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Ct:0. O. 8KXTF.lt
Telephone .
IMiiur iiiul Manager
Kntred at l'iffi I i" iVIunil'iK, M;h, "iiToml cImhi
Semi-Weekly, one 'rnr
Thursday or Sunday, one year
. l.r.o
Member of
Nrw York t'liy.
Our foreign advertising will in the future
bundled through (his organization.
Delivered either by carr.er or sent through mall.
?W5 (5 I
I 1 1 l a M
I v vo
There has been some --'omplaint recently regarding
the bad condition of a small portion of the road which
connects Columbus with West Point, Tupelo and other
cities in the northeastern section of the state, and the
Commercial is informed by Hon. T. J. Locke, Jr., chair
man of the Lowndes County Highway Commission, thatj
the' reason the road has not been repaired is hceause the
eon-mission has found it impossible to secure gravel.
The portion of the road which is out of repair is
near Artesia, and extends only a short distance, Mr.
Locke having stated that he thought there was perhaps
not more than one hundred yards which needed rcsur-fe-'ifiR.
; This road, as Ptnted above, connects Columbus with
West Point, and it is important that it should he kept
in good condition, as local merchants expect to secure
liberal patronage from the men stationed at the
aviation training camp in the Clay county capital, and
this is the best automobile route between the two
cities. Mr. Locke and his fellow commissioners fully
realize this fact and will do every thing possible to have
the needed repairs made at the earliest p'osri'.hle dato.
Re ti fn Ia 5a
Mayor McClaiinhnn officially announces that it has
been definitely decided to postpone the opening of the
new Stephen P. Lee High School, which was originally
set for Monday, January 28, to some later date. Tho
postponement is a patriotic step, as it means that the
fuel whi'h would be burned were the school in operntion
will be saved for uee by domestic consumers, who have
recently suffered from a coal famine and who sincerely
hope that they will not be called upon to undergo
another similar ordeal.
It is also announced by Mayor McClannhan that
several former Columbians who have pained promi
nence in various vocations and professions will be in
vited to come here and deliver addresses when the
school is formally opened, whfo will prolmbly be some
time in the spring. It has been definitely decided to in
vite Hon. Blewett Lee, after whose father, the late
Stephen D. Lee, the school has been named, and other
distinguished former Columbians will also be invited to
participate in the exercises.
The Commercial suggests that an elaborate pro
gram be prepared and that the opening of the school be
made the occasion for a regular home-coming day. The
opening of the school will not only mark an important
epoch in the educational history of Columbus but the
building occupies an historic site which enhances the im
portance of the event and entitles
Senator Jhn Sharp Williams, who ha all alon,
. . . . . ..... i
i l.rt'ii loyal to the admmixin.iion, is r nihuniiiiucaiLy sup
porting President Wilson In his e(T.rt to prevent Cta
lfr from enacting a law providing fur a war c d.n.et.
Senator Williams in of the opinion that the rnacl'i.n of
uih a meamire would be pronouncedly unconHtitut.on.il
The constitution, he declare, not only delegates tr tlitf
Pren dent of the of the United State the rittlit to com
mnndrr in- hif of the army and navy but make il hi4
fluty to discharge this obligation. ontendj thit
Congress ran no more take from the chief exccutivn n
constitutional right than that official can tak.t from
the legislative branch of the government u- pi ivib-e
smilarly conferred.
Senator Williams nays that tho advocates of u war
cabinet seem to be obsessed exclusively with the 10
per cent shortcomings of the administration in the war
preparations and fail to see or to give credit for the 10
per cent good that has been accomplished. He declare
that if there is too much nwhinery and too much eon
fusiui und delay in the con vn ; jf I'v war, how can the
situation be bettered by creating still another cabinet?
Certainly the way to shorten a chain is not by adding
another link to it.
Senator Williams illustrated his position by a
characteristic Williams story. A man who had been
asked to criticise a statue found it perfe'i in every de
tail except as to the heel on the right foot which ahd a
slight blemith. He wrote his criticism, which was devot
ed entirely to the blemish on the heel, notwithstanding
the statue was that of Achilles.
M M m Mi
The recent action of Congress in voting to submit
to the different states throughout the Union an amend
ment to the federal constitution conferring upon women
the right of ballot has awakened hope in the breasts
of advocates of the equal suffrage cause is Mississippi,
and a movement has been launched to have the legisla
ture enact a law making women eligible to hold certain
state and county offices.
Tho movement comes in the hnpe of a concurrent
resolution introduced by Senator Whittington, which
Was referred to the committee on constitution, and
which proposes to amend section 250 of the constitution
so as to provide that:
"Any woman who shall have been a resident ,
of , the state for four years, and attained the age
of 20 years, shall be eligible for the office of atnte
librarian, ae now provided by the constitution; to
the office of school trustee, and also to the office
of trustee of any educational or eleemosynary in
stitution; to the office of county superintendent of
education and shall be eligible to the office of
Btate superintendent of education."
While the measure does not quite come up to th-j
expectations of the most enthusiastic advc-'Utes of
equal suffrage, it is believed to be fully in accord with
the prevailing sentiment among the workers for the
cause throughout the state.
It Is Dark, Black Night;
But the Sun Will Shine Again
Thl Kuprrb pro poem aenr.on ' desolation, but lie had not gone
In extremely wet weather like we have experienced
for tome time past there are several places on College
street where it is almost impossible to pass on side
walks on account of standing water. Property owners
should look after this by digging drains or raising the
walks in front of their homes.
Sing a aoiig of diamonds,
Not the ones which shine;
Put those dug out with a pick
From an Alabama mine.
They warm our very heartstrings;
Stir to its depths our soul,
And make us feel contented,
As down the chute they roll.
a k aTlt m
in a press dispatch recently sent out from Wash
ington Col. Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying:
I "This 1s no time to play politics, all of us should unite
in an effort to win the war." If the colonel isn't playing
politics we'd like to know who is. He's endeavoring to
arraign the people of the country against President Wil
son on a-' count of the alleged mistakes in 'his war pro
gram, and hopes thereby to strengthen his chances for
election to the presidency on the Republican ticket in
. tt ft k
i ... i i i .
an oia negro wno was iound carrying an empty
it to a pretentious lRUnnyKHCk ubut in Vai" cffort to fi,1(i a few h,mI19
I oi coai was heard to say: "as, dis am jes whut we
git fur Congress a passin' dat sufferin' amindment.
iar suan wuz plenty ol sutlerin' without dat. Am it
de truf?" Nashvillle Tennessean.
. . . tot fci Ka paa
bakers are not supposed to know much about the
art of frying, but press dispatches from Washington in
dicatc that the Secretary of War has recently had con
siderable experience in grilling.
by MJ. J. C. C. Black, a brilliant
lawyer and an ex-Confederate offi
cer of Auguwta, Gn., appeared in the
Chronicle of that city. We have
seen nothing to match it during this
war. It ahould henceforth be pub
lUbed In every school reader In the
country, not only for its exalted
tone, but ai a rcrfert piece of En
glish, not surpassed, we believe, In
beauty of style and loftiness of
thought, by anything which even that
mater of English, President Wilson,
ever written, Editor Manufac
turers Rvord.)
It is night at midday; deep, dense
darkness has rome to the world
when men thought it was the bright
est day that ever dawned. The na
tions with outstretched arms and un
certain steps are groping their way
like blind men, not knowing over
what precipice the next step will
plunge them. Social, economic and
industrial conditions are overturn
ed. In a land dedicated to liberty
and popular government it is conced
ed that to preserve them autocratic
power must be exer-.Ssed.
Suffering and sorrow are every.
where. Scarcity has come where a
little while ago abundance abided
Hardship and deprivation sit in the
erstwhile places of ease and luxury.
Children are crying for bread and
there is none. In homes the world
over there is only a little meal in the
barrel and a little oil in the cruse.
and thousands of widows are gather
ing a few sticks to bake a little cake
that they and their children may eat
it and die, and there is no power
that can replenish. , Wickedness,
savagery and deviltry hold high revel,
and death and destruction, gorged
with the blood of innocence and
thirsting for more, have been crown
ed king and queen of the mad nw
turnal carnival. .
What does it all mean?- Why is
it allowed, and when will it end? The
wisest and some of the best, whose
faith is challenged, are" asking hi
plaintive tones these questions, and
"there is no answer but the echo of
their wailing cry."
This, in intention at least, is not
the funeral dirge of hope, but rather
as a word of cheer." Let us not lose
heart and abandon faith and hope.
It is a dark, black night, but the sun
has not gone down forever. Day will
dawn again, and who shall say it will
not be a brighter. There are stars
still shining. , All in the world is not
evil; some goodwill lives. The ma
terial is being , destroyed, but the
spiritual is being quickened Into new
and vigorous life. Sympathy, kind
ness, helpfulness, friendship and love
are not dead. These finest qualities
of character are imperishable and in
destructible. They live and will live
because God lives. The parable of
the Good Samaritan is a living actu
ality repeated thousands of times
daily. The hungry are fed, the nak
ed are clothed, and the homeless are
(sheltered. Jeweled hands accustom
ed to rest in the lap of ease and lux
ury are busy and tired with the worn
of making garments to minister to
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or illness. Can you afford to go without this protec
tion? A lengthened term of disability might seri-
V'ously inconvenience you, unless you have a disability
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"one now
General Agent
Maryland Assurance Corporation
v . Odd Fellows Building
Phone 53! Columbus, Miss.
from the world, but had come In full
er revelation of His love. They thatj
had been with Hirn mourned and
wept for them all was lout. In three
days the sorrowing women went to
the sepulchre with spices to anoint
His body, and they met one whose!
"countenance was like lightning and
has raiment white as snow," and bt,
said unto them: "He U not here, I
for He Is risen.'-' The darkness had!
fled before the dawn of the resur
rection morning, and wt may well
think thut, though unheard on earth,
the angelic choir sang a new Gloria
in Excels! In Heaven,, for man wan
redeemed, the grave vanquished, and!
death was killed. j
. Our young men have heard thej
country's call and answered the sum-1
mons. For some the wedding gar
ment has been the soldier's uniform.
Many have delayed long enough to
leave with mother a kiss of passion
ate devotion, it may be the last, and
grip the father's hand as a new
pledge of filial gratitude and love.
Whose pen can write, whose tongue
can tell, whose poem can fittingly
sing of American mothers the
mothers who with willing but bleed
ing hearts, and it may be with tear
dimmed eyes and faltering voice, or
it may be with calm countenance
while the soul is filled with the tu
mult of an anguish only a mother's
heart can know, have said totheir
sons "Go." They knew not where, to
suffer they knew not what, to return
they know not when. God only
knows, but go wherever the flag
leads, suffer whatever duty brings
and come home with victory crowned
with lasting peace is achieved. And
the wives kindred spirits in suffer
ing and sacrifice. Some have re
linquished the props upon which
they so long leaned and the compan
ionship which had with the years
strengthened and sweetened domes
tic happiness. Some before the
orange blossoms had withered and
the music of the wedding march had
died have said good bye to those they
lived with the first pure flaming pas
sion of wedded life as the darkness
fell on its very threshold. The sepa
ration is bitter and sad, but the home
coming will be the sweeter and more
joyous. Yes, when the sons and the
husbands come with the higher qual
ities of manhood grown fuller and
stronger and the mothers and wives
rejoice and are thankful that they
had the spirit to bid them go and
dare and, if need be, die. If the
worst comes and they sleep in un
marked and unknown graves, they
will rest shrouded in honor, and
mothers and wives can feel ineffable
pride and joy that they gave them
for home, and country, and humani
ty. Oh, brave, loyal, heroic spirits.
it cannot be that what you suffer and
sacrifice will be lost, for from every
heart and home, and the pews and
pulpits of every creed fervent pray
ers go up to Heaven that the right
may triumph.
Yes, it is a dark, bla k night, but
the sun has not gone down forever,
and the stars still shine. Heaven
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the men in uniform. Great proper- bless all who suffer and serve, and
ties are willingly surrendered to, bring victory to the right and last-
government control, and millions of ing peace to all the world, is my
wealth are given to relieve suffer- New Year's wish.
ing at home and abroad. Autcracy J. C. C. BLACK.
is not overthrown, but the leaven of Augusta, Ga., January 1, 1918
liberty permeates the masses. Lights
are still burning In the thick, black
darkness of the night. Out on the
0 0
0 ' '0
0 Birmingham Age-Herald. XI
What doth it profit a man to
dodge young women and remain
single until he is forty and then fall
for some daraa who is old enough to
be his mother? , ;
An eminent Suff announces that
"Women feel just like men.' How
is a woman ever going to feel like a
man who gets home just as dawn is
breaking and who is wondering how
he can square himself with Friend
Wife? '
A. Vice Commission is usually a
joke. But it is just as well to live
so that you won't do any worrying
when a Vice Commission is organ
A fashion expert tells men how to
dress well for $1,500 a year. : But
if he would tell -us how to dress well
for $15 a year he would have a big
ger audience.
A trunk isn't the only thing a wo
man 'an pack better than a man
She can get more stuff into an ice
box than a man can get into a cellar.
A man usually waits until he is
Germany has been engaged in war
seething, surging, savage sea strong for three yeflr9 Rnd up to the pr.
arms, brave hearts and knightly. timG not a.Mooded(jerman has
spirits are manning the lifeboats. ,ogt his ufe In thjj ljst of kiHed am,
plying tneir work or rescue. . WOUnded there has not appeared the
Right up to the line of battle and e of fl PruaBian or German
back to the retreats and base hospi-! prince nor ev(n R mcinner of the
tala there are strong men caring for nobiHty If thev are around the fir
the wounded and the dying, and . ,. t th . dee
young women, with hearts as brave ceHar with foor overed with fine
0 0
0 0
0 News-Scimitar. 0
0 ' ' ' 0
Searchlights 1 are playing a very
important part in the present war
fare. ,: ' '
A forestry service 'is to be estab
lished in China with ' the hope of
bringing down the price of lumber.
Italy possesses rich mines of zinc,
but as it is not a coal-producing
country the output of the metal Is
The Lincoln highway, -beginning
at New York city ahd ending at San
Francisco, is about one-third finish
ed. For the use of physHians and den
tists a tongue-depressing instrument
that switches on an electric light to
illuminate a patient's mouth when It
is used.
By royal order, the celebration of
Arbor day has been made obligatory
in every township and municipality
in Spain.
The high price of gasoline is said
to be creating a new demand' for
electric vehicles for both pleasure
and commercial purposes in the
past CO before he begins to make up,Un'ted K'"f om'
But it is different! OI ine "-
cesstul apartment noieis in iNew
as ever beat in warrior's breasts and
... . . i
rpints as gentle as ever sweeteneu The emperor of Germany has six
and sanctified woman's love, nqrung f0n9 Rnd not one of them ha9 receir.
and ministering to the living, and e(, a scratch Qne or two of them
taking messages from dying lips to h(we been married since the war be.
the loved ones at home a noble pan ftnd the frown prince who w((
army whose symbols are the triangle d to comrtiand at Verdun had
and the cross, whose field is the anothpr prjnce born to bjni
world, whose mission is to help the The Geman aut0cracy is not go-
needy. They have gone from homes . ,.. None of itg mcmbers
of ease and plenty to hardship and
carrying a bread ticket. With
. i
want, encountering perns by land . pvervtnin oes on ns USUal.
and sea. They have gone equipped u was chnrRed the European
not with poisonous gases, but re-' newspapers a few week9 a(?0 that a
freshing draughts; not with liquid , . . - hn,ltiflli tr
fire, hut with healing lotions; not to
were sent to Verdun on spedal
hurt, nut to neip; not to mn, our w . iM order to dance and sinK
keep alive. ! Rnd caU9e tne crown prince to for
Hard as are the experiences in his trouble9i while he is 25
any war and horrible as they are in .,es from any cannon
this, they evoke the highest quail-1 ThenJ may be mourning in every
ties of life-obedience to rightful (househoid in Germany. There ia
authority, patience, fortitude, cour- mournin(, in every household of the
age, heroism, unselfishness, sacn- fommon people. But the emperor
flee for others, and these exalted vlr- ftnd thft Toyftl fami,y Keneral,y have
tues and the material out of which i .i-j,!;.-
I 1U UVlBVIlHt VlttCIVll AV oiivMtift
.i . a J -i. l I '
are woven me nnesi nnu sirungesi
texture of character.
Ye?, it is a dark, black night, but
the sun has not gone down forever.
Once before in human history it was
darkened and "Nature
ter. Exchange.
Weather Queition.
for lost time
with a woman.
We are all very careful not to
speak disrespectfully of the dead.
But we don't care a hang how many
mean lies we tell about the living.
There never was a man who
had as much respect for his wife's
opinion as he has for the opinion of
his wife's husband.
What has become of the old-fashioned
Democrat who used to say that
the Republican Party had lost anoth
er vote every time a horse thief was
A woman's idea of being happily
married is having a husband who is
afraid of her.
When a fellow used to take his
best girl for a ride In his buggy he
could hold the reins In his teeth. But
you can't steer an automobile with
your teeth.
A wife will make a man lead a
dog's life and then wonder why he
growls all the time.
A small boy's idea of Paradise
would be to live in Germany. They
haven't any soap over there and
haven't had any for six months.
York city is managed by a woman.
In England it is mandatory to em
ploy at least 70 per cent of female
labor in all industrial plants.
The deepest oil well in the world
at Beallsville, Pa., .that cost over
$500,000, has been abandoned as a
Mrs. Mary E. Prindle, of Minne
apolis, who is 90 years old, is proud
of her record of knitting five pairs
of socks in three weeks.
France has built up an extensive
industry , in making artificial ivory,
tortoise shell and celluloid from case
in extracted from milk.
u. Scientific experiments have
demonstrated that the yellow color
of cream and butter is not necessari
ly an indi'tion of their richness.
Italy's wine crop will be a bump
er one of 40,000,000 hectoliters (1,
056,710,000 gallons), as against 28,
000,000 hectoliters (739,697,000
gallons) in 1916.
Proportion of Men ia Hospital
Lett Im U. S. Than Overteat Force
A recent comparison of health re
ports from troops in the United
States and the Expeditionary Forces
shows the admission rate to hospitals
(Handle v Smilage Book Sales to be greater among the men in
Admissions to hospitals in one
week in the Expeditionary forces,
Chautauqua and Lyceum System
The sale of smilage books, .con
taining coupons for admission to
theaters and entertainment tents in
all army '&mps and cantonments, is, figured on a basis of 1,000 men,
The ground hog will appear on handled in the smaller cities and. were 45.2; in the United States th
next Saturday, the 2nd day of Fed-j towns throughout the country by rate was 33.7 per 1,000 men. In
sighing, ruary. chautauqua ana lyceum organua-. the overseas forces the non-en ecuve
through all her work gave signs of , If it is a clear day he will seeions. ;, (rate (the total numiber tf men ex-
woe that all was lost," but all was his shadow and return to his den fori The books come in two sizes, for cused from duty for any injury or
saved, not lost. For a time it seemed
thntGdhndder" Hfr"n theworld,
God had departed from the world,
and out of the depths of an agony, not see his shadow, his weather in-
no human suffering ever sounded ( tuitionwill tell him there will be good
there came a cry of lonliness and weather and he will stay out.
he will know there will be more sale at $1 and 6. wnen sent to ( ailment, whether or not oraerea to
rough weather. 'man 'in camp a smilage book carries t hospital) was 54.1 per 1,000 men
If it isa cloudy dan and he can the name of the donor on the cover, in the troops In the United States it
was 46.4.
Saturday Evening Post, $1.60 a
year. Jack Senter. Pay your taxes by Friday.

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