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(CtetkuMi f. on. sunrtays Paper ) until July when the City HaU
An event bean ti folly in accord w he completed. The commit
with the soison was the card j tee selected to solicit subscrip
party with which Miss Daisy tions announce that over three
Sherrill entertained the Tuesday
Whist Club Friday afternoon in
stead of the usual day of gather
ing. Houghs of hawthorn, fra
grant with the breath of April, j
and feathery ferns made lovely j
decorations, and were arranged I
with artistic design in halls and
drawing room. This prevailing
color scheme of white and green
was effectively in evidence in
every detail, and was particular
ly pretty in the ice course of
mint sherbert and in the fruit
pudding over whose snowy sur
faces were touches of green here
and there. Later, coffee was
served. Exciting whist games
were played, and the contest re
sulted in the first prize, a hand
some rococco jardiniere being
awarded to Miss Youge, of Geor
gia. The guests were: Mrs. J.
T. Searcy, Jr., Mrs. John Mayo,
Mrs. Donogliue, Mrs. Betts,
Mrs. Mamie' Taylor Franklin,
Mrs. Harry Dashiel), Mrs. Wil
liam Khett, Mrs. Field, Mrs.
John Oliver, Mrs. Howard Teas
dale, Mrs. P. VV. Maer, Mrs.
Fen ton Robertson, Mrs. Jeptha
Duncan, Mrs. H. M. Waddell,
Mrs. William H. Brooks, Mrs. J.
M. Morgan, Mrs. George Banks,
Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Hampden
Osborne, Mrs. Wiley Banks, Mrs.
Charles Steele, Mrs. Winston,
Miss Yonge, Miss Bessie Tuck
er, Miss Goodrich, Miss Lavinia
Robertson, Miss Auua Banks.
In the presence of Miss Clara
Conway, Columbus welcomed
within her gates a brilliaut and
accomplished woman of the South
whose success along varied lines
has been signal and unequivocal.
Miss Conway was the guest of
-Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Robertson
and ou Saturday afternoon Mrs.
Robertson invited a company of
friends to meet her and hear of
f A Summer in Europe." Miss
Conway talked delightfully of her
foreign travels, and quite capti
vated the audience by the force
of a gracious and magnetic per
sonality, as well as by her intel
lectual attainments. She is a
finished speaker and gave most
interesting glimpses of days of
wandering abroad.
The "Spelling Bee" at the Li
brary last evening was antici
pated as a red letter night and
mirth held high carnival. Th
blue-back speller, raked from th
dust of oblivion, was the text-book
while both sides had representa
tives to whom school and text
books are distaut memories as
well as youngsters fresh from the
pages of difficult words. Not only
to share in the laughter did the
public attend, but also to aid in a
cause in which all feel a deep in
terest. The Association is much
encouraged by a ready response
to a cali for funds to meet the
current expenses' of the Library
u isfjuisjisjiiu
Bone Pains, Itching, Scabby
Skin Diseases.
Swellings, Carbuncles, Pimples, Scrofula
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i'l uijttt and iiife to take. Thoroughly tested fr 39
yetirs. Composed of Pure Botanic IngrHentS'.
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dyspepsia. We hare over 10,000 original signed testi
monials of cure made by B. B. B. that stayed curedL
If you h vc aches and pains inbonea.back and joint.
Itching Scabby Skin, Blood feel hot or thin, Swollen
(.lands. Killings andUurupson the Skin, Mucus Patches
In Mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, or offensive eruptions,
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Botanic Blood Balm, guaranteed
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Cancer Cured
Botanic Blood Balm Cures Cancers of all Kinds,
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Sample of B.B.B. Free by writing Blood Balm
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tree medical advice also sent in sealed envelope.
For Sale by Curry, Lipscomb & Caine.
Price SI per large hot tie, Druggist or by
Expreu, lake Hotaatr iflood naia as
hundred dollars have been pledg
In the appointment of Judge
J. If. Dickinson as one of the
commissioners to decide the
Alaskan boundary, President;
Roosevelt honors an eminent and
distinguished lawyer who will
reflect great credit upon his!
country and return with new I
laurels to crown a career of lofty
achievements. The commission
meets in London in September
and will be in session six months.
Daring Judge Dickinson's ab
sence, Judge Bonner, of Tennes
see, will act as General Couusel
for the Illinois Central railroad.
In this, his old home, news of his
appointment is received with j
pleasure and pride.
Mr. Charles Baskerville's many j
Columbus friends are glad to!
learn of the honor he is winning
in a new field. As a lecturer,
Mr. Baskerville is adding to the j
splendid reputation he has gain
ed in the world of chemistry and
on his recent appearance in New
York, made a fine impression.
A marked recognition of his
ability comes in a flattering offer
from Tiffany to superintend im-
! portant chemical tests in New
York this summer. As the work
i will not interfere with Mr. Bask
! erville's college duties, he will
J probably accept.
Mrs. Sarah Sheffield, Mrs.
McGee, Miss Mary Harrison and
Miss Annie Wade O'Neill have
been elected delegates to the
State convention of the Daught
ers of the Confederacy to be held
iu Water Valley May 5 7. Mrs.
John M. Billups, the first presi
dent of the local chapter, was
recently complimented by being
made honorary vice-president of
the Edward Carey Walthall Chap
ter in Holly Springs.
"Play Ball."
Columbus is growing and she
is coming baseoallically. The
t am which will step on the field
Friday afternoon to do battle
with the A. & M.-ites for the
mastery will be the strongest
initial line up which this city has
ever had. Bill Yeates, the great
south-paw, who has twirled in
nearly all the southern cities of
note, will be in the box for Co
lumbus, and Cox will be behind
the curtain for the back work.
Yeates will not be a regular
member of the Columbus team
this season for the reason that
he is signed elsewhere, but he is
sure to pitch a fine game and if
you like championship twirling
come out. The line-up this year
will be strong. It will consist of
many of the old time favorites
and several new ones. Morgan
is a new man from Montgomery
who arrived yesterday. He is
train-stiff and sore but will get
in shape for the first bag by
Friday. TheCoJemans, Jim and
Ed, who gave such good accounts
of themselves last year in Col
umbus uniforms, will be playing
second and short and Robertson,
a bright, fast, snappy youngster
from the city over the way also,
will be at third. '"Little Joe '
Wofford will be in left, Ed ilar
ris will be in center and Prather
will be in right while there will
be several good men in reserve.
Joe Wofford is using the stick
somewhat this year and Harris
is batting in old time form while
Prather is regarded as a mild
sort of slugger himself.
The team has been hard at it
all the week and Manager Ottley
is pushing them to the limit.
They will be on tine edge Friday
and if Starkville gets that game
Columbus will likely go out of
the business and appoint a re
ceiver. For several cranks it is
known that petitions in bank
ruptcy will be filed if Jack Har
dy's rooters duplicate the per
formance of last year. The Col
lege will have Carter in the box
and he is an old Tulaue twirler
with a record, so they say. The
team this year is said to be bet
ter than it was last year and that
is saying a great deal.
Game culled at 2:30 in the af
ter noon; admission 15c and 25c.
Just received at St lig's a beau
tiful line of silk shirt waists, all
Hon. Fuller Fox Retires.
The retirement of Hon. Fuller
Fox from the gubernatorial race j
was formally announced in a card i
over his signature which appear- j
ed in Sunday's press. Mr. Fox!
spoke in Aberdeen last Saturday j
night and at the conclusion of his
speech issued the following:
Aberdeen, Miss., April 25, 1903.
To My Fellow Citizens of the State of
Much as I reecret it, I am com
pelled by the strongest persoual
reasons arising from circumstan
ces which I could not foresee
and over which I have no control,
to retire unconditionally from the
race for the office of Governor.
Under present conditions it is
impossibe for me to continue
actively in the canvass, and un
less 1 could do so it would be an
injustice to both my friends and
myself to remain longer in the
The chief concern I feel in
taking this step is for the friends
who have supported me so loyal
ly. I owe them a debt of grati
tude which I can never repay,
but which I will always recog
nize and remember. The cam
paign of misrepresentation, cal
umny and falsehood, backed by
the corrupt use of money, that
has been waged against me with
so much bitterness, has only
made them the more zealous in
my support. Representing, as
they do, the best thought, aspi
rations and patriotism of the De
mocracy of Mississippi and of
our Christian civilization, unin
fluenced as they were by faction
al politics, personal preferment
or petty ambition I prize their
confidence more highly than the
office of Governor, and as long as
I retain it and have the con
sciouness that my candidacy has
to do for truth and the best in
terests of the State, I can well
afford to despise the enemies I
have made. If in the canvass I
have in any way contributed to a
proper solution of public ques
tions, which are of such vital im
portance at this time, I will be
more than gratified. I have the
greatest confidence that the good
judgment and patriotism of the
party will secure a result worthy
of the great Commonwealth.
A. F. Fox.
Save the Loved Ones.
Mrs. Mary A. Vilet, Newcastle,
Colo., writes: "I believe Ballard's
Horehound Syrup is superior to any
other COUgh medicine and will do
all that is claimed for it. and it is so
pleasant to take. My little girl wants
to take it when she has no need for it. "
Ballard's Horehound Syrup is the
great cure for all pulmonary ailments.
25c, 50c and $1. Sold by Curry, Lip
scomb & Caine 's.
Old Home Destroyed.
Friends in this city regretted
to learn that the home of the late
John Richards near Penn., Miss.,
was destroyed by fire last Mon
day morning at eleven o'clock.
The fire wTas started by sparks
from the chimney falling on the
roof and it destroyed the home
completely and damaged sur
rounding property. All of the
household furniture from the
first story was saved, but the
second story and all of its con
tents was a total loss. There
was no insurance and the loss is
estimated at $22,000-00. Mrs.
Richards and Miss May will
make their home with Mr. Chas.
Richards in the future.
Beauty and Strength
Are desirable. You are strong and
vigorous when your blood is puie.
Many nay, most women. fail to
properly digest their food and be
come pale, sallow, thin and weak,
while the brightness, freshness and
beauty of the skin and complexion de
part. Remedy this unpleasant evil
eating nourishing food and taking a
small dose of Heroine after each meal
to digest what you have eaten. 50c
at Curry, Lipscomb & Caine 's.
Now For the "Singin Skule.'
The rehearsals for the "Singin
Skule Beginmeut" which will be
presented at the opera house
Tuesday, May 12, will begin next
week. Messrs. Bertram and
Willard, the directors, will ar
rive direct from Vicksburg in
time to begin active work Mon
day and from that time on the
members will have a week of good
jolly laughter getting ready aud
the citizens may be getting in
laughing shape for the night of
the entertainment.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The anuual meeting of the
stockholders of the Columbus
Light aud Power Company for
election of directors and official
reports will be held at the com
pany's office Monday, May 4th,
at 8 p. m.
C. A. Johnston, Pres.
Walter Weaver, Sec. 2t i
Where To Buy Bargains !
"HIS question you can quickly answer if you will consider Quality and Price in the make-up of a Bargain.
claim we are offering the very best goods New York and other markets produce, and we claim further that our
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Profits and Quick Sales, and you will find this store busy while others are idle. Our savings to you are far beyond your
realization we place you in a position to obtain superior grades of goods at even lower prices than is commonly
asked for the interior kind.
Bargain No. 1.
Full yard wide Fruit of the Loom
Domestic, (not over twenty yards
to a customer 7ic
Don't Neglect
To examine our display of
Wash Fabrics and Silks.
The newest novelties in
MercerizedOxfords, Madras
Cloth, Pongees, Foulards,
Lawns, Tissues, Swisses,
Percales, Dimities, Cham
brays, Zephyrs, and many
other Spring and Summer
Over 200 pieces of Fancy
Lawns and Dimities at 5c,
lie and 10c a yard.
liar gain No. 2.
2,000 yards 12ic Mercerized Zeph
yrs, special price, per yard 71c
So Lovely and So
We hear this remark every hour in the
day. which refers to our beautiful display
of Embroideries, Laces, Lagoons, Me
dallions, Allovers, Shirt Waists, Trim
med Hats and Infants' Caps. If we please
others, why can't we please you? We can.
liar gain So. 6
100 doz. Fast Black Seamless Hose,
per pair
Ladies9 and Men's
Under w car
We were lucky in this purchase.
10 dozen Ladies' Taped Neck Vests, 4c
50c Mercerized Vests, 24c.
Extra Large Vests, 10c.
Best Silk Tape Neck Vests in town at
9c each.
Men, see our line of Underwear in"sec
onds, " a dropped thread in the making
gives them to you as follows:
1.00 Very Fine Undershirts and Draw
ers at 48c each.
50c Undershirts and Drawers Silk
Trimmed Pearl Button at 24c each.
Above in black, white and pink.
liar gain No. 3.
C. B. La Spirite" or "11. & G."
Corsets, the $1.00 kind, while the
lot lasts, choice of any length or
style 69c
Millinery and Ribbon
Ribbons in Soft Taffetas, Liberties,
Satins and Velvets all widths and col
ors. Prices just half what you would pay
Trimmed Hats from 50c to $5.00. Walk
ing Hats and Sailors from 10c to $.'$.00.
Misses' Sailors and Trimmed Hats in
great variety.
I v
Fan Chains. Pearl Waist Sets, Silk
Belts, Fans, Lace Collars, Silk Mitts and
Bargain No. 4.
10 pieces Mercerized Linens, in all
colors, now extensively used for
Shirt Waist Suits, per yard 15c
Bargain So. 7,
One lot of Men's Sample Hats in black
and light brown, made
in the new wide brim
crush crown, the regu
lar $2.00 qualities;
'while this lot lasts, 98c.
See our Straw Hats
and Caps. The styles
are the latest and the
prices are right.
Job Lot of Men's Straw Hats, all the
new shapes, none worth less than $1.00,
our price, 49c each.
Men's Shoes That
Wear -
This is the kind we sell. Our Shoes,
when you put them on, look right and
feel like Shoes should feel when you put
them on comfortable.
Men's Oxfords in great variety.
See our Men's Patent
i Leather Oxfords at $2. its
Men's Nechicea r,
Shirts, Etc
If you want something up-to-date 1
is the place to tind it and the pria B
always right.
Men's Swell Soft Finished Negligee
Shirts in white, polka dots ami
stripe effects, each
Big assortment ot Narrow String
Ties, each
All the new styles in Collars
Fancy Half Hose, per pair, I0c. lie
and up to
25 dozen Fast Blaek Halt BOSS, per
Men's Black Half Hose, per pair
Cuff Holders, per pair
Coat Collar Spring!
Men's Work Shirts
Boys' Shirt Waists. 16c to
Boy's Laundered Shirts
Men's Garters, per pair. 5c and ...
Men's Belts, 14e. 24c and up to
a pair.
A .Man s Jhorougnly
Stylish Oxford for 11.98 a
Wrappers and Skirts.
Wrappers, 49c, 74c and 98c.
Walking Skirts, $1.98 to $5.00.
Dress Skirts from 98c to a Fine Silk
Skirt at $7.44.
Bargain No. 5.
Ladies, we want you to see our Mus
lin Skirts, Chemises, Gowns and
Drawers at ... 98c
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tiful materia, workmanship and
Ladies' and Misses9
Shoes and Slippers,
You make a mistake when you go else
where to buy your Shoes and Slippers.
Ladies Swell Patent
Leather Oxfords, Colon
ials and Four-Strap
Sandals at $1.98 a pair.
Why pav more for
Shoes not any' better and possibly not as
We offer the best Oxfords and Sandals in Co
lumbus for 98c, $1.24 and Si 49 per pair
Great variety of Misses' and Infants'
Sandals from 49c to $1.49 per pair.
Exquisite line of Lace and
Fancy Hose.
For 19c we sell you an exquisite
Lace Hose, the same kind others
are asking 35c a pair for.
Infants' Socks in white, pink
red and black.
a pair.
A stylish all leather Oxford for $1.44 a
Patent Leather Pumps, $1.25 a pair,
worth double.
Don't forget our "Battle Axe" Shoes
in all toes and shapes. None any better,
few if anv as good.
Shoes in Patent Leather and Patent
Vici, $2.98 a pair.
Wcnderful is our'Men's Vici Shoes at
$1.98 a pair.
Men's All Leather Shoes for H8e a pair.
Complete line of Boys' and Children's
Bargain No, JO.
1,000 yards 42-inch Sheer White
Lawn, per yard
Water Cfioler.
Water Coolers, $1.4;i to
Bargain No. S,
84 pair Men's $.'$.50 and $4.00 Hand
Made Tan Shoes: your choice of this lot
$1.98 a pair. Get a pair of these Shoes
Clothing Head
You can get any suit of Clothing in our
house at exact New York cost. We will
not in future carrv any Suits, but will
make a specialty of Men's and Boy's
Pants, Overalls, Etc.
$10. 00 Suits now $0.90
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Made Pants. A dozen dif
ferent patterns to select
For $2.98 we are offering
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Boy 'a Knee Pants, 15c. 24c and 49c.
SPECIAL Five doz. Boy 's Sample Suits,
regular $3.50 qualities, we offer the lot at
$1.44 a suit.
The best Overall on earth, 45k:.
Boys' Overalls, 24c.
Things You NeeH Bight
No tr
One-gallon Sprinklers 20c
Six-quart Sprinklers.
Fly Traps
Swell Swinging i-unips ui
$1.49 to :,-,!
Milk Jars. Churns. Etc.,
per gallon
Fruit Jars and Jells Glasses.
Large Milk Strainers 10c
Buckets, Tubs, s liters,
Pans. Dippers. Oil
Stoves, KU-
TWntifnl Class Berry Dishes
Large Gl tss Herrv Dishes, lOC and
No. 1 Lamp Chimneys
No. 1 Lamp Burners
Lamp Wicks, per dozen
Surely this is the store i Bar
gains !
Meat Dishes, 10c, 14c. 1 9c ana
24e each.
Siiv Vii'H 1-MmO'S. l!4c.
You can always tind jusl WSSl
vou want right here.
m,r tock of Lauids. Crockery,
Glassware, Tinware. Knamci-
ware, Etc.
Bargain No. II-
Pure Lines Window Sha:.
long, three feet wide
Hags ! Bags I B n y I
See our assortment
means money saved.
I la in modes.
Hammocks from 98c to
Pictures and Picture Frames from 1" to
T 1 r I i4
Bargain No, I ?.
The 50c Long Sleeve Silk Mitts,
white and black, here, per nair. . .
llo a si hold Linens.
Bur gain So, O,
500 rolls Crepe Ti-Mie Paper, full leng'h
S and all colors. Think of the price, 5c a
i; roll.
You will li-id that we are )i
lowest priced house in Colum
bus for Towels, Bed Spreads,
Table Linens, Napkins, Laos
Curtains, Table Covers, Etc.
Ba ry a i n No, IS
Ten-piece Fine China Chamber Sets, bat
Ibis Sale Sboulfc Ikeep Customers Coming anfc 5oots 5ouq at a ttapiu IKatc.
Extra Salesmen have been engaged and we will endeavor to serve you promptly, and wheu you come here we ask that yo
:: :: a little patient if you can't get waited on at once. ::
Remember, This is tho Only One-Price-Spot-Cash-Al! Bargain Stora in Columbus.
Your Patronage Will He Appreciated...
"The Store for Everybody."
For Sale or Exchange for Lumber.
One eighteen horse engine and
a 30 horse, fire box boiler. For
prices aud particulars apply to
R. F. Weaver,
4-29-1 m Ethelville, AJa.
Perfumes containing the true j
life of the flowers, Alfred Wright's,
at Chapman & Mayfield's.
Wire screens and doors at the
Banks Hardware Co. 4-19tf
Mississippi Teachers Association, Vicksburg
April 30-May 2.
For the above occasion Mobile &
Ohio Agents in Mississippi will sell
tickets at rate of one fare plus twenty
five cents for the round trip. Ask
agents for particulars.
We have just received a ship- We have a fresh supply of
ment of flinch cards direct from j Florida velvet beans, the original
ihe manufacturers. Call on us "Jack in the bean stalk. " Grows
and secure a deck for this prpu- I way up and gives plenty of shade.
Jar game. Mayo & Weaver. j Call to-day. Mayo & Weaver.
Cures Choiera-lnfantum. Diarrhoea. Dysentery and the Bowel Trouble of Children
Anv Aar. Aid Diaestion. Ref ulates the Bowel. Strengthen the Child and MAKE
TEETHING EASY. Cures Eruptions and Sores. Colic. Hives and Thrush. Remove
and prevents Worms. TbHETHINA Counteracts and Overcomes the Effect of the
Summer's heat upon Teething Children, and costs only 25 cents at Druggist s, or
mail 25 cents to C. J. MOFFETT. M. D.. St- Louis. Mo.

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