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Society and Current 6vents
In Compliment to Mrs. Quiy;Iey
and Mrs. Owen of Mobile.
An occasion of unusual charm
and beauty of detail was the
card party at which Mrs. T. G.
Owen entertained on Wednesday
afternoon in compliment to Mrs.
Quijrley and Mr Owen of Mobile.
Everywhere the most exquisite
Mowers were used to complete a
rich lloral setting, varied in mo
tif and choice of blossoms. In
the drawing room, there were
great clusters of calla lilies, while
a mass of yellow rosebuds made
tfective mantel decorations; the
dining I'oo n adjoining had a
wealth of field daisies and calla
lilies, with a more vivid note of
color in garlands of crimson
rambler roses adorning the punch
table. Richmond roses and ferns
were combined with perfect re
sult in the library. Whist was
played and brought pretty souve
nirs to Mrs. T. W. Hardy and
Mis. Ilulsey, the former receiv
ing a hat pin of brilliants set in
platinum, the latter a silver call
bell. To the honorees of the af
ternoon, tortoise shell braid pins
with tracery of silver and rhin.?-
st one ornaments, were presented
The guests were: Mrs. Quigley,
Mrs. Owen of Mobile, Mrs. John
11. Tackett of Meridian, Mrs.
Mooney, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Mc-
Kinlev. Mrs. Mayo, Mrs. Os-
bjrne, Mrs. Fenton Robertson,
Mrs. Hugh Hairston, Mrs. Ayers,
Mrs. C. C. Williams, Mrs. R. E.
Johnston, Mrs. Maer, Mrs. T. J.
Locke. Jr., Mrs. Hulsey, Mrs.
Brooks, Mrs. Homer Kennedy,
Mrs. Ira L. Gaston, Mrs. Johns,
Mrs. Hardv, Mrs. Winston, Mrs.
Rhett. Mrs. Searcy, Mrs. Led-
yard Vaughan, Mrs. Simrall,
Mrs. Landrum. Mrs. Charles
Frierson, Mrs. Odeneal, Mrs.
John R. French, Mrs. Flynn,
Mrs. Lee Caine, Miss Garth of
Huntsville, Miss Tracy, Miss
Billurs, Miss Bettie White, Miss
Sadie Hudson, Miss Russell, Miss
Owen, Miss Mary Garth, Miss
Winfred Whitfield, Miss Rhett.
Mrs. Vaughan's Reception
for Miss Eicholtz.
Mips Ulie Eicholtz, who is to
be one of the attractive June
brides, was the guest of honor at
a lovely reception given by Mrs.
Ljdyard O. Vaughan on the af
ternoon of Thursday. The event
was of prettiest arrangement.
On a picturesque vine-covered
veranda, punch was served to a
large company of guests by Miss
Winfred Whitfield, Miss Mamie
Sue Sherrod, Miss Rhett, Miss
Artie Peyton and Miss Mary Et
ta Beard. Within doors a grace
ful plan of decoration was ob
served with a lavish harvesting
of summer flow., rs. The hall in
troduced quail' l ies of deerryel
low nasturtiu. the parlor had
shaded sweet peas in tones of
pink, and from the chandelier, a
lloral wedding bell, admirable in
design and color harmony', was
suspended. The dining room
was ( specially artistic in white
and green, with lights, green
shaded, with white lilies and
hydrangeas and tall brass bas
kets filled with white sweet peas
bordering the cen-er table decor
ation. A shower of white hy
drangeas and white ribbons fell
in canopy-like effect from chan
delier to the mound of hydran
geas forming the centerpiece.
In the receiving line were: Mrs.
Vaughan, Miss Eicholtz, Miss
Sue Foote who will be maid of
honor. Miss Jarmon of Kentucky
and Miss Sallie Willie Walker
the bridesmaids at the Eicholtz
Lewis marriage. Assisting else
where were Mrs. Walker of
West Point, Mrs. H. S. Hairston,
Mrs. Fenton Robertson, Mrs.
Gessner Smith, Mrs. Dashiell,
Mrs. Phillips, Miss Ella Sherrod
and little Misses Emily Rhett
and Katharine Maer. An or
chestra played during the recep
tion hours, from five until seven
Tha Stephen O. L Chapter
Compl'm.nts Mrs. Clay-Clopton.
The visit of Mrs- Clay:Clopton
has been of happiest character,
and countless courtesies have
been extended her. The Stephen
D. Lee Chapter, U. D. C, wish
ing to compliment her, had in
view a reception which, by Mrs.
Clopton's request and be
cause of the stress of
her recent engagements, was
abandoned. In its stead a grati
fying and pleasing attention was
substituted, the officers of the
Chapter visiting Mrs. Clopton
Friday afternoon and presenting
her with a great armful of cala
lilies, tied with Confederate col
ors. Mrs. J. M. Morgan on be
half of the Chapter, grace
fully presented the
flowers with appropriate and
beautiful reference to the distin
guished guest. Afterward there
was a pilgrimage to the grave of
Gen. S. D. Lee.
The Alumnae Associat.-on Honors
Miss Orr. Presentation of Silver Service.
Probably no other feature of
the commencement of 1910, will
be so impressive and memorable
as the exercises that marked the
presentation of the si.ver service
to Miss Pauline V. Orr of the
college faculty yesterday after
noon. The gift was made by
the college alumnae to commem
orate the twenty-fifth year of
Miss Orr's splendid work for the
young womanhood of the state,
and the occason was significant
and of rare pleasure. Miss Ruth
Stockett of Birmingham presi
dent of the alumnae association,
in announcing the object of the
meeting, made a charming little
address, voicing the love and ap
preciation of the alumnae for
one whose influence has been so
far-reaching, potent and uplift
ing. . She next introduced ' Mrs.1
William Baldwin,' class of 1904,
who presented the gift for the
association. A delighcful speak
er always, Mrs. Baldwin was at
her best in expressing forcefully
and beautifully the deep feeling
to which this token testifies.
That the signal honor thus shown
Miss Orr is entirely merited was
evidenced by her touching and
eloquent response. The silver
service, a Colonial reproduction
of seven pieces bears on the cof
fee urn, this transcription from
"Beowulf" "Woman of courage
and high soul for thyself thou
hast brought by thy work that
thy honor shall live forever.
Receive this beaker and continue
ever in niesseuness. upon me
silver kettle is the following in
to the lover of human letters.'
the alumnae of the college of the
women of Mississippi have pre
sented this gift to the inspiration
and helper of the women of her
own state."
Mrs. Clem Clar Clopton: Belle and Wit.
It has been many a day since
Columbus has welcomed so inter
esting a visitor as Mrs. Clem
Clay Clopton of Alabama, about
whom romance and history have
lingered, giving a full flow of
reminiscences of great scenes and
events to bring to us in 'these
piping times of peace." A bril
liant woman, friend of famous
men, heroine of thrilling hap-
penings, the Dene ana wit oi ner
day, Mrs. Clopton stands as the
gracious representative of a type
that has vanished, or almost van
ished, save as we know and cher
ish it in the pages of history.
As you meet her, you seem to feel
the impre33 of a glowing past.
As you talk to her, you recognize
the gaiety and sparkle of her
celebrated wit, the fine, undaunt
ed spirit that was "tried by both
extremes of fortune, and never
disturbed by either." Yet with-
And You Know It Is Good
if it came from Pistole's. We pride
ourselves on our prime roasts of beef.
We cut them in any style, ribs, por
terhouse, top sirloin; but they always
have the delicious flavor and savorv, t
aDDetizinsi odor of high-grade meats, i
steaks, roasts and cIiods are the
choicest that you can find anywhere. !
' , ;
Pl5t0l0 3 UOat Market
alsheisso keenly and wonder-
' fully alive to the present, so re
1 sponsive to its claims, its passing
'events. You find yourself won-
Jidering over the secret that sees
her at eighty-six holding fast to
the heart of youth and she tells
you the secret lies in gathering
the roses and forgetting the
thorns along the way she has
gone. Then you remember the
lights and shadows of that way.
the gladnss3 and the gloom.
You think of her as the toast of
Washington in the fifties, the
writer whose memoirs are im
portant contributions to- Ameri
can history. Another picture
comes as well the picture of a
brave woman who followed the
fortunes of war. A woman who
plead with President Johnson
for her husband's life, did seem
ingly impossible things, secured
the intervention of Gen.
Grant and others high in author
ity, and in that dramatic moment
which her book recounts, made
President swear that . he would
not deliver her husband and
Jefferson Davis over to the mili
tary court.
Then, you pay tribute, invol
untary and enthusiastic, to the
richness and high courage, the
sweetness and fragrance of her
Mrs. Clay Clopton returns to
Columbus after a lapse of more
than half a century. Girlhood
has yielded to the silvery livery
of evening-time, but the lustre
and freshness of the morning
hang 'round her still.
Mrs. C. B. Whitfield and Miss
Whitfield Entertain. . -
Tuesday was distinguished by
the delightful reception given by
Mrs. C. B. Whitfield and Miss
Winifred Whitfield, whose hos
pitality brightened the social
legacy of the week. Beautiful
decorations prevailed throughout,
with sweet peas especially favor
ed, the drawing room having a
charming color scheme of laven
der, the dining room in white
and pink with candelabra capped
by pink shades, and a finished
blending of the chosen colors in all
the egant table appointments. In
the hall, the gold and scarlet of
nasturtiums were displayed
against a background of palms.
The broad porch, where Miss
Nellie Whitfield and Miss Annie
Lee Senter, served frappe, was
tropical with growing plants and
vines gracefully festooned. Re
ceiving with Mrs. Whitfield and
Miss Whitfield were: Mrs. Don
elly of Houston, Tex., and Mrs.
W. E. Dakin. Mrs. Harvey
Jones, Mrs. Gessner TV Smith,
Miss Vi Newby and Miss Nellie
Kittrell assisted in the diHitig
room. Mrs. Ledyard Vaughan,
welcoming the guests as they en
tered had with her the old 4 black
"mammy" of the Whitfield
household, a quaint figure with
her wide expanse of white apron,
her curtesy deep, as if she had
stepped back . from the "Old
South" to greet another genera
tion. The afternoon in its en
tirety was a noteworthy pleasure
upon the calendar of departing
Engagement of Miss Marianne
C. Bradford to Mr. Rice of
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Billups
Bradford announce the engage
ment and approaching marriage
of their sister, Marianne Clarke,
to Mr. Luttrelle G. Rice of Chat
tanooga, Tenh. The wedding
will be celebrated at the First
Presbyterian church, on the
evening of Thursday, June the
Mrs. Lalla Walker Eicholtz an
nounces the approaching mar
riage of her daughter, Ulie Stan
ton to Mr. Warren Pitts Lewis
of Greenwood. The wedding
will take place Wednesday even
ing, June 29th, at nine o'clock at
the First Methodist church.
3 . : ,
Commencement Dance
A fitting finale to the com
mencement program, will ,be a
dane to be given at Lake Park
tomorrow evening, as an inaugu
ral to summer pleasure. :':
' ; - i-. , f
The University boys "are home
for vacation and will by their
hasten the summer
aieties- Among" those arriving
last week were:- Mr. iCornell
i'ranKlin, Mr. u&rieton. liillupa
Mr. Quincy Ayres, Mr. Z. P.
I . P'" 1
The "splendid values we are offering have opened the eyes of wise shoppers to these splendid economy op
portunities. Imm- four days remaining of the sale, many of our best bargains will be offered. An iuspietion will
convince you that money can be saved by buying now.
The special EMBROIDERY VALUES for thes four days is
sufficient to bring you to see them. Other bargains, especially
the 9 cent bargains, will keep you interested while looking
through the displays.
There's no way to make money so easily as to save it by
buying what you need at this store this week': The amount
saved will' be sure toplease you.
THAT MILLINERY PROPOSITION has given five choice
hats to - five - ladies this week for just $1.99 each. And five
Four Days flore of the 9 Gent Sa!e!l
(C A 02 E 02 ( CDUAWAn!1
.... ; J
1- - - - - t
j L;-f-ini lliiTT"- -i . '
Landrum, , Jrfv Mr. Thomas
MayaMr. - William. Leigh, Jr.,
Mr. Robert Hardy, Mr. Alison
Hardy, and Mr; Duff Stephenson,
Mr. John Peyton, who will be
graduated from ther University
this session is expected the -latter
part of the week. ,
Ihm Dawn f Cimminctmiiit.
Rounding out its quarter of a
century, the college, like a ' true
Alma Mater, is gathering her
daughters together for the cele
bration of this" commencement,
and from all parts of the South
land and beyond its borders, the
graduates have come for a glad
re-union. Preceding the regular
commencement exercises were
several . interesting ' musical
events. Miss "'Wright's" re?ital
Wednesday evening was attend
ed by generous praise for the
young singer, the quality of
whose Voice is remarkably sweet
and was perhaps best displayed
in the "Jewel Song" from Faust:
tv,.. irof,
Ruth French 'sjrecital introduced
another, young lyric soprano of
much promise. Her audience
was;especially enthusiastic in its
reception of ; Verdi's "Calm Me
O' Father" which was most sym
pathetically, in terpreted. Friday
night, the Senior play, last. night
the Bach Society and the alum
nae banquet. Crowd a .'ull
please review upon which com
mencement Sunday dawns.,
. ia? .;
Miss- Yivian McQuiston of Ab
erdeen, will be the hostess of a
camping- party v at Thomas mill
near ICaledonili from Mpnday the
30, to r riday, when she will en
tertain the class of 1908. : The
party, twenty-six in number,
will be chaperoned by Miss Fay
Haughton and Mr. I). 11. Mc
Quiston "of Aberdeen.- '
Mr. William C. Watson visited
Memphis last week, to meet his
brother,' Mr. Edward Watson of
Honolulu, who is at present in
the States. Mrs. McFarland nee
Watson of Aberdeen, joined them
for a brief stay in their old
home. . ; .:.,";; "j
iMiss Susie Will Gunter enter
tained the Junior German Club
of the . College Thursdry eve
ning, at one of the pleasantest
parties of the College year.
Dutch favors were souvenirs of
the evening s . n - ;
Little Miss Martha Searcy en
tertained delightfully at ; Lake
Park Friday afternoon, wben the
celebration of her birthday
brought so much pleasure - to a
crowd of little folk.
. ,a..- !?
. Ur and Mrs. Harrison Sy kes
leave" today for a brief visit to
Missjflemiiiway Jn Greenwood. '
They will aiso visit Malmaison,
u tiirv
Will Continue
the lovely home of
Leflore in the Delta.
Mrs. C. A. Richardson who has
been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Jones for a fortnight, re
turned yesterday to Jackson.
Mr. Frank Lee of Jackson,
son of Mr. and A. C. Lee, for
mer Columbians, is visiting Mr.
Cornell Franklin.
Mrs. William Watson and lit
tle son are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Howard King in Scooba.
Local and Personal
Meet me at the Dixie.
Mr. G. M. .Mason of Starkville,
spent Friday in Columbus.
J Follow the crowds and you
i "1C
will find yourself at the Dixie.
- Mr. J, Heil of Vicksburg, was
in Columbus Friday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Greenland
have returned from a visit to St.
Mrs. J. S. Brady of Okoloria,
is spending several days in Co
lumbus. Dr. D. D. Griffin spent several
days in Jackson last, week on
business. ,
Mr. A. McDonnell of Okolona,
spent the past several days in
the city.
- Take your watch, clock, or
jewelry to Rombach's. They do
the best work.
- Mr. R. M Harris of Green
wood Springs is visiting his son,
V. L. Harris.
- Mr. Leo Flynn has returned
from Bingham, N. C, where
he habeen attending college.
"The Taming of the Shrew,"
I will be presented free of charge
at Lake Park on Tuesday even
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Whitfield
of Meridian, are attending the
commencement exercises at the
I. I. and C.
Mrs- H. A. Minor of Macon, is
the guest of Mrs. Felix Chap
man and Mrs. W. H. Carter for
several days.
Mr. G- A. Griffin of Meridian,
has been appointed traveling
passenger agent for the Mobile
& Ohio R., effective June 1.
Mr. Griffin willhave headquar
ters in Meridian.
Do you realize the possibilities
ofmoving pictures," both, from an
educational as well as amusement
stand point.-; We are continually
running scenic and travel pic
tures from all parts of the world
that would probably cost you
hundreds of dollars to see.
Dixie Theatre.
Going On at:
Thro'- Thursday
children's hats have gone for 99 cents each. In each instance
they were the choice of all the trimmed hats we had.
There are four more ladies' and four more children's hats
that will be sold the same way.
Here's the plan: Be on hand promptly at 9 o'clock and la
the first to announce your choice and you get it for $1 1)!, or
for 99 cents if a child's hat). That's all there is to it. You arc
at liberty to examine the display of hats any day and make
your selection, but you must announce your choice first after
9 o'clock.
City Furniture and
ft H. B. ELDER, Funeral
We have the most complete equipment in the State
An up-to-date Ambulance service. Calls answered
promptly, day or night.
We will disinfect your home after having a contagious
or infectious disease, thus placing your home in a sanitary
condition. I am at the same old stand,
Day Phone 21. 417 College St. Night Phone 57 $
The IVlerchants& Farmers Bank
of Columbus, Miss.
CAPITAL STOCK - - $65,000.00
PROFITS OVER - - - $10,000.00
J. M. STfiKKT, Prusi.lent JOS. IX iN'U(i III I K, Vi
PARKEIt'RKEVKS, Caehier C. II. liKKVKS, Ant, C
J. M. Street Vv N. Puc-kt-tt .1. V.
V.. C. Chapman Joa. Doncghu T. W .
u. I). StHphen&on J. A.
Buy Ice Books.
Cream A. I. Flour, Premium
Hams, Silver Leaf Hard and Su
crene Horse Feed.
Phone 1G6 for Ice. tf
For Any Home.
Bea'itifuj kimonas for
ladies at Loeb's.
Rombach repairs broken spec
The State of Mississippi, 1
Lowndes County.
To Lula Smith, poetofCce address
You are commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the County of
Lowndes in said State, on the 1st Mon
day of October, A. D., 1910, to defend
the 8uit of William Smith wherein
you are a defendant.
This 2ith day of May, A. D. 1910.
D. D. Richards, Clerk,
, Jno. J. Richards, D. C.
W. C. Meek,
Solicitor for Complainant. f-29-3w
Prairie Land
G mi lea from city
$30.00 an Acre.
"' Ground Floor
FiretState Bank Building
Undertaking Comply
I -
Director and Embalmer
i i-i-n
Htimon J. '1
Sole Distributors
The Main, St. Grocors
Osteopathic Physicians
1017 College St. - - Colamfcas, Miss.
Phone 525
Diseases of Womon onil
Children Spoclnlty
Driver's Pressing Glut)
We Press While You Wait.
Hats Cleaned and Blocked.
All Work Guaranteed.
Give Us o Trial
and be convinced of the goinl
work bein done by us.
H i!
rrsucLD THIN

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