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Have Returned to City
Now with Robinson Mulor Company.
Would li!:e lo iiavo my new and
old IV iemls call on me
' Mr.. Coy MWon Nation, remem- ATTFTinAtlPF AT i
:,ma m piM.antly hrt m MiM Ku n 1 1 WWUItt A I
i tnia Moore arrived here the pant
week from Birmingham and 1 the
iruput of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
it. Y. Moor. Mrs. Nation will leave
toon for ft vliit to relatives In Ohio ;
and will later visit Mr. Nation who ;
i.ttc bcnn transferred from Ilcmpstod
Held, L. I., to an Officers' Training
ump in Louisville, Ky.
0 ,
The many friond of Mr. and Mr.
Unry Ounter rejoice with llieiu over
ho continued Improvement of their
abv who Ims been seriously ill with
Iptherla for a week.
(Ct.'itifiucd im,n I'aga Ono
fyippaihup in Society
V, ni:i l'l"K (irfnt
t t Help Win Witr.
V'mv.ii of t he Southeast, taking
In V,n- plate of Georgia, Tennessee,
Aiaii.Muii, the Carolina?, Mississippi
and Florida, ore to present a united
ttont in accelerating the prosecution
of a war work that will aid In bring
is? i li intato victory to the allies.
In every city and town of the
Fotr.h.ast, meetings are being held
ihis lnenth by the Young Women's
Christian Association, the organisa
tion which docs so much for Ameri
ca Mldiers in our camps and for
f.irh ir: industry here and in France.
.T;ie ol jective of these meetings, also
hiir-t; hell throughout the world, is
to challenge the woman power of
t! e allied world to the winning of
the war.
V. W. C. A. Women and, too, the
femininity not enrolled in the or
panhation, will be pledged to do j
their utmost to enlist women of
America In a united effort to estab
lish Liberty and justice throughout '(
th' world.
This is the message of a cable com
piled at a meeting of the War Work
Council of the Y. V. C. A. held in
Portland, Me., and sent to the allied
women's mass meeting in Paris.
Mivtzgei -tim-uw aid
Engagement Announce!.
The many friends in Columbus or
Miss Lucille Greenwald, of Meridian,
a former student of I. I. and C, In
this city, will he interested in hear
ing of her engagement and approach
ing marriage to Lieut. Melvia MeU
ger. of 'MobiK Ala., now stationed at
Camp Wheeler.
Miss Greenwald, who is the daugh
ter of Mr. and M"3. Sam Greenwald,
of Meridian, and i niece of Mrs. Ike
Simon, of Columbus, is a beautiful
ard attractive young lady, and 1ms
many friends in Columbus.
Miss Alia Morton, of Norfolk, Va..
and Miss Ethel Ragnetto, of New Or
leans, two well known trained nurses
will again be at the College hospital
this session. Miss Ilagnetto has al
ready arrived in the city and has
been tpending several days the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Neuman,
Mrs. Allen Thompson, of Jackson
spent Thursday in the city with
friends. Mrs. Thompson will teach
Domestic Science at Belhaven Col
lege this winter. Her many frlendn
hero regret that she will not return
to the I. I. & C
Mrs. Griffin Hawkins' countless
friends were sorry to tell her goo.!
bye when she left for her home in
Lfike Charles, La., after a delightful
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.
S. Moore.
its first
Carter EnlerUins
i cr Mrs. nwam.
M', Nell Carter entertained with
;. lovely bridge party on Monday af
trenoon in compliment to Mrs. Griffin
P.nk and white eladiolas in tall
vase:;, adorned the reception rooms
Mrs. Hawkins was given a handsome
piece of silver and Miss Harriet Wood
received the first prize, a book, "Dere
Mi.bel." Miss Suzella Champneys
was al o g-'ven a book.
. A delicious salad course was served
by Misses Lucy Carter, Ida Dashiell
and Eunice Lipscomb.
The guests were; Mioses Rebcca
Hardy, Louise Evans, Suzella Champ
neys, Thankful Howell, Elise Lips'
comb, Ruth Senter, Katherine Banks,
Huttie Wood, Msry Glen McCall,
Louise Morgan, Marie and Kathleen
Cady. Katherne McKinley, Mrs. L.
1. Brooks. William Taylor, William
l'.urris and Oscar Burris.
00 Q
Payne Field, widen is
near West Point, lias sent
contingent of flyers to a
school for officer, the following mm
Uulng left recently for the field
artillery training school oj ".amp
Taylor, near Dunes II, Ky.: tiergeantr
U;eorge Chapman, Marlin Oatea, Prl
'vales Milton E. 1 lessen, Leon K.
i Strong, Harold 11. Morton, Charlet
M. Warwick, Oscar Mauban, Carl 13.
Suiter, Joseph W. Camp, Oscar W.
Mrs. B. A. Lincoln, of this city,
i ni been appointed chnperon-in-chief
for the sponsor ial staff of tRe ions
of Confederate Veterans at their
cominp; reunion in Tulsa, Okla., the
j appointment havinir been made by
Hon. Carl Hinton, of Denver, Col.,
commander of the organization.
Mrs. Alice B. Young, of Green
wood, is enjoying a visit to her
friend, Mrs. Sallie M. Walker, in her
delightful apartments at the Wither
spoon home. Mrs. Young- will spend
tl r? "cumin; week with Mr. and Mrs,
J.un Moody end Mrs. T. W. Hardy
at their country homes.
Miss Nina Battle Bell having been
unable to secure a suitable room for
her music class has tendered her res-
ignation to the local public school
trustees, and will be in Washington
this winter, where she will do study
&nd war work.
The Parent-Teachers Association of
Barrow School will give an auction
sale of home science and manual
training equipment on Wednesday af
ternoon at 3:30 at the Barrow school.
Every one is cordially invited to be
i present.
Countless friends of Miss Martha
Winfield, of Memphis, who is the
ucst of Mrs. D. L. Winfield are glad
lo hear of her recovery from an at-
ack of appendicitis.
Misses Rebecca and Dixie Hardy
will leave next week for Lake Charles,
La., where they will teach the coming
Miss Tillie Bailey's many friends
egret to learn that she is confined
o her home on account of a sprained
Mrs. Eugene FoBtrr left Thurs-
lay for Greenwood to join Mr. Fo.i
ter, who has'declded to locate there
Mrs. Wiley Dixon and daughter
Louise of Itta Bena are spending the
week with Mr. and Mrs. R. Y. Moore
Miss Juliette Hamilton, who has
een visiting in Jacksonville, Florida,
.eturned home Saturday.-
Misses Zelma and Edith Craig, of
Birmingham, are visiting Miss Emily
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Sanford have
returned from a lovely motor trip to
Mrs. L. E. Walker spent a few
lays of last week in Birmingham
Mrs. T. C. Baird and attractive
laughters are visiting in West Point,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brooks aro in
Birmingham, Ala., for several days
Miss Elsie Lipscomb left Thurs
lay for a visit to the Delta.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Flynn spent
fuesday in Birmingham.
Tern., who Is a giauu.te f i.io. Pcu-.
body Normal college at N.v.'iv'l.'e, !
win tMfv.vi.ti Cai away. f'r".:.t en !
Whit f if Id nas not '"t secured a
nrhrr to succeed Mis Ellington In;
c department of history, nor has!
the piate made vacant by the resign-1
ition of Mis3 Nina Perkins, who last!
ear torved as tecreinry of tho col-,
lege Y. W. C. A. association yet been
filled. i
Last session several courts a.--.
ranged with the view of preparing I
oung women for war work v. ore a.l-
ed to the curriculum, ami during
tho coming sosraon Instruction-will
;ain be given in these course'. War
(rU of 'jvcry character will be
... 'i
i'.n:s':-u, end t.. yttu'.ents will uo ;
organized Into companies for mJ -
t.uy drills at regular intervals, ai
.vas their curtou; lar.t ccysion.
Mr. and Mrs. William Turner snU
family will bo at the homo of Mrs.
Z. '. Laminim for the winter. They
wiil have with them Mrs. Liindruni
and Miss Georgia Quarlcs.
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Street, Sr., re
, . . , .1.
ceiveu u enmegram rritiay irom meir
ion, Lieut. Joe Street of tho Signal
j Corps, announcing his safe arrival
D 1 ever seas, which is good news to his
MWs Emma Ody Pohl and attrae-' many frieiuTS a3 well as his parents,
tive little niece, Mary Charlotte ! 0
Stark, aro pending a week in the. Mrs. Geren McLi'inore, of Gre.n
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Chapman and
Mrs. Mary Pope and Mr. L. E. Llde"
motored to StarkviHc Thursday.
wood, passed through Columbus yos
terday en route home after a pleas
ant trip to Black Mountain, Va
While here she was the guest of Mr,
Marie Pope.
The Ken York Hide & Fur Co.
Just received three cars of good
Brood Mures, Saddle Mares,
Buggy Mares and Work Mares,
the best ever seen in Columbus,
and we are going to sell them at
Call at New York Hide & Fur
Co., opposite the Gas Plant.
The country schools of the coun
y have been made longer and in the
future will continue for el
months, according to Prof. K.
.Stanley, county superintendent
Messrs. W. A. Deale and Julian
ardner are expected to return home
today after spending some time in
lot Springs, Ark. Mr. Deale returns
:iueh improved in health.
A complete reorganization of the
(lying officers at Payne Field, near
West Point, has recently beea effect
ed, and the following is the new
roster: Lieut. J. I. Lawrence, olfi
er in charge; Lieut. Merrill W.
i'heatt, adjutant; Lieut. K. R. Fran
Msco, assistant adjutant; Lieut. D
W. Murphy, executive officer, Lieut.
Joseph M. Sath, Eupply officer.
Sunday School at 9:30.
There will be no morning worship
.in account of the absence of tu
Rev. W. L. Duren will preach at
the night hour, all night services are
held at 8 o'clock.
Rev. S. L. Pope, pastor or the First
Methodist church, is away today o
a brief visit to his mother in Col
umbia, Ala. He will return Monday.
Uro. Pope will continue his work a:
pastor of First Methodist church un
til his final call to New York for
over sea service in France.
Secretary McAdoo Returns to Desk
and Prepares for Next Bond
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo
has returned to his duties in Wash
ington after a vacation of two months
la the mountains west along the Pa
cific CoaBt, and at White Sulphur
Springs, Va. He spent the greater
part of his first day at the Treasury
Department, President Wilson went
over from the White House alone to
ward 6 o'clock and Joined the Secre
tary, there, and the two engaged In
a long conference over pending ques
tions of war finance and Federal ad
ministration of railroads.
While at the Treasury Department,
Secretary McAdoo met newspaper
men and told them he had been won
derfully benefited by his rest since
the close of the last Liberty Bond
campaign, and that he came back to
work feeling better in every way
than he had Blnce he was a boy and
fished with a pin.
The Secretary said that his first
duty now was to take up exhaustively
the whole general subject of taxation.
He will meet with the Ways and
Means Committee, go over estimates
of moneys required and discuss with
the committee various forms of taxa
tion and the different fields of sup
port for the heavy rates that the exi
gencies of war required should, he
imposed. , '
Secretary McAdWo expressed full
reliance on the loyal sentiment of
business men and tbe income earn
ers throughout the country. So long
as the manhood of the United States
la driving back the Germans, the peo
ple at home, he said, would put up
the money to help them.
He was not prepared to say what
the size of the next bond issue will
be, nor could he give any idea until
he had had time to examine the prog
ress that had been made by the Ways
and Means Committee in arranging
the next tax hill.
He had been furnished no reason
.to modify tbe estimates he had made
a . month or more ago, was without
definite information as to how far
the committee had been able' to ad
vance the tax line up to the mark set
1n the estimates, he said.
Just as soon as the work of the
committee was completed, and the
volume of money to be provided by
taxation could be determined, the
Secretary said he would announce
the amount and the terms of tbe next
bond Issue. Although no assurance
was given, there was no Intimation
in the secretary's statement that any
change in the interest rate was con
templated. The financial condition of the coun
try, McAdoo said, was never more
promising for the sale of bonds by
the Government .than it is now, from
every means of Information available,
either through official channels or
those of banking and private business.
German Desks Put to Good Use.
, Desks on which German propag
anda was formerly written are now in
use In the Liberty Loan Organisa
tion. A. Mitchell Palmer, Alien
Property Custodian, at New York,
took the furniture from a well-known
I German banker, who was a noted
l propagandist, bomb plotter, and all
The pastor has returned and will
occupy the pulpit morning and even
ing. The day's program is as fol
lows :
9:30 The Sunday School. round undesirable citizen. The New
11:00 Morning Worship. Sermon, i York Liberty Loan Organization will
"Armageddon " i "se tne"e desks m tne cmlajn thft
7:00-The Christian Endeavor So-i i?" Sept- 28 for the Fourth Uberty
f ity. ! , ;
8 :00 Evening Worship. Sermon, I j A Co0(j gioaan.
j What good is your
don't win the war
money If v
"Sanctimonious Excuses."
A hearty welcome to all.
R. EXCELL FRY, Pastor.
"No Lick, No Candy."
SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH. "Tm P,,ln" to hW Solue candy wtth
Sen-ices, fit the. Second. Baptist my P-uny." lisped a little two-yearld
church will be held today at 11 a. m., (B l'Ym not mU(1 h(r brothtri wno la
and 8:15 p. r.i. . not qait0 gix year3 "i-u, going to
Sunday, school this morning at 10 gave mine and buy another Thrift
o'clock. j stamp."
Sunbeams at 2 o'clock. ! "Wel1. I ant Borne candy," argued
C.irla' Anyilinrv TiiprHiiv at i n m. lae fcln
" ' - j - - r
Ladies' Missionary Society Thurs
dcy at 3:30 p. m.
Messrs. Frank Stolzer and JamM
Stephenson, who have been stationed
at Camp Beauregard, arc among th
Columbus boys who have arrived
rifely in Frsrfce.
Aw, go ahead and buy your candy,'
replied her brother "but I'm going 'to
save mine and buy a Thrift stamp
cause daddy said that will help lick the
kaiser, and he says If he ulu't licked
there won't be any candy."
Opening of Fourth Campaffln.
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo
nas officially fixed date for the open
ing of the Fourth Liberty Loan cam
Dr. C D. Goodwin leaves today for palgn M Saturday, September 28. The
Memphis, where ho goes to spend tcv- campaign will be one week shorter
oral days in the office of Goodwin- than the Third Loan, and will close
Co'odell Optical Co. Saturday. October 1. ,
Coast Guard Strengthened
Along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, the many
lighthouses arid coast-guard stations are observation points of
more than unusual importance in time of war. Adequate
means of quick communication is essential.
The Bell System has rendered invaluable assistance to the
Coast Guard in reorganizing and enlarging its telephone system.
Telephone connection.s have been supplied to all the light
houses and coast-guard stations from Maine to Texas by means
of telephone lines and submarine cables.
This company has made large additions to its own plant, to furnish
adequate connections and satisfactory service to the enlarged coast-guard
telephone plants and stands ready at the call of the nation to meet any
new demand.
Every Thrift Stamp You Buy Helps America Win
'7 ' ' 1$
Incorporated - - r
too easy. , :
Two children were trying to decide.
n a r,;i'ne with hieh t. . amus them
selves, one iiinimcr iifyvnoon. J.'Oh,
i.o, let's not play llmt," wild one In an
-ver to n Hiu"i?!:Mii.ti, "It's too onsy
And the child ''ho had snpsted the
r'nnie at eiuv 'cypreiV.ed ngreenv.:nt.
"Yes, It's so vtry that it Isn't any fun."
if even small cliiWm! rcnllw that n
llllng censes to lie Interesting vh'il It
i:i too easy, older girls, surely, sliuuld
i nt grumble if something n little dilll
eult is asked of them. The fun of life
comes from doing things Unit aro net
t isy. Pennsylvania Grit.
Good E:i'e ;.:r Colticrir.
Clmrl.'K lied v-'.'li lii.t i!?l:U, v.ho V.I.
r milliner : a.l vcrkeil down touw. kin
1 :A trh! li'm ir.t to L-h-phopj r,i li;r
l iless it was iaicrtant. vim1 d:-o. ;,i
V as cnlh'd to the ii!:on;i, and little
Charles r.iU, "Auntie, d'in't be cross,
1 ;t (hi is f iii' lhing very iir.i03?ibl."
Chicago Tribune.
The niany friends of Mr. .Vaughn
I ovdlo, who. was at first station.' 1
f. : Camp Wheale.r, h;i.; ten trr.i'isi
! rrvd to Ctiinp Ctist-'r, Mich, and
t.is been made a corporal. Mf.
I awdle, who resided several niil"s
rortheaat of Columhu:', voiunteeivd
' . vcral week:; nto.
r.f Lowndes County, Mississippi reu
ceied at the April Term A. D. 19 IS,
(hereof, the undersigned Commis
tlouer named, in said decrees will ou
the 7th day of October, 1918, bein?
the first Monday thereof within the
!:aal hours of such' sales; at the
f eint door of the Court House in the
City of Columbus, Mississippi, sell
at public' oatcry to the highest bid
der, for cash the following descrihbl
real er.tnte lying, being and situate'.'.
4n tho County of Lowndes to-wit:
Th a half rif niithi.-et nr.ait?"
'of section thirty-six (30) in Toi"i:-
snip sixteen uJ, range ei;;ua.-.i
(18) west, containing eighty acres
. r.ioi e or less.
j I will convey only such title ai Is
vested in me, which Is believed to be
; This the-11 th day of September,
The State of Mississippi,
Lowndes County.
To Celia Levenson, poatoffice ad
dress and residence No. 79 Forsyth
street, New York City, N. Y. '
You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the
County of Lowndes in sai I State, on
the 2nd Monday o'f Octo' er, A. D
1918, to defend the petition of
Simon Levenson and wife, Luta
Levenson wherein you aro a defend
ant, .
This 11th day of September, A. D.
B. A. LINCOLN, Clerk.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
To Lula Richards, Postoffice ad
dres?, Ethelville, Ala.
You are comanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of the
'eunty of Lownde3 in said State
on the 2 Monday of Oct., A. D. 1918,
I'ndov.anrt by virtue of a final e'e-i
: e of the Chancery Court of Lown-! to defend suit of James Richards
Corporal Ceoige 1. Sander.', a toil
I Mr. and Airs. George Sar.J. rs, of
I 'lis city, has arrived safely in
Franco, a curd to this effect huvio?
I ocn received by his parents tin? past
FOR RALE Two 8-foot display
i how cases, and 1 12-foot show case,
f r sale. I'hone 150.
Tartics owing me on recount will
1 'ease call immediatedly and settle as
I nm Iodine; Columbus soon and all
unpaid accounts will be turned over
to an attorney for collection. I am
s lrund the store every day from 8:30
lo 6 o'clock or you can remit through
(lie mail. Please settle your bill.I
i.eed the money. R. E. LEIGH.
The "Old Reliable" painter and
taper hanger, L. E. Ellison, will be
in Columbus all next week. Apply
to this office.
t.e:; County, Mississippi, made hi tho
cause of Mrs. Lucio M. Thompson
versus Mrs. Alice M. Partoe et :
No. 2CC4 rendered at the April Terra
A. D. 1918 thereof, the undersigned
('omm'ssionor named In said Decr.?o
will, on the Tlh day of October A.
D. 1918, being the firnt Monday
thereof, within the legal hourj of
ri'ch pales at the front door of the
Court lion ,- in the City of Coltui
l.us, Mississippi, sell at pui.iie out
cry to the highest bidder lor cns'i
the following described ren Mati
to-wit: The south half of the roaf'..-!
east quarter of the Northwest qvuir-
wherein you are a defendant.
This 6 day of .Sept., A. D. 1918.
B. A. LINCOLN, Clerk,
. H. L. BAILEY, D. C.
The assessment rolls for the City
cf Columbus for the year3 1S18 and
1919 are completed and are now on
file in the mayor's office. There
they will remain together with all
revisions, changes and correction?
that may be made by the Mayor and
City Council at Us meeting on . the
i First Tuesday in September, 1918,
' until the First Tuesday in October,
191S, subject to inspection. All ob-
Listc.n girls: Why not u'-io .'ue
Ladies' Home Journal to c.dl' r-' ''-;'!
;ou this year?
I am authoi i;-.;-d t rcll V-c. c.
f pecial "ccbool year" i.ltv ' U ,.:
or the Journal lor cirh' r. c'.l'.f for
J 1. S 'e mo nt Once.
"JACK Gli!:: '
Phonv. ll'i ov 52.
I'uder and. by virtue ,f r. !'..' d?
rr( of the Chancery Conrc c L-rv.'-ties
County, Mie-sL sipr-i, ;.;,iJl; ! t'.u
,no.. nt t a Wi'lls v.- r.-.i 'r-.
t VBU"V v. .... . ......
Mary L. M inter et nl No. -J ;t i r i
ilcred at tlic October Term A. l IP 17
'i.nd a decret- ot tne Cli.uie.i Cju.t
( 1 . : u r t e ui'd the west h.'Uf of tiio
r'.outliwcnt quarter, nd Hast of tho
Sont invest quarter and the Soutli
pai t of the Southeast qnartte, being
thirty anes more or less except four
acres, about bored well, in said
Southeast quarter, described as fol
l"w:: Bcfrlnnlnp on the North ha".!:
of the Tomblgbee river at low water
r.mfl.- ,-nmi;nn tUir Xctvth fi'Olil s
,'.ointir,; feet west or the bored w,,l September 2nd, 1918
416 feet, thenco running ,duo Ear.t.
416 feet, theneo running South' 41 G
feet, thenco running west aloss tha
tnil; of the river to tho point of
K ginrJng, all of said lands b.Tl'ig in
fractional Section 17 and the Calct
r.iil ot i no .Norineasi q-iiivier .
Northwest Quarter of Ncrtheasli
r iii'Tt-r and Northeast quarter
;.c-ril;wo. t qunrter of Section 1. all
the foregoing lands being la Tavs
sl:!p 1S, t-cuth of range 18 weft v.rA
lot No. 2 in fractional section U.
township 18, south of rsnp.e li Vi'c'f,
all beiug in Lowndes County, Mi -Sbiilpnl.
I wiil convey only such tltl? I County, within one year from this
vosted in me. which is belieed to b:; ( Pt. A failure to so probate anf
jectioiLi to the assessments or
charges made by the :aij Mrycr a:.. I
City Council titiei be filed i.t writ
ing on cf before tho suit! firrt Tcoa
day of October, 1918, or Laid as
sessment or changes must be con
clusive. M. C. VANDIVER,
City Marshal and Tax Collector.
The State of Mississippi, Lowndes
Letters of administration having
I been granted and issued to the un
' uersigned upon the Estate of Mrs.
, i Ruby O, Jones, deceased, by the
' chancery Court of Lowndes County,
I Mississippi on the 1st day of July
1 A. D. 1918. -
j Tliis is to give notice to all per
; rons having" claims against said es
late to Trobate arid Register same
with the Chaneerv Clerk of Lowndea
' Tin': the nth day of Fe-.tvmtcr.
191S. '
register said claim wiii forever bur
tthe same.
; Administrator.
This July 1, 1918. "

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