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"More Courteous
and 'Better Business"
. ' "Jones, I like that practice of yours of al-"
ways being ready to talk when I answer tele
phone calls from you.
"If there is anything that docs irritate me
in the course of a busy day, it is to have some
I office boy or girl call me to the telephone
and then ask me to wait one, two' or 'five
minutes, as the case may be, until some un
known telephone caller is ready to talk with
"I believe it is the responsibility of the
man iwho is calling to be ready to talk as ,
v soon as his party answers.
"We should never take a chance on los
ing friends or business by unnecessarily irri
tating anyone we call.
-' "It is not only more courteous, and better
business practice, to hold the line until the
"party answers, but I believe in the long run it
if flf nrm i &irv Tr
401 First Stat Bank Building
; Dffice hours, 9 to 12; 2 to 5. ,
Residence Telephone: 236. v
This establishment wishes to an
nounce that it is able to handle the
order for your monumental work ex
peditously and have the memorial
erected before inclement weather
commences, by placing your order
Our stock of designs in both mar
ble and granite vis very comprehen
sive and the quality of both the Yna
terial and workmanship Ts beyond all
question, of the' highest grade.
We Invite you to inspect our lino
of finished memorials. Each job, re
gardless of f?ize or price is GUAR
ANTEED. Columbus
Marble Works
"Tie House of Quality''
Cleaned aud Pressed
" , . AT "
Law's Pressing Club
Office Formerly Occupied
. by Dr. Westmoreland, Sr.
W. I. McKellar.
. Cleaning and Pressing "
Agent for
Garden City Tailoring Co.,
Representative for Rose & Co. Tailors
Chicago. ,
Club Phone 821
Residence Phone 750
W. Hunter Eubanks
: i : Dentist "
Office, First State Bank Bldg.
nntiAifp (2StZi
Sheriff'. Sale.'
The State of Mississippi, County' of
Execution for $128.20 .with 8 per
cent interest since May 28th, 1916.
Cost $4-15.
W. II. Foreman and J. T. Roberyon,
Plaintiffs?, vs. I. W. Brown, defend
ant By virtue of the above execution
to me directed by T. M. Cummings,
Justice of of the Peace in and for
Djstrict No. 2 Lowndes county, Miss.,
I will on the 12th day of November,
1917 at the front door of the court
house in thfc ity of Columbus, said
county and .state, within the legal
hours, expose for sale to the highast
bidder for cash and at public outcry,
all the right, title and interest which
the defendant I. W. Brown has in and
to the following described land in
Lowndes county, Miss., to-wit:
A portion of the West half of the
Northwest Quarter of Section 15
Township 18, Range 18 West, now
platted and more particularly describ
ed as follows: Beginning at a point
on the North side of North Seventh
Avenue, 228 feet East of the South
east corner of Block No. 8 of Sever
Oaks Addition to the city of Colum
bus,' Mis3., running from thane Kn
along North Seventh avenue 06" feet
thence North 1?5 feet; thence Wes
6G feet; ther.' South 165 feet to the
place of beginning. The same being
a one-fourth of an acte, more "
as laid down on the map of Winter
survey of lands belonging to the
tnte of John Hall, Deceased.
This sale will be made subject to
a deed of trust he'd on the above de
scribed property by the Columbus
National Bank, of Columbu;;, Miss.,
which is recorded in Record Book 97.
pages; 576-577 and 578 Chancery
"lorks Office Lowndes county, Miss.
This property has been levied on as
the property of the defendant and
will be sold to satisfy judgment and
all costs.
. This the 16th day of October, 1917.
WHY NOT Subscribe for The
Ladies Home Journal, The Saturday
Evening Post aud The Country Gen
tleman? Jack Senter, phone 184 or
The Direct Syttem No knife no
drugs. Adjustment will remove the
cause of all diseases'Paralysis,
r-vmuatism. Appendicitis, Dwspiy,
Whooping , Cough, Epilepsy, Liver
Asthma, Pneumonia, Bright' Dts.
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Hill Hr4 knd b.id .nlK
bwir. Maip vttfc him UiM.
Tli . ... f M
ywnkMraMBeM.Sttt, AhnvtRtllil.lt
r m ; .', .i , .. ,. t
Railroad Notes.
Mr. J. T. Searcy, whom the "St.
Louis stock market reported declared1
as the farmers' best friend" began
the movement of porkers to St. Louis
and.Chicago duuring the past week.
Lowndes county farmers have found
his '.-operative plan fair and square,
and Chicago during the past week.
scales have been installed in the local i
M. & 0. stock yards. All stock is
placed on fast freight trains and tie- j
spatched huurriedly to the market.
Quick returns and Mr. Searcy's
scruples in dealing with evetyone has
made his move a popular one. j
"Right down at my number"
ejaculated Mr. Sam D. Halbert, a well
known Mobile & Ohio employe. How
about an "Exempt?" "Well the doc
tors will have to find that." Sam will
be missed more than any yet from
the local office, and it is a genuine
gret that the game of war may rob
the public of his valuab'e servk'e with
the M. & 0.
.Conductor Joe H. Shephard Iai
off the past week in order to give his
brother a few trips on a north local.
Conductor W A. (Bill) Shephard has
just been promoted by Trainmaster
D. F. Rue of the M. & 0. railroad.
Four of Ihe Shephard boys are with
the M. & 0., and they are all "crack-er-jneks."
Mr. Collins Green, the elder son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Greene, is back
from a convoy trip across the "big!
pond." He is. with the navy and a
letter to his parents, but consoleins,1
relieved them several weeks of sus-'
( ponse. "Bless our little jrroup in our
little home," was the benediction.
Passenger Conductor N. J. Rogers,
of the Montgomery District, on the
M. & 0., is supplying Uncle Sam's
army with valuable men., Robert in in
France with the engineering corps;
Nat, Jr., is at one of the ' Untonments
ns a lieutenant.
! - -
Superintendent of Telegraph John
M. Murphey, of the M. & 0. Railway
and Southern in Mississippi, was on
his monthly pilgrimage during the
past week. Mr. Murphey is always
accorded a warm we'.eome.
Conductor Charley Hamilton, who
went to Denver a year ago in search
of health, has many friends who re
gret to learn he has returned home
unimproved. His home is in Tusca
loosa, Ala.
A number of shifts In agencies on
the local district of the M. & 0. R. R.,
compelled the lo'al agent, Mr. J. W.
Joiner, to assist in the Auditing De
partment of the Southern Express Co.
Roadmastcr J. B. McDade, of the
local Montgomery District, M. & 0.
R. R., was directing affairs that came
under, his management, in this city
during the week.
Bridge Foreman Webb McKinley,
of the M. 0., was in Columbus the
past week making a few minor repairs
to the platform about the local office
with his gang of workmen.
"Little Johnie Jones Carnival Co.,"
was hustled over the Montgomery
District tho past week. The outftf.
consisted of 35 cars and was handled
by a double-header.
Mr. Henry Lancaster, of the South
ern in Mississippi car department, has
gorie to see his venerable father, who
lives in Piuke!,s county, Ala.
The friends of Mr. Chas. Graham,
formerly of the Ethevil'e agency, will
be glad to learn of his appointment
to the Reform agency.
Traveling Freight Agent Plunkitt,
of the Wabash Railroad was here
during the psst week looking after
the Wabash interests.
Mr. Brodie Midyett, assistant ticket
agent at the M. & 0. R. R., is back
after a few days spent at his home in
Special Agent W. C. (Bud) Kyle,
of the Mobile & Ohio roailrosd, was
on the local yards several days the
past week.
Train M3ster D. F. Rice and Mas
ter Mechanic N. B. Garrett, were in
Columbus during the past week.
4 , .
Mrs. J. M. Mize and sister, Miss
Winnie Nash, are enjoying a visit to
their former home, Amory, Miss.
.Mr. Lucient Cotton, of Starkville,
Miss., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs;
Myrick Cox during the week.
Mr. Dave Gladney was among
those from Artcsisfvisiting Columbus
during the week. '
- Mr. J. P. SUele has bid in Ethe
ville,' A'a., agency on the M. & 0.
Engineer D. I. Baber is on a day
yard engine on the M. & 0. R. R.
, Mr. J. R. Watson, the affable
passenger representative of the Mo
bile & Ohio railroad, finds that No.
103, the noon time train, is be Aming
a popular route to Birmingham, Ala.
Two routes out of "Tuscaloosa with a
cinch that the L. & N. railroad is
always on time.
Messrs. Frank (i. Mu'len, of the
trainmen, and'Wm. H. Foreline, well
known brotherhood chiefs, spent yes
terday in Columbus on their return
from Mobile where they have been in
conference with the M. & O. manage
ment. Mr. W. E. Leech, the local agent
for the Mobile & Ohio Railway, made
a trip over the "north end" the past
week in the interest of loAd loading.
Mr. Leech returned on fast freight
train No. 130.
The ..friends of Night YaKl Clerk
Burris, of the Southern railway and
the Southern in Mississippi railroud
(joint) will regret to learn that Yf f
away from his duties on account of
Fireman L. F. Ball has been as
Figned to S. E. service by Master
Mechanic N. B. Garrett, of Tusca
loosa. Mr.;Ball is on the local yard
Price-Bonelli's Minstrel Co., was
handled by the M. & 0. railroad dur
in the week and left the next morn
ing on No. 106.
General-Yard Master of the South
ern C. 0. Longvand wife, are on a
visit to Meridian where they enjoyed
the fair.
Fi '
Miss Susie Sanders, of the clerical
department of the M. & 0., is spend
ing Sunday at her home in McCrary.
Ellis Parker Butler of the Vigilantes,
Young Jimmy Dale, across our street,
Is just a gawky lad,
He grew so fast, the doctors said,
His heart was mighty bad.
They wouldn't let him do much work
Or any hearty play
But, just the same, they drafted Jim
And Jim has gone away.
Jim was a sort of great big kid,
And fooling all the whi'e
So, when they ordered him to camp,
He went there with a smile.
Jim Dale Is in the ar'iny now,
Lank legs, bum heart and all,
To fight like other drafted men
That got the country's call.
God, yes! Jim's heart may drop dead
Or he may live to be
Shot all to pieces "over there"
What odds to you or mo?
By thunder! It's these odds to you!
If kids like Jim can go,
With smiles, to Tight our wars for us
Wo can put up the dough.
If e can buy a bond or two
And DON'T, while, Jim, poor cus,
Goes smiling off to death or wounds
Then hell's too good for us!
The State of Mississippi, County of
By virtue of the power vested in
me as Trustee in a certain Deed of
Trust, made and delivered on the 15th
day"of January 1909, and renewed
November 21st 1916, by W. S. Muy
tin to secure the payment to R. B.
Haughton of certain indebtedness
therein mentioned, record of which
said Deed of Trust is made in the of
fice of the Chancery Clerk of said
County and State, in Deed Book,
Numbered 90, Page 418, 1 will sell at
public auction, to the highest bidder
for cash, in feont of the Court House
Door in the town of Columbus, said
State and County, on the 3rd of No
vember 1917, within the legal hours,
the following property to-wit: That
part of Square No.: Twelve (12)
Barry's Survey of the city of Colum
bus, Mississippi within the following
limits, beginning at a point on the
East side of said Square Twelve, se
venty (70) feet North of the South
east corner of said Square, thence
North along the East ide of said
Square Sixty (60) feet, thence West
one hundred and forty (140) feet,
thence South sixty (60) feet, thence
East one hundred and forty (140)
feet to point of beginning.
Also the following Lotn in Fair
Grounds Addition to the said City of
Columbus, Mississippi, as shown by
plot thereof on file in the office of
the Chancery Clerk of said Lowndes
County, Mississippi, to-wit: Lots
One (1), three (3)' and six (6) in
Block one (1)." Lot Twelve (12) in
Block Two (2). Lots Twelve (12),
Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14), Fif
teen (15) and Sixteen (16) in Block
Three (3).
The title to the above property be
lieved to be good, but I will convey
only such title as vested "in me as
Trustee under said Deed of Trust.
Columbus, Miss., October 10 th, 1917.
We Will. Show y ilfoe
' ; AV0N(B :
For it's easily 'seen
when you buy here
Suits and Overcoats at
$12;50,'$15, $17.50 and up
' Boys' Suits and Pants
Shoes at the Same Priee
Receiving New Goods by Express Daily
J; T. CHAUPNEYS, Manager
SUPERVISOR'S NOTICE. ihe territory or district described a-:
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes AIi that part of Lowndes County Iy
County. i iif east of tho Tombigbee river and
Board of Supervisors, October k, south of the Township line dividing
j917 , Townnbip Eighteen (IS) and Nine
To the qualified electors of
Lowndes county within the following
described territory or boundary, to
wjt: All that part of Lowndes coun
ty lying east of the Tombigbee river
and south of the Township line di
viding Township Eighteen (18) and
Nineteen (19) South and bounded
on the east by the Alabama State
A petition containing tltc names of
twenty per cent and more of the qua!
r , . ,, ., . . . 1
ified electors of all that part or ter-
. ,. . , I
ritory of Supervisors district number;
three of said Lowndes County within
the following boundaries towit: All
that part of Lowndes County lying
east of the Tombigbee river and
South of the Township line dividing
p:..Li 1 o 1 xt;..
r.,K.ueuM .mi " '
teen (VJ) rutn ami nounnen on me
east by the Alabama State Line was
this day received, filed and presented
to the Board, petitioning and asking
that said territory be formed into a
road district under the name of tho
Zion Road District of Supervisors
district number three, and that said
territory presentedto come under
the provisions of Chapter 17(1 of the
Acts of the Legislature of the State
of Mississippi of 19H, approved
Mar.ii 28, 1914, for the purpose tf
issuing bonds of said territory or
district for the construction and main
taining of public roads in said Zion
District or territory, , and that the
proceeds of the s'ale of said bonds be
used to build roads in said Zion dis
trict or territory and that a tax he
levied upon all the taxable property o'
said district or territory to puy said
bonds and to maintain such roads.
-And that all orders and decrees
heretofore made and enteuil in
reference to the creation and organi
zation of the Zion Road taxing dis
trict be rescinded and held f
naught. And it appearing to the sat
isfaction of the Board that said peti
tion contains the names of more than
a majority of the qualified electors f
all that territory der.'Vibod as, all that
part or territory of Supervisors dis
trict number three of raid Lowndes
County within the fol'owing boun
daries towit: All that part of I.own
des County lying east or tne J tim-
bigbee river and south of the Twn -
Hhing line dividing Townships Eigh-
teen (18) and Nineteen (19) South
and bounded on the east by the Ala -
bnma State line and that the same
is in conformity to law. It is there -
fore ordered that raid petition be ana
the same is hereby sustained ami bridges to wit:
eranted and that said territory de-. i;0th concrete and wooden Sr'dge
scribed in said petition be presented 0n upper Jemison mill road at old
and the same come under the pro- Jt.m ison Mill in District 3; both con
vis'sions of said Chapter 176, Of the crete and wooden bridge on Millport
Acts of 1914, and that al! orders and road at Mat Smith place in District
decrees heretofore made and entered 3; Concrete culvert 20 feet station
in Minute book 15, pages 135 and 218 153 Barton road; 2x6 concrete cul
of tlm Board and all other orders and vert Station 17; 50 foot bridge sta
decree;) made in referenced the ere- tion 45; 2t) foot bridge station 108;
ation and organization of the Zion 2x4 culvert statio" 90 Border
Road taxing district be and the same Springs and Caledonia Road in Dit
are hereby rescinded and declared strict one (I) said County, A'.' the
nu'l and void and of no effect, the foregoing bridges and culverts t be
riuhts of no one having intervened in built achrding to plani ndspec'fica-'
the creation of said Zion Road taxin.r tion on file in Chancery Clerk's -of-disrict.
And that publication of no- fice. Each bidder desiring to bid
t:va be made as the law directs to the 49 the sum i?f $50. Sue-;
qualified electors of said Zion Rol "ssful bidder will bv required to
district embraced in above desc.ib-d keep roodway open while the hnde
territory in Supervisor, district Bum.;J n co .?e o conduction; success-
her three (3) as provided in M , IU.,;d,tler m,"t o
Chapter 176 of the Acts of 10 14. that fai hf"' compliance of contract and
' , . . , , o keep the bridge in repair for one
the Board of Superv,,r8 of LowndeS,
County at their meeting to be held on
the 10th day of November. 1917, pro- j ) y of
pose to issue bonds of said territory, fith f p( J9i,
or district in an amount not exceen-
ing ten per cent of the assessed valu
ation of all the taxable property in.
.id territory or district described for
the purpose of constructing and main-
taining public roads in all that part of
teen (19) south and bounded on the
east by the Alabama State line and
to levy taxes for that purpose.
Ordered by the Hoard this Nth day
of October A. D. 1917.
Thi' State of Mississippi,
Lowndes County.
Under and by virtue of a final
decree of the Chancery Court of
, ,,,., ,
Lowndes ( ountv, Mississippi, , made
. . .. , ,,
in the caue or Mollie uillups or
j Mollie Cox, et al versus Tony and
Richard Billups, et al No. 2568 ren
idered at the April term A. D. 1917,
j thereof, the undersigned Commis
sioner named in said decree will, on
jt!,e 6th ,y of November A. l. 1917,
being the first Monday hereof, with
in legal hours of such sales, at the
front door of the Court House in the
city of Columbus, Mississippi, sell at
public outcry to the highest bidder
for cash the following de;,vribed real
estate, towit:
The east half (if the southeast
quarter section twelve (12) town
ship 18, range 10 west, less 20 acres
belonging to Gilmer Hotel and 10
hi res to t.vmie one else as shown
by the records in Chanery Clerk's
office of said County and State and
recorded in Deed Book No, 84, page
fit) 4. Abu the north half of the
southea.it quarter of northeast quar
ter of section twelve (12) township
18, range 19, west. Also southwest
quarter of southeast quarter of north
east quarter of section twelve (12)
township 18, range 19 west, contain
ing: about 30 acres more or less and
found on record in Chancery ClerkV
office of said County and State and
recorded in Deed Book 84, page 496.
The above property containing about
8(1 'acres.
I will convey any such title ,as is
vested in me, which is believed to be
Til's !h- loth d.iy of October
II. L. Bailey. Commissioner.
Supervitor'i Notice.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
Countv. Board of Sunervisorn. Oc-
tober Term, 1917.
j Thig is 't) R1V(, notice that the
!oar( 0f Supervisors of said County
wil on the first Monday in November
il9j7, the same being the firsf dny
of tneir remur monthly meeting at
, 2 o'clock p. m. let at public outcry tc
tne iowtst bidder the following
jqr RENT Big furnished front
room Apply to W. A. Keale, 315
Seven street, south.
o a
0 D
KATES One cent a word per issu.
No advertisement taken for less than
'.?5 cents the first time.
j FOR SALE One excellent double
i base violin. Cost $150.00. Will sell
J at reasonable price." Tony Butera.
FOR RENT 5-room cottage, alj
'tonveniencerf, 5th avenue and 7th
i street, south. Apply to J. U Street.
FOR RENT: My dwelling, all
conveniences. Possession given t
once. One block of M. & 0. R. R.
321 5th St. 6th avenue, south. W.
j S. Mustin.
FOR RENT Two rooms to re
fined couple with not more than one
child, or single lady, rooms partly
furnished or vacant. Apply to 614
South. 6th street, phone 837. " lm.
FOR RENT Attractive and strict
ly modern 5-room apartment. Sep
arate entrance, central location.
Steam heat furnished. Phone R. E.
folding bed. Apply to Mrs. W. II.
Carter, telephone 589,
FOR SALE No. 37 Buick ctar;
five passenger and in good condition.
Call on W. (1. Davis, Columbu, Auto
Company. . tf.
FOR SALE My place (30 acres),
1 mile from M. & 0., depot .lying and
joining Owen's Green Hous pro
perty on the East. Will Mell cheap.
Apply to W. M. Farrar, RocVpart,
within five miles of Columbus, within
one mile of rock road, well improved,
al farming. Price $25.00 per acre.
Terms if desired. Address H. M.
care of Commercial.
WANTED Good men to ttell our
$1.00 shirt line direct to consumer,
also our line of work shirts, under
wear, etc. We will pay good commis
sion, and mail you fieck every week
from our office. This position will
pay from $30.00 to $50.00 per week.
Reference required. Address Wilson
Shirt Co., Decatur, Ga.
LOST Between Princess Theatre
and Southern Express Company, an
express messenger's ticket on South
ern in Mississippi between Colurabua
and Greenville. Reward if returned
to this office.
of new Arrow motor bieyrle. stolen
Saturday evening about 6:30 o'clock
from 116 N. 13th street.
.Notice is hereby given the public
that tiie property owned by General
Billups on the Tuscaloosa road knows
as the Meadowbrook Phve is posted
against all hunting and trespassing.
Of fice. 1st State Bank Bldg.
Phone 21.
Office hours 10:30 fo 11:30
a. m., 1 to 5 p. rc. RMnr
Phone 189.

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