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u Drink
"Royal Blend, "75c ?
For refreshment and exhiliar
ation, without intoxication?
1 loyal Blerxl possesses these
properties .
What is Royal Blend?
It is a combination of fine Teas
blended by an expert with fra
grant ( 'cylon Teas and Aromatic
Orange Pecos, and suiting' a
f testes which no single
ever satisfy.
J. H. Stevens & Son, 9
The Main Street Grocers.
"Phones 93 and 200.
Phone us your orders. Mayo
Tall graceful palms for deco
rating. Laws.
Roses, white and purple aster
blooms at Laws.
A nice line of water coolers at
Banks Hardware Company's.
Beautiful stalks of tube rose
and galdiolus blooms. Laws.
Mr. Irvin Kaufman is welcom
ed home from a visit to friends
at Meridian.
Mr. Frank A. Rowan, of Ar
tesia, spent yesterday in the city
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Lary left Mon
day for a visit to relatives in
i Carolina,
ssrs. ).
1 and Bur
iiiLf-at Kol
Id are
Miss Maud Thomas will spend
the month ti August with Miss
Irene Robertson.
Thirty and forty foot tish
seines for sale at bargains. Cur
ry, Lipscomb & Caine.
Dr. and Mrs. Walker, of Padu
cah, Ky., are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Crumbaugh in this city.
Miss Lizzie Vanzant, of Re
form, Ala-, is vi si tiny; her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. F. A.
Keep out the tlies and mosqui
toes with screen doors and win
dows sold by Banks Hardware
Com pany.
Plant your turnip seed now
and have early fall turnips. A
new lot just received at Curry,
Lipscomb A Caiue's.
Mr. DeWitt Harris, who holds
a responsible position with the
Southern Railway in Winston,
N. C, is home on a visit.
Ask for rebate check with ev
ery cash purchase. We also give
Home Merchants Trading
stamps. Chapman & Maytield.
Mr. J. T. Brent, Jr., who for
some time has been in Aberdeen,
Miss., will in future be with his
brother in the Columbus Press
ing Club. Mr. Brent is a young
man of thorough business quali
ties and will be quite an addi
tion to the tirm in which he is at
Manager Ottley has cancelled
his engagement with Demopolis
for the series of games that were
to have been played here next
week, until after the election.
The people of Columbus are so
engrossed with political affairs
that they have no time for
pleasure, so there will be no
more ball games at the park un
til the election is over.
With Crushed Fruits, retaining
the pure fruit flavors: in fact,
all the drinks of the season,
cool, refreshing and ex
hilirating at
0. P.
From Wednesday's Paper.
Citizen's Progressive League.
An enthusiastic meeting of the
Citizen's Progressive League was
held at the Court House last
Monday night. The purpose of
the meeting was to discuss and
consider industrial matters pend
ing before this city.
The offer of Mr. Kavanaugh,
the New York manufacturer, was
discussed some time and it was
the consensus of opinion that if
Mr. Kavanaugh will visit this
city and show the people what
he has to offer that no trouble
will be experienced in interest
ing Columbus capitalists in his
enterprise. He has one of the
largest plants of its kind in the
country, it is on a paying and
profitable basis and he is anx
ious to bring it South on account
of the labor conditions in this
section and the advantages offer
ed in coal and raw material. Mr.
Kavanaugh will be invited to
visit this city and the people of
Columbus will have an opportu
nity of learning everything of
value in connection with this en
terprise. The matter of the location of a
spoke factory here was also dis
cussed and those who are at the
head of the movement were in
vited to come and were assured
of every concession and favor
which the people of this city can
guarantee. Locations were dis
cussed and a number of available
sites were offered. This matter
will be heard of again on the 10th
of this month wrhen representa
tives of this concern will visit
Columbus and examine into the
timber resources of this section.
The outlook for Columbus from
an industrial standpoint could
not be better and the location of
these enterprises here will mean
that many more will follow.
Mr. George Ludwig, who has
lived in this city for the past
two years, leaves soon for Gads
den, Ala., where he goes to take
charge of the stone work for
several large buildings which
Mr. W. T. Christopher has con
tracts for. Mr. Ludwig did the
stone work on the court house,
the city hall, the college improve
ments and other work here and
proved himself a workman of ex
ceptional skill and ability. He
has made many friends in Col
umbus whose best wishes will
follow him to his new home.
A farmer's institute for
Lowndes county will be held at
Caledonia on August 15th, at
which time representatives of
the faculty of the A. & M. Col
lege will be present to discuss
various topics of interest to the
agriculturists. For the occasion
it is hoped that the people of the
northern section of the county
will attend. There will be a din
ner and other attractive features
for the institute and it is hoped
that a large attendance will greet
The work of veneering the
white house building at the Col
lege with brick was begun last
Monday morning and it will
be pushed until the building
is completed which will be done
in ample time for the fall session.
The white house will be used as
a dormitory room and it will ac
commodate a large number of
young ladies whose applications
for admission to this institution
could not be otherwise enter
tained for want of room.
Mr. Vivian Halbert, a son of
Judge Louis Halbert, of Artesia,
has accepted a position to take
charge of the grocery depart
ment of Simon Loeb & Bro's.
store and will begin his duties
about the 10th. Mr. Halbert is
one of the best young men of
this county, remarkably indus
trious and has hosts of friends
as well as the friends of his
father who will patronize him.
For Rent.
The Gaston house, two blocks
north of M. & O. depot. Seven
rooms, bath, etc. Apply to
8-5-1 m R. E. Cheatham.
Watermelons right from cold
storage. Telephone your orders
to Silberberg and they will be
Cash for Cigar Bands!
II . Osborne, the Druggist, will pay you
the highest cash prices for BANDS from
Clears of the following brands: "Cremo."
George w. Childs," "Premio.'" and "'Jack
son Square."
in the Lead
osbqhu's mi roumn
is the magnet for all lovers of pure,
choice, delicious and refreshing Soda
Fountain products.
Isimeudetttof I'ttejceelted,
Elarorm, Voea-lola,
Eep-to-Lac, all the JMtent
Fruit Ehottphaten,
Ertttniz ti ml other
Fruit Icem,
lee t'retttn-Sodaa, Et-.
Our Famous Ice Cream
Ls a steady winner, and why? Because
it ls made from pure, fresh Jersey
Cream, and free from custards and
other cheapening diluents and delight
fully flavored. Try it.
Come and see us. You will be served
promptly b pleasing style and be sure
to come again.
Creams and Sherbets frozen to order
for families, picnics, hotels, etc.. and
delivered well packed in porcelain
lined jars.
Improvements Being Made.
Several notable improvements
are being made in various sec
tions of the city.
Mr. Jesse P. Woodward is
grading and improving a number
of lots just west of Mr. Linda
mood's home on the Highlands
and they will soon be put on the
market for sale. Capt. John
Childers has been working at
this point with the street force
widening and grading the princi
pal street of this section. Wnen
this work is completed Mr.
Woodward will have some of the
prettiest building lots in this
Col. Thos. J. O'Neill will soon
begin the grading of the hill just
north of his two cottages on
North Seventh street. When
this hill is cut down he will have
one or two nice building lots
Mr. Chas Sherrod is prepar
ing to build a number of tene
ment houses just north of the
new Union Academy. This sec
tion is being laid out and plotted
into lots and he will soon begin
the erection of a large number
of houses theron.
An excursion from Greenville
arrived in this city last Sunday
afternoon about two o'clock. It
was composed of six coaches till
ed with white and colored excur
sionists, and they spent several
hours in this city viewing Colum
bus and the places of interest
here. They were an orderly lot
and no drunkenness or rowdyism
was noticed.
Cheap Excursion August 15th.
Round trip rate from Columbus,
Miss., to St. Louis, $10.00, Chicago,
$15.00. Tickets will be sold for trains
leaving Mobile August 15th and will
be good to return leaving either point
uhtil and including August 31, 1903.
Apply to M. & O. R. R. Agents for
further particulars.
Lisk ware is strong, durable
and guaranteed not to rust.
Very serviceable in kitchen and
dairy vessels. Sold by Banks
Hardware Company.
Buggies and harness all
kinds at right prices. Banks
Hardware Company.
Letter Puzzle
(Each Space Represents a Missing Letter.)
n iiiEjL; s lRLJ f
S E T M R Ti E D
, E G RpA T S V T N
G C 0 T S T E V R K O
W iN T;H S S C T N
For the first correct reading of the above sen
tence, that is: supplying all the letters to
Complete the Words of the Sentence
$5 00 And OneYear's Subscription $ C .QO
Five letters will be added in each issue of the
Dispatch until the sentence is complete.
A Correction.
In publishing the 6fficial ballot
in Sunday's paper the name of
Judge J. M. Wakefield as a can
didate for re-election to the posi
tion of Justice of the Peace from
this, the second district, was un
intentionally omitted from the
same. It is unnecessary to state
that the ballot wTill appear at the
polls to-morrow corrected and
that the Judge is a candidate for
this position and is soliciting the
votes of his friends and will ap
preciate the same.
Mr. Clinton Wright, of Bir
mingham, Ala, and Miss Jaunita
Johnston, of this city, were mar
ried in Birmingham, AJa., last
Saturday. The marriage was
quite a surprise to the friends of
the young couple who went to
Birmingham to be married.
The bride is the daughter of
Mrs. Toby W. Johnston, of this
city, and is well known and has a
large circle of friends. The
groom was for many years em
ployed by the Tombigbee Mills
of this city and is now occupying
a reponsible position in one of
Birmingham's chitf industries.
Many friends extend their con
gratulations to the happy young
couple who will reside in Bir
mingham. The Board of Supervisors
should by all means provide a
cement walk in front of the
court house. The walk on the
west side of this property is a
great improvement and the im
provement should be extended
to the front of the building. The
board has been progressive in
the management of county affairs
and, no doubt, will make this
A marriage of interest to
many in this city will occur in
the near future at Holly Springs.
The contracting parties are Miss
Janie McWilliams, of Holly
Spriners, pleasantly remembered
by the Riflemen as the most pop
ular sponsor in attendance at
their encampment, and Mr. Jim
Lyon, a popular traveling mau
out of Memphis.
For Rent.
Five room cottage in rear of
my residence. City water and
elegant shade. Also small cot
tage southeast of Benoit's store.
Terms on application.
8-5-1 m. John R. Maxwell.
Delft enamel wTare is neat and
clean and is unsurpassed for the
kitchen and dairy. Sold only by
Banks Hardware Company.
Che fl)arker tuchy
Curve jpountain flten
Company gives a written guarantee
with each Pen to give perfect satisfac
tion. Don't take chances with any
other kind but call at...
And select one from our large stock
just receied.
1. B. D1VELBISS. Manager.
y 4r F We place on sale To-Morrow, Monday, August 3d. for the first
& time, 5,000 yards of New Laces just received. The shipment
contains Valenciennes, Imitation Torchon, Linen Torchon and Point de Paris, Edge
and Insertions to match, in widths from one to five inches wide, and worth all the
way up to 25c a yard. Your choice, this sale, 5c the yard.
In connection with the Lace Sale we offer all Summer Goods regardless of cost, some
atone-half, some at one-third, and some at one-fourth off regular prices. There's plenty
of fashionable merchandise here which you'll want. It must leave shelves and counters
pretty quick. Invoices for fall goods are in ; some of our fall stock is already here, more
on the way, and want display space as soon as they are herethat's why you can take the
summer merchandise at tfe lowest prices known In years.
A 4- Mff Phoenix Rope Tissue Dus
"V I- IvJC' tors, will outwear any wool
or feather duster on the market, very orna
mental and will not scratch the most deli
cate furniture; 10c each, or 3 for 25c.
We have just received another shipment of Colored Sheet Wadding, so popular for making
mats; also, New Notions, New Laces, New Curtains and New Domestics.
You will save money by coming here this week.
"The Woman's Store,"
Speaking at Caledonia.
The county candidates gather
ed at Caledonia last Saturday,
the occasion being the grand go
round and the speaking of the
legislative candidates. It is
well known that there is no op
position in this race, there are
no issues involved in it and little
interest attaches to it- There
fore, the crowd for Caledonia
was not very large. It wTas rep
resentative and was composed of
the best citizens of this district
but not a great number were
The meeting was held in the
Christian church and was pre
sided over by Dr. E. M. Jamie
son. He stated the purpose of
the gathering aud then introduc
ed Hon. M. A. Franklin, who
spoke for about thirty minutes,
reviewing his record in the past
session and discussing some of
the State issues which will come
before the next session for con
sideration. He was followed by
Messrs. J. I. Sturdivant and P.
W. Maer, who both spoke dis
cussing State issues. After the
legislative candidates had spoken
Col. A. S. Payne devoted a few
minutes of the time to present
ing his cause for treasurer, and
in justice to the other candidates
Dr. Jamieson stated if they de
sired to speak they would be
given the opportunity. None
cared to present their claims in
a public speech and the meeting
The day was very pleasantly
spent, the candidates meeting
the good people of this section
and presenting their claims. In
the afternoon a meeting of Cale
donia lodge of Masons was held
presided over by Hon. J. A.
Neilson. Master, and this gave
many present the opportunity of
meeting and mingling with their
brethren of this order. To
wards afternoon the visitors be
gan to depart and by evening
Caledonia had assumed her usual
The writer is grateful to many
of his friends, Dr. Thomas, Dr.
Murphy, Dr. Jamieson, Mr. W.
H. Gaston, Mr. Chas. West, Mr.
Baile3T, Mr. Jas. W. Carothers,
Mr. H. Barrentine and countless
others, for kindnesses and
favors shown him.
Dr. Taylor Henry, one of the
promising young physicians of
the section east of this city, has
decided to locate in Tuscumbia,
Ala., and has gone to his new
Misses Imogie Moody and
Margie Gardner have returned
from a pleasant visit to relatives
out of town.
this one week, 2 boxes
scented and unseented.
A Card.
August 5, 1903.
To Whom it May ConckrN;
Having stated to several citi
zens that Mr. L. L. Williford
had made money out of his con
nection with the collection of
funds for the Kolola Springs
barbecue on July 23rd, I desire
to say in justice to Mr. Williford
and myself that I believe the
reasons on which I made such
statements to be wholly un
founded and very unjust to Mr.
Williford and I withdraw any in
sinuation made by me unfavor
able to him. I am satisfied that
Mr. Williford handled honestly
aud properly accounted for all
money or property entrusted to
him for the purpose of said bar
becue. J. Newby.
Flump cheeks, Hushed with the soft
glow of health, and a pure complex
ion makes all women beaut:
bine imparts strength and
the system, and the rosy hu
to the cheeks. Price, f)0c
Lipscomb & Cain4.
Car c I; .
An account of uituofre of route
the theatrical com, y booked
to play here the last tti ee nights
of this week has cancelled their
engagement and Manager Locke
informs us that there will be no
performances as advertised.
Dr. W. W. Westmoreland and
daughter. Miss Margie, return
ed last Sunday from Ashville, N.
C, where Dr. Westmoreland has
been attending the National Den
tal Association.
from New Orleans and stations mentioned be
low to Chicago. St. Louis. Louisville and Cin
cinn iti. on Saturday.
Tiekets will be sold on the above date only,
trood to return until August 31st. from New
Orleans and stations as far north as (Grenada,
inclusive, also from stations on the Aberdeen
Branch, at the following low rates:
Chicago and return, $15.00
St. Louis and return, $12.00
Louisville and return, $12.00
Cincinnati and return, $14.00
Also on same date, with Mime return limit
and from the same stations, tickets will be
sold at the exceedingly low rate of
$18.00 for the Round Trip
Hot Springs, Old Point, Virginia Beach
and Ocean View
Virginia Resorts
Tickets and sleeping car berths of Agents of
the Illinois Central and connecting lines, or by
A . J. McDoUfiALL, D. P. A.. '
New Orleans, La.
A. H. Hanson, (i. P. A..
John A. Scott.
Memphis, Tenn.
4- m ry Mennen's Talc u m Pow
der : there is only one
Menuen's, 25c everywhere, our price for
Short Items of Interest.
Miss Maria Smith is visiting
her parents in this city.
Dr. R. S. Curry is out again
after a severe attack of rheuma
tism. Mr. W. D. Dowdle, of Millport,
was a visitor for a few hours last
Capt. E. S. Donnell's friends
are glad to see him out again af
ter a severe illness.
Miss Florence Abrams, of Eu
taw, Ala., is in the city the guest
of Miss Ida Eddius.
Mr. Henry Humphries is
spending a few days in Crawford
before leaving for Ashville, N. C.
Mrs. R. M. Nickles' friends re
gret to know that that she has
been quite ill for several days
Mr. A. H. Pegues left yester
day for Arkansas, where he goes
to spend several weeks r?cuper
ating. Capt. Geo. P. Waller, one of
Crawford's leading citizens, was
a visitor to this city last Monday
on business.
Mr. Preston Gunter has re
turned from a pleasure trip to
New Mexico, looking much im
proved in health.
Union Lodge No. 35, L O. O. P.,
met last Monday night and initi
ated Mr. Howard Noland, Mr. El
C. Grace and Mr. Gordon.
Mr. Tom Browning, the popu
lar employee of the Southern
Express Co., is spending a
month's vacation in North Caro
lina. Mr. Chas. G. McGee returned
home from New York last Mon
day and will spend several weeks
here with friends. Mr. McGee
has enjoyed a singularly success
ful season in New York and his
friends are pleased to welcome
him home.
Many friends throughout the
county will regret V) learn that
the home of Mr. W. P. Halbert
at Caledonia was darkened by
the shadow of death last Satur
day when the spirit of his daugh
ter, Miss Viola, took its flight
into a better world. Miss Hal
bert had been in bad health for a
long time and her decline culmi
nated in a case of typhoid fever
which resulted in her death. She
was seventeen years old and her
untimely end is the cause of in
finite sorrow to those near and
dear to her. The funeral was
held on Sunday afternoon, the
interment occurring in tfce
Rowan grave yard. To Mr. and
Mrs. Halbert and the family and
friends The Dispatch extends
its heartfelt sympathies.

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