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P. V. Maer, Lessee and Manager.
Entered at the postoSiee in Columbus, Miss,
a second-class mail matter.
Public sentiment in Alabama,
as a result of the YYannamaker in
cident, has so crystalized against
Booker Washington that his
usefulness as the president of
Tuskogee is over. Led by the
Montgomery Advertiser the
press and people are a unit in
denouncing Washington and
there is talk of inviting him to
move on, which will probably be
done. Several of the white
trustees of his school will resign
and its usefulness will be prac
tically ended. 13 xker has dined
once too often.
Lamar Fontaine has broken
out again, this time in defense of
his claim that he discovered the
mosquito theory as far back as
157. He asks the Vicksburg
Herald to see the Picayune of
November, 157, and under his
nom de plume he will find that he
has exploited the theory as far
back as then. It seems that the
Major has been writing for the
papers some time, nearly a half a
The little item in The Dis
patch that some of the candi
dates had announced already for
the next county race stirred the
political waters greatly. It is a
trifle early to involve the county
in a race which is two years off
and let us all forget it and
wait until an appropriate time to
precipitate it. The candidates
and the people pray to be deliv
ered from a long drawn out cam
paign. The logic of Booker Washing
ton's explanation is that he asso
ciates with the people of the
North because he is their equal
and he does not associate with
Southern people for they are his
Get in the Habit.
Nothing is more far reaching
than habit, either for weal or
woe. The foundation for a for
tune has often been laid in early
habits of economy and frugality.
Little fractions saved here and
there will invariably round into a
good lump before you realize it.
We are paying 4 per cent, per
annum, compounded semi-annually
on small savings. ?
Merchants & Farmers Bank.
A man to take charge of a
country gin. For further infor
mation apply to
8-27-tf. L. A. V AUG HAN.
For Rent.
The Askew home in the north
ern section of the city. Will be
reuted furnished or unfurnished.
For terms and particulars apply
tr John D. Askew or,
8 20 tf P. W. Maer.
Regular 35 cent Size
The il&ia Street Grocers.
Healthful and Refreshing ;
Lotiqe Lore.
Matters in Masonic circles
have been extremly dull and
quiet tne past week, the intense
ly warm weather being respon
sible for the absence of degree
work. The Worshipful Master
announces the Master's degree
for next Tuesday night and all
Master Masons, local and visit
ing, are invited to be present.
The regular meeting of Colum
bus Lodge No. 555, B. P. O. E.,
was held lat Tuesday night and
Messrs- George and Edward
Harris and Saunders Bradford
were initiated into the mystries
of Eikdom, after which the usual
social session followed. Messsrs.
D K. Sanders and Lucius Lyde
were elected to be initated at the
next regular meeting.
Union Lodge No. 35, I. O-O- F.
meets to-morrow night at the
lodge hall and all members are
urged to be present. The mat
ters of importance to be con
sidered are the remodeling of the
building on Main street and the
question of establishing the
orphans' home, two subjects in
which all members of the order
are concerned. The Noble
Grand requests every member
of the lodge to be present.
The trustees of Friendship
Cemetery "request all owners to
have their squares cleaned right
away, as they have determined,
through the authority granted
by the lodge, to have the ceme
tery put in first class condition.
The excessive rains of the past
few months have caused the
vegetation in the walks and
squares to grow excessively
and it is desired to clean this
out and give the cemetery a first
class appearance. The local
Odd Fellows lodge has appro
priated a sufficient amount to do
this work and this order desires
the co operation of the people of
this city in beautifying and im
proving their property. Clean
up your squares and keep them
Mr. H. F. Simrall, Sovereign
Escort of the Woodmen of the
World, is out in a circular letter
to the five States under his juris
diction calling attention to the
fact that no restrictions have
been placed upon this territory
as a result of the outbreak of
yellow fever and urging the
members of Woodcraft to re
double their efforts in behalf of
the same- He calls attention to
a great drawback in all orders,
the lapsing of members, and
urges clerks to communicate
with him in the work: of getting
dropped members back within
the fold again. The order of
Woodcraft has its followers by
the thousands in the South and
it is an institution whose record
inspires the highest confidence
in its members.
The annual picnic and barbe
cue given by Tombigbee Lodge
No. 12, Knights of Pythias, last
Thursday at Eggleston's
Springs, was not only one of the
most successful outings ever
given by this order but it was
one of the most delightful gather
ings ever held at any of the popu lar
resorts around Columbus.
The committees appointed by the
lodge to manage the undertaking
did their work admirably and
the result was that all of its a.p
poiutments were complete and
every arrangement for the
pleasure of their guests was car
ried out- The lodge provided
transportation to and from the
springs and the attendance was
exceptionally large, the wives
and families of the members as
well as their friends enjoy ing
their hospitality. The Brunswich
and barbecue were under the
direction of Mr. Peter Geraud
and the meats were faultlessly
cooked while the stew was
elegant. Games, dancinig and
other forms of healthful and
pleasant amusements were pro
vided and the day was thoroughly
Mr. W. G. Sykes, State Or
ganizer for the Knights and La
aies oi tJonor, was in the city i
I... ' i ,
7:.i:: Vj" " -
JADIXE Face Powder is compounded and
i purified by a newly disco vebei pro
cess. Produces a beautiful, soft velvety
appearance, which remains until washed off.
Ladies -who use Nudioe Fa-ee. Powder are
sure their complexion wiil be fresh und loveiy
at close of the evening.
one SO cent trreen package of Nadine Face
Powder, and if you are not entirely satistied
notify u.s, aad we wiil promptTy
Sold in Columbus by Mayo & Weaver. Chap
man & Mavffeld. and all leading drugihts.
the past week the guest of Gen.
J S. Billups. While here he in
stituted and organized a lodge,
the work having been done on
Wednesday night in the Pythian
Hall. Mr. W. J. Tobin worked
up the local branch of the order
and Mr. Sykes was here in his
official capacity to give it its for
mal start. About twenty-five
members weie initiated Wednes
day evening and twelve or fif
teen more, from whom appli
cants have been received, are
yet to be initiated. The follow
ing were the officers elected
Wednesday night: W. P. Caine,
Protector; Joe Lee, Pass Protec
tor; A. B. Eider. Vice Protector;
G. L Brown, Chaplain; H. P.
Freeman, Secretary; Mrs. Geor
gia Lantrip, Treasurer; W. F.
Ezell, Guide; W. H. Henson,
Guardian; O. A. Miller, Sentinel;
G. F. Brown, J. A. Perkerson,
and Mrs. Lula Bell Stephenson
LiverY Stable Notice.
On account of the high price
in feed stuff and labor, etc., we
the undersigned liverymen agree
to the following rates in hitching,
feeding and boarding stock to
become effective on the 1st of
September with no exceptions:
board per month $15.00; hitching
two-horse team 40cts; hitching
single-horse rig 25cts; hitching
single saddle horse 15cts; each
feed 35cts. Signed
John Oliver.
Hutchinson & Gaston,
Joe Peacher.
Columbus, Miss., Aug. 13th, tf.
For Rent.
Five room cottage on South
Third Avenue. Possession given
on the 1st of September and rent
15.00 per month. For further
information apply to,
8-20-tf. L. A. Vaughan.
Public is Aroused.
The public is aroused to a knowledge
of the curative merits of that greatmed
icinal tonic, Electric Bitters, for sick
stomach, liver and kidneys. Mary H.
Walters, of 547 St. Clair Ave., Colum
bus, O. , writes: ''F.or several months, I
was given up to die. I had fever and
ague, my nerves were wrecked; I could
not sleep, and my stomach was so weak,
from useless doctors' drugs, that I
could not eat. Soon after beginning
to take Electric Bitters, I obtained re
lief, and in a short time I was entirely
cured." Guaranteed at Chapman &
Mavfield's drug store; price 50c.
I wish to supply a number of
the best tables in Columbus with
their market meats. All I ask is
an opportunity to serve you atd
I can assure you that I will give,
you the very best the market af
fords. Send me a trial order.
Sam Hairston,
Main Street Meat Market,
4-10-tf Both Phones.
Fiendish Suffering
is often caused by sores, ulcers and can
cers, that eat away your skin. Wm.
Beded, of Flat Rock, Mich., says: 'I
have used Bucklen 's Arnica Salve,
for ulcers, sores and cancers. It is the
best healing dressing I ever found. "
Soothes and heals cuts, burns and
scalds. . 25c at Chapman & Mayfield 's
drug store; guaranteed.
jea -
Pis'SIIIBiKte- .... Xffik i tk 2" j
For Sale.
The McDowell property on
College street. Altogether one
one of the most desirable pieces
of property offered in Columbus.
The place is on a large corner lot
81 1 feet front by 225 feet deep
and the house is a large one.
There is elegant shade, a mag
nificent well and ample room to
sell a small lot off the rear of this
property. It is offered at $5250,
part cash and the balance on
time at eight per cent secured.'
This is fine property and if you
want a bargain you had better
come early. P. W. Maer.
Mr. T. J. Cady, who has the
contract for installing the steam
heating system at the Court
House, has had a large force of
men engaged in this work f r
the past ten days and the system
will be installed and in working
order long before it is necessary.
This is a vast improvement over
the old system and it is oue which
is not only appreciated by the
attachees of the Court House but
it is one which will be enjoyed
by the people of the county as
Notice to Public.
We desire to notify our friends
and patrons and the public geu
erilly that we have released the
Warehouse opposite the Court.
House and the Warehouse oppo
site the M. & O. depot for the eu
suing year and will continue our
cotton business at these stands.
We have ample camping facilities
and will store cotton and give the
public the best attention. Our
railroad warehouse will enable
us to handle railroad cotton to
the best advantage and all cotton
consigned to us will be sold free
of charge when desired by cus
tomers. Hoping to receive a
generous share of the public pat
ronage and assuring them that
it will be appreciated.
8 11m. GOREE & GUNTER.
Mr. John Ussery, a well known
citizen of the Woodlawn neigh
borhood, died suddenly at his
home last Friday morning. He
was preparing to come to Colum
bus and was taaen suddenly ill,
being carried to the house and
death ensued shortly after. Mr.
Ussery was a victim of epilepsy
and he died during one of these
attacks. He was about fifty-five
years old and leaves a wife ami
other relatives to mourn his
death. The funeral occurred
yesterday morning at the
Vaughan Grave yard.
renders the bile more fluid and thus
helps the blood to flow; it affords
prompt relief from biliousness, indi
gestion, sick and nervous headaches,
and the over-indulgence in food and
drink. Herbine acts quickly, a dose
after meals will bring the patient into
a good condition in a few days.
G. L. Caldwell, Agt. M., K. & T. R.
It., Cbecotah, Ind. Ter., writes, April
18, 1903: "I was sick for over two
years with enlargement of the liver and
spleen. The doctors did me no good,
and I had given up all hope of being
cured, when ray druggist advised tneto
use Herbine. It has made me sound
and well." 50c. Sold by Johnston &
For Sale.
Three hundred and twenty
acre farm eight miles west of
Columbus. About 250 acres
cleared; bl o re in timber. Well
improved. For further inform
ation apply to
8 20 tf. 15i ll Lumber Co
Cures Sciatica.
Rev. W. L. Riley, I.. L. D., Cuba,
New York, writes. "After fifteen days
of excruciating pain from sciatic
rheumatism, under various treat
meats, I was induced to try Eallard's
Snow Liniment; the first application
giving my first reiief and the second
entire relief. I can give it unqualified
recommendation." 25c, 50c, 11.00.
Sold by Johnston & Caine.
For Sale.
Well improved place of one
hundred acres within one mile
from Columbus. Contains seven
room house, bored well, and fine
orchard. For further inform
ation apply at this office.
8-16 lm.
Peculiar Disappearance.
J. D. Runyan, of Butleryille, O., laid
the peculiar disappearance of his pain
ful symptoms of indigestion and bili
ousness, to Dr. King's New LifePills
He says: "They are a perfect remedy,
for dizziness, sour stomach, headache,
constipation, etc." 'Guaranteed at
Chapman & Mayfield 's drug store,
price 2oc.
MDIW1 Mflf D)S
Life often seems too long to the woman who suf
fers from painful periods. The eternal bearing
down, headache, backache, leucorrhea, nervousness,
dizziness, griping, cramps and similar tortures are
dreadful. To make life worth living, take
Woman's Relief
It quickly relieves inflammation, purifies and en
riches the blood, strengthens the constitution and
permanently cures all diseased conditions from which
weak women suffer.
It is matchless, marvelous, reliable.
At all druggists' in $1.00 bottles.
fretly and frankly, In strictest confi
dence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. We will send free advice (in
plain sealed envelope). Address: La
dies' Advisory Dept., The Chattanooga
Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Melborne, Ala., Notes.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Millar attend.
ed the ramp metir I id at
n,win lt n-a. Lr un.i nnrt.
very pleasant vsir,
Charley, the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. McReynolds, is
mproving after a severe spell of
fever and menigitis.
There is a large amount of
sickness in this section. Mr.
Lewis Randle has been confined
to his bsd for several weeks past,
a victim of fever.
The friends of Mrs. Ella Hin'o
deeply sympathise with her in
the death of her little baby,
which I'ccurpd the psist wek at
their home iu this section.
The rains in this st-ction have
done an irreparable ii jury to the
crops. The fodder is lost and
there is no hay to speak of, to
say nothing of the damage to
All of the people of this section
are looking forward to the camp
meeting atTabernaele with great
expectations of pleasure atjd the
attendance from our community
wiil be quite large.
Miss L.:l!ie MeE-ynokls hs
returned home after a pleasant
visit to relatives and ftiends at
Fayette. Her uuclce, Mr. Biliie
Boles, accompanied her home
and will make a visit to relatives
and friends.
The Columbus Drug Co.
Is doing a general drug busi
ness at Osborne's old staud, cor
ner of Main and Market streets.
Special bargains offered in
many lines of desirable goods.
See list in another column of this
Prescription department kept
perfectly equipped withall stand
ard and new remedies and with
competent dispens-r s hays on
80 J a fountain department un-
excelled Th choicest; rtriek.
sherbets, ice cream, aud up to-
da'e products served prom pt.-y
by polite attendants.
The cigar and tobacco cases
kept filled with the choicest
brands. Read their ad. 7 2 1m! Eui tla Sp'ii &rs, Aik. and K do
rado Spring, M".. at iuh fa.e
Registered Jerseys. $2.(0 for the round trip.
A few choice heifers and young j Dates of sale June 1st to Sept.
cows for sale. '30th.
F. M. Leio h.
7-9 3m
824 North 7 th st
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh beinyr
a constitutional disease, i-equires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
.tarrh Cure is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and
' mucous surfaces of the system, thereby
destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much" faith in
its curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case it fails
to cure Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
writes Mrs. L. E. Clevenger, of Belle
view, N. C, 'at my monthly periods,
all my life, but the first bottle of Car
dui gave me wonderful relief, and now
1 am in better health Loan I have teen
for a long time."
There g No 0ccasion for
! Remember the Lessons of the
Lpidernic of IHS.
As we are now threatened with
another visitation of the dreaded
yellow feyer it is well to remem
ber the experiences of the last
occasion. In all sections where:
yellow fever made its appearance
it will be recalled that persons
who kept their stomach, liver
and bowels strong and active
were not affected by the disease;
while others apparently health
ly were stricken dowu. These
later were all more or less habit
uh!! e.nti pa ted. bilious or v;c
.i in not' b'd dijres'in! : a- .t r"ij!t
the blood ucatiie impure at d
the vital organs were uuab!
to resist the deadly fever get ins.
Now is the time to prepare for
what is to ft iiow. (Jet your
family and your self in nhape to
resist the disease. You don't
Know when you are exposed t
it, every man you meet may I e
& fleeted and if 3 ou 1 ut your pre
parations otT from day to day
yoj may be too lat The set. si
ble course is to bei's at once
taking Prickly Ash I litter n, that
marvel us system regulator and
blood purifier. Use it regularly
everyday. Half a. wine glassful
each morning after bteakfast
will keep your bowels open ami
healthy, it will also strengthen
the stomach ar;d digestion, put ify
the blood and by stimulating the
liver and kidneys all 11 It and ut it
acid impurities will be driven
out of the body. Iu short it puts
the system iu perfect order. Re
member l'sf-. That was a re
cord ytar for Prickk y Ash Hit
te s. In the Metiers v.hfie it
was used the tmt there ve
fewest cases of lev r. Y u can
not UO belter t; thin t Ul of
j aauf. v th.: j to n.i.l.e use
mentis which exj e
' ,,,,;f ,, ?. est ! r ri
' this ttrri! le mc uie.
: Chcsp Excursion Sales
Special Summer E.'ur.i n
fares to Hot Springs, A?k.,
Special Summer Excumi .11
rat s to Hot S i it g. Ark, t
rate of one fare plus 2 ( ( for the
round trip. Sold daily June 1-t
to Sept. 01 'th
For further information, ad-
.Ino. W. Wood,
Trav. Pans. Agent,
Meridian, Mini.
Stop That Cough.
When a c ough, a tickling or an irri
tation in the throat makes ou feel un
comfortable, take Ballard VHorehound
Syrup. Don't wait until the dUea
has gone beyond control. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Anderson, Z-'A West "th St.,
Sait Lake City, Utah, writes: "We
think Ballard's Horehound Svrup th
best medicine for coughs and cold
We have used it for several years: it
always gives immediate relief i vt'rv
pleasant and gives perfeet a'Jfar
tion." 22c. 50c, $1.00. Sold by John
ston & Caine.

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