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The Columbus commercial. (Columbus, Miss.) 1893-1922, August 01, 1918, Image 2

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r I f AfcDt I M
II H A I'l Mil I - IT f
! MAi'lfll) c
t 0 ' ' g'OO O ' ' ) O t 9
i Ml K
it I f
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Tin I 0!u., ift Mm, !'!'.. in vU U
s' 'd
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i M v, . 'ift 'I : !f.
' , . , . It ,
lit'', "if-" .. ' ' ' ' '
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oj r i i.i r mi
! t V i r
f r
i J .
I i ' 4 M-4.r J,J0f.' i vi i !i( i.f t f Ml M tu, ji ?;.!''!
Arn f mm h;n fi'i-ntly !- n un.itt!il in a
,fr i 't di " I' 'if' ! If i t II. it i j t h
v. t i S S f
1 ,! V.. Mi I I .if M
iff- "! ;' . V-
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'It i rr.i i!.
II I'M" I '!
- A'f-Hi' f f Vi i i!t . i i i If .!,-I I
J l in,; !'!, I" I t t!.- if- j if ?;.' fu f g f : f
()j in iu I 1 t liuH.i. , .M , 1 1 l I it !!
th it J ! v.iftj A r.ini'i , i'p ' t r i? v in
if' p ';
jlif S N'i-a Vii k . i f.iri- M ,.S i'.r th 1 1 fie in v.
i t iit;i iit, w in lalpufui ! t' i.ini iii I. I a
1 1 j j i 1 1 '(iii j i 1 1 , iii I'.. I' i.nf.i. in i.i-
tnii( tiiii, l)r. II il' (' I (!!, v,, . : t ! r
lh if.l'tjf;'.
) t(l; ,r trr- ! A J 'TH-'i Of It ttr. ..ift'-n l!l f'!" toji P
i I w in J in I r ir i i ri l I . l' . i . . i. i 'i V I . I .f i 1 V II I K .
i iv.' i' i i.i ,ifif .k.u iii n i rir
,fi ..i, l.r. !'t ii m. r inu ml th it thr !''" '"' r"l,'r l'" " nn.i. j ;- i I t.own
an ! itli'Tl inl, win -li ' incc the UiiiIkJ Mili-s
! I' (,t i, ,
. . . f , f
I I I liw -!' I
,rl fi
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i.ffH I.f
'i ' ' tai ' i f l!l I fit
I l l If.'i ri y) fit- j
r, r.iii-itunts !i iv- lrcn ri'. u ( ! 'f t.ir ;iwl
f.Mtlur In i'tli.T nip .; ii fur .!.!-t-r
hrv Ih i n iTt i ti in jiiihli,- pi, in s ;iiil mt-n
whn In I, in on' or .iiifitln'!', (It'tiioin.trat
( ! ,i I irk of iti i-.tMii pl.ut il thr n in. Co'um-
bus has It id ii cvi'iriui' of ;i I n k of patriot
ism, liO.vrvcr, iiml thim bui' has hn n forced
to rrort to no ilra -tic measures in order to
show that the city, as a whole, is standing by
the President in his effort to win "the war.
Columbus is one hundred per cent patri
otic, and her citizens have every lea.son to
feci proud of the fact.
r ' p , ! s s
The federal government has issued an
official warning cautioning tlie people against
investing in oil stock and other questionable
securities. Irresponsible promoters hnvc it
is said, recently sold a lot of stock of ques
tionable value by agreeing to take Liberty
bonds in payment therefor. Many of these
bonds have been thrown upon the market,
f u' t '
n ,! f i 'i r-
i "P- I'rf, ...
' . i , .!, i t
i I rv,,. '''-I
' . IM . 0, f'.r- f ,f !, I
i Bful (S f:,' fiy f ir' !( i i O
j 'H-.r i ; I m-1 I ii ii I ., f f. r f I 0,, .f t i"
jl it i ' i I i f f ir' . hi f.i
i . 1,1 i . i I I ...il I.f f.,i ....
n "i n'.' ' . i.r I "fi i' t li . h i
t f ff nfi i '! I in i.i' ' r i I v- ''ifi.'ii'
0 v;r in ii in r 'li... i ,r lu'
in i i , ft--" i i
4 . 7r f , i , i. ,. ' i
'A 1 I I (l ll'i 1 . fl
f 1 f ' ..'fl f iTIrtP Willi I ' r "
ifi Al ii in I - ' ''
r; o
ihi i.
,'1. I'
f i.i.t I r i
l r r I i.'.. i, ' I '
, . r mii ii ii' "f )'
I ! , ; 1,'fn i'
rrii dcri'if i! Ii- 'it! i.r fsn.v in
became bflli'ri' ut b.n had its name uianed, ,r.f.r. - i o... mn u'ti Pun.,
i rat i.f iif'm i in' lii ulm vi-r ft-
("ti"J if In1 i'l ImfTiiiifil i'il p ri
in ufafi.
'I ' i.; ' i.i" r.i.i' l.ii it ,'.i'ilt
' 11 ...it Mi 1 m. n
v. ho ut hi"t liikewiirm in ln' nlitv
I ml i'lfili'Votion.
I i'. j,.- !, . ri;,n vho i! I hit tl
optnmitic, ,in I I uill i-if'h vn 'hi
nmn who is, lit worf, ovfrrfihui
f: :h , ,-r', ,i i i.'puMi,'."
to Vireck'fi U'i ( kly, wa-i al.-o made public.
These letters wer.- intef cepted befofe the
United States dcrlatn! war against (jeifr...ny.
Since that time, according to Viirek's o'.vn
admission, he has f-cnt mail to Hirmany
through n'-utial countries. This action, ac
eirding to authoi iti-:, is a violation of the
trading with Hie enemy act.
The Vireek code letters, some of which
were dated in 10.5, apparently were innocent
communications on family and personal sub
jects, but, according to government officials,
they contained information concerning politi
cal conditions in this country.
r rV. ti N P.
A federal order lias cut down the stock
allowed newspapers and the call to arms has
cut down their staffs. The draft has taken
many workers from both the .editorial and
mechanical departments, while many others
and as a consequence their current value is! volunteered. The Birmingham Age-IIerald
being jeopardized. Investments made in. has sent tti men to the front, while other
Liberty bonds are absolutely safe, and owners dnilies in this section have sent almost as
I dlt l:XT Urif family
Ivimp on North Thir.l avi-nun nn-l
Ti nth Ktr"t Apply to J. Hurt w ii-
FOK HALF. l;ul. k Fix, with "f
covi-r. 1'Jli tnoilfl; jrooiMhiipe. w
take Fonl hi part pay. Adilrem J.
M. Wells. 5?tnr Tloute.
WANTKO 1'iids for delivery of 8
tons, of hitfest (.Tade baled alfalfa,
i. iin.l f ni t in,', in mv hum. Darius.
Chfirles K. Ilunh.i, Republican I
camliilate for President in 191C, has vnn WKNT-Storehouse. 410
expressed in tidmiratde word.i the ,. c. ...... xt u.i 1,., rv.v
onil Ron. Piwspsninn piven SeDt. 1st.
run when in n recent addreu.i he said: 1 n F Simrrfll. 7-7-tf.
of these securities ought to hold on to them.
j many.
p.-t ri f n r.j
Ri W Fa P- Pi
Federal indictments have been returned i Twenty-one packers have been indicted
a r.iinst the Western Union Telegraph Com-, by a federal grand jury in New York on the
limy charging that corporation with having charge of having concocted a scheme where
transmitted 340,417 messages by mail. The, by they defrauded the government out of
nenatlv provided bv law is $!"() for each mes- more tiian Sl.000.U0O worth of beef. This
1 1 ' -
. sage, which would amount to $17, 500,000. it hoks like the boast of the packers regard-
is hardly, likely, however, that the ci irpany ing tluir alleged patriotism is a lot of "hot
will be required to pay the penalty, r.s'air."
wealthy corporations geneially find som,.!
way to esc ipe payment of penalties piovid
FOR RENT Four room eottse i.
first class repairs. All modern eon
veniencea. $12.50 per month. Ap
ply to W. O. Teck, telephone 735.
FOR RENT Three furninhr
rooms for housekeeping. Convenient
to town. Price reasonp.b'o. Apply
:.: Seventh street, south. 7121-'.H
MEIILIN PIANO Cicassian Wal.
nut, upright, rebuilt piano. Beauti
fully designed with handsome carv.
mgs. Ihi3 piano cost new $750.00.
First check for $200.00 gets it. Cash
or credit. L. E. Lide.
FRESH MEATS Am running
meat market in connection with my
grocery business. Nave white man
as a meat cutter. Will deliver to
any part of the city. J. E. Slaugh-
Telephone 500.
f-a 14 rj Pa
ed for legal violations.
Pa Si Sa ft
If the Food Administrator keeps on de
creasing our sugar allotment we'll be com
pelh d to use sorghum to sweeten our coffee
Dealers tell us that shoes wiil be higher and tea. People who have used "long sweet
in price and plainer in pattern next year, and however, assure us that it is by no
this statement, coupled with a recent report means bad, and we are willing to "try any
to the effect that there are more hides in thing once."
storage than at an, previous period during i" fl
the world's history, seems to furnish addi
tional evidence of profiteering. 1 Marriage is often iconoclastic, as it fre
quently dispels the illusion which love, or in
some instances infatuation, creates.
England reports to drastic measures when r-a a ra m
her working men become obstreperous, and
several hundred laborers in munition plants The fact that you possess a few Thrift
who recently went out on a ti ike have been stamps constitutes no good reason why1 you
drafted into the army. should not buy more.
The American people are a unit be
hind their government in sustaining
their President, asking only this
Everything that America has we
want organized for this task. We
want the greatest ability of a land of
splendid talents devoted to this task.
We want no thought of partisonship,
we want no thought of division, we
want America altogether, under the
very best' organization that the hu
man mind can devise, with co-opera
tion undiminished in any way bv the
unnecessary friction of a multiplica
tion of uncO-ordinated offices. We
want the highest and best pITidcncy
in order that America at the least
cost and in the least time may win
the war. It is only through com
bined and whole-hearted co-opera
tion of all interests, all wer.lth and
rll labor that we can hope to accom
plish the terrible task of crushing
forever the hydra-headed monster of I tpr jr
Prussian militarism from the ep.rth.
NOTICE On and after July 15 1
An exchange says: , Ihere is. no wni fce prepared to take, tabic
excuse for throwing away a particle I borders at reasonable rales. Excel-
of good wholesome food in these try- lent me(ls an,j servlce. Mrs. L. )'.
nig times, lor every scrap can be Stephenson. Telephone 59. 101
worked over into something pala-1 South Fifth avenue.
table. M;.ny housekeepers soothe I p ?,.
tneir conscience Dy saving a-u-oversi kjk SALK CllKAr or wou;
until they spoil, and then throw them I consider trade on Columbus prop
, i i . . 1 I .. ... .
away witn a leeung oi compmii'iRy. lerty small well improved tarm in
Things are not saved until they f ul-1 Pickens county, having 8-room bun
fill some definite purpose. A thou- galow; 2 barns; 000 rods hog wire
sand things in a thousand homes are pienty 0f water. Telephone 5 IS
worse than wasted by being set aside r Scofield
until a use is found for them, and be- M.
fore this is discovered mildew, and for SALE Have quite a number
mould, moth and dust get in their 0f ,it,ita plantations for sale cheap
deadly woft and what might have I pr;,.e lmt term t an j3e arranged. In
been of value is thrown on the scrap I fi,ie s(ate of cultivation, and will
heaD. I produce bale of cotton to acre. I.o-
- Icated in heart of Mississippi delta
MUU I' TO MIH M1M...M'..". . RriMio.
.. , ,...! , nr....tnra tll''vv '
I no annual rii-rnuu p ,(
i ... rtii.l hi,'iiipl'
8or e Ilie ui'iruumn a".
p r.,.i. in, Mi.; I'nr the en-
r.ii I) Iv III V , ii ij i ti m ii.' ' - - , a
l.tll.V v.. I 1 m I... .,.,,, I 1 I I. Ill
ill he held in the I '
I i.' I Liu
, .. .,r.! ...j .if thP povnoration on v
i, i ii i. in;, i ....in n i ,
M.-n.i-iv i.rnr,r lin. I I O . i ""c
ill iilliKT-SIx
l.argaiu. I.
ndowment Insurance
At Ordinary Life Rates
The Phoenix Mutual Accelerative Endowment
Policy is a combination of all that is best in
life insurance.
Let me explain this contract to you.
General Agent
Odd Fellows Building
Phone 531 Columbus, Miss.
(.p. n at lu. o'clock a. m., cloe at 4
.'' .(': r i !
PAltKKH It KKVl-'i
WANTED Thoroughly competent
bookkeeper and office man desires
ii'on. Capable of managing of
fice. Only wth large business or
corporation. Address "Office Man,"
. ... . I i
Ti e ( litis! ian Woman s Missionarj care me commercial.
,. . . .... vr n K. r:t
rnf.iiv sill l.nTi unii I
. , i .. ... IvTn nv.nili. I rriD T?T."TT Q!v nm Vomica vi'illl
y'A III llt'i' UHlK "I-"" I' V. Ifc iVl.i. 1...!. i.umw ...v..
souili. Friday tu'.ernoo'i lU 4 o'clock, kitchen. All improvements. Corner
Xu, u.ndu'8 Cad-- will liavecliai ge 2ni avenue and Cth street North.
....... All .i-"ii hni.a fH'Olr-.. . oa 1,. A nt.. 4-
Oi Uic i'i ti.ii". in-'"-' irossession riepieinuer " i'i".v m
!...U, aiilU'l to be present. j M street. Thone 145.
WW IU r.I.l.TIV riHI lSUKD. FOR RENT The B. B. Mustin
Th.; 'awn Ury of the Navy Pl- re8yence, 621 6th street Cth ave. S.
ed t' e following In the Official AJ, convenience!li Possession given
nullotm of July Cth, 1918: September 1st. See Gid D. Harris.
To the Tress in America: ' j pa
o nppearanee of subniariues on gn; Everything on my
the A tins Me Coast makes it linpeia- ioas(,,i farlu otle mile north of court-
Y o u r 1 (euclaches
M.iy " r.iii il from L'yf-Str.iin. J ' m ij
lific p- (Mf fli trll i ii ; Kinlly it " fit.
of li";nl;i Ik-i; an- ciiim jI frntinlrfrclivc
vision nnd cm l rorrrcfrM ly i-roj'i ly
inrcrilM'l ijl.'issf!
ilif fnrt Uiat you w. vcll (lorn Dot
m'iiii that your cyi-.i an? perfect. Our
Scieiitifie Kxnminntion will reveal n,
exact condition of your eyes.
31 r.. M..jn St. j wpHCtll VU. jjr, "s
Specialises in Prescribing Glasses.
WiIS)Siq i
i ins
War Savings Stamps
Will Win the War
It is the small drops of water that make the
mighty ocean. It i3 the innumerable grains of
sand that make the land. It will be the number
less quarters that will help win the war. Every
time you buy a stamp you help to make the
world safer for you and your chi'i'en.
$5.00 for $4
Remember that you are not giving 3am this
money. He is simply borrowing it frcm you t A will
pay you back with big interest. For every $4. yv. i
out into stamps between now arid the first o -
you will receive $5.00 in cash in 1923. Remen.
you are helping yourself by saving your own money
and you are helping your Government and your
That Lad of Yours, Over Seas
All that is humanly possible is being done to see to it
that he is well fed, well clothed and efficiently equip
ped. Organizations like the Y. M. C. A., ,are looking
to his physical comfort, healthful recreation and clean
fun. If he is sick or .wounded the Red Cross will pro
vide for him with tender, Lving care. Yet there is one
thing that will bring a smila to his face and a joy to his
heart that none of these can giveyour photograph.
Hanna's Art Studio
tivo tl at no mention should o ni.'ide
In the' advertising or news column
of t! e saiHnKR or departures, or loca
tion, or supposed local ion of any fhi
in Aiiioriuui M'Hters," eic.
Kniphiwuing the importance of the
above requests of the Secretary of
the Navy the Postmaster Geue:-al in
the Postal Bulletin of July 22nd,
!"18. directs postmasters to "prompt
ly Bdvluc nil pnhliK.hers within the
delivery of their' offices that this de
partment will, utter luiiico of theya in
structions, regard the publication of
inch shipping news as giving aid and
comfort to the enemy,"
house, at junction of New Aberdeen j
and Waverly roads, consisting oft 0
growing crops of corn, sorghum, o
rnw nciis. neanuta and liweet pota-Q
toes: also oats in loft; nice young
cow; all purpose mare, bugiry and
harness, wagon and harness; plows.
Implements and household furniture.
Circumstances compel my return to
Kentucky and I am determined to sell
?t yo'ir prlr If f can't pet rrone.
J. M. TANNEit,
3t R. P. D. No. 5.
TheMercimnts&Farmers Bank
Columbus Miss.
CGG contains no alcohol, arsenic, nor
ther poisonous drugs.
Liberal Treatment
Prompt and Efficient Service
Solicits Accounts of Firms and

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