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Another Chance
To Make Good Investments.
At the request of many of our friends and customers, who were not able to
...attend our sale this week...
We Have Concluded to Continue Our -
(jreat bacrince
Beginning Monday, August 3, Ending Saturday, August 8.
This is positively the last extension, and we hope to see you all here to help us
crowded every department of our big store again, as we have done the past
week, giving evidence that the public appreciates our efforts to furnish good
merchandise at lower prices than they were ever offered before.
We have just received a number of New
Goods which will be included in this Sale
to make it more attractive to our patrons.
201, 203, 205 S. Market Street,
From Sunday's Paper.
Real Estate Transfers For July.
P. W. Maer to Maria Calvin, lot in
square 111, north of Main street. Con
sideration $100.
Mrs. Marie L. Hillery to Miss Vir
ginia Leonra Smith, part of lots 9 and
10 in square No. 8, north of Main
street. Consideration $f00 cash, note
for $850 due in two years.
P. W. Maer to Thomas Gregory,
part of square No. 110, north of Main
street. Consideration $300.
John Hodges to Maria Dickerson,
part of lot No 16 on Military road.
Consideration $10.
S. M. Duke to J. S. Ellis, lot No. 8,
square 117, north of Main street. Con
sideration $100.
John P. and V. A. Mayo to J.
Uithoven, lots 7, 8 and 9, block K,
Powhatan place, Lowndes county.
Mrs. Marie L. Hillery to Percy E.
Hines and Mollie E. Hines, part of
lots 9 and 10 in square No. 8, north of
Main street. Consideration $500 cash,
promissory note for $1,250 due two
years from date.
John P. and V. A. Mayo to W. A.
Hinson, lot 1, block A, Powhattan
place, city of Columbus. Considera
tion $100.
J. H. Sharp to Suella Hill, lot 11 in
block 11, situated in William's Addi
tion to city of Columbus. Considera
tion $20.
J. H. Sharp to J. B. Shaw, lots
and 12, block 11 in William s Addi
tion to city of Columbus. Considera
tion $40.
Mrs. M. E. Tucker to Jennie Chand
ler, part of Sec. 15, T. 18, R. 18, west.
Consideration $265.
E. S. Moore, Commissioner, to C.
J. Cox, part of Sees. 24. 25, 26 and 36,
all In T. 17, K. 1 1, west, containing
.522 acres. Consideration $1,000.
C. L. Lincoln to A. H. Barclay,
part of Sec. 26, T. 17, II. 17, east
Consideration $5.25.
n.. s. Moore, commissioner, to
Mrs. Marie L. Hillery, lots 9 and 10
and part of lot 8 lin square 8, north of
Main street. Consideration $3,500.
A. W. McKissick to J. M. Tnorn
burg, land in Sec. 15, T. 18, H. 18,
west. Consideration $10.
Mrs. M. M. Lawrence, et al. to J.
O. Hinkle, lot in Crawford, Miss.,
kuown as Christian church lot. Con
sideration $350.
A. E. Walker, et al., to C. F. Sher
rod, part of Sec. 21, T. 18, R. 18,
west, county of Lowndes. Considera
tion $250.
W. M. Harris, et al,, to Mary Har
ris, et al., lot in square 122, north of
Main street.
W. D. Humphries, Trustee, to Mrs.
M. E. Tucker, lot in N. W. i of Sec-.
15, T. 18, R. 18, west. Considera
tion $260.
G. P. Waller to Fannie Armstrong,
lot in S. E. i of Sec. 28, T. 17, R. lfi,
east. Consideration $25.
J. H. Locke to W. M. Cox, lots 1,
2 and part of 3, in square 12, north
of Main street, Columbus. Consid
eration $750.
Miss Callie Lacier has return
ed from Oxford, where she has
been attending the Normal in
session at that place.
Election Officers.
The following are the officers
appointed to hold the primary
District No. 1.
Jim Caruthers, P. J. Ussery, A. C.
Hearon, Judges; J. R. Leary, A. L.
Myers, Clerks: A. P. Pressley, Peace
District No. 2.
E. R. Sherman, Walter Weaver, R.
C. Betts, Judges; I. :H. Sykes, John
Beard, Clerks; W. P. Mahon, Peace
District No. 3.
Lebanon T. A, Stinson, J. H.
Bishop, M. N. Franks, Judges; E. H,
Goyne, W. R.Phillips, Clerks; A. L.
Daves, Peace Officer.
Old Zion J. A. Salter, P. M. Hal
beri, J. C. Golding, Judges; W. B.
Richey, H. L. Davis, Clerks; J. Hol
loway. Peace Officer.
District No. 4.
Crawford Dr. W. C. Lawrence,
W. A. Hartman, J. S. Nance, Judges;
Charles Kier, D. P. Brooks, Clerks;
R. A. Barclay, Peace Officer.
Trinity R. B. Hardy, J. M. Bry
an, Jack Cox, Judges; J. T. W.
Hairston, J. N. Bailey, Clerk: J. L.
Fancher, Peace Officer.
District No. 5.
Cobb's Switch J. R. Thomas, C.
D. S. Bragg, W. G. Evans, Judges;
Jim Watson, W. R. Moody, Clerks;
Robert Sloan, Peace Officer.
Mayhkw J. D. Burgin, S. D.
Thrower, Judges: W. H. Caster, L.
Ct Anderson, Clerks; J. A. Lamb,
Peace Officer.
ARTKSIA C. R. Smith, F. A.
Rowan, J. N. Roberts, Judges: Wm.
Locke. Jim Harvev, Clerks; J. V.
Mitchell, Peace Officer.
Henry Swintou appeared be
fore Mayor Gunter last week on
a charge of assault on the person
of Mr. Kinglosky, who is em
ployed at Houston Bros, saw
mill as book-keeper, and after a
hearing was fined $10.
Notice. Trading Stamps.
Owing to the fact that it is of
ten inconvenient to send cash
with every order I will give
trading stamps to all patrons
paying their bills from the 1st
to the 4th of each month the
same as though they paid cash
over the counter.
Spoke Factory.
Mr. J. F. Hart, representing
the Weiss & Lesh Manufactur
ing Co., whose headquarters are
at Muncie, Ind., spent last Fri
day in the city in consultation
with the officers of the Citizen's
Progressive League. Mr. Hart
wants to locate a spoke factory
in this section of the State and is
favorably impressed with Col
umbus as a suitable site for such
an enterprise. His company
is one of the largest in the coun
try, has abundant capital and
asks nothing from the neonle
where they locate except their
good will which they already
have in Columbus.
He expects to return here
about August 10th when he will
bring a number of timber ex
perts with him whose duty will
be to examine the timber re
sources of this section. They
use hickory almost exclusively
and to the end that they may be
i -i . .i . .
iJiaceu in toucn witn tne nickory
timber of this section, The Dis
patch requests all who have
hickory timber, or who know
where there are large tracts, to
let us know or notify Mr. John
A. Stinson, secretary of the
league. This is one enterprise
which we can secure without
expending a dollar; it means a
large pay roll here, quite an ad
dition to our population and we
must secure it.
Death of Edward T. Sykes.
The friends and acquaintances
of Mr. E. T. Sykes. Jr. were
j horrified to learn of his death by
I his own hand in Mobile Friday
morning. Mr. Sykes was a
j young man well known here and
j numbered his friends by the
j score, and the news of his death
fell like a cloud over them. He
was a son of Gen. E. T. Sykes, of
this city, and had resided here
nearly all his life. For a number
of years he held a responsible
position in this city, but left
some time ago depressed and
discouraged by business revers
es and it is thought that these
misfortunes led to the taking of
his own life. From here he went
to Mobile, Ala., where he occu
pied a position as book keeper
for Block & Co., and was in their
employ at the time of his death.
Mr. Sykes was a young man of
fine business ability and his
untimely demise takes from the
business world a man of unusual
talent. While in the employ of
Block & XUo. he won their respect
and esteem and was considered
by them one of the best book
keepers they had ever had, al
ways keeping his books in the
best of order and balancing ac
curately. Ontheday of his death beseem
ed worried, going out frequently,
evincing signs of mental worry.
Shortly before eleven o'clock he
wrote some letters. Putting on
his coat he left the office and
walked down the stairs to the
second floor. Soon after a shot
was fired and Mr. Sykes was
discovered dead at the foot of
the stairs.
The body arrived in this
city last night over the M.
and O. and the funeral will be
conducted from the residence
this morning at 9 :30 o'clock, Rev
A. J. Miller of the First Baptis
church ofriciatiuer. The follow
ing will act as pall bearers
Messrs. Henry Humphries
Leighton Lide, Chas. Hale, John
Hale, Hartwell Cocke, Will Cox
Chas. Stockard, Reese Frierson
in the hour of sorrow and
gloom which has enveloped the
Sykes home in this city the
heartfelt sympathy of countless
friends sroes out to them and in
this The Dispatch heartily joins
Another Week.
It will be noticed in this issue
that Simon Loeb & Bro. make
the announcement that they wil
continue their sacrifice sale for
iust one week longer. This sale
has been an immense success
and the firm has been requested
bv manv of its natrons to give
them another chance to take ad
vantage of reduced prices, hence
all who have not attended this
sale would do well to go to their
store this week and see if they
cannot save some money on
goods they need and must have.
Watermelons, ice cold. Tele
phone Silberberg's and have your
orders filled
Member N. O. Cotton Exchange.
Cotton, Stocks, Grain,
Cotton Exchange. COLUMBUS. MISS.
C. W. Lee & Co.. New York.
Gilbert & Clay. New Orleans. La.
Ware & Leland, Chicago.
Private Direct Wires to All Exchanges
Both Phones.
Tiie weather bureau has fur
nished this section with ideal
weather for the past few days
for making an assured fact an
abundant crop of cotton and
corn, in the Caledonia noiedi-
borhood much needed rains have
fallen, the prairie farms have
been blessed with showers and
all through the south and east
come reports of the broken
drought. The promise of plen
tiful crops and a good fall trade
causes a cheerful expression on
the face of the farmer and mer
chant alike.
A delightful house party be
gan at the beautiful country
home of Mr. T. W. Hardy on
Thursdav. Those who are
guests from Columbus are
Misses Annie Stockard, Alyda
Carr, Mary Anthony Young,
Mamie JeDtha Harris, Susie
Owen; Mr. Jamie Billups and
Messrs. Roerers and Ackers, of
Aberdeen. Thev were the hon-
orees of a dance given by the
young men of Crawford Thurs
day night.
Rev. O. O, Hubbert begins
this morning a protracted meet
ing at the church at Caledonia
which will last through the week.
He will be assisted by Rev. J. B.
Oakley, of this city, who will also
assist him in the meeting which
begins at Woodlawn next Sun
day and which will last a week.
Mr. Hubbert will later conduct a
meeting assisted by JVIr. Oakley
at Beersheba.
Base Ball Notes.
The Tuscaloosa "Heavy Hit
ters" arrived in the citv Thurs
day for the purpose of giving
Manager Ottley's team a few les
sons in the art of playing ball.
Rain prevented the game Thurs
day but the public was treated
to a double header Friday be
tween showers. Those who miss
ed the first of the three games
missed a treat. Pete Cox was in
good trim and held the Tusca
loosa boys down to three scores
while eight runs were piled up
to the credit of Columbus.
The second game was played
under difficulties, rain prevent
ing a clean cut exhibition. Sand
ers twirled for Tuscaloosa in a
manner that made the home
ooys wonder n tney vvere ever
going to cross the home plate
again. There is a possibility
that a different tale would have
been told "if" the weather bu
a - . i 1 . j
reau naan t ordained tnat rain
should fall in the first half of the
ninth inning. Higgins, for Col
umbus, did good work, only two
scores having been made when
the game was called in favor o
Heavy hitting by the Colum
bus boys was the feature of the
last game. By well placed hits
at the right time the home team
netted eight scores, leaving Tus
caloosa with only two runs. Cox
and Cox was the battery for Col
umbus while Sanders and Har
ris were in the points for Tusca
loosa. Manager Ottley intends
putting his team against De
mopolis in the near future on
the home grounds.
Mysterious Circumstances.
One was pale and sallow and the
other fresh and rosy. Whence the
difference: She who is blushing- viih
health uses Dr. King's New Life Pills
to maintain it. By gently arousing
the lazy organs they compel good di
gestion and head off constipation.
Try them. Only 25c at Chapman St
May field's, Druggists.
Col. Chas. R. Smith and his
accomplished daughter, Miss
EsteJle, who have been traveling
in Europe, will return home not
later than the 6th of August.
Miss Estelle has been studying
in Europe for several years and
her friends are looking forward
to her home-coming with great
pleasure. The Colonel's friends
will be glad to see him once more.
ti, nkKo i :i u i Cheap Excursion August 15th.
I he Public Library has been! , t . , , , .
. , . , i Round trip rate from Columbus,
moved to the rooms m the City Miss., to St. Louis, 10.00, Chicago,
Hall. The apartments are large ! 52? i(lts TiU for irain,s
, . . Z fe leaving Mobile August loth and will
and airy and in a few days Miss be good to return leaving either point
Estes will
their cases.
have the books iu
uhtil and including August 31, 1903
Apply to M. & O. K. K. Agents for
further particulars.
To My Fellow Citizens.
For some weeks I have been
confined to my bed with an at
tack of rheumatism. This wil
prevent me from making
thorough canvass of the county
as i had iioped to do. I write to
let you know that I am stii
candidate for County Treasurer
and sincerely hope for your vote
and influence. If your neighbor
does not receive this letter I wil
thank you to hand this one t(
him. Regretting an illness that
will deny me the pleasure o
meeting you, and grateful for
your kindly consideration of my
claim, I am, Your friend,
R. S. Cukry
Mr. Perry Halbert and family
will move to this city on the 1st
. f sTt - .A 1 T 1
oi oeptemoer ana win occupy
their home on College street, the
house at present occupied by
A r T "T T r-t li l
Mr. el r. enmraii, wno moves
into his pretty cottage on Main
street. Mr. Halbert's friends
are glad to welcome him to Co
lumbus and with his family they
will be quite an addition to the
business and social circles of Co
Nearly Forfeits His Life.
A runaway almost ended fatallv
started a horrible ulcer on the leg of
J. Ii. Orner, Franklin Grove, 111. For
four years it delied all doctors and all
remedies. But Bucklen's Arnica Sal ve
bad no trouble to cure him. Equally
good for burns, bruises, skin erup
tions and piles. 2"c at Chapman &
Mayfield's drug store.
Bone Pains, Itching, Scabby
Skin Diseases.
Swellings, Carbuncles, IMmples, Scrofula
Permanently cured by taking Botanic ltlood Balm
Pleasant and safe to take. Thoroughly tested for 3tW
years. tomposed of t'ure Botanic Jnoredienfr.
Strengthens treat kidneys and teeak stomachs, curem
iyspepsia. We hare orer 10,000 original signed testi
monials of cures made by B. B. B. that stayed curetf.
If yon haveidies and pains In bones, back and joint.
Itching Scabby Skin, Blood feel hot or thin. Swollen
Clauds, Killings andBampson the Skin, Mucus Patches
lu Mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, or offensive eruptions.
Copper-Colored Spots or rash on Skin, all run-down, or
nervous, Ulosrs on any part of the body. Hair or Eys-
brows falling out. Carbuncles or Boils, lake
Botanic Blood Balm, guaranteed
to core eren the worst and most deep-seated cases where
doctors, patent medicines, and hot springs fail. Heals
all sores, stops all aches and pains, reduces all swellings,
makes blood pure and rich, completely changing the
entire body into a clean, healthy condition. B. B. B.
has cured thousands of cases of Blood Poison eren after
reaching the last stages.
Old KheumatUm, Catarrh, Eczema
are caused by an awful poisoned condition of the
Blood. B. B. B. stops Hawking and Spitting, Itching
and Scratching, Aches and Pains; cures Kheumatism,
Catarrh; heals all Scabs, Scales. Eruptions, Watery
Blisters, fonl festering Sores of Eczema ; by giring a
pure, healthy blood supply to affected parts.
Cancer Cured
Botanic Blood Balm Cures Cancers of all Kinds,
Suppurating Swellings. Eating Sores, Tumors, ngly
I" leers. It kills the Cancer Poison and heals the sores
or worst cancer perfectly. If yoa have a persistent
Pimple, Wart, Swellings, Shooting, Stinging Pains.
take Blood Balm and they will disappear before the a
develop Into Cancer. Many apparently hopeless cases
of cancer cored by taking Botanic Blood Balm.
OI K il KAXTl.K.
Price 81 oer larcr hottle. BrussUU or bv
Express. Take Botanic Blood Halm sva
directed on label. 1 1 slwaya curea whrn the
right quantity Is taken. It you are not
cured the purchase price will be refunded
witnuut srgumrni. inigaea) niootl nulm .
Complete directions for home cure with each bottle.
Hample of II. H. II. Fres by writing Blood Balm
Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe your trouble, and special
tree medical advice also sent in sealed envelope.
For Sale by Curry, Lipscomb & Caine,
Your complexion is everything.
Don't go around with blotches on
your face, indicating a bad, sluggish
condition of your blood.
It is repulsive to your friends
and besides you can't feel just right
when your blood is out of order.
You're liable to contract some
disease, too, because germs are
more easily taken into the system
when your blood is bad.
Rich's Tasteless
is known to your neighbor because of its blood
cleansing and purifying qualities.
Now is the best time to take a tonic and clean
your blood of all impure matters. Better do it
before its too late.
Remember Rich's Tasteless Ghill Tonic is taste
less and guaranteed to cure.
Ask your druggist 50 cents a bottle. If you
a t A 9 MX i
cannot get it remit to
Sole Proprietors Nashville, Tenn.
Chicago ou August L
fare to St. Louis will 1
to Chicago $15, tickets
; 1 Si
lh. The
o 1 ami
good un
is th
t yester
es in the L
Mr. J. B. Love left
for Peiham, Tenn.
Mrs. Kowena Coc
guest of Mrs. Hudson.
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis leave Sat
urday for Columbus, Ga.
We are glad to note that M;ij.
Will Gardner is able to be out
Mr. Jim Lanier, of Memphis,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. 11.
L. Lewis.
Mr. Will Munson k
day for a visit to relat
Mr. Cliff Gaston, an old Colum
bus boy, is in the city visiting
We regret to note that Mr. H.
L. Bowlin is ill at his home in
this city.
Mrs. .Steele and Miss May
Richards intend leaving soon for
Ashville, N. C.
The City Council meets Tues
day night at the new city hall in
monthly session.
Mrs. Eugenia Moore intends
leaving for Waukesha, Mich.,
in a few days.
Mr. Henry Nolaud and sister,
Miss Mattie Lee, are visiting
relatives in Alabama.
The Board of Supervisors
meets to morrow in monthly ses
sion at the Court House.
- sr t i r- s rs
Mrs. Ida Jrauiey, ot fpa
Mis?., is visiting her mother,
Mrs. A. E. Smith, at the Smith
Misses Artie Peyton and Lo-
rainue Street are the quests of
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Hardy at
their country home.
Mrs. A. Schwab, accompanied
1 s TIT! 1 t ifT . 1
oy iviasier wune, leri weaues
day to spend the summer in the
mountains of Tennessee.
ivi rs. j. i. ixunter ana ner
daughters, Misses Conine and
Lelia, accompanied by Miss Mar
gie Lice ijaino, are snondmir tne
month of August at Mont Eagle
Misses Meliie Grey Irion, May
Richards, Messrs. Charles Rich
ards, R. E. Leigh and Mrs. John
Richards, have returned from a
week's stay at Greenwood
Miss Louise Gaston, the charm
ing daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Gaston, of Birmingham,
is visiting her grandmother,
Mrs. Emma Henry, and other
relatives in the city.
The county candidates spent
yesterday at Caledonia mingling
with the people. It was the oc-
casion or tne speatcing or uie
egislative candidates and a large
crowd was out to hear them.
Little Miss Fay Keaton enter
tained a number of her friends
Friday afternoon at flinch, the
occasion being in honor of Misses
May and Annie Gail Nickols, of
Birmingham, who are her guests.
The M. & O- railroad will give
excursion rates to St. Louis and
n a-
til August
a good opportunity for
ant trip wry cheap.
Mr. K. P. Brown, a .
chinist of this city, was
tim of a very painful
Wednesday. W
examining a 88 Smitl
revolver when the ioa
charged into his fool
very painful hut t
Mrs. LerO.T Woods.
Mrs. J. D. McCnlloui
city, was thrown from
Fridav and painfully
The extent of her lojuries has
not been ascertained, out i!
known that she was quite sei
ously hurt.. Dr. McCullough
was called to attend Mis. Wood
and had not returned up to tli
hour of going to press.
The sidewalk paving fore has
reached North Market street and
will spend this week paving the
causing a
mo1 her
rli f tl
rains of the past
terfered with the
work t
ome extent, i'j
'ope, who bai e
i pushing thei
taking with
Mr. W.
. Harringtoi
Miss., is in th
over the
man w
State and saw-
great delta will vote for him
he is strong with the peop
over the State.
Visitors to Koiola Springs.
i xt no 1 1 1
aae an
t Koiola
and a hall
t pleasant
I wish to say t
this section that
arrangements to
and lougintr at n
Who desire to vii
Springs. Only a mil
from the springs and
walk. Rates . m i jMM- ,ia .
dance without permission at
Eggleston Springs lay th
selves liable to law. Apply to
F. W. Flood. 7-26-1 m
Beginning Wednesday morn
ing, 29th, and continuing until
our yards are satisfactorily
cleaned we will sell Bucker Shai
ings or Buckings at 10 cent
load for one hore and 20 cen1
load for two horse loads deliver
ed on our yards. Cash must ac
company the order. Our wagons
will not deliver auy buckings at
these prices.
Akkay Stave a Heading O :
7-29-1 m
For Rent.
The Robertson house opposite
Mr. Howard Marshall's home on
2nd Avenue North. Rent $22.50
per menth aud possession
on 1st of September. For fur
ther information apply to Stur
divant & Maer.
seed just receivec
scomb & Caine's.

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