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Storekeepers Um Dee. Brand In wet Powder
To Keep Their Shop Free of Bugs
Ifoat florfir f xrwl trtm ijrlve t.t In and
lira way to iwp lhtr ht,pm trm nt InwrU t to wm llKZ I! RANI) IH
rtXTT POWbKK lihrt,t)f .. u Ur tW ua i tA tor ymira.
Try t f M f.mr INSMT POWlRJl UwUf. A UtU Umg
way. llandAM to jou $M U pat.
'Chain StV
Tread T K
-LI in 7 r-if
Back the Government
to the Limit
The Government has asked American busi
ness to pursue a certain course for the dura
tion of the war.
Keep quality up and prices reasonable,
a strictly non-profiteering policy.
It is the only patriotic policy.
It is the policy this company has always
adopted and the one we will continue to
We stand ready to undergo any sacrifice
in order to cooperate with the Government.
We believe it is best for ourselves.
We know it is best for our country.
We appeal to 'all concerns big and small
to adopt the same policy.
American business must rally as a unit to
the support of thy Government.
It is the surest and quickest way to win the
war. i
United States Tires
are Good Tires
novel Cord' 'Nobby' 'Chain' 'Vsco' "Plain
i MT6 4
Wright's Auto Sales Company
Robinson Motor Company
Notice to Creditor.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
Letters of Administration having
been granted and issued to the under
signed upon the Estate of T. F. Bur
leson deceased, by the Chancery
Court of Lowndes County, Mississip
pi, on the 5th day of July, A. D.
This is to give notice to all per
sons having claims against said estate
to Probate and' Register same with
the Chancery Clerk of Lownde?
County, within one year from this
date. A failure to so probate and
register said claim will forever bar
the same.
Mrs. Ella Burleson,
This July 5th 1918.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
To Willie Cannon, Postoffice ad
dress unknown.
You are commanded to appear be
for the Chancery Court of the County
of Lowndes in said State, on the 2nd
Monday of October, A. D. 1918, to
defend the suit of Willie Jane Can
non wherein you are a defendant.
This 13th day of July A. D. 1918.
B. A. LINCOLN, Clerk,
II. L. Bailey, D. C.
Military Decorations.
They are as follows: Great Brlt
nln, Victoria Cros of brouze, with red
ribbon for the army and blue ribbon
for the navy j Great Britain, Dlstln
gutehed Service Order In enamel, red
ribbon with blue stripes ; Prussia, Or
der of the Red Engle In enamel, white
ribbon with yellow stripes; Prussia,
Iron Cross of Iron and silver, black
ribbon with white stripes; Russia, Or
der of St. George In enamel or silver,
black ribbon with orange stripes; Bel
gium, Order of Leopold In gold and
enamel, maroon ribbon ; France, Croix
de Guerre In bronze, ribbon with green
and red stripes; France, Legion of
Honor In gold and enamel, red rib
bon; France, Medullle Militulre In
gold and enamel, ribbon with yellow
and green stripes ; Italy, Order of Su
voy In gold and enamel, ribbon with
red and blue stripes.
WANTED A housekeeper, white
woman, not over 40. J. W. Garner,
Military street.
Mr. Marion Holcomb, of Nancy, Ky., says: "For quite
a long while I suffered with stomach trouble. I would
have pains and a heavy feeling after my meals, a most
disagreeable taste in my mouth. If I ate anything with
butter, oil or grease, I would spit it up. 1 began to have
regular sick headache. I had used pills and tablets, but
after a course of these, I would be constipated. It Just
seemed to tear my stomach all up. I found they were
no good at all for my trouble. I heard
recommended very highly, to began to use it It cured
me. I keep it in the house all the time. It is the best
liver medicine made. I do not have sick headache or
stomach trouble any more." Black-Draught acts on
the jaded liver and helps it to do its important work of
throwing out waste materials and poisons from the sys
tem. This medicine should be in every household for
use in time of need. Oet a package today. If you fed
sluggish, take a dose tonight You will feel fresh to
morrow. Price 25c a package. All druggists.
A M I H Ft FJt
City Hall, Columbus, Miss., July
2, 1918.
The council met in regular session,
present: D. S. McClanahan, mayor,
L. W. Stevens, L. A. Vaughan, E. E.
Chappelle, T. W. Harris and S. M.
Nash, councilmen.
The secretary read the minutes of
June 4th and 6th, and the same were
adopted as read.
The secretary presented and read
the regular monthly reports of the
mayor, chief of police, street com
missioner and engineer of the
water works, and the same were re
ceived and ordered filed.
The matter of electing an assist
ant engineer of water works to suc
ceed Burt Sutherland, suspended by
the mayor, was on motion referred
to the water committee, with power
to act.
The secretary presented and read
a petition signed by Dr. W. C. Brew
er, Rev. W. L. Duren at al request
ing the council to embrace in the
Sprinkling district that portion of
10th street from Main to Third
Avenue north, on motion duly sec
onded it is ordered that the request
be granted..
On motion duly seconded lit is
ordeied that the matter of rebuilding
the Air Line school building, recent
ly destroyed by fire be deferred for
one year, and that the matter of
supplying conveyance for the pupils
of this school to attend the schools
in the city be referred to the school
The directors of the city schools ap
peared before the council and filed
their annual budget of expenses for
the running of the school for the
next fiscal year,, and on motion
duly secon'lcd the same was referred
to the school committee to check
over and report back to the council
at the regular meeting in August.
The matter of W. P. Stribing for
a refund of $2.00 water rent was on
motion not granted.
An ordinance, providing for the
city to borrow money and issue loan
warrants to meet current expenses
was introduced and read and on
motion duly seconded the same was
On motion it is ordered that the
contract for furnishing coal for the
ensuing twelve months be awarded
to" the Caledonia Coal Co., of Jasper,
Ala., at the ruling price as fixed by
the government at the time of ship
ment, and that the mayor be author
ized to sign contract.
The secretary and treasurer pre
sented his annual report of settle
ment with the marshal and tax col
lector, and the same was received
and ordered spread on the minutes
of the meeting. -
On motion it is ordered that the
action of the mayor in suspendnig
Fireman Caldwell be suspended.
On motion the council adjourned
until Monday night, July 8, 1918.
City Itell, Columbus, Miss., July
8, 1918.
The council met in rcgluar ad
journed session; present: D. S. Mc
Clanahan. mayor, L. W. Stevens, L.
A. Vaughan, E. E. Chappelle, T. W.
Harris and S. M. Nash, councilmen.
The matter of school supplies i?
ordered referred to the school com
mittee to report back to the
council at its next regular meeting.
The following bills were allowed
and ordered paid:
High School.
Cumberland Telephone Co., J2.00;
Broken Dollar Store, $7.85; Cols.
Ry. Lt. and Pow. Co., $3.44; E. W.
A. Roles Co.. $15.37.
Water Work..
Standard Oil Co.. $45.38; T. H.
iEenners & Co., 265.86; Caledonia
Coal Co., $977.45; Robinson Motor
Co., $9.80; Cols. Auto Co.. .25; Cols.
Dispatch, $27.50; F. M. Jacob, $30.-
05; Moore and Handly Hdwe Co.,
$1.75; Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co.,
$23.99; Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co.,
$38.42; H. W. Johns Manville Co.,
$28.56; H. W. Johns Manville Co.,
$23.32; N. O. Nelson Co., $7.00; N.
O. Nelson Co., $4.40; Grider Coal
0 0
,0 0
RATES One cent a word per issue
Co., $158.60; Brown Coal Co., $531.- No advertisement taken for less than
94; I). K. Jeffries Lumber Co., $107.-1 tl,e first time.
81; Col. Tire & Vulc. Co., $2.00;
Wright Auto Co., $16.36; Kidder &
Lussey, 18.50; National Meter Co.,
$2.70; National Meter Co., $405.00;
National Meter Co., $40.50; Standard
Oil Co., .65; Jno. T. Wood, 184.17;
Banks Hdwe Co., 11.30; Cumberland
Tel. Co., $1.45.
Police .
Cumberland Tel. Co., .45; Western
Union Tel. Co., .83; A. Schofield,
50; Zelder Perry, $1.00; Cols. Hdwe.
& Fur. Co., .50; Banks Hdwe. Co.,
.85; Green Childs, $10.20; Ran
Shropshire, $1.00.
Dr. J. D. McCullough, $6.70; Pos
tal Tel. Co., $2.90; Jno. W. Jones,
$1.00; White Way, $42.00; Loeb'g
Variety Store, $1.50 ;M. C. Vandiver,
$14.00; A. L. Lollar, $2.75; Johnston
& Caine, $2.15; M. J. Tennille, $3..
Fire Department.
Gulf Refining Co., $1.30; T. J.
Locke, Jr., $21.20; R. M. Nickles, $2.
00; Cols. Hdwe. & Fur. Co., $2.35;
Jno. W. Jones, $4.80; Cols. Ry. Lt.
& Pow. Co., $34.55.
Banks Hdwe. Co., $4.50; Hogan
Lumber Co., $6.40; Richardson Hay
Co., 22.10; ColsRy. Lt. & Pow. Co.,
Sub. Ck.,$848.39;II. p. Foreman,$15.
60; R. M. Nickles, $8.00; Cols. Ry.
& Pow. Co. (SK) $183.60.
City Schools.
Gunter Brothers, $2.50; Gunter
Bros., .5d Central Scientific Co.,
513.82; Cols. Ry Lt. & Pow. Co., $2.
00; Waldheim Dairy, $3.01.
On motion it is ordered that Po
liceman W. I. Sisson be appointed
an officer to declare all unpaid leases
on August 1st forfeited.
Ordered that the back assessment,
at the instance Of the State Reve
nue Agent against the Self Winding
Clock Company, as same appears on
the Personal Assespment Roll and in
accord with the notice of our assess
ing officer to this council, be and the
same is hereby approved and the
tax collector is directed to collect
the raid taxes at once.
On motion it is ordered that the
mayor and treasurer be authorized to
isue and sign Loan Warrants bear
ing 6 per cent and payable January
15, 1919, the said warrants to cover
loans of $5,000.00 to mept current
expenses in the General Fund, and
$2,000,000 to meet current expenses
in the school fund.
There being no further business,
the council adjourned.
Indians Making Good Soldier.
At a soldiers' cninp la Texas there
Is a Cherokee, Jesse Flion. He can't
talk English, but he can talk the al
lied language. A few days ago he
wanted to convey some message to a
lieutenant, and, using an Interpreter
and sigu language, he declared he
wanted to go to France right away
and bayonet the kaiser all by himself.
There are some noted members of
the various tribes In service. George
Paconrlnd, son of Chief Baconrlnd, of
the Osage nation, Is a good soldier and
patriotic. His father, back In the
Osage country, still wears a blanket
Herbert Whlteshleld, t noted base
ball player, sought by several major
league clubs, Is In the army. At one
of the cantonments Major Koehler,
long West Point swordmaster. put the
men through strenuou9 exercise. 14
was play for Indians. Some men
were overcome and hud to drop out,
but not one of the Indians did The
Indians, too, are not only healthy and
strong as a race, but they follow all
tie sanitary rer:!at!?ci In camp.
Several Indians have reached the
gyude of, captain.
Bee Brand Insect Powder, 25 & 50c.
tmn II Into Umi alt
FIImi and rnaasjaftoas dUlni firm mlnntw. Will kill anta,
fkaa, roasiwa, bsl , lira, arxl nigi of nftrly mrmrf kiiwt
IXrvrUrm ri pa k if a. I4 fur Out I Umi flrand Trade Uak.
,411 Crarr t, uf U mmt lmtimtM
Mccormick a co. Baltimore, Ma
Millsaps College
A. F. WATKINS, Prsidant Ja.k.on, Miss.
A high-grnde college. Situsted at the capital of th state.
Located high, dry and healthful. Kntranee requirement, and cur
riculum same as in other hading colleges and universities, North
and South. The very finest moral and religious influences. Cours
es leading to A. R., R. S., M. A. M. S., and I.L I!, degrees.
Millsaps Preparatory School, under separate faculty and
dormitory management. Unsurpassed training for college.
Millsaps Law School olTering extraordinary advantages. Su
perior faculty, law libraries accessible to all.
27th session begins September 18,1918. For catalogue and other
Information address.
J. REESE LIN, Sec'yf Jackson, Miss.
FOR RF.NT Furnished or unfur
nished, my house on South 3rd Street.
F. R. Simms. tf.
ough bread O. I. C. registered pigs.
J. E. Slaughter, Jr. Telephone 500.
FOR SALE Nice young Jersey
cow, fresh May 20th. Address J. D.
McNees, Box 18, R. F. D. no. 1.
Steens, Miss.
FOR SALE At a bargain, one
good gentle harness and saddle horse,
and 1 one-horse wagon. Will sell
separate. Apply to E. J. Bush. tf.
, r.'
consider trade on Columbus prop
erty small well improved farm in
Pickens county, having 8-room bun
galow; 2 barns; COO rods hog wire".
Plenty of water. Telephone 543.
R. Scofield.
FOR SALE Finest Quality of
Blue Stem seed wheat $2.60 per bu
All vou waut. Valley Farm Co.
Phone 261-R. 2w
NOTICE On and after July 15 I
will bo prepared to take table
borders at reasonable rates. Excel
lent meals and service. Mrs. L. B.
Stephenson. Telephone 59. 104
South Fifth avenue.
than you could steal them. Hanna's
Art Studio.
FOR SALE Buirk-Six, with ry,
cover. 1917 model; good shape. W
take Ford as part pay. Address J
M. Wells, Star Route.
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished
connecting fooms for light-housekeep
ing. Lights, telephone and bath
Phone 110.
FOR RENT Large family resi
dence on North Third avenue and
Tenth street. Apply to J. Burt Wil
bourne. IS
FOR RENT Storehouse. 410
Main Street. Now occupied by Cox
and Son. Possession given Sept. 1st.
H. F. Simnll. 7-7-tf.
WANTED Planing mill foreman.
Must be able to take care of machin
ery, etc. Good wages to right man
Apply to Hognn Lumber Company,
i riicnari! e old mm. i
FRESH MEATS Am running r.
meat market in connection with my
grocery business. Have white man
as a meat cutter. Will deliver to
any part of the city. J. E. Slaugh
ter Jr. Telephone 500.
MEHLIN PIANO Cicassian Wal
nut, upright, rebuilt piano. Beauti
fully designed with handsome carv
ings. This piano cost new $750.00
First check for $200.00 gets it. Cash
or credit. L. E. Lide.
WANTED Bids for delivery of 8
tons, of higest grade baled alfalfa,
second cutting, In my barn. Darius,
care of Commercial. 2t.
FOR SALE Have quite a number
of delta plantations for sale cheap.
Price and term can be arranged. In
fine state of cultivation, and will
produce bale of cotton to acre. Lo
cated in heart of Mississippi delta.
See V P. SLrlouiig.
Attention, Farmersl
It is now a settled fact that farmers
this year will have to store the i
iy"aaroP nnrr n t iliuii Vi tl if nvnna MiMi !
is the time to make arrangements.
Have some warehouse rooms yet that
have not been taken. It will pay you
to see me at once.
C. F. Sherrod.
Phone 21.
Office hours 10:30 to 11:30
a. m., 4 to 5 p. m. Residence
Phone 189.
Office 1st State Bank Bids;.
Read our advertisements.
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State Bank Bldg.
Office Formerly Occupied
by Dr. Westmoreland, Sr.
Umbrellas Repaired
We Make Them as
Good as New
.lift)! AMk JOMP I'ftlUtftt ( i
rill in Ki d mri
taal! with Hi'i KitiiKXi.
Tab ( nthop. ttnv nf .)
i'rucilM. Ask fnr M lICM.TrfVI
UIAMOMI IMMNli I II, I. m, ht if.)
ar tutnwnfrt lUt,riafM, Ala. ttt-tial-ie
ft sal
Offices First State Bank
Special Attention Uivea to lollec
tions and Civil Business.
16G6 cures Chills and Fever.
A Chance to Invest
80-acre larm in Pick
ens County, Alabama
at a Bargain. Forty
acres open land and
some timber.
New improvements,
including eight-room
house, two barns, etc.
Further particulars
Columbus Commercial

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