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Watson, Parker & Reese Co.
14 I
Big Triple Star Program
CHAPLIN : The Big Special Ta,madge
in Production in
y Rub Musterole on Forehead
. and Temples
A headache remedy without the daja
. t gers of "headache medicine." Relieves
headache and that miserable feeling
from colds or congestion. And it acts at
once! Musterole is a clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. Better
than a mustard plaster and does not
blister. Used only externally, and in
no way can it affect stomach and heart,
as some internal medicines do.
Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia
congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lum
bago, all paras and aches of the back
or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
35c and 65c jars; hospital size $3.00
888888 88888888 888
Turpentine Receipts, 0; shipments,
424: stock. 11.292.
Rosin Receipts. 136; shipments, 8;
stock. 56,593.
JACKSONVILLE, Feb. 4. Turpen
tine Unchanged; Kales,, 0: receipts
69: shipments, 0; stock. 2a74.
Rosin Unchanged: sales, 0; re
ceipts, 480; shipments, 2; stock, 176,
96S. Quote B to WTW, $11.30.
SAVANNAH. Ga., Feb. 4. Turpen
tine Unchanged; sales, 0; receipts,
41; shipments, 10; stock, 55,529.
Rosin Sales, 0; receipts, 158; ship
ments, 189; stock, 83.295.
Quotations Unchanged.
Quotations B to WAV. $11.30.
Alexander of ancient Greece used
to encourage wlne-drlnking matches,
in one of which 36 contestants died
from over drinking.
Ellis' Prices
Brookfield Butter, lb .57c
Pure Cane Syrup, gal. . . 90c
Peanuts, 5 lbs 50c
Onions, 5 lbs 15c
Magnolia Milk, can .20c
Sliced Bacon, 1-2 lb. pkgs 30c
Swift's Premium Oleo 35c
Argo Salmon, 2 cans 75c
Camel Cigarettes, carton $1.60
Corn Meal, 25-lb. sack .75c
White Granulated Sugar, 12-lbs. . . .$1.00
No. 2 Tomatoes, per doz $1.00
No. 1 Tomatoes, per doz 75c
No. 8 Cottolene $1.35
No. 4 Cottolene 70c
Good Bacon, 12-lb. can $2.25
Karo Syrup, gal. 80c
Lango Syrup, gal. $1.00
Hens, lb 37c
Roosters, lb 28c
Oats, per sack $3.20
Corn, per sack, 140 lbs $2.85
Sucrene Dairy Feed, sack $2.60
Cotton Seed Hulls, sack $1.05
Hen Feed, sack .$2.45
Plant Shorts, per sack $2.30
Bran, per sack $2.05
Velvet Bean Meal, sack , $2.20
We sell all kinds of Fertilizer, also Alfalfa
and Timothy Hay.
Country Pork, lb 25c
Veal Roast, lb 30c
Veal Cutlets, lb. ...35c
Spare Ribs, lb 25c
Country Sausage, lb. 30c
Liver, lb. : 20c
Ham, lb. 40c
Vienna Sausage, lb 30c
Cor. Lloyd and Davis St.
Phone 1889 Phone 1890
Free deliveries to all parts of the city.
A large crowd is planning to be
present to the dance at the armory
this evening, the sport fans will be
attracted by the basketball game
scheduled for the earlier part of the
evening and the members of the danc
ing set will be out in full force for the
dance which follows. Ensign Acker
has announced that although two
changes have had ta be made in the
Aviators' line-up -by the substitution
of Finer and Brlttain for Gibson and
Bemple, the Flyers, nevertheless, felt
confident of success. The tickets to
the basketball game include the dance
which follows. Ladle's will be admit
ted without charge. The dance is un
der the auspices of the Community
Service and the rules that obtain, at
the ' regular Saturday evening dances
will be in force.
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 888 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
a a
8888888888888888 8
Mrs T. I Briggs expects to leave
Monday for Eufaula, Ala., where she
goes as a delegate to the Methodist
meeting, which will then be in session
Mrs. T. E. Welles arrived yester
day afternoon from Moline, 111., where
she was called by the death of "Mrs.
Ammerman. during the holidays. Miss
Elizabeth Ammerman will accompany
Mrs. . "Welles to the .city and will be
her guest for some time.
Mr. Robert Quina left on a ten
days' business trip to Cuba, Wednes
day evening1. Mr. Quina went via
Key West.
Mrs. Lester Baldwin, of Baltimore,
who is spending some time with Tier
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Pin
ney, at their home on W. DeSoto-st.,
is the guest for a few days of Mrs.
Frank Courtney, at her home in Mo
bile. Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Court
ney were room-mates at Notre Dame
in Baltimore.
Mrs. T. J. Bolan has returned from
Portsmouth, Va., where she was called
by the serious illness of Lt. Bolan,
who is now convalescent, many friends
will be glad to learn. During the ab
sence from this city of Mrs. Bolan,
her daughters, the Misses Katherine
and Hilda, have been the guests of
Mrs. C. S. Bonacker, at her home on
E. Moreno-st.
Friends of Mrs. Harry .Kelly will
regret to learn that she is ill in a
Jacksonville hospital. Mrs. Kelly was
rormerly Miss Eloise Gonzalez.
Friends of George D. Villar, Jr., will
regret to learn that he undergoes a
slight operation at the Pensacola hos
pital this morning.
i r
4 u
i. Classes
actual at-
nday. If
hool come
First Methodist Church.
I. W. Chalker, pastor.
Sunday school at 9 30 a. m.. J. W.
Andrews, superintendent.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 n. m..
by the pastor. The morning service
will be in charge of the Juniors. They
will furnish the music and act as
Senior league meets at 6:30 p. m.. in
Lecture hall. Junior league at 6:30
p. m., in Sunday school room.
Prayer meeting at 7:30 Wednesday
St. Katherine' Episcopal Church
Corner 6th-ave. and E. Cervantes-
st- John C. Skottowe, rector.
Rectory, 502 E. Cervantes-st. Phone
No. 1398.
Sunday, Feb. 6. Quinquageslma
Holy communion, 7 a. m.
Litany, 10:30 a. m.
Morning prayer and sermon, 11 a. m.
Evening prayer and address. 7:30
p. m.
Ash Wednesday, holy communion, 7
a. m.
Ash Wednesday Litany, holy com
munion and address, 10": 30 a. m.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.
Friday Litany and address. 7:30
p. m.
Daily celebration holy communion,
7 a. m.
First Church of Christ Scientist
15 W. Belmont-st.
Regular services: Sunday morning,
11 a. m.; Wednesday evening, 8 p. m.
subject, Sunday, Feb. 6,- "Spirit."
Reading room and free lending li
brary (same address) open every week
day (except Wednesdays) from 3 to 6
p. m.
Everybody cordially Invited.
First Presbyterian Church.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.
Morning service, 11 a. pi... preaching
by the pastor. Dr. A. S. Moffett.
Junior and Wee Folks Mission band
will meet at the church at 3:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor society, 6 -SO
p. m.
Evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednes
day. 7:30 p. m.
St. John's Mission, Warrington.
Sunday, Feb. 6, Quinquagessima
Morning prayer and sermon. 8:30.
Ash Wednesday service, 7:15 p. m.
Sunday school, 9:30 a. ra.
Univeraalist Church.
Rev. Albert C. White, pastor of the
Univcrsalist church, will preach Sun
day morning, a 11 o'clock, on the sub
ject. "Searching after God." There
will be Sunday school at 1(V o'clock,
! a. m., to which all are welcome.
At 7:30 the subject will be "Broth
erhood." The Young People's Christian Union
will hold its weekly meeting at 6:30
1 p. m. All are cordially invited-, Miss
Rosa Bell wul lead.
Christ Church.
7:30 m., Holy communion.
9:30 a. m., Sunday school.
11 a. m.. Morning prayer and ser
mon by Rev. Francis M. Osborne, pro
fessor of theology at University of the
South, Sewanee, Tenn.
Calvary Baptist Church.
Corner lOth-ave. and Aragon-st.
. Sunday school. 3 p. m.
B. T. P. U., 6:30 p. m.
Sunbeam Band meets Saturday at
3:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday, at 7:30
p. m.
Gadsden Street Methodist. ,
Corner Gadsden-st and i Ninth -ave.
W.- P. Hurt, D. D.,1 pastor- Residence,
908 E. Jackson -st.
Sunday school, 9:45
for every age. Over 400
tendance from Sunday t
you do not attend any
arid Join ours.
Public worship, 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.
Junior church, 3 p. m.
Epworth League, 6:30 p. m.
Meeting board of stewards, Tues
day, 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday. 7:30
P. m.
A friendly, home-liko atmosphere,
good music, congregational singing,
attentive ushers and straightforward
gospel preaching. Come and worship
with us. Strangers and visitors will
receive a cordial welcome.
West Hill Baptist Churchj
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. ,
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Robert B. Davis will preach at both
services Sunday. Text for morning:
"The Eyes of the Lord Are in Every
Place Keeping Watch Upon the Evil
and the Good."
Much Interest is being manifested
in the revival meeting. Rev. , J. D.
Wilkes has liern doing the preaching
this week. The meeting will likely
continue through next week; the
preaching being don by Rev. J. L.
Ryan and Rev. Robert- B. Davis.
First Baptist Church.
Sunday services:
Bible school, 9:30 a. m.; Lee Mac,
donnell, superintendent. This is a
graded school with graded lessons, for
every age.
Morning worship, 11 a. m.
This will be a welcome service by
the various departments of the
church of Dr. Moncrief, who gegins
his pastorate Sunday.
Sunbeams, 3 p. m.; Mrs. Kean,
Junior B. Y. P.-U., 6:13 p. m.; Dixie
Beggs, president.
Maodonnell B. T. P. U., 6:15 p. m.;
Stanley Wolf, president..
Senior B. Y. P. U.; 6:15 p m.; Coop
er Pate, president.
Evening worship, 7:30 p. m.
A. J. MONCRIEF, D. D., Pastor.
The public is cordially invited to all
of these services.
Lutheran Church.
22 W. Wright-st.
Sunday school, 9 a. m.; review.
German service, 10:30 a. m.
English service, 7:30 p. m.
Beginning with next Wednesday,
Ash Wednesday, there will be Lenten
services at the Lutheran church every
Wednesday during Lent at 7:30 p. m.
J. F. W, REIN HARDT, Pastor.
Latter Day Saints.
The Re-Organized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, room 201,
Blount building.
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
Preaching services, 11 a. m.
Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednes.
day, 8 p. m. .
Sunday school superintendent, J. E.
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, FebJ 4. Emancipation of
women from domestic work is going a
little too far even for the soviet lead
ers of Russia. An attempt to commit
the- recent soviet, congress there to
such a principle developed a humorous
incident, as told by the Moscow wire
less. Madame Kollontai, a well-known
bolshevist leader, told the congress:
"Women must be eliminated from the
mass of unproductive labor which they
fulfill in their domestic surroundings.
Thus the enormous amount of working
energy wi!l be available. I regret to
say that old prejudices are still strong
among us."
A male member of the congress,
Ukhnevitch, jumped to his feet with
an objection. "I am in favor of the
emancipation of women, but not of
all." he declared. "If my wife leaves
me, I shall throw up my work. My
wife must stay at home."
The congress received this sally
with roars of laughter.
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Conflicting Views on European Situa
tion Have Unsettled Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 4. The cotton
market has been generally nervous
and unsettled during the past week.
Such conflicting views have been ex
pressed with reference to the terms
of the German indemnity as agreed
upon by the allies, that the announce
ment has had a more confusing effect
ort general sentiment than otherwise,
This seemed to render the market a
little more sensitive to unfavorable
features in other directions, including
the continued British trade depression,
reports of a slackening business in the
domestic goods market3, talk of large
March tenders and discussion of the
bearish statistical position. March
contracts have been relatively weak.
Quotations for middling cotton in one
of the southwestern markets have es
tablished a new low record and prob
ably promoted fear of spot liquidation
with the advance of the planting sea
son. The advance in call money rates
here, reported partly due to a demand
from the interior for funds, and re
ports of tight money or unfavorable
financial conditions in parts of the
eastern 1elt, which Jiave sold a rela
tively small proportion of the crop,
were albo considered factors on the
About 30,000 bales, of cotton are ex
pected here from the south for deliv
ery in March, according to rumors
circulating during the week, and the
decline in the nar month has been ac
companied by predictions that there
would be tenders of perhaps 120,000
bales. The statistical position has
been brought into greater porminence
as a market factor by reports that
the world's available supply for this
season Is estimated at 25,624,000 bales
and the consumption f all kinds at
13,457,000 bales by the bureau of mar
kets. It is said, however, that pros
pects for an increased carry-over and
higher money rates are strengthening
the prospects for a reduction in acre
age and some buying was reported to
day on belief that a considerable ehort
interest had accumulated.
RubMyTism la a powerful antU
septic; jit kills the poison caused from
infected: cuts, cures old sores, tetter,
tew Ad &
Mexico's national debts to foreigners
amount to more than $5TO,000,000.
Users oF
are quick, to
recommend it
They have learned from experi
ence that no matter how many other
treatments have been tried without
FOccese Resin ol Ointment is often the
very thing to bring epeedy relief
from eczema or similar Itching, em
barrassing eruptions. Its soothing,
healing action is brought about by a
medication so gentle as to be suited
to the- most delicate, skins or ir
ritated inflamed surfaces. Edd in
fftsea . ail &rwf.
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