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Mrs. II. D. Hhirfort, tit fjeorg'
tun, Kf , l twday fr Mfn.l.i
after v,.il tii Mr and M T I. '
The Last Week of the
Mrs T. A. l5lm hs rrturr'f
l lt. illy f'tr tntlrf rl;
In M..f H'tttiiff tt Itimtif
htm '
-die home drink
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H 1 4.. Ii.g Is I
t A ! 'r
4 n4tt.u f r t.n.tf CMfio'
!' pfttt (.c. irfc trttm th
thf f. l nt .. tt I in frit' h'
tfmh thii ('...', 7, ..f
tftmti-t rri A ) f i ls'l tH
,Oxr tt lf lull. !i. I.nt, fi.,f,rtw.
f.r f
Mr I .t H Filtinf( f Kf .rm
At , the frt r.f l,e wk hut
On Mftunt iA ih off bed walhr of lh pt (n
wkt r rli' lHt many wonwn rr prevented from
ominf l our wMto !, In order to five Km Another
opportunity to Mur tanu of lh real money saving
veiue w ere foing tat continue the tele through thie
woeb, (toeing it Saturday night, Thruttf 2nd. In order
to attract greater interest in the tale we are going run
number of eitra spetlils for Tuesday, Wednesday and
We received yesterday several cases of white good
that have Uen delayed enrotile. These goods should
have Uen hert two weed ago when the sale opened.
The shipment consists of long cloths, nainsooks, pa Janus
checks, nurse's linen, Kerry linen, fancy white voile, cur
tain scrims, fancy white skirtings and novelty colored
dress goods. Note the following eatra specials for three
days only,
Vs IS fcMtm and Ur,y bs'
fjfi frm in M.lljft
fiMtl .,t Itt .31 l I Ml
I)3ppenin(js in Society
tified w,th our young people ami
their social life. Ilcr own charm ml
hf r beautiful dun Ing have rombin
pil to make hr unuually popular
0 0 0
Mm Sulla Thurrton who has been
lh attrartivc euent of Mr. and Mr.
C.T.Kvan leave Saturday for h-r pncournK over the nurce of
home in MinneDoli. MIm Thur. tf"" ,lr,v to rB,!,e the fund, and de-
litt1 wiiy to walk w,th you, my
own, j
Only a liftlt way. j
Then on of u mut w-pp and wnlk
Until God'i day.'
A little way! It I wi woft to live
Togfthrr, that I know
Lift would not hiive one withered
rose to jrive
If one of us nhould ro!
And if these lip shall ever lenrn to
With your heart far from mine,
'Twould be for joy that in a little
They would he kissed by thine. '
Frank L. Stanton.
litUm rarker
Wedding SoUmniied.
Many Columbus people will be in-
terested in learninn of the marriage
of Miss Sinjc Parker, of Fllisville
Mias., a former student of the Indus
trial Institute and College, to Lieut.
Thos. W. Denham, of Indianapolis,
Ind., which occurred the past week.
The Laurel Leader of Monday
"The friends of Miss Vera Parker,
of Elli9ville, who is best known to
them as Smir, were taken, com-1 0
pletely by surprise on Saturday ( Misaea Kstelle Rippey and Leon
mornlnif when at nine-thirty she be- Qunter have returned from a de
came the bride of Lieut. Thomas W. jjghtful visit to Mr. and Mrs. R. S.
Benham, of Indianapolis, Ind. now Wilson, at the A. and M. College,
stationed at Cump Shelby. Their ) 0
marriage was very1 quiet, being it. x. E." Lott returns to hb
aolemniied at the home of the home in KUmichael this morning
t.ride'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mul-'ftfter a vlalt of several day to
fwt4 Parker, juat in the presence of friends here.
U immediate family, with the Rev.! '
Witherspoon ofllciatiiur. They left The many irlend of Mr L. E.
immediately after the ceremony for ijte are deliuhted to learn that he
a bridal trip to New-Orleans. The js improving after several days ill
bride will continue to live at home. 1 ne8S
"Laurel bhares interest with Ellis-1
vllle in the news of this marriage,! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watson left
the bride beinff always closely iden- Tuesday for Florida after a delight
ful visit to friends in the city.
Miss Sarah Hardy, of the prairie,
spent several days the past week the
jtiiest of Mrs Allison Hardy.
MiBs Virgie , Vaughn's many
TMrtMn eomltteM tum)el of
lo fnflmn aath were warmly
received In he homM of hundred of
member of the Flrt Method!!
fhunh Sunday afternoon, when they
insde h drive in rie It.lT.O for the
annual conference fund for the
church. The move proved sucreM
ful, and with the ecepfion of a
small amount, which I expected to
he" received thi week, the Teport'
made at the Sunday evening services
at the church showed that the ttoal
had been practically reached.
Rev. S. L. Pope, the pastor, is
ton has been the recipient of several
entertainment and has made num
bers of friend during her short
I 0
Mis. Ci. A. Howoll and attractive
( daughter, Miss Mary Howell, of Re
form, Ala., have been spending the
past several days here the guests of
i Mr. and Mrs. John R. Laws.
j Miss Mattie Pegites left Sunday
for Greenville, after spending sev
aral days with her parents, Mr. an1
Mrs. A. H. Pegues. She is in charge
of the English department in the
Greenville High School.
Rev. C. K. Taffe, formerly of thla
citiy, who is now residing at Union
Springs, Ala., returns home today
after a pleasant visit to friends
sire to thank those who so ably as
sisted in making the canvas and
those who made donations.
The conference fund at the First
Methodist church is usually raised
during the last month of the year
by the pastor, but in order to re
lieve Rev. Pope of the time and both
er, which would naturally have been
brought about, the members decided
to raise the fund early in the year.
Free Flower Seed
. Hastings' Catalogue
1 Tells You About It
No matter whether you farm on a
larcrA Benin nr fin! v nluiit vpgtitiibluM
or flowers in a small way, you need , friends regret to know that she has
Hastings 1918 Pwl Catalogue, us een for several days
ready now and we have a cony for
you absolutely free. If you write for It,
mentioning the name of thla paper.
In addition to ahowing you about all
the varieties of vegetables, farm
grass, clover and flower eeeda, our
catalogue tells bow you can get freo
five splendid varieties of easily grown,
yet beautiful flowers, with which to
beautify your home surroundings.
Good seeds of almost every kind
are scarce this season, and you can't
afford to take chances in your seed
supply. Hastings' Seeds are depeiul
tble seeds, the kind you can alwayo
depend on having "good luck" with.
You are goln to garden or farm
thla spring. Why not insure success
to far as possible by etartlng with the
right seed? Don't ta'.se chances that
you do not have to in seeds.
Write today tor Hastings' 191S
Catalogue. It's free and will both In
terest and help you to succeed in 1918.
H. G. HASTINGS CO., Seedsmen,
Atlanta, Ga. Advt.
Mrs. C. W. Shedd's numerous
friends regret to hoar of her Illness
the past several days.
Mr. W. T. Lawrence left Monday
for the delta, where he will spend
several weeks on business.
Mrs. Jones Barksdale, of Marks,
Miss., is the attractive guest of Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. Moore.
Miss Clendenin Baird has many
friends who are glad to see her out
after several days' illness.
Miss Floy Cunningham has return
ed from a visit to relatives in S'ark-ville.
Washington, Jan. 30. Notice has
been given to Mr. Paul L. Wells,
agricultural agent for Lowndes
county, that the U. S. Department
of Agriculture will sell at cost a sup
ply of nitrate of soda to farmers
in Lowndes county.
The nitrate wus purchased
through the War Industries Board
under the authority of the Food
Control Act as a part of the pro
grom for stimulating agricultural
production. It will be unloaded at
Atlantic ports and the price will be
$75. 60 a ton, free on board cars at
port of arrival. Farmers are to pay
in addition freight from port of ar-
ral and the state fertiliser tag.
How to Obtain NitraU
Applicationa for a part of the
100,000 tons of nitrat bought by
the government will be received
only from actual farmers or owners
or holders of farms for use on their
land, and may be made through
County Agent P.L. Wells or through
any member of a local committee
consisting of Messrs. I. L. Gaston,
S. B. Street, Jr., C. Y. Banks, of Co
lumbus, M. W. Erwin, Crawford, O.
G. Mcllwain, Artesia.
No money will be required with
the application but upon notice from
the County Agent farmers who have
signed applications must deposit
with a local bank, association, or in
dividual, designated by the Secre
tary of Agriculture to act as the
farmers' agent for that purpose,
money to cover the cost of the fer
tilizer except the freight charge.
After the money is transmitted to
Washington the hitrate will be ship
ped to the farmers. If applications
for the nitrate exceed the supply of
about 100,000 tons the government
will allot the supply on a pro rata
basis among those who applied. Ap
plications must be received by Feb
ruary 4.
Extra Specials for Three Days
Yard wldt lonjf cloth our 20c. the ynrd qualify 10 Yard wide pftjAma chirk dimity, our 2"c. qtiAlity - A
yard holla on ftlf from y to 12 Tupmlay, Wfd-(j1 At on sal? a aboe th yard 11C
n'day and Thursday lh? holt, extra apcclal n)Ae 11
. . .... ... . Yard vIde white hnene, our 25c. quality on aale i il'2
ard wide lonif cloth, our 22 l-2c. quality 10 yard n above the yard . AU
bolti on aale above three days from 9 to 12, f7P
the bolt, extra upeclal J)Ae I u .Yard wide nurnes linen, our 25c. quality on aale 1 Q
40 Inch aoft f.rish KnKli,h nainaook, 35c valuetf Qr ftfl flbove the yrd extra "Pclal AOt
12 yard bolt on aale above three days, cxtraPvtJ Yard wide white hemstitch curtain scrima extra 1 A n
special the bolt special the yard ........ ..... 1 .. xL
No Phone Orders Accepted for Above Extra
Specials. On Sale At the Counter Only.
At the quantity of some of these extra specials are addition to above extra specials all the other goods
limited we may have to limit the quantity to each cus- advertised last week will be on sale this week too. And
tomer that all may have achance at these extra special don't forget that the stores will be closed all day Mon
values. Better not put off coming to the sale as some of days from now until March 25th by order of the govern
these items will be sure to be sold out if you delay. In ment.
R. El. L.ElIOH
0 0
0 0
' SW rr Fr rw fr1 rw
RATES One cent a word per issue.
No advertisement taken for less than
25 cents the first time.
fey 5 year Old Kratccky Lady, Who Tells Htw Sat Wu KtSm!
After a Few Dot el CStctDraBi.
MsaionTtlla, Ky. Mrs. Cynthia
Hfglabotham, of this town, nys: "At
my age, which Is 68, the llrtr does
sot act so wall as when yotin. k few
years ago, ay stomach was all out ef
fix. I wu constipated, my llrer
tidal act My dii estlen was bad, and
It took so little f vpset u My ap
yetlte was gone. I was Terr weak. . .
I decided I weald (Its Black
Draught a thorough trial as X knew it
was highly recommended for this
srwhle. I began takjog it I fslt
Better after a fsw doene. My appetite
tapmed and I became stronger. My
feewal acted naturally and tht least
trouble wu soon righted with s few
doses of Black-Draught
Ssrenty years ef succMafftl ue fcu
made Thedford's Blaok-Drsught a
standard, household remedy. Every
member, of every family, at times,
cesd the help that BlackDraugM eaa
gir la cleansing the system and rt
Having the troubles that earns from
constipation. Indigestion, lasy lirer,
Agricultural College, Mm., Jan.
30. As chairman of State Council
of Defense President W. II. Smith
of the Mississippi A. and M. College
is In receipt of a telegram from W.
S. Gifford, director Council Nation
al Defense, urging him to get in
touch with the families of soldiers t
and Bailors in Mississippi and remind . . LOST In business section of city
them of the fact that the time for recently, a silk umbrella with gold
taking our insurance with the gov- J and peari handle, with initials "J.
eminent expires February 12. It i? i m. G." on top of knob, reward for
hoped that the necessity of these retnrn of same. Telephone 767. the
men In the various branches of Meek 1iome.
service taking out insurance will be - .
impressed upon their minds through
their families. j
This insurance ia offered by the
United States government to those,
men in active service In the various
branches and is separate and dis
tinct from other compensations by
the government in 'fase of death.
The period of active service in the
war has nothing to do with the" in
surance policy at all. Upon retire
ment from the service the insurance
policy still holds good without
further examination, provided the
policy is changed to another form
within five years after retirement.
The change can be made to such
forms as ordinary life, 20-payment
life and endowment.
Each person can take any amount
from $1,000 to $10,000 provided he
does it within 120 days after his en
listment. He may take out $10,000
and if he so desires have it reduced
to a smaller policy after the
FOR SALE Nice building lot in'
front of Second Baptist church.
$130. Apply to G. S., in care of the
FOR RENT 6 room house. All
conveniences. 2 blocks from postof
fice. Large yard and garden. Phone
FOR RENT Three rooms, kitch
en and bath room. Garden and
stable if desired. Mrs. John Snell,
403 South Seventh street. Phone
FOUND A ladies' muff in post
office. Owner can have same by
giving proper description and paying
for this advertisement. Apply to this
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 3i. Word
reached the adjutant-general's of-!
fie Monday that the office of the
local exemption board of Lee county
had been broken into and a number
of the completed questionnaires and
classification sheets stolen.
The clerk of the board, who made
the report to Gen. Scales, was very
much excited over the matter and
seemed to' think that at least one
brigade of the army ought to be sent
to Tupelo right away. '
The matter, has been reported to
the secret service and also to the
United States district attorney for
the Northern district, and an inves
tigation is being made.
It will be necessary after the lists
are Checked over to send out new
questionnaires to the parties whose
original documents are missing, and
this will delay the work of the ex
emption board in that county considerably.
Pay your taxes by Friday.
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State Bank BIdg.
Phone 21. .
Office hours 10:30 to 11:80
a. m., 4 to 5 p. m. Residence
Phone 189.
Office 1st State Bank BIdg.
PHONES 619164.
FOR RENT A modern six-room
120, cottage on corner of North 8th street
days, but no in-'frease in the amount and 4th avenue. Immediate posses-
of the policy can be made after 120
sion. C. L. Wood, phone 608. 3t.
Salvation Army War Service
Campaign. Friday it th Lat Day
Interest is already being aroused Some tax payers have received
to a high pitch in the war service the impression that the time for pay-
fund campaign of the Salvation ing taxes haa been extended one
Army, which will take place during month, and carries with it, an exten-
the month of February "From Hn- sion or the franchise. -garden, servant
coin's to Washington's Birthday," as: That is a serious error ana may jipg, Strauss,
has been very strikingly shown by , cause some parties to lose their vot- south. .
the action of the business men of.ing privilege this year,
the city of Rome, Ga. These gentle
men had planned a big get-together
meeting for Wednesday of this week,
but they be bme so enthused with
FOR RENT Three vacant rooms
suitable ' for light housekeeping.
Water and lights. $12.50 per month.
Apply to 803 College street. 2w.
FOR SALE! Nine room house,
with all modern conveniences. Good
house. Apply to
217 Sixth street
The time for the sheriffs to settle( poR RENT 200 acres of good
with the state has been extended we cotton and corn land, 2 miles from
think one month. But the time for Columbus. 3 tenant houses. Phone
citizens to pay taxes has not been gig or particulars.
the aims and objects of the war serv- extended at all, and Friday is the
ice fund campaign of the Salvation last day voters will have to protect.
Army that they publicly decided to their right to vote, this very import-'
forego the pleasure of this banquet 1 ant year.
and to donate the cost thereof, $350,
to this fund.
The amount donated is a very
large proportion of the total amount
set for Rome and the enthusiastic
and hearty support thus demonstrat
ed speaks well for the success of the
So pay now or be classed a slack
er on the day of election.
Air Raid Claims 47 Victimi
London, Jan. 30. German air
planes made their first attack of the
For Sale.
The Peoples' Ice Factory, tern. to
reliable parties.
J. T. SEARCY, Sec.
1.6-1 mo.
. !,
WANTED Young lady to answer
telephone and do other light work in
grocery store. Address Box 543.
FOR SALE Cord wood.
campaign, on which active work will, year upon London and its suburbs H slaughter 2n-J
not be started fox several days, i Monday night, their bombs inflicting
casualties officially reported at 47);;
Earlv measures lookinff to ovcm- killed and 169 injured. , No serious
Ring E.
ec. You cannot keen well nless yen j ment control of the production and material damage was done, and the
stomach, liver and koweta u la good
working ordsr. Keep then that way,
Try Black-Draught. It acts presafUy,
gently and la a aatual way. it yoa
feel alurtiih, take tt!t
Tou will feel fresh tomorrow, rrtot
XSc. a package-One east a does
All druggists. J, t
distribution of oil were forc.fcst. raiders suffered the loss of ..one ma
Monday after a visit to the White chine, which fell in flames from a
House of Fuel Administrator Gar-! height of 10,000 feet, its three oc
field. Complete plans for instituting J cupants being burned to death.
a licensing system, it was said, were
presented by tie fuel administrator. . FOR SALE Flue yug Jersey
cow with third calf. Calf born
FOR SALE Hudson-Six. Apply ; January 27. Address, Box 18, R.
to William Davis. 1 F. D. 1, Steens Miss.
Office Fermerly Occupied
by Dr. Westmoreland, Sr.
TheMerchants&Farmers Bank
Columbus Miss.
Liberal Treatment
Prompt and Efficient Service
Solicits Accounts of Firms and
a 000 00 000000000000 00 0000000 000000 00 0.
Cook With
. OAS'
and Save Goal
t '
Commercial Dept. Phone 197

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