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The Leader
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To I LET L j;-
in the reliability of your chemist
is ver y necessary. Our - expert
and careful work has gained for
us our well deserved reputation.
Choice Assortment
of Toilet Articles of all descrip
tions. Bath, Tooth and Nail
Brushes. Soap rnd tine Per
117 South Market Street.
.Nw Lot of.
Side Boards,
flat Racks and
Go Carts
See our new style Automo
bile Cart.
For anything- in the furni
ture or undertaking line
Call on US.
Yen will M totienr goods & Prices Risbt.
Main and Market Streets.
Fire and Life Insurance
j Hon. J. T. Gunter Again Elected.
! As a result of the primary
S election lield yesterday Hon. J.
j T. Gunter will again occupy the
j office of Mayor of the City of
Columbus for another term,
while the Council "will be com
posed of the same members with
the exception of Mr. E. S. Moore
'as Councilman from the fifth
ward. For School trustees Mr.
W. M. Kilpatrick lead the ticket
with others in the following or
der, W. C. Gunter. VVT. N. Puck
ett, and Wm. New by.
This election closed one of the
quietest campaigns the city has
witnessed in some time and was
peacable and orderly throughout,
the election being held with no
sign of rowdyism, and the cam
paign being conducted with the
best feeling between the rival
candidates. The total number
of votes polled was 404, and, while
a good vote for Columbus, yet,
considering her boasted tenthous
and population, it should have
been larger. A large number of
those who appeared at the booths
to vote were disqualified from
the fact that they had failed to
register and pay taxes, which
partly explains the small number
of votes polled.
The following is the official
J. T. Gunter 254
J. A. Hudson 180
Ward No. 1, B. A. Weaver .. ..351
Ward No. 2, J. H. Stevens.. .338
Ward No. 3, J. L. Walker ... .347
Ward No. 4, D. S. McClanahan . 342
Ward No. 5, E. S. Moore 373
Ward No. 6, W. L. Gardner.. 34G
W. N. Pocket t 327
Wm. Newby.. ; 320
W. C. Gunter 343
Wm. Kilpatrick 352
T. J. O'Neill 161
The candidates receiving the
four highest votes in tne trustees
race are the nominees.
Growing Aches and Pains.
Mrs. Josie Summer, Bremond, Tex
as, writes, April 15, 1902: "I have
used Ballard's Snow Liniment in my
family for three years I would not
be without it in the house. I have
used it on my litlle girl for growing
pains and aches in her knees. It
cured her right away. I have also
used it for bitten feet with good suc
cess. 'It is the best liniment I ever
used.' " 25c, 50e, $1.00. Sold by
J ohnston & Caine.
TKat Cottage
Money Saved to You and Work
manship the Best.
Elegant rIeats.
I wish to supply a. number of
the best tables in Columbus with
their market meats. All I ask is
an opportunity to serve you, and
I can assure you that I will give
you the very best the market af
fords. Send me a trial order.
Sam Hairstox,
Main Street Meat Market,
4-10-tf Both Phones.
For Sale.
Lot on the North of the City
property in Block three facing
Sixth Street, 40 feet front by 132
feet back. J. T. Gunter,
Meeting County Executive Committee.
As per the notice published in
the last issue of The Dispatch
the County Democratic Executive
Committee will convene in the
Court House on next Saturday
morning at 11 o'clock. The meet
ing will be an important one and
(it is hoped that every member of
the committee will be present.
The purpose of the meeting is
to arrange for the calling of coun
ty convention to elect delegates
to the State Convention and for
the further purpose of selecting
a new Executive Committee to
serve the ensuing four years.
Members of the committee are
urged to be on hand that the im
portant work before it may be
disposed of.
CountY Board Allowances for May.
W. B, Ferifersoa. repairing bridge on
Morris Bluff roud '. 13.
I l. Richards, clerk, amount allowed by
Chancerr court. 55 Z0.
D- D- Riehards. clerk, cost, lunacy esse,
Zach Lathara & 0?-
X. A. Ei?2leston, sherts. cost, lunacy cae
Zach I.ath.atn, 7 40.
T. A. Ejgleston. sheriff, &iaourit allowed
by Chancery court '. - .60.20.
T. A. Eilestoa. sheriff feeding prisoners, :
April .- 61 20.
T. A. Etfgleston, sheriff, diin? trave
paupers 2 00.
T. A. Etrtflehton, sheriff, turn key fees,
and eorver Inir prU-oners to farm 6 00
T. A. Eggleston, sheriff, killing horse 2 00
janitor Court house 15 00 1" 00
R. K. Leech, buildinu abutment Yellow
Creek bridge and lumber 3t! C4.
Tom Henry, lumber for road ...2 00.
J. R. Locke, witness, case Zack Latham
lunatic 1 (XX
J. Holloway, witness, case Zack Latham
lunatic 1 00.
W. E. Lance, juror, case Zach Latham.
lunatic ,l CO.
W. J. Eirg-er, juror, case Zach Latham
lunatic 1 00.
J. P. StanselL juror, case Zack Latham
lunatic ..1 00.
E. M. Franks, juror, case Zach Latham
lunatic 1 00.
Bill Beard, ferryman, Waverly ferry,
April 10 00.
Hunter Brown, ferryman. Nashville
ferry. April 10 .00-
Battle BelL 2 days Sup. 8 00 1 day Com.
2 00 10 00.
S. W. Caldwell, 2 days and mileage up.
9 30. 1 day Com. 2.00 ..11 30.
W. F.Barksdale, 2 days and mileage Sup.
9 00, 3 days Com. 6 00 15 (X).
R. P. Hairston. 2 days Sup. 9 60. 2 days
Com. 4 00, , 13 60
C H. Jordan, 2 day Sup. and mileage
y 00. 2 days Com. 4 00, 13 00.
D. D. Richards, clerk board Sup." 2 days
6 00.
T. A. Eggieston. sheriff, board Sup. 2 days
4 0Q-
C. R. Shackleford, bridge keeper. Iron
bridge, April, 15 50.
J. M. Salter, mgr. County farm 50 00.
T. A. Perkins, guard County farm, April, 25 00
The Renfrow Cabinet Co. cabinets.
Chancery clerks office 16 00.
Sallie Moore, burying ehild. pauper 1 00.
Bell Lumber Co. lumber for road It; Sfi.
The Columbus Commercial, stationery.
Circuit clerk 41 00.
Gus Myrick.'lumber for road 3 CO.
F. M. Jacob, plumbing jail, 12 50
Johnston & Caine, medicine for prisoners
2 00.
Dorsey Printing Co. stationery Chancery
clerk 5 75.
Lawrence. Hughes & Co. mdse. jail 2 00.
Columbus Light & Power Co. lights, April 19 20.
J. D. Barnard & Co. stationery Chmcery
clerk. 86 00.
The Columbus Dispatch, Registration
notice, 3 75, Pub. Proceeding March 6 25
Pub. Proceeding April, 6 25. Delinquent
Tax list, 25 00, 41 25.
McGowan & Pegues. coffins for paupers... 7 50.
W. N. Hutchinson, lumber. Aberdeen
road 12 40
Jas. E. Cox, reparing brklge Macon road,
57 W
J. D. Davis, land for road 100 fO.
J. T. Gunter, mayor, cost case. W.
Anderson, 2 35, cost case, Sam Billups.
2 65, cost case, LiUie Bennett, 2 50. cost
case Ed Colton, 2 50 10
Harris Pegues Hardware Co. mdse.
Fayette road, 19 85
E. S. Donnell, cost ca.se, W, Anderson.
3 50. cost case, Sam Billups, 4. 50. cost
case. Lillie Bennett, 4 00, cost case, Ed.
Colton, 4 25 16
J. W. Smith, witness case, Sleesly
Anderson, 1 00,
Mat Anderson, witness, case, Sleesly
Anderson 1 00.
A. M. Williams, witness case. Sleesly
Anderson 1 00.
Mary Turner, witness case, Sleesly
Anderson 1 00
Ida Lee Turner, witness case, Sam Billups
..r. :.i oo
Henry Williams, witness case, Sam
Hill Brown, witness case. Sam Billups,
1 00.
Alice Neal witness case, Lillie Bennett.
1 CO
Earnest Neal, witness case, Lillie Bennett
1 00.
Belle Augh, witness case Lillie Bennett,
1 00
Mehaley Winston, witness case. Lillie
Bennett 1
Francis Winston, witness case, Ed Colton
, 1 00.
Major Beckworth, witness case, Ed
Colton 1 00
Bessie Dickson, witness case. Ed Colton,
I 00.
Eddie Hester, witness case, Ed Colton,
-. 1 00,
J. C. Roberts, examination for glanders.
15 00.
T. F. Diilard. changing electric wire.
Court house 123 80.
T. J. Cady, plumbing Court house,.. 7 35.
Dr. W. C. Lawrence, fum. houses in
Crawford, 12 00.
Dr. J. W. Limpscomb, salary Co. health
officer Hyr 125 00.
P. J. Ussery, lumber Military road 7 14.
Columbus Index, pub. notice sealed bids.. 2 60.
A. L. Myers, mdse. roads Dist. 1 6 72,
A. L. Myers, mdse. roads Dist. i and 5 17 00.
Mias Edith Dowdlev pauper self 3 50.
Miss Sallie Smith, pauper self, 4 CO.
Miss Curtis, pauper self 3 50.
Mrs. Brewer, pauper self 3 50.
M-s. Ellis, pauper self, 4 00.
Miss Hicks, pauper self. 5 CO.
Commissioner Macon road, for road use.. a 50.
Trustees Township school fund, T. 19 It. 17
E. Teachers salary 40 CO.
Trustees School fund T. 16 R. 17 W.
repairing School house 20 00.
S. M. Nash, salary and postage 48 51.
Columbus Dispatch, examination blanks.
.5 00.
Walker. Evans & Cogswell, Teachers
pav certificates and school warrants 17 80
.1 IW.
Death of Mr. Henry Hackleman.
The funeral of- Mr. Henry
Hackleman, whose sad death oc
curred at his home near Mill
port Sunday morning', was con
ducted from the residence Mon
day, the interment occurring in
Tabernacle cemetery. Mr.
Hackleman was the brother of
Mr." J. C. Hackleman of this city,
and his death was all the more
sad in view of the death of his
sister, Mrs. McCullough, which
occurred a few weeks ago. The
deceased was a man who bore
the good will of his neighbors
and his presence will be missed
from the community which for
many years had been his home.
He leaves a heart-broken wife
and four children to whom The
Dispatch extends sympathy.
We are glad to report Miss
Bessie SnelJ, who has been quite
ill at the infirmary for some
ime, much improved in health.
Women -and the Baltimore Fire.
A generous and graceful
tribute to the calmness of women
in danger is that paid by Mr.
Lynn Roby MeekLns, editor of
the Baltimore Herald, in his ar
ticle in the June Delineator. He
tells not only of women who
worked in the thick of the de
struction with and for their em
ployers, husbands and fathers,
and of the brave and cheerful
way in which, when all was lost,
they set to work at humble occu
pations to support themselves,
but of their ability to rise quite
above the consideration of ma
terial things in the recognition of
essentials. l'One young hus
band," he says, "made his way
home and, pale and trembling,
approached his wife. 'I am
ruined,' he exclaimed. 'My dear,'
she replied, smiling through her
anxiety, 'you are not hurt a bit.'
That was the woman's view of the
situation. It was mainly personal."
Will overcome indigestion and dis
pepsia, regulate the bowels and cure
liver and kidney complaints. It is
the best blood enrieher and invigora
tor in the world. It is purely vegeta
ble, perfectly harmless, and should
you be a sufferer from disease, you
will use it if you are wise.
II. N. Andrews, Editor and Mgr.
Cocoa and Roekledge News, Fla.,
writes: "I have used your Herbine
in my family and find it a most ex-,
cellent medicine, Its effects upon
myself have been a marked benefit.
I reccomend it unhesitatingly." &c.
Sold by Johnston & Caine.
Death of Bertie Love.
"We regret to note the sad
death of Bertie Love, daughter
of Mr. Bob Love of this city, who
died at her home Sunday morn
ing at 3 o'clock after an illness of
only a few hours duration. The
deceased was about eleven years
of age and was taken ill Saturday
morning rapidly growing worse
in spite of all that physicians
could do to ease her suffering..
The funeral occurred from the
residence Sunday afternoon, Rev.
A. J. Miller conducting the ser
vices. The following acted as
pall-bearers: Messrs. D. D.
Richards, J. O. Parsons, J. F.
Perkerson, Charles Jacob, Henry
Noland and J. D. Halcomb, Jr.
The e4ld draughts of air, too keen
and cutting winds, sudden changes of
temperature, scanty clothing, undue
exposure of the throat and neck after
public speaking and singing bring on
coughs and colds. Ballard's Ilore
hound Syrup is the best cure.
Mrs. A. larr, Houston, Texas,
writes, Jan. 31, 1902: "One bottle of
Ballard's llorehouud Syrup cured me
of a very bad cough. It is very
pleasant to take." :I5c, 50c, $1.00.
Sold by Johnston fe Caine.
Low Rates to World's Fair.
On May 19th the Mobile and
Ohio Railroad will run a coach
excursion at very low round trip
rates to St. Louis from stations
Montgomery, Ala., Meridian,
Miss., Booneville, Miss., and in
termediate stations. Ask agents
for particulars.
Wanted tj Purchase.
A residence on Main or Col
lege streets. Apply to
No more dirty chimnyes dim
lights or smoking lamps. Save
your eyes, brighten your homes
and lessen danger to life and
property by using National
light Oil which is now supplied
in Columbus and vicinity at 25c.
a gallon. Sold exclusively by
Mavo & Weaver 4-10-3t.
Cedar Lands,
Logs or Squares.
Gulf Red Cedar Co.
Paint Reck, Ala. or Mobile. Ala.
For Man or Beast
Cures Rheumatism. Sprains, Cuts, Bruises,
oundvS, Kte.
Horse. Cattle
and Poultry
Cannot be excelled as a cure for all animal
diseases, liive them a trial
For sale by MAYO & WEAVER, Druggists.
By sending to us two pink slips taken from
our Powder or Liniment we wiil send one part
of our ,
each part containing SO
cotnie picture!, Joltes, etc. . We hare it in
three parts. B'or four pink slips we wiil send
wo parts. For six pink slips the whole three
parts. Our Almanac troes with above. .
3-l7-9m CIKE CO.. Philadelphia, Pa.
In the month of April is my record.
Doesn't that show that there is a
demand for Columbus' realty and
that I am supplying the demand.
List your property with me if you
want to sell and look -over the list
below if you want to buy. If you
are in the market for anything in
the Ileal Estate line, make known
your demand to me. All real estate
matters are kept in eonfidenee.
Look at this list.
12 rooin Hotel and 4 lots at Reform,
2 acre garden spot, all outliouses, only
liotel in city, well established trade,
junction point of M. & O. and Carrollton
Short Line. Dinner point for both
roads. Pays handsomely. A fine op
portunity for someone. Price $4000.
The valuable Urownrij property on Main street, west of l'reM'.vteri.iti
church. Six room cottujre on corner and servant's outhouse, electric Tlits.
water and seweratre. Also valuable lot west of and adjoining the comer.
Price 17000. Worth the money
Pretty little cottage on 4th Avenue North, line corner lot just luifk of Wi'.l
Ussery's handsome remodeled home, the cottage occupied by John W. Be.iiic.
Here's a bargain. Inquire for price.
Fine buildintr lot on 4th Avenue North, directly in front of Ami "t; :it
ham's pretty cottage. Here's a tine site for a cottage which win vain jun
good money. Come quick, they are going. Price :- 'r ?
Pretty triangular plot in front of the II. M. I.ar.ior home on the Miliary
Road. A pretty site for a cottage, only Jj:o.
Two lots south of and facing M. & O. depot. Lot 51xliT. Pi ice :!!. each
These are bargains at the money. Como, quick.
Two pretty building lots in Ward No. 4. Tl'ixl.Vi wit h aiiey way hi rear.
Bargains at the money sm).
Four room cottage in Belleview, two rooms not furnished, that is. nut
ceiled. Lot 60x1 tK. New house, city water, at. present rented for h per
month. Price f 10?-0. Lot GxlG5 adjoining. I'rice J'J.V).
Elegant eight room brick mansion, the S. I). Lee home, at present occupied
by Mrs. S. B. Hudson. A magnilicent home with beautiful yards and shade
trees, stable, outhouses, etc. Six los in this property. The whole for onl
A new live room cottage on beautiful corner lot .''axlla feet inline neigh
borhood, rented for $20 per month. Only ?-.(KKJ.
Six room cottage and store on College street across raiiroud. Lot r-n m i.
Bents for $12-50 per month. Price Jl:i"o.
Five room cottage on College .street across railroad. Lot ."!xI0.. Kents t.r
$! per month. Priee fyno '
Four room cottage back of College. Lot ."0xlr. Kents for f.'.uo per month.
Price 7.0. "
Four room cottage back of College. I t ."0.x pr. Kent-; for ?un per month.
Price $(m0.
Fine corner lot 1 !5xlC5 containing one two-room house ami three 1 room
houses. Rents for 117.50 xer month. A bargain at -t!25u.
Corner lot. Air Line road, William's addition. Price $ jo.oo. Three inside
lots $25 each.
One two room house renting for til per month and one 2 room hoio.c renting
for $3 per month to good tenants. Last of New Union Academy. A baryain.
I ,-ice $r00.
Two-room Cabin. Air Line road, Kents for $2.25. Price ti;J5.
Corner Cabin and Cabin adjoining. Each reuts for 42.25 per month, in Wii
Hams' addition. Priee 135. each.
Pretty new cottage. 5 rooms and pantry, foot of Main street. Lot :'.. .'.
Price $1250.
Four room cottage on 3rd avenue North. House almost new and in tine
condition. Always rented at good return. Price $1300. Fine artesian " eh.
good shade. A good investment.
Five good building lots in North Columbus, with good Eastern exposure.
Various prices.
Fifty feet front lot by 1(50 back, with , two room house close to Southern
shops. Will rent for ri.OO per month. Iriee $500.
Pretty Lot in IJelleview Addition. Size fix 155. Priee $275.
Lot 102:4 feet front by 3'.2 back, containing 2 good rented Cabins, n.nth of
Friendship Cemetery. Cheap at the money.
The E. N. Beard Home on Military Street. Nine rooms and hrick basement .
A few beautiful building lots on the Highlands. Craded and fronting east.
A fine opportunity for investment awaiting the car line. Will sell lirst few
lots cheaj). One-third cash, balance on time. Price first lot. $5uu.
One square unimproved on the line of the M. & O. Railroad in South ('omni
bus. Fine manufacturing site or building site. Priee and terms, on application.
Ten flue building lots in this square.
The Craddock home on the Highlands. A bargain is ollered in this propert y.
Prairie farm of four hundred acres on line M. & O. Railroad, !( acres in ti Ti
ber. Six room house and other improvements.
The beautiful suburban Topp home, known as "H seda!e." consisting of ."."
acres of valuable land in the manufacturing district. A bargain i orr-red in
this property.
The Concert Hall property, size of lot s2'4 feet front by ! feet buck
Enough building material in this building for a good cottage or two and a tine
site. Price dirt cheap.
Beautiful home on College street, corner lot. seven room house, stable,
city water, sewerage and gas. a line opportunity for a home. Priee i i.Thio.
Ten beautiful building lots in Rabh's Garden, or the whole square at a bar
gain. This proierty is the only vacant square in that section of Columbus,
and values are rapidly enhancing there. An opportunity for some man to
make a fine speculation.
'Building lots in Ward No. 4, only three squares from Southern depot.
Prices $200 to $250.
Building lots south of the fair grounds. . One-third e;:sh and the balance
within one year.
Eight acres of good land north of Friendship cemetery.
Elegant two-story home, corner lot. fine neighborhood, modern home with
all conveniences. Priee $J.5O0. Inquire for further information.
Five room house and four valuable building lots on College .street across the
Southern Railroad. This property is a genuine bargain at the money, and
ought to sell right away. Inquire for price.
Modern new home on 2nd Avenue North. Lot 82'ixlJ5 feet. barn, servants'
houses, gas and electric fixtures, etc. A bargain at the money. Price ... i:u.
Small store on North Market street for sale at a bargain.
Two building lots opposite the new Union Academy. Only two remaining.
Price $125 each.
Five room cottage on South Market street. Midway between city ano M
and O. depot. Corner lot 82 '-4x150 feet, gas fixtures, kitchen, dairy.
Fine cew home. Two squares north of Southern (it pot.
I I is ,
For prices, terms and all information, write or call on
He nt
- I
. S.' ,
Mrs. Ledyard Vaughn has re-
tuned from Demopolis where she
was called by the illness of her
mother, Mrs. Glover, whom we
are glad to report much improved.
We will pay highest market
price for. all your quart whiskey
bottles. Clean them well before
bringing them to us. Mayo &
Weaver. -
Mr. and Mrs. Ftank Clements
returned to their home in Tusca
loosa to-day after a pleasant visit
to relatives in this city.
Mr. W. M. Cox cccompanied
by his mother, Mrs. G. W. Cox,
is expected to arrive to-day
from Connecticut.
Miss Sue Snellof Hattiesburg
spent Sunday in the city with
Mr. T. G. Ez-ll is r.- ivii
the congratulations of his ft i r;ds
upon the arrival oT a baby girl n
his home.
Mr.F.E.Richardleft yestord; y
for Inverness where he goes to
engage in the banking business.
Miss Gertie Klyas has rcturuoil
from a pleasant visit to i'ri cuds
in Okolona.

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