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The Columbus commercial. (Columbus, Miss.) 1893-1922, October 24, 1915, Image 3

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Me fi- . i.j. ,. t .'i i r ,
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I limp
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j I I rr' , 1,.. I f .. lit , i f .
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' X " f art -j
. t f.m
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i ; -c m :
I . vv rill s
"Can He Find You lime?"
That's the questionan important
one, too.
If h e can, it may he the heginniim of
a profitable business association for you.
If he can't you lose.
If you haven't a Bell Telephone he
won't jump on a car or walk a block to
come to you; there are plenty of others
who cater to telephone trade.
For business sake have a Bell Telephone. Then
advertise your business in the Bell Telephone Direct
ory where it is seen thousands of times a day by peo
ple who are able to buy what you have to sell.
Call the Manager
llif 'i hif - 1 in..' ,
-rr inti1!,.!, f.if t.rr-ik'- .
1 i' m if '.W VI r I - 1 r 1 l 1
'I 111 V.itmmt, l.'tl h ,". , j .
il'? M U n l.'if t, !' d In ,, j
lil I ( ! -t - 'if
I rwkl.il' rii .u I . . n r-K :
(. 1. arlar l t- a rw !
t .ti, l' r." !. rt'i'll-l ! g. i.! t-t
('!. " !, rrtH In 11 U-i,4 mv h
n iff r Itfti lulu ll . I I if f !!. .
Mil I l mrnlili Hi Im I,
' I'.'ll lllU l llm "' !li'l'l
"If M ik'ct iii'l riiii- 1. U I t
know Wliiit We ill Mil ill 1 ?,! lli I ,i
l'iwi-1 or iiiikfti tut h1 11 4 n(
f.if tliii wnuli,"
Wliy. I 1:1 itn the Mnh
I ri c invKftf If Mnttu'tf I- nt Inn k, l,j
tit time I Ihilnh uty i- (kfji-il !ii
For Lamps and Electric Lights
On account of being overstocked with different kinds
of Shades we will sell them during the
coming week for
15 Cents
Worth from 30c to $2.50
Yarbrough Electric
Harvard Library Createit.
One of the finest library buildings
possessed by any educational insti
tution has lately been completed on
the csimpus of the Harvard Umver
; sity. It has been erected at a cost of
! approximately $2,000,000 as a mem
'. orial to Harry Elkins Widener, of the
class of '85, who lost his life in the
Titnntie tragedy. It is intended to be
i used not only by undergraduates
' and research students of the institu
tion, but as a place of special study
for the students at large. The struc
ture is a mother's tribute to a son's
! The library will be the official
home of the Harvard Commission on
Western History, a body which is col
lecting material which is intended for
the future use of historians and stu
dents of American ancestry and
progress. At the present time the
building holds some 700,240 volumes
and about 423,000 pamphlets, while
with a number of special collections
also included, the number exceeds
1,800,000 titles. Ex.
F I S H and 0 YST E,R S
Country Produce
Prompt Deliveries
Railroad Suet for 34 Centi.
In order to escape the liability for
$1,000 fine under the federal statute
forbidding favoritism to passengers,
the Pennsylvania Railroad has
brought suit in the Orange, N. J.,
district court to recover 34 cents
from Jules Jacobs, of 20 Wallace
street, Newark.
On a trip from Philadelphia to Wil
mington six months ago Jacobs ten
dered a ticket, the time limit on which
had expired. The conductor accepted
it under protest, with passenger's
business card. Reference to the legal
department of the road brought an
opinion that the ticket had only a re
Late value of 33 cents. As the Philadelphia-Wilmington
fare is 67 cents,
suit for the remaining 34 cents was
The legal department took six
weeks to gather evidence. Jacobs has
hired a Newark lawyer to look after
his interests. New York World.
Shade Selling Chean.
j We are overlooked with lamp
; .shades worth in 30c to $2 W, now
;;i selling for ir,o. See them before
' ! tlK'' are all pond'. Yarbrouch KW.
f - - - - - - - - - - - .,, v v , z, - -Zi Z 7 T-A JM. f LI ' I . ( (Tl 1 1 II ri IT
v " l ""J
Columbus National Bank Build
ing, Third Floor. Phone 451.
Cleaned and Pressed
Onion sets. Laws' Drug
tore. Thon 753. ;f.
Office First State Bank Bld.
! Law's Pressing Club
A $12 Set of Aluminum Ware Free.
We will give absolutely free, with
sold during our demonstration, from
October 27 to November 2, a set of
this wonderful aluminum ware.
Columbus Hardware and"Furniture
. ,
Try. a ton of medium lump
Carona, at $3.50. Ton of
fancy lump Carbon Hill at
$3.35 cash; a ton of nut Carbon
Hill at $3.10 cah.
Phones 330-479.
I guess she will be. iViu't worry. I
will come up to ee you iu alout flf
teen minutes."
Mrs. I'.owuer was too astonished to
say more, hlie had een times when
Mr. liowser wanted to take her head
off for far less, and yet he was as
good as pie over this.
Mr. Howser may boast that he Is a
chef of the ilrst water, Dut It is only
a boast. lie Is not eveu a seventh
class cook wlieu it conies down to
brass tacks. Without coat or vest
and In his old slippers, he moused
around the kit' lien until he found some
cold potatoes and a dozen eggs In a
box. Then he built a fire and started
in on the coffee first. No matter how
much water he used to half a cupful
of the ground coffee nor bow lung be
boiled It. he was satisfied with It, The
frying pan was made red hot, a chunk
of bacon put In to furnish the grease,
and while three eggs were burning to
cinders he sliced In four or Ave pota
toes, und his morning banquet was
ready, lie was devouring it ou the
dining room table when there came a
ring at the basemeut door, and he said
to himself:
"There's Magio now, and that let's
nie out of a tlx.''
Hut it wasn't Maggie. It was a great
big trump Instead, and he wanted
something to break his morning fast.
"See here, Willie," said Mr. Bowser
as he stood in the door; "did you ever;
do a family washing?"
"Iid I? Did 1?" replied the trump.
"Well, you cau bet your life I have
thousands of them. Didn't 1 do all the
washing for my Invalid wife, who Is
now hi heaven, for twelve long years?
Then her happy soul passed away, and
I went to a laundry, and I would have
been, there yet earning my $20 a week
if au Infernal submarine had not tor
pedoed the whole business."
"My ttife is sirk and our cook has
gone." said Mr. Hnwser, "and h-re Is
a whole Monday wash to do. If you
will help me through with it I'll give
you your breakfast and lunch and a
big round dollar In cash."
"Say no more. I'm your man.
Hreakfast comes first and then the
easy work. It was always a Joy to me
to do a washing."
Mr. liowser told him that he would
have to get liiown breakfast, and led
111 in to the kitchen. The tramp smiled
as he saw the nine eggs In a box and
the cold potatoes left over by Mr. How
ser. lie took one smell of tin- coffee
(nt and shook his bead In a doubtful
way mid soon had a new supply steam
ing aw.-iy oil the stove, lie used a lib
eral hunk of forty live cent butter to
grease the way for the whole nine eggs,
and then he broke them all Into the
frying pan. When his slk'ed cold po
tatoes were warmed up he was ready
for his meal
"You took the whole nine eggs!" said.
I i
-.1 (
r, I
i. I
t tf i' t
"I 'ft r . ft I . t'tt t
' f i.-l.-f i. i r ,. .i
" I , ' (,.( t.i nits ..,! t -t l.t.
I r . i f n t ', Htp i
l '! V . -' i ; "i. !. -l ii 1 I ' '
'.( i-if .' ! 11 .til IV' 'I'i'l ""II
r'tiirn.' i li I'm- urn- t- , i M I
H ! ( M;i ii1 "f Ms I : . r
ilium,, ii,,. ,i,.im int.. t! tit--! Inii
Biul ir. s n Hit I h i h. I ! t .
the . old in in ' i..-i.ih i, i,
- . i i I.. 1 1 .. U-flt tin tl III ill H
tlmi- I i lnn Now, tin i, Pi k Mi.,
hliiiinr mid the i hl.ridi rmd jour purl
II W t" ' r llio il"lln Hioiiiid wild
h irHiiiHtii k "
Ml. l!o tli ii'd lie .lit!id sa
unaixly. He mlrred llh nil liii mUlil.
tind hen In h id o pmi- for breath
he said.
"I never saw n Ii ilnin blue nater
HH Ililt in nil in v life before! Didn't
) mi put in loo niiii h';"
"I should Inne put In a second Imx
If we had hud It. It's the Mile I hut
dues I he busiris,"
"lint. Mr. Hewser"
"Never lufnd Mrs. Huumt." luier
rnpled the Iratnp. "A wninnn does the
viMihliig one way and a (ramp anoth
er. It all comes to the same thing in
the end. Now, then, you net those
duds Into the hist tuli. and we v IH
give them (he final performance."
Mr. Itowser did so. und when he had
finished, if he had had a sJass to look
Info, he would have probably taken
that tramp by the neck then mid there,
lie was a blue man from top to toe.
Ills hair, what there was of It, was
as blue as the bine Danube. Ills eye
brows were blue. There were fifty
streaks up and down Ids face, and
each was bluer than the other, lie
had Introduced a new style of caris't
slipper to the marketa blue one.
Cold water was let Into the tub and
the clothes stirred around, and after
a quarter of an hour things didn't look
ipilte as blue under the tramp's orders,
Kach garment was lifted up and put
through the rinuer. The ringer had
always been of a pearl color. It was
now blue. As (he Inst garment was
passed through Mr. liowser stood back
and said:
"I believe we lime made some thun
dering mistake about the thing!"
"it can't he," was the reply.
"Hut look at the blue! Am I going
to wear a blue shirt around after this
and sleep between blue sheets and lay
my head on a blue pillow'"
"Voti simply don't understand up to
date methods of laundry work.
will now bang the washing on (he line,
and you'll see that blue lade away like
a scared rabbit before a hound dog."
Together they had hung out part of
the clothes, when two things occurred
to Interrupt them. Hack windows went
up, and heads and shoulders were
thrust out, and the alley fence began
to be lined with children. There were
laughing and tittering and calling, and
somehow or other Mr. How-er got the
Idea that they were ikliig fun at
those blue garment.
Also the cook came along. She had
fallen and hurt her knee the previous
liight miuI was too lame to walk. She
entered the kitchen and saw the blue
floor, the blue tubs, the blue water, the
blue tramp, the blue Mr. liowser. mid
she looked out and saw the blue clothes
on the line. Willi a shriek she ran up
stairs, and live minutes later, when Mr
How ser followed her, he found her and
Mrs. Howser looking out of one of the
back windows. They turned at his steps
and looked him up and down. Then
both sank to the floor and broke into
hysterical laughter.
"What is It?" Innocently asked Mr
Hut they could not answer him. lie
turned and walked downstairs, not an
gered, but a little grieved. Vj take it
out on the tramp, but Willie had de
parted,. So had the silver butter dish
and the sugar bowk lie could stay no
leaner. A feeling of blue depression
had come over him, and he thought Mr.
Howser might be a hard hearted man
if aroused.
Half an hour later Mrs. Howser and
the cook came down ami got that wash
ing out of sight and then pitched In
and got Mr. Howser a fine luncheon
Mrs. Howser had laughed her illness
away. Mr. Bowser kept his ro on her
ana dis ears open, but n remarks
were made. Uow could they be? Mr.
Bowser had been good vscv. verv
New Question.
Let women ballot! It us note
' A future dawning fair,
When they will ay. "Ifowehall ms voter
And not, "What ehall we wtarr'
Waabingten Star.
... tl
if rsv a re
m t
Before the ll'.f1
Gives th3 vwy-v,'37l
i-.i.v..v:,i I TJ ( HJt- t
i ! i i
. t a . -i j;. . ,
Sri ,(.!. .
!, I
1 ; ! I i : if . i.-jm
1 - - f - ,- I i.r
' ',.. ' o I -I- It ,.
' ' ' ! Ill' j - ; f j ,i
. i r, - i,
1 .i: I i r I . , , :
he-1 ,1 ,..,.., J . ;
.,.. - -.r ii'"- l-.-f f.r'he-' n
hch, f. ,,,-,......( (: ii, j I , f f.--.., ,.',. f , k,., I
l 1 . i i i e
.i i i .-. .-I- ,, i, j r in i
Hi: nt:t it-i-e .h i.."..,..-lt .... - -- .. ... .
.t 1 1,,, i ... .. . .. . br.r ..i." five room
' Mi '"
1 rnnk I . ( i en
f"j- l;h iir, nil rti.!ern mnven
.. . .. '' boiufct on !Wnl avenue,
KU l:i,r De-,. r. ,-at.-d " "'h- H" 1 Twelfth street. Apply J.
rut fate, Up In. date rejijin ih-ile; " en IJunliipr,
evety com eniem e (.,11 1 H or.
write Mi. K. K. i'lMiiuui, MsithM(o.i, "
Mi. j ONIUX SKTS Laws' drug store.
FOR RKNT Fie room Mpurt- RtMiMS Furnished or unfur
ment. Will be funn-hed by owneri hi h.d, fur young men. or for light
for bachelors, .Steam heat. Apply to .housekeeping. Klectric lights, hot and
. F. I.eigh. at Woman's Store for1 etc , fuinishe.l. low rate. rhonefH.
particulars. ( .n u,le Flats.
w w vv vw w V
kt kV M V k j M x t W
A Gas Kitchen
Is a pleasant kitcher. Clean, cool and
comfortable. Saves money
time and labor.
Stoves from $6.50 to $75.00
Water Heaters $5 to $35.
Let Us Estimate Your Wants Without
Cost to You.
Columbus Railway, Light
& Power Co.
Phone 197
Autos, Buggies, Houses, Etc. 1
4th Avc.N.bet 9th MOthSts. I
Having complied witli tho Banking Laws
of 1914, your deposits in
First State Bank
COI.U.Mi'.uS, MH'-"l,-;StPPl
Are GUARANTEED by tho Bank Deposi
tors Guaranty Fund.
R. T. Williams, IVm-h-m
S. D. Hakuis, Cishic
J. M. Mohuas, Viee President
I. L. Gaston, Ass't. CMhitr
Take Your Vacation Funds
A.B.A. HI Cheques
Safest, Handiest Travel Money.
The Merchants & Farmers Sank
Office Itione 171-2. Residence Phone 25

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