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S fill I «/ tie
YOU WILL remember that my
small daughter, who is just un
• der two and a half years old, is
not one of those urchins who can
be put off with a glib answer.
When she asks questions, she ex
pects to be answered reasonably,
and you just can’t tell these mod
ern kids to go play with their
. toys and stop
bothering you.
So when she
gsL came out, the
other day, with
ft? Csw jr a crack about
V Archb i s h o p
<S_7 Stepinac, I
\ ’ shivered a little
\ and set my
\ shoulders.
[ ~ “Well, what
FAST I said.
“Nothing, daddy nothing at
all,” she assured me. “Only I see
where all the newspapers have
been writing editorials saying
how wicked it was for a Yugo
slav court to sentence him to fif
teen years imprisonment just be
cause he betrayed his country'
and helped the Nazis a little—”
• # •
“WELL, you see,” I explained,
“he claims that he didn’t really
help the Nazis directly, but only
helped the Ustachi.”
“But daddy, weren’t the Ustachi
the Yugoslav fascists, and didn’t
they murder thousands of Yugo
slavs during the war, and didn’t
they wipe out three villages, kill
ing everyone in them, even little
girls like me?”
“Well, that may be,” I said un
certainly. “But, you see, this Ste
pinac is a Catholic Priest.”
“But, daddy, only last week
the Franco government murdered
another Basque priest, who was
also a Catholic, and I’ve seen
that list you have of so many
Catholic priests whom Franco
murdered, and none oT the news
papers wrote editorials against
it, and during the war Hitler
murdered hundreds of German
and Polish priests, and no edi
torials . . .”
# * *
“THAT wiil be enough,” I
said, a trifle rudely, I’m afraid.
“How many times have I told
you to stop reading the newspa
pers with all those horrible
things in them. Anyway, you’re
much too young to understand
about those things.”
“What am I too young to un
derstand, “daddy?” she asked
“Well, you don’t seem to realize
that this Archbishop Stepir.ec
whom the Yugoslavs sent to jail
is a fascist, while the Catholic
priests Franco murders are Re
# * #
“YOU MEAN, daddy, that the
men who own the newspapers
here feel it’s perfectly all right
to murder or torture or Imprison
priests, so long as they’re not
“I don’t mean anything of the
kind—and you know it.”
“But, daddy, that’s what you
said,” she protested sweetly.
“You said that the reason We
don’t object to Franco murdering
priests is because they’re Repub
lican priests.”
“That isn’t exactly what I
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★ if&Sl
Yol. 1, No. 17
Campaign (Umax:
Wallace speaks
here November Ist
Henry Wallace will speak in Chicago next week.
In his first major public speech since President Truman promoted him to the rank
of private citizen last month, the fighting ex-Vice-President and ex-secretary of Com-
Birds of a feather, HKKgIU JIB* I •
all together
; f-f; .* * I
B W' 9 ■ Bp
SB/Mm % mßgr 4 msßm fk W
■ Wmm- ! Bar IBHHpi
bSl’m JHB i
Staff photd by Robert Perrotti
The great conspiracy
Take a good look at the men in the picture above.
Here you see the front-men in the great conspiracy against
American democracy.
Friendly, aren’t they? They’re sitting on the platform of a meeting held in Chicago
this week to help get the man on the left elected to Congress. It was a meeting that had a
storm-troop atmosphere, complete) with goon squads, calling to mind the early days of Hit
ler’s Nazi party campaigning.
Revealed here is the tie-up of American Action, Inc. and avowed fascists like Gerald
L. K. Smith, operating through the Republican Party to capture control of the House of
See back page
Chicago, October 26, 1946<*^&° 66
see page 3
merce and Agriculture will
make a pre-election address in
the Chicago Stadium this
coming Friday, November J.
Wallace’s appearance here
is already being compared in ad
vance by progressive leaders to
the famous preelection rally in
Soldiers’ Field in 1944, which
climaxed President Roosevelt’s
fourth-term campaign.
Coming just three days and
four nights before election day,
the scheduled Chicago address of
the man who cleared the air on
the issue of war and peace six
weeks ago has stimulated tre
mendous interest and excitement.
Although there is no charge for
tickets to the rally, sponsors of
the meeting are advising all who
attend to arrive as early as pos
sible to assure seating, as an
overflow crowd is expected.
* * •
THE MEETING was arranged
jointly by the same three organ
izations which organized the
“Conference of Progressives”
here last month. They are the
CIO Political Action Committee,
the National Citizens’ PAC, and
the Independent Citizens’ Com
mittee of the Arts, Sciences and
A galaxy of top screen and ra
dio stars will liven the meeting
as well, according to the spon
sors. Danny Kaye, Lena Horne,
Paul Henreid, Fredric March,
and many other artists and en
tertainers of equal fame and tal
ent are expected to appear.
In spite of a near-boycott of
the rally by the Chicago daily
papers, a joint committee of the
three sponsoring organizations is
notifying members and affiliates
through a city-wide distribution
of leaflets and tickets to the
giant meeting.

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