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Ex-aide says Dawson's
'playing Jim Crow game
Rep. William L. Dawson’s
ex-publicity agent has ac
cused the self- appointed
“leader” of the nation’s Ne
gro Democrats of “playing a
game of segregation and sell
ing his own people down the
The Chicago Star learned
this week that John H.
Young 111, until recently edi
tor of Dawson’s organ in the
South Side’s Ist Congression
al District, the Voice, also
blasted the Democratic Na
tional Committee for its Jim
Crow practices.
The Chicago Defender and
its publisher, John Seng
stacke, work hand-in-glove
with Dawson’s sell-out pol
icy, according to Young, who
was a Defender political
* * *
UNTIL last week Young was
assistant to the publicity direc
tor of the Democratic National
"I believe the Negro voters of
Chicago will look upon Dawson's
latest move to sell them down the
river as the very last straw,"
Young said.
"I am going to call upon voters
in Chicago to defeat him at the
polls in November. I am going
to call upon Democratic leaders
ol Chicago to repudiate him and
withdraw his name as Demo
cratic nominee for Congress."
Council OKs
sites promoting
Negro ghettoes
By a vote of 16 to 3 the two
old party City Council housing
committee last week approved
nine relocation housing sites—in
tended for families that will be
moved to make way for the city’s
slum clearance housing program
—violently opposed by represent
atives of 30 different civic or
ganizations in an open hearing.
Walter H. Biutcher, a leading
professional housing planner and
executive director, American So
ciety Os Planning Officials, had
told the committee that a "num
ber of these sites not only fail
to contribute to the rebuilding
of the city of Chicago, but, if
developed as proposed, will de
tract from, will hinder and make
more difficult the proper rebuild
ing of the city."
Sidney Oraower, chairman.
Housing and Rent Committee of
Cook County’s Progressive Par',/,
declared that the nine sites ac
cepted "promote the present pat
tern of Negro ghettoes . . . some
are stretched out along railroad
tracks, surrounded by blighted
areas, no grade school or neigh
borhood facilities available, one
is adjacent to an obnoxious ren
dering plant and drainage canal."
Shirley Graham
to speak here
Shirley Graham, biographer of
Paul Robeson. Frederick Douglas ■
and George Washington Carver,
will deliver two speeches in the
Chicago area soon under the aus
pices of Women for Wallace.
At 8:30 p.m. Sept 10 she will
speak in the Metropolitan Com
munity Church, 4100 South Park
way On the following evening at
the same time she will address
a meeting in the Bethel AME
Church in Evanston. The subject
of both speeches will be "Human
Rights and Human Dignity.”
Earl B. Dickerson, prominent
insurance executive, attorney,
and former Democratic alderman,
is the Progressive Party’s can
didate from the Ist district.
* * *
IN his hard-hitting, sensational
attack on Dawson and the Demo
cratic National Committee, Young
charged that the committee’s
“policy course on civil rights . . .
is being set by Sen. Howard
McGrath icommittee chairman)
and . . . Dawson.”
“It is a matter of public rec
ord,” he pointed out, “that both
these men oppose ... A strong
stand on civil rights. From what
I have seen and heard in the
committee, they will order that
as little as possible be said on
the subject in campaign litera
ture and publicity.”
Young characterized as "an
outright lie" the Democratic Na
tional Committee's claim that it
had "integrated" Negroes into its
The Natl. Citizens Committee
for the Re-Election of President
Truman, of which Sengstacke is
treasurer, “was advanced by
Dawson to give himself a
stranglehold on all Negroes in
the party and to resort to segre
gation to accomplish this end,”
Say Nazis in U.S.
MOSCOW Werner von
Braun, who designed Hitler’s
death-dealing V-2 “buzz bomb,”
is now producing them in the
U. S., the Moscow News has
charged. The Soviet newspaper,
in a detailed article, listed other
Nazi technicians now working in
the U S., including Martin Schil
ling, Ernest Steinhoff, Theodor
W. Zobel, Alexander Lippisch,
Rudolf Amman, Heinz Schmitt,
and Fritz Doblhoff. The U. s'
Air Force research center at
Wright Field. O, alone employs
86 German war technicians, ac
cording to the newspaper.
Chicago sends 38 to
national UE convention ,
Thirtyeight members of the
United Electrical, Radio & Ma
chine Workers of America (CIO)
were expected to leave Chicago
this week to attend the national
UE convention at New York City.
The week-long convention will
open Labor Day, Monday, Sept.
Headquarters of UE District 11
here said that Ernest De Maio,
district president and interna
tional vice president, would rep
resent the district as a whole,
along with Charles M. Peters,
district secretary.
PP offers aid to CIO
to elect progressives
NEW YORK—The Progressive
Party is eager for “real working
unity” with the CIO to insure
the election of those liberal Con
gressional candidates endorsed by
both, C. B. Baldwin, Henry Wal
lace’s campaign manager, said
this week.
Baldwin’s statement was part
of a detailed reply to a “false
and reckless” CIO charge that
the new party is out to defeat
libera] Congressmen.
according to Young.
* * *
"THE KEY to the question of
‘integration’ in the Democratic
National Committee is that my
salary was to be paid by the
‘citizens’ committee,” he said.
“This dispite the fact that I was
supposed to be assistant t-o the
director of pubTftity of the Demo
cratic National Committee. In
fact, all salaries of Negroes work
ing on the Democratic National
Committee are to be paid by- the
all-Negro ‘citizens’ committee.”
Young claimed that his depart
ure from the Democratic Nation
al Committee resulted from his
opposition to the Democrats’ Jim
Crow policies.
* * *
"WHEN it appeared to Dawson
A. E. Stevenson names
rent - gouger as aide
Tenants can expect no better
treatment from a Democratic
state administration than they've
received from Gov. Green’s cor-
rupt regime, it appears.
This became apparent when
Adlai Stevenson, Chicago banker
and Democratic candidate for
governor, appointed Cairoll Hop-
kins Sudler Jr. to head his fi-
nance committee.
Sudler is a partner in the big
real estate firm of Sudler & Co.
Plan songs, dances for
Ukrainian festival
On Sept. 11, Chicagoans will
have further proof of the fact
that the rich vein of American
culture lies in the myriad nation-
al groups which make up the
city and not in stuffy Gold
LOCAL delegates listed by the
district office follow:
Local 1105
George K”"
Local 1114 )
Louis Torre
Edward Dailey
James Butler
Louis Abbate
Charles Anderson
Thomas Buchanan
Roy Spero
William Conway
Pasko Soso
Robert Mintz
Local 1119
Bernard J. McDonough
Sam Kushner
Leo Turner
Sam Savittieri
Robert Compton
He pointed out, for example,
that the Progressive candidate in
Pennsylvania’s 33rd district was
withdrawn when it appeared that
Rep. Buchanan <D., Pa.) was
moving “away from the support
of Truman-Republican bi-parti
san policies.”
Similarly, the new party, is
supporting liberal Democrats in
New York, New Jersey, Cali
fornia, and many other states.
that I wasn't going along with
the segregation . . . Dawson sent
Sengstacke to me,” he said.
"Sengstacke told me that Daw
son had said I 'wouldn't cooper
ate' and that as publisher of the
Defender he was ordering me
back to Chicago."
Young objected, holding that
only the Democratic National.
Committee could dismiss him
from his publicity duties. The
next move came from John Red
ding, Democratic publicity direc
tor, who told him he would have
to leave..
“Dawson is the responsibility
of the Negro voter and Demo
cratic leaders of Chicago,” Young
concluded. “He openly boasts that
Negroes in his district will vote
the way he tells them to vote
because their votes are bought
and paid for.”
But Dawson may be due for a
rude awakening in November,
Young feels.
here. He is a member of Chi
cage Real Estate Board and the
Natl. Assn, of Real Estate Boards,
* * *
SUDLER'S firm took the lead
in organizing the Cook County
Fair Rent Advisory Committee,
The group was set Up by the
biggest real estate firms in the
city to* press for a blanket 15%
rent increase here.
One of Sudler's associates in
Sudler & Co.. W. A. P. Watkins.
Coast drawing rooms,
On that Saturday evening at
Ashland Auditorium, Ashland
and Van Buren, the Ukranian
National Folk Festival will be
held—one of eight similar festi-
George Race
Local 1150
Julia Gudinas
Pat Amato
Irving Kiane
Fred Dutner
John Schneider %
Vincent Messineo
Willie Mae Smith
Sam Spano
August Pehlke
Lee Lundgren
Local 1134
Florence Hall
Bernard Cominek
Ruth Hunt
Joseph Caciatore
John S. Bobo
John S. Kelliher
Local 1149
William Brady
Harold Dalsoii
Local 1131
Alice Smith
Sample heads
Molders Union
Chester Sample, 65, first vice
president of the Inti. Molders &
Foundry Workers Union (AFL),
this week automatically became
president of the union, following
the death of Thomas Henry
Stevenson. Sample, a Chicagoan,
has held office with the union
since he became business agent
cf its Chicago Conference Board
in 1914.
K tiff
A CARPENTER by day and a
restaurant worker by night. Vic
tor St. Cyr of Woonsocket. R. 1.,
still can't make enough to sup
port his wife and seven children.
St. Cyr has offered to sell his
light eye for SIO,OOO as a last
desperate measure to save the
children, all under 12, from an
h head of the reni-gougers pres
sure group.
In addition to his tacit endorse
ment of the " real. estate lobby,
Stevenson also unwittingly dis
closed the bipartisan nature of
Illinois old-party politics.
Sudler, according to Who's
Who in Chicago, is a Republican!
vals to be staged ir> many cities
across the nation.
Festivals will feature the folk
songs, dances and music ol the
Ukrainian people, performed by
choruses, dance groups, soloists
and orchestras composed of
workers from Ukrainian com
munities across the nation.
•* * *
IN CHICAGO, outstanding
soloists will be Stefan Kozake
wich, dynamic baritone, and
Maria Dmytryshyna, an outstand
ing soprano.
In addition, Rockwell Kent,
noted American artist, and Grant
Oakes, president ot the United
Farm Equipment Workers (CIO)
and Progressive candidate for
Governor of Illinois, will appear
on the program.
The entire, festival is under
the direction of Frank H. Ilchuk,
cultural director of the Ukrainian
American Fraternal Union of the
International Workers Order
The Chicago

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