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I want to find the best place in Columbus to buy my sup
plies for the winter.
7"liere "sto-cl "will find, tlio finest d-is-plav o:
Dress Goods.
Comprising Houele's Astrakhan- In
all the latest ellects ami color.. Hen
rietta nml Cashmeres, Whip Cord-.
Sicilians, Ladies' Cloth, etc.. :l lop
nlar Prices.
Silk Satins and Velvets
For Dress, Ladles' V:ii-t!, brim
ming of all kinds, Jet. Jet Oin.i
menu. Fur Trimmings, (limps etc..
Special Finest Ladies'
Cloth. 54 in. wide, hereto
fore $1 15, now 85c.
Imported Repellant, all col
ors, heretofore 1. We sell at JVU
And anything in staple and cotton
fabrics, such ns S-itcens. Percales.
(Hnghams, Calicoes, at ."c., cotton
price9, bought before the advance,
we give you the bend lit of our pur
chase. The new fabric, UAl'FFRK
CLOTH, looks like silk; ev
" eV' 1 Or
soU at IV
erywhere 15c. AN e
10-4 Sheetings from 15c. up to the
highest and best black and brown
4-4 Domestic Sea Island, Tickings.
Checks, Canton Flannels, etc., at
Panic, Prices. "
The most complete stock of All
Wool Flannels, from 15c. to 40c, in
white and red.
A big drive in embroidered While
Skirting, at fit), 00 and hoc. peryar '.
beautiful work, worth this puce in
French and German Opera Flan
nels, stripes, dotted, plain, in all col
ors, at 45 and 50c. per yard ; worth noc.
Samples. No trouble to show liooas. Your Kind patronage is solicited.
Columbus Commercial.
Business M mini' or.
1 Rl-WEKKLY Publish il evry Tues
Jr, Thursday and Sunday, M.U0 per yeur.
WEEKLY-l'ubllshed every Friday,
fr year.
HATES furnished on
Entered at tbe postofller nl Columbus,
Miss., for transmission through Uiu nmils
as second class uiHtler.
COLUMBUS, MISS., Dtc. 8, 1. -!!.
It is said that a great many
Populists are leaving Mississippi
and going to Texas to live. Well,
if Texas can stand it. Mississippi
surely can.
Ve are not in favor oi abolish
ing the laws ngain9t cnrryir.g con
cealed weapons, but rather mak
ing them more severe and rigidly
enforcing them .
Mr. Gladstone. !ii declining nn
invitation to speak in Chicago on
the Armenian question, said the
handwriting on the wall indicated
that the doom ot tlio Otterman
Empire was sealed.
Judge Uufus It. l'eckhuai, of tlio
New York Court i.f Appeals, was
appointed ly the President su
preme court judge, vice Justice
Jackson, dec-used. The appoint
ment is said to he a good one, as
Judge Peckham is an able jurist
and a staunch Democrat.
4-4 Eiderdowns at 50c; worth 75c.
Sackings at 45c; worth 00c.
Suitings, etc.. all at proportionally
low price s.
Remember t lie adage, "Goods well
bought are half sold."
Our stock comes under this head
ing, liooits advancing daily, some
wry scarce. We anticipated the
advance, bought full up, and you
ivap the benefit of the lowest price's
ever paid.
Ladies' Hisses' and Chil
dren's Wraps.
All ttie latest styles 111 Cloth and
Astrakhan and Flushes Capes and
Jackets at $1.50 and $1.75, worth
double; same at ifL5, worth $1.00.
Just received, a Headed Cloth
Cape wo s- 11 t $:(."), worth $5.
$il Capes and Jackets we sell at $4.
$7 Capes and Jackets we sell at $5.
Already Void, over -00 Garments.
hi t mokk coMiMi. If you want to
spend $7.50 to $10, we are the Houso.
Hosiery, Gloves,
Corsets, Etc.
In this Department we lead.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Seamless Hlack Hose, fast calors
guaranteed, at 15c; worth 25c.
Special Our own im
portation: Heavy double
heel and toe School Hose,
the very thing for the boys
and girls, FAST BLACK,
in styles from 6 to 9 1-2,
at 25c, worth 40c.
: That we only advertise Facts Mo Misrepresentations. Look at our
The enterprising citizens of
Jackson, headed by (.ion. Wm.
Henry, are making extensive prep
arations lor the inauguration of
Gov. Mcl.auriu. It is their aim
to have present every member pos
sible of the Mississippi National
Guard; arrangements having been
mado with all the railroad compa
nies in the State, for a rate of 1
cent per mile for each mile trav
eled, to men in uniform, where
sixteen or iure are in one unrtj
They are also making an effort
and " ill doubtless succ3cd-in get
ting the hotels of the city to re
duce their rate to 25 or 35 cents
for meals. Special trains are to
be run where necessary in order
that companies attending may not
be kept away from home and busi
ness more than twenty-four hours.
The inauguration is to take place
in front of the Capitol, in order
that every one may have an oppor
tunity of seeing and hearing.
During the aiteruonn, af;er the
inaugural ceremonies have been
completed, there will be a review
by the new governor, and at night
a grand ball will bo given at the
governor's mansion.
Mississippi is getting a good
deal of free advertising by those
fellows who are hired by Western
newspapers to slander the state,
such slanders a'ways operating as
a boomerang against the slander
er. The truth of the whole mat
ter is, some people are jealous of
the attention Mississippi is at
tracting from prcspective settlers
Ladies' and Children's Unions.
Just received, a second lot,
At 3oe for childien, i ii..i.
all sizes; I J worth
At Mo for ladies. ) d"ul,le-
Ladies' ribbed Vests, 25c; worth
Ladies' silk-laced Vests, 40c;
worth 75c.
Ladiej1 wool Vests 05c; worth $1.
And nil the finest features in
Swiss ribbed all wool Vests up t
We carry the Thompson
Glove-fitting Corset, all
Specihl and oik own' make,
LOKH'S BEST, a $1 Corset at 50c.
The Majesty Corset, the best in
the world. We sell it.
Blankets, Comforts, Mar
seilles Spreads, Etc.
From the lowest to the best, to suit
your pocket-book.
Marseilles Spreads, heretofore
sold at $2.50, bought one case we
offer at $1.50. Such value never sold
in this market.
Carpets, Mattings and Oil
now, Linoieum, win
dow Shades, Etc.
Now Is your opportunity to buy
cheap. Complete stock.
A New Dkpakturk Cuts and
samples of the finest and largest
stock of Carpets and Linoleums in
this country; able to furnish you
anything you want and at New
York prices.
To sum up:
Whatever is to be found in a
first class Dry Goods Storo,
We have it.
Our Bargains Genuine Bargains.
Bargain Day every Day,
No Fake Sales.
No Humbug.
VI'....) II... M, ,..,,k,!f,,. I
having been brought back safely
to this country from Honduras,
has opened the question of bring
ing hack Durke, the defaulting
treasurer of Louisiana. The of
ficers who had charge of Ward
sav there would be no trouble in
bringing Burke back, if the Louisi
ana authorities want him, but
they may not be very anxious to
have him brought.
Republicans May Not Attack t
Mate lonsmuiion mis session.
Washington, Dec. 5. Although
there was talk hefore congress met
that the Southern Republicans
might try to bring about congres
sionul action on the State constitu
tions oi South Carolina and Missis
sippi, which they claim ore design
ed to disfranchise their party, there
does not seem to he much liklihood
that any effective steps in that di
rection w il! he taken. Some ot the
new member have talked with the
house veterans on the subject and
have become convinced that there
is nothing this congress can do, and
that the only practical result would
be to bring the question involved
into the Supreme court. la iho
next congress, if it be a Republican
house, the status will be different.
Already there Is talk among South
ern Republicans that members who
bring credentials from South Caro
lina to the next congress may be re
fused their seats on the ground that
the State has not the Republicim
form of government guaranteed by
the constitution. Murray of South
Carolina, who was the only colored
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
We take special pride to call your
attention to this line.
Banister Gent's Shoes In Calf and
P. L., all styles, too well knswu to
need comment.
A $4 hand-welt Gent's Calt Shoe
at $3 50.
A $3 50 hand-welt Gent's Calf Shoe
we sell at $2.50, and lower grades
proportionally low.
Besides, the finest lines in Ladles'
and Misses' Dress Shoes In all styles,
Common Sene, Opera and Pica
dilly Toes, from $1.50 to $3.50, we
offer special.
A $2 Ladies' and Misses' Spring
Heel and Opera Toe Rival Shoe, kid
and cloth top, at $1.75.
These goods made for us, and
every pair warranted ; .none better
in the mm ktt.
We have undoubtedly the finest
and best School Shoes that can be
made. One pair will do your child
for the winter. Ask for the King's
School Shoes at $1.75 to $2 per pair
You will quit grumbling.
Rubber Shoes for Lf.dies, Misses
and Children, full line.
Mackintoshes lor Ladies, Misses
and Children, full line.
Misses' and Children's Dress Shoes.
beautiful lino. -4
The Boys the hardest to please
find in cur Department all they
want. v
Remember, all our Shoes were
made fob is we advertise NO
ONE'S Goods all branded In our
name and guaranteed for style and
We don't deal In trash, which is
high at any price only reliable,
good Shoes.
member of the last congress, is back
as a tontestant for his old seat the
certificate to which is held by a
Democrat. He claims to have been
counted out and says he has not the
slightest doubt thut he will be seat
ed. The Republicans of the State,
lie says, notwithstanding their re
cent rebuff iu the Supreme court,
are preparing to bring the question
of the validity of the new coustitu
before the court in a form which
they think will lequirea decision
on the main Issue at stake. General
opinion among the house Republi
cans appears to be that this congress
will be conservative in unseating
the thirty-two members whose 'eats
are contested. The Republican ma
jority is so large that there is no
need to strain a point in unseating
Democrats, so it is thought not like
ly to be done
And Still They Come.
Not long since, Mr. Joseph Per
kins, from Nebraska, who was in
the South making an inve-tigation
for several farmers in his section
who wish to change their location.
said to a Memphis Commercial Ap
peal leporter that the investigations
mado by him had more than con
Armed his previous good opinions of
the South. When asked H the peo
ple would believe what he said con
cerning the South, ho aid:
'I don't expect thom to, for they
far surpass anything I expected to
find. I would be Inclined to doubt
a full report from any one else. You
gee.when we came over here.thetide
was flowing Westward, and great
stories of that country were told to
induce settlers. It was the Western
boom period. Well, the country
does have seasons when it appears
au ideal section, hut this is in the
sprinir. After that there is woful
For Men, Youths, Children, Etc.
Tliis Department, under the man
agement ot
Is a success.
We handle none but fine Tailor-
made Goods, made for us, branded
with our names and warranted to
fit and wear.
For $7.50. $10 Suits.
For $10, $12.50 Suits.
Fol $12.50, $15 finest Clay and Cas
simere Suits.
$15 and $20 Suits, equal to any
thing you can get made lor double
the price.
Remember, we can fit anybody.
We are also prepared to make you
Suits from $12.50 un I cl, ,f ,.
Pants from 3.50 up 0,1 short notloe
Why then send off, when you can
get your Clothing at home and safe
from $2 to $10 a Suit?
Youth's All Wool Suits from $4.50
to $ 10.
Boys' All Wool Suits from $1.50
to $0.
And a small, hut beautiful line, of
Children's Reefers and Juniois, from
3 to 7 years, from $3 50 to $4. Over
coats for same to match.
Mon and Bov's Overcoats, Mack
intoshes, Cone's Boss Overalls,
Jumpers, Etc., Complete.
Ktspecttuiiy yours,
lack of moisture, and those terrible
hot winds. We have been out there
now eight years and succeeded in
raising three crops. Then for sev
eral months iu the year we have to
remain mighty close to tires from
$7.50 per ton coal, so you see there
isn't much chance to get ahead or
remain even with the world. When
I return home I shall tell my peo
ple just what awaits them here, and
if they are incredulous I will mere
ly suggest that they select a dele
gation to come witli me and verity
my report. So far as I am concern
ed, my mind is iiuidt up, and I shall
certainly locate in the South."
"How many do you directly rep
resent in this investigation?"
'Ih my Immediate county there
are between tlfty and seventy-five
families, but I am satisliod that
does not include more than a small
portion ot those who will eventual
ly come."
I have opened a special
Horse Shoeing
On the corner opposite the
Cotton Factor).
Special attention paid to
quarter cracks and corns
and interfering horses.
Columbus, - Miss.
daco 1 Ml.
Horse Owners
Gent's Famishing Goods
Underwear, Hosiery, Etc,
Sole Agents for the Manhattan
Fancy and Dress Shirts,unsurpassfd
for style and wear. Just received a
new lot.
Our own make, an 1S00 Linen
Bosom and reinforced Shirt, N. Y.
Mill Muslin, ut 50c; worth 75c.
Our Leadbr at iKi'c; worth 50c.
We control in this market the
Am. Hosiery Co.'s Underwear, to be
seen to be appreciated. Once tried
and you buy no other.
E. & W. Collar? and Cuffs, etc.
SPECIAL-A line of tastblack-
aud-tan Seamless Halt Hose, woitli
25c, we sell at 12'ac., ar.d all the
finest Maco Cotton and Lisle Thread
Half-Hose, domestic and imported,
at proportionally low prices.
Hats and Caps.
None but the Best.
Dunlap Styles,
Stetson Hats, Etc.
De Joiuvillos, 4-iu-H nuls. Tecks
Bows, etc., all tl.e latest makes.
Handle Fisk, Clark fc tlagg's
Suspenders, Gloves, Hand
kerchiefs, Etc.
Whatever you want in this Line,
We Have It.
Stock or send for
Read the New Feature
Brought here on consignment, must
be converted into MONEY In
No Jobbers' Commission.
No Retailers' Profits.
They are offered at
Our Profit is the
Trade Discount.
Sale commences on
Come anfl inspect tne Stock. Get
Prices and yon can not belo tint In
No. 1 Merchants' Block.
The best place in town to get vour
printing done over Morgan, Rob
ertson & Co.'s store. New stock of
stationery, late styles of type, com
petent job printers, are some of th
inducements we have to offer.
Comfort and economy. Smoke
Uesago Key West Cigar, 6 cent
each. Mayo & WbAver.
Mrs. Terry receives a supply of
Celery every Friday.

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