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On Four New
This new wizard out of Europe has enthralled America with the
magic of his bow. And his startling genius dimes in every note of
his first four Victor Records.
Vktro!. Ton-uu.ii Red 3tl Kocoida. 11.00
'64758 Valso Bluette Drigo
64759 Chorus of Dervishes ' Beethoven
VictroU Twelvs-inch Rod S-l Reord, tl.JOeack
. 74562 Scherzo-Tarantfcllo Wienlawski
745C3 Ave Maria Schubert-Wilhelmj
Columbus, Miss. Vi 'J
Popular Science Monthly, $1.50.
Jack Senter. Phone 184 or 222.
Offices First State Bank
Special Attention Given to Collec
tions and Civil Business.
a g
v Phone 21.
Office hours 10:30 to 11:30
a. m., ilo 5 p. m. Residence
Phone 189.
Office 1st State Bank Bldg.
Office Formerly Occupied
by Dr. Westmoreland, Sr.
PHONES 619164.
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State Bank Bldg.
Mr. Marion Holcomb, of Nancy, Ky., says: "For quite
a long while I suffered with stomach trouble. 1 would
have paint and a heavy feeling after my meals, a most
disagreeable taste in my mouth. If 1 ate anything with
butter, oil or grease, I would spit it up. I began to have
regular sick headache. 1 had used pills and tablets, but
after a course of these, I would be constipated. It just
seemed to tear my stomach all up. I found they were
no good at all for my trouble. I heard
recommended very highly, to began to use It It cured
me. 1 keep H in the Bouse all thetime. It fs the best
liver medicine made. 1 do not have sick headache or
stomach trouble an more." Black-Draught acts on
the laded liver and helps It to do its Important work of
throwing out waste materials and poisons from the sys
tem. This medicine should be In every household for
use In time of need. Oct a package today. If you feel
sluggish, take a dose tonight You will feel fresh to
oorrow. Price 25c a package. All druggists.
The amazing
Victor Records
Read our advertisements.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes1
Letters of Administration having
been granted and issued to the un
dersigned upon the Estate of R. E.
Cheatham, Sr., deceased, by the
Chancery Court of Lowndes County,
Mississippi, on the 13th day of Feb
ruary, A. Di 1918.
ThiB is to give notice to all per
sons having claims against said es
tate to Probate and Register same
with the Chancery Clerk of Lown
des County, within one year from
this date. A failure to so probate
and register said claim will forever
bar the same.
; This February 13, 1918.
To Estelle Stewart, in some un
known place in Arkansas.
You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the
County of Lowndes in said State, on
the 1st Monday of April, A.D. 1918,
to defend the suit of Calvin Stewart
wherein you are a defendant.
This 15th day of February, A. D
B. A
Deputy Clerk
II. L.
Letters of Administration C. T. A
having been granted and issued to
the undersigned upon the Estate of
Wm. Winston, deceased, by the
Chancery Court of Lowndes Coun
ty, Mississippi, on the 15th day of
February, A. D. 1918.
This is to give notice to all persons
having claims against said estate to
Probate and Register name with the
Chancery Clerk of Lowndes County
' within one year from this date. A
failure to so probate and register
said claim will forever bar, the same
Administrator C. T.A
This February 16, 1918.
a fi
ft" ft" ft ft ft" o0" o n o a a ft d d
w W. C. T. U. NOTES. 0
a o
Ti-e of Prayer Noontide.
It ii always noontide somewhere.
And across the awakening conti
nents, From shore to shore, somewhere,
Our prayers are rising evermore
There will be no meeting of the
local W. C. T. U. this afternoon, but
a session will be held next Thursday.
Mr. Fotdick Denies Favoring Beer
and .Wine tor United States troops.
Raymond D. Fosdick, chairman of
the war department commission on
training camps makes vigorous de
nial of the statement charged to him
that he favors the use by the Unit
ed States soldiers of alcoholic bev
erages containing lesj than twenty
three per cent alcohol. In a letter to
the Board of Temperance, Prohibition
and Public Morals of the Methodist
Episcopal church, he says, in part:
"From the week that war was de
clared the comission on training camp
activities has been actively engag
ed in protecting the troops in the
training camps of this country from
lemoralizing influences of all sorts.
Since the passage of the selective
service act, we have had special su
pervision of the enforcement of sec
tion 12 andl3 relating to alcohol and
prostitution, and I am confident that
the campaign which we have conduct
ed against bootleggers and undesir
able characters has had a material
fleet upon th'e problem of main
taining the morula of the troops."
Nuggrsts From Frances E. Willsrd's
God grant that we may be so
div&ne!y led fhat history's verdict
upon our work shall be: "By Gods
blesing they helped to make the
world wider for women and happier
for humanity."
We all believe that one of the
choicest fruits of Christianity will
be the growth of a bond of brother
hood and sisterhood so close among
all nations, races and peoples, that
we shall become truly kindred each
to the other, and that great word
Humanity, like a rolling wave of the
ocean of God's love shall wash out
from the sands of time the words
caste, creed, sex, and even that good
word patriotism, because we shall
feel that the whole world is our
country and all men are our kin.
Every utterance of appreciation, af
fection and friendship; every token
of mutual co-operation; every stroke
of honest hard work undertaken side
by side; every sincere prayer, helps
forward this beautiful day that we
call the coming of the Kingdom of
No matter how near the water in
the boiler comes to being steam, it
will not move the locomotive one inch
until it is steam; that elastic, invis
ible, impenetratable and irrestible
power. Love is like that; it cannot
be withstood ; its godlike flame burns
away the dross of policy in the pure
white light of principle. Nothing
less ever will fuse the hearts of men
in those reforms by which the Gos
pel of Christ becomes regnant in the
To me there are but five words in
the language: God, Duty, Love,
Humanity and Immortality. I be
lieve in the reign of the common
people; that the earth is theirs, and
everything in it belongs to them
that the kingdom of heaven is going
to be here, that through the Gospel
there is yet to come a warmer glow
of love on the part of each human
being for every other than we and
the icicles that we resemble can possi'
bly imagine. I believe that each hu
man being will reach a plane so high
that his ost devoted desire will be to
have every other human being enjoy
to the utmost those opportunities of
comfort, development and cultiva
tion that will make of him the ut
i most that can be done. Until this is
the spontaneous desire and the su
preme purpose of each of us we arc
only modified savages; but I believe
that the light of truth in the face of
Jesus Christ
"Shall shine more and more,
"Till its glory like noontide shall
An attachment at the suit of
Bell Lumber and Mfg. Co., Inc,
against your estate for Fifty-Two
and 46-100 dollars, returnable before
T. M. Cummings, a Justice of th
Peace of Lowndes County, Missis
sippi, in District No. 2, has been
executed, and is now pending before
said Justice; and unless you appear
before said Justice on the 28th day
of March 1918, and plead to said
action,, judgment will be entered and
the estate attached will be sold.
J. P
February 20, 1918.
to any points in city
CALL 687
0000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0
a o
a o
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000000
Winona, Miss., Feb. 18.
To The Commercial Appeal.
A few days ago an incident occur
red here which la only a simple illus
tration of the fact that beneath the
khaki uniform of the soldier lad
beats a tender and chivalrous heart.
An old lady who had been on a visit
to her daughter in Columbus, Miss.,
was on her way back to her home in
Texas but missed connection here
and was weeping because she had to
stay in the waiting room until 2
o'clock the next morning. A young
brown-eyed lieutenant who had been
traveling on the same train with her
saw her distress and stepping up to
some Winona ladies who happened
to be at the Btation, asked them to
please speak to the old lady and per
suade her to go over to the hotet
where she could be made comfort
able and that he would pay the bill.
The ladies did as lie requested but
would not allow him to pay the bill,
but said they would see that it was
puid. However, the lieutenant
would not leave until he saw the
old lady comfortably situated. He
told the ladies he would not forget
them when he got to Sunny France.
This gallant soldier is only one
out of thousands of our noble boys
who are sacrificing their lives for
home and native land. Let us do all
in our power to help them win the
ar and may God bless and bring
them back safe once more.
MRS. L. L.
Warning Issued Against Scheme to
Swindle Farmers.
Another scheme for swindling the
farmers of the United States has
been discovered by the Federal Farm
Loan Board. A man advertising
imself as an authorized organizer
of national farm-loan associations
s sending out advertising matter em
blazoned with the national flag,
stating that he will organize such as
sociations at $500 each, and will
teach other the trick for a certain
sum of money. His advertisements
have reached farmers and business
men over a large part of the United
States. He claims to be so busy or
ganizing national farm-loan asso
ciations that he needs help, but will
take time to teach others for a mone
tary consideration.
All such representations are
fraudulent In order to borrow un-
er the farm-loan act, it is neces
sary for farmers to organize co-op
erative national farm-loan associa
tions in their local communities. It
is a violation of a ruling of the Fed
eral Farm Loan Board, published
more than a year ago, for a national
farm-loan association or a joint-
stock land bank to spend any money
for promotion purposes. Associations
thus organized will not be chartered
by the Federal Farm Loan Board.
Farmersare warned therefore against
anyone asking a fee for his prof
fered services in connection with ap
plying for a loan under the Federal
farm-loan act.
Women Engaged in Agriculture.
According to a late report, of the
,800,000 women engaged in agri
culture in the United States, 750,-
000 are under 20 years of age and
1,050,000 are negroes. A majority
of the women workers are found
the Southern states.
The lines of work in which women
will be likely to increase their farm
ing activities, according to the re
port, are vegetable gardening, poul
try raising, butter making, hog rais
ng, etc. It is suggested that women
who know how to operate motor cars
may with little additional training
operate tractors.
FOR RENT One five-room house
on Eleventh street, south, near the
College. Apply to Mrs. M. M. Runci-
Let it take you away from every
day cares, let It broaden your soul
liven your mind and body, refresh
and build you up. Let It take you
away from the tension of life and
make you stronger, happier and more
If you like good music you need
looe for few other comforts to fill
your cup of joy to overflowing.
To enjoy and appreciate music
you must play it The Player Piano
is a medium through which your in
spiration can be expressed.
Half an hour each evening spent
with a Player Piano will increase
any man's efficiency, besides giving
him a tremendous amount of pleasure
Doctors have prescribed music to
business men for over-wrought
' The Lyon & Healy Piano Player
aold at LIDE'S DRUG STORE if
the ONE perfect instrument The
price Is lower NOW than it will ever
be again. You can own a player
by paying down a email cash payment
and your own terms if reasonable
will be accepted in monthly settle
ments. A FREE demonstration in no way
obligate you to make a purchase
Drop in Lide's and hear this won
derful wonder of the age. Better
still, play It yourself.
Housekeepers' Heeidwork
By Food Conversation Committee Bernard Roman Chapter D.A.R
We have discussed in other arti
cles the five great divisions or cluss
es for food for the human machine.
We have found that each dans
should be well represented in the
davs ration of fiwl
Protein is a very important food1'1'? l llf an J "l,t'',y Lf carl'
element. It serves as fuel for the body! hr- "'.t.n to this th,-y
and also provide, a certain impor-i "I''v nd admit of a gr...
tant element, nitrogen, which U;
needed in the care
growth and in the
t lit .
of children for
case of grown
people for bodily repair. Without
the meat or m-at substitutes, meals
would be lacking in this Imdy-build-ing
The protein group of foods in
clude these; moderately ft meats,
poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, dried le
gumes, (beans, peas lentils, cow pens,
peanuts), and some of the nuts.
The housekeeper is facing many
hard problems at this time, since if
rhe must keep her family well
nourished and her table appetising.
There has never been a time when
headwork was so essential to success
in every day housekeeping. To obey
our national appeals for conserva
tion, and also make our budget last
our needs, one mut have a clear un
derstanding if she preserves the
"balanced ration." Pork, beef, mut
ton are war foods as well as hih
priced luxuries. Fish is not always
obtainable. One tires of eggs as a
constant diet, and the dairy products
are very dear. Fortunately the le-
Shippers of Food and Feeds Should
Apply for Cars Through Rail
road Agents.
Director General McAdoo and the
Food Administration have arranged
to co-operate in the distribution of
cars for the food and feed trades.
The grain and grain product and
eed shippers are to first apply for
cars in the usual way through rail
road agents; in case of not furnish
ed within a reasonable time' they may
then apply to the zone representa
tives of the Food Administration
grain division at the various termi
nals, stating the care required, point
at which it is desired cars should be
sent, character of the product to be
loaded, the destination of shipment,
and the consignee.
The shippers of sugar, beans, rice,
vegetables, live stock, meat and
perishables generally, should first
apply for cars in the usual way
through railroad agents; in case not
being furnished within reasonable
time they may apply directly to the
Food Administration in Washington,
stating the cars required, the point
to be sent, the chararter of the com
modity to be loaded, the consignee
and destination.
It's all the way that you look at the
It's all in the way that you do
With laughter or sorrow your lips
may be curled,
But it's all in the way that you
view things.
Yes, it's all in the way that you
journey along
That mukes life a plague or a
The mind is the fountain of walking
or song.
And, man is the judge of the
measure. , .
It's all in the way that you look at
your woe
And not in the woe that is sent
You may bear it with courage and
Bmile as you go,
Or frown and let it discontent
For care is a creature that's born
of the mind,
And gloom is a cloud we enn scat
The thorn of the rose if we seek
we can find,
But the thorn of the rose doesn't
We can make our own sunshine and
make our own mirth,
We can add to our trouble by
We can make a grim graveyard of
this glad old earth
By giving up loving and hoping.
For it's all in the way that e look
at the world,
xet, its all in the way that we
view things;
With sorrow or laughter our lips
mny be curled,
For it's all in the way that we do
Pennsylvania Grit
Capacity ot Million founds a Day.
Plans and contracts are completed
for the construction of two smoke
le?s-powder plants, each to cost ap
proximately $50,000,000. The esti
mated capacity of each is 500,000
pounds of powder a day, and from
10,000 to 15,000 men will be em
ployed at each plant.
The initial output at each factory
is expected not later than next Au
gust Much of the product will be
available for the allied nations.
Be loyal. Join
Cross Association.
the Junior Red
gume family comes to our rescue
The dt-gume are a rlas of phntsthat
have the power ti take nitroyen
from th air and put it into a form
whiih is ji'ipT food for ror.n.
Th-y have many desirable rhurac-
i etrislic among which are: timup
I builing properties, mineral neces-
" . V, . ,
I P.imtnn t(.,l..,l I)..,..,-. T.. ...... ..I
........... ,.flll.1. jwij I I '1 VI
, . , . . . .
beans, one tearpnon salt, one-third of
, .. .. ' ,' .
muiiii ui hiv, i, pounds nioin.es, i
cup boiling water. Souk over night.
Drain, add fresh water, cook slow
ly until tender. Drain, put in bak
ing dich with the pork, previously
scalded, scraped, and cut in strips to
the rind. Mix molasses, suit and
boiling water together and pour over
the beans. Rake about seven hours
in a slow oven. Remove cover at
the last to allow top to brown.
Pea Souffle: 1 cup pea pulp, 3
eggs, one-third cup of bread crumbs.
Sauce: one-half cup milk or meat
stock, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper,
one-half teaspoon of suit. Beat
crumbs, pulp and yolks of eggs into
the sauce. Beat whites very light and
fold into the mixture. Bake about
35 minutes.
Croquettes: Season cold mashed
peas with pepper and salt, add one
tablespoon of melted butter to each
cup of peas. Add one beaten egg
to each cup. Form into croquettes,
roll in beaten egg then in bread or
cracker crumbs. Fry in hot fat.
PubUs Information Dtrsotor.
When President Wilson appointed
Mr. Hoover to the position of Food Ad
ministrator tor the United States, he
ereated a new gov
eminent departmeut.
which necessary
as a result of the
world war. The pres
ident proclamation
and the rules which
have been agreed to
by the president calls for the support
of all the population of the United
State. Therefore, Mississippi has her
part to do in saving food to help win
the war.
The Food Administration does not
ask any one to go hungry, nor does It
expect to take from any one the neces
sities of life. When the Pledge Card
was presented to the householders of
this country, they asked you to Join
In the willing service to conserve food
for our nation. The situation at the
present time Is a serious one In Eu
rope There Is enough meat, wheat
and sugar In tire United States to sup
ply its population, but we are associat
ed with nations in Europe who are
fighting the battle for humanity, and
need these particular foods. It Is there
fore necessary for us to anslst them
by supplying them with food, so that
they can keep the battle ground la
Europe. Should we fall to do our duty
now, at some time In the future, per
haps, wo might have to contend with
the domination of autocracy on Amer.
lean soil. We accordingly call upon
every Individual In Mississippi to do
their part In changing their habits of
living so as to at less of the things
which are needed In Kurope, and to
consume Instead the foods oj which
we have a great abundance, s.'h as
orn, oats, game, etc.. besides fruits
and vegetables, which our people can
use and thus help to win the war.
Articles will appear In this paper
every week calling your attention to
the desire of the Food Administration
on matter of Food Conservation, and
we trust you will follow the requests
here uttered, for by so doing you may
do a most patriotic work and help to
win this struggle for the good of all
Practice food conservation for the
sake of your stomach, for the sake of
your pocketbook, for the sake of your
country or for any other reason under
the sun, but BE SCRE YOU DO IT,
Deaths in British Forces in Action
And from Wounds Estimated
at Seven Per Cent.
isow that American troops are
taking their places in the trenches,
attention is again directed to an es
timate by the Secretary of War, that
the losses up to June 1, 1917, of the
British expeditionary forces from
deaths in action and from wounds
amounted to but 7 per cent of the
total of all men sent to France since
the beginning of the war.
The ratio of losses of this charac
ter today, because of improved tac
tics, is less than 7 to every 100 men.
- Pursuant to a resolution passed
at a meeting of the stockholders of
the Lowndes County Lumber Com
pany, a corporation, held at its of
fice, at Columbus, Mississippi, on
the 1st day of January, 1918, at
which meeting the holders of the en
tire capital stock were present and
voting, the following resolution was
presented and passed:
Be it resolved by the stockholders
For a good many year The American
Tobaccc Company have been conducting a
serle of experimenu bavins a their
object tba improvement of smoking
And it ! Interesting to know that one
of the greatest of their discovert was one
of the simplest, and that was, that cooking
or toaating tobacco Improved it la every
way, just as cooking moat foods improve
They took a real BurU-y tobacco, grown
lit this coir, try; toasted it aa you would
toast bread; moistened it to replace the
natural moisture driven off by toastirg;
made it into cigarettes, called them
"LUCKY STRIKE, the toatted cigarette,"
and offered them to the public
The result has been the greatest demand
ever created for any tobacco product in a
similar length of time.
The change produced by toasting la not
only most wholesome, but the flavor U
greatly improved, Just aa cooking improve!
meat, for example.
of the Lowndes County Lumber
Company that the capital stock of
wid corporation be increased from
Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars
to Twenty-five Thousand ($25,000,
00) Dollars, and that C. B. Russell,
President of said corporation, and C.
J. Roney, Secretary of said corpora
tion, be, and they are hereby em
powered to petition the Governor of
the State of Mississippi, praying
that the charter of said corporation
be amended in that the capital stock
be increased from Ten Thousand
($10,000.00) Dollars to Twenty-flve
Thousand ($25,000.00) Dollars.
Now, therefore, we, C. B. Russell,
as President, and C. J. Roney, as
Secretary, do hereby petition the
Governor that the charter of incor
poration of the said Lowndea Coun
ty Lumber Company be amended In
this, to-wit: That the capital stock
of said corporation be increased
from Ten Thousand ($10,000.00)
Dollars to Twenty-flve Thousand
($25,000,000) Dollar.
Witness our hands this 1st day of
January, 1918.
President of The Lowndea County
Lumber Co.
Secretary of The Lowndea County
Lumber Co.
This day personally appeared be
fore me the undersigned authority, C.
B. Russell, as President, and C. J.
Roney, as Secretary of the Lowndea
County Lumber Company, a corpora
tion, known to me as such officers of
said corporation, who acknowledged
that they signed and executed the
foregoing petition for an amend
ment to the charter, In accordance
with the resolution duly passed by
the stockholders of said corperation.
Witness my hand this 5th day of
February, 1918.
Notary Public.
By virtue of the power vested In
me as Trustee in a certain Deed of
Trust, made and delivered on the
30th day of September 1914, by
Zack Jones and his wife, Ida Jones,
to me as trustee to secure the pay
ment to Harrison Johnston, Jr., of
certain indebtedness therein men-Mone-1,
record of which said Deed of
Trust is made in the office of the
nyr-fcf,, ch'ko( s'd Countv and
tnte, in Deed Pook, Numbered 103,
"nre "5. I will sell at public auction,
to the highest bidder for cash, in
frontof the Court House Door in the
'own of Columbus, said State and
County, on the 18th day of March
1918, within legal hours, the follow
ing property to-wit:
Twenty-one (21) acres off of the
West side of the Northeast quarter
of Southwest quarter of Section
Thirty-six, Township Eighteen,
Range Eighteen West. (21 acres off
of West side of N- E. 1-4 of S. W.
1-4 of Section 36, T. 18. R. 18 W.)
Being all of N. E. 1-4 of S. W. 1-4
of said Section 36 except that part
sold to Clark Harrison by deed re
corded Deed Book 89, Page 498 of
the record of deeds of Lowndea
County, Mississippi. All being in
Lowndes County, Miss.
The title to the above property be
lieved to be good, but I will convey
only such title as vested in me as
Trustee under said Deed of Trust
Columbus, Miss., February 20, 1918.
To Antony Prowell,
An attachment at the suit of
Thomas B. Franklin against your es
tate for One Hundred dollars, re
turnable before T. M. Cummings, a
Justice of the Peace of Lowndea
J.owndes County, Mississippi, in Dis
trict No. 2. has been executed, and
js now pending before said Justice;
and unless you appear before said
Justice on the 28th day of March
1918, and plead to said action,
judgment will be entered and the es
tate attached will be sold.
J. P.
This 16th day of February 1918.

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