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The Columbu.i
October 17-22.
.JJ'Jlolr i . J. Ulii.
Schedule Is Announced And Opening
Game Will Be Flayed On Tuea
day May, 24th.
Columbus Among Lodges Making
Best Gains During the Year.
Mr. Arthur Stansel Also
Honored by Body.
Two Columbians were sigually hon
ored by the Grand Lodge, Knights of
Fythias of Mississippi in session at
Greenwood the past week.
Hon. R. A. Lincoln, was elected
Grand Vice-Chancellor of the order
and Arthur Stansel was selected fo
serve the Grand Lodge as chairman
of the important judiciary committee,
Mr. Lincoln has long been promi
nent in the work and deliberations of
the Grand Lodge, and in recognition
of this service he was advanced from
the station of Grand Prelate to Grand
Vice-Chancellor and is now in line for
the highest honor within the gift of
the Pythiaus of Mississippi.
McComb City was selected as the
next meeting place.
Following are the officers elected:
W. L. Tatum, Gloster, Grand chan
cellor. ,i
B. A. Lincoln, Columbus, grand vice
II. It. Stone, Meridian, grand pre
late. Hilrie M. Quin, Meridian, grand
keeper of records and seal.
John ,M. McMillan, Laurel, grand
master of exchequer.
W. A. Montgomery, Jackson, grand
master at arms.
W. M. Jenkins, McComb, grand in
ner guard.
C. L. Heinrich, Macon, grand outer
Gus C, Kendall, Meridian, supreme
W. F. Flgford, Meridian and M. B.
Abbey, Webb, trustees of widows and
orphans fund.
II. M. Quin of Meridian, grand
keeper of records and seal, in his re
port to the grattd lodge showed an In
crease in membership of 563 during
The city league will begin the sea
son on Tuesday, May 24, the opening
game to be between the Columbus
and Greenville Shop team and the
Chero Colas.
A schedule calling for sixty games
has just been announced, each team
being scheduled, to play twenty games
each. ,
There are only three teams in the
league this season, it having h.'cn
necessary to cut the team.1) down on
account of the scarcity of players, and
too, with the view of mainlaining the
hir;he?t standard of playing.
Prtsidmt Kuykendall is very op
timiflic over the prospect for t'.ic
season and believes that with the
three teams the fans will be well
pleased and that the best class of
ball ever seen in the city league will
be maintained.
Under the three-team plan each
team will play three games every two
weeks. This will have the tendency of
keeping the players in trim, amd will
shift the playing so that all teanu
will play on both of the playing days.
The new schedule Ss published in
this issue of the Dipsatch. Clip it out
and keep it for reference.
What Others Say
Brick-Bats and Bctiqucts
Guesses of the number of lease
units sold for the Booster Syndicate
have been pouring into the Dispatch
jffice for several days.
The Anderson Drilling Company
proposes to give away six units on
Tuesday morning to the three persons
making the nearest guess of the num
ber of units sold. .'..-
The person making' the closest
guess- to, 'the number of units sold
will icetve three units valued at $10
each, second best guess 2 units and
the third best guess 1 unit.
Here are some facts aid suggest
ions that should be a guide to the
The following excerpt is taken from
the Caledonia letter published jn the LL
l a. 1 il - fi: li : :i t
lust issue oi uie I'lspuifn. it is writ
ten by Dr. Emmett Jcniison, the Dis
patch's efficient and capable corres
pondent in the Caledonia s act ion. It
will be read with interest .by every
Columbian and by the people of tho
Columbus territory. Read it"
That the Columbus Dispatch
covers every nook and corner of
our grand old Magnolia State
was fully shown by the number
of cars wen passing through
Caledonia on last Friday and Sat
urday from a distance coin,; to
Columbus on the two big. trade
days put on by the enterprising
business men of that city. We
are proud to Kay that "Our" city
is fast becoming one large trad
ing center for fifty miles around.
We were informed a few days ago
', by" two popular citizens of Mon
roe county and one of them lived
in Aberdeen, that goods of all
kinds are cheaper in Columbus
than in Aderdeen. They stated
that oats were $3.25 in Aberdeen
and $2.90 in Columbus on the
same day . They also stated that
our business men were simply the
finest bunch of jolly good fel
lows that they ever met and that
alone goes a long way in helping
to build us a great city and a
united community. The mer
chants and business men of Co
lumbus are beginning to realize
and appreciate more and more
the advertising value of the Dis
patch as it covers the entire coun
try. Its readers are found in the
four corners of the earth and
goods bought in our beautiful
city can be found in homes over
a hundred miles away. Be a
booster, join the Lowndes county
boosting club.
Know Your Own City,
Do You Know
Closing Exercises At Harrow School
Will Take Place Thursday
Closing exercises at the Barrow
Memorial SchooJ will take place on
Thursday' afteraociu at 3:15 o'clock
on the campus.
The program marking the formal '
close of the session will consist of
singing, games and other exercises by
Community betterment. That's the
spirit. .'
hesitate. -
Looks like spring has a haul time
Comnieiieeni'.nt in the City Schools
beglus next Sunday.
I Today is tUe interest date on the
-Second Liberty Loan.
make a good impression.
Today is tint ,135th day of the year.
The sua rises at 4:45 and sets fat 7:07.
Luke McLuko says that after all it
isn't your needs that keep you broke.
It's your Wants.
The average man's idea of a friend
is the person who r grees with him in
almost everything.
Columbus .should have strict milk
inspection for the protection of the
health of the Community. ,
-Another strange thing is that it
doesn't take ft howl of soup long to
cool unless you are in a hurry.
Let's nil pull together for a bigger
amd better Columbus and Lowndes
county. Now is the time .for unity
and co-operation.
, Co'uinbus is to have a n-v Piggly
Wiggly. It will be located on Main
at Thirteenth street immediattly West
of the Southern, depot.
''There afe tiaeri prospecting wells
for oil either in operation or getting
ready to operate witl'in a radius of
100 miles of Columbus.
Send the whole child to school.
What's the use of n education if the
units sold out of a total of 1600 in
the past year, which is considered iColumbus Get that in Columbus.
Meridian has a membership of CD3;
Jackson 483; McComb City, 311; Co
lumbus, 307; Greenwood, 268, these
being tho five largest lodges in the
The willow's and orphans' fund
the Primary grades under the direct'
'. inn nf tho crrn.ln tnai-hura nrwl M it-u ov a
You are to guess the number of ' ,bodv is wrecked in the process. Health
There will be a gym exhibition of
the Grammar grades directed by Mrs.
P II. Hayes, assisted by the grade
V! v
V. f " ur flr-r '' ;v
,; vr ;y '
!: X - j.' ' . " - r y
! ' . . V I
A! 5
, .
-- '"WW:"
Will Represent the College and
Roost Centennial in Every
County in Mississippi
This Summer
,y vi 9
.... . . ft
envy tiHtf N'imi V, Oliver cf (m- l nlvcrmty of 'lt),:iniH. tjh mm Im-u
lrtcil mi nolo ilsni't-r for flic (In-tk iiigRnt to lie plvfil In thr ClnirKit tr
v"l". V., ninihl(lioitti r durinit tlm lentprinlttl rtU-l,raUoU oiR'lilntf J alt V
jve hundred dancen will taku part In Uie tf.s-ant.
The guessers are to be in the Dis
patch office not later than Monday.
They will be opened and the awards
made Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.
is the basis of all true success.
It is fun looking for your telephone
number in the advertisements. If it
The Class officers are: President,
Tho Roosters Lease Syndicate 'is ipearl Branch; Vice-President, Arleen
capitalized at 2000 units in lieu 0f !Marsna11; secretary, Louise Morton, i
i happens to be your telephone num
ber, you are entitled to two movie
Daughter of Doctor and Mrs. John Oliver, of this c ity, who has been honored j
by her selection as solo interpretative dancer at the great University of J
Virginia Pageant this summer. Miss Oliver, for her transcending art and
brilliancy in interpretative dancing, has been selected from all of the young j
artists of the country for this important part in the Virginia Pageant. All
of the big metropolitan papers in the country are carrying pictures andi
write-ups of Miss Oliver, and she has come into national prominence.'
2000 acres of well located leases. Of
exercises will conclude
The school aider
rimr1iM CjkIv left a whole book of
showed more than $36,000. The Pyth-ithese 2000 units the Anderson Drill-1 program. Jhc school aider the di- U.yoU TELL 'KMS" tlx our d.-sk yes-
iuns do not operate a home for their ling Company has subscribed for 500. 1 section of Miss Mary Stokes has hadjUM.( U.K ,.m,UJ,h to a,;t two or
most successiul year an,, a greatly if our rca(il.rs win sUnd
wodows amd orphans, but send out a
check each month to the beneficiar
ies, a method which is doing splendid
ly. An appropriation of $100 was made
for the Braxton storm sufferers, aud
in order to encourage the uniform
ranks ,$100 was appropriated for the
first company that may be hereafter
This leaves 1500 to be subscribed for
by the public. So, the guesses will be j1081 of constructive and progressive
on the number sold out of this 1600, ,wwr nHS w'vn accompi.snea.
aid not the 2000 of the total issue. ! After the scho1 erases there will
I be a baseball game on the campus
between ithc ' Southern Shoos team
Charges of Derelict Of Duly and
Drunkenness Fall Mat And Ac
cused Kxoncratrd.
Many interesting features marked boiiie.
The fine spirit of co-oneration
which characterizes the personnel of
the student body of the Mississippi
State College for Women was again
splttididly manifested the past week
when eighty girls, representing as
many counties in Mississippi, re
sponded to an appeal of the Centen.
nial Publicity Committee to help boos!
the big birthday party this summer ia
Miss Nell Kinconmon, president of
the Student Government Organiza
tion, has appointed a young lady for
each county in Mississippi and these
young- ladies will be the representa
tives of the college md the Centennial
in their respective counties this sum
mer. '
The college is going to have a
large part in the centennial and home
coming celebration and it is planned
to extend a personal invitation to
every former student and graduate
of the college to come back "home" in
October on the occasion of the big
Miss K-incannon has arranged a
meeting of the girls in the Music Hall
for Monday afternoon at which time
Mr. It. E. Johnston, chairman of the
CenUmial Committee, will explain
the plan of co-operation.
With eighty young women in eighty
rountioa in Mississippi actively on
the job the story of the rertennial .
Ti4-1iome-coming',wiir be carried to
every nook and corner in the com
monwealth. (
Following is a list of the younsr
ladies and the counties which they
Elizabeth Bost, Natchez, Adams.
Ann Brown, Corinth, Alcorn.
Grace Copeland, Peoria, Amite.
Nannie Sullivant, Kosciusko, Attala
Huth Crawford, Ashland, Benton.
Ann Lobdell, Rosedale, Boliver.
Annie Aycock, Derma, Calhoun.
Myrtle Abernathy, Okoloni, Chicka
saw. Thelnia Mosley, Tomnolen, Choctaw.
Nell Flowers, HermanvilK Clai-
Policemen avid firemen who were
accused of drunkenness and derelict
Miss Helen Hollfcigsworth, of Re
form, is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
J. H. Lacy.
the Wednesday noon-day luncheon
f meeting of the Columbus Rotary Club
the past week at the Bell Cafe, and
the meeting was one of unusual and
; special interest.
i The attendance was almost one hun-
The Alumnae AsKociation of the
Mississipp SSdate College for Wo
men will hold iti annual banquet en
May 28, at 8:30 p ni., at the Commer
cial Hotel, Columbus. The Commit
tee on arrangements are Misses Mar
tha Eckford, Vernon Waller, Sadie
Hudion, Jerome Sage, aud Mesdamc
J. C. Fant, S. L, Caine, and Wm. G.
Burgin. The committee ani.oit.ires
that invitations to attend the Ban
quet have been extended the Gover
nor, the Board of Trustees of the Col
lege, the President of the College, And
the husbands of all the alumnae. The
fcivitation to the Trustees is a parti
cular compliment to Mrs. J. C. Mc
Nair, an alumnae of M. S. C. W., who
has recently been appointed a member
of the Board of Trustees, and assign-j
ed duty as a member of the Board's j
Executive Committee for her Alma j
Mater. Members of the Alumnae de-!
tiring to attend the Banqu 't are re-;
quested to send tl for atrr.ua! dues
and $1.50 for plate at banquet to
Mr. Wm. G .Burpin, Treasurer, Co
lumbus, Miss. j
j .
We feel like your attention
ought to be railed to the adver
tisements in this issue of the
There are so many good offer
ings and rare baying opportunP
ties in the ads this morning that
our readers will do well to look
them over carefr?l.
Look at all the ads. They are
full of good things for everybody
and the news they csrTy is real
Read the ads for profit and use
for results.
and the Chero Colas.
for them that long.
It looks like we are going to have ,
to run this column single-handed amLof duty were completely exonerated
:rl.' 4 : , .r.,.., j-.ii v..'wlot-d wVin tn ' ru-n1l .f u tmr1i Vli'llllfltr Lit,
111 1 lit. I lb UJU'll i i --' , n lllf n.iuii. in a i'ui-hv ii. ti..-.h t j
not seem to want to take my of j f(,re th(l rnayor ari(1 city colwcli We.l- ."" I't r cont an'1 thl re wus ot. a
tbi-ir own medicine. . . ,, . ., ., . , 'single A. W. O. L. on the list. Tin I
uitir own miuKinc. Inesday night in the toimnl chamber i t t, ,, , , !
jf. i attendance at the weekly luncheons;
,ai me cuy nan. . . ,,,1 .... i..., tl. tl, 1fM) ......
Charges of drunkenness on the part (t.,.nl ar( Hjm.e the club win erganiz-
Hon. Guy J. Kencher, attorney at
the Columbus bar, returned the lat-
A 1 . 1 I ... I ...
ifr pari oi me weeK irom marKViilo,
j where he presided as rpcchl judue
;over the circuit court fa Oktibbeha
j Judge Carroll mused himself in a
numbers of cases before his court and
'appointed Mr. Kencher special judge
;to hear the cases. Mr. Bencher is
ik..AH.kli. ...;.u j
uhmuuimj laiiiiiuu mill I'.iun Iliac- . . . . i r II ... V !
' . . . . ' ,. -and whose best wishes follow him
Liir aim in of'fiiiirR. nav 1 r wru( miu
Jdistrict as district attorney for sev
eral years. He was hitrhlv comnli-
mented on the splendid manner in
;whirh he conducted the business of . ..w.vr
the court. 1 AD-BO()STIN(i
We didn't know r-o manv .peoph
I I. r,t.r.l.f 111. lit ttllft.l Ullllll
bers Every .lay we hear of some- th" "ff" wh" ;. donmnstrat.ng the susta.rung in-,
one's phone' mnnber. But, you will ! from the college a few nights ago fell . tercst in Rotary.
have to watch the ads for th.-m. jat on the t videnee ,( Mr. II. b King. J A weekly letter full of pep and gin-1
secretary of the college, who c.uluct-, ger is sent to each memocr uy rccre- ;
college tary Herman Owen, and th-re are al- ;
ways some feature! of special interest i
t i ...
i various amt sonory cnarrcs oi at each meetinir.
iy Mr. Paul Murphy, man- VOTTIi A I?TIT
t: ii... ...i.;.. I. .!.... i- I - . . ' Amms.7A.
iiiik nif me. vinii ii u"iivjiu iw ager lor .lr. U. l. Jinc., was in
. , , ed the officers through tho
Mr. II. S- O.x left last night for .
K 1 1 l . . A -
isew urieans. wnere ne vo ( s Hnii
. . ... :i : u 4 1...
a 1UU,UI" "'""' " " drunkenness and inefficiency in hand-1 Wedmsda
MetronohUn l-Mc insurance 0111-
j Miriam Wier, Quitman, Clark.
I Marie Howard, West Point, Clay,
j Grace Bobo, Clarksdale, Coahoma.
1 Lilliam Crump, Collins, Covington.
Mildred Alford, Crystal Sprtngj,
! Thelma Cox, Hernando, He Soto.
Hazel Batson, Hattiesburg, Forrest.
Hallie Prather. Eddiceton. Franklin.
Stella Thomas, Lucedale, George.
Isabel Ferguson, Mcl.ain, Green.
Myrtle McKnight, Holcomb, Gre
nada. Marguerite Darey, Biloxi, Harrison.
Bettie Bartee. Jackson, Hinds.
Ann Logan. Tchula, Holmes.
Eva. Craft, Belxoni, Humphreys.
( Continued on Page Two )
He has a host of friends in
Columbus who regret to see him leave.
I his new home. Mrs. ( ox will join
him in a few days.
houses i'.i East Columbus Ia4 Monday KU,.ht .f the club and mad - a happy
night, were made against members of 1 1 1 address.
the fire department.
The evidence adduced at the trial
was insufficient to warrant action on
,the part of the council and the men
were exhom ratcd.
Mr. Jesse P. Woodward, represent-' .
ing the clarification of life insurance. The May 7th issue of Judi-e ex
is the latent member to be tan into hihits a pio.-t interesting frontis
the cluh. He was formally presented pi'e f"r Columbians, in that the art-
to the club last week.
ist who drew it wa Cha. Basker-
?lr. Wallace Tcterson, of Memphis,
wa in the city vi-itirg frieids the'
pa.-t week t'.;d.
Mr. and Mrs. Gay Iry were week '
tr.d vis.urf ia Wc-t Point recently, i
A Request from the Centennial Committee
To the People of Columbus and Lowndes County :
The Executive Committee invokes the co-operation of
all the people of the city and county to make the Centennial
and Home Coming the happy and shining success that is pos
sible. To that end, it a$ks that all proper aid bo given the
committees appointed. A celebration of this character can
not fail to be a memorable and most enjoyable civic and social
event. For a hundred years Columbus and Ixmndos County
hospitality has been proverbial, and 'now it is proposal to
make meet welcome to our own flesh and blood coming back
from other sections to touch hands with us once more on our
native sod and beneath the family roof-tree.
The Ccmmittee feels confident of the sympathetic
participation of all our people.
Chairman Executive Committee.
! Mrs. S. D. Harris telephone num- j TW() ST()JKS ON
, ber appeared in the Dispatch a'l- Till TPH V VIPIIT
I verti-ing in the Wednesday is.-ue and 1 11 U IvMA 1 iillllll
she was the mipient of the two free
movie ticktcs . Two stores in the wholesale dis-
Ikr phone rumbcr app'ard in th tri't in South Columbus were broken
'advertisement of Kaufman Btos. :nto Thur'dy rii-ht. b Jv nr tlue ai
Interest in the ad-boosting movie to the iientity of the guilty t)".ity or
titket plan is increasing wi'h each it- parties has l-in found,
sue .f the paper. The wholesale sti.n of Mr. Thorn.
Tuesday right while the big press J- Locke was entered by prying ojen
was grinding away on the Wednesday
morning e'i.tion a little fellow appear
ed on the scene and asked for a paper.
Faid he wanted to see if his phone
.number wa in thU week.
In c-verv home when the Di.-patch
arrives every rrT.ber of the family . i pfssille. however, that a f-w thir.g
wade through tV ad of,Vir.s for tbelwer pilfered.
Other classifications will be filled ville. son of the distinguished sept
al easy stages, it bcinc the policy of
the elub to take in new members at
; gradual stages and with the view, t'
of ftrictly maintaining the restricted
elasif -if ions.
i-t. Dr. Charles Baskerville, a native
Columbian, whose scienti-" .: research
is and discoveries have been o world
wide fame.
In conception and workmanship,
the cartoon indicates an artistic Ulent
on the part ef the son that will some
lay rival tne sientitic achievement.
TYPHOID HERE f the father
The drawing with it
Dr. T. H. Henry, county health
the iron lars f a frif.it window and
the other er.trar.ee was effected in
the store of Mr. J. B. Shaw.
Checking up in the two stor's fail
ed to reveal that' the nocturnal visi
ters got away with any valuables. It
telephone r. un.lt r. It's great fun. 1 The pvlke are workup on the case
ofliccr. last night cUtrd that the
rumor of a number of ca of
typhoid fever in Columbus i ab
Milutely without foundation.
He stated that he had made a
thorough Mirvey of the titv and
found only t ca-ei. This i e j
thoritive and official, caning
from the cMinty health officer,
and statement to the contrary
arc without foundation or fact.
title i o iit
a bon met and suggests to o' ier Co
lumbian the origtiahty and humor
of Dr. Baskerville's mother, who s
Miss Auguta Johnston was noted i..
her sprightly eriginality.
The artist ha great aunts and a
erf at uncle, Mrs. Eloise Bei! and Mr.
Anthony Whitfield and Mr. Sam B.
Johnst.ai still living here with whom
he ccm-sponds and through wrin he
keeps in touch with the home of h:j
paternal anceaturs.

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