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ooaooooooooooo0ooooooaoooaooooooaooo TwaaittUtk CeaUr cuk
qW i 4 a n Members fe CalefWa
oaooooaoooaooovoocooaaoooo'joo ooooo
I rttver wai h h 'un M l alin lhe
tut that within ll wfn.lrrrsrM I
see my mr.thrr'a eyes;
nvr hir th wet wind " "'f''y
in tha tre.
Hut thrra mmn her broken cell
from o'er tti diifit ai
Ami r.nur hino the dim ir
that my heart wkuM go
Awy hack to "I.Un laixla .!
ilrriin f luff "
A rover ff th wide world, when yel
my heart wm young,
The tea mm hlprtnit U me In
well beloved tongue;
And oh, th promme he held t H
den land ag'esm,
That dug about my boy heart and
filled mine eye with dreamt;
And wanderlust me luring me til
'neath the Mart 1 swore
That I would be wanderer for
ever, evermore.
K rlever brilliant th nkef he,
Willi 'dlraa rerrd and dftfree;
filia hut rt fcnn tl .nthi of frr
The world hat ne r hear I the nam
Hi,e walks n ild, l.n trcidden wmj
The va'leva f tl" elr lay.
Home l hr knnrdom, love it hr
he nod P't othrf Vkanl i.f (ioif
I tit T" muse home , bring llthvwi
I 'near,
T'i win a n;l Ami wipe a lenr
And do her duty ily hy dy
In her own iiW t fdnre and wy,
Around hr ihildmh hnrt are t.ne I
A with mm reverend, taint en
And following her the h Mull feet
Are led to Ideim trn' mi l set
And find al' pur t y and good
ffl n-r divirent fruit' erhnnj.
Fhe keep her faith tin-dialiere-l st tl
God rulea the world In food and ill
Men In her creed nre brave and trm
nd women pure i vvnrh of dew,
And life for her i hit h and vtuw
tly work and (f'nd rndenvnr apnnne I
Tha menriher nf th Ti't'lh
Century riuh will entertain nn Vt
day afternoon at their ("!uh room m!
,1 .10 uVloik. With a rarl aity 1ln
the irt I'mty ifi.en hy thi .uti In
0 0
0 HCWI riOM I. I. AND C. 0
0 0
Th r'rhrnsn ( now ngmUit
four hundred which i far In airrtv
A rover of the wide world, I've fen
the northern lijcht
Afluhinc counties colnra in the
knife-cold wintry winds;
I've wakhed the Southern Croa;
ablaze o'er Kmilinp, sunny
,. Ianl8
And seen the lazy sea caress palm
seltered silver sands;
Still wild unrest is scouraffin me, the
wanderlust of yore,
And I must be a wanderer for
ever, evermore.
And yet I see the sun set adown the
western skies,
And tfimpse with the wonderness
by mother's pleading eyes;
And yet I hear the west wind sob soft
ly in the trees
That vainly cloaks her broken cal1
far o'er the distant seans;
And still, when shine the dim stars
my wander heart ould go
Away and back to her side and
dreams of long ago.
Edmund Leamy
0 0 D
Wallace Harris
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wallace
of Corinth, Miss., announ.'V the en
gagement and approaching marriage
of their daughter, Lenella, to Mr
Walter Raker Harris, formerly of
Tuscaloosa, Ala. The wedding to
take place os the morning .of No
vember the third at the Filmore
Street Presbyterian church, Corinth
B 0 B
Min Johnaton Entertains
For Mr. and Mrs. Pope.
Miss Marion Johnston was t
charming hostess Wednesday evenirg
when she entertained in compliment
to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Pope.
The guests first enjoyed the pic
tures at the Princess1, after which i
they returned to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. R. E. Johnston on Main street
Mendelssohn's wedding march wu
played as the couples entered the tit
tractive dining room. The decora
tions, which were quantities of roses
and ferns were very pretty. Cover?
were laid for eighteen, and an elabo
rate dinner was served. Attscctive
place-cards and favors wuro givtn.
The cutting of the bride's cak-j caused
mu'h merriment. Miss Ida France
Oliver cut the ring, Mr. Elzy Pope the
dime, Mr. George Senter the thimble
and Mr. Davis Patty the button.
Mrs. Pope, who is lovely brunette
was beautiiu! in a Decerning gown oi
gray georgette. Miss Johnston whs
attractive ;n crimson taffeta, wth
silver trimmings. Mr. and Mrs. John
aton assisted in receiving the guests
The couples present were: Mi.ii
Ida Frances Oliver, Mr. Kdwa'd
Thm said old earth' n hrit'hter pi rice I
Ml for sunshine of her face;
And henrti arc happier where ahr
fetitle, e'enr-eyed messenger,
To whisper love thank find for her'
L. M. Montgomery, in Congregn
0 0 0
Toung Ladies liva
Trltv Dane.
The young 'adies of Oolumhtn en-
'ertained with a dunce Fr'd.iy cvei
rig at the Cho'nw Club.
The first half of the dance w" ld
by Mr. Park Palch and Miss Luc-
Carter, whi'e the Inst half was led hv
Mr. RaVh and Miss Dorothy Raird
Tu.rc wns furnished hv n !trinro''
S,nd. About tweit"-r"-e coin'
ri merrv the nir-ht Mr. and Mr
J. T. Searcy, Mr. and Mrs, Sid Street
Mr. and Mrs II. E. Johnston, Mr
and Mrs. J. W. Carr, Mr. and Mrs.
T. P. Woodward and Mrs. L. I. Brook
acted as chaperonew.
0 0 0
for th afternoon nre' i liartntti, Mr
( hrle r'ri'Mnj Mr" W u-ht .. (ttt
ley, Mr, 'i. M. I lyri'i, Mrc Nln
M it'hnon, Mr. It. I Hlefih fon,
Mr. Ki-nnedy, M. Ato t diMi
0 0 0
Mr t.r.l Mi. W, II l;fo..ki. Mr
M.d Mr. I'. W, M'f, Mrs. f E
Wiilcr rt't-l Mr W.! unt Hinf'n
liits returned frorn I! i minhaii.
Mr. ;'orke I'lilmi-r, Mr V, M
f'ron ii nd JI m rri'f Mtrphrooo
vi t. d Mr II K. f:ol.,nmi at her
horr in the Pra rie lt wek,
Vr- E Pic' t!i and little aon
v,ho h'ive hem v 'tng in Columhu'
for some, week, left Thursday for
their home in Molii'e, Ala.
Mr end Mr KeinVy Anderson, uf
Tylertown, who have been vUitinp
Mr and Mrs. WalghU Ottley, left
Saturday for their home.
Don't forpet the Mother Cioose play
Mi"t res Mai v s Gnrden Party" at
e Col ere Tuesday night for the
benefit of the Red Cross.
The members of Rernard Romans
'hunter, P. A. It., will meet with
! Howi rd King Wednesday after-
oon tit 3:30 o'clock.
Mr--. AlVe Poyd. of Kosciusko, Is
iifnr her ilaughter, Mrs. W. N
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Owen have
med their Mttle daughter Dorothea
...v,r.l month, and It will b. ,.ly)((f f) f(
in nnmi. i now t. , ..ir-pi. .. . . .,,,.,.,. M,.u
l(ldili, of N'ftthe ha heart mad
i.ieolmt t't tha rl and Mi l.ur
llolrnan, of ( onnlri, will represent
(be i la In tha hiic Junior Krubmsn
weddms; whUh i an annual autumn
nt, Th frilirnn ara Ulnir taken
Int'i all tha rolUye artivitiaa inrlll
iotr tha military tornpuril which drill
threa firnoon Hurioir tha waek.
In addition lo tha work rutomanly
re't'il''! f,f frt yr ttdrtl, thl
r'a frehmn ar being (rlvan a
rourin under Mi Nllie Kelrn,
wh'. '.t U designed to introdnea them
t all practical w ienres, Tha roars'
Ik railed hyui(Mphy and no on
text hook It used, hut in actual fact
the young women ara made acquaint
ed with th field of more than on
branch of study, They may ha seen
vmiting In groups the cotton gins in
tha rommunity investigating every
element of scientific Interest from the
principle of suction and what that har
to do with winds down to the forma
tion of rust and its reason for being.
The student body hns been organ
ized into companies for military drill
and on every Tuesday and Thursday
afternoons the campus resounds to
the Hipped orders, "Sounds right
March," or "Column Left, March."
Every available spot of the campus is
occupied by the enthusiastic captains
vigorously putting their rookies
through the whole drill from setting
up exercises on to the more intricate
commands that make the brow
moist with concentration. The state
of perfection expected of the raw re
cruits was manifested by means of a
showing of the I. I. and C. film on
Wednesday at the Princess Theater.
Hereon were depicted the finished
oroduct of last year's military train-
'ng being tut through their training
King's Daughters Meet.
Miss Annie Stephenson
was hos
less to the King Daughters on 'as'
Friday afternoon. After the businer
was transacted, del'c'ous refre
ments were served and a social h '
hour enjoyed.
Mrs. Will "Rose was elected presi
dent for the coming year and Mrs.
A. B. Lawrence secretary.
Miss Katherine McKinley 'eav
l.odny for Vickburg, where she goer
to act as spomror for the Mississinn
Division, Sons of Confederate Vet
erans. Miss McKinley is a very pret
ty and attractive girl and has maiv
friends in the city who are glad tc
know she has been chosen on th
stnff of State Commander B. A. Lin-
Mrs. E. B. McCreevy and three
daughters, Misses Edith, Hattie and
Ruth McCreevy, who for nine years
have made Columbus' their home, w'l
leave todav for Cleveland, Ohio
where they go to reside. Their de
parture is very much regretted by the
manv friends which they have made
;n this city.
John B. Hardy. Richard Hard
Preston King, Leddy Carr and Leo
Rramett, of the University of A'a
bama, attended the dance given bv
the young ladies at the Choctaw Clul
Friday night.
Mrs. Henry Gunter and children
returned to Columbus the first of
the week after a pleasant visit of
several weeks to Atlanta, Rome, Ga.
and Gadsden, Ala.
Miss Hooper and Miss Timberlak
were hostesses.' to the S A. C. W's. o
Champneys, Mr. George Senter; Miss Thursday evening at the home of Mr
Elise Linscomb. Mr. William Lan- and Mrs. Joe Bishop on Col'ege
drum; Miss Katherine Maer, Mr. street.
Reuben Searcy; Mr. and Mrs. E'zy 0
Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Pope, Miss Mrs. Florence Epps, of Corinth
Johnston and Mr. Harris Hardy. visiting in the city.
Hardy; Miss Etta Edwu'd;. Mr
Prank Armstrong; Miss Louise Mor
gan, Mr. Davis Patty; Miss Juo'la
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Moody, of Ben
-k. sent Thnrsdav in the city.
Mr. Harry W'lliams, of Milan
Tenn., spent Friday in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Flynn are
pending today in Macon.
ki Suits, flcij Coats, lieu Dressos
Wr have? ri'Cf'ivfilwrvpr.iUhlpnii'niH
of New CoatH, DrexKCH awl Htilln. clur
if iu lliu past few (layhm fact thorn m
hardly a day hut Komethinu tmv In
ready-tU'Wcar Is not receive d. .Von't
you come in and have a try-on of some
of tfw pretty uarmentH wo have bought
for you?
Suits from $15 to $60
Coats from $8.50 to $40
Dresses from $10 to $35
Remember Printzcss suits and coats
are not only correct in style, but every
Printzcss Suit and every Printzcss
Coat is guaranteed to hold their shape
and give two seasons' satisfactory
T sT
cr;fii,-ios !-" I -J
The Woman's Store, iigh
Mule in Pound. the Dth day of November A. D. 1917,
There is in the city pound one yel- being the first Monday hereof, with
low mule horse 15 hands high, about j in legal hours of such sales, at the
11 years old, weighs about 900 front door of the Court House in the
pound. The mule was taken up Oc
tober 11, an J will be sold at public
A Trihuta To Mrs. J. A. Onr.
Death with noiselesy tread, has
i ,1 Ain
ia'n come into our iiimai onu
the soul of Mrs. Cornelia Van de
G-aaf Orr.
Every hour in her long, useful life
has been a page filled witn ueecis oi
loving kindness. She had outlived
most of her contemporaries (beinc
tighty-three years of age), but the
veneration that she saw grow from
babe to maturity took her beautifu
i'fe as an example, and were proud
that she Vled them "friend."
She was blessed with marvelous in
tellectunl gifts, which she gave like
a spendthrift in the service of other-
alwavs championing the weak and
I feel 'now meaningless are the
words that can do justice to a life
that hns stretched over eighty-three
yeurs of Love and Labor in the Mas
ter's' service. She had lived to the
fullest mvsterv we call life, with ite
gleams and shadows, its thri'ls ann
nane-s, its ectasieaand tears; and now
another mystery Death, with us
peace, its rest, its cool and placid
,1 thnt leaves no memory of the
world and its strife, has claimed it
Farewell dear friend! The world
is better for your 'ife. Your friend'
are braver for your death.
Higher Postal Rates.
On and .after November 2, 1917
"ecord'ng to an officiiV bulletin sen
out bv the Postoffice Department a
Washington this week, three cent"
postage will be required on a,'l letterr
nd two cents on postal cards.
On account of the high cost of ma
terials and the increased expenses of
the government due to the war, a bT
providing for this increase in posts1
rates was passed and approved b"
Congress on October 3, 1917.
Winter Clothes
Men and Boys
Hats and Caps of the
Latest Styles
We can Suit You in
Price and duality
Ezeii Clothing Co.
Sevie.es at the Episcopal Church
Archdeacon Smeade, of Jackson
will conduct the services at St. PaulV
Episcopal church today.
There wi'l be Holy Communion at
i-M a. m. Morningg service at 11
a. m. and evening servi.-'e at 7:30 p
m. The coneregation is urged to at
tend these services.
he Red Cross bearing the wounded
from the field of battle. This pHure
of college activities is starting out on
i tour of the state fairs and will be
shown first in Meridian by one of the
theatres during the days of the Mississippi-Alabama
Mit'A Emma Ody Pohl, Physical Di
rector, and her assistants, Misses
Massengae, McCormack and Ken
drick, are all drilling companies and
also conducting an officers' training
school for the captains of the sixteen
other companies. Miss Onoiia wn
l'amson, of Collins, and Miss Erma
Curry, of Laurel, are intraining with
"he expectation of receiving commis
sions soon. Mis'3 Eloise M."Caskill of
'he English Department has received
captaincy. The fifteen student cap
tains are: Misses Mae Shackleford
Columbus; Bonnie Jean Byrd, New
lon; Ima James, Corinth; Ellen Hy
nnd, Yokenu; Fmma Murray Street
Ripley; Elma Hargrove, Shubuta
Nell James, Hattieaburg; Ruth Sen
ler, Columbus; Grace Newell, Houl
Va; Minnie McWil'iams, Meridian:
vne and Mattie Carter, Townsend
Maxie Jones, Atlanta; Louise Cree
an and Brooke Hunter, Greenwood
Margaret Holliday, of Cantorl
-ho was president of last year's fresh
man class resigned recently and the
Sophomores have put in a busy two
reek;; trying to fill the office. The
constitution of the c!as3 requires e
fwo- thirds Majority of all votes cast
to elect and the vote has been taken
igain and again in a vain effort to
ecure a president. Miss Bonnie
Tean Byrd, head of the student gov
ernment organization, conducted the
elections. Finally a new nomination
-olved the problem and on yesterday
Miss Addie M 'Kane, of Greenwoou
vat. cfiosen.
The students are evidencing enthu.
,:nsm over the Old Fidd'ers' Contest
o be held in the college chapel on the
n-ening of Friday. October 26. Many
w written fiddlers of their ae
nuaintance. urging mem w up..
he honor of the home county by ap-
. ' . VMAk a nl-170
nnneinir ana carrvniK r
Faculty talent is being mobilized to
nnntrihnte its share. Mr. L. G. Pain
of Denartment of English
will read "How Rube Played," and
r:,- O.,.. r. Mall will alsO Toaa
itiiss out "J
Rnmethinc for the pleasure of the mu
ical guests. Miss Mattie Lou urown
...111 uirina Yf OttOCl a1 reauest certain
Will onifS VJ "1"-"-
old favorites of the melodious past
West Point Wins Game,
The local High School footba'l
Havers were in hard lu"k Friday af
ternoon when they lost a game to the
West Point school team by the score
of 9 to 0. The contest was p'ayed in
Wrest Point, and quite a number of
DeoDle from Columbus were in at
Mr. Charley Hopkins, who is now-
traveling out of Memphis, is spending
the week-end here with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hopkins. Mr.
Hopkins has been away from Colum
bus for several years, and his many
friends here are giving him a cor
dial welcome back to the city.
The Ezell Clothing Company car
ries a I'me of trunks, suit eases, hand
bags, etc. Hf
WHY NOT Subscribe for Tli
l adies Home Journal, The Saturday
Evening Post and The Country Gen
tlemanT Jack Senter, phone 1S4 or
city of Columbus, Mississippi, sell at
public outcry to the highest bidder
outcry November 10 unless the owner for cash the following described real
calls in the meantime, pays the ac- estate, towit :
crued charges and claims his proper
Washington, Oct. 14. Senator La
Follette of Wisconsin will appear on
next Tuesday before the subcommit
tee which is investigating the alleged
treasonable utterances in his St.
Paul speech. It is probable the meet
ing will wilt be open to the public.
Mr. LaFollette asked himself 'that
he be allowed to be present. He
witihes to examine witnesses and to
submit testimony of his own.
Following the letter the Wisconsin
man wrote to the subcommittee, Sen
ator Pomerene, the chairman, replied
that the body did not consider it had
authority either to question the right
of the senator to make the St. Paul
speech nor to inquire into the motives
of those who have crit'Xsed M La-
olletto. Senator Pomerene said in
his communications:
"Referring to the request contain
ed in your letter, the subcommittee
begs to inform you that it does not
concede that its powers extend to an
inquiry into your right to make the
speech delivered by you in St. Paul,
that queytion being reserved by the
full committee for its consideration,
nor does it believe itself authorized
to inquire into the motives or animus
of those making attacks upon you.
"The subcommittee desires, how
ever, to afford you an opportunity to
be heard and to inform the committee
with reference to the accuracy of
various statments contain in the
speech referred to and to that end
you are invited to attend at the en
suing session of the committee in the
oapitol next Tuesday."
Work of the subcommittee at.the
hearing will be confined strictly to
vhe alleged utterances in St. Paul.
No other matters will be considered
The subcommittee is using as a basis
the petition of the Minnesota Public
Safety Commission which declared
Mr. LaFollette'b speech treasonable
and asked that he be expelled from
his sat in the Senate, None of the
other hundreds of telegrams, letters
-.nd netitions making the same re
quest enter into the steps now being
The east half -f the southeast
quarter section twelve (12) town
ship 18, range 19 west, less 20 acres
belonging to Gilmer Hotel and 10
acres to some one else as shown
by the records in Chaivctery Clerk's
Youngster Buys Bond.
Master Joseph Daniel Butera, the
bright 2 1-2 year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Tony Butera, is numbered ! office ot said County and State and
among the purchasers of a Liberty ; recorded in Deed Book No. 84, page
Bond. Joseph has been saving his ! 504- Al"0 tne north half of the
nickles and dimes and when he grows 1 southeast quarter of northeast quar
older he will be the proud possessor
of a Liberty Bond.
Want Williams to Speak Hera.
y Hon. F. C. Owen circulated a peti
tion requesting Hon. John Sharp Wil
liams to come to Columbus and make
an address at an early date. Many
'fitizens signed their names, a num
ber expressing their desire to sign
America's Fighting Forces.
The United States marine corps are
the soldiers of the sea. Kipling refers
to the marine as "sailor and soldier,
too" an apt description. The marine
! does not ninn the ship In the sense of
sailing it. Ills busine-A is to fight on
sea or land, and, In eflcli Instance, as
a regiment of the army might do were
It temporarily detached r serve aboard
a battleship. The term of enlistment
Is for four years. This is the term of
enlistment, also for the navy. No re-
ter of section twelve (12) township
18, range 19, west. Also southwest
quarter of southeast quarter of north
east quarter of section twelve (12)
township 18, range 19 west, contain
ing about 30 acres more or less and
found- n record in Chancery Clerk's
office ;of said County and State and v
recorded in Deed Book 84, page 496.
The above property containing about
80 acres, x "
I will convey any such title as is
vested in me, which is believed to be
good. '-
This the 10th day of October
H. L. Bailey, Commissioner.
Office 1st State Bank Bldg.
Phone 21.
Office hours 10:30 to 11:30
a. m., 4 to 5 p. m. Residence
emit can enlist for a shorter period phone 189.
unless me president unouiu auiiionzu.
Fundamentally, the difference between
the regular army and the National
Guard lies In the fact that the former
Is under the command of the president
while the latter, until It Is taken Into
the federal service, Is under command
of the governors of the respective
states. When the National Guard Is
taken lnt ; the federal service it be
comes, to all Intents and purposes, a
portion of the federal army and la
subject to the presidents orders and
may be employed as the presldeut
sees fit, either at home or abroad, pre
cisely as he would employ the regular
rinn't fortret "Mistress Mary
Garden Party," at the college on
Tuesday n'ght, October 16, 7:30
o'clock, for the benefit of tnc nea
Cross. Admission adults 35c
children, 20c
Ladies to Hold Maetin.
The members of the various organ
izations of women throughout the
county will be held at the Chamber
of Commerce Monday morning at
10:30 o'clock for the purpose of dis
cussing n'ans for the Liberty Loan
Contest which is to be conducted. To
the club that makes the best progress
urithin the nevt two weeks selling
bonds a $50 Liberty Loan bond will
be awarded.
Firemen Kept Busy.
The members of the fire depart
ment were kept unusually busy yes
terday morning between 6 and 8
o'clock having answered three calls in
The first alarm at 6:20 o'clock was
sent in from the Goree Warehouse
on Main and Third streets. Three
bales of cotton were burned, one of
them having been insured. The next
call was from a house on Seventh
avenue and Sixteenth street, south,
helonirinir to Mrs. W. W. Beaty. The
flames were caused by a spark from a
chimney. The loss amounted to
about $20. The third alarm was from
the house of a negress, Eugenia Clay
ton, on Tenth avenue and Fourteenth
street, north, where there wast a roof I
firo which did damage amounting to
about $20.
Hang the Expeneel
As George folded the fair young
creature to his heart a dull, cracking
sound smote his ear. "Ah I It't good
by to those cigars In my vest pocket,"
he wild grimly ; "hut hang the expense
at a moment like this."
The State of Mississippi,
Lowndes County.
Under and by virtue of a final
decree of the Chancery Court of
Lowndes County, Mississippi, made
in the cauitt of Mollie Billups or
Mollie Cox, et al versus Tony and
Richard Billups, et al No. 2568 ren
dered at the April term A. D. 1917,
thereof, the undersigned Commis
sioner named in said decree will, on
The purity and perfection of
our candies are konwn all over
the country. Ask the lovers of
pure candy what they think of
The Columbus Candy Kitchen
Candy and they will say it can
not be surpassed, and besides
it ranks with the pure food
law, which is worrying the life
out of manufacturers who mis
represent their goods. We
make all kinds of fresh candies
daily. ,
Candy Kitchen
FOR SALE A solendid bargain in
a brand new car which has never been
out of garhe. Call on S. cttre cf
this office.
The Eiell Clothing Company hae
just received a nVee mttrf sweaters, tf I of Tanama
Mr. Everett Jacob, who is now n
government chemist in Panama,
spent several days in Columbus with
htj. jv-rent", Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ja-
'ob, the past week en route to Pitts- Q
burg, where he goes on business. He j,
was accompanied by Dr. J. E.' Bates, 'q
Save and Serve
Buy Liberty Bonds
The Merchants& Farmers Bank
of Columbus
10 00000000000000000 000000000000000000

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