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Wedding SoUmaiiad. I
Tht marriage of Miss Sadie Moore
to Mr. J. L Butti came as a surprise
to their many friend in Columbus.
They were married on the twentieth
of June in Anniston, Alabama.
Anniversary Sale
The bride is the attractive dauch-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. E, S. Moore and
has had a position in Indianolu for
the past several months. Mr. Butt
And FREE Thrift Stamps at
left the past week for Hoboken to
sail for France.
We Guarantee:
That every BLOCH Suit is as
stylish in design and as honest
in construction as highest
standards can create ;
That the fabric is not only trust
worthy, but is also precisely
what it is represented to be;
called by its proper name ;
That the workmanship will stand
the strain and grind of daily f
wear, because it is the result
of care and skill ; . .,
That if you are critical if you
exercise judgment and intelli
gence in your choice of a Suit
;nce in your choice of a Suit
tisfy you.
Mrs. W. F. Patty, Misses Vernon
and Elizabeth Patty leave Wednes
day to visit Mr. Davis Patty at Camp
Shelby and later go to Greenwood to
spend several wetks with Mr. W. F.
Miss Mary Kirk Lawrence is ex
pected home this week from Merr
phis. She will be accompained b
Misses Ethel Hall and Dorothy Hutch
ins. 0
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dudley am'
little Frances have returned to their
home in Greenwood after a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Palmer.
Mrs. Weights Ottley and Mrs. R.
M. Knox spent several days of the
past week with Mrs. H. K. Robinsor
in the Prairie.
Many friends here of Lieut Mur
dock Equen will be interested in hear
ing that he has arrived safely in
happenings in Society
Y. P. S. C. E. Mmber
Enjoy Outing. .
About 6:30 last Thursday evenimi'
the members of the Y. P. S. C. E. j
met at the Presbyterian church from
which place they went to Mr. W. S,
Lindamood'shome on the Highlands.
Four automobiles carried the crow
to and from the place of meeting.
AH of the members of the Palme
Orphanage were there, besides a rep
resentative crowd of the Sundrr
school pupib. Immediatedly after
arriving at their destination cloth"
were spread on the lawn and mo'-t
abundant and delicious supper ser
abundant arid delicious f upper Frv
ed. After the meal several amusin
games were played. Singing of pat
riotic and paered songs was a most
enjoyable feature.
)5 3Cf
The many friends of Mrs. E. B.
Taylor are glad to wileome her
home from Birmingham where she
was in West End Hospital for sever
al weeks.
House Parties
Greatly Enjoyed.
A series of delightful house parties
have been given during the past week
by the Hardy girls and boys at their
attractive country homes. From Wed
nesday, until Friday, Miss Dixie Har
dy and Messrs, Richard and Jennings
Hardy entertained the members of
the party and for the week-end Mr.
John Hardy was host. Those in the
crowd were, (Misses Ann Watson,
Elizabeth Kennedy,' Moina Evans,
Ethel and Dixie Hardy, Messrs
James Pulliam, John, Richard and
Jenn'mgn Hardy and Preston King
A day spent at Kolola was one of
the main pleasures.
o a o
Mrs. McNeilly returned to her
home in Birmingham yesterday after
a visit to her sister, Miss Mattie Lou
Mrs. Quincy Ayres, of Oklahoma,,
is spending some time here the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. C. it. Ayers.
Miss Dora Evelyn Connor, of Ma
con, spent several days the past weeV
with Miss Katherine Maer.
Miss Antionette Moore has return
ed from Memphis, where she spent thr
vrinter teaching.
Mrs. Dunlap Peebles, formerly Misr
Dorothy Power, is the guest of Mis'
Lucy Banks.
Mrs. Sue. K. Allen, of Birmingham,
is visiting her cousin Mrs. Dabne
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Russell left;
yesterday for Pensacola, Fla., wher-
the go to enjoy an eight-days' visit.
Mr. Jim Pope left yesterday for i
visit to relatives in Greenwood.
Saint Paul Today.
Fifth Sunday after Trinity.
Holy Communion at 7 :30. f
Sunday School and Bible Class e'
Holy Communion and Service r
11:00." ,
Evening Prayer at 6:00.
Week-day services: Wednesday
The Litnany and War Service a'
First Presbyterian Church.
There will be no service of regular
worship in the morning because of thr
pastor's absence, and of the even
ing because of the special service at
the First Baptist Church.
Sunday School at 9:30 and Chrir
tian Endeavor at 7:15.
R. Excell Fry, pastoi
1 SieStamley SteaoinicrCar
Notice to Our Friends and
Inasmuch as we have heen informed through various
channels that it has been rumored that Stanley Steamer
Cars could not be parked in the garages of Chicago and
larger cities, we offer the following letter for your con
sideration: 4
Wright Auto Sales Company,
Columbus, Miss.
Gentlemen: In reply to your favor of the 19th inst, we will advise
you that we know of no restriction prohibiting the storage of Stanley
Steamer Cars in public parages in this city or any other city located
in our territory.
We also advise that we are accepting Stanley Steamer Cars for .
fire and thief coverage under our automobile policies at thesame rates
as gasoline cars. It is evident that the person who advised you to the
contrary has been misinformed. 1
Trusting that this information is what you desire, we are
Yours very truly,
The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.
N. B. Nestlerode, Superintendent
Wright's Auto Sales Company
On Demonstration after July 3, 1918
Thrift Stamps
This Sale
SfsLJJ 1 ' i Ti 1 1 .
- Columhus Mijs.
Thrift Stamp
with Every $10
Cash Purchase
Will Be a Wonder for Values
Begins loiiday, July 1st, and Lasts TEN Business Days
This is a sale that talks strongly to your pocketbook, and all ot you who are at all econ
omically inclined will do well to patronize it. . '.''.' " i
The goods we ofter in this sale are clean and fresh, seasonable and desirable, and at
prices that surely belong to the Bargain class.
Hundreds of thrifty buyers will flocK here during these.
10 Days of Wonderful Bargains
, . .
Free Thrift Stamps With Cash Purchases
1 Thrift Stamp with every $10.00 purchasev
, 2 Thrift Stamps with every $20.00 purchase
3 Thrift Stamps with every $30.00 purchase
and so on up lo any amount. You receive 1 Free Stamp with every $10 Cash Purchase
Bring your Cards. Let us help fill them.
All Sale-Prices for CASH ONLY
Thrift Stamps Given Only When Purchases Are, for0 CASH
Notice to Stockholders.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Columbus Buil.liir
and Savings ssociation of Columbus-
Miss., will be held at the city lv.ll
Friday afternoon, July 5, at C oclo."i.
. More than 800 penalties for vio
lation of rules and regulations pov-v-riiing
licensed dealers in foodstuff
have been imposed in the pat 10
months by the Food Administration.
About 150 companies and individ
uals have been ordered to quit busi-;
ness in liscensed commodities for a
limited or unlimited period, and over
500 have voluntarily made a money
payment, usually to the Red Cross, or
have temporarily abstained from do
ing business rather than rink calling
down more drastic penalties.
W. Hunter Eubanks
(Mice, Pirsf Slate Bank lilh
Three temporary office buiUlimrs, ,
providing working space for 0,250 (
persons, have been built in 10 weeks
in Washington, D. C, by the con-1
struetion division of the Army, with
out the employment of a contractor. !
One, a 3story structure, 491 feet
long, 200 feet wide, with a floor
snace of 270.000 square feet, was 1
ready for occupancy 24 working days
after the first spadeful of earth was
turned. i
m I WILL 11
Mf II " "
" Office Fint Stata Bank
Special Attention Given to Collec
tion! and Civil Buaineti.
FOR SALIi Buick-Six. with nc
cover. 1917 model; good shape. W'
take Ford an part pay. Address ,
M. Wells, Star Route.
That's news-
telephore 22'
Mrs. Ruby Lester Fleming, director
of the Red Cross stenographic foroM
In France, has just returned for i
visit after seven months abroad. Shfl
has brought back eome Interesting o
nervations on the courage and devo
tion of the American girls who hn
faithfully performing their unlnsplr
lng task under aerve-racklng condi
tions. Operating n typewriter under
Are, she says, takes ns much courage
and grit as driving an ambulance. The
ofllce staff of the Red Cross In Paris
has stuck to work through the strain
of air raids and long-distance bombardment.
For Mental Efficiency.
The mental "setting-up exercises"
vhich are called for to convert lneffl
tenry and incapacity into ability and
V-nwer are few. Nevertheless, they
tist be established firmly in your
b ilnd, if you would succeed. You must
Jraetice the will to pay attention tu
Colorless, uninteresting and apparently
tiulniiwrtaut matters. The will to fix
the attention upon the "pieces lu the
paper" which you do not like is neces
sary. Nothing should escape you ; you
should compel yourself to grasp the in
tricate, Involved and even inpractt
cal details of whatever comes before
fo. Fjicliange.
During the coming week
the stock of the
Broken Dollar Store
will be moved to the build
ing on Market Street former
ly occupied by the Ezell
Clothing Company.
I appreciate the trade given
me in the past and solicit
your further patronage.
Princess Soon.
Considered Bandits Nuisances.
For kindness and generosity to
hold-up men deliver the hund-embossed
leather medal to Albert Belanger, Chi
oigo grocer.
A "tall, dark man," according te
Pelanger's reirt to the police, en
tered his store and started tleklinif
his libs Willi a revolver.
"Here, jnu can't puil that stuff iu
here.", r.elunger told the bandit as he
Kelzed the gun. "Ot out."
The bandit "gut" and llebmger
tess( lil.- wcapuii after blm Into the J
street. i
"Sow take tlili and be nt It.- the
gnwer cijoiiied, nod ttn l'n".'l:ir i
''Tbe.se fellows are tietfuiu to !n -nuisances,"
va I'eln'iger'fl couiuiout
Ha a cuU-iier ill tiled !a.
To All Consumers
of Gas
On and after May 1, 1918, the following rates will be effective:
'First 2,000 feet $1.60 per thousand
Next 1,000 feet 1.50 pet thousand
Next 1,000 feet 1-45 per thousand
Next 1,000 feet 1.40 per thousand
. Next 1,000 feet 1.35 per thousand
All over 5,000 feet 1.30 per thousand
All bills must be paid by the 10th of the month following service
rendered. Minimum Charge $1.00.
The above ihange in rates will equalize the cost to all consumers
alike. The rate on the first 1,000 feet remaining the same as the
previous rate. With the efficiency of Modern Gas Appliances against
the cost of other fuels Cns will prove a great saving to our consum
Commercial Deot, Phone 197

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