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Wirthmor Waists
Incredible though it sccm.M, it is still possible
to buy a correctly styled ami thoroughly
desirable Blouse lor
JusT: $1.00
The Wirthmor that wc and we alcnc in this city can
sell at this small sum -combines all the worth-while
characteristics of Blouses generally sold at consider
ably hiuhcr prices.
If thrift has a meaning for you, then by all means
should you learn how very excellent are these
2nd Floor
)riln?'fh Take
This is to notify the public .
that J. E. Slaughter, Jr., has
bought out the J. W. Rick
man store, on Military St.,
and he will carry a com
plete stock of Fancy Grocer
ies, Fresh Meats, Country
Produce, Chickens and Eggs
Your Business is Solicited
Your Headaches
May be caused from Eye-Strain. Scien
tific research tells us Eighty per cent,
of headaches are caused from defective
vision and can be corrected by properly
prescribed glasses. '
The fact that you see well does not
mean that your eyes are perfect. Our
Scientific Examination will reveal the
exact condition of your eyes.
Optical Co.
31 S. Main St.
SOS Mam St
Specialists in Prescribing Glasses.
Tli l,nwt from If Wrt
I'M'.! j fT, i,t WVt Vvtut. (iub
! ,! YiuUy, tS lw rr.,4 tih
ftrf hf ll ttmt.y it itiU Irtt
of Ms 'f. livtlt, h I rr r nlljr
movi"t from tN y l Will
"A oltth rrr.lufjr fmini.
A !or mill a niiifi; IfnJ, t
lr iiMiiignl If li Ku'?ine,
UihUt l' ih n (UrM i lh
lviH l!rolfrfJfofffjr t Wml
Point. Ialiin th4t lr new
llcuM in fit iminMe wot W w
"MtDiorii for mh, but n I or.f
cent on Crnli'' Ihf Hl kn n
gf ri! torn MUfdnfiril Ifn ir lni
tm Marrh 1st, ibt y r, on tM
Coih nnJ Cnrry plan with a "sud
den service" rl.iiHf iliroi in.
TVy delf rniifird M Hie outet In
nl a rt rrdrnt find lo makp it
paypay both the si'Ilrr nd the
consumer, and th ir sicoss dur
ing tlie first frw months' lest of
their taisint-M truorirs h.is more
than prove n the wisdom of their
"Lovt ll Urol hers conduct a
modern grocery, filled with the
very best grades of pooda, canned
and bottled, fruit?, vegetables,
cured and fresh produce, candies,
and hundreds of the things usu
ally found in a hitf city store. ' By
eliminating all expense of delivery
and bookkeeping hire (necessary
when credit plan is under way)
they have been able to save a
great amount on their general ex
pense account. This saving is be
ing divided with every customer
that buys a nickel's worth at the
grocery. Because this enterpris
ing firm saves money by doing
away with delivery and bookkeep
ing, and by paying cash for all it
buys, it can sell for less than
other groceries. The proprietors
are content to make a living profit
and the reasonableness of their
prices has made a great impres
sion on the housekeepers of this
city. Each day more and more
people are getting the habit of
"taking your choice, paying your
money and carrying it horn?." It
means money saved, and any con
servation movement at this time
is popular with all patriotic folk.
"Messrs. Lovell ae spoken of
a3 highly respected and substan
tial citizen?, being liberal minded
and public spirited; and their
business integrity stands unchal
lenged since it ha3 been demon
strated satisfactorily that their
new business methods are sound
and profitable. If you, Mr. Read
er, are not already a customer of
Lovell Brothers, then gtt in line
now. Try the new system and
you will surely like it."
The State of Mississippi,
Lowndes County.
Letters of administration having
been granted and issued to the un
dersigned upon the Estate of Mrs.
Wincy A. Easton, deceased, by the
Chancery Court of Lowndes County,
Mississippi on the 24th day of April
A. D. 1918.
This is to give notice to all per
sons having claims against said es
tate to Probate and Register same
with the Chancery Clerk of Lowndes
County, within one year from this
date. A failure to so probate and
register said claim will forever bar
the same.
J. Burt Wilbourne,
fhia June 4, 1918.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
County. '
Letters of Administration having
been granted and issued to the un
dersigned upon the Estate of J. E.
Slaughter, Sr., deceased, by the Chan
cery Ceurt of Lowndes County, Missis
sippi on the 10th day of Jane, A. D.
This is to give notice to all per
sons having claims against said es
tate to Probate and Register said
claims with the Chancery Clerk of
Lowndes County, within one year
from this date. A failure to so probate
and register said claim will forever
bar the same.
Mrs. Ida R. Slaughter,
This Jane 10, 1918.
;Vc,fc Hay I Am the I'icturr
of IlViith' Dnlarr Mr.
('orl'itt-IU (Jinct Siiti cn
Pound on Tanb'.
Jurt Ifc liUU m,l l.eew
Ufciirf TU t M r nl
pnttrvl eM seepie 111 m I am Ji
tr. .irfur tf hesfth," ! Mr T
( . t,tf, fid.r t 12 WU
avenue, Aduits. , m t.m f
ti rtiMwwn M J f"1"
th.ntf I mt U i".(n w tf'.m--h
r.t. U, that I fcul hitrlir nr
mr tnrth thsn s Kry
thing I ffii'l l ( n tnj tfom
drh ri' g WjuUI trm until tt
wnvilil m up snd ra m
hour tt gntf. I h to (. lin l
out f.f mjf rhir hn I t down t
rMt, srvl rnuMn'l rlimtml
fliht itf ntsiri if my lif dfpniUd on
it. I pnt lots tt rnonry on mn
Irinen, but rouliln't gt sny rrlf.
"An s Uit rMort I took Tunhe,
n it proved to b jut th thin? I
tpM. It's Just rmiirVstil ho
fatt I improvrd after I hmnn uning
it. I hnvi s splendid spp-titi now
and it seems that everything I eat
sjrrt es with me and builds me up, for
I have Increased sixteen pound In
weight and am a well woman airain
I haven't a sign of my old troubles
any more and my strength has romf
back to me in full force, and I can do
most anything I want to."
Tanlac is sold in Columbus by
Street's Drug Store.
Loan to Farmer.
During April $13,988,619 was paid
out to farmers of the United States
by the Federal Land Banks on long
time, first morTgage loans.
On May 1 the total amount of
money paid out to farmers since the
establishment of the Federal Land
Banks was $1)1,951,886, covering 40,
451 loans closed. The total amount
of loans applied for up to May was
$229,948,835, representing 126,630
applicants. There are in process of
closing loans to the amount of $174,
856,616, which are awaiting abstracts
of title, release of mortgages, or
other formalities.
The grand total of loans is divided
by the Federal Land Districts as
follows: Spjrjngfield, $2,876,045;
Baltimore, $3,407,"750 ; Columbia, $3,
192,775; Louisville, $5,407,600; New
Orleans, $6,091,315; St. Louis, $5,
128, 935; St. " Paul, $15,424,900;
Omaha, $11,438,390; Wichita, $11,
191,700; Houston, $7,755,791; Berk
eley, $5,806,900; Spokane, $14,229,
785. '
Sunday, June 16.
Special themes will be present
ed in the sermons both morning
and evening.
11:00. "Barbed Wire and Pop
pies." Psalm 56:3, 11.
8:00., 'The Building of Belief."
Romans 10:10. s "
All are cordiall invited to wor
ship with us.
Sunday School ; at 9:30 A. M.
and Christian Endeavor Society
at 7:15 P.M. '
R. Excell Fry, Pastor.
Sunday School at 9:45. Mr. A.
H. Pegues, superintendent.
Preaching at It o'clock: Sub
ject, "Be Filled With the Spiri."
Preaching at 8 o'clock: Sub
ject, "The Greatest Thing in the
World." .
Our services are open to all,
Worship with us today if you will.
Strangers always welcome to any
of our services.
S. L Pope, Pastor.
UN if 10 ft ATI
food ad:.iii;istratio;i
Mltsiatispi 0VIHOH
r Mt ItlMH.
fM4 . m i
' m r4 Mr iWttra
rttM4lA4 U m (4 vt te
t'M'H SU U Im btal ObM
Off e ater
. t
tmt 4 "! mtf
la 4(!t4 t'S
thf fta4,
fl rl tt
e rs tamt'f m
fftia rf mHmt r4fita t e
, a n ir rntl
ffn'f ff'ai oS si turn
! c(.f i'h aff (lactfalle
f J..4 t'i (Ml mmf ras rfnl
front tna $,t Tka i M af
the a'a. atsarsiif (ii:sf sra trf
ftfomvt tn tt mi t taj tft
We ttt s lfia rrnf e( p's
lo hih ' n tit rr(, s4
fltoil4 M insml It
st frnprrtiks If a t$4
hava at Itwna sn4 B' t ll V"S
lha railroad to rarrf tv4. hn a
haVe ah'inrfi'- of rrtl td ma4 e
aM lh fruU rrnp ef krrus
plum, ferha, f; r bef it u aol
dou14 ba n4 at tht mmh of IN
rr, thr tre dalktou sad Ttrf
With living
la eonnM ttoo wtoi (h frslu b4
potatoes, our war rsHstui are pred'ie
rni laa qnantltiM of varied reset
bl, bkh tli hoomwlfn hmiM dt
versify la prprtn tha rneala o thai
o ort need complain of a aamanaai
In the nmal
At this tins no eannoi fruit oi
vegetable should be nted, on the enn
trary, the bom wife ihould endetroi
to can and preserve any surplus crt
fruits and vetUM avtllftble foi
their future needs.
Sugar may be secured for this pur
os. and the government encourages
Its use for preserving purposes.
These shortlived foods (fruits aol
vegetable) may be uied UbersJlf
where there Is an abundance of them,
to save them from waste.
Tb housewife If In need of he!(
or encouragement, should turn to the
home demonutratton agent In hei
county, and ask for suggestions and
Instructions as to the best methods ot
preparing and preserving fruits and
vegetables. These agents have been
scientifically Instructed and theti
services are opon to all In need. If It
need of home demonstration agent,
drop a line to the United States Fooi
Administration's office. In Vlcksburg
and (four county demonstration agent'i
name VIII be furnished you.
Production of "Perslsn Lamb" May
Be Added to the Industrie of
the United States.
In far-nwny Bukhnra, a town and
district In Asiatic Ittissla thnt has n
half-mystical sound to American ews,
"Persian" lambs have bwn grown for
ages for the tightly curled, luntrous
black flwoes that constitute the warm
cover of the natives. And so the fashion
of wearing Persian lunib and astrak
han bus come down from the ngos until
women In all clvillr.ed lands where
the winters are cold seek their warmth,
and fashion's decree has made them so
popular that the cost of Persian Inmh
has gone up 112 per cent In 13 years.
. It must have been Instinct It could
not have been foreknowledge that a
world war would curtail commerce
that made nn American decide a few
years ago tu try breeding the sort of
Kheep that bear the highly inlzcjl
fleeces, on his l.lWO-acre -ranch near
Cottonwood Falls, Kan. He reasoned
that If they oonld he bred In Asia,
they could be bred In Kansas, and so
thoroughly did he believe In the propo
sition that he Invested $.13.0.10 In kara.
kill sheep from Hokhura. These he
crossed with native Mncoln-bred sheep,
and the lambs of this cross bear the
valuable pelts that hitherto have been
Imported ulmost exclusively from
Itussila, Jtobert II. Muult'Hi In Popu
lar Mechanics Magazine.
Salvation Army.
123 N. Market St
Sunday School at 2:30 p. m.
Praise Service at 3:30 p. m.
Preaching at 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday and Friday nights
Young People's Meeting Satur
day night
War Savings Stamps will help win
the war.
Mosquitoes Carry
The mosquito Is the carrier of
malaria, germs. - You Can quickly
kill every mosoulto in s room by
closing all windows and doors and
POWDEB into the air. By its use
you can keep your home free of
roaches, ants, flies, and bugs of every
kind. Harmless to human beings
and domestic animals.
Bee Bred bed Powder
fan st Into that aJr
flies and mosquitoes
die in a few minatas.
Wfll kill ants, fleas,
roaches, bed-bugs, lice,
and bogs of nearly every
kind. Directions on
package. Look for the
Bee Brand Trad Mark.
Clear Road for Dispatch Bearer.
After grazing upon the auto truck
cover of, a recetit issue n saddened and
cynical reader wrote to Collier's Week
ly: "You have nmde a great mistake.
You have placed all the urtiiy trucks
on the side of the road, leaving ample
room for trucks going In the opposite
direction to travel without going down
In fhe ditch. My experience with army
motor trucks Is that they always truv
el on the crown of the road, ami when,
you see one on the side of the road you
can figure tbut-U Is broken doWn."
Collier's repllej "lie this observa
tion true or not, tiiere Is one being be
fore whom even the ruthless and dis
dainful truck driver quails the dis
patch rider. There Is no more soul
satisfjing sight for a harassed pedes
trian in the French war zone than that
of a dispatch motorcycle shooting down
a road at 80 trdles on hour, with a
two-mile line of motor trucks and staff
cars scuttling hastily Into the ditches
to get out of the way."
SSjasaaw a
Reichstag Ha Lltti Power.
Of the 3U7 members of the relchstag,
Prussia setids 2'M. The body ean be
dissolved ut any time by the bundes
rat with the consent ot the emperor.
This power has been used effectively
three times to break down the resist
ance of the relchstag In 1878, when It
refused, to pass the bill to suppress
the socialists; In 1S87, when It would
not agree to fix the size of the army
for seven years, and In when It
declined to change the military sys
tem. In ench rase the new body did
what the government dctmitided.
Since the principal financial atrunge
ments are matters of standing law. If
the relchstag refuses to pass a new
Midget locreaslng allowances, or
fasses one reducing them, the govern
ment enn he carried on on the old busls
without any action on the part of per
w W
v w
fit I Urn S I t.ilm-t ( --..'-y. IX! , 4.S h4 fifth . .,j
re " i ' . m iWV tiKr-t
THIS tenmn our tulvtr f ; .-.inn tun to Quality,
cuk! mlultcratetl fairic: htc nvre plentiful than
ever. Kcorvrmy h the thm,;ht cf th day, nfl thrre?
no icorv)my in btiyin clothn made f Hr mate rials.
HLOCH CLOTHKS offtr you cr rtainty-tloth'j are
Vvhat they are called. Spinning, weaving, dytinj
have txen carefully watched and when you thotjse
from HLOCH CLOTH KS you take nu chance.
It is your guarantee of excell'nce and elcK tnce -
representirm fibre nd color thnt portray th high,
est standard. Tailoring to match.
Make comparisons. Then you'll know how thoroughly
BLOCH CLOTI 1 LS sustain the claims made for them.
To the Mississippi State Board of
Pardons, Jackson, Miss.:
We, the undersigned petitioners,
citizens of Lowndes eounty and State
of Mississippi, would respectfully rep-)
resent unto your honorable body that
at the April term of the Circuit
Court of said Lowndes County, A. D.
1915, Pleax Petty, arraigned under
an indictment for "Murder" waived
trial and plead "Guilty of Man
slaughter" and was sentenced to
the penitentiary for ten (10) years,
where he has served ever since rnerl
itoriously. We ask that your hon
orable body grant unto this negro a
full and complete pardon.
The facta in the case are as fol
lows, to-wit:
His wife was guilty of criminal in
timacy with another negro and he
learned that they were at another
house at early ntght some few
miles from his home. "He went after
her and, expecting trouble with the
man, took his gun for the purpose of
defense. He found them together
and as the man refused to give her
up, the trouble started and the other
party who was a man of violent tem
per .started for him with threats and
in a rude, threatening manner, with
every manifestation of angry deter
mination to do him personal violence.
The witnesses were all partisans of
the domestic trespasser, but, the evi
dence indicated, a strong suspicion
that he was armed. Petty threw his
gun to his shoulder quickly and fired
at his advancing foe, and some of
the shot struck him in the left
shoulder, but the main body of the
charge went into his wife, who had
thrown herself on the party to pro
tect him, and caused her death;
which has been the source of the
deepest reirret to the petitioner ever
since, for it was entirely accidental,
and without a semblance of intent.
A. Kilpatrick, Deputy Sheriff.
N. W. Sharp, Jailer.
J. T. Stephenson, Circuit Clerk.
J. B. Williams, Sheriff.
James T. Harrison, Lawyer.
Battle Bell, ex-Sheriff.
E. A. Stanley, County Superinten
dent of Education.
W. H. Foreman, Constable.
L. II. Hatchett, Chairman Board of
B. A. Lincoln, Chancery Clerk.
Frank D. Ellis, Court Stenographer.
C. L. Lincoln, Lawyer.
J. W. Loving, Lawyer.
C. F. Sherrod, ex-President Board
of Supervisors.
R. M. Nickles, J. P. 1
Mobil and Ohio Railroad Company
Advance in Pangcr Far.
Under order of tha Director Gen
eral, United States Railroad Admin
itration, advances in passenger fares
an other changes will become effec
tive June 10,1918.
After June , 1918 Mileage and
Excess Baggage Books of the issue of
this Company sold prior to June 10
1918 will not be good for passage or
for payment of excess baggage charg
es but will be redeemed.
Tickets sold at coach fares as pub
lished in tariffs will be good in coach
es only unless pa.tsengers pay the
higher fares for travel in standard
sleeping cars, parlor cars or tourist
sleeping cars.
Died -
Had a fire
Left Town
Sold a farm
Been arrested
Come to town
Bought a home
Had an accident
Been seriously ill
Committed murder
That's news telephone 222
Offua Formerly Occupied
by Dr. Weitmoreland, Sr.
Cleaned and Pressed
Law's Pressing Club
FOR SALE Unknown forghurv
seed. $4.00 per measured bushel.
Telephone 285-Y or apply to G. F.
Jones, R. F. D. 1, Steens. Miss.
M. and O. Schedule.
North Bound '
Read our advertisements.
104 Due 4:03 p. m.
120 due 12;20v,m.
122 due 2:45 a. m.
South Bound
106 due 10:20 a m.
, 103 due , 12:28 p. m.
105 due 5:41 p. m.
121 due " 2:05 a. m.
123 due 4:30 a. m.
For further particulars call J. R.
Watson, Passenger and Ticket AnV.
Office Fird State Bank
Special Attention Given to Collec
tion and Civil Butineti.
Umbrellas Repaired
We Make Thein as
Good as New
iSA i kliH.tr,l(mtlh.a
Jr bt. tiit wiib bivm K. in,
iff Kroxrt'l. vt 'MM ifttYrsrs

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