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Entered at PostofTic in Columbus, Miss, n second clans
Sont-Weeldy, one year $3.00
Thursday or Sunday, one year 1.60
Member of
New York City.
relivjd either by carrier or sent t.irough mail.
The manager of the train carrying war relics to ad
vertise the third Liberty Loan paid quite a compliment
to Columbus during his recent short visit here, having
stated in a conversation with Hon T. J. Locke that the
reason arrangements were not made in advance to open
the exhibit here was because the train was sent out pri
warily to awaken interest in towns which had failed to
subscribe their quotas in former campaigns, and that as
Columbus had always come across with its full quota it
was considered unnecessary to do any advertising here
Columbians should feel much honored by this state
ment, aa it shows that their patriotism is fully appreciat
ed by the federal government and its officials. The conv
pliment, however, was undoubtedly well deserved; for
not only in Liberty Loan campaigns but in all other war
activities undertaken here local1 citizens have done their
full part. The gentlemen appointed to manage the va
rioui campaigns have entered the work zealously and en.
thnsialtically, while citizens generally have responded
liberally to the many culls made upon them for cash.
The third Liberty Loan campaign is now in progress
and is being waged with the same zeal that characterized
former aimilar undertukingr,. Mr. E. C. Chapman, who is
directing the drive, has had many years' experience as a
financier, and his ability aa a money-getter is being force.
fully demonstrated. Mr. F.,P. Phillips, the sales man
ager, is also possessed of rare business acumen, and
pushing the sale of the securities in an intelligent and
thoroughly effective manner, while other members of the
committee are all doing splendid work.
More than half the local allotment has already been
secured, and Lowndes county is sure to "go over the
ft ft N ke I
Reading war news is an exceedingly popular pastime
these days; but we confess that the more we read the
cables and dispatches the more confused our mind be
comes and we are at as great a loss to determine the
cause of the titanic struggle as we are to ascertain who
struck the immortal Billy Patterson.
There has long been in our mind a well grounded
suspicion that the war was instigated, aided and abetted
by a gentleman, or rather a man, who is exceedingly un
popular in this country and whose official title is Em
peror Wilhelm but who is frequently referred to us "The
Beast of Berlin." Arthur Howden Smith, however, says
he wasn't. This particular member of the well known
Smith family is writing for a newspaper syndicate a
series of articles entitled "The Real Colonel House,"
and in his opening chapter goes into the causes of the ly subscribed.
THE COLUMBUS COMMERCIAL war, wheh he declares was started by the German mili
tary clique, and not by the Kaiser. The writer iUUi
GEO. 0. SENTER Editor and Manager the Kaiser dM not want th, war( tnd
Telephone - - 222, would have opposed it vigorously had he not feared that
, .. J such opposition would cause him to be dethroned.
The aforesaid Mr. Smith declares further that the
principal reason members of the military clique desired
hostilities was because they had built up a magnificent
war machine and wanted to use it before they became too
old to fight.
This reason appears to us to be a bit far-fekhed;
hut we won't quarrel with Mr. Smith, as we are more
interested in when the war will end than in who was re
sponsible for bringing it on.
Give us a prediction as to when hostilities will
cease, Mr, Smith, and if time proves its verity we'll write
you down as a prophet worthy of the highest honors. and
the most extravagant encomiums.
IJy eschewing beef, pork, mutton and other red
meats we can circumvent the averice of the packers and
prevent them from again advancing the prices of their
Since the custom of having regular meatless days
was Inaugurated the consumption of packing house
products has decreased considerably and the packers are
,;ow engaged in an effort to induce the Food Adminis
tration to lift the ban on food of this character, claim
that the visible supply is sufficiently large to warrant
such action.
It is generally conceded, however that the real ob
ject of the beef barons is to bring about an increased
consumption so they can announce another advance in
prices nnd thus materially increase their already immens.
Spring, according to the calendar, is already here
and as the weather grows warmer there will be a ma
terial increase in the available supply of farm and gar
den products. Chickens, eggs, fruit, vegetables and
other commodities which are produced in rural neighbor
hoods will soon be plentiful, and it will be possible for any
family to set a good table without using any meat of the
character needed for shipment to the soldiers who are so
gallantly fighting for us on foreign fields.
By reducing the uantity of red meat consumed we
will not only be performing a patriotic duty but will be
conserving our health as well, for all medkal savants
agree that a meat diet is injurious and has a tendency to
mpnir our digestive organs. ,
Instead of removing the ban on meat, the food ad
ministration could, without entailing hardships upon any
n us. increase the number of meatless days during the
ipru.g and summer months, for at this period substi-
;utes are plentiful, and no one would suffer.
m m
A report which Mayor McClanahan recently submit
ted to the municipal council included a paragraph reconv
mending that action looking towards paving the streets
n the business section of the city be immediately taken
and the recommendation is looked upon with favot not
orly by members of the council but by citizens generally.
It is true that municipalities throughout the country
have, at the suggestion of federal officials, agreed to un
Jertake only improvements which are actually necessary
while the war is in progress, this plan having been
adopted to save people aa much money as possible so
they can contribute liberally to Liberty Loans and other
patriotic activities; but paved streets in Columbus seem
to be an actual necessity, and it is generally agreed that
in undertaking the work neither her public officials or her
private citizens will be displaying any lack of patriotism.
It is, in fact, generally conceded that the paving of
the streets here will be an economic measure, as the sur
facing now used on these thoroughfares wears out so
rapidly that the money annually expended in repairs
would soon pay for paving of a permanent character.
The government urges improvements which result in the
ultimate saving of money, and the paving of the streets
here will certAinly conserve this end.
Mayor McClanahan estimates that the paving of the
itreets will cost about $30,000, and suggests that an elec
tion be called to allow the people of the city to vote on
the issuance of bonds in this amount. The suggestion
meets with general approval and the election will proba
lily be called at an early date.
oooooDoooao aao a' 00 0-000000000000 rz
oaooaoDoooo 00000
We are authorized to announce
W. W. Magruder, of Starkulle, as
a candidate for Congress from this,
the First district, subject to thye ac
tion of the Democratic prima y.
Gen Foch says "Amiens will not
, War maps these days are in de
mand. .
In self-defense 'most anything is
1 ' te
Von Hindenburg didn't get his
April dinner in Paris.
Vagrancy helps Germanyevery
body should be put to work.
W 'pl'it:;to:r thinks .the neatest
Gtrman drive is yet to come,
It is getting time for the usual
l ring tornadoes to show up.
Pay up your debts, and keep your
mouth shut that will keep you out
of trouble.
Buy a Bond, give to the Red
Cross, t'o without wheat, and count
yourself lucky.
Last week the subs must have
taken a day off to celebrate the bat
tle in Picardy.
' Hi
If you have tried . getting some
work done lately you know what we
feel like saying.
' r
With one man commanding the
allied forces in France, there should
be something doing.
A news dispatch says the Saloniki
front may be abandoned. What will
happen to Greece?
If you want to know the value of
a good ' nignt s sleep try getting
along without one occasionally.
The Somme battlefield is to be the
scene of the world's decisive fight
if advices ean be believed.
Subscriptions to the last loan to
talled over nine million, but this
time there must be more.
This summer is going to sea some
hard fighting, and the Americans
are to be in the thick of it
uardens can nelp win tho war,
and almost anybody can have a gar
den in this part of the country.
' to
f American troops are being rushed
to ' France all right, and the Ger
mans are not so glad of it, cither,
to -
Austria's premier seems to think
he can get peace by talking after
stealing all he wants in the east,
The "Be Kind to Animals" week
begins on the 15th. It would not
be a bad idea for you to observe it.
Financial experts figure that 20,
000,000 Americans can subscribe to
the third Liberty Loan if they will.
to '
The British claim one hundred
and nine machine guns captured
prizes recently. Makes the wi r look
The Germans made tremendous
efforts in their offensive, and nat
urally some gains, but where is the
crushing defeat.
Buy Liberty Bond
Col. Roosevelt doesn't want Congress to pass a law
prohibiting seditious utterances, because he says it will
take from him his right to "cuss" President Wilson,
to to to to to
If the old adage to the effect that third time is
charm be true, tho third Liberty Loan ought to be quick-
Accident and Health Insurance
makes certain your income in the event of accident
or illness. Can you afford to go without this protec
tion? A lengthened term of disability might seri
ously inconvenience you, unless you have a disability
policy. Have you one of these policies? If not, get
one now
General Afjont
Maryland Assurance Corporation
Odd Fellows Building:
Phone 531 Columbus, Mico.
Washington, April 12. There
will be no graduates from tho third
and subsequent officers' training
camps and the men given training
will go back into their organization
as privates and not (couimi isioned
officers to await commission ns their
services are needed.
These men trained, the War De
partment announced, will wear
white bands to distinguish them
from their fellows. They will be
known as eligibles and will be classi
fled according to the grades they
made in their training.
-Buy Liberty Bonds
Locals Beat West Point.
The baseball game played at West
Point Friday afternoon between the
High School team of that city and
the Stephen Dj Lee (High School
boys resulted IS to 5 in favor of the
Columbians. In hitting Otto Land
and Propst, of this city, featured
Brewster and Divelbiss, both local
pleyers, also played pretty ball.
Buy Liberty Bonds
First Pretbyterian Church.
R. Excell Fry, Pastor.
Sunday, April 14.
At 11 a. m. the theme of the ser
mon will be "Untempted Mortar,"
text Ezekiel 13:10. It will embrace
a discussion of the place of place in
God'a program for the world.
At 7 :30 p. m. there will be an eve
ning observance of the Sacrement of
the Lord's Supper. A full attendance
of the members of the church and
other Christian worshippers is de
sired. ' Buy Liberty Bonds
Patronize our advertisers.
This column is open to the pub
lic fur disu on of questions
of the day, local or otherwise.
It is open to all, whether the
editor agrees or tliagrer with
the writer. Kd. tor.
A Card to the Household!- of Co
One year ago the writer led the
movement against the "Ice Trust"
in this city for lower prices. A1
you well know, we succeeded in
forcing the tru.st to promise the
people fairt-r pricec. At the April,
IOIL', term of court in this county,
the grand jury indicted the ice trust
in this city for "unlawful combina
tion." Now in defiance of the rights
of the people, nnd in defiance of the
courts of this county, this "combina
tion" has put up the price of ice in
this city. Th" people of Columbus
have th! recoiiw. You can make
the question of tho city of Colum
bus, building, owning and operating
its own ice plant, the issue in the
coming campaign for the election of
Mayor and six councilmen. The city
of Columbu? enn build and operate
its own ice plant without adding one
dollar to the overburdened tnx pay
ers, or without infringing on the
city's bond limit. I for one voter
am only going to demand a municipal
ice plant, but also cheaper water.
I can see no good reason why we
should pay such high prices for wa
ter. Then too we should demand
that the streets of Columbus bo not
only repaired, but kept in repair,
and also kept clean. And again the
city of Columbus should cut out
some of these useless unnecessary
jobs, and take the money and em
ploy a first-class Bandmaster, the
very best one in the liand, and see
to it that Columbus has the best
band in the state. These are some of
the things that you should demand
but chiefly a city owned ice plant.
The city election is right at hand.
Every citizen and householder must
get busy and begin to agitate. Re
member that you are a citizen and
voter and get what you demand.
Get busy and demand it
-Buy Liberty Bonds-
Non-Investor Confesses to His
Children A. D. 1948.
By Kenneth L. Roberts.
"Come gather 'round, my children,
And hear my tale of woe:
'Twas back in nineteen-eightecn,
These many years ago; 1
The great Third Loan was issued
At par at PAR! And I
Well, I was young and foolish,
And so I didn't buy.
"I couldn't quite afford it
That year I bought two suit:!,
A dozen gaudy neckties,
Some fourteen-dollar boots;
A flock of theatre tickets,
A new six-dollar hat,
Expensive luncheons for my friends
And other things like that.
"The suits are rags and tatters;
The boots! Ah! where are they?
I kept the ties a year or so,
Then gave them all away.
The hat and theatre tickets
Long since took wings and flew;
But oh! Those bonds I spumed at
Are now one-twenty-two!
"A fool I was, my childrenn,
So gather in my rear
And kick me for my folly
And kick me with no fear!"
And so each child came gladly
And, kicking like a mule,
Assaulted him with venom
For being such a fool.
Buy Liberty Bonds
N. II, Nuform coret stand supreme among popular
priced corset with special features that recommend it to
women who desire modish line with comfort and long
The prevailing figure ail.
houette is the "NEW FORM."
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lou instantly YYxAt the dir.
ference in V. It. NUFORM
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"NEW FORM" lines.
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eminent a.i the corset of qtinL
ity, economy and comfort.
This best known line of cor.,
seta sold exclusively for this
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State Bank Bid;.
Phone 21.
Office hours 10:30 to 11:80
a. m., 4 to 6 p. m. Residence
Phone 189.
Office 1st State Bank Bid.
Columbus Miss.
00000 000000000000 00 00 0000C00a000000.
Liberal Treatment
Prompt and Efficient Serrice
Solicits Accounts of Firms and
There are folks who say we're fight
ing For a world's Democracy,
That we're sending men und millions
Just to set the Boches free,
But we're out to lick the Kaiser
And we're in the fight to stay,
For tho honor of Old Glory
And to save the U. S. A.
t)o you think you've done your duly
Do you think you're going to win
With a flood of oratory
While the boys are digging in,
While they're storming bloody
For the Flag and Victory,
Don't forget the Peace th ? after
Is r. piece of Germany.
Yes, our boys are on the occur:,
And our boys are "over there,"
And we've millions more to spare,
And we'll stack our Yankee dollars
Like a rampart in their train,
And when Uncle Sammie signal,
We will "come across" again.
Oh! our boys will never falter,
'Till they smash the foeman's line,
'Till th Hun is hurled to Hades,
'Till the Boches dam the Rhine,
And we'll back our boys forever,
With a flood of golden rain,
For wa owe the boys the money,
James Rreath. 1
rm Records
Loose I. -P. Leaf
The United States Department of Agriculture, agri
cultural colleges and all authorities on farm manage,
ment agree on this point. Why should tho farmer ran
sack his brain or trust to the unreliability of his memory
when arriving at the cost of production, labor, losses,
expenses, profits, etc, etc? How can he benefit by the
failures of previous years without an available detailed
record of those transactions? Should he keep records
during the entire year nnd make a complete business like
Income Tax Report, or shall he risk inequitable taxation
because he is unwilling to devote ten to twenty minutes
each clay to simple, yet accurate accounting?
These are a few of the problems the farmer is giving
serious thought, and I can be of some benefit and help in
arriving at the only logical solution of the proposition,
so do not fail to consult the Systems Expert,
Columbus, Miss.
Have you bought a War Savings
To All Consumers
of Gas
On and after May 1, 1918, the following rates will be effective:
First 2,000 feet 51.60 per thousand
Next 1,000 feet
Next 1,000 feet
Next 1,000 feet
Next 1,000 feet
All over 5,000 feet
All bills must be paid by the 10th of the month following service
nendered. Minimum Charge J1.00:
The above changw in rates will equalise the cost to all consumers
alike. The rate on the first 1,000 feet remaining the same as the
previous rate. With the efficiency of Modern Gas Appliance against
the cost of other fuels Gas will prove a great saving to our consum
Commercial Dept. Phone 1 97
1.50 pe1 thousand
1.45 per thousand
1.40 per thousand
1.35 per thousand
1.30 per thousand

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