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LA Hslbert
An American Girl.
On Thanksgiving day there was
a general hog killing throughout
east Mississippi and west Ala
bama and some fine hogs were
slaughtered. Most ot the farm
ers of this section have for several
when Miss Evie, his lovely young
daughter, was married to Mr. T.
u. uivmgs, a popular . young
farmer, of the Rye neighborhood.
A host of friends, including this
Bureau, join in wishing their path
years made enough meat for their i through life may be strewn with
flowers of blessings and that no
trouble will meet them on their
We regret to report Miss Janie
Groves quite sick.
-n . 1 mm m
rne estimaoie wire 01 our es
teemed friend, Cass West, who
has been sick for quite awhile,
we are sorry to learn is no better.
Mr. J. F. Kolb, of Union county,
Miss., an oia uaieaonia dov. is
visiting relatives and friends in
and around his old home. We
are glad to welcome Frank back
and hope his stay will be a pleas
ant one.
Mr. John Evans, of Border
Springs, left last week on a busi
ness trip to Tuscaloosa. Mr
Evans is acting as advertising
agent for the Caledonia Soap Co.
Mrs J as. W. Dodson of Border
Springs, visited her daughter,
Mrs. J. C. Swanzy, at Elbethell
last Wednesday.
"T1 1
rnanKSfriving exercises were
held at Woodlawn last Thursday,
and thoroughly enjoyed by all
who attended. Dinner was served
on the ground and the Rev. Gal-
cerin of Caledonia was the orator
of the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs D. M. Wood of
Flinthill, spent Sunday pleasant
ly with Mr. and Mrs. Jas. W.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith of
Flinthill, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Darnell in Cale
Mrs. A. R. Ege-er and her
laughter, Miss Pearl, went to
Columbus on a shopping expedi
tion Saturday.
Mr. Guy Jameson of West
Point, spent Thanksgiving Day
with his parents in Caledonia.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. M.
L. Smith of Mayhew, died on Sun.
aay tne zotn uit , ana wa3 in-
own use but this, year they have
made more than ever and a nice
lot of east Mississippi and west
Alabama hams will be put on the
market in Columbus. Mrs. D. M.
Wood, of Flinthill, has for several
years put up sausage enough to
do her family from one hog kill
ing time to the next and it seems
as though all of our farmers'
wive3 could do the same. Mrs.
AVood puts her sausage up in
fruit jars, first frying the meat
and putting in the jars covers
with the grease that was used in
frying. If there is not enough to
cover the meat heat fresh lard to
a frying stage and pour in enough
to cover. Meat canned in this
way will be as fresh next summer
as when fried.
At these hog killings there is
often held a family reunion. One
of these enjoyable affairs occurred
at the home of Mr. Fulton Partain
on Thursday when the young folk
gathered in, killed the hogs, made
the sausage, dried the lard and
made crackling bread. Sweet,
happy home! No place like home
on the farm in east Mississippi
and west Alabama.
Mr. Henry Watson, of Clay
county, has his eye on this sec
tion. While others are investing
their money in town property Mr.
Watson is investing his in farm
ing lands in northeast Lowndes.
Mr. Watson must have faith in
the railroad coming this way. It
is reported that he wants to in
vest $150,000 in land in the Cale-!
donia section. Whether the rail
road is built or not this is the
ideal farming country of the state.
Mr. Sam Dodson, better known
as Sheriff Dodson. has opened a
cotton market on Seedtick road
and is offering 11c and telling the
farmers to take no less from any
buyer. He is paying 35c for eggs
and expects to sell them in Co
lumbus for Christmas at 50c.
Last Sunday at two o'clock p.
m., near New Salem, at the home
of Mr. Nealy Kolb, Miss Nora
Cook was married to Mr. Robert
Adair, Rev. J. A. Egger officiat
ing. The bride is the sister of
Messrs. John and Tom Cook, a
young lady of many charms and
graces; the groom is a prosperous
young farmer of Monroe county.
The marriage was witnessed by a
' large number of admiring friends
who join this Bureau in wishing
the young couple a long life of
unalloyed happiness.
Mr. C. E. West, of Flinthill, is
three lengths ahead in potato
raising. He raised this year on
three-fourths of an acre 215
bushels. At 40 cents a bushel
the crop would bring S86 or
$114. G5 an acre. Could King
Cotton beat this ?
The Caledonia lodge A. F. & A.
M. on last Saturday held an in
teresting meeting. Mr. C. E.
West, of Flinthilli was elected
Worshipful Master, Mr. E. O.
Harper, Senior Warden, Mr. R. A.
Kilburn, Jun. Warden, and J.: L.
Egger, Secretary. This lodge
continues to do business. Sev
eral new applications are before
the lodge and three or four candi
dates under making.
Mrs. John Darnell, who was re
ported in last week's paper as
being quite sick at Mrs. Jern
igan's, was well enough to return
to her home in Caledonia last
Tuesday and is rapidly improving.
There is an epidemic among the
young people of east Mississippi
and west Alabama, Every few
days we hear of a runaway couple
getting tied up in Columbus and
two or three a day getting the
knot tied at their respective
homes. Last Sunday evening a
new case broke out in tile home Kaufman Bros. Shoes are the
of Mr. Early Boyd, near Flinthill," best values for the money.
,F all the charming things then
To make this world a bright
I choose and know I am not far
From picking out the right one , .
A girl of seventeen or so,
American completely,
A figure trim from head to toe, .
Gowned tastefully and neatly.
Look in her eyes what irells of truth.
Of sympathy and kindness
But not too long, enraptured youth,
Lest looking brings love's blindness
An angel? Yes, and any one
Who knows gold is not copper
Can see that she is full of fun, , '
Provided it is proper.
I must confess, if Father Tim
Would only let me stay so, -I'd
stop at twenty-one, and I'm
Not half ashamed to say so. r
I envy much the lucky man -
The joy of his beginning
To love this fair America
His wooing and his wlnfiing.
Oh, who can lose his faith in this
Our best beloved nation?
Here is our hope; we cannot miss
Applause and approbation.
One dare not quite disparage one's
Own country until others
Can show such prizes for their sons
And such prospective mothers!
Felix Carmen in Life.
Up AH Mght.
'The boss asked me what made me
look so tired," said Gailey, the clerk,
"and I told him I was up early this
"IIuli," snorted the bookkeeper, "you
never got up early in your life."
"I didn't say I 'got up.' I said I 'was
up.' " Baltimore 2sews.
HI 1 1 .M. .!, M I 111 I 1 1 I I'M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M M 1 1 I I I I t I I 1 1 t I I I I I
w J
to Our Customers.
1st Prizc7-$75 worth ol Furniture to be selected by winner.
2d Prize $50 worth ol Furniture to be selected by winner.
3d Prize--$25 worth oi Furniture to be selected by winner.
To every person making a purchase at our store between this date,
November 13, and Monday, Jan. I, 1906
we will give a ticket for each dollars worth of goods bought.
entitling the holder thereof to a chance in t
$150 Worth of Handsome Furniture f
to be awarded in Three Prizes and winners to mako
own selections of anvthino: in our store
Horse nml Cow.
"All, your language! Het ees so dif
"What's the matter, count?"
"First zis novel eet say ze man "was
"Zen eet say be was cowed.'V-Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
We have the newest, most stylish and
An Alililetic Confusion.
"Is Mr. Scadds a man of scientific
distinction?" ,
"Yes, indeed," answered Miss Cay
enne. "lie nas so many college ae-
grees tnat wlieu lie sends in 111s card
j-ou can't be sure whether it is his
name or a problem in algebra." Wash
ington Star.
An OverIrlit.
Sunday School Teacher Why, Willie
Wilson! Fighting again? Didn't last
Sunday's lesson teach that when you
are struck on one cheek you ought to
turn the other to the striker?
Willie Yes'm; but he hit me on the
nose, and I've only got one. New York
Tlie Prevailing Fever.
-Yes, poor Debtleigh died
-Why, I thought it was yellow
Zig Xo, it was fright. A mosquito
presented his bill to him and he never
recovered. New Orleans . Times-Demo
Nice shaving sets, pin trays,
jewel boxes, comb and brush
terredinthe Rowan grave yard sets and ciar 3lrs at Johnston
on the 27th. The parents have
the sympathy of the entire vicin
ity in their bereavement
Dr. and Mrs Murphy, Mrs.
Sue Groves and Master Tommy
& Caine's.
Umbrellas, canes and every
thing else you can think of at
Buder Bros., 417 Main street. .
Fresh stock of Sweet Peas
Groves made a business trip to just received. Plant in November.
Columbus last Tuesday. Mayo & Weaver.
Rev. W. M. Reese and family, Fine, new, handsome watches
to the regret of their many friends and clocks by the hundreds at
in Caledonia, have moved to New Buder Brothers 417 Main street
Salem tn make, that. nln.rA Viait
, rw,i . , The Queen & Crescent Route
nnmft. Thev rrrv with fnpm rmr
N a & N E p R A y R R
Dest wisnes. V. S. & P. H. R. will sell tickets to all
Air. Jeff Mills of Border points in Texas, Indian and Oklahoma
SDrincrs. has moved his familv tn Territory and Mexico at considerably
Wflsfc Point and will mntp fW less than one fare for the round trip,
... g-ood to return twenty -one days from
city his future home. date of sale with stop-overs both go-
We regret to report little Gracy ing and returning. Dates of sale No v-
Lof tis quite sick. ember 21st and December 5th and 19th
. l -r-r The following are a few of the points
,ur. .Trail uasu ana air. nenry to which the rates applv.
y-N -I m i t -- I
treer maae a Iiying trip to Uolum- Meridian to Dallas and return $13.70
bns last Friday. Meridian to Ft. Worth and return 14.40
We are told that the Cotton Meridian to Dennisonand return 13.15
I r ; j ; rT.'li.i ,i . t r n-
r,.. tt, 1 WT a. a ii iVLeriuian lu umsuuruuuu return o.uo
UlUWCIO KJt Vt cad "Vlcl UilLIIii
1 . 1 .
got into a row a iew days since
and 18 of the bojs engaged the
meeting with a free fight. The
fight ended with a dog fall and
all the participants returned
home in a good humor.
Johnnie and Willie.
To other points correspondingly cheap.
For further information write, or call
on .
Traveling Passenger Agent, Q. & C
Meridian, Miss.
How's This?
W'e offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case oi Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations
made by his firm.
Walding, Kinxan & Marvin, -
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo.O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces jof the svstem.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c.
per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for codsti-
movisvwoft STATION
Furniture and House Furnishing Goods ever shown in Columbia:
also rVtattingf, Rugs, Art Squares, Window Shades. Trunks. Etc.
This offer is to every one who makes a purchase from us
to the amount of One "Dollar or more.
You Get a Chance if You Pay Cash! You Get a Chance
if You Buy on Credit !
if your account is paid before the drawing. You Get a Chance if You Buy
on the Installment Plan for every dollar paid down on installment, and rh
dollar paid on installment thereafter up to tne time of drawing you get a cham .
The drawing will occur on Monday, Jan 1, 190G, and you do not haw to
be present to get the prize. The numbers will be advertised for ten days and
you will have this time to claim your prize.
All goods will be sold at our regular prices. Come to see us
you want in Furniture and House Furnishing Goods.
TDkb Otty Fnnirmlhiiiipe C0
Next Door to Opera House. Columbus, Mississippi.
For Sale Stove Wood.
We have about six or seven
hundred cords of nice split Pine
Wood, which we will deliver to
any part of the city for 81.25 per
load. 'Phone W. J. McClure, Jr.
at office of Newsouth Plow Co.
In Mad Chase.
Millions rush in mad chase after
health, from one extreme of faddism
to another, when, if they would only
eat good food, and keep their bowels
regular with Dr. King's New Life
Pills, their troubles would ull pass
away. Prompt relief and quick cure
for liver and stomach trouble. 25c at
Chapman &r Mayfield s drug store;
Wanted, A Position
By on expert accountant and
bookkeeper. Address "S," care
Dispatch. 11-19-lm
i h MARtl
No. 24, Leaves (daily).. .... 10:30 &. m
No. 4, Leaves (daily) . . . .4:35p. m
No. 12, Leaves (weekdays) ...2:30 p. m
No. 23, Arrives, (daily).. .... .. '...6:08 p. m.
No. 3, Leaves, (daily) : 12:15 p. m
No. 11, Leaves,) week days) .... .11:45 a.m
No better flour is offered in
this market than Rose Patent"
which is for sale by the leadinpr
grocers, suppose you give it a
trial and you will have no other
Mr. J. B. Murphy, trainmas
ter of the Montgomery division
of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad,
was in the city Monday.
It does not cost any more and
it is far better than the average
brand. Suppose you try a barrel
of VRose Patent" Flour. Ask
your grocer for it. 12 3-lm.
Capt. Dick Hooker, of Fayette,
Ala., has been spending the past
few days in the city.
Ink stands, cigar jars, cigars
and shaving mirrors; which does
he need? -Call on Johnston &
Caine for it.
Mr. Lipman Rosenzweig, of
Macon, spent Sunday with rela
tives in the city.
Art vases, gold candle sticks
and gold and onyx tables at Bu
der Brothers, 417 Main street.
Send your orders for fruit
cakes to the Columbus Bakery,
T. B. Kannon, Proprietor.
The latest fads in fancy sta
tionery at Johnston & Caine.
McCown & Andrews'
Quaker Oats, per package lc
Flat can Pillar Kock Salmon, per can
Cheap White Salmon, per can $;
10c can Good Luck Hakinir Powder K
18 pounds Granulated Surar fl.m
10c bottle Pickles sc
Waldorf Sweet Relish, per bottle w
Highland Sour Relish, per bottle !
10c bottle Catsup
Prepared Mustard, per bottle Jo
Marrow fat Peas, per can n
Sifted June Peas. " p;c
Extra Sifted June Peas, per can He
Out Loaf Surar, per iound ?c
Powdered Loaf Surar. per iKund To
15c Imiorted Sardines, per can r.'o
10c can Mustard Sardines
American Sardines, 1c can of 3 for loc
Mince Meat, per package
fi biirsOi'liini, s.,, ,(
loc pack a'e M m- ir..r.;
Arbuckli (of, -r j . ,
Creani 'tifevp. .-r j -. j t t
R package TaN v., t .
15c package In, i t M ...
Owl Kolied .. i r ( .
Premium H.ji i ... ir.!
Pmtiria Itacon.
Ilcnic Ham ri - i l-t -i i r,
liy Suit M.it . i-cr
Iaf Laril.
h resh Jine of N ;..?,.! ; ..
Ci'a'krs ; i-t ar- -.
A fiicc jii.c s-!...-v ,
Kv aliraf ! l"r . Ii , '
lo arri v iu a ' ... . , ,
Telephone No. M .
402 Main 'Street... ...Opposite Opcr.i l!(:c
Main Office: Columbus, Miss. Branch Office : 31.i.jn. .
J. D. Haywood, Jr.
Cotton, Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions and Coffee
Member Correpondrt
New Orleans Cotton Exchange, Hay ward. V irk H , N .
New Orleans Future Brokers Association. J. S. luetic & Co.. Nw v..ri.
New Orleans Board of Trade, B irtiett, Frair ii Carr r .,?. -4..
New York Cotton Exchange.
New York Coffee Exchanife. Pki v atk I i m t v. , , .
Chicago Board of Trade, T, ,
Aasociate Member. New Okuo' Niw y. Hti
Uxerpool Cotton Association. Cup
But it. makes the difference tietween a s-habhv
house and one that looks fresh and new." It :h
"stitch in time" provided it is jrood, hont st paint, th"
KIND WE PUT ON. May we jrive you an estimate?
iuamu juiici, p.o. box in (?

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