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K. W. FLOOD. -J.
H. n. rOOTE.
From Sunday's Paper.
One of tht evils forcibly called
attention to by the horrible catas
t rophe at, Brvau the past week,
and which formed. one of the just
causes of grievance on the part
of the sti ikiug trainmen on the
M. & O. railroad recently, is that
of running double-headers- two
engines to one freight train. It
is doue by the companies in a
spirit of economy, forcing one
train crew to handle what really
ought to be twotraius. That it is
false economy, and not too fre
quently leads to loss of life and
property, was illustrated in
the awful accident of last Wed
nesday. This is one of the mat
ters which should engnge the.at
tentidrr of the law maker s and the
no d'oubt it will.
The vague, indefinite way of trx
ing the responsibility for such a
serious wreck as that of the past
week by statiug that it is sup
posed to have resulted from the
blunder of an operator, is unsat
isfactory to the public who are
forced to patronize the railroads.
There should be a legal investi
gation aud the blame for such an
accident fixed upou tlvv, right
man and punishment tpiiied.
The method of roilroadiug in; the
South is too lax and the remedy
is the law.
The Jackson cor respondents
say even money on Noel against
) the tield is being ottered. The
; $Vest Point correspondent says
$1(UM is leady in that cily to
bet that Critz will beat Noel.
This' is tine: keep it nt. Noel
and Ci it, will be at ea h other's
. fin oats il this keeps up and if
tliere U anything tlmt the pee
ipfe-ef A3isiissift)i iVfl wapt it
Il Nfc H'ljfl'l r I lit I - I I "
Wis I B ' u 1 1J l J
In response to the Meridian
iresV claim that Critz would
cairy Warren the Vicksburg
Post siys i$ is little known in
that county and has no following
to speak of. The same thing is
applied to Washington, another
county which C-ritz's enthusiasts
haye credited to their favorite.
The "YasoTT Sen ti net says "Fe
ru;ia jlV Sullivan if he enters
tiiH rac e will poll more votes iu
that section than Longino and
that Money will beat them both.
,rU :has been resting
easier lor trie past tow uavs.
thank yiu. Mr. W. P. Brown,,
of Oaledonia, has returned to
New Orleaus.
a'lia Germau'Dni Pickles at 4c al R
gallon at.Silbeberj's. 1-14-tf
Refused theJPropstiiiBn.
M r. John A. Stinsorj, seci
of the Citizens' League, is in re
ceipt i if a letter from M r. Si,e w
art from Sehna, Ala., oae of the
prmpterjs of the Tom bigheo ru.il
rad; In wLii li that gout-Ionian
states that, l is company cannot
M-.T ot the offer made by the peo
ple of Columbus. Mr. Stewart
states, howe.fi--. that he jwill take
thy matter ojp with company
and that we will hear from him
attain ' ' r
It will be recalled that an offer
jMnus made to ttpta$ribrt $Ti ',f)06
to the common stockof the road
j as soon as- it was in successful
operation between Aberdeen or
Columbus aud Linden, Ala.; or
: $25,QQG in stock as soon as a road
was built from West Point or
Aberdeen to this city. It is
hoped by many who have made a
study of the situation that the
Tombigbee railroad as (projected
i i a part of the Gould system aud
is an effort on the part of this
road to reach the fine sea port at
Pensaeoia. If the Gould people
are behind the project and are
really in earnest the road will be
built regardless of any subscrip
tions of stock which may be made
by the people along1 its proposed
route. t, i
Trouble at Water Work.
a a
t aOvi
all the
HI er
u ppi y.
the water works. This time it is
uot-iu the foot valve for the city
(has prepared for that emergency
by laying another supply pipe to
tbe creek, but it is in the supply
!lic. the packing o which has
Aje out. Supt. Alien put ,a
large ioi ce of men to wnkon the
damaged lino last Wedpesd;y
and it was working ietter yes
terday enabling the plant to sup
ply the demand for water. The
railj..bf yesterday aud Friday aho
helped the situation, greatly de
ojoeasiug the demand for water.
e $ i ' . -' , fZ I 3
Reported Sinking.
Reports from the bedside of
Hon. Ah G. Easley
stated that he v.as
sinking, and that his
but the question ol a
death was
iew hours.
Mr. Easley after a long life of
usefulness and honor, during
which he hasi rendered a faithful
service to his people ip. eyery
t posttion to winch he was called,
is peariug the end, a fact which
gives all of his relatives and
friends infinite sorrow and sad
ness. A society of Boston negroes
announce that its mission is to
depopulate the South of negroes,
carrying them ts Boston. The
chances are that if these educat
ed eKjnjS come South they will
fall in love with fhis sectiou and
remain here- under ground.
Mr. T. W. Belcher and wife,
accompanied by Misses Katie
Eee Walker and Sadie Cheatham
returned last Tuesday from
Bfloxi, where they spent several
days very pleasantly. Mr. Bel
cher was a delegate aud repre
sentative from this city to the
meeting of the Wholesale Gro
cers' Association of the State
which met iu that citv.
Miss Sadie Fancher. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. N. W. F'ancher,
! who reside in Ward No. t, died
' last Tuesday and the body was
carried to Brooksville, Miss., on
Wednesday morning for inter
ment. Miss Puncher was em
ployed, in the factory and was in
her eighteenth year. She died a
victim of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fel'ows have
th-. sympathy of tlje community
in the death of their little infant J
daughter which eccu rred at their j
hone iu East C.'olum bus last Wed-
nesdajc morning, the death re
sulting frpm meniugitis. -The
funeral was held from the home
the same afternoon and was con-1
ducted by lit v. J. B. Randolph,
pastor of the Second Methoist j
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show proper respect for old ace. but !
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For Sale.
Short, horn registered, high!
grade innlirt fop jstile. Tliase- bulls j
have patUMtd throogii successful-!
ly two inoculations- at the A. aud f
M. College. For prices aud fur-:
ther lHfoarmaticm write to
W. a. Evans,
F. D. Route No. 1, i
4 11-tf. Columbus, Miss. I
F ar r Acarie iy Closing.
The closing exercises of Frank
lin Academy, signalizing the
completion of the eighty-second
annua! session of this institution,
will be held on next "Wednesday
at the chapel. The exercises
this year wiil not be as elaborate
a. the preceding year's exer:
cises, both principal and faculty
; agreeing that the preparation of
the opera house program inter
fr.apceq the students' studies too
much and hence the closing ex-
ercises this year will be simpler
and more appropriate, enabling
the children to carry on their
studies right up to the closing
hour the real work of the
school after all.
As will be seen from the pw
grai.es below the exercises-are
interesting and will be partici
pated in by all of the students
aud Prof. Cook invites all of the
patrons, parents and public gen
erally to attend. At the evening
exercises a small admittance fee,
ten cents, will be charged which
will go to the piano fund, the
school needing a new instrument
very badly. The following are
the programs:
. Weonesoa v. June 10 a. m.
A .
Tlir: Flu; - Fourth grade Imjvs.
Raindrops Prima ay boys and
i 3.
Rope Drill Third "-ratfe j,rirts.
Mot ion Sony - Fit HS y rade.
Nebuchaidnezzer - Wa rien Wood
The Quails Seconal ;.rade boys
The Fsffuimaux Primary Bovs.
Film grade
D. Marcus, Bezxa r is Itoljert Skin
ner. 10. The Jolly Old ('row Third
jpaide boys.
11. Drill
1J. Uelly
ftn grade gu-is.
led Time -1'eiirth gi-ade
eflttpd gfede girls.
14. 15a Serrx- 5 race Sanders.
10. "hi Id i n o f .i a ; a n r Primary
J?).. Vhv Maiden Mart vr Louise
IT. The Owl- -Second grade boys,
is. Debating Club Subject: "The
Philipines Should be Refttintl.
10. Delivery of Certinsates
Wednesday, Ji
?, 8:30 v. m.
I. 5;!in: l51ossoms--l'horus Class
2. Dan.-e of the FairiesVivian
.'5. 1'syrla From the Show Girl
Win. Harris and Chorus Class.
4. LaGrcte; Willie May Parker,
John Peyton.
5. Mirry June Chorus, Class 1
and 2.
0. Fragrant Violets Sarah Neil
son .
T. Vale Songs, "We Meet Again
To-Night, Boys. " "Stars of the Sum
mer Ni-hi." Wm. Harris, E. B. Pee
bles, PeWit: Rifhards.
s. Polka Hondo. Mary Jacob.
U. "Two Very Similar Twins Are
We," Alice Cline, Jamie Grace.
10. -'A Dream of Spring Time,"
Class Three.
II. Hungarian Dream, Sarah Neil
son, Marv .Jacob.
t. - Sin.-e Will Became a Boy,",
Lily Ih-ownlee.
P5. 'a!s( )t Millie May Parker.
14. "Sam and Tihiv's Courtship,"
K. It. Peeljles. William Harris.
1". "Dixie," Marguerite Wilraot.
10. "My Own United States," Full
Chorus Clas$.
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The City Council meets Tues
day night in regular monthly
Mr. R. H. Hunt, the architect,
spent hist Friday in the city on
Mr. Ike Simon, of Montgom
ery, Ala., will spend to-day in
Colu mbus.
The Board of Supervisors meets
to morrow at the Court House in
monthly session.
Mr. Adolph Montag, of Atlan
ta, Ga., is expected in the city to
day on a visit to his wifel
Miss Ora Arnold is in the city
on a visit to Mrs. S. C. Munger
at her home in East Columbus.
Mr. Henry Kaufman left the
past week for Baltimore, Md-,
where he will spend the sum
mer. Mr. Hampden Osborne has
been in rCutaw, Ala., the past
week on a busiuess and social
Mr. R. E. Wood, of Memphis,
Tiuiu., is in the city, called here
by the death of his mother, Mr.
Otto Wood.
Yesterday was National Me
morial Day aud the occasion was
ceh'brated by tb- postoffiee with
eh'S d doors.
The eow law goes into effect
next Wedueschiy week, the b'ib.
Get read$ and prepare to kep
your cows off the streets.
G. W. Agee, superintendent of
the Southern Express Company,
spent Friday in the city looking
after the interests of his eom
pany. Mr. W. T. Cliristop'ier, who
has the cent t act for the construe
tioti of the Magnolia Cotton Mill,
spent last Pi ida.y iu the city on
Mr. T, M. Rogers, the enter
prising and popular proprietor
of the Surprise Store, spent sev
eral days of the past week in
Florence, Ala., on business.
Miss Viyia Walker, of Bald win,
Miss., has been in th. city the
past few days the guest of ."fudge
Newuan Cayce and family at
their home on the Highlands.
Mr. Wm. A. Whitfield, of this
city, has accepted a position in
the general office of the Southern
at Birmingham, being succeeded
here by Mr. Em mitt Craddock.
Mr. S- C. Benham, who has
charge of numbering the streets
of this city, has returned to com
plete his task. He has been ab
sent for several weeks on busi
uess iu South Carolina.
The Episcopal Sunday school
held its picnic yesterday at the
New'oy place across Luxapali! a
and the occasion was a delight
ful one. The Baptist Sunday
school picnic will be held one
week from to morrow at Melrose.
Rev. T. W. Lewis has returned
from Grenada where he preach
ed the Commencement sermon
last Sunday before the Grenada
Female College. He was greet
ed by a large audience and made
a tine impression.
The Postoffice Department at
Washington announces that the
salaries of a large number of
postmasters in this State have
been increased and this city is
among the number, the salary
being raised from $2200.00 to
Work on the new city hall has
progressed rapidly the past week
and the building is beginning to
assume its handsome propor
tions and shows off to advautage.
The contractors are rushing the
work with the expectation of giv
ing the city possession of it by
the 1st of August.
Mr. Daniel Cushing s work as
anexpeit witness iu the cases
against the SoutherWRailway re
spiting from It Berry - wreck
was invaluable. He majjera c-are
f il survey of the road and the
entire situation, and wasfifehly
ompliu)ented for thO 'faithful
ness .and accuracy of his work.
Mr. Cushingis the official sur- j
veyor for this County and is do
ing a great deal of work.
WorlJ Wide Repatatioo.
--W$iljeV: Cvearo ." Veiwifue,. has
aehteVed a world le MpuAnon as
being the Lest of at 1 worm: destroyers.
aiwi;for f tonic inQuence- oov.-weak
and untiwiflv children, as it, ;aoiural
f life to acidity or sourness of the
stomfiih. iniVroves their digestion
nil,rssuiWVMit" H&fk --tiPKthens
theii- nei vyi iFfHu ai11 iffltores
theiu lb the nallfi", "Viifor ami' elasti
city t spirits natural to childhood.
yuKV,..Licoiub L'aine.
Jack Frost is the best,
gi ocel s.
At all
Awful Wreck.
The dead:
Henry Aoton, Kntrioper.
L. t 'hest r Engineer,.
Sam Johnson, Engineer.
Koland Maileon. Colored Fireman.
Orto Wood, Fireman.
'Dave. Ingram, Colored Fireman.
Jol Hancock, Fireman.
J. D. Hill, Colored Brakeman.
The full details of the wreck
at Bryan, Ala., on the line of the
Southern Railway between this
city and Birmingham confirm
fully all of the rumors circulated
here following the awful catas
trophe. The wreck occurred at
1 :30 o'clock last Wednesday
morning, the watches on the
poor victims of an operator's
blunder stoppinc at this hour.
The trains wrecked were No.
73, a second class freight train
west bound, and a double-header
extra east bound. The wrest
bound and east bouud trains
were both drawn by powerful
engines of the battleship type
and the extra east had an addi
tionaleuginein front, No. Us, which
was fired by Otto Wood, of this
city, one of the victims. It is said
that No. 78 stopped at Jefferson
and both the engineer and con
ductor entered the station aud
asked the operator if he had auy
orders for them. The operator
was lying down apparently sleep
ing aud replied that he had not,
although on his desk he had an
order for the freight to meet the
extra at Littleton. The train
pulled out and a few. muuTos
biter both came tog"iher in a
heal end collision about one mile
east of Bryan. Both ira'ns were
running at a high raio of speed
aud the wreck was complete. All
thi'e.e eugines were torn to pieces,
aud engines, trucks, teuders, :
box cars, coal cars, hay, oats
aud other freight were piled up
in endless eoni'usiou. Two tanks
of oil wore emptied on the mass
of wreckage and a tierce fire soon
spread over the whole aud it
burned until the entire mass
was consumed.
It is a remarkable record that
every eugiueer and fireman who
went into the wreck is dead All
were killed outright except En
gineers Acton and Johuson.
Poor Actou died on the way to
Birmingham and Johnson died
soon after reaching that city at
Copeland's infirmary. The oth
er bodies remained in the wreck
and tire until Thursday before it
was txissible to recover them. A
pathetic incident is related of
one of the negro firemen who
was a victim of the wreck. He
was pinioned between an engine; g Kliett was sueiug torocoviu
and tender, his limbs being ',.irriQlia BIlct..ill(l,i uv i-fi,
. , j
him but those near were power
less to render him assistance.
As the tire came nearer he at
tempted to smother and beat it
oack with the oats piled around
him, but in vain, and finally he
All of the men killed were
from Birmingham except 'Mr.
Otto Wood, of this city. Mr.
Wood had recently been promot
ed to a main line run from this
city and he was learning the
road tiring while engaged in this
task-in order to make as much
wages as possible. All of the
bodies of the victims were car
tied to Birmingham except Mr.
Wood's body; and escorted by a
uu mber of firemen and other
railroad men it reached this city
Friday morning.
Otto Wmx1 waS'One of the best
known aud most esteemed of the
Southern's employees in this
city. For several years past he
had been iu the yard at this
point iu charge of the switch en
gine and his efficiency as an eugi
ueer had won for him a promo
tion to a regular run and he was
eugaged in prepai iug himself for
this position wheu he met his
death. His untimely demise is
peculiarly distressing. He leaves
.. . tfifa trhi.vii r-iuf ) nil
sorrow is inconsolable, a father
and mother aud four brothers
and one sister, besides hosts of
friemds who mourn his death.
The funeral was held Friday
morning from the residence the
services beiug cond ucted by Rev.
T. W. Lewis assisted by Rev. J.
I T . ' s A ,-;i l-v l. 1 , rf fll.jwi.
caugnt. neKKu of lh(. company to deliver a tele
be released from his -perilous po- m -u Tlu, JglW
sition as the names crept nearer' , , , rr ' t ' tlirm(, nt.
gentiemen paid the deceased man4roni un ll
beautiful tributes. The floral of
ferings were exceedingly hand
some, one from Tombigbee
Lodge, No. 426, Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen, being es
pecially beautiful. The follow
ing members of the order acted
as pall bearers : Messrs. B. H
Cray, L H. Power, O. L. Reeves,
Wilt Nix, Kollis Alexander and
Wiide Lynch; the interment fol
lowing iu Friendship Gemetery.
The following members df the
Tombbee Lodge No. 4w2f, Broth
erhood ol': Locomotive Firemeu
were in aiteadauce upon the
fuueral and the burial was with
the houors of the brotherhood:
,v!:-i:!Qaovt ,51 . a
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a stii
Qood fr.r that Core Feeling.
-25c SOc i$l.C0 BoUlci.
.020iv cf vims
For 5ale by MaYO & WEAVER.
Messrs. Harry Huddleston W:
H. Taylor, J. N. Day, C. H. Smith,
B.G.Gray, U H. Powell afnd
Frank Keenum of Avondale and
Mcssis. Wadt Lyuch, Will Nix.
Mac McCaskeil, Horace Alexan
der, John Blacicwell, Will La
grone, Geo. Page, John Brown
aud John Bealle from this city.
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Mayo iS: Weaver.
Circuit Court.
The second week of the circuit
court came to an end yesterday
afternoon. The dockets have
been cleared of the cases pretty
well and little of imp rtnuce re'
mains to be f$t$4$ed of. The
few eases against the Southern
Ha 'way which have not Ixien
com promised wen? contiued.
The case of C. L. Lincoln, ad
ministrator vs the Southern Hail
way for damages iu killiug A1-.
bert Statues came up for trial
Wednesday. This was the case
in which the railroad claimed
that Starnes son was not dead
aud they had the man supposed
to be his son. The case was stub
bornly fought, Messrs. Sykes
and O'Neill representing the
plaiutiff aud Messrs. T. C. Catch
ings, Fuller Fox aud Z. P. Luu
drum representing the company.
After hearing all of the tpsth
tiiony the case was given to , the
jury Thursday afternoon aud af-,
ter remaining out until Eriday
they wrere discharged unable to
reach a verdict. It is reported
that they stood eleven to one iu
favor of the road when discharg
ed. ! p.
The case of William Rhett vs
the Postal Telegraph Company
came up for trial for the time.
rrhi i tbn map in which Wil-
v j- v.? , . . . i i t .7 v ... j v- .
tempts to try it aud was reversed
once by the supreme court. In,
this trial Judge Sykes gave a
peremptory charge to tind for
the plaintiff in the amouut sued
for $256.25 with iu teres t from
Sept. 6th, 1899.
Other cases were F. M. Loigh
aud Mary B. Lei' to vs. Charley
Jackson, jury for plaintiff with
Miss Clarice Soydsr,
G17 1-2 S. fit-h Ave.. Qiun. y, Ills.,
says: "I have used ParabanrpVi !fpr,
Netiralta and found it the best prepa
ration I have ever used, also the best
remedy for Burn's, Cuts and Sun
burns. I take pleasure in recommend
in' same to others. 1 ira'M "jprY com
forts all hurts. Trv a 2"c borftle.
Mavo Weaver.
Off tor Jackson.
A large party will leave this
city for Jdckson to-morrow and
Tuesday. They go to attend the
corner stone exercises which
oecur on the 5d, Wednesday.
Gen. Ihllups and staff will go
down Tuesday and Lt.-O01. John
P. Mayo in command of the
Greenville, Greeuwoed ' attA'Ckr
Iambus companies rrf mrh trtr will
leave Wednesday morning arj"iv-J
iug in time to p;uUoitenjq the
'Vkf! " e
i joi. t; m iiyuiqeji,
W no is oeouty uraai -viasier 01
the Masouu: fraternity of the
State, aud Mr. T. B. Franklin.
who,:is grand treasurer of the
same hody, both of whom fvill
day:" A
the comer
hi d wu on
Tot Those Wbo Live uo Farms.
Dr. Bergrin, Pana. Ills., writes: '. "I
have us-d Bnllard.'s snoyc ffjinimlBnt:
always reconuiMd it to my frieudp as
I aaTeoutident. that here is, nf , tiatfer
made- U is a dandy forhiimsi!!
Thost? who live on farms an. -cspt-ejiah
lv liable to many aceidatal (i&fa
burns and bruises which heal rapidly
when liailsird's Snow lanimeut in. ap
plied. It should always be itepti in-;
the house for cases of eajrenej
50c and il.H0 at Curry, Lipsp
Our crushed htae, hly rDise
and carnation are the best: 10
cent toilet soaps you can buy .for
the n-oney. equal to any l'5 cettfc
soap. Ohapmau & May tield.
Instantly, Cures Quickly V
. Atallcood Druits.
Refrigeratorsandlce Boxes
We soil the worlil-renownoil North St:kr
Corlt-rfUCu !iefi!i.rerillors, which :ir' iru:ir;in
ftntned to B8e h-st; ice than any other line on
the rparket.
Kingston Springs
This popular resort on north western division
ot the Nii-jhviJle. Cnuttanoor;t uul St. 1-oun
Railway, will open for visitors June 10. IWM
AeomrutlatlonH rlrKt-elass. Kaw- moderate
Address. J K. W NBOTJ UN.
S-Wtm Kingston Si.rinKs, Tenn.
coper s
The. Water Cures Dyspc psia, Malaria,
1 )ian hiia.Ia ver, KUlney aud Stom
ach Troublo, Insomnia, Etc
S. H. tyZfflWrUPt, l'roprietoi s.
PostliCe. llaymond. Hinds Co., Miss.
Loring Springs
'); Cj
uOiiJ 'ji.i
l.v bcate
roiiir and other amusements,
e. Chas. A. 1jkino.
Summer Comfort
Is increasea with every eieoe of Willow or
Kuit in Furnit ure iirouifht into the house. It
look eooi ami is'delivchlfuny so. Come In anil
see .iur (iiuiiii Settce.s, liocki-i . Ktc.
V h;ivl- s.mif tr.MMl Liw'n Siwr that we
neliintc very cbesp.
"For ahytriiiiir in the Furniture line call n
1 li-Hrftfit
All Prices.
phone Connection Free,
ered by Exires Through Ethel
Day if Order, is Received by 8 a.m.
s Charges Free to Ethel viUe.
Lso Filled bv Iloat and Wajfon.

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