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OtirShoe Department is Rtnuly toS?rve You
With the Latest Creations lor Fall,
W (J
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, . v, , I f. !'('! N) t'l .
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! ,1 . . ..a H at- .!, Lit fr.w n. cr.
, kl.'l, s , ;(' I l t if -
Hanan Shoes for Men
1$ '
j-.'t ft n ary f.thkii!if rnrr,tioni
rf Ai-f i tJir fit 0 !l
hi (t.-f in. II.m fl N l-ryfht harp-
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, v t f tl ! t l i( r f it.is f f,
I rS I'M! i A fU!'"
. J 11 Pr.-
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(- (!! nl ! IttifK.iltM P .ll.l l A I V II !
f f..r i -no I'muti fi.i U.K. I ?, Mit.t-rf ! t
n f.f the I ii. . ..' H ( 1 1 1 v
i'.uth Vvt I'l.int jiml Altrdn ihww
sidc 1 h ir Kiiti'S Tluirstliiy ami nt iitaimtl
ruvallv tin' "C. t tn KM tlH'r-r.nnstt'rs,' wh wt-nt
from Hih city on a community mission.
Tin- pfopt.' in each of these towns shownl
their hospitality in more ways than one, ami
the day proved to be one of pleasure ami profit.
The him heon served tile quests at the KIVs'
Home in Aberdeen was a feast greatly enjoyed.
Columbus people will not soon forjre-t the
cordial and hospitable way they were received
at both places and want to assure the citizens
of Clay and Monroe counties that the latch
string of this city is always on the outside to
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'p. f.-vU t ;.f -i'li fMlP, f fif fiiiI
.'fvi, ' fY i,ir,l.' ,ir'. ri I I r- , lii.l-, ir -.
. !. i f i in ' , n h f w link l ! iotcfi., t
k.!' .,(! r"sU without iy.
I; i, . iln tiii- ir-1 l-rilr M-ifit
u.i-i ; i -i 'j.ii:!. ii, f c roiiil in the fnitli
(tit t! ' I fh ,tr n r if! i v'rifiheil .r ili
hn;. l I t fV, f l!'i St J.if'k.of!, a io the
"I !.i;f . i r i r. itn- (, wor t in Alaharna,
! In- 't n it i Mp,' .i -.. lil repot t.
"!(, iii4 nre .aid ti h.ive (Mt ri favor-
al.ly intpn - id with the road in Mki ippi,
I In- rn, si" liiriv.HV' Hi Hi, it f;tate are 111 excefi-
ttii.. '.h I ihi' ojiditiin.
This qiHstinii of loratiti; the Jackson
Highway route i one of prime importance
Alabama .-imply cannot afford to loose in the
contest. Assurances must be jriven, therefore
that the Tomliinbee will be bridged at Jackson
iml lltal all uie roaui in .Mititiicrn Alahama
will lie macadamiei
If the Jackson Highway is to include II ir-
ininnliani, Monljromcry and Mobile bad roads
must be eliminated and as for ferries, they arc
far out of ilate. Atre-llerald.
How gratifying it in to note the loyal way
, . , .,. . i i i i i n r.o..
in wincn our citizens respomieu w ine eau nn
help in the work of reorganizint? the Chamber
of Commerce.
It has taken the people of Columbus a long
time to realize that if they all pull together
something worth while may bo accomplished.
but on the other hand when every lellow is
working for himself and criticizing those that
try to boost the town, things will certainly stay
in a rut.
However, it h very evident that a new era
has dawned, ami things have taken on new
hope. Many citizens have gone to work. in ear
nest to help in the movement to develop the
mat' iuI interests of Col.jmbus and show to the
outside world the natural advantages here.
Determination has been shown, that hereto
fore ha te'n unknown urtong us. Wint d-jes
it mean? It "leans thai rt suits are to be forth
coming. (live iu a few more vide-awal e citizens
and the work that will be accomplished will
know no limitations. Columbus will come to the
front, and the community will be bound togeth
er with the bonds of true fellowship.
A Chicago writer has figured that the "sit
nation in the South today is that the cotton pro
ducer, the backbone of the financial structu're
f the South, has been living economically, ant
has been receiving twice what he got last year
while last year he had been spending freely
and received half of what he expected." All o
which is quite true. The lollowmg oxamp
hows the difference. The cotton planters gath
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Mitt tfiVfltl'f'h ! fl"1. II f
u Itj.p . i t r l lti 1
if it jiirif y 1
imlh nf (!. r if y fn.i 4 .r e I
tup. KIip .ii k ft Ii nn nl ! ,
(n-kf-th Ji ni'ifi i'ul C l't'r rhil-
fh him u of our ! , ' I"! ii
Vmifiir fin ii hnil rH'rfh -t - !; iih
A ful O i v 'hil iiiit" linn h '"nl In
Ibf wpi!.,iii f. i-l. si".l fxlicl.1. Hp
il4 nre f.j liinii"l I'V Mm iiruii.i i y
iifiil llawli'.irk, in ih lsi.it tify.
riowcry ii ml lfir i 'ha welling
nt irv wlii. li tlii i-ililia print Ih. The
minintor j-ittiih t'i lmn". Thp
jrroom tnil'Ui (hp '.liUir oft fur
h twelve fiionth !mliTiition
All flpHh Ih was unit in time the
vife i inthereil into the Kiln. 1 hi
iiiiniHier ijelteth hin hit. The editoi
jiinteth a tlviith tint ice, two enlunins
of uliituaiy, three hnU;e tioticei, niul
a culiic of poety ami a canl uf thanks.
And he forpeteth to read qroof on
the head und the darn thinr cometh
out, "(one to Her Last Kimstini;
All that are akin to the deceased
jumpcth on the editor with exceed
ing creat jumps. And they pulleth
out their ads and ci.nceleth their
Hubscriptioivi and they swing the
hammer unto the third and fourth
Canst thou beat it? Sanford
(Me.) Tribune.
If there wen' a lMtf r lini (f l,f :
llt.m Hnfi.TtiH vi would n.iry fc tri,
luit llirif i ; int. In iiny a wf.f.!,tt'
wearers ol 1 fartart bluxt: u ;l) ! i- .!'!
for the elegance ai:d eorn t !n ; ' f
their footwear. Come in and see the new fall styles in nil leath
er:;. A r.reat variety of Minjipy rlvler. for younn men.
er 1,500 pounds ot staple and drives to ir"- made .several trips looking over the
gin. When the gin gets through there about live ifteksts of the state.
, , .. , . AAA i More fanriers, according to Mr.
mm poumisoi couou aim i.oov- i"iuuu xn " Carpenter, are raising both fall and
hast year the planter got about G cents a pound spring litters of pigs. To do this most
for the cotton, or $30 for the 500 pounds, and ratably many of them are growmg
their dil's larcelv on BlanteJ pastures.
lie got $10 a ton fVr the cotton seed, or $5 for a rotation of these crazing crops
the 1,000 pounds, making his income from the furnishes succulent feed the year Aggg
, mi . I round.
1.500 pounds ol cotton staple total mis Jn the care of your pigs one of the
i i ii. . r t . . . . 1 . C U a ! j. . a l a : .. . :,. a. i
Year, llOWever, lot' tne OUO itouuus ui cuuuh mosi imporam, prfnnmu'in is m M-fji n i nw .. voune
his receipt will be about $G0. as the cotton will th,e s in Growing house Provid- who h a R00)l stenographer, but una-
tl ,i 0(1 with a rading to keep her from ly- ,lWo finj cmployment? I don't
Kell at 12 cents, while for the cotton seed he inR on the pigs. "The Urn of pigs by fin' 'ho oniy knows enough to
Pi; Crop is Larger.
A pig census would show that the
fall crop of porkers in Mississippi is
much Is ger than heretofore. This is
I the report of If W. Carpenter, of the
A. and M, ToHege, who has recently
Choice creations in women V, new fall
footwear. Our women's ImioH for fall wear
have a trimness ut outline and nn air of su
periority that h eharminti to the woman who
cares for and appreciates the best in foot
wear, Ainnnj the new creations are the
shoes with narrow toes and they are beau
tiful in lace and button. Choice of bright or
dull leathers, in Black, Bronze, Midnight,
Blue, artistic Spanish, Louis and Cuban heels.
Security School Shoes For Children
For boys and irls. The shoes that
have stootl the test. The next time your
children come marching home with their
shoes all worn out, don't scold them, it isn't
their fault. If you'd buy them the Security
School Shoes you wouldn't be bothered ev
ery three months. They are next to east
iron to stand abuse and hard knocks.
We Offer You the Best Shoes Your
Money Can Buy Anywhere at Any
Stated Price- TEY US. . t f s : v
1,000 pounds, being crushed to death by the sow, Dear g. and "Yours truly,"
making his total from the 1,500 pounds of cot- f,m m r e "ll ZZ hoV to
the As the pigs get all their food from , ' ..,... t,.ans(.rii)0 it accur-
thcir mother during the first few and wri(e a letler upon which
weeks, proper feeding of the sow is 'mPioyer could look with pride.
A Good Investment.
You can be just such a stenogra
gets $.'50 a ton, or $15 for the
ton $75. Things are going by doubles in
South this year. Clarion-Ledger.
J. Q. Toindexter, a Noxubee county
essential to the bent growth of the
In weaning the pigs when they are m t ke my shorthand
,' fa'r- eight or ten weeks old, care is neces-P , , ,, v instruction
LV'Ui o v - t
mer, lost forty head of catle in one week from vo.d hunting them, i sKim teach you six monthB( five n.ghts
tick fever. This would seem to indicate that T.tlfl t - the week, two hours a mght for
... .... i ii i i i l,c """me v.. v.... toA no if vnu are one oi me j"s
the tick eradication work in that county is not mi!k nnd corn or pkim milk and rJ0cuBniiot save moncy, you
being waged aggressively. It is the kind of shorts in proportion to 3 to 1 is re- in see that you will spend
fio-ht that mast be keot UI) ill order t.O be sue- commended for feed for weanlings . mnva ihan $r00 rer month
. .r3 - , . . , j. I IHUl It IIIW'V v...- T--
leessful. Jackson News. py Uw VnilM &lR.te8 ,mm(n " foolishly by having nothing to ao
agriculture, it SKim miiK cannoi. ne . . . t DUsine.ss propo-
had, a mixture of four parts corn . wili help you save some of
me;u una jive puns miuumiK, ieeui ... anj jnvest it in a ousi-
as a thin slop; or a slop of middlings education. I am an experienced
What Provisions have you made against ad
vancing age?
Let me show you a Life Insurance Policy
that will protect you in your declining years
if you live, and will protect your loved ones if
you die.
General Agent
alone is recommended by the A. and teacher of shorthand and typewriting
M. College Extension Department. , nl rect,ive first-class iu-
(Jreen pastures will kelp the growth w, rlass will begin the
and reduce the amount of
nect",-ary in ration.
Mosiiuitoot and Snakes.
Gulfport, Miss., Oct. 23. F. De-
deaux, a cattleman who owns a num
ber of cattle on Cat Island, reports
a losa of thirty head of beef cattle,
whose loss he attributes to the sting
of mosquitoes. His storm losses he
places at 20 head, and from both
sources he estimates that his loss is
over $1,000.
Speaking of snakes, he says they
drifted there by the thousands dur
ing the recent storms and says that
he is sure that he killed 1,200 or
1,500 reptiles, 500 of which were
slain in one day. They were found
leaving the driftwood going' to' the
island. Twenty-six of this number
were the deadly rattlesnake, and the
skeleton of this host of snakes re
mained on the sands for several days.
This record perhaps entitles Mr. De-
deaux to the world's championship
as a snake killer. Mr. Pedeaux lives
just outside of Gulfport, and visited
m island after the storm to Iook
after his cattle.
Ask for aluminum ware tickets
when you buy at our store they are
valuable. Lipsey and Chapsky.
Many young men say
si ructions. My
Krft,n Member 15th. I have made
no effort to secure students among
the young ladies of the city, us they
1 liO T t Allil
can learn nm Minim " -
tw 'th,.v C, but two have requested me to al
that the ' . . , t h
... ... nw l itf i ii iu . ,,v -
cannot save any money, ma n eve, Jf intercsted
.... ,. ...... V...t iViimjI vnnnir men 1 "K fc"" v
m T call at 622 College street alter, o p
rAy wno mane money, out r ,tlrcs9 me P. 0. Box 418, Co-
IKll ten dollar inns in tneir pocKtis i mc
end of the month, are always found ' MlSh
in the same class with those who
..i,;.ir. in An when the dav is
I ... 1 v llV'lltl.l. v ' 1 . . . a n n
,i,iw tn nwnf their minds PUT UP THfc SWUKU
" . . .. . i
and are usually seen loafing on the put up me uwoiu,
Christ once more
stri'vis Hi iiiiii.. j," . - .. ,
of amusement and as soon as they Speaks, in the pauses of the cannon s
receive their pay checks, soon part roar,
ii,u ir.nv. and the result h O'er fields of corn, ny nery sick
hivii uivii n""rf i
i ihnt a vpnr is soon srone aid they are rcapeit,
prepared to hold no better position And left dry ashes, over trenches
than thev were twelve months he- neapeu
fore. Futhermore. they have saved With nameless ueaa; o er ciues
no money, and many of them are in ,r ing slow
adlt ' Under a rain of fire; through wards
Invest Your Money. Of woe,
tu., v. ,n.in monev is to Down which a groaning diapson runs
invest it. If you have nothing but From tortured brothers, husbands,
O o
As pullets near maturity give them
more room in the roosting quarters,
If you want $12 worth of alum
inum ware free, attend our South
Bend Malleable Range demonstration
from October 1:7 to November 2 and
buy one of these ranges.
Columbus Hardware and Furniture
. Company.
See our new plaids and striped
Silks. The nc-u'-si, designs of best
Lipsey and Chapsky.
Atlanta, Ga. More than sixteen and
a half million passengers a number
greater than the combined population
of Virginia, North Carolina, South Car
olina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee
and Kentuckywere transported by
Southern Railway during the year end
ed June 30 with only one fatal Injury
to a passenger while on a train and
that one was standing on a car plat
form In direct violation of the com
pany's roles.
This excellent record was shown in
the official figures given out Indicat
ing the high degree of safety that
has been attained in the handling ot
Southern Railway passenger trains.
I IH 111(11 nru U'liimni UfiUlCn iv-
r - cently given out by President Fairfax
Neglect means delay in egg produc-, narriHnn of Southern Railway, show.
tion. ing that during the same period
twelve persons riding in automobiles
were killed in accidents at public
highway crossings, every one of which
accidents could have been prevented
had the driver of the car observed
the familiar warning, "Stop, Look and
Listen." !
Plant plenty of green-feed for the
poultry to graze on in the winder and
spring. Experiments show that hens
will lay twice as many eggs if allow
ed to graze. Half an acre for twenty
five hens is none too much. Several
acres of wheat, oats or rye near the
I house will insure plenty for the flock.
' Remember this is the time of the
year that the young chickens have
the sore head. Give them plenty of
Epsom salts in their feed or drink
ing water. If the disease breaks out
with iodine and give salts. Seperate
1 the well birds from the sick ones.
lil ,.r to 11-p.nd a" . ,'0,.w' ?:::.., i. ,w ,. paint, the.heaj. comb and .tte
is only thirty, forty, or fifty per Of desolate women in
month, the very best thing you can nomes,
do is to invest a portion of that in Waiting to hear the step that never
a business education. Take a short- comes!
hand course and it will help double O men and brothers, let their voice
Ki.J9 I ...... w.:.,.. .ni.. if vnu will keen! be heard.
GTeH busy and improve yourself. Become War fails, try peace; put up the use-, wanted r. Clayton, ot tne missis-
a tow! stenographer and you will ' less sword! PP Agr cu iura u rename.
A Rare Bit.
Clarence Coonley What's yo' goln'
to cook, may I ask. Miss Moklngton?
Miss Moklngton-A Welsh rabbit
Clarence Coonley (eagerly) Would
it be nskin" too much, Miss Mokington,
to save de left hind foot fo' yo's Bin-eerely?-'Pitck.
Hose Economy.
Silk stockings are expensive and
The cost makes many sigh.
But ellk socks are much lower for
They do nut come so high.
Purple Cow.
If information about poultry is
a good stenographer und you
have no trouble in securing employ-
-John Grewdeaf Whittier. College will be glad to furnish it.
Dashes of Humor.
"Why are. you wearing glasses,
I Bllnksf
"I was nearly blinded by my danllng
wit. Jliiks."-Phllmlelphla Ledger.

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