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To Cure A Cold
in One Day
Be sure you get the Genuine
Look for this signature
4 '
on the box. 30c
Ecsy to Make This
Pine Cough Remedy
1 . '
TboDMmU of ttumltimm ewear by ita
j.rotupt rc.ulta. lneipnslv,
and wvc about fS.
You know that pine is used in nearly
nil prescriptions and remedies for coughs.
The reason is that pine contains several
peculiar elements that hare a remark
able effect in soothing and healinj? the
membra nos of the throat and chest. Pine
is famous for this purpose.
Pine cough syrups are combinations
of pine and syrup. The "eyrup" part
is usually plain sugar ayrup.
To make the best pine couRti remedy
that money can buy, put 2 ounces
of Fine in a pint bottle, and fill up
with home-made susar ayrup. Or you
can use clarified molasses, honey, or corn
avrup. instead of usrar syrup. Either
way, you make a full pint more than
you can buy ready-made for three times
the money. It is pure, good and very
pleasant Children take it eagerly.
You can feel this take hold of a eoujrtt
or cold in a way that means business.
The tough may be dry, boarse and tight,
or may be persistently loose from the
formation of phlogni. The cause is the
same mtumed inemoranes ana u
i'inez rnd Myrup combination will sto
it usually in 24 hour or less. Splend
too. for bronchial asthmi, hoarseness.
nr nnv Arriinsirv throat ailment
Bines is a hijrblv concentrated com
pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
and is famous the world over for its
prompt effect upon coughs. ,
ISeware of eubst'tutes. Ask your
druggist for-"2V& ounces of Pinex" with
directions, and don't accept anything
else. Guaranteed to give absolute satis,
faction or money refunded. The Pinex
Co., it. Wayne, Ind.
..... Phone 710
Now Comes Springtime
' Upon
That general run-down
condition, known as
oifiiug ever is
now abroad in
the land.
Few people are fortunate
enough to escape the debilitat
ing, dragging down condition
that always comes with the
changing seasons, and especial
ly when nature is undergoing
the transition from winter in
to springtime. 1
s s s s s a k
v 5C
Just now there is a universal
re. adjustment of every element
lu nature. Plant and animal life
alike merge into the rr-awak-ctiiny
that comes with the bud
ding of springtime.
K X W X K J? 1Z "& J? Ji
s s s
Naturally, such a . decided
change means a severe tax up
on tho elements involved. In
plant life, it means that all the
energy stored away for winter
sustenance has been consumed,
and the plant or tree must
gather new forces to feed and
develop it and give it strength
and nourishment to enter upon
the long dry heated term.
Similarly, the human body
has just passed through the se-
eaaost f ontiro voir
uCfcun KJ 1. lilt; w . v. w j ,
and has been subject to the
hardships of the winter season
with all of its various attacks
of sickness and disease. And
even though you may have es
caped the prevailing dangers
and come through the winter
without having succumbed to
illness, . still your system has
Chattahoochee. Mar. 10. One . year
ago today the Master & Mullen Con
struction company, of Cleveland, Ohio,
began their preliminary work toward
building the Victory bridge crossing
the Apalachlcola river.
There has been twelve months of
unusual delays on account of the
troublous stream which they are trying
to bridge. During this time there have
been no less than ten raises which
caused the contractors great delay and
expense. When they first began, not
knowing the nature of the stream, they
had supplies placed near the river, but
soon they learned they could not return
them there, so they had to remove to
higher ground.
4 The river is not entirely responsible
for the, work progressing so slowly.
After the contractors had made ready
to go to work there had to ' be more
Investigations made for the pier sites:
Mr. Pope .well driller, of Sneads, was
employed by the state road department
to; make bdrings in the river bed. This
work alone caused a delay of three
months. When the contractors were
allowed to proceed the river went the
rampage repeatedly and - the predic
tions of old residents of low water dur
ing certain months were badly shat
tered. The river has at no time dur
ing the past year been within its
On December 16 last, the river start
ed to rise, bringing down quantities of
drift containing thousands of dollars
worth of logs, uprooted trees over a
hundred feet long, a large black bear,
several rafts, boats, etc. The debris
extended over two thousand feet up
stream at the time from the bridge
site. The "damage to the construc
tions were not so heavy, as only one
cofferdam was lost and a part of the
industrial trestle washed out.
This drift brought new vision to the
engineers in charge. Viewing this
drift and studying the outcome of
what might happen, they decided that
the shape of the piers would be dras
tically changed and their foundations
carried , much deeper.
The original plans for the bridge
provided for square faces on all sides
of piers. They are now changed, after
three pirs had been completed. It
will be necessary to build "cutwaters,"
on upstream and downstream sides of
these three piers. The additional piers
will be built of a different type and
The contractors had purchased con
siderable steel sheet piling for use on
th original plans. It now becomes
necessary for them to purchase longer
piling. They are having to return the
first order and wait for the other to ar
rive. Some of this original order was
caught enroute and returned to the
Severe Tax
the Human System
been severely taxed, and all the
stored up energy has been con
sumed in warding off disease.
5 i
The human system is now en
Is? deavorinn to throw off the ac
K cumulated impurities, and your
, run-down condition is a mute
M appeal to nature for help in p re
's itarina for the chanoina season.
As springtime approaches,,
you begin to notice a loss of en
ergy, you become easily tired
out, and fatigued, your appetite
fails, and that worn-out, good-for-nothing,
run-down feeling
seems to have complete posses
sion of your body. Yoir poor,
tired out body has fallen a vic
tim to what is commonly called
"spring fever," and a feeling of
complete lassitude prevades the
entire system.
Just as plant life .throws off
the accumulations of the winter
season, so does the human sys
tem find it necessary to get rid
of the impurities that have crept
m, and made the blood supply
sluggish and interfered with the
vigor and strength and energy
that is so badly needed to enter
upon the new season. i
The most important part of
the human system is the blood
supply. It is absolutely neces
sary that the ever flowing
stream of life-giving fluid be
kept pure and rich and that no
impurities be permitted to creep
in to make it sluggish and im
pair your general health.
You should take the first in
dication of "spring fever" as
an-unfailing warning that your
UTmii.-ti'ign7T.x in.iiw.in.-.. hi rr rtjr. mi f rif-iii.i... ji m Tmnflr fi.ium ..jtTii. i i m i ...j i j ir it ' "T 1 i J " - ,- -, .
This illustration is a reproduction of the wall sifuf Ray's Coiner Hardware at Palafox and Garden streets. It was designed by VV L. Ray and tells its -own
story. Mr. Ray had the idea for the layout but local sign painters told him it couldn't be done. Nothing daunted he took pencil, paper and ruler and drew the above
then asked the sign painter if he could reproduce the drawing with the result as shown herewith. ' ' ,
mills at Buffalo, New Tofk.
With the new piling being enroute
and the revised plans expected daily
from the state road department, the
contractors hope to proceed at an early
date and rush the work through to
completion. They are hoping that fur
ther delays wiU be few and far be
tween. Another item which has given con
siderable trouble is not being able to
employ efficient labor. The superin
tendent in charge recently increased
the wages and hopes to organize an
efficient force for the work during
this year. Then, too, considerable de
lay has been caused in shipments of
material, even after it was bought.
It is possible that two additional
piers and arches will be erected on
tho Gadsden county side. This is a
matter which is at this time under
The question of approaches ha3 not
yet been settled. This 13 to bo re
gretted for if the plans were In hand
for these approaches and money ready
to erect them, the present contractors
would be in position to work on them
during the flood periods when they
are unable to work on the river. If
blood needs a thorough cleans
ing and toning up. Impurities
that have been accumulating
throughout the winter season
should be eliminated, and the
system put in the best possible
condition to withstand the dan
gers of summer sickness.'
Of course, you do not feel like
placing . yourself under a doc
tor's care, and there is really no
necesity for doing so. Your
system simply needs a good
toning up, and for this purpose
there is nothing equal to S. S. S.,
the fine old blood purifier and
tonic that has been in success
ful use for more than half a
S. S. . is nature's own reme
dy, being made from roots and
herbs of recognized medicinal
value, gathered direct from the
forests. It acts directly upon
!the blood, promptly cleansing it
of all impurities, improving the
appetite, and giving new
strength and vigor to the entire
S. S. S. gites prompt relief 'M
from so-called "spring fever, Wi
and a few bottles taken right X
now will put your system in per- S
feet shape for the changing sea- S
s m s m s s
You can obtain this fine old
remedy at any drugstore. Your
druggist will tell you that it i3
one of the most reliable reme
dies on his shelves. For free
expert medical advice regarding
your own case, you are invited
to write to Chief Medical - Ad
viser, 176 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Ga - -
these arrangements were made and the
work all go along together, the bridge
would be ready for use much earlier,
and would probably lessen the cost of
constructions. It is yet in the minds
of some to erect temporary ap
proaches until such time the two coun
ties can raise the money for perman
ent ones.
The housing problem has been one
of great difficulty for the contractors.
They are now building three .room
knock-down house and supplying tents
to all of their employees with fami
(Compiled for The Journal by the
Weather Bureau Office).
Pensacola, Fla., March 11, 1920.
Sunrise, 6:03 a. m.
Sunset, 5:55 p. m.
Moonset, 10:15 a. m.
Xext phase of the moon, last quar
ter, 12th.
High tide, 2:43 p. m.
Low- tide, 2:13 a'm.
Yesterday's Weather.
bulb: 7 a. m., 56; 12 noon, 57;
7 p. m.. 58.
Wet bulb: 7 a. m., 52; 12 noon, 55;
7 p. m., 57.
Highest, 61.
Lowest, 52.
Mean, 56.
Normal, 60.
Mean same date last year, 54.
Accumulated deficiency this year to
date, 145.
Highest of record for March, 87 de
grees.. Lowest of record for March, 25 de
grees, Rainfall-
For 24 hours ending 7 p. m., -.0.
Total for this month to 7 p. m., .48.
Normal for March, 5.36 inches.
Accumulated deficiency this year to
date, 1.04.
7 a. m., 78; 12 noon, 89; 7 p. m., 95.
7 a. m., 30.29; 7 p. m., 30.22."
"In the Heart of Pensacola"
177 Phonas 178
90 E. Wright. Phone 1995
Doctors New Prescribe Calotaba,
the Purified Calomel Tablet
i That Are Nausealess,
i Safe and Sure.
Doctors are warning the public thai
rhnple col da and mild cases of infla
nsa .often lead to pneumonia and
ther serious complications. Tfcey saj
that every cold should recelre immed
iate attention and that the first etefl
hv the treatment is to make aure thai
the irrer la active. For tn!s purpoM
Calotaba. the perfected.
talomel tablets are the eureet.
and most agreeable laxative.
One Calotab at bed time witn a
nranow of water-thaf. all. no salts,
Bo nausea, and no upsetting of th
digestion and appetite. Next morning
four cold baa -vanished, your liver ll
actrre, your system is purified an
refreshed and you are feeling fin
with a hearty appetite for breakfaa.
Bat what yon pleas. no danger.
For your ( protection. Calotaba ar
sold only to ortxtaal sealed package
price thlrty-fjvo cent. All drurrlat
recommend and ruram Calotab
aa aro authorised to refund the prlci
ft yxnx mn sot rtallxhted with taenia
' .. ..I. i'li 'rZn" ... ,.V...r ---j , , , " ; '-o-j
Chattahoochee, Mar. 10. Miss Ber
nice Howell, who is teaching at
Greensboro, spent the week-end at
home, having as her guest Miss Lolee
McCullough, of Hosford.
Mrs. M. Morgan entertained at lunch
eon last Friday evening, having as
her guest, Mrs. Carbarns, Misses Ora
Barnett, Gladys Stribling. Maude
Bevis, Messrs. Carbarns, Hinson, Wal
ter and Angus Gholson. Those pres
ent say they cannot describe the. de
lightful time they had. The eats seem
ed to please every one.
There will be a minstrel show in the
hospital hall Thursday night of this
v.eek. This ie given by the Elks of
Quincy, and will be assisted by the
hospital orchestra.
There will be a special picture shew
in the hall on Thursday night, March
18. "Bear Cat" is the title of the show
i - ri i v n i 1 fr til
You'd Be Surprised
Honeymoon Bells .
Wonderful Pal . .
On the Trail to Santa Fe
Don't Put a Tax on the Beautiful Girls
At the High Brown Babies' Ball
Chromatic Fox Trot (Xylophone Solo) ,
Stop Time (Xylophone Solo) . . . ,
Afghanistan (Fox Trot) . . . . ,
When.My Baby Smiles at Me .
and it is a prohibition picture.
The special entertainment which had
been arranged for the Methodist Sun
day School for the 4th of March did
net materialize on account of not being
able to get the particular films wanted
for the' occasion. Another date will
be arranged for Thursday night,
April 8. '
Miss Pearl Summerford, who has
spent several weeks . with her sister,
who has been sick at Tifton, Ga., has
returned to Chattahoochee and reports
her sister better.
Mrs. Hattie Layne .spent several
weeks with relatives in Douglasville,
Georgia, recently. She said she was
glad to get back to Florida out of the
snow and Ice which had kept her in
doors so much' during her stay in
Douglasville. j
666 quickly relieves Colds and
LaGrippe, Constipation, Bilious
ness, Loss of Appetite and Head
aches. IF
Dances Among
Latest IHits
'If.' Jack Norworth, Baritone 1
Jack Norworth, Baritone j
James and Hart, Tenor Duet
Romany . . Robert Bruce, Tenor)
Arizona Mona . . .... Peerless Quartet j
Rainbow Land . . . Royal Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra 1
Just Like theftRose . . Royal Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra 22271
Swanee (One Step) . . . Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra 1
Why Don't You Drive My Blues Away (FoxTrot) Sa ophone Band f
TentS of Arabs (Medley One Step) Joseph Samuels' Orchestral
PeSTSry (Medley Fox Trot) . Joseph Samuels' Orchestra J
Poor Little Butterfly is aFIy Girl (MeJleyFTroD Nicholas Orlando'.)
Sleigh Bells (One Step) . . . . Orchestra j2226
Double-Faced Records, 85 cents
- Collins Furniture Go.
18-20 N. Palafox St,
112 Millions
used last year
Standard cold remedy for 20 ytr
-a uoiet lorm in,
opiate break up a cold in S4
bour renerea crip m
Money back if It tau. im
-ouino cox nas a t
'top with Mr. HUI'a
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. Agents . -
Hart Schaffner & Marx and
Kirschbaum . Suits
James, Tenor
Cantor, Tenor
Cantor, Tenor
- V bv
v J I li ri W -
George H. Green
- George H. Green
Syncopators j

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