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Pro-fascists active
Who runs Chicago Boys Clubs?
WHY did the Chicago Boys
Clubs, Inc., choose Gen.
Robert E. Wood of Sears Roe
buck & Co. as their “Man of the
The Boys Clubs have done a
great deal of good work.
They have brought adequate
recreational facilities for the
first time to hundreds of boys
in poor neighborhoods boys
who previously could play only
in the streets and alleys.
But that doesn't explain why
the boys should have chosen
for their award Gen. Wood, a
leader in American Action and
other fascist organizations.
* * *
A CHECK by The Chicago
Star indicated why Wood was
chosen.' The boys didn’t select
him. The board of directors did.
The head of this board is
William H. Regnery, who once
employed Joe McWilliams, no
torious pro-fascist, at a salary
of SIOO a day. According to
Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling Stokes,
Regnery, a leader in the Amer
ica First movement, was ques
tioned early in the war by a
federal grand jury investigating
seditious activities here.
The other Chicagoans who
help shape the policies of the
Boys Clubs are equally interest
ing. For example, there's the
James S. Kemper, national
treasurer of the Republican
Party and a leader in Ameri
can Action, the new top-level
'We'll win!'
(From Page 3)
rules assure, will not be an “elec
tion-year” party.
It will meet, not once every
four years, but every year.
This will keep it responsive to
the rank-and-file members. And
the delegates showed at this first
convention that they intend to
run the party. When they didn’t
agree with a decision of the chair
man, they overruled him. That
happened several times.
* * *
THEY also showed that they
intend to remain alert, to keep
the reins of power firmly in the
hands of the whole party.
This was demonstrated when
the delegates ihsisted that the
party platform be read plank by
plank, so that they could change
what parts of it they liked, in
stead of accepting or rejecting
the platform as a whole. And
change the platform they did, in
several places.
The large national committee —
it numbers nearly 150—also per
mits every element in the new
party to have a strong voice in
determining the policies of the
Progressives. The committee will
meet three times a year.
And this is even carried up
Hadassah blood donors
save lives in Palestine
The gun that roars in Pales
tine echoes in a quiet, white
walled room on Chicago’s South
There a fight is being waged
to save the Jews wounded in the
defense of the new state of Israel.
The wounded lie in Hadassah
Hospital in Jerusalem, but in
Chicago, thousands of miles
away, the members of Hadassah,
Zionist women’s organization, are
colecting the blood that is saving
their lives.
* * *
EVERY Sunday morning more
' SH c
fascist outfit. Semper used to 1
sponsor radio broadcasts by the 1
anti-semetic Upton Close.
* * *
ANOTHER is Sewell L.
Avery, the fanatically anti
labor head of Montgomery
Ward & Co., whose union-bust
ing activities obstructed the war
effort three years ago.
These three are typical of the
leadership of the Boys Clubs.
On a national scale, for in
stance, Herbert Hoover is chair
man of the board of directors. i
And just to emphasize the c
anti-labor, anti-a emecratic j
character of the leadership, it
migjit be noted that the bankers i
and rich manufacturers who 1
head the organization consented 1
to let one outsider in because 1
into the executive committee,
which wil meet monthly.
* * *
AND the Progressives are not
going to be split the way too
many liberal movements have
been broken up by reactionaries
in the past. Red-baiting is not
going to be an accepted irritant.
The delegates showed this by
giving their greatest applause to
denunciations of the arrests of
12 Communist leaders. They
showed it again by angrily re
jecting the demand of Americans
for Democratic Action that the
Progressive Party repudiate Com
munist support.
Henry Wallace showed if by
explicitly accepting the support
of Communists on a basis of
issues. He showed it again by
blasting the arrests of the Com
munists and declaring that all
Americans must defend the civil
liberties of Communists as the
first line of defense for the rights
of all others.
There’ll be no Red-baiting, no
split, no lack of enthusiasm or
energy. This is going to be an
all-out fight. And many a dele
gate, now home again, is repeat
ing Taylor’s words:
"We’re going to win in No
and more Chicagoans—Jew and
gentile alilA-—donate a pint of
their blood to aid the wounded
of Israel.
The ancient Jewish salutation
greets the donor as he steps into
the comfortable room where vol
unteers serve coffee and rolls
while the donors rest.
The people, old friends and
new ones, chat quietly of politics
and neighborhood gossip.
* * *
MEETING these people is like
shaking the hand of humanity.
"The desire to contribute
he was considered safely re
actionary. He is J. Edgar
Hoover, head of the strike
breaking FBI.
y t t
ARE THESE just coinci
dences? Perhaps, in view of the
constructive achievements of
the Boys Clubs.
But a closer look indicates
that there may be more to it.
Here’s just one example:
A couple of years ago the
Chicago Action Council was
forced to publicly denounce the
Old Town Boys Club, 1300 New
berry, which excluded Negroes,
Mexicans, and others.
* * * ,
THERE were also ugly ru
mors about a shakedown racket
which a person connected with
the leadership of the club oper
The same person also encour
aged the activities of a gang of
young storm-troopers in the
neighborhood. The youngsters,
who wore black arm bands, en
gaged in window-smashing at
tacks against Jewish-owned
stores, and scrawled anti-Sem
eiic slogans on walls and win
The dangerous situation was
finally cleared up by the Chi
cago Action Council, which or
ganized mass protests.
Is this the kind of “democ
racy” that Sewell Avery, Wil
liam Regnery, Gen. Wood, Her
bert Hoover, and J. Edgar
Hoover want to teach the kids?
Hit cop brutality
at No. Side rally .
Police violations of citizens’
rights will be the theme of the
Citizens’ Rights Rally to be held
at St. Mathews Church, Oak and
Orleans on July 30 at 8:00 p. m.
Speakers will discuss the recent
cases of George Smith, Fred Hall,
and other Negroes who live in
the near North Side community.
Smith, while going, peacefully
about his business, was picked
up by the police and taken to
the station. Beaten into uncon
sciousness, his collar-bone and
three ribs broken, he was locked
in a cell for three days and per
mitted to see neither doctor or
lawyer until his family had been
illegally forced to pay S3OO for
his release.
The rally is sponsored jointly
by the 42nd Ward Civil Rights
Congress and the Progressive
Party ward club.
The government is estimated iO
have lost up to $3,000,000,000 dur
ing the war in freight overchar
ges by railroads.
blood." remarked Mrs. Samuel R.
Garber, chairman of the Chicago
Plasma Drive, "i* so great that
we frequently get ov e r - age
people. The age limit is 60 and
often we have to cross-question
them to get the truth about their
As a reporter talked with the
waiting donors, a door was
opened, a number called, and
someone got up to walk nerv
ously after the nurse into the
next room.
* * *
NO ONE expected any undue
attention. A University of Chi
cago student expressed the atti
tude of many when he remarked:
"I have nothing much to say.
I came because there is a need."
The Hadassah drive to collect
blood began May 23, shortly after
the Israeli government called on
the organization to help the grow
ing list of wounded.
“We’re going to collect as much
blood as possible,” Mrs. Garber
declared. “As long as additional
people call us at DEArborn 1394
to give blood, we’ll continue to
save lives.”
Keynote hits old
party 'hypocrisy'
hyprocrisy” of the Democratic
and Republican parties was that
they “drew up civil rights planks
for their party platforms,”
Charles P. Howard, lowa attor
ney and newspaper publisher,
declared in his keynote address
to the Progressive convention
Lashing out at both old parties
in probably the most moving
speech of the entire convention,
Howard, until recently head of
the Negro division of the lowa
GOP, asked:
"How many times have they
both courted us (the Negro peo
ple) with the same shabby prom
ise, and how many limes have
they both betrayed us?"
* * *
COMMENTING sarcastically on
President Truman’s call for a
special session of Congress, How
ard said:
"Suddenly, he can't wait. For
two years, he has been playing
post-office with the 80th Con
gress . . . and pin-the-iail-on
the-donkey with the people. He
has been long on say-so and
short on do-so."
Pointing out the differences in
deeds between the old parties
and the new, Howard said:
“It is not necessary to convene
Congress to test the sincerity of
the Democratic civil rights pro
posals or Mr. Truman’s sincerity.
* * *
"IT IS very simple—as simple
as this: ‘Mr. Truman, I ask you
as commander in chief o>f the
armed forces to sit down and
pick up your pen. Pick up your
pen and write. Write the execu
tive order which will abolish Jim
Crow from the United States
“We have been blinded with
promises for too many years. Our
eyes are open now. We believe
only what we see.
“We have seen Henry Wallace
go into the South and insist on
speaking and speak to non
segregated audiences. We have
seen Glen Taylor, a United States
Senator, defy Jim Crow in Ala
bama and go to jail—arrested by
a police chief who later turned
up as a delegate to the demo
cratic national convention.
* * •
"BUT MOST of all, #re of the
new party see ourslves. We see
ourselves not picking up political
Mayor, Council shirk
'Carey Dump 7 pledge
Residents of the neighborhoods
rimming that area bounded by
Narragansett and Fullerton, Di
versey and Normandy avs. are
down in the dumps.
There lies the obnoxious, evil
smelling “Carey Dumps” that
has provided the area with rats
and health and fire hazards for
the past 20 years.
Due to the active participation
of the Tri-Ward Community
Council (an anti-“ Carey Dumps”
neighborhood organization) in
the past 18 months, the city
stopped dumping garbage there
January 1948, but the private
scavengers continued.
* * *
The Tri-Ward Council, which
is headed by Joseph M. Moran,
went to bat and obtained a City
Council order, April 15, 1948, to
stop private dumping in their
already odiferous neighborhood.
But the City Council order is
being violated every day.
Mayor Kennelly, already on the
IT'S a man-bites-dog story when
firemen go to school to learn
how to break glass, but that's
what the Chicago fire department
is doing in this picture. Two men
are making a running stab at
the "unbreakable" panel.
crumbs, but helping create poli
tical policies.
"The new party says to the
Negro people: 'Come, help us
make this nation what you would
have it.'"
And in a deeply touching per
sonal statement, he added quiet
"The plain fact that I stand
here before you tonight defines
our party. For the first lime in
my life. I am experiencing hu
man dignity.
* * *
"AND THIS human dignity
which I know for the first time,
here and now, was not given to
me by the old parties—for their
way is the denial of decency in
the name of profit.”
This “denial dt decency,” How
ard charged, is reflected in the
drive to war through the bi
partisan U.S. foreign policy, and
in the “joint handiwork of Re
publicans and Democrats, a ma
jority of both parties, plotting
together in a Congressional Mur
der Incorporated” to kill civil
rights legislation, enact the Taft-
Hartley law, kill OPA and hous
ing plans, lift ceilings on rents,
and “bill after bill” to help the
Only the Wallace movement
offers hope to the world, How
ard concluded.
spot because he has failed to live
up to his campaign pledge to the
people of Glenview that city
dumping there would be stopped,
was asked this week by the Tri-
Ward Council to investigate the
“Carey-Dump” abuse.
Just in case the Mayor con
tinues his do-nothing “dump
policy,” the Tri-Ward Council is
currently organizing residents of
the community for a mass meet
ting, Monday, Aug. 16, 8 p. m.,
at the Riis Park Field House,
Fullerton and Meade avs.
Altorfers workers
get 12 Vt cents
PEORlA —Altorfers Bros. Co.
offered a pay increase package
of 12V4 cents an hour on the eve
of United Electrical Workers’
(CIO) Local 1114 strike prepara
tions. It was accepted by the
union membership.

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