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C 0 C 0 0 O O C 0 0 0 0 0 0 .'-' "' v O
0 LOW RATE OF INUni sr v
i c O O O 0 O O 0 f 0 O 0 0 O O 0 0 j
"transfer !
( :v.y jiMi-i' - in , i!y
CALL ;-.?
W. I. McKolJar.
Cleaning and rrv:'rw.r."
A pent fir
Garden City TUorin ; ("in.
( '!)ic,'iv'i.
Cli;l. rh'Hit' 821
l.ii s A p '
l : -A . A .. i
li.1 i! i,t i it, n
: .1;,,. ! '. ' r f
1,. . : :(! c. .i.
f! ' !,- AA. m. hi
1 ,(,!, 1 n. m
I ., !A; A. . ! -u'-r.Au ;.'! .T. I:
X. , I',; . ----r m; i 'I I."t Av-it
Office I uhihi ' Occupied
by Dr. Wentnioreian d. Sr.
lawyers ' 'j
cfiko r-.vt r-uta F.v.-.k 1
Spec ift AMrnf.TM C.Ivhi to C'olb.-c- J
t'-.r r.J Civil Business. '
rho!u21. - i
Office hours l'1 to ll'r.n. j
a. m.. 4 to 5 p. m. Ro.sidenct-f j
Phone 189. !
Office 1st State Bank Did sr. j
K'fiAN Uuo'iK' CO.
(Prifclmrd Pro. Yard)
IMiONT. 711
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, f:irst State Bank
iCo rr ?.-c:mension
.. . w . -. ,
.J.t 'ili, .JLl,.-J ' -..,
... 11 , i 1
l:!.!.;!;.G'j C ' ALL f- l.a.
INSIUE i i.asn.
:i.':n am- rOf.v
H'.;ci;r:;; i-'Arrn
CA! V, M i'K
, j.
' t 5y A l"l f'r Mufiufac
i ... . -f ; . ' r, . .!,
1 " ,-- :! f... :
i f . :! !! i' t'il l,v l! '
" i 1 '. -.it. ':..l:.ii ii'.'t t 'if. y
. " ' .( :i .) f.. ' 'h ' v ,.tj
1 i ; i i .j ( i1 t ' i ' : ' i'l - '
1 ' ' i ;-.,f:-,ilr t ri.n !." -
A' i , ' t ' ! :!U u-h (:'
1 ;.t-4 rt r r rv i iAl! ce W hil i
. r ; i i I i ic i '' r;. , ;i : ' .' i . '
!',( A.-'. A' i- , T r 5 1 .' 'I' i'.
' ' : i. i i A"- --'.in in ;.hi' -
... t, In . i. , .ti i
I - -! A ' i I r: ' t ; v vi' ' , i6 p
- A.! v ; :? .'.I- f-
f. cr ' ;h'i'-r f'i frm
t . ' .. ! :'! :'y i'K-usi -.nrr.
' : ' ' ;-vr ii-' "! ii h i ("I t'
! ,' f.)" ;. t.uvf.i( 1 i Vi H';::rti
; . i ,!: I t ort), p-f: t TiI'.'Oi'
!''(!(:' I ;-a, a i'l :'h'iti 1:1 ;n th"? m r;
i . ( Ivi Jti. Fs'h (iUntiti'-i? ;i-
A . fc,y ! f ; ,,f(,'r of re
! A ; :V:."A '' '" cm- h-'d. v,bi(A
r - j'l : li-l iviill i'i'i to t t,p Foo l Ail
f;;vA tr:.Aon !( furr "-.tri'li 1 5.
Farnsen Borrow Ovm ioO.COD.Cf.
Print.' the itwih of ,T:ir.'inn-, tt,
?y7,r.1" V'T? paiii out f' f irnu-rs of
n.c Umt.w! Fl-i(r.s by , I"" :1 ! .-:!
lumV)' on bmr-iim" fir5.t-morta(.'f
:.i-.'Or.t,.,f jc, ;1 1 ;.i t el' (V; t by
i (', Fflfrsil lAitm f.iitui nowrtl.
' !".' - )'v 1 tl) lottil nmoynt
'f fini-v r-t'l fit t'i f.'irmers sict
1 A' -'A.!i A-. ,,f thi' Ff.K-r:il
J Iif.nltT v.'.is 'SO.T;-.'?, ('over-'H?: ?!,-O-'ti
I'vn (': "il. The tAtt' umo'jn
iA l ..I fc.r n't. A Tni.ri.iMrv
; J v. ; , :0.r.t)f, t:1, rctv;'' 'ipntinf
; ! I A i A' liiiiibt-ttionR.
1,-tilii's I Ionic .Tournal, $l.fiO r.
vetir. Juc'; Sinter.
M(.ny f.i'iit' in; muny wi'nt fut;
.-'n ? ;.., if ! !. i"r atcl many l"ut
In' t') I'.'l h WUH Jll'Hllt.
Yi i. 'i.'nii1 ii m rhim'.o I'hf t ..Kii.
5prM Lirn to C'vr Sbtpmtnli.
,i ('(.riliiifr t an unnounri-ment
by :Si Wi t- 'vii r.i.ir'l a njtwial
I'vvu i' h:i bi'ffi is ik'i tovi'rinif
''i:p'rnM(ti tnril(! bv ptrhons in th
Tb"t) rwlic u (l:irnift fay iiirl pert.
' Iio for, ;, i t'li'i? to hurt?" '
'Ah' Suily now," the I)ct(r .il,
"Tlw;, little bcmty Inn't nfrai.l?"
Oh P''or! J'vit ?!ifT"i'ci! "iou.h;
! jji hns such a horrid puff
';,!:'t. !n'k jiinin, 1 mfuii at all;
var Lonomoas lieilecced
ail is k n i E i i i v
All JB- WA'.X.a.V A a
v 11 Ok
There arc thirteen army canrs in .the south equal in size to
the average city, and in each one we have installed a complete
telephone system so that the army officials may have adequate
telephone communication, both, local and lorn distance.
This was a big job given to us without time for preparation
or for the preliminaries that such undertakings usually require.
The nation was at war; the Bell system had proffered all its re
sources, and when the camps were located we were there with
men and material.
We did only our duty, but it is a matter of pride that
we were able to gather material and equipment from the four
corners of the country and have service waiting for the govern
ment when officials were ready for it.
Such a gigantic task could not be accomplished without sac-,
rifice, and while as an organization and as individuals we were
willing to go the limit, the necessity now arises for the public to
also participate in the sacrifice.
Today we find the calling rate from commercial telephones
throughout our territory above any average ever before experi
enced or anticipated, while it is not within our ability to afford
the prompt and certain relief that could be effected in ordinary
There is not an army camp Tiere, but the drain upon the
available supply of material and the activity due to war condi
tions, is reflected in the demands upon our service here.
We cannot secure equipment with which to enlarge our
switchboards, and only the minimum amount. of material is avail
able for increasing the number of our long distance circuits.
Added to this is (lie imperative duty of serving the govern
ment first with a service which in itself is growing beyond all an
ticipated proportions.
We can say frankly that there is every likelihood , that your
local telephone service will be slower than you ordinarily exper
ience and that your long distance service will be subject to de
lays never before experienced.
This is one of the sacrifices of war which the individual
American is called upon to bear.
We want you to know, however, that we are doing all that
is humanly possible and all that money and science can do, to
maintain our service at the high standard for which the Bell sys
tem is world famous.
When you encounter delays and when your service docs not
measure up to your part experience, we hope you will bear this
in mind and give us your cheerful and patient co-operation.
I f" stop it oti"( in h while,"
SA1 (h. Doctor with h b'iimi:;;r ?r!t1i
Vf.--, Ppf'tor, Til not let thnt p;M.
You shut up I won't stnml your
i ii.nie a t.ill pawky fellow; .
"uri-r,urufl nwk ami hands dark yel
low. 'Poctor' I've a yr-llovv jackets ne: t
ptwin'ii.ton of rnv htwl and chc.-'t."
Unit cd Stiit-f. to. nrid for tho ptr
t i.iiil u i (?, indiA'.tiuuIf prvifii; in
tit-.! ''n:.l lAMo- Army or Navy or
th Ancrrnfl It-'! Cron pluoi'l.
i 7h's !icen.-M does not permit hip.
i hii'.iti by persons in 'oil coiritr: t
; American prirvirrr of w ir. hut. tVi
,Vcn i'-cucd to, facilitate mall per
! ''onul khinrer n's lo o!dier9 and sailor.-
and Kc-d Cro.H workcru bv doinp
;m iron bull." ; f.w iy w;n ncces-tity of rr'curina.
i nil individual o.xport lief rise in fach
cifo. f'h'prrcnt! by mail under th;?
licence nrit hr niadp in- accordance
with the regulations of the- Post Of
fice Department. If it become
neecsnry later to limit this license
to certain specified commodi'ie.!
notice will be Riven through the
Weil, cai'l the Doctor, "have ihe
Or some jrrit and we'll soon settle
Tho matter with as little pain
An 'necessary for your Rain."
The Doctor yanked and then he pull
ed; He pulled and pulled and pulled and
' Hey Doctor! You frit hack to tow.
If it the mid'ler. Don't break my jaw."
The Doctor yanked and pulled aj.ain
With all his strength and m'ujht and
ihe fellow arose to follow
As if pullers were to swallow.
Ah, JMnimiuy! I'm triad it's' out..
" (! Doctor, you are pretty stoat.
Pd like to have you as a ban'
To "work 'fide me and my hired man."
'then came an old ne;tro'"Mam;ny."
Who had nnrid the Doctor's Sum-
my. '
How is you bos's?
flere'8 an old fashioned recipe for
corn muffins tlit luis recently been
revived and used with unusual success
In several oTthe larger New York ho
tels: To make three and a half dozen
muffins take ono quart milk, six ounces
butter substitute, twelve ounces of
light syrup or honey, four eggs, pinch
of salt, two our.res baking powder,
we and a half pounds cornmeal and
one and a half pounds rye flour. The
butter and syrup should ha thoroughly
mixed; then add the eggs gradually.
Pour In the milk and add the rye flout
mixed with cornmeal and baking poW'
To nifwrtt Lee, l'o.-t ofTicf nd
i!re , ruiil r AJenee, Cheapo, Cook
fiou ty, rn.i'oi.' ; Mr. Mury 11. 'a
riilk-tr, 'iru ofiice addtv n and
res-'.! nc, Memph!., Shelby County.
Ten .a; Mm. Carrk I!. Hill. Post of
fice addreM and residence Citro
nelb', Mobile County, Alabama; Di
Mfi'ii Hlewett, I'O't oftic: oddres
and resideice Ctronelle, Mobile
County, Alabama; T. W. Schlater
Post offlie Hddress and residence,
Tolc lo, OhiojARome S. Johnston
r;;A office addressi and residence,
Falern, Virginia; ReRinia S. Erv. i i.
Post tifnce add.'e'S ar.d residence
riaqaemine, Louisiana; Winona S.
Harvey, Post office address and resi
dence, riaquemine, Louisiani;.
You arc commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the
County of Lowndes in said State, on
the First (1st)' Monday of April, A
D. 1918 to defend the suit of. Court
ney Blewett, ' minor, by his next
friend and Guardian Mrs. Ada Lide
Plewett wherein you arf? defendants.
This the Oth day of March, 1918
How bie;' Sam
'tie's about 'tall an you 'Mammy.'
" The Doctor and the nein'es) ta'ked
f thimr in common then it balk
ed ','Dh Inv.'dy! Lawdy! Pull dis toof.
l'.'s sho' Kw'me ter jump fru de roof."
Charles Burnett Lamiltin.
To Antony Prowell,
An attachment at the puit of
Thomas P.. Franklin against your es
tate for One Hundred dollars, ie-
turnr.ble befoj-e T. M. Cummine:,!, n
Justice of the Peace of Lowndes
Lowndes County, Mississippi, in Dis
trict No. 2, has been executed, and
is row pcmlinrr before said Justice;
and unless you appear before said
lu'tA'C ort the 28th day of March
1018. and plead to said action
jud'.nnent will be entered and the es
tate attached will be sold.
. J. P.
This 1 fit h day of February- 1918. -
J1 V "
1 SkK'i
riach Eattl Plane Ned Extra
r.quipmunt lnd Sftff of Skilled Men
After three years of warfare the
total number of airplanes able to
take the air ut any one time on cith-
r side of the western front has not
been over 2.00. Each plane in the
;r requires a force of 4C men, two
replacement piano 1 on fib "fo-ind
and one training plane for every pi
lot who eventually reaches the front
v ith an extra engine for ct'.eh p'me
The life. of a plane is not more
than two months, and tho engine
must be overhauled after each 75
hours. Now that American iwttir
Varies are poinp overseas, the ereal
rirohlem is to socure the thous md?
of fkilled mechanics, endncnen
motor renair men, wood and reta'
workers needel to keen the pb ine-
i'n perfect condition. This emrireer
inir and mechanical force at the air-1-omes,
the flyinpr fields, and renair
depots, both here and behind the
i;nes in France, is a vital lndus-ria-
link in the chain to air Runremr.ev.
Parched cornmeal Is the feature ofr
these excellent wheatless biscuits.
First, the cornmeal one-half a cup
is put in n shallow pun placed in the
oven and stirred frequently until It
is a delicate brown. The other tngre'
clients are a twispoon of salt, n.cup
of peanut butter and one And a half
cups of water. Mix the peanut but
ter, water find salt and heat. While
this mixture Is hot stir in the meal
which should also he hot. Beat thor
oughly. The dough should be of such
consistency that It can be dropped
from a spoon. Bake in small cakes
1n an ungrensed pun. This makes 10
biscuits, each of which contains one-
sixth of an ounce of protein.
Salvation Army.
123 N. Market St.
Sunday School at 2::)0 p. m
Prr.i. e Service at 3 :H0 p. m
Preaching: at 7:30 p. in.
vTuesday and ' Friday
Young People's Meeting Satur
day night.
Administrator Garfield says begin
t: lay in your winter supply of ioa'
early, but don't order any more than
.on need.
Warmth, light and cleanliness
are the foundation of physical well-
being. Southern Agriculturist.
It is often easier to find fault vith
the job after it is done than it was
to do it, even to do it faultily.
Southern Agriculturist.
"Legumes in every possible place,"
is a good motto this year as in years
nast. Southern Agriculturist.
To Annie Chapman, PostolhAe
dross unknown:
Yen are commanded to appear be-,",-!.,'
the Ch.iocery Court' of the
I'ounty of l.owtides in said Stale, on
ha iirst Monday of April. A. I). J91S,
.0 d'.'fond th3 rr.i
-.vi;er?ln u are
i ir- e.'th
t of James Ch.irm
a defendant.
d iy of Ftbruary A D.
Deputy Clerk
To Mrs. E. M. McKissick, Pest 01
'((! address and roAdcu? Demin.,'.
WW Mexico; Merrlit IPp.h, IVU of-
Chiropractic, the Drugless
Kosu to Health, ihe world's
rreatest health science, a me
chanical adjusting of the hu
man froire eliminates the
cause of disease then nature
Makes you well. Chiropractic
means health to you. This new
method removes the cause ol
eo celled disease by scientist
h?nd adjusting and is not 03
taopf.thy but a distinct method
Ii. red upon the mechanical
f.t:-rctcre body. A, few qi;es
llcr for you Do you ever
?.r,vc Eve, Ear or Throat Trci-
I jle? Are yovr Tonsils giving
! you -Annoyance cr is your voice
iin;-.r?rl? Ivetif7ate rav me-
il . Have you Rheumatism,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Goitre,
Dysnr.psia. Constipation If so
Chiropractic is th answer.
H?v you Chronic Headaches,
G"ll Stone3, Molaiial or any
othir form of Fever? Try
Chiropractic. Have you Stom
&fh Kidney, Ho3rt, t3owcl or
Cl-dder Trouble? Have you
Femala Trouble or Sexual Dis
orders? There is no embarrass-
n ?rt ta the patient, and the
rewl's. pre most wonderful. It
-ti .
I, Ffank C. Owen, Trustee, under
the provisions of and by virtiui of the
authority conferred upon me in a
Deed of Trust made by T. J. Svvanzy
and wife, Carrie Swanzy, to me as
Trustee, on the 28th day of Septem
ber, 1912, to secure a certain in
debtedness to W. S. Lindamood and
W. N. Puckett, and which said Deed
of Trust is recorded in Trust Deed
Book No. 96, page 542, in the Chan
cery Clerk's office of Lowndes Coun
ty, Mississippi, default having been
made in (the payment of Rhein-
debtedness therein described, I will
on Saturday, the 6th day of April,
1918, offer for sale, and will sell
at public auction, for cash, to the
highest and best bidder, at the front
door of the Court House of Lowndes
County, Mississippi, with:n th? legal
hours, the following described prop
erty in said County and Stale, to-
wit :
All of Squar Thirty-nine (39)
North of Main street in the City of
Columbus, County and State afore
said, except those portions hereto
foie sold and conveyed to W. D. Du
pree, by a deed recorded in Took 80,
page 580, and the portion sold to E.
B. Morris, as appears by deed record
ed in Book 98, page' G7. . Said ex
cepted property more particularly
described as beginning: at the South
west corner of said Square 39 run
ning; thence North One Hundred and
Eight (108) feet; thence Eeat Three
Hundred and Thirty, (330) feet;
thence South One Hundred and
Eight (108) feet to' the Southeast
.. ..-l r. it nr
corner OI SP.lU (square; inci.i.c urn
Three Hundred and Thirty (330)
feet to po'rit of beginning, together
with the free use of an alley way
eight (8) feet wide, and running
nlonp; and adjacent to the North line
of said excepted property its entire
length. The property herein convey
ed being leasehold property from the
Truces of the Franklin Academy
for rinety-nine (99) years, from
.si"-t 1st, 1821, renewal forever.
I will convev only such title as is
vested in me as Trustee. N
c'r.l,ir-iii!t.. Mississippi,
M.-rch M, 1918.
fie of Lowndes County, MiwiaMppi,
default having bv'eti made In the puy
mimtof the indebtedness therein de
scribed, I will on Friday, the 22nd day
of Mitrth, 19 J 8, offer for sale, and
will neil at public auction, for cash,
to the highest and best bidder, at th
front door of the Court Houe of
Lowndea County, Mn ssippi, within
legal hours, the following described
property in said county and State, to
wit :
Lot Number Thrre (3) in Square
Number One Hundred and Two
(102) North of Main Street in the
plan of said city, and more particu
larly described as commencing at a
point on Grove Street, One Hun
dred and ten (110) feet from South
west corner of said Square One
Hundred and Two (102), running
thence East One Hundred and For
ty-five (145) feet to an alley dividing
sr. id Square; thence North Forty-five
(45) feet; thence West One Hun
dred and Forty-five (145) feet to
Grove Street; thence South on Grove
Street to point of beginning, same
being leasehold property from the
Trustees of Franklin Academy for a
term of Ninety-nine (99) years from
August 1st, 1821, renewable forever.
I will convey only such title as is
vested in me as Trustee.
Columbus, Mississippi,
February 28, 1918.
By virtue of the power vested in
me as Trustee in a certain Deed of
Trust, made and delivered on the
30th day of September 1914, by
Zack Jones and his wife, Ida Jones,
to me as trustee to secure the pay
ment to Harrison Johnston, Jr., of
certain indebtedness therein men
tioned, record of which said Deed of
Trust is made in the office of the
Chancery Clerkof said County and
State, in Deed Book, Numbered 103,
Puge 25, I will sell at public auction,
to the highest bidder for cash, in
frontof the Court House Door in the
town of Columbus, said State and
County, on the 18th day of March
1918, within legal hours, the-following
property to-wit:
Twenty-one (21) acres off of the
West side of the Northeast quarter
of Southwest quarter of Section
Thirty-six, Township Eighteen,
Range Eighteen West. (21 acres off
of West side of N. E. 1-4 of S. W.
1-4 of Section 36, T. 18, R. 18 W.)
Being all of N. E. 1-4 of S. W. 1-4
of said Section 36 except that part'
sold to Clark Harrison by deed re
corded Deed Book 89, Page 498 of
the record of deeds of Lowndes
County, Mississippi. All being in
Lownde3 County, Miss.
The title to the above property be
lieved to be good, but I will convey '
only such title as vested in me as
Trustee under said Deed of Trust.
Columbus, Miss., February 20, 1918.
.i i win pay you ia invc-auxaic my
'It. IT .-. U. T .mv.ri, ;wl
, 1 iw ..m,., iwJ method,
The first American captain to die
in action was a member of the 1917
class of West Point.
Two things on which the. country
cannot afford to economize to meet
war expenses are schools and roads.
Southern Agriculturist.
You don't use the harrow as much
as ycu should on your farm. If you
do. you are the one farmer in a hun
dred. Southern Agriculturist.
1.1 1 Viv; , Hi U NI VV I. 1 1
1 Yon are commanded to appe.tr be-! Pn'Umg nature to perform-lhe provisions of and by virtue of the
'ere lhe Ch,ncerv Court of Lcwn-, h?r rk-. Health w tne Rreai- Buthority nferred upon me m a
Uiftiy oiiiuuiuwai
1 b--.it removes the causes, thus
lstest blessing of God. Chiro Pe(?iJ of Tru3t maae by P. S. Evans"
practic means health. Con
IcsCcuMtv in said State on the
..:. i f 4 r 1111! . .1...
.Hin.iayoi -m"". " - .... e f
fnd the sa,t of W. A. Lawrence! "
u herein you are a defendant. j r, r p MoT OQTv V
This the i.'th day of March 1913.! Ml. O. VJ. 1ULLUOIV I
B. A. LINCOLN, ! 40l Fir,, state Bank Building
(Seal) i Columbus, Miss. Phene 23S
E. S. Evans and II. E. Cunningham,
to me as Trustee, on the 28th day of
February, 1913, Ut setuie u CciLilr.
indebtedness to Lydia Owen Proctor,
and which said Deed of Trust is re
corded in Trust Deed Book No. 99,
page tf! in the Chan .-err Cork's of-
Under Execution
Execution for S54.54. Cost for
$4.15. Total $58.69.
Gunter Brothers vs. Queen Ester
Lodge No. 6098, O. O. V. of O. F.
Ey virtue of the above execution
to me directed by T. M. Cummings,
Justice of the Peace of Lowndes
County and State of Mississippi, I
will on Monday, the 1st day of April,
1918 in front of the Court House in
the City of Columbus,'' Mississippi,
within legal hours, expose for sale at
public outcry to the highest bidder
for cash, all the right, interest and
claims the defendant Queen Ester
Lodge No. 6098, G. O. V. of O. F., .
has in and to a certain lot in Square
No. 81 North of Main street in the
City t Columbus, Miss., more partic
ularly 'described as follows: Begin
ing at a point on the Northern bound
ary l;ne of said Square midway or 165
fed from the Northeast and North
west corner of said Square and
from this initial print running East
on said Northeast boundary line Rfi
feet thence South 165 feet thence .
West 55 feet thence North 165 feet
to the point of beginning. Being
leasehold property in (he City of Co
lumbus, Miss., from the Trustees of
Franklin Academy for a period of 99
years from the 1st day of August,
1821, renewable forever which has
been levid on as the property of the
said defendant; Rnd yill be sold ta
satisfy the judgment therein and all
This the 16th day of February,
To Mary Evans, residence and post
office address unknown. -
You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the Coun
ty of Lowndes in said State, on the
1st Monday of April, A. D. 1918, to
defend the suit of Alonzo Evans
wherein you are a defendant.
This 6th day of March, A. D. 1918.
Deputy Clerk.

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