoo of,
Cuticura soap. Kepeat in two
weeks. Nothing better than these
fragrant, super-creamy emollients
for all skin and scalp troubles.
ftuspl. Each 7 rat t Mail. A Mrm: "Ontirara
IfcorMrt.rMp 6F,afa:dr M am." Said averr-
wliiw. Soap c. Ointment 26 and Due. Talcum iuc
gfSy"CaHcura Soap akavos without motf.
JZlount Building, JeizsacdZZJoL
m SFlifiS 06
Rub Pajri, Ache, Soreness and Swell
ing Right Out With "St.
Jacobs Liniment."
The Mutual Life Insurance Company
of New York
(Oldest Life Insurance Co. in U. S.)
District Manager, West Florida
Office 1015- American National Bank Building
Phone 2482
Rub it on a sprained ankle, wrist,
shoulder, back or a sprain or strain
anvwhere. that's when you realize the
magic in old, honest "St. Jacobs Lini- J
merit" because the moment it is ap
plied, out comes the pain, ache, sore
ness and swelling. It penetrates right
into the injured muscles, nerves, liga
ments, tendons and bones, and relief
comes Instantly. It not merely kills
pain, but soothes and heals the injury
so a quick recovery Is effected.
Get a small trial bottle of "St. Ja
cobs Liiment" right now at any drug
stnrA nnrl stoD suffering- Xothing
else sets things straight so quickly
so thoroughly. It is the only applica
tion to rub on a bad sprain, strain
bruise or swelling. Adv.
Grow four
free on reque.t to any mn ""
wisbe. to overcome, dandruff or
hair growth. Or testing box of tb prep
"atioa. Ketalko. will be l.Iei.w''
i 'it you .end VhH Bftu
-Uer. Kis address is John H. Brittaifl,.
BT-301. Ewtioa f, Isew lork, A. .
The Practical
50.00 This machine is desired for
home use, does satisfactory work and is most"
useful in every way.
leyoalds Music House
Porfinas arc
No smoke
so well. Why
grow, and cure
ways the same
aaa aa, j ' " 1 1 m M t i . m m
ever fitted your taste j". - ' 17 It
? Because we plant, IWJf '".ftf&'fo;
every leaf that goes V . - ' 'KZLS
, and they're al- :SiDSS . P
o you know
Community Service
will provide for
Have you thought
how much our city .
is in actual need of
Community Service?
Jt will-bring"
Playgrounds ' - Social Programs
Social Center, Service Booth
Community Concerts ' Community Center
Public Rest Room for Service Men
Community Singing
Community Service
is for
Let's have
for - : -
Comrn unity Service

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