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Monday, Sept. 9ili
Smiling "IVuu" in a fast
moving pcppcrv story
that is all their. Ho is
heavy for tp 1-rlrs and
puts it over as us ;;il. Yes
y. u will laugh.
Travel Pictures
Mr. v.. .- T ir
ts 1
Admission 10 and 15c
Tuesday, Sept. lOth
Wallace Reid in "The Firefly of France"
The Famous Saturday Evcninr Post Sfory-not a battle pic
turebut a wonderful sto y of Ametican pluck a d ingenuity,
in whicn a dare-devil American wins a pretty Fitnch girl.
Mack Sennet Presents "THE SUMMER GIRLS"
in which G5 of his famous Bathing Girl?, assi.-t- d by Ford
Sterling and Louise Fazcnd: v. ill make you lam h All Oss.
Admission Children 5 cents : : : Adults 15 cents
Alice Brady in "The Ordeal of Rosetta"
A tense Phi)to-Drama of Metropolitan Life, suj erbly acted,
with wonderful setunfts and pretty gowns.
"CURRENT EVENTS," War News, Sports, Etc
Admission Children 5 cents : : : Adults 15 cents
su3W3ixaiK Bmsmsama
Matinee 3:00 and 4:45. Nil' hi 8:00 and 9:30. Note change
of starting time for night hows 2 Shows Afternoon 2 at
V Call for Worker (
For Tb Rid Cross. I
The surgical dressings! depantment ;
of the Red Cross desires a large
; number of workers at its headquar-!
ters in the S. D. Lee High School '
; Monday Morning, at whirh time work ;
I will begin on the September ship-:
!ment. The fact that this shipment;
arrived a week late will necessitate a j
ifull attendance every day in order I
that the full quote of the Columbus
shipment may be met. Our allot-!
ment for the month is 2,100 8x14
gauze compresses. It is therefore
readily seen that the need for addi
tional volunteers is important. All
who can assist in the work are urged
to report to the work room on Mon
B a
Messrs. Louis McCullough, Rober
Betts and Pete Turner leave Monday
for Nashville, wh-re they s;o to ac
cept their call to the navy. They ex
pert to Boon be transferred to New
Mrs. Alice B. Young, of Chicago,
is visiting her nister, Mrs. Anthony
Whitfield. Mrs. Laura Young Per
kins will remain with Mrs. Ih.11 k
Chicago for several months.
Messrs. Arthur Banks, Wiley
Johnston and Doa .Kdinr.ton, i-por.t
the week end in Memphis, bavin?,
made the trip in a ear.
',r,? e Hall, who has been
en-limy several weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. Harris Hardy left Thursday for
her home in Jackson.
Miss Jessie "Adams' many friends
ill be interested in knowng that she
will teach the coming winter in Rule,
ville, Miss.
a ,
Little Miss Ruby Beard, of Birm-
ne.ham spent several days the past
week with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Beard.
Muses Katherine and Vernon
Waller and Mrs. Wade Ervin, of
Crawford, spent Friday in the city.
Mrs. Eugene Heard Is cisiting rel
atives In Itta Bena.
happenings in Society
Local Red Cross to
Organize Firtt AM Class.
The National moi Iran Red Cros:
has delegated to its various Chapteiv
authority to organize and cany o;i
First Aid lr.-4ruot.ion Classes. The;
may be organized by iiidiYtiiiiitl.
it h.io1?, clubs, or dt her organization
the number i" each ihv-s vangin.--from
fou to iw nty-iUe. Tor Kit,
dents who have already secured
First Aid Certificates and de.-,lr fur
ther ..iK 1 o 1 1 i4 the same l.ne, tiu-i c
is (.1 f er d an advanced couifo.
lr. W. I!. McKinH" has been up
pointed Chairman of the Fiit-t Ail
Coiumittee for the Lowuden Coun
ty Chapter Ame-riean Red Crou, and
will be glad to confer with any par
ties iiiit-rosted in this work.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cowan anci
t.vo sons, of Texas, have moved to
Coiiir-ilus to live. We are glad to
vcl. oaie them to our c!ty. For sev
eral weeks thev will be with Mrs.
Mary l ope, at her home on College
r ;rre.
Mrs W. C. Ottley is spending the
week-end in Baldwin withher parents,
Rev. and Mrs, Armour, and TiTother
Captain Paul Armour, who is at home
on a six days' leave from Camp Pike.
Mrs. J'. Allison Hardy and little
111'.-. Margaret Eleanor have been en
joyVr a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
I'ordv in the country.
Lieut. Groom Leftwieh and Mid
.h'pman Howell Hinford, of Aber
deen, spent Friday in the city.
Nir. Hardy Gives Party
For Mrs. Hawkins.
Mrs. Allison Hardy entcreaineu on
Monday afternoon at cards
in compliment to Mrs. Griffin Haw
kins, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, who
s the charming guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore.
Euchre whs played at five tables.
A delicious salad and iee were served.
Those who were invited to enjoy
;hs:, delightful afternoon were:
Mi-s.-s Nell Carter, Ruth Senter,
l.ucile l'aye, Grace Lawrence, Dixie
Hardy, Ethel Hardy, Rebecca Hardy,
Sarah Hardy, Auticnette Moore
Kctherino Banks, Katherine McKin
l.-j, Katherine Cox and Patty Moore
;uid Mesdames Wiliiam Burris, L.
Croeli3, WiliTim Taylor, Oscar Burris
and Griffin Hawkins.
a a a
:.ir. Griffin T. Hawkins left Thurs-
ay io; I.i'ke Charles, La. Mrs
-!. 1 i Will ''prnd several days with
!ui p.irnt:?, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Moore, before returning home.
Mr :s. W. E. Fia. i- returned Thurs
day from Chicago ;UTe ihe has been
pending the sumnif r. Her many
friends are glad to I. now she is great
ly -m proved in health.
Mi M-.irv L. S.-.vage leaves this
veil", for Anderson College, S. Car
o'.inn, where she wjll accept a place
s director of elocution and physical
.ruout'iotv t
l)r. T. H. Henry returned during
he past week frn a delightful visit
to Colorado.
To Ou: Friends
and Patrons
By contracting in the fall of 1917 for 90 per
cent of our raw materials we were enabled,
in the face of many difficulties, to maintain
our present prices. But as these contracts
expired September 1st, we find that we are
forced Jo raise our prices if we are to main
tain the same quality and service that we have
always endeavored to give our customers.
Our prices from now on will be
uarts 65c H Gallon 90c
Gallons $1,50
ayne Field Zooms the past week
All of those who failed to get a
w'll please notify Louis White, Cadet
Wing Building, room 13.
Die friends of Mr. Carl Ca,dwel!
will be interested in learning that
he has accepted a position at Bear
Creek, Miss., as ticket agent for the
Southern Railway in Mississippi.
New Dresses
New Suits
Millinery Modes
i '-'A
') f
We Are Showing
Mode s
of Rare Beauty
Typical of this store's originality and exclusive styles are these smart
Hats. Not one liKe anything you've seen.
We invite you particularly .this week to inspect the new ones just in,
and believe you will share our enthusiasm. The new colorings are
wonderful. Prices ranye from -
$3.50, 5.00, 7.50 to 20.00
Such makes as Joseph, Gnjje, Behiour, Rowak and Knox.
Your Government Wants You to Use Less
Sugar in Everything, Every Day
, NeWh":
Sargent Sam Cox, who formerly
held a Dosition with the Columbus
Railway, Light and Power Company,
has arrived safely overseas.
Mr. Julian Gardner left the past
iveek for Hot Springs, where he goe3
o spend two weeks.
Policeman R. C. Noble has resigned
position to accept a place as a
nachinist-help at the Southern shops.
Boys' Sole Object In Going to War,
Like That of Others, I to
"Can the Kaiser."
MaJ. E. Alexander Powell, In Serlb-
ner's Magazine, says "it has been my
good fortune to have marched with
many armies, but none of them has
given me the thrill of pride which ruua
up my epiue when I Bee these loose
limbed, brown-faced, clear-eyed eons
of the far West go swinging by under
the slanting lines of steel.
"They are for the most part serious
looking, with a curious set expression
about them which makes you feel that,
though they realize the immense diffi
culty of the task for which they are
preparing, they intend to see it fin
ished, no matter how long it may
take. Just as their fathers carried the
frontier of civilization westward from
the Mississippi, bo these, their eons,
are going to push that eame frontier
from the Rhine.
"But that isn't the way that they
would put it. Should you ask them
what they are fighting for, they will
eny nothing about the liberty of small
peoples or about making the world
safe for democracy. They will assure
you that their sole object in going to
war is 'to can the kaiser.' Aud, upon
thinking it over, it seems to me that
their answer, though somewhat inele
gantly phrased, perhaps, expresses the
sentiments of all of us."
Vj Ki m " '-II
i sA lvy" - , , Vfrfl
Tho assessment rolls for the City
of Columbus for the years 1918 and
1913 a;'e completed aud are- now on
file in the mayor's office. There
they will remain together with all
revisions, changes and corrections
that- mnv hi. 111:1 Ha tn- ih M...-i on-
as to the ear Is the new and highly !r.. , .. . , . '
a , a u.. t City Council at its meeting on tho
English Violinist Declares Winsome
Notes Can Be Displayed to Eys
as Well as to Ear.
That music may be translated into
color and displayed to the eye as well
These five-foot shells are being fcau'ed to a Canadian dump, whence tli
will be fed to the Huns on the west front.
interesting theory developed by Isa
dore Berger, the English violinist, ae
cording to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Music and color, he dec-lares, express
exactly the same emotions and feeb
lugs,- and therefore an opera or a
symphony may actually be turned into
color and seen. By understanding the
Interrelation of color and sound even
the deaf can learn to enjoy music
when expressed in color. Mr. Berger
says :
"Color Is -not to be an accompani
ment nor a mere light effect, but .a
clear, logical expression of music. The
synchronism must be perceived emo
tionally rather than scientifically. For
instance, red always expresses passion,
anger, temper or any intense feeling.
Yellow, the color of light, menns love
and happiness. Blue is the mystic
color. Modify the yellow of love with
the mystic blue and you have a "violet,
a pensive, sad emotion. All the othei
grades of emotion ore the result of
j the bleuding of passion, mystery and
love, or red, blue and yellow. They
are three primary colors and the three
primary emotions." ,
Statement of the Financial Condition of
National Bank of Commerce
At Columbus.'; in the State of Missnsippi, at the elo;e of business on
Augu.it 21st, 1918.
Columns ice Cream Company
Uniforms Too Tight.
The army council order about the
tightness and fitting of soldiers' uni
forms led to expert discussion as to
which force has the best, says the
London Chroulcle. Wounded officers
with experience ranging from Bagdad
to Ypres voted for the Australian.
Irs shirtlike tunic with buttoned
sleeves is ideally workmanlike. The
Norfolk Jacketlike waistband gives
trimness without necessitating the
wearing of a belt
And just as unanimously expert
opinion declared the U. S. A. nnlform
the worst
"It's too tight it's skin tight. Bless
1 00,000,00
liiinns and dhn-oiiiits $211,128.77
ei";ral't.-4; unsecured
U. S. bonds deposited to secure cm uLtiori ....
l.iheity Loan bonds, 3, 4 and 4 VI pjr cent,
tin filed :(! ,
i:omU (other than V. S. bonds) ple.lp.ed to
secure postal savlnirn d(-ij. ii.i -- -
Bund uiul secnri'ies pledged as collai eral for
State, or othr deposits (postal e? eluded)
or bills payable
Securities other lliaa II. S. bonds (not includ
ing stocks) owned unpledged
Tt:d -
sioek of Kedeml K. -,-erve Bank (50 P r cent of subscription)
Furniture and .fixtures
Law till reserve with Federal Reserve "?nn,c
lieuvs with Federal Reserve Ban It ir. rroci-su cf collection
- (not available 11s reserve)
tVsh In vault and net amounts due fro u national banks
Net amounts due from banks, bankers, and tru-t companies 1
Checks on other banks in the same city or town as repoi tm:!
hiiiiU , 1 V"V
Redemption fund with U. 3. Treasurer aud due from I .
War Savings Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually ownc-J ..,
1 V. 15. Trea cry Certificates
FOR IUiNT1115 Third avenue,
north, 8-room house, barn, lot, gar
den, et". Apply to J. VT. Jr.yner,
American Railway Express Co.
not apply unless you can read music
at a glance and understand some
thingbout book-keeping.Address P.
O. Box'223, Columbus, Miss.
First Tuesday In September, 1918,
until the First Tuesday In October,
1918, subject to inspection. All ob
jections to the assessments or
changes made by the said Mayor and
City Council must be filed in writ
ing on or before the said first Tues
day of October, 1918, or said as
sessment or changes must be con
clusive. M. C. VANDIVER,
City Marshal and Tax Collector.
September 2nd, 1918.
The New York Hide and Fur Co.,
just received another car load of
young Illinois mares. The best ever
seen in Columbus. Come and in
spect them. Call at New York Hide
and Fur Company opposite the ga3
plant. It.
Organ, Piano, Vocal.
Howard M. Teasdale,
Studio, Mrs. Sales' residence, No. 113
South Sixth St.
79,980.75' ,
U-,719.2'1 j
o.ooo.oo ;
15,240.48 I
9 7S. 16 I
Oris, 17c to 19c a piece; mixed
feed, from 12c to 13c; meal, from 8c
to 10c; scrap iron, from 75c to 85c
per hundred,
1,, 00 0.00
4:., 000. 00
Total : - C7,50 77
Capital Ftocl; paid
Surplus fund
you, the pockets won't hold anything 1 Undivided profits, net
they're for appearance. You couldn't
cram a handkerchief la one. And I
used to carry quito comfortably a pair
of socks, a couple of Mills grenades, a
tin of bully, chocolate, cigarettes, aud
my revolver In one side of my jacket
"A thing In your pocket Is worth a
etone ia your haversack."
Circulnurrr notes out'tandin?
Net amounts due to National banks
N. amounts due. io banks, bankers,
1 Total deposits
and tiu'-t cu.iiMaii.e-
100.000.0 )
14. 000. 00 I
; n. ."..v-i
1 0.1 S U.O 7 !
t. 1 G 1 .
42:.or-.'j !
ti5i,(?Df.77 !
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
To Mrs. Josie Lollar.
You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the
County of Lowndes in said State,
ihe 2 Mondlay of Oct, A. D. 1918,
to defend suit "of J. A. Lollar where
'.n you are a defendant.
This 4 day of Sept., A. D. 1918.
B. A. LINCOLN. Clerk, '
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
Letters of administration having
been granted and issued to the un
dersigned upon the Estate of Mrs.
Ruby O. Jones, deceased, by the
Chancery Court of Lowndes County,
Mississippi on 'the 1st day of July
A. D. 1918.
This is to give notice to all per
sons having claims sjialn'.-1; -an! c.
late to Probate r-nd Register same
with the Chancery Clerk of Lowndei
County, within one year from this
date. A failure to so probate and
repister said claim will forever bar
the same.
This July 1, 1018. .
Siaie of Mis-issippi, County of I .own les. rs: ,
I, E. C. Chapman. Cashier ofitiie al hve-nauu-d hank, on sol, '.ini: ' rwe.tr
that l He- ahovc statement is ttUd t th. te;( of my Muuvb-Ore and bcief.
K. C. CHAPMAN, Cashier.
Grand Old Man of Liberty.
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Md.,
was the signer of the Declaration of
Iudependenee who lived longest after 1
July 4, 177'!. lie sunlved until No
vcinber i:t, iv:' j
C01 r -ft Mt.'
oir. t ) lifoi ,
a. 11. feci i:s.
BROOKS M'C.OWAN. i.r tor.-,
i t t!i (!v of S,pU'iiU( r. 19.
V. P. POPE, Nuli-.y Publ.c.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
County. v !
To I.ula Richards, Postofhc ad-1
dres, Ethelville, Ala.
You are comanded to appear be
fore' thq Chancery Court of the
County of Lowndes in said State
m the 2 Monday of Oct, A. D. 1918,
iu iltfc-hd fcuit if Jair,3 nchUTu3
wherein you are a defendant
This 6 day of Sept.. A. D. 1918.
B. A. LINCOLN, Clerk,
W. Hunter Eubanks
Office, First State BankBldg.
Office Formerly Occupied
by Dr. WcttmoraUnd, St.

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