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Record ol Current
ings in
and About
Short Items of Local Inter
est Gathered by Our
Genuine wine sap apples at O. P.
The masquerades were out Fri
day night
Mr. J. A. Koden is lu tit. Louli
buying gauds.
Mr. E. L. Young has returned trom
West Point.
Leaf Lard, my own
Mrs. W. L. Kemp is reported to be
improving daily.
Oen. S. D. Lee, of the A. A &f. col.
lege Is in the city.
Miss Lena Moody, of Coob's Switch
is in the city.
Buy vour Christmas turkey from
Osborne, the little son of Dr. H
M. Lanier, Is quite sick.
Mr. K. W. McCerry, of Jackson, i
registered at the Gilmer.
Captain E. L. Mykes of TSirdeen
was in tl.ecity Friday.
Sweet oranges may be a little
scarce, but I have them.
O. P. Brown
Judge J. A. Orr lias returned fj-Mn
a business trip to Jackson.
Mr. Walter Weaver, of Winona, is
in the city on a visit to his family.
If you want the finest dressed tur
kevs go to Silberberg's.
J. H. Stevens & Hon are nn addi
tion to the L. D. Telephone list.
Mr. E. L Passlno is spending to
day with his parents near Stafford's
AV. E. Stokes, Ksq , a prominent
young attorney of Macon, camo up
last evening.
Fresh fancy candy, all the best
varieties, at O. I Brown's.
M. College, is iu the city visiting
Mrs. J. A. Rodeu.
Dressed turkeys for the holidays
at Silberberg's.
Mrs. Ann Franklin has returned
from a vint to relatives and friends
In New York.
Mr. B. L. Owen has returned from
a three week's trip to Decatur and
North Alabama.
Send jour orders for Christmas
Cakes to Mrs. Terry.
Misses I izzie Whitfield and An
nie Peyton leave tomorrow to visit
in Greenwood.
My Christmas
away up to date.
candies will be
Watch lor them.
(). P. Brown.
Mrs. E. A. Elliott is at her post of
duty again at Beard's, after a severe
spell ot sickness.
Call on Chapman for a sample
bottlo of Cough Mixture
Mr. K. II. Senter, of Humboldt,
Tenn., is in the city on a visit to his
Loyal Grande, best 5-eent Cigar,
at Mrs. Terry's.
Miss Annie McElroy and Miss
Irene Dashiell left Thursday night
for Atlanta.
Mr. Geo. Nance of . vVest Point,
was in the city Thursday and Fri
Delicious fresr. dates at Mrs. Tor.
ry's. Try some of them.
Miss Sadie Young, who teaches
school at Kturdivant, la in the city
spending today at home.
I have a few of as pretty baskets
and metal boxes for candies as yon
ever saw. Call and get ene.
O. P. Brown.
Walker Fowler has returned from
a business trip to West Point and
Captaiu T. G. Munger left last
night for Birmingham where he
goes on official business.
Hawke's Spectacles a specialty at
Chapman's. If you wish to see well
call and be fitted.
Miss Annie Crlgler, of Crawford,
will arrive in the city to-morrow
evening to visit Miss Annie Lide.
Baptist Chcrch Services at
11 a. m., 3:30 p. m., acd 7 p.m., by
Rev. Sid Williams. All are invited
to attend.
Mrs. Terry keeps
fornia Fruit.
the best Cali
Engagement Announce!
Tlie engagement is announced of
Mis Maria Along and A. 8. Hum-
ing voung lawyer uow handling tne
' ... .
practice of Jung J. A. Magoon. '
The marriage is to take place very '
aimn in the new vein.- Hawaiian
The friends of Abram 8. Hum
phries, Esq., formerly a prominent
young lawyer of this city, but now
practicing his profession in Hono
lulu, Hawaiian Islands, will read
with pleasure of his marriage in a
few weeks to Miss Maria Afong, of
Honolulu. She 1st reputed to be a
woman of great beauty and high
social position, one of her sisters
being the wife of Commander Whit
ing of the U. 8. Navy. Mr. Hum
phries is kindly remembered here
by his many friends, who recall his
loyal friendship and his brilliant
talents, which give promise of a
splendid rind sueeesrful career. He
is a member of one of our oldest and
most Influential families. His fa
ther, the late A. 8. Humphries, dur
ing his lifetime was one of the
wealthiest planters in the State of
Across the fctormy waters we beg
to w alt him our greetings and best
wishes for himself and the lovely
woman who is soon to be bis wife.
Columbus Dispatch
Kefering to the above we can ouly
say, that Mr. Humphries moved
from Columbus before we became
residents here ; but ho is a Colum
bus boy, the brother of our esteem
ed citizen, Col W. D. Humphries
and is largely connected here, and
we unite with other friends in ex
tending to him our heartiest co
The Baptist Meeting.
Rev. Hid Williams, the noted
evangelist, arrived in the city Thurs
day and began a series of ineetiii
In the Bjptist church Thursday
night. Ho has preached mornirg
and evening every day since to
gaod sized and appreciative cougro
gatlons. He preaches with great
earnestness and force, impressing
his personality upon the audiences
with good effect. Not the least part
of the services is the singing by
Mr. J. A. Brown, who assists the
evangelist at all his meetings by
reudering sweet and soul-stirring
music. He plays his accompanl
merits on an Italian harp, adding to
the attractiveness of the services,
At the conclusion ot the services
forward and evinced a desire to lead
a better Christian life, aud it
thought much good will result from
the services.
trenching to-day at 11 a. m., 3:.'I0
aud 7 p. in. Evervbodv conlli.llv
Invited to be present.
Something New ana Elegant.
milium i. wunroe & uo. are
showing a lina of Christmas Greet
ing Cards from the establishment of
Hapael Tuck & Sons that are des.
tilled to become quite popular. Thej
are "unristmas Greeting" cards of
many tasty designs, to be printed
with the nddress of the sender, and
when sent out to friends is a pleas
ant ana happy reminder that the
recipient is in the mind and recnl
lection of some distant friend. 1 1 is
quite a pretty custom, Drought here
from London, and is destined to In
come quite popular, as it is a cheap
but graceful way of remembering
one's friends during the holidays.
Cull at the book store of William N.
Monroe & Co. and see these samples
and give tlieni an order.
Henry Morgan (col.) was tried by
Mayor McDowell Friday charged
with stealing $10 from Oscar Troupe
a mau of his own color. Henry was
bsund over to Circuit court under a
$300 bond. Jim Moore (col.) was
tried before Justice Foote Saturday,
charged with being an accomplice
of Hnry Morgan's, He ytas also
bound over to Circuit court utr.lor a
bond of $300. These prisoners were
captured by Capt. Munger after a
long and tires-nine search.
It seems that the people of Colum
bus are in the market for the pur
chase of pianos, when they can do
so at a grcatsaving ana direct from
the factory. Mr. Jellison, ef the
Kimball Co., is sending out one or
two per day, and as several are on
the way yet, to be delivered, he will
remain here a few days longer.
Those who have not yet bought will
do well to see him. Old pianos
taken in exchange. Easy terms , of
payment if desired. it
The Century Book Club met lst
Wednesday, December 4th, at the
home of Miss Annie Peyton, on Col-,
lege avenue. In the absence of the
president, Miss Sherrill, Miss iaura
Harris very gracefully filled her
place. Interesting papers were read
by Misses Estis. Peyton, Harris,
Hutchinson and Lipscomb.
Photographs taken in cloudy as
well well as clear weather, and sat
isfaction guaranteed at Feldottu's
Photo Studio, Main street
Rev. J. W. Gordon was assigned
to this circuit ty the Methodist con-
ference. Rev. A. P. Rage goes to
ftoonville. '
! ... . .
i The friends of Mis JKosamonu
Perkins will be glad to learn that
she Is expected home to-morrow
j nigbt.
FireWorks! My stock of fire works
Prices cheaper than
O. P. Brown.
The Gilmer Hotel has made quite
an addition to Its parlor In the pur
chase ot a new Kimball piano.
The Century Book Club will meet
at the home of Miss May Bherrod
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Dame Fashion has decreed that
Men's Winter Suits shall be dark
Johnston has them in blacks, blues
and browns, $7.00 to $1100. No cash
to see them.
Miss Alma Kldd, of Caldeonia, Is
employed at Mrs. L. C. lerry'a lor
the cLrlstmas holidays.
Miss Kittie Richards and her
brother, Will Richards, left Tl.urs
day night for Atlanta to attend the
Now Is the time to have your
Photo made for the holidays at Fel
dotto's Studio,
Miss Kate Irvin left for her home
iu Crawtord Thursday, after spend
ing a week in the city on a visit
to Miss E.K. Lide.
New lot of Men's Wool Under-
suits at $1.05 at Johnston's. The
Natural Wool line still $1 50 suit
Miss Katherine Duke of West
Point, passed through the city Fri
day morning oh her way home from
Mrs. E, C. Terry returned Friday
St. Louis, where she went to
puremvie her holiday goods.
Miss Linell Newton, of Crystal
Springs, after a pleasant visit to
Miss Annie Peyton, returned to her
home last Friday.
Perhaps the best value ever offer
ed at 25c is that line of Four-in-Hands
and Teck Scarfs, at John
Call at Buder'g 57 Main street, and
examine the large line of celluloid
novelties, dainty and desirable. Open
every right.
Miss Sid Terry, who lives two
miles east of hete, is reported quite
sick. We hope tevhear of her early
We hope tcVhe
r Btock is confp
Our Btock is complete, our service
ol all unexcelled. jEspncial atten
L)ii siren the Prsrfcrlptlon .Oepwt-
mem at MAVl) WEAVERS,
Picture frames M quadruple plate
handsome, stylish aud cheap, at 57
Main street Buder's. Open every
fasten the dear baby's dainty
white dress with a solid gold pin
set or button set, to be found at
Buder Bros'., 37 Main street Store
open at nlgiu.
(. leas and sweet. Call tor La
loscaSoap. Only 10c. At
Mayo & Weaver's.
MisEfile (iregory, of Richmond,
Va., is expected to arrive in the city
this week to visit Mrs. Maud Crad
dock and Miss Jessie Johnson.
Mrs. Terry has just received i
supply of Plow's best Candies.
There will be no services at the
Presbyterian church today on ac
count ot the absence of the pastor
in Atlanta. Mr. Jacobs will return
Glove and handkerchief cases in
plush goods; also comb and brush
sets and manicure sets, at Buder
Bros.', 57 Main street. Store open
every night
I have Just gotten the agency for
the best Mixed Paint that Is made
and am selling it at reduced price.
E C. Chapman.
Methodist Chuich- Morning
subject, "The abundance of life In
Christ" No services at jight on
acoountfjf the protracted .meeting
at the Baptist church.
Such stationery at prices to suit
the times! Our 60c box at 86c. StyN
ish, but so cheap you can afford to
write market orders on it At
Mayo & Weaver's.
Gen. William Henry, of Jack
son, the Adjutant General of the
State National Guard, arrived In the
city yesterday afternoon, and is the
guest of Gen. J. 8. Billups.
Save your pink and white com
plexion and soften your skin by
using Pansy Cream, price 25c, at
' Mayo 4 Weaver's.
When in town call in at J. M. Mo
Quown's and see those Surreys,
Pheatous, Buggies aud Carts, anu
will think that you hare been to the
Ailaiita Exposition.
Chapman, the Druggist, nas re
duced the price on Extracts, Co
lognes, Soaps, Combs and Brushes.
Call soon and be convinced.
That Big Drive In Men's and Boys'
Caps, 20s to 60c, latest styles, still on
at Johnston's also the latest shades
In Alpine Hats. Good stock at !
WooJlawn items.
Woodlawn, Ie. 2, ISftj.
.jAlurge crowd assembled at Wood-
.1 I j a n nn Mlu Inn.n 111 nf I kn Owtt.
" "o.
Miss Y'oung dismissed her school at
11 o'clock to attend c'lUieh services.
The children made a very pretty
picture as they marched trom the
academy to the church, their bright
faces reflecting the joyousness of
youth. The visiting teachers were
Misses Nellie Brown, Lula Duncan,
Pamelo Mayo and Lucy Egger, of
this county, and Prof. C L. Wood, of
West Point We also noticed Chas.
A. Vaughan and Nelll B. Wood, of
the A and M. College. We were
glad to meet Miss Johnnie Wright,
of Columbus, and hope she will
come again. The 11 o'cloclt services
were conducted by Rev. W. C. Ba
ber, of Columbus, who made a splen
did talk, speaking not only of per
sonal, but of national blessings.
Expressions of thanks were made
by Mrs. W. A. Harris, C. B. Htinson
and several young ladies followed
by Messrs. A. P. Pressley, W. A. and
It A. Harris, John A. Stinson and
.At the close of the morning ser
vice, a bountiful dinner was served
by the ladies of the charcli and
community. A number of absen
tees were remembered and well fill
ed boxes were sent them.
In the afternoon Mr. John A. Stiu
eon, president of the County Christ
ian Eneavor Society, addressed the
Wood Lawn society in behalf of the
Palmer Orphanage. A collection
was taken amounting to more than
$10. Mr. Htinson Is a whole-soul
Endeavorer, a fine speaker, and
Wood Lawn will always welcome
him to hearts and home?.
These meetings of christians do
much good, spiritually and socially.
"Lo sharpeneth iroa, so the man
sharpeneth the countenance of his
Mr. A. P. Pressley, Hon. W. A.
Harris and wife and Miss Inez Kidd
attended the meeting of New Hope
Presbytery which convened lc Weet
Point Nov. 81.
Nr. John LIpsey and wife and
Mlis Mullin, of Columbus, visited
the family of R, 8. Harris last Sab
Madame Rumor says Cupid has
drawn his bow and made ready his
arrows for a winter campaign in
this neighborhood, and lam afraid
one of his victims will be
fhe Hisses Carroll, daughters of.
1.T rr-ill, of -OKtitm'uha county,
arefin the city, visiting the family
of Mr. W. J. Perkins.
Mr. T. C. Lamboru, the business
mai.agerof the West Point Forum,
was in the city Friday and Satur
day, and paid the Commercial of
fice a pleasant visit
'r. G. B. Augustus, Mr. and Mrs'
D. W. Williams, Mrs. M. B. Long-
street and Mrs. A. Tyson, of Macon.
were registered at the Gilmer Fri
day on their way to Atlanta.
If you wish to have your house
burnished call on Chapman for Ala-
ba-ituie, the best Kalsomine.
Fresh supply of Nuts 111st re
ceived at Mrs. Terry's.
Satchel tag', umbrella marks, hat
mark, match boxes and ciar cut-
ten In silver are nice Christmas
gifts for gentlemen friends. A large
stock at Buder's, 57 Main street.
Stnre open every night.
If you wish to paint anything call
3ii Chapman, as he carries the best
assortment in town.
T!ie Silver Link Circle of the
King's Daughters will meet Tues
day evening. December 10th, at 3: 30
o'clock, with Miss Addie Davis. All
members arc requested to remember
the place, so rs to prevent confusion.
Munroe & Co. buys, sells and ex
changes old School and miscella
neous Books.
Yl large line of after-dinner cups
J saucerp, chocolate pots, Individ
T tea" pots, olive dishes, bread and
butter plates, and many other nrti
cle; in Japanese ware, at 67 Main
dtreet Buder Brothers'. Store open
eve-y night
Artistic and stylish Wall Paper
in the latest tints, and many things
to furnish and adorn a home, will
be sold at the lowest prices possible
at Munroe A Co's.
A lily while hand is greatly en
hanced by a pretty thimble, espe
cia'ly a good old solid silver thimble
of sterling worth, to say nothing of a
handsome gold hand engraved
thiible. Are to be foand at Buder
J. Ooen every night.
ire have just learned of the death
on Jursday, at Btarkville, of Mrs.
Ad iie Valentine, an estimable lady
of htarkville. She had been suffer
ing several weeks from carbuncle
on the back of her head, which was
finally the cause of her death. De
ceased was a widow, about 45 Tears
of fcfre and had numerous relatives
iu tlilg county, to whom the Com
H'st'iAL extends sympathies.
It is the most
will encourage habits of
school and elsewhere
A boy is more apt to be on
he knows what time it is.
We Show a Splendid Variety of Sterling Sil
ver, Gold and Gold Filled and Nickel
Prices from $2.50 to $25.00,
All accurate time keepers.
jnanuracturinrj Jewelers.
No. 57 Main Street.
Being Large Buyers for Cash, We Offer Special Induce
ments to
And others who value a dollar for what it is worth. '1
Paints, Oils, Drugs, or Tobacco are wanted, we are the
Our Prescription Department
we can buy here or abroad, and all
of the best College of Pharnucy in
are the Cheapsst in Est Mississippi. Long distanco tolephone con
nection. Call on us.
Mrs. T. II. Sharp and little son
Jake, returned from Memphis
Wednesday where they have been
for the past tni da attending the
b.-dside of Sf -np. The Poet- r
is imprviug every day nud is aldo
to walk about in his room.
Cakos every day at Mrs
One of those elegant new Alliums
or one of those beautiful Hook- just
received at Munroe & Co s. would
m ike a handsome present for any
The F.lectric:il licview for this
week says that the Thonisoii-Hous'-ton
Coin pa n- has been aw aided the
contract for lighting Aberdeen with
SO arc and 5000 incandescent ekctrie
lights. If such is the. ca-e our
neighbor will son be the bust
lighted city on earth.
Headquarter for Fine stationery, j
School books, ttc. Mui.i & Co.. j
Main street, next door t i p -jti :!!(;..
The iollowiug named gei.tU nu ll
were elected to olllce tor tlm year
18!K; at a meeting of the Ma-ons Fri- j
day night: F. It Sims, Worshhip-
fill Master; K. Doniiel, S.-i.ioi' 1
Deacon; W. H. Cobui ii, J uuior I) -a-I
3011; II. V. Wadtll. Secretary; ,1. W.j
Gardner, Treasurer; J. M. Wakelbdd, 1
Tyler; J. Ii. Johnson, Chaplain. j
uoou chow liest llyj ( oimly
found when you bay "Honv De
ii .
TobaccoBt 51VO& WkavkkV. ;
, T . t i i
resit Pure I.eal I. ai d, my ow n ;
make. 11. t;Tl.i;KHi;KK(i. 1
IU. Rev. Hugh Miller Thompson, I
Kpiscopal Itisliop of Mississippi, is
in the city, and will preach in St.
Paul's church this morning ai 11
o'clock, and also in tie e von ing. At
the evening service tho sacrament
of confirmation w ill be administer
ed to a class. Kveryliody cordially
invited to attend the services.
Leaders and bargains for nil lonv
are looking for u st ick of goods. We
compete with the largest mark -ts
and save you freight.
Mayo & Wk vvki:.
Notice to the Public.
I beg leave to inform the
that I can be found at Tinsli
stand, next to .Monroe's hook
y's old
ready to do all kinds of
shoe repairing in the best
boot and
style ami
with good material, at prices as low '
as anybody s pr:ues. Respectfully, '.
S. K. ADAMS, i
Columbus, Dec 5, lsai.
For Sale At a bargain one
Din- ;
ing Room Set, at resilience.
Mks L. Fleishman
uot 17 lm.
New Boxes, Sew candy.
Just received, a fresh lot of Haw
thorne's Candies. C'ome try a box;
only 2."c. A. C. Myek.
ol ilt
punctuality at
time when
is stocked with the finest chemical
pivseriptions filled by a gradual
America. We have the Best W
IIi.ewett Plantation Known ' rs
uonnrt wood,'' "l'cpper," and "Jim
I reck" places, formerly - nwnxt by
, ,'tot JM
lewett, in luvndes t'onntv.
.described as follows: r
h w 1 , of sec ;tl, town In, rHiig 18 c:
w ' : ; of s w , of e; 17 ; e ! of 11 w ' of
see is and 1 e 1 , of see IS; e ij' of see lit;
of w I-',; of w 1-2 of sec ai; w 1-of 1
w 1-4 of sec ai, all in town 17, ranre IH e.
K I 2 of s e 1-4 of sec 'Hi, in town 17,
raie:e 17 e, coiiiaining 111 all ,HO acres.
These places are within twelve miles
of Columbus, in an excellent neighbor
hood, wiih good churches and schools
convenient. The road to this place is
exceptionally line, beinc graveled all
I lie- h.v from Columbus to the proper
ty, making il one of the best in the
Male. It lias ,",7(1 acres in cultivation
and 4'Macrcs of limber w iili a good resi
dence, barn, horse-power gill, store and
cabins wilh brick chimneys; ill fact, all
I lie buildings thai are necessary. Price
l u l l) Pr.ACK Former! v owned by
.1. Harris lie Id and described as fol
lows :
W 1-2 of sec ii: w 1-2 of 8 e 1-4 of sec
w 1-2 of sec 7, town 17, range is e; e 1-2 of
s e 1-1 of si c :V; s i-2 of sec :ui, town IH,
range 17 east, containing in all 1,120
It Is located en one of the best dirt
roads in tin-state of .Mississippi, being
ouh I i'ii miles from Columbus, in a
well seiiied neighborhood with good
churches ami schools convenient, it
as 72 acre in cultivation and 4oo acres
of woodland, with good residence, gin
house, barns ami the necessary cabins,
Hi' si ot which aredollble.
Il is claimed that there is a possible
delect iu ihe title to 4ml acres of the
limber. lnle we warrant the title to
Ii..- enure place, wo limit our warranty
! C.is tinnier tract to f2.."nl per acre
I'l ice 7.0"il.
Ti.inis.ti, order Indispose of these
tl.e..,rti.. I... I.I. I l ... ..... .
! . rv , .,v ... , ,, e ,)Uer in em
ill Ihe Lm- i.i i,... ul,..,-- 1 i
i '". 17 llilllltll ttlHl OIIIV
require one-nftu cash. The balance wis
w""hl carry on easy installments to
suil the purchaser, covering a term of
ears at ii .cr c ut interest, the same to
oe secureu nv trust iteeil on the prop.
,,r,v. These prices and terms only hold
I iiiuil Feb. I
Ismi. Correspondence
.i:a VKSj i VINTON CO.,
Mem hi Tenn.
(Ill I Mills I (11 KIN KXCIIANOE.
Weekly Cotton Sl.it-mmt.
The foKawing is the weekly statement of
the Coliiiiiliti- Cotton Ksi liuie.'e, for week
ending lleeeinlier 0,
j lie.-dpis last report 1184
I lb'eclpls tl.is, week IMS
i Mock Sepi 1st 25 2"229
' Shipment last report 13IIS4
i Shipment this weeks ...2181 lll'lS
. stock . sum
date bus.)
" 2tww
" 2M ISM
" 17082
" 2119 19241
" 3ti3S
fit m River-SldB mill.
Telephone No. 1.
All kinds Rough Lumber.
Prices on application.

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