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Hr4y Hall , Fine Work Done By
WeJdUf Solemniied. Knifty Knitter.
The Jackson Daily News of Fri- The Knifty Knitter, who were or
day contained the following article parmed Inst July, for the purpose of
neipinfr wm tno war aim wnv nnvc
i riven their sors irv. unremittingly
to the Hardy Hall
in reference
"The home of Dr. and Mrs. . J.
Ilall was the scene yesterday after
noon of an especially beautifully
toarriajre servk when their first
born daughter, lovely Miss Bessie
PM', became the bride of Mr. James
Harris Hardy, of Columbus, Dr. II.
M. King saying the solemn service
which binds in one the two young
lives which seem to have been creat
ed each for. the other, so. beautiful
hits been their romance and so ideal
ly are they fitted for each other.
Because of the recent death of
Mr. Hardy's honord father, one of
Lowndes county's first citizens, the
, marriage was quietly fclebrated,
none but the families and a few in
timate friends being present to wit
Bess the consecration of the rite;
but because of the youth of the love
to bride, and the conditions of the
times the very simplicity of the set
ting for the service and of the ser
vice itself lent to the hour an added
beauty such as no amount of floral
decorations, of stately surroundings
r of brilliant ceremonial could have
liven one further touch of beauty to
the dainty browneyed bride who, in
hex handsome going away toilette of
beijre, with her bridal roses of as per
fect a rose .tor as was that which
, flushed her cheeks and lips, was the
Muuisite picture of graceful girlhood
. as she stood beside the happy man of
her ehoieeand with the blessing of the
man of God took the name of him
wbom she- loved well enough to leave
father and mother and all that ha?
made her jrirlhood so happy, to go
away with him as his wife and to give
to his life the perfect crown of her
Ona of the moet beautiful fea
Uifi of this marriage service was
Uta music, which lent its harmony to
the hour's perfection, Mrs. Addison
Hall, wife of the bride's brother, and
her youngest siHter, Miss Mayme
JU11, both of whom have beautiful
voices, giving the musical program
wbieh preceded the ceremony.
; Just before the bride took upon
hnHlf the marriage vows Mihs
Mayme Hall sang in tender wise
"Because- I Love You," and while yet
the echo of her voice filled the
room the radiant bride gave herself
Into tho keeping of the man of all
th world for her, Mr. Bailey Hardin
nf Columbus, standing beside hi
brother, Mr. Harris Hardy, as he re
cedved with the minister's blessing
bis beautiful young wife
. Immediately after the marriage
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy left for New
Orleans, whence they will continue
their wedding journey to Panama
and returning to Columbus will stop
for a day of two in this crty.
a o o
Red Crow Worker
Kept Very Buy.
A special order for hospital sup
plies to be sent to France has kep
the local Red Cross members busy
for. the past two weeks. The gar
ttenta were finished and sent off the
past week.
During the .toming week rooms
will'le fitted up in the City Hall for
the making of surgical dressings an
Instructions given. A generous do
nation of old silver table knives
asked for the tmrnose of pressing and
folding these bandages
Mrs. C. T. Evans has as her charm
in miest Miss Stella Thurston, of
"Himnanolis. Ind. Miss Thurston
has been spending several months
Kentucky, and before returning to
Indiana she will visit here for several
and ungrudgingly have attained won
derful results.
A series of "War Benefits" were
riven which netted Quite a sum.
With part of the money wool was
bought; sweaters, mufflers and hel
mets were knitted and presented to
the local Red Cross.
A French orphan was adopted, a
check for $10 for testaments was
sent to Rev. Hogg nt Camp Pike;
another check for $10 was given to
the Y. W. C. A.
A special plea came from Camp
Shelby asking for hospital necessary
luxuries, which arc now being made
by the members of this club.
0 0
Will Give Patriotic Party
Wedneiday Afternoon.
Every big entertainment now-a-days
is for the war relief and the
Twentieth Century Club's patriotb
party on Wednesday afternoon will
be another step that this club has
taken in this direction. Each guest
is to contribute a stamped envelope
nd paper which will be sent to some
antonment hospital.
Since last June the club has con
tributed ten dollars a month to the
ocal Red Cross. The' seriousness of
today is ever uppermost in all that
ippens for every family that has
orm' one in tne service, eitner m
rnnee or preparing to go.
o a o
Meeting of National Defense
Council To Re iHeld Here Soon.
The Alumnae Association of the
mlustriul Institute and College
urges its members to attend and
rouse interest in the sectional moet
f the Woman's Committee, Council
of National Defense, to be held in
Columbus, Mins., on January i!8,
1918. ,
Counties composing Fourth sec
tion: Winston, Noxubee, Lowndes,
Choctaw, Clay, Monroes, Oktibbeha.
NELLIE 8. KEIRN, Viee-Pres.
The many friend;) of Mr. Charles
Dimmikes are sorry to learn that he
in ill with pneumonib at Camp Wheel
er. Mrs. Hunter Walker left yes
terday for the camp to be with him
Mrs. T. C. llaird returned Sunday
from a visit to F.aird. She was nc-
comnnnied homo tv master it. .
Raird, who will remain several days
Mrs. Marion B. Proctor, of Mon-
... . t . . i
roo City, mo., w spend ng several
weeks here the truest of Mr. and
Mrs. B. L. Owen.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffin and
two children, of Birmingham, arc
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Trooper Arm
The date of the Twentieth Cen
u?v Club party has been changed
from Monday to Wednesday after
Master Billy Whitfield's countless
friends arc sorry to know he had th
misfortune to break his arm Tuesday
Mr. Grady Stephenson, of Sa
var.nah, Ga., is spending a few days
in the city with his parents.
Miss Luti Rush, of Electric Mill
has been the attractive guest of Mr
and Mrs. C. B. Smith.
If you have u gray-haired mother
In the old home far away,
Sit down and write her a letter
You put off day by day.
Don't wait till her tired steps
Reach Heaven's royal gate.
Just fhow her that you think of her
Before it is too late.
If you have a tender message
Or a loving word to say,
Don't wait till you forget it,
But whisper it today.
Who knows what bitter memories
May haunt you if you wait?
So make the loved one happy.
We live but in the present,
The future is unknown,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today's nil our own ;
The chance that future leads us
May vuniKh while we wait,
So give the richest treasures
Before it is too late.
The tender words unspoken,
The letter never spent,
The long forgotten message,
The wealth of love unspent.
For these some hearts are breaking,
For these some loved ones wait,
0 show them that you ct.re for them
Before it is too late.
Soldiers' Families.
Dr. L. S. Kowe, asaitant Secretary
of the Treasury. ! that the gov
ernment's compensation indemnity
and insurance of soldiers and sail
ors was not only an enrnest em
phases of the justice of American
democracy but the greatest possible
Ttmrar.tee of nnlitt ry su' ce.-::;.
We want avery soldier and every
sailor's family to understand the al
lotment and allowance laws and im
press upon them the importance of
taking insurance before February
2, 1918. The Home Service Com
mittee of the Red Cross stands reany
ndviso soldier-.' families and to
xplain their rights conserving al
ovvaiv'es and allotments from tne
government. "The Red Cross has no
esire to shirk and no desire to in
trude." Therefore we ask also the
friendfi of soldier? to help us in as
KiMtiin-- llicni 111 takme' advantage ot
the government's generous offers.
Jan. Kith. Chairman
of Jackson
friends an
Mrs. Frank Watson,
ville, Fla., is visiting
relatives in the city.
Miss Sara Hardy has been ill for
several days.
Ll.H-ill-11 1 i U-
0OOO0O8S00 000000
o n
O Birmingham Age-Herald. O
a n
OOOOO000O00000 0O0
As a rule a is more concern
ed in being the first girl a fellow
ever loved than Bho is in being the
The owner of a fashionable apart
ment dwelling can keep folks with
tallies from becoming tenants. But
he can't keep th stork from sneak
ing down the chimney.
The man who imagines that he is
pretty believes that if the women
ever get equal suffrage he could be
elected president.
A girl hasn't nw.h respect for a
man who will try to kiss her and who
ijuits because she tells him to."
A man wouldn't think of making
a wife of his cook. But he wants a
divorce if he cfin't make a cook of
his wife.
Don't spend all your time trying
to make your neighbors be good
Use some of it in trying to make
good yourself.
The terms are supposed to be sy
nonymous, but the world has more
uic for the man who is used up and
11 in than it has for the man who
-. down and out
What has become of the old-fash-
oned Conscience that used to both-
r a man when he did an onery
When some men go to the polls
they do not pick out the men they
are going to vote for. They pick
)ut the men they ore goinir to vote
Egotism is one. of the things in
life that arc always willing to work
It only takes bride about a year
or so to realize mat sne a inn v
marry the bent man at her own wed
One of the easiest things a man
does is finding an excuse for not
ihaving when he feels rocky when
he gets up in the morning.
A woman )nn love but one man
nt n time. But a man can love a
-Half dozen women at a timr
Eggs at six cents each. But don't
complain about the nrire. Would
Another Week of Matchless Values In
The second week of the White Sale starts with additicnal
numbers of white goods values which have come in since the
sale started. Every day since the sale opened has shown in
creased sales which shows ever increasing interest in the
values offered The more cotton goods you buy now the
greater your future savings. This one consideration is enough
to make our White Goods section the center of. attraction to
economical shoppers. Did you read the page full of Big
Values in last week's papers? We need not tell you what
these same qualities will be worth later in the season you
are quite familiar with how prices are soaring. Right now we
are selling cotton goods for less than we can buy them at
wholesale. Be wise and buy now for present and future needs.
The Woman's
0 0
0 D
00000000.000 00000
RATES One cent a word per issue.
No advertisement taken for les than
25 cents the first time.
I'd rather be a booster than a knock
er any day;
d rather tinge with hope than
doubt the words 1 have to
I'd rather miss my guess
On another man's success,
Than to view his bitter struggle an
to prophesy his fall.
I'd rather say "He's coming"
Than "He's going" when 1 m sum
Up the labors of my brothers.
1 would rather boost them all.
I'd rather be a could be,
If I could not be an are
For a could be is a may be
With a chance of touching par.
I'd rather be a have been
Than a might have been, by far,
For a might have been has never
But a has been wi s once an are.
I'd rather be a yellow dog
And sneak around and yelp;'
Or else bump upon a log,
If 1 ouldn't boost and help.
For a yellow dog is just a dog.
He can't help being yellow.
And a harmless bump upon a log
Don't knock the other fellow.
Sovereign Visitor
you spend twenty-four hours in a
chicken run , manufacturing an egg
for six cents.
It is surprising how many success
ful men there are who came from a
town where the stores had wooden
awnings in front of them and which
laimed the chamneen horseshoe
itcher as a native' son.
, FOR SALE Nice building lot in
front of Second Baptist church.
$130. Apply to fJ. S., in eare of the
FOR RENT 6 room house. ( All
conveniences. 2 blocks from postof
flee. Large vard and garden. Phone
FOR RENT -Three rooms, kitch
en and bath room. Garden and
stable if desired. Mrs. John Snell,
403 South Seventh street. Phone
Plantation Owners; Cabin Owners
Your Labor and Tenants
To furniiih this comfort at a moderate cost we have
placed in htock four uradea of Heavy Building Paper, to
if usd inside cabins in fde.e of ceiling.
It is PINK in color, and can be ut up with tack liko
canvas, and makes n neat room.
For ordinary rooms it, takes about three GOO foot rolls
and one pound of lacks. Each roll contain GOO squaro
ftt, except the Blue Planter Board, which contains 250
20 lb. Building Paper, 500 ft. Rolls Per Roll, $1.00
30 lb. Building Paper, 500 ft. Roll Pfr Roll, $1.5
40 lb. Building Paper, 500 ft. RolU Per Roll, $1.05
Extra Heavy BLUE Plaster Board, 250 ft.
Roll. Per Roll, $1.65
Tacka, per pound
Bell Lumber & Manufacturing
Terms CASH Phone 207
Second School Term.
The serond term of 1917-18 ses
sion of our city sehools heeins Mon-
d:;y morr.itnr. January 2Sth. At thi
time new '.nsses vv ill he formed for
shvlcnt- rvtcritur the ,m'nary ri
nnrtment. Parents who intend to
enroll a ch'.ld in this department clur
inrr thi seeond term should hv all
means have the child enter on Jan
j 2Hth or ns nmr this dale as possfulc,
Certninlv not later than Fen. 11th.
It ia estimated that 50,000 dif
rerent articles c-.re needed in modern
warfare The clothing equipment of
but one infantryman for service in
France includes the following:
I'.edsucks, three woolen blankets,
waist belt, two pairs wool breeches,
two wool service coats, hat cord,
three pairs summer drawers, throe
airs winter drawers, pair woolen
gloves, service hat, extra shoe laces,
two pairs canvas levins, two flan
nel shirts, two pairs of shoes, five
pairs wool so:k, four identifica
tion tags, summer undershirts, four
winter undershirts, overcoat, five
shelter tent pins, shelter tent pole",
poncho, shelter tent. '
Listed as "eating utensils' the in
fantryman receives food to be car
ried in his haversack during field
service, canteen and canteen cover,
cup, knife, fork, spoon, meat can,
haversack, pa-'k carrier, first aid kit
and pouch.
His "fightinj? equipment" consists
of rifle, bayonet, bayonet scabbard,
cartridge, belt and 100 .cartridges,
steel helmet, eras mask, and trench
FOUND A ladies muff in post
office. Owner can have same by
giving proper description and paying
for this advertisement. Apply to this
FOR RENT A modern six-room
cottage on corner of North 8th street
and 4th avenue. Immediate posses
sion. C. L Wood, phone COS. 3t
FOR RENT Three vacant rooms
suitable for light housekeeping.
Water and lights. $12.50 per month.
Apply to 803 College street. 2w
FOR SALE A complete Coffee
roasting outfit, coffee roaster, cof
fee .mill, one set Duplex automatic
weigher. Also office fixtures, object;
leaving Columbus on February 1st.
Interior Coffee Co. 5t.
By virtue of the power vested in
me as Trustee in a fertain Deed of
Trust, made and delivered on the
4th day of February, 1911, by Mrs.
S. S. Dashiell and H. 1. Daahiell to
secure the payment to Mrs. M. A.
Beard of certain indebtedness there
in mentioned, due ' February 4th,
1912, record of which said Deed of
Trust is made in the office of the
Chancery Clerk of said County and
State, in Deed Book, Numbered 94,
Page 596, said indebtedness being
now due and unpaid, I will,' at the
request of the said Mrs M. A,
Beard, sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, in front of
,the Court House Door of said Lown
des County in the town of Columbus,
said State and County, on the 29th
day of January, 1918, within the
lefal hours, the following property
to-wit: -
Those lots in the city of Colum
bus, Mississippi, within the follow
ing metes and bounds Commenc
ing at the Northeast corner of
Square Five (6) South of Main
street, running .thence South along
the East side of said square Five
(5) One hundred and forty (140)
feet, thence West parallel with Main
street Seventy-two (72) feet, thence
North parallel with Caledonia or
7th street, One hundred and forty
(140) feet to Main street, thencte
East along Main street, seventy-two
(72) feet to the place of beginning
at the Northeast corner of said
Square together with the free and
perpetual use of an alley-way, ten
feet wide North and South, running
West from Caledonia or 7th street
and lying just South of the above
described lot. Also the following
lot in said Square Five (5) South of
Main street commencing at a point
on the East side of said Square Five
(5) South of Main street, one hun
dred and fifty (150) feet South of
the Northeast corner of said Square
Five (5), thence South along the
West side of Caledonia or 7th street
fifty-three (58) feet, thence West
parallel with Main street One hun
dred and thirty-two (132) feet,
thence North parallel with 7th street
fifty-three (53) feet, thence East
parallel with Main street, One hun
dred and thirtytwo (132) feet to
point of beginning together with
the free and perpetual use of the sal"
alley-way lying North of this lot All
of the above being leasehold proper
ty, held by lease for a term of ninety-nine
(99) years, from August 1st
1821, renewal forever. Together
with all the appurtenances to said
preises belonging, or in any wise ap
pertaining. The title to the above property
believed to be good but I will oonvey
only such title as vested in nte as
Trustee under said Deed of Trust.
Columbus, Mississippji,
December 21rd, 1917.
FOR SALE Nine room house,
with all modern conveniences. Good
garden, servant house. Apply to
Mrs. A Strauss, 217 Sixth street
South. 1-13-lmo.
FOR SALE Hudson-Six.
to William Davis.
Will Continue Butinetn.
Since the re-K-nt death of my hus
band I have taken eharro of Hitter's
Shoe Shop on North Market street
and will ( ntinu to operate the
businesti. Your work will he great
lv appreciated.
l'.20-2wk. MRS. G. A. 1UTTER.
FOR SALK Seventeen pure bred
Durue -Jersey cholera immune twelve
weeks old pigs. Desire to ael) in
Lowndes county, but can easily ell
ehU'Where. Sows, lf.; boars $12.50.
Registration papers furnished free.
Telephone 722 Magnolia Faitn, H. C
M'K'Iowan, Prop. l-6.2w.
I'(U RF.NT - 200 acres of good
cotton and corn land, 2 miles from
Columbus. :! tenant houses. Phone
XH for psi liculai'x. y
Thanli to Ladiel.
Camn Jackson, S. C
Jan. 12, 1918.
To tho Ladies of Lowndes Countyii
I wish to thank these good ladles
for the nice box received Xmas.
It was not only enjoyed to tho ut
most, hut warmed my heart this cold
weather to know how sweetly they
remember us boys back there. Such
thoughtfulness inspires us to do our
duty as soldiers in making this good
old world a safe place for our dear
ladies to live in.
Assuring you or my great appre
ciation, I am
Very respectfully yours,
Co. C, 323 Inf. Camp Jackson, S. C.
For SU.
Tne Peoples' Ice Factory, terms to
reliable parties.
J. T. SEARCY, Sec.
1.6-1 mo.
TheMerchants&Farmers Bank
Columbus Miss.
Saturday Evening Post, $1.50 a
year. Jack Senter.
W. I. McKellar.
Cleaning and Pressing
A pent for
Garden City Tailoring Co.
Representative for Rose & Co. Tailor
Club Phone 821
Kosidence Phone 750
Am asuodiated with Hon. Charles
U. Howry, late Judge of the Court
of Claims, Washington City, in the
collection of Cotton Claims. We
want our cases ready for the U. S.
Supreme Court by January 1st. No
charges, unless we win. Hurry up!
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State Bank Bldg.
00000000000080000 OB 0888880000000800
. 8
Solicits Accounts of Firms and
Individuals J
00000008000800000 00 0000000000000000
Liberal Treatment
Prompt and Efficient Service
Liberal aatortimat
nd full value peM
Phone 21. v
Office hours 10:80 to 11 :S0
a., m., A to 5 p. m. Residence
Phone 189.
Office 1st State Bank Bids.
PHONES 613-164.
Office Formerly Occupied
kr Dr. WtmorUnd, Sr.
Cook With
and Save Coal
Commercial Dept.
Phone 197
Cast kiM

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