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D. P. Terry Wrecks Banksr,
Little Rock, Ark.. AprP
: The recent f;,'ip of '
"day's Paper.
Kntered at the Column j
mission through the im
M !S. S. C. MAI K....
i -ok si:n TOK
KoR HA N t Kit Y I. r.ltK
R. s. CURRY.
K. S. IX iSNKLli.
t. a. eggurston.
j w. cooper
i ok tax assessor:
john williams.
;ko. i. haiivky.
I i: I'l'KiJINTKN'OKNT OF 1 1 T f AT Io N
V W KI .)(!
From Sunday's Paper.
The success which has atteud
th d Ihe unceasing agitation of
the question of insurance by the
merchants and commercial or
ganizations of Meridian should
be an incentive for Columbus to
renew her efforts to have her in
BR ranee rates reduced. We pay
annually about forty thousand
dollars in the insurance pre
miums and our annual loss is
iiitinitesimally small. A few years
ago when the question f an ade
quate water system was being
discussed in Columbus, and
again when the matter of a paid
fire department was under con
sideration the strongest argu
ment advanced for both was the
reduction of insurance rates
promised. These improvements
trreatly reducing the tire risks in
the city have been installed at a
cost of many thousands of dol
lars but our rates are still high
all out of proportion to the risk
taken. This is a matter which
the Citizens' League should agi
tate. Ten or fifteen thousand
dollars saved to our people an
nually is an item worth striving
Wall street is extremely angry
with the President for the activ
ity he displayed in bringing to a
halt the Northern Security deal.
The prospect of having the de
cision sustained by the Supreme
Court is extremely worrysome
to the money power for it means
an end of spoliation and robbery
under the name of consolidation
which the great manipulators
have long practiced. However,
the Supreme Court has not gone
on record and before accepting
as final this principle of law it
will be well to remember this
tribunal's record in the famous
income tax case.
The man who sold the Wood
men their little 4 axe" piu was
from Kansas, he netted over a
hundred thousand dollars on the
deal in 90 days aud now it turns
out that the pin is not an emblem
of the order and the fellow is an
impostor. Great is Kansas and
Barnum's estimate of the great
American people still holds good.
And now comes along a man
who proposes to use the limbs,
bolls and leaves of the cotton
plant in the manufacture of pa
per. As soon as the process is
developed it will be gobbled up
by the trust and we will be as
helpless as ever.
Business Men's Ieague i
in the Hfifht direction. It
is not tn
n fm
do bo
and it
re h ud CO m hoi -n
which will h
nei.ts bat it will
essive and ea
rs who believe
They will make
t they intend t
pt many things
eed the public
Business Men's League. ( Dedication of Scienae Kill.
A number of the rpresenta- The laying of the corne stone
tive business mMi f tbiseity of the uew Science Hall a the A.
no at the h..Hi(i .f fcrad rooms aud M. College last Friday was
last Wednesday aferiMNi for the the attraction for a large num-
PU ri 8e.of organi.ing a busme
ber of the citizens of this cit
league. The meeting was Veil who eut over on the special
attended and while many reasons train to the College to enjoy the
ci hi Spirted t keep away many, exercises of the day. President
tnoe present w-re workers ana Kiucaunon carried about
have been identified with many hundred of the scud -uts of
of it.
fail noth-of the material improvements of College over for tb
e x
-anion aud
The only
r membership in
ization is to believe
Columbus in the past. the College invited a number of
Mr. J, T. Seuter was called to the people of Columbus as its
the chair and Mr. P. W. Maer guests. There was an immense
in Columbus and to put your elected secretary after which the crowd present, a large number
shoulder to the wheel when ask- purpose of the meeting was set of the State candidates being on
ed. There are no initiation fees forth and short talks were made the ground. President Hardy ex-
or dues. The purpose of the j by Messrs. J. T. Senter, P. W. erted himself to make the occa-
league is to be in position to take Maer, Walter Weaver, R. S. sion pleasant and enjoyable and
advantage of the opportunities, Curry, Jos. Donoghue, John A. all speak in glowing terms of his
business and industrial, which Stinson, Simon Loeb, E. C. Chap- kindness and hospitality,
.are presented to Columbus, many i man and others. , The corner stone exercises
of which have been lost simply
because no such organization ex
isted here. With this simple an
nouncement the league will be
gin work or has already begun,
and if you believe in sustaining
such a movement come to the
meeting to-morrow afternoon.
Congressman Candler secured
more free rural routes than any
other members of Congress at
the last session. He succeeded
in establishing 27 routes and has
f petitions to bring before the
Vicksburg is going to have her
boot's examined for the past ten
years by experts. The investi
gation is to be welcomed as it
will silence what seems to be well
founded criticism.
A permanent organization was were preceded by public speak-
effected with the following offi- iug in the chapel when Secre-
cers: Jos. Donoghue, president; tary of Agriculture Wilsou, Con-
P. W. Maer, vice-president; John gressman Candler, President
A. Stinson, secretary; E. C. Chap- Hardy and others speaking in
man, treasurer. These officers the morning and Gov. Longino
with Messrs. Newuan Cayce and and Hon. D. A. Thorn pkins, of
Walter Weaver were constituted Charlotte, N. C, speaking in the
a board of directors to manage afternoon. The laying of the
the affairs of the new organiza- corner stone occurred at noon,
tion; to prepare a constitution Grand Master E. N. Thomas of-
and by-laws aud to submit plans rieiatiug and beiug assisted by
for work. The executive com- Deputy Grand Master Waddell
mittee have about agreed upon and Grand Treasurer Franklin
the plan of the organization and and other members of the craft
it will be submitted to the mem- from this and other cities. The
bers for approval at a meeting to Grand Master made a most ap-
be held to morrow afternoon at propriate and instructiveaddress
the board of trade rooms at four following the dedication.
A Love Letter
The Gorman
captured Virginia aud he is the
choice of the leading men of that
State for president. Their plat
form is a revision of the tariff
and trusts.
! Whould not interest you if you are
' j looking for a guaranteed salve for
i sores, burns or piles. CXto Dodd, of
sentiment has I bonder, Mo., writes:
an ugly sore for a year, but a box of
Bucklefl 8 Arnica Salve cured me. It
is the best salve on earth. 25 cents at
Chapman & Mavtield's di ug store.
A Vardarnan partisan says the
only thing which it is charged
that his candidate ever stole was
a speech and submits that this is
a good record.
Competition is the life of trade.
If you don't believe it ask the
ice man.
Confessions of a Priest.
The College authorities made
every provision for the comfort
and pleasure of the College girls.
An elaborate dinner was served
suffered with them and the visitors of note
were entertaiued by President
Hardy at dinner at the hospital.
The return was made Fridav
night and the trip home termi
Paul Pevton's Appointment. nated a delightful and pleasant
Hon. E. S. Candler, our splen- day.
did representative in Congress,
has honored Lowndes county and
given this section a testimonial
of his favor in the appointment
of Mr. Paul Peyton, of this city,
to the position of cadet at the r a-
1 1 . TTT . T- . K
v at '"-Huciii.) j wuji. .. ur to-day. if you are not satis-
Candler made knowu his decision lied n .vou "hat we'1 d: we will
. . t-, . -, give vou back vour money and vour
in the matter on Friday and it headache too. ' For sale by Mayo &
was received in this city with re- j Weaver
joicing by not only Mr. Peyton's
Have You Bees !n Your Bonnet
And do they buzz in your head? This
is Neuralgia, the kind that puts you
in bed. Paraeamph stops it and it
does it quick. Applied externally it
can 't make you sick. We guarantee
it to cure on the spot or no pay.
Don't suffer to-morrow, next week
Elev. .John :
How .
from Y
i. Cox, of Wake, Ark.,
'2 years I suffered
aundiee. I consulted a
ysieians and tried all
ine but got no relief,
he use of Electric Bit-
hat I am now cured of late Mrs
.sease that had me in us jrasp tor
ve years."' If you want a relia
medicine for liver and kidney
ilL ctnnmip a i scowl t ifpnpr 1
' 1 ' ' 1 .....
t Electric Bitters. It's
by Chapman & Mayfield.
a di
trou nles,
Attention E. C. Leech Camp, U. C. V.
The members of the above
Camp are requested to meet at
New Bethel on the 29th day of
April; busiuess of importance.
Those who have not received the
cross of honor and desire to se
cure oue will have the opportun
ity to file application for same.
By order of
E. C. Leech, Com.
Thus. A. Stinson, Adjt.
The Mississippi Medical As
sociation has been in session the
past week at Vicksburg. Among
other things accomplished by
the association was the reorgani
zation of the State upon the lines
suggested by the national asso
ciation. This plan contemplates
the creation of ten districts, each
with its leader, which will pro
ceed to organize county and com
munity branches. The officers
elected this eveaiug were as fol
lows: C. B. Mitchell of Pontotoc,
Broke Into His House. president; J. Waldaure of Vicks-
S. Le Quinn, of Cavendish, Vt., j burg, May F. Jones of Columbus
was robbed of his customary health , aud B Culley of Jackson, vice
bv invasion of chronic constipation. 1
When Dr. King's New Life Pills broke j presidents; J. J. Haralson of For-
into his house his trouble was arrest- j esfc, secretary: J. F. Hunter of
ed and now he s entirely cured, lhey i
are guaranteed to cure. 25 cents at ! Jackson, treasurer. The State
Chapman & Mavfield's drug store. j board of health is W. M. Paine
! of Aberdeen, J. R. Tackett of
friends but by the people gener
ally who recognize the wisdom
of the selection.
Mr. Peyton is t' e son of the
Annie Peyton, is a
brother of Lieut. Ephriatn Pey
ton who is making such au ex
cellent record in the army, and
he is a young man who will re
flect honor upon his State and
his Congressman for the oppor
tunity to serve his country in
her navy.
Meridian, J. A. Crisler of Yazoo
Hon. Q. O. Eckford, of Aber
deen, is announced as a candi
date for Secretary of State.
To Base Ball Players.
We are headquarters for j City, J. F. Huuter of Jackson and
Spaulding Bros, and other large j P. W. Rowland of Oxford. Jack
sporting goods manufacturers, j son, Miss., was selected as the
We are supplying all clubs in next place of meeting.
this section with uniforms, bats ;
and balls, including the first nine j For several weeks past the
in this city. If in need of any- j young gentlemen who are to take
thing in this line you will save i part in the amateur minstrel per
money by calling on us. ; formance which is to be given at
Mayo & Weaver. j the opera house on Friday night,
' ' May 1st, have been reharsing as-
The Steamer "Vienna" which : sidiously and a splendid enter
left this city the early part of the ; tainraent is promiSed all who at
past week went on a sand bar in temJ The performance will be
the Ten-Mile onoais and re
mained there for quite a while.
The rising water again lib
erated the boat and she con
tinued on her journey and is now
on the return trip.
j Place your order for wire
Tinted enamels and snow- screens, doors, windows, etc. at
white bath tub enamel that is not once. All kinds of wood in any
affected by hot water for 25cts finish desired. All kinds of wire,
at Curry, Lipscomb & Caine's Prices cheap, fit and workman
drug store. ship guaranteed. Banks Hard-
ware Co. 4-19tf
Hon. N. B. Crawford, of At-
lanta, Miss., was in the city yes-
' Singin' Skule' at Natchez.
The "Singin Skule Begin
ment" which the Daughters of
the Confederacy are going to pre
sent at the opera house on the
night of May 12th was one of the
greatest successes of any local
talent entertainment ever pre
sented in Natchez. The Daily
Democrat of that city has this to
say: "The 'Singin Skule Begin
ment,' presented at the Temple
last night by local talent, under
the direction of Messrs" Bertram
and Willard, was a signal suc
cess, as the rounds aud rounds
of enthusiastic applause of the
large audience attested. The
house was crowded and people
were standing in all parts of the
auditorium upstairs and down
stairs." .
Fishing tackle of all kinds.
New styles, large assortment.
Chapman & Mayfield.
Canyass cloth, oxfords iu all
Fresh Saur Kraut at 4c a lb. terday meeting the people of kinds, basket weaves, etc, at
and German Dill pickles at 40c a J this city. He paid The Dis- Selig's. They were bought
gallon at Silberberg's. 1-14-tf j patch a pleasant call. right, evidently will be sold right.
replete with catchy songs, crisp
jokes and pleasing specialties
and will doubtless be entrusted
by an audience of large proportions.
Is jo!
Bat -Peril
k--by baby on the tree top!
mi the wind bl.ws. the cradle will roek:
n tde iKitisfh breaks the eradle will fall,
down v. iii come baby, cradle and all.
f liule bab kin. b tin ju ,t loo late,
thi.-s now have been wi;ed off the slate.
o-date babies never are racked.
if I s-.iy "luilaby"' mother i-; shocked.
f nutriment s treasure . the progress
vi.u ve made
t ted down daily as soon as you're weighed:
t food's preJiested: you've nothing to do
sleep and trrow fat not even to coo.
ip-i little ba'oy. the new way is best;
t ie care taken you surely are blest,
fter all. baby, the new way is prose,
ld one wa.s poetry, all the world knows.
1 never hear lullabies crooned sweet and
While mother s old rocking chair moves to and
You'll never lie snugly on mother's sweet
Drinking life through her veins, both blessing
and blest.
You'll never hear legends of goblin and ghost.
Of Jack and the Giant. Queen Mab and her
host :
You'll never learn how to soell "c-a-t," "cat,"'
But will read at first sight, and from pictures
at that.
You're an up-to-date baby: Maybe it is best
To forego the rocker, the songs and the rest :
But it seems to me, baby. vou'Umiss quite a lot
Of the romance of life that we old fogies got.
I cannot regret that I was born long ago
When singing and rocking were not counted
slow ;
When fairies abounded in nursery lore.
And we reveled in legends of oceans of gore.
When the old blue-back speller was found in
And pictures were barred by the strictest of
It seems to me. baby, you're born just too
For the romance of babyhood's' wiped off the
( 'nswell A. Mayo in New York Sun, Janu-
Chancery Court.
Chancery court meets again
to-morrow with Chancellor Mc
Cool presiding. This is the
spriug term, which the chancel
lor was compelled to postpone
two weeks ago on account of ill
ness. Mr. McCool wrote from
his home at Kosciusko the past
week that he had sufficiently re
covered to be able to resume
court and he will be on hand to
morrow morninfr. The re-assembling
of court is the cause of
satisfaction to the people, many
matters of importance being be
fore that tribunal for disposition.
New Grocery Firm.
Messrs. Jas. Irion and Jack
Neilson have bought the grocery
business heretofore conducted
under the firm name of Donnell
& Ellliott and iu the future will
conduct the same under the firm
name of Irion & Neilson. The
dbath of Capt. A. J. Story
and the desire of Capt. E. S.
Douuell, to be able to prosecute
his canvass, caused a dissolution
of the old firm. Messrs. Irion
and Neilson are both well known
in our commercial world, have
hosts of friends aud will make a
success of their venture.
Gen. W. N. Munroe, of this
city, has been elected a member
of the Robert Burns Association
for this State and will co-operate
with the society in erecting a
cottage at the World's Fair in
St. Louis, which will be a ren
dezvous for all Scotchmen who
attend that great exposition.
Gen. Munroe's selection is a
good one aud he is taking an ac
tive interest in the movement.
Mayor Gunter has had a num
ber of offenders before him the
past few days. The following is
a summary of the cases disposed
of: Ed Cole, assault and battery,
fined $5.00; Ed Sanders, fighting
on streets, fined $1.00; Little
berry Johnson, fighting on the
streets, fined $2.50; Wm. Wade,
shooting craps, fined $5.00; Green
Sturdivant shooting craps, fined
"Talk About Your Babies"
You ought to see mine. She was sick
ly and weak and had croup all the
time. A friend advised Paraeamph,
she's well and healthy now. Try the
same on yours to-day. You'll never
regret the "how. " For sale by Mayo
fc Weaver.
For Sale At Good Values.
Pure bred Poland China hogs;
registered and high grade and
Short Horn cattle. If you mean
business write for prices. Ad
dress R. B. Haudy,
R. F. D. Route No. 1,
4-5-w4t Columbus, Miss.
Relieves Instantly
Sore Chest, Frost Bites,
And all Soreness of the Skin and Muscles.
25c, SQc & $1.00 Bottles.
All Druggists.
For Sale by MaYO & WEAVER.
Our complete stock of Spring Goods is now ready for the
inspection and patronage of the public.
...We have a full line of...
Shirt Waists, Embroideries,
Lawns, Dimities,
Men and Boy's Clothing a Specialty.
Full Lineof Sample Shirt Waists. Come and Sec Them.
Rosenzweig Bros. & Co., Proprietors.
THE WWW is II I If I. i YS is Till WO WW I II IT Mt.
For Beauty, Business and Bli
Profits B
(i n
Eggs, il 0 per i-tliirg of 13.
Cures Cholera-lnfantum. Diarrhoea. Dysentery and the Bowel Troublr-R of Children
Anv Age. Aid Digestion, Regulate the Bowel. Strengthens the Child and MAKES
TEETHING EASY. Cures Eruptions and Sores. Colic. Hives and Thrush. Removes
and prevents Worm TEETHIN A Counteracts arid Overcomes tho Effect of the
Summer's heat upon Teething Children, and costs only 25 cents at Druggists, or
mail 25 cents to C. J. MOFFETT. M. D.. St Louie. Mo.
We want to buy 1 OO
Mules, twoand three years
old. For further informa
tion apply to
Eclipse Livery StsbL
J. M. Stbbbt. President.
Jos. Dong
Wakuen M.
Merchants and Farmers Bank.
Mrs. William Nichols has re
turned to her home in Caledonia
after a pleasant visit to her sis
ter in this city, Mrs. Shedd.
We Do a General Commercial Banking and Sa tups B
Equipped with tire- and burglar -proof rauita sod sates. i5ir. - ma
principal cities, solicit deposits, etc.
Handsome steel savings banks furnished you Free and th: t at. interest i
J. M. Street. Jos. Don
We Solicit aud Will Appreciate

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