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the Columbus com mu c l a l,',, 1 1, i direction to tell when hostilities U ill
The South CAN Grow Wheat
And WILL Grow Wheat
(,:,n it
'i. ;.-(. .
to: .. ::, tflf Hn.i Maimer 'craxr; uui n is possiwe lu.n nn cany rim
.u'ill rri .L ! tin nfwicu i r 1 f n cnnl m-inu rtifif
1 ' n in mi im it iim mi .in.ii j 11 i" in iii'itijr
AnnTicnng to France, and wr. ran, at h asf,
hopr for tht In st.
I , i'i M ' 1 I !)
tt N P 11
it i. I f i 1 1 ' N I! Ml
w; ; r v; I
r of
MixMin.i.ms ale tn l,c con t at il.i! d
iifiin the o'licMtii' of tin Ciift'jfiv hion.il ri
i .i. nj uu N hrM in th' First ami Sixth districts
Tnrsdav; uh Hon. K, S. (!andlrr, who was
iiuiniiiatid in tin First district, ami Judge
I Paid Johnson, who was tin nomimr in tin.'
Ssixtli district, .".n both good men and can he
AiAWir Miura It ! Willing To Do More Than ItJ
Part To Fred Our Soldicn And Allir. -The South
( Held The Banner For Increaie U
Wheat Acreage.
! for.Mi'h will
M etieni cri upon to support llic aiirninisiraiion
r-i 4 p p- i
MIT Uij ,lSi i 1 U)DA
Tu l t i tlx d iy m I .i u !i hy a proclama
tio;i i sii d hy Pn i ! nl Wilst.n lor the real's
tr.ition .f .ill ii.cn in tv.( i n 11. c ag :; of IS and
4.'), inclusive, h have ml airc.dy enrolled
for militwy snvi f , and all those wilhin the
prescribed auc limits should he certain to
register, as failure to do so w ill lay them lia
ble to line and imprisonment.
Provost Marshal (iencr;d Crowdcr has
given out a stab rnrnt in which he declares
that the selective service operations will be
speeded up in ordc to get ;:s many men as
possible in army cantonments by the did of
October. Outlining changes in methods
adopted to that end, General Crowder said
questionnaires would go out to registrants
before the drawing has been conducted and
that local boards would be urged to begin
classifications immediately.
Somewhere in the neighborhood of thir
teen million men are expected to register to
day, and many prominent citizens of Colum
bus, as well as of other towns and cities
throughout the country, will be included in
the number. The age limits include the years
during which the men are at their best; years
when they are making money not only for
their present needs but for the years which
will find them less active and less self-reliant;
but all who are drafted wii) cheerfully' lay
aside personal hopes and ambitibns in order
to serve their country, and in this immediate
section at least, there will be no lagging back,
no evasion, no shirking of duty. Every man
in Lowndes county who comes within the pro
visions of the order will be found ready and
anxious to go, and, after having gone through
the requisite training, will be found not only
willing but eager to get in the trenches and
to engage in actual combat.
While all men between 18 and 45 must
register, it is practically certain that there
will be a large number within 'h se age lim
its who will never be inducted into service.
Officials of the War Department have been
given vast power; but will exercise this power
judiciously, and in selecting nun for si rvice
will do everything possible to keep from
bringing unnecessary hardships upon indi
viduals or seriously disrupting industrial and
agricultural pursuits. For the present, at
least, the department officials will not call
out married men, nor will there be inducted
into service any youth below the age of 18 or
any man who has passed his UGth birthday.
It is, of course, possible that all men coming
within the prescribed age linrts will event
ually be called out; but, conversely, if the
Allies keep up the pace they arc now going,
peace may be declared before one-half or
even one-fourth of the men who register to
day are inducted into service.
We do not desire, however, to go on rec
ord as venturing a prognostication as to when
the war will end, as we make no claim to
prophetic vision, and it would, indeed, re
quire a seer possessed of super natural powers
According to the Age-Herald, n P.inning-
ham negro win icccntly started loronc o! the
training camp was very much disappointed
when In- found a safety razor paclud in his
comfort kit, and declined if it had been ore o1
the old-style, keen bladcd kind he'd have
"shown de white fokes how an Alaharna nig
ger cu'd carve up dem Germans."
t s r i r . f
A learned historian declares that craps
shooting was engaged in by soldiers during
the famous sit ge of Troy, and if the game
was played at that ancient date by military
men negroes now with the American expedi
tionary forces in France certainly ought not
to bo criticised for "rolling the bones."
fci lt r la f.3
The scarcity of labor incidental to war has
already created a demand for the services of
men, and it looks likes the action of Fuel Di
rector Garl'ied in requesting owners of auto
mobiles not to use them for pleasure pur
poses on Sundays is going to result in bring
ing "Old Dobbin" back into his own.
fci N ra ita w
According to press dispatches, Enrico Ca
ruso, who recently took upon himself a bride,
goes about New York whistling merrily, but
if we are to judge by the experience of oth
er artists who are as temperamental as Caru
so it may not be long before his wife will
have him whittling a doleful tune.
ra ra raj m
In polite society it isn't considered ethical
to "butt-in." That such action is permissi
ble in military circles, however, is evinced by
the fact that an 18-year-old Italian soldier
recently captured an Austrian general by but
ting him in the abdomen.
Ra pa pa ra
The fact that the Payne Field Zooms is
delivered to subscribers in this section by
aerial mail by no means signifies that it is a
"hot air" sheet. On the other hand, it is an
excellent paper and reflects much credit
upon its editors.
fca P? Pj ra PU
Now that sweet potatoes are on the mar
ket and sorghum will be plentiful, people in
this section of the country are not going to
allow the order of Food Director Hoover to
restrict the use of sugar worry them to any
great extent.
fa ra Pi fj r
We may now expect to hear many mar
ried men who, under the provisions of the
new draft regulations, will soon be called to
war exclaim, "Verily, life is just one blamed
thing after another.
fa Pa Pa Pi Pa
Press dispatches from France indicate
that the Allied forces may soon take up a
''Watch on the Rhine."
ChartM A. WhU, IHrUI Mnsaf, lull Improv.mairt Camming
AlUMa, Oa. '
Th" Sf win ft ' thl hn hH ' '
PrU Mil wmio.
It Im willing In do H pMl, ' to wr HnrrMnIri rmf
hr.d - nd u td I wll
It la wlllk lo d Ha M. m,r mn mw' ","T"r ,r0,a
Ft la wIllltDt to do Ua part, and mor. to row hal lld..a inr.lnf
1h irmt rwiHinaiMllty "f growing ci.tton, of rro.ln. lng vt.lHlln ml m.d
mral from cotton, twaoula and vHvn tn; of jtiowlng rli , nuijiir and
oiher rropa which thn Houfh r1io can produra and tor irtili h no ollmr
Auction can r-ndar holp
rw u....ik PurriM. th hnnr fur Vha ImgMt poraantatta of aT In-
....... in in th MHintr for tha rant neaaoa. It cn rHuIn tbat
Virnnij aaa w m
bnnnar. Tha grat whit bait of t WHt will Da a uig mia iu
It fnun It.
Soma Farta About Crowing Wheat In Tha louth.
Tha universal awicaea attandlnn tha growln of whfHt In tba Routb
durinK tha pawt aaon la aTldanr nouh that It ran lx dona again.
Whwtt can ba grown bt on clay loama or aandy clay loama. The boU
should ba brokan aa aarly a puaalbla and bhrrownd.
VarlaMoa that hara dona well In a eonununlty ara motit llkaly the t"M
Tba aned should b traatad for amut befora planting. The formaldehyda
treatrntint la prtferablw.
Seeding In October la better than November la the South. A good,
vigorous growth la dealred boforo winter aatg In.
Where the Heaalan Fly la found, wheat should not be aown untHl aftei
the first frost.
Better yielda are obtained when the aeed la drilled into the ground than
when sown broadoaat. ,
Fertiliser can be affiled in the drill. Generally speaking, a 10-2-2 fer
tilizer or alrallar brand will be found satlafuctory and profitable at this time.
Don't be stingy with it.
Nitrate of soda or Mlpkate of ammonia can usually be applied profitably
m a to dressing in erly spring.
Fall Reminders.
Remember tbat 'the time to select seed corn la in the fleld, from good
healthy stalks, that i have a maximum number of ears plaeed right on tha
''ii' ' a' " t
Selecting good'veed lor the cotton crop next year ahould likewise be at
tended to while Uf,e plant is atlll growing. Tag the desirable stalks and
keep the pickings 'separate.
Kill the bean and pea weerila and save the grain by treating them with
carbon bl-auluhld. Pour 2 to 4 pounds on top of the grain and cover with
old sacks for itt hours. Enclone them in tight boxes or other containera.
If they show p. again, gaa them again in the same way.
Endowment Insurance
At Ordinary Life Rates
The Phoenix Mutual Accelerative Endowment
Policy is a combination of all that is best in .
life insurance.
: Let me explain this contract to you.
General Agent
Odd Fellows Building;
lone 531
Columbus, miss.
Camp Shelby, Miss., Sept. 7. Ten
cents and a nickel, found in a letter
received at he office of the Red Cross
fleld secretary recently has found its
way to a soldier sent him by his
mother for spending money. Here's
what she said:
"I urn sending you fifteen cents,
sonny boy; spend it for something
you need." Continuing, the mother
said: "You know Jimmy, we are
terribly poor, and we miss your help
mightily, but your country called you
and we gave you up. Our minister
preached a powerful Bermon on
mother's love, the kind which makes
her give up her only son, like I did,
and I thought I wouid write you a
few 1'neA and tell you how glad I am
to send you a few lines and tell
o how g!-i I am tot send you the
f i:.-o;i centa. lie a gcod boy, think
f your mother; pray offten, for God
t our hope. Your sisters send love
and kisses."
When the voMier, fram whom tho
"t( r was intended, was found, it was
pen Uui I he was glad to hear from
mother. lie held the two pieces
if money tightly in liis hand, and
' .t-i glistened in his. eyes.
"God bless her," he said.
i'i;i;sm(j T( HIS MUX.
Gen. Pershing is not a speech
maker, and very little oratory comes
from his direction, but he handles
an able pea, especially ivheu lie
writes of our boys' performances in
war. The addn-as lo the first and
third-corps, embracing the first to
fourth and the 20th. 28th, 3 -'ml ami
42nd divisions; in a model of Uh
kind, aud its eunoliimou stica as
Napideau iiiiiihvlf, who excelled ju
thi. foil of eumpoHition. umM hav:
Well plea .seil whit inui In; u uUn it:
"You liil iiioio than to e.ive the
ullSc" the Mippiiit to which, as a
nation, our faitli was pledged. You
proved that our altruism, our pacific
i.piril and our nenso of jusu.-e have
not blunted our virtility or our cour
age. You bavo nhowu that American
initiative ami filer?)' are an lit for
the task of war as for the pursuits
of peace. You have Justly won un
stinted praise from our allies aim
the eternal gratitude of our country
men. "We have paid for our success
with the lives cf many of our brave
comrades. We shall eheifsli their
memory always aud claim for our
history and literature their Lruvery,
achievement and tuierifiee." The
Mobile Register.
a yi i;stio.
Columbus, Miss., Sept. , 191 S
To the Editor of The Columlns Com
The other day I took a load of
cottton to 'a gin. After doductin;;
the weight of the wagon, the tseed
cotton weighed 1525 pounds. After
ginning the bale weighed even GOO
pounds and the ginner paid nie for
1025 pounds of seed at the rate of
three cents per pound or $C0 per ton
I paid him $1.50 for eighteen pound's
of bagging and ties with which -o
wrap my cotton. So I delivered to
the ginner 1525 pounds of seed cot
ton, plus eighteen pounds of bag
ging and ties, making a total of
1513 pounds but only received back
a 500-pound bale of cotton and pry
for 1525 pounds of seed. I claim
I am due pay for eighteen additional
pounds of seeds worth fifty-fou
cents to offset the weight of the
bagging and ties which was include:!
in the weight of the 50i pound bal 1
When seed was selling for less th:n
one cent a pound this little shortage
was not worth talking about, but. at
the present value of seed, with a
prospect of an increase, it in worthy
of consideration.
Should a plant pin as much ai
fifty bales per day, the value of the
eighteen pounds of seed from each
bale would be worth $27.00, to the
gin from that day's work. A sea
son's ginning of 5000 bales would
net $2800 to the pin from this source
alone. If a farmer has a little crop
of twenty bales to gin he loses
$10.80, and if ten million bales are
ginned in the South at public gin;
and others have the same .experience
as myeelf. the farmers of the South
I will lose over $5,000,000. The food
administrator has been very liberal
toward the ginners in fixing the price
for ginning. It is due the farmer
that he should investigate t bis mat
ter ii)d require the ginm rs pay the
producers for hp many pounds of
seed as the bagging and tiet weigh.
II. F. SIM r. ALL.
Your Headaches
May be caused from Eye-Strain. Scien-
lilic. research tells us Eility percent,
of headaches are caused from defective
vision and can' be corrected b,y propel ly
prescribed glasses.
Tin; fact that you Fee well does not
mean that 'your eyes are perfect. Our
Scientific Examination. will reveal il.e
exact condition of your eyes.
j SlmTs,. Optical Co.
31 S. Main St.
Specialises in Prescribing Glasses.
Millsaps College
A. F. WATKINS, Pre.ident Jackion, Mits.
A high-grade college. Situated at the capital of the state.
Located high, dry and healthful. Entranse requirements and cur
riculum .same as in other leading colleges and universities, North
and South. The very finest moral and religious influences. Cours
es leading to A. B., B. S., M. A. M. S., and LL. B. degrees.
MilUap Preparatory School, under separate faculty and
dormitory management. Unsurpassed training for college.
Millsap Law School offering extraordinary advantages. Su
perior faculty, law libraries accessible to all.
27th session begins September 18,1918. For catalogue and other
information address.
J. REESE LIN, Sec'y Jackson, Miss.
All of those who failed to get a
Tayne Field Zooms the past week
w;ll plea;e notify Louis White, Cadet
Wing Building, room 13. ,
1 OR SALK Two large office
desks. Apply G, S., care of this
office. ,
treet Car
for the. use of those at
tending the public schools
of the city are now being
sold by us.
These tickets are forty for 1.00
and are for the use of only the
school children of the public
schools. -
Commercial Dent, Phone 197
This is the Nation's War.
To register now or selection for
military service is to list yourself as
one of the Nation's man-power units.
Every citizen owes it to himeslf and
to his country to make this day un
animous demon?ration of loyalty,
patriotism, and the will to win.
This registration in America's an
nouncement to the world that we are
ready to complete the task already
begun with such emphatic success.
Oing to the fact that i.iy son ii
now in school, and on account of t'r.o
,accute labor situation. a:i o;V.n; not
received before 9:'Ui a. in. will net
be delivered until 3:50 o'clock in
the afternoon.
v I will appreciate the co-opt ration
Cf tv J" c'l'ti""'"" In oriW t'int ill.'
son may be able to attend irl.nol r.
well m run my delivery car.
That Lad of Yours, Over Seas
All that is humanly possible is being flonu to see to it
that he is well fed, well clothed and efficiently equip
ped. Organizations like the Y. M. C. A., are looldng
to his physical comfort, healthful recreation and clean
fun. If he is sick or wounded the Red Cross will pro
vide for him with tender, loving care. Vet there is one
thing that will bring a smile to his face and a joy to his
heart that none of these can give your photograph.
Manna's Art Studio
TheMerchants&Farniers Bank
Columbus Miss.
Liberal Treatment
Prompt and Efficient Service
Solicits Accounts of Firms and

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