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. .A- ; .77. 1 M
Attendance Last Sunday 60
You are Cordially invited to
Meet With us Today
We Are Growing.
Pbone 632
first Baptist Church
s Again
RATE3 Ont cent t word r,
is.ut. No tJvmlscrscr.t liken
for less than 2Cc tht first tins. !
Rooster Takes a Ride,
It is quite often that tram pi
beat their way on freight trains,
but to find a "hebo" rooster is
the latest Mr. David Chambley,
a popular conductor on the
Southern Railway in Mississippi,
who lives in Columbus, has in
his posession(a 'Monster' chicken,
which he caught the past week
beating his way from Pheba to
Stewart, a distance of 49 miks.
Often times pjultry get to ride
in box cars or coops, but the
rooster arrested by Mr. Cha.n
bley road the entire distance sit
ting on the break beam under
the car. Whether the "gentle
man" boarded the train at Pheba
is not known, but it was at this
station he was first seen.
GEO. 0. 6 ENTER,
Editor and Proprietor
Enter! at the Postoffice in Columbus, Misi., as Second
lass vail matter.
Subscription Rates
Semi- Weekly one year,
Weekly one year, . . -
Delivered either by carrier or sent through mail.
We are authorized to announce Harden H. Brooks, Jr.
as a candidate for Congress in the First; Congressional
District, subject to the Democratic Party.
We are authorized to announce
E. S. Candler, Jr.
as a candidate for re-election to Congress in the First Con
gressional District, subject to the action of the democratic
We are authorized to'announce T. B. Carroll as a can
didate for judge of the Sixteenth Judicial District, subject to
the Democratic Party.
We are authorized to announce Hon. T. C. Kimbrough
as a candidate for Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial District,
subject to the Democratic Party.
Tomorrow will mark the close of the twenty
ninth annual session of the Industrial Institute anp
College. Commencement exercises at this great
Institution are of paramount interest to Columbus
as well as to people throughout the state. Many
visitors are here to enjoy the delightful program
incident to the close of the school.
Notwithstanding the fact that the fiery tongue
of the slanderer has boen hurled at the manage
ment, the past session has been the most har
monious and successful in the history of the school.
The unjust criticisms seem to have quickened the
conscience of the students and they have put forth
their very best efforts with most gratifying re
sults. It is interesting and pleasing to note that each
year under President H. L. Whitfield's manage
ment the college has grown in scope and magni
tude. The original idea and design of the indus
trials have been adhered to and also the new
features of practical education so much discussed
over the country, have been incorporated, making
it rank with the best schools in the country.
any of the following solutions, flies cannot breed.
Liv-ver-Lax is guaranteed to re-
Two pounds of common salt to one gallon of
neve troubles resulting from
water, or
disordered Liver. Pleasant to
1 pound of Paris green to 20 gallons of water, take and perfectly harmless. Jno.
R. Laws.
2 pounds coperas to one gallon of water.
It will require one gallon to each 15 pounds ol
manure to be made fly proof.
The regulations of the state board of health do
not allow any person to maintain fly breeding or
fly feeding places. Violators of these laws are be
ing fined every day. County health officers havf
been instructed to enforce these regulations where
ever they are found to be violated.
Town officials should awaken to the necessitj
of enforcing these regulations: and they do not
need other laws.
What we need is backbone to stand up and
tell the fellow who does not clean his stable that
he MUST.
Flies carry human manure on their feet and
in their bodies, thus spreading typhoid, tuber
culosis and diarrhoea.
The number of flies in your town will indicate
the type of citizens you have.
Break up their nests.
Liv-ver-Lax! Better than cal
omel. No bacLeffects. Ask Jno.
R. Laws.
LOST One gold brooch, with
diamond in center, and surround
ed by pearls. Lost between Col
lege and M. & 0. depot. Good re
ward, if returned to Mrs. P. C.
O'Connor. 1123 College St.
Another new lot of skirts by
express. Latest styles with
three ripples. Come and se
them at Lipsey & Chapsky's.
FOR SALE:-Second hand
electric ceiling fan L. E. Lide.
FOR SALE:-A log wajon.
3 1-2 by 11. 4 inch tread. Bain's
make. One of the best wairons
made. Phone 754. E. D. Hil-
dreth, R, F. D. 1.
WANTED:-Corresponde nee
with persons who have the
Christian Herald, Youth's Com
panion, Union Signal, and other
good literature which they would
like to send to some mission field.
Send no literature but write for
full particulars to The Paper
Mission, Woodward, Okla.
some cottages and cabins for sale
or rent. J. warren Gardner.
agent Phone 124. 3-22-tf
FOR SALE-Mosby and Mexl
can June seed corn. Mosby; $2
per bushel; Mexican June. $2.50
per bushel. Apply to W. E.
Warinsr, phone 478.
FOR RENT: 4 Room Cottage
on 11th St, near College. Apply
to Mrs. M. Runciman.
FOR RENT: An apartment
in the Cady Flats. Call phone
253. Mrs. C. F. Wrisrht.
Get rid of the grouch. Liv-ver-Lax
makes the sun shine brighter.
Jno. R. Laws will tell you about
Seethe new line of slippers
just received at Leigh's. Blacks
and white, pink, and blue in the
Mary Jane and Baby doll styles.
LOST:-A gold brooch, with
ruby. Finder will please return
to this office and receive reward.
Liv-ver-Lax relieves all ills of
the Liver and Stomach. Get it
from Jno. R. Laws.
of Liv-ver-Lax.
Mr. E. C. Bristol, formerly of
this city, who has been spending
the past several months in North
Carolina, is here for a few days,
Mr. Bristol is acting as violinist
WHY IS AN EXAMINATION? at the Princess theatre, during
The uninformed layman is now and then filled ux xt
Icon, who was rnlipfl in Npw fir.
...:.u ti... . a. j i i- .i ' - - - -
wiiu amazement uy wine in vne developments Ol lean3 the Daa(. week on account
our educatior.aUystem. of the death of his father. Mr.
All over the country during this month and Dan Jacob.
next, boys and gills, young men and women, are
being subjected to a mental and nervous strain, Liv-ver-Lax is harmless not a
almost inconceivable to those not immediately in- deadly poison like calomel. Any
terested. Graduation time is accompanied and cnild ia safe and naPPy h? the use
followed by its inevitable trains of illness with ar
! 1 .l.-iL J f ! . l
occasional ueain irora suiciae or disease airectn
attributable to this cause. There is scarcely a Baby Doll slippers for ladies,
training school for teachers in the country which misses and children Patent
rWanor riiuwdii bh m.,ol,0 ,hiu aAnM. leather, gun metal, and kid, also
tional reforms universally condemn them, yet we
go blissfully on our barborous way.
Every teacher is familiar with the type of
student who does a semesters work in the last
two weeks, familiar too with the mental indiges
A? ll! 1 It .
lion resuiung irom sucn cramming." iso one
doubts the advisibility of making a general review
and survey of a years work in order to give each
part its relative value but there can be no question
that more emphasis should be placed on daily work
and f revuent review, and less upon the hysterical
which we call an examination.
white at Lipsey & Chapsky.
a reliable man or woman in Co
lumbus to look after renewals and
new subscriptions to Metropoli
tan, "The Livest Magazine in
America." The work may be
done in spare time a few hours
each week. Liberal pay for what
ever time is put in. No invest
ment or bond required, no pre
vious experience necessary. Full
instructions and supplies sent
free. Give two references. Desk
ZINE, New York. ,
WANTED-Situation for two
boys witn local, business men
during vacation. Compensation
no object, rather experience.
J. H. Bass, Phone 595.
Itch! Itch! Itchl - Scratch!
Scratch! Scratch! The more you
scratch, the worse you itch. Try
Doan's Ointment. For Eczema,
any skin itching. 50c a box.
Under the direction of the state board of
health, Dr. W. II. Rowan, chief sanitary inspector,
ha3 inaugurated a determined fight against the
fly. Dr. Rowan not only asks the hearty support
of the city and county health officers of the state,
but also of the people themselves, in the hope that
sentiment may be aroused generally to the im
portance of ridding the homes and places of bus
iness of the pest which is known to be distributor
of many diseases, such as typhoid and tubercu
losis. The following circular has been sent to county
and city health officials of Mississippi:
Kill flies where they breed rather than where
they feed. Flies breed principally in horse manure
and other filth.
1. By destroying thbreeding places. Manure
ihould be hauled off twice a week.
2. I)V Borppnme' msn)ir gnj arbsc piles uri
til hauled off.
Dun's Review for the week just ended goes
thoroughly into business conditions, and contains
reports from business centers in various parts of
the country. In reading these reports the tone of
quiet optimism which prevails is noticeable. Crops
are in good shape and promise a big yield. Busi
ness is quiet generally that is true, but the sum
mer season is on, and underlying the whole situa
tion is a vein of confidence in a fine business year
before us. It is a fact; business and finance have
passed through a trying period first the tariff
and then the banking law. True, both were much
worse scared than hurt, but the nerves are just
now getting back to normal. There is nothing the
matter with the country and nothing the matter
with business except that it is cautiously feeling
its way, just as individaul are wisely cautious.
Ar.d it i? better fcr business to proceed safely
easily than in a manner which will bring a t e-
3. By treating manure and garbage piles with action. Mobile Register.
We announce a further re
duction in Price of Genuine
General Electric
Mkuzdta DannrDj3s
150 Watt Size Now Cost $1.50
When purchased in full Oar
tons of 5 we will make further
reductions on the 100 and 60
Watt size of 5 cents per lamp.
Columbus Ry9 Light & Power Co.
"The Groom's Present
to the Bride was-
A Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Policy
for $5,000.00. There, sir, was a man's
gift a practical fulfilment of his promise
to provide for his wife until "death do us
part" and beyond.
If you have recently married, or if you are about
to be married, you should write for particulars
of the Phoenix Mutual Accelerative Endowment
Policy. Send for it now it's very interesting
and its free. It might jnst happen that to mor
row would be too late.
Jesse P. Woodward
General Insurance Agent
Phone 531 Odd Fellows Building
f, , V j this season shows many
VU.J. Vlll AAlg MENTS. The more
particular you are the more you will appreciate the nicety
and originality of of the designs shown. See them your
selfyou are as welcome when you come to look as when
you come to buy.
The Merchants & Farmers Bank
of Columbus, Miss.
Money to Lend on
Approved Security
i :: zz5
Everything in
For the
Family Table
i And all the Time
Etest Quality
Best Prices
Best Delivery
Phone 536fl
Hone II First Slate Bant BUf.
Apply to
William Baldwin
Dr. J. A. Davis
Physician and Surgeon
Office .over Mayo Drug Co.
Office Hours:
10 a. m. to 12 m.
2 to 4 p. m. I
Office Hours: 8:00 to 12:00
1:20 to 5:30
At office formerly occupiedby Dr.
J. D. Odeneal, ia Columbus Insur
ance and Banking Company Bldg.
Cleaned and Pressed
Law's Pressing Club
Phono 197
Pure Cream, Sweet
Milk, Butter Milk
and Butter.
ill. B. McCrary's Dairy
Two Deliveries Dailv
The Fire Store, Main St.
CcinrtUI Wnlii:-"GEI& IT

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