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By B. W. E.
(Caniinutd from lat Sunday)
"I should eay lie must preserve
tiis honor eveu If lie sacrifices happi
ness to do it, and "
"Why, Pauline, you do not love
rue; I did not think I was mistaken.
O, my dear one, do not force me to
leave you, but tell me that you care
for me."
"Howard, ytu know I love you.
but I cannot have you stay. I do
not listen to the dictates of my
heart when I ray you must go, but I
think of the future, your future, ana
I prove my allection for you when
I say 1 irive you up. The nobk-st.
most God-like love is unselfl-di and
"jeeketh not its own" If you re
turn to the girl whose right place if
by your side, I do not doubt that In
a few years, with the aid of influen
tial friends, you will attain enii
nence in your profession and some
dayyoumaybe happy: no, do not
Interrupt inn; but should you marry
ma, poor and unknown, your future
would be blasted and we both
would be dissatisfied and unhappy.
No, Howard, it Is best for you to go."
"My Pauline, this is hard, but I
vowed to abide by your decision.
knowing that it could not be other
than faultless; but promise me that
If yon ever need the services of a
faithful friend, you will let me
know. Will 3 ou promise me this?"
"Ves, Howard, and I will exact a
promise of you in return. Will you
always keep the secret of your love
for me locked close within youi
bosom and make your wife a kind
good husband?"
"Pauline, that is a hard thing to
ask of me. Remember, dearest, 1
am only a poor, weaK man."
"es, Howard, I know that we
can do nothing of ourselves, but
with God's assistance all things are
possible; promise me."
"I will try, my noble Pauline."
There was a smile on her lips new,
as she put her hand on his arm and
said :
"Thank you, How am. And now,
before we part, I wise to tell you
that you have made me very, very
happy. Hefore you Ciime, I was,
dissatisfied with my quiet, monoto
nous life, though I tried to conceal
it from grandfather, as it would
have made him unhappy ; but now,
I would be satisfied any where, lov
ing you as 1 do and knowing that
you love me." (
He pressed the little hand to his
lips, us he exclaimed
"O, my beloved, why are the de
crees of Kate so Inexorable!"
They were standing near the spot
where first they met.
How the current of their lives
had been turned from its course in
these few weeks. It is getting dusk
and Paulina exclaims:
"I must go, djar Howard, for
grandfather will be lonely. Tell
me good-bye now."
She gave him her hand, then
turned to go, but he put his arm
around the slender form, pressed
one kiss upon her brow and said:
"Dearest, as you return to the
house sing for me the song you
were singing when first I saw you."
The sobs rise in her throat, but
she must grant this, his last request
so she tries to sing:
"If a body meet a body
Cuming through the rye;
If a body kUs a body
Need a body cry."
The voice dies away in the dis
tance and the man, as he watches
the little figure, feels that life's cup
contains only bitterness for him.
The next morning he was on bis
way before Pauline awoke.
Ten years have passed since How
ard Rochester sacrificed love and
happiness to honor and ho has been
ever faithful to the promise made
l'ajlin. His wife repaid his kind
ness with her loye, tor she was not
so heartless as be had once thought
Rut now she has been dead a year
and he comes back to Pauline, full
of blight anticipations for he has
done his duty aud he will receive
his reward. They will be so happy
together, lie approaches the house
where he spoilt some happy weeks
years ago and he wenders if Pauline,
now his Pauline, will be very much
surprised to see him. Rut as he en
ters the gate he sees an old man
sitting in the yard. It is not Mr.
Rivui; ; it is soni'; one whom he has
never seen before. The old niau
looks up and Rochester inquires:
"Can you tell me If Mr. Rivers Is
at home?"
"Mr.Rlvers! Why, you must be a
stranger in these put ts, but eveu If
you are, perhaps yon would like to
hear his story, so I'll tell you. I
used to live three mlies from here
and Rometrnes of iv evening I'd
come over to see old man Rivers
uud have a talk erbont tbe crap.
He wan't none of our kind a id we
all knowed it, but a better, Kinder
man never lived. When any of us
wus in trouble or sick, old Mr, Riv
ers wus the first one to help us out
Well, he wus struck down with fe
ver, and that grand-darter of his
but I forgot, I ain't got words to de
scribe her neither. If there ever
wus an angel on this airth, Miss
Pauline Rivers wns that one; she
wus too good for this world whar
there's so much tiouble. Well, as I
wus a-suyin', the old man wus took
sick one night and Miss Pauline
jumped on her horse and come over
fur me. Now, thar wusn't a man in
all this country that wouldn't a
died to serve her, so I saddled my
old mare In a jillv and I rode home
with her. When we got thar the
old man wus unconscious, and I
diil e.ery thirg I could fur him,
but it didn't do no good. He lay in
a stupor fur three days, and my old
woman come over to help nuss him, but
I guess it wus his time to go. The forth
day he opened his eyes and called Miss
Pauline. Shdcom and kneeled down
by the bed and asked her grandpa If he
wanted anything. 'Xuthin' but you,'
he said, as he looked at her, his eyes
a-ahinin' with love. 'Darlin', I'm going
home, and I'm glad to ro but fur leav-
in' von. I Bint a-eoing to worry 'bout
that though, for the Lord ain't never
let us suffer yet, and I know he'll take
oareof my lamb ' Miss Pauline fooked
like 'twould kill her when he talked
this way, and she throwed her arms
around his neck. Her grandpa looked
at her and smiled, then his lids dropped
and we knowed he wus dead. Well, to
cut my story short, Miss Pauline took
on dreadful. She wouldn't eat nuthin'
hardly and didn't notice nuthin' fur
longtime, butarter a w hile she got bet
ter and would take care of things round
the'house. We wanted her to stay wilh
us, but she would live m her grandpa's
house, and that's the wust thing she
could a-donc, fur she wus so lonesome,
she tnxt pined away and died."
The narrator ceased to wipe away the
tears that were chasing each other
down his cheeks, and Rochester started
as if he had received his death blow
Indeed, such it seemed to him, for had
he not looked forward to meeting her
for weeks, and now .
"Yes, sir, she died a year from the day
her grandpa left her," the old miin con
tinned, "and the last thing she said wus,
'Mr. I'orrest, (that's my name, sir,
you've been kind to us and I leave you
the old place, and I want you to do one
thing for me arter I'm gone. Here's a
note (reach in' under her pillow and
tiikiu' out a letter) that I want you to
send to Mr. Rochester."
Tha old man was looking away to
wards the fields of waving giain and
did not perceive the eager expression
upon the face of his auditor, of whose
existence he seemed oblivious. Impa
tient of delay, Rochester said:
"Well, what did you do with the
The old man turned quickly. "'Soune
me, sir," he said, "my thoughts was
wanderin'. The note? O, yes. Well
Miss Pauline give it to my wife and
told her to send it. She died erbout
four years ago and I never thought no
more erbout it till the other day I wus
a-lookin' in her old trunk and found it
and I 'low to put It in the office the fust
time 1 ride over thar, and "
'No, give it to me; give It to me,1
Rochester said, excidedly. The old
man looked up in surprise and inquired
"Why, are you Mr. Rochester?"
"Yes, yes, give me the note!"
The old man entered the house and
soon re-appeared with an envelope
w hich he put in Rochester's hand, say
"Poor man, I'm sorry you haint had
it afore."
Rochester dropped some money in
the man's hand and turned away, a sob
rising in his throat. He hastily tore
open the note and read:
"My dear Howard:
The hand that pens these lines will
soon be stiff and cold, aud the soul will
be freed from its prison-house. 1 can
not died without telling you that I love
you still and am triad I can be where
can watch over you, and perhaps the
dear Kalher will let me be your guar
dian angel. It would have been sweet
if we could have beeu together here,
but we will be happier through eterni'
ty for the sacrifice. I believe our souls
will be uni'ed bevond the skies, for
God says, 'There will be no marriage
ror giving in marriage there.' My
.and crows weaker, so I will say ftooa-
oye till you come. I will be the first to
greet you at the beautiful gates. Do
not grieve for me, because I will be
happy there, waiting and watching for
you, and we win lie united at Jesus
feet, never to part."
He was walking in the rye field
where first he saw her. Jimt yonder he
was standing when she came tripping
up. He can almost see the dainty,
graceful figure, clad in the flowing
white rubes, and the wind seems to waft
(tie sound of the sweet yeice to him as
she sings :
"If a body meet a body
Coming thro' the rye."
He reviews memory's tablet a second
time and sees tbe same figure at his
side. Ihe blue eyes are looking earn
estly into his, as he tells her the story
of his life and asks her decision as to
what he shall do. She says they must
oart, and he asks for the song before he
I l a body meet a liody
CoinuiK ttiro' the rye.
If h body kiss a body
Need a body cry.
He can almost see her. And now the
third time he is here, but alone. The
rye seems to murmur as tbe winds bend
it to and fro:
If a body meet a body
Coming thro' the rye,
If a botly kits a body
Need a body cry.
Then the evening breezes bear the
echoes away and leave the man alone
with his sorrow.
New and rare Drugs secured, re
L'ardles ot cost, for our skilled
physicians to use. We are the peo
C. L. Lincoln, Sheriff.
E.RDonnell, Deputy Sheriff.
J. T. Armstrong, Circuit Clerk.
P. Richards, Chancery Clerk.
Jeo. M. Foote, Dep't Chancery Clerk
I. W. Gardner, County Treasurer.
D. 8. Cox, Tax Assessor.
Dr. B. A. Vaughan.Co. Health olticer,
J, A. Kgger, precinct No. 1.
C.F. fcherrod, Precinct No. 2.
A.J. Rasley, Precinct No. 3.
It. P. Hairston, Precinct No. 4.
0. R.McClary, Precinct No. 5.
A. J. McDowell, Mayor.
H. M. Lanier, Marshall.
II. M. Waddell, Sec't and Treasurer
tohn B.Childcrs, Street Commisloner.
joint Connelly, Sup't. Water Works.
T. B. Sherrod, Chief Kngineer Fire
'. O. Munger, Assistant Chief.
Ir. John Davis, City Health Officer.
!' O. Munger, First
J. F. Alexander, Second.
U. N. Smith, Third.
B. A. Weaver, First Ward.
A. li. Propst, Second Ward.
J. u. Walker. Third Ward.
W. UJobe, Fourth Ward.
I C. Hillupa, Fifth Ward.
1. C. Chapman. Sixth VVard.
Finance B. A. Weaver, W. L. .lobe.
.School A. H. Propst, J. U Walker.
I' ire T. '. Hillups, K. C. Chapman.
Htreel W. L.Jobef li. A. Weaver.
Jas I0.C. Chapman, T. C. li'lluph.
( Hlr-J. Ij. Walker, A. 11. Propai.
Mktuodist Episcopal Church.
K. M. Htandefer pastor. Services eveiy
Sunday at 11 a. in., and at 8 p.m.
'indy School at V:.) a. m., Dr. W. L.
..ipb.-omb KuperlnUMidelu, tild 1). Hhiti
tssmlaut superintendent. Kt-gular prayer
.ueetlUK ou Thurtdtiy at 7:16 p. m.
VoniiK men's prayer meeting on Tt'ewluy
at 7:ia p in. r.pworlli league Aieeu
nuuay evening at 1 o'clock.
Baptist Chubch. f
nr. J. 1.. Johnson panto.-. Services eer
u mi ny 11 a. m , anus p. m. Sunday School
11 'usu -. m., A. D. Whittle Id superintendent
Hon L. Oweu assistant superintendent.
Hegulitr prayer meeting on Tnursday night
7 t. in Young men's pmye r meeting ou
Friday night at 7 p. in. Earnest worKers
meet lht .Monday evening In euch mouth
i'. s p. in.
11 ESPYT.f flA i flll'HCH.
tev. W. . jHurn, pastor. Services every
.;ii.liiy Ht II a. in. and S p. in. Kuudny
K'liool at ):M a. m., John A. Nellson supv.
utcndeut.O. W. Cox assistant nuperlntei
t int. l'rayer meeting ou W ednesduy night
Kev. V. C. Baiter pastor services every
iuuduy 11 a. m., and H p. in. Sunday school
UU:u. In. W. J. Hopains supriiiumdeut
I li. shut! assistant superintendent.
I'iRyer niet'ling on Wednesday night, 7:J.
Mhlistlau tndtavur Society, 7 p. m.
I hurcli ot the Annunciation, Kev. Father
I'JIy, priest. Kegillar services every 1st
u.j ml Sunday at lu a. m., aud 1 p. m. Sun
ny bchool every Sunday at 3 p. m.
Episcopal cuckck.
W. K. Pye rector. Services every Sunday
it 11 a. 111., and 4:4a p. HI. SuiidBy-BfftrfViTl
t. m. lion. X. J. O'Neil at perinteudunt
Chkihtian Cu unt il,
xegnlar services on Sunday at II a. m.
J'ln.'ay school at S a. m. Y. Jr. s. c. K. meets
li. day evening at ti p liu
itev. .1. llerx, Kabbt. Nrrvices Friday
uinlit at 7:46 p. m; Sunday morning II a. in.
Sunday school every Sunday.
Columbus Circuit, METUonisr.
Itev. A. P. dai!e pastor. First Sunday at
.vl.Hint Pleasant 11a. m; PineyOroves d. m
kcond sunuay at ttw Hope II a m:
wurrah's Chapel H p. m.
Third sunuay at Flint Hill II a in-.
foURTH Sunday at Andrea's Chapel
1 1 a. m .
Sunday FTiiool at all the churches.
On Merchant's Block, Market St.,
SHERROD & BANKS, Proprietors.
Euy and Sell All Kinds of Live StocL
You will find it to your interest in either buyin-1
or selling, Give us a call. Respectfully,
j. c. bbdyles; Gunsmitii
Headquarters for All Kinds of Gun and Bicycle Materia',
All Work Done Promptly
for the
Bicycles for Bale and rent. A lotof r.ew ani second-hand wheels 01
I and for sale cheap.
If Yoa Want tie Latest in
Come to See Me.
I have some beautiful specimens of Photos rtade
on Matt Surface Paper with Black and White Tone,
with Satin finish, that are all the rage.
Photos made from this paper are absolutely permanent and of the
highest Art Value. I also have sonii; fine epecimetn ot Photos col
ored iu Porcola.11 finish.
Legare Bailey.
Market Gardeners, Trnck Farmers
Fruit Growers and Stockmen.
500.000 Acres of Lani for Sale in
Tract to Suit Puritan,
(torn forty acres upwards, situated on
the line of the
1U0BILB & DHI0 R. R.,
Unexcelled for the production of early
vegetables and fruit
Mild Climate, Pure Water, Ab
solute Healthfulness and Easy
Access to the Market
of the World.
Low rates of freight, quick transit,
ventilated and refrigerator cars and all
modern facilities for handling the busi
ness. Write for full Information, map, etc,
K F.LOPMENT CO. Mobile Ala.
A full stock high grade
Cypress Shingles at the
River-Sidu Mill.
Inquire at Mill or Tele
phone No. 1.
TIU tt surges-,
Chinese Laundry,
26 Main St.,
Cheapest Laundry in the City
Collars, thrse for 5c
Collars, single, each So.
CufTs, per pair c.
Cuffs, three pairs for 10c,
Shirts, each ldo.
Shirts, three for 25c
I Fee-
; Badly
We sslt t!i
; ratelv, because lerlOQS 7
' trilling Ailments. Z
11 vnu are weak and a
ffr-irr Itv exhausted.
nei vous, have no .
aj.p -me and can t
v rk, fRin at once
Ukii fif e most re-
Inht strengthening
rn t'itine, which is
Hr vf Iron Bittera.
Hrt't comes from pg
t.ic cry first dose.
I Bitt
U V'.'Dr
2 Get only th'-
K, jtilV AND LlVIH A
T.f i.m.LCS, J
. osr.ed red
For the finest worl: In Photo
graphs, go to Feldotto'g Photo
Vhn you want a n Ice box of can
dv. Nunnally will fill the bill. A
fresh shipment just in.
O. P. Brown,
ami o Ileaaonab e Terms
Coin bia,
Victor and otbf
The Smallest Eye,
ANY EYE, or, as some say, "with a Half an
Eye," anybody can see the Beaut)-, Superbness ic
Quality, Stylishness, Durability and Elegant Cheap
ness in those
One Hundred Capes
These Capes are Manufacturers' Samples and will
be Sold at a Great Sacrifice. Be sure and call.
"Proof of the pudding is the eating."
Colli in aiii Bail
Capital Stock FfJaM Id, $300,000.
First and Oldest Bank in the State
Largest Banking Capital.
Teutrally located, and its KtocRholdors largely our own citizens.
Have every facility for transacting a(feni-ral banking businsss, anfl
solicit accounts of Merchants, Individuals ami Corporations. City col
lections and all collnotions in accessible points receive r rompt attention
and remittances at maturity at lowest rutes. inquiries, whether from
regular correspondents or not, receive careful attention and carefully
Exchanges on all principal cities bought and sold.
Bonds, Ktocks and Warrants bought and sold.
Hworn statement of its conditions published five timss yearly, and at
any time the IState Auditor calls for it.
Fire Proof Vaulta and the lut improved Uerriuir Steel 8afe with
time lock, burglar proof attachment.
Recently a large mid convenlei.tly arranged lire proof vault 1ms been
added to our already fire and burglar proof, furnishing a safe depository
for valuables of patrons.
Prompt and courteous services always rendered
Officers J. M. Itillnps, President; J. (). Hanks, Vice-President; W. H.
T.ee, Cashier; C. li. Ay res, 'Viler; E. It. Hopkins, Hook Keeper; D. P.
Waling, Assistant Jiook Keeper.
There Are 1,001 Things You Want at
W. F. SherrilPs Hardware and Crockery Store.
Everything Reduced in Price- Everything First-Class.
Stoves, Hay Harpoons,
Pinking Irons,
Sylabnt- Churns,
Dog Irons,
Farrier Knives,
Look out for my Xmns Goods audi will have ail kinds Toyt, Et
I respectfully solicit your patronage at V. L Kemp's Old Stand
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sausage.
56 Market Street,
CoHumtous hilars.
All kinds of Choice Fresh Meat always on tiaao
at Reasonable Cash Rates.
Prompt Delivery and Guaranteed Satisfaction
J. C.
CT mLmJ. '-i-'TTsTHT t h rr"
Boot and Shoemaker,
Shoes made and repaired in first-class style at reason
able rates.
Your patronage solicited.
SHOP On Market Street, back of Molloy & West
moreland's Drug1 Store.
The Near-Sighted Eye,
Sets of China,
Water Sets,
Coal Hods,

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