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Y li. IlLl LvSJ !
I I . 11 V V
A3 delicious as a
Supersedes old-fashioned Cod Liver Oil and Emulsions
Guaranteed to contain all the medicinal elements, actually taken
from genuine fresh cods livers, with organic iron and other
body-building ingredients, but no oil or gTease, making tha
greatest strength and flesh creator known to medicine. For
old people, puny children, weak, pale women, nursing;
mothers, chronic cold, hacking coughs, throat and lung
troubles, incipient consumption nothing equals Vinol.
Try it if you don't like it ws will return money. ;
"The UrOg; Store That
Oak Ridge Items. r
Deau Dispatch : As we have
not appear d iu your columns
for sometime and feel that our
little villa is not :in the rear of
the several communities repre
sented on your worthy pages, we
beg space lin which to say our
little say.
A beautiful sons: service was
held in the house of Mr. and Mrs.
D. B. Andrews, on last Sunday
One of . our most progressive
citizens, Mr, George Vaughn, is
having himself a handsome resi
dence erected and when com
pleted it will greatly add to the
appearance of our already lovely
little "ridge,"
Miss Essie Egger, a charming
young lady of the Salem ville,
was the guest of Miss LoJa Robin
son last week.
Miss Mary Vaughn, of Chero
kee, is visiting her brother, Mr.
Steve Vaughn.
Our larmers are making good
use of this beautiful weather
stirring old mother earth. How
ever, it is not for the cultivation
of the fleecy staple.
We are glad that Mr. Robert
Fucjua has concluded to stay in
our community. Miss Annie
Fuqua visited Caledonia this
Our school celebrated Wash
ington's birthday with appropri
ate exercises.
Mr. Beauford Vilsou, of Sen
ath, Miss., has decided to make
Oak Ridge his home. We are
glad to have such a jovial young
man with us.
We are glad to note that Mr.
J. J. Andrews is out again after
a severe attack of bone fellou and
indeed sorry to state that Mr.
Lewis Stevenson, is a sufferer oi
the same complaint.
Mrs. R. C. Mulioy, of C lum
bus was the welcome guest ol
Mrs. A. J. Puqua, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Waters and
children, Mr. Robt. Fuqua and
sister, Miss Annie, Mr. John
West, Mr. Luthur Andrews and
sister. Miss Florence, enjoyed a
4,feastM in the way of a turkey
diuner at the hospitable home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Robinson, a
few days since.
The sweet music rendered by
Messrs. Stewart and Audreys
at Mr. Jim Robinson's the other
evening was greatly appreciated
by all present, and, by the way,
Mr. Henry Andrews deserves
special mention, being young and
i: : t ,- ti.vw j-'ii-i
-4i";.f;v rV: !!
I 1 1', it's . I fl
i:!:- :--ill I
I V'.r III
The New
l Body Builder
Fresh Orange
Never Disappoints."
havit g practiced such a short
time we feel sure that in the
near future he will be a promi
uent figure in the musical world.
Miss Cliftie Cox is visiting
this w eek.
Prof. Nash, Lowndes' efficient
superintendent, visited Oak
Ridge last week. We are always
glad to have the Professor with
us. Our, pupils enjoyed a candy
"breaking" yesterday afternoon.
We are indeed sorry, to state
that Mr. J. M. Cockerham re
mains unwell. ,
Now Mr, Editor, if you, will let
us in this time we will call again.
Did you say yes? Thaik you.
"A Reader. '
The lecture which Mr. D. R.
Sanders, president of the Stand
ard Stove Works, was to deliver
at the Southeast Baptist church
tomorrow night has heeu post
poned until tomorrow night
week. The lecture is in behalf
of the church and a small admis
sion fee will be charged.
Complete Brist outfits and ex
tra boomerangs at Mayo & Wea
ver's. . ;
Mr. J. B. Harris, of Macon,
spent Sunday iu the city.
All the Standard Varieties
of Peas, Beans and Corn
in Bulk.
Being overstockedon these
Choice Seeds I will for the
next Two Weeks offer them
at 20 per cent Under Reg
ular Prices. They must
be sold. .'. ..
Drxig'gist. .
-A.r "You
With the Clothes you
have been buvinjr. If
jou are not. or even if
you are, we extend to
you an invitation to
visit our Clothing De
partment. We have for
tified ourselves with the
best makes of medium
priced Clothing- in this
country and defy any
body to sell you a bette?
suit than we for the same
money. Yours for busi
ness, olumbus Dry
oods Company
Ariesia. -
Editor Dispatch: I am feel;
ing sad to-night. To-day I saw a
young white man lodged in jail
on a charge of stealing. What
will his mother feel when she
learns of the disgrace her son
has brought upon himself and his .j
family? Why should any one
steal in this county where a
thousand hands are wanted on
farms and the owners are ready
and willing to furnish them with
whomelsome food and comfort
able clothing? And to think of
a white man stealing! It is fear
ful to contemplate.
Honesty is at a premium just
now. I heard a man say he had
a good position on a farm for a
man if he could find an honest
w- a 1 .ft TXT 1
one. Lasten at tnat : vv no ever
heard of a man wanting an hon
est overseer ? Heretofore the
requisite has been competency as
a farmer and as an organizer of
labor. By ordinary observation
you can tell whether a man is a
farmer, and if he can manage
well his laborers; but you must
m t "i a
come in cjose ousiness contact
with a man -to tell if he is honest,
then he many fool you for years.
Boys, girls, young women, young
men, those -of. you who are in
the employ of others do not ap
propriate to your own use the
smallest article: not even a cigar,
stick of candy, or a lead pencil,
belonging to your employer with
out his knowledge and consent.
It has been said that if a boy
would take a little thing he would
take a big one. Hearing some
men discussing another man
once, and hearing some very hard
things about the absentee, Mr.
Tom Frauklin remarked: "You
may say what you please about
him, but he is an honest fellow."
This stealing business carries
me back to childhood when my
father was an overseer and the
laborers were slaves. A hog
was stolen and father had all of
the negroes on the farm lined up
in front of the house, and told
them he would pick out the one
who killed the hog. He began at
the head of the column, took each
negro by the hand and pressed
its lightly against his nose, after
he had gone through the entire
line he called out two of the
negroes by name, telling them
that it was these two who had
killed the hog. Ever afterwards
they regarded father as a witch
or prophet and let the hogs
strictly alone. You see it is this
way : After killing and dressing
a hog, unless the hands are
washed in something to kill the
odor, you can smell hog on them
for a day or two ; and that is how
he pointed out the thieves.
I suppose some of your readers
would like to know a cheap and
sure way to break calves and
colts from sucking and men from
drinking. I have a steer, three
years old, which steals the milk
from his baby sister. To break
him I made a halter, as for a
horse, to a board six inches wide,
uiuvb it iuii oi ieu-pennv nans
which had been sharpened, tied
the board to a halter with the
sharp points of the nails in front
and when that steer approached
his fond mother for his morn
ing's cup of sweet milk Mrs.
Cow flew around the cowpen like
a squaw at a war dance. The
only difference in the use of the
halter on a man is that you have
a rope to the halter and cross it
over a limb of a black jack and
pull gently until his feet are off the
the ground, then make the rope
fast to the body of the tree. It
beats the Keely cure.
I saw Hardscrabble tday and
the soft sephyrs were playiug
among bis whiskers, and he inti
mated that he had something to
say next Saturday night.
The big rains this week means
the late planting of the crops
which will cut the cotton crop
several thousand bales short in
the prairie!,
Get Cassell to make your wed
ding bouquet 'Phone 216.
Sweet Alysum, strong plants
'mm Hats only, 10c per dozen;
from pots, 2oc per dozen.
i ; Mt. Vernon Notes.
vLast Friday afternoon at twbj
o'clock our school marched to
the chapel to hear a lecture de
livered by Rev. Alfred Leech, of
Columbus. Mr. Leech was visit-
ling relatives and friends in this
community last week, and upon
being invited by our principal,
very kindly agreed to make a c
ture to our school before he re
turned. Mr. Leech spoke on the
subject of "Ambition Among the
Youug People." He impressed
upon the minds of his hearers
the fact that high aspirations are
essential to the most noole sue-1
cess in life. The lecture was
much enjoyed by all, and we feel
sure it will prove greatly bene
ficial to- the school. Mr. Leech
intended to preach for us Sunday
afternoon but was taken ill and
could not till his appointment aud
Rev. G. 0. Hubberd of Caledonia,
preached in his stead. Mr.
Huberd filled bis regular appoint
ment at Bersheba Sunday and
being in the community Sunday
afternoon was' asked to till the
appointment of Mr. Leech which
he kindly consented to do. While
we were sorry Bro. Leech coujd
not be with us, we were glad to
have the pleasure of hearing Bro.
Hubberd preach! A large crowd
was present and all seemed to be
deeply interested in what was
being so impressively spoken.
. Mrs. H. H. Nash, of Columbus,
and Mr. C. A. McKellar, of Ma
con, spent Saturday and Sunday
with their mother, Mrs. Fannie
Miss Fran key Nash, of Colum
bus, spent a very pleasant day
with Miss Polly Christopher last
Misses Orphelia and May Mc
Crary with Messrs. Walter
Phillips and John Reeves were
the guests of Mr. Will Herd and
wife last Sunday.
Our Literary Circle met last
Friday evening. The time was
spent very pleasantly. After a
most interesting discussion of
the text, we were convinced by
a highly entertaining program
that the Entertainment Commit
tee had lost no opportunity for
selecting what they thought
would make the meeting more
"A Pupil."
Strikes Hidden Rocks.
Wheh your ship of health strikes
the hidden rocks of consumption,
pneumonia, etc., you are lost, it you
don't sret help from Dr. Kind's New
Discovery for Consumption. J. W.
McKinnon, : of Talladesra Springs,
Ala., writes "I had been very ill
with pneumonia, under the care of two
doctors, but was jjettinsr no better
when I tiegran to take Dr. King's New
Diseoverv. The first dose cave re
lief, and ODe bottle cured me." Sure
cure for sore throat, bronchitis
coughs and colds. Guaranteed at
Chapman & Maylield's dru;? store
price 50c and $1.(K). Trial bottle free
Call on us for garden seeds.
Our stock is fresh and clean.
Johnston v: Caine.
Dr. Alice Marshall, an osteo
pathic physician, has' recently
located in Columbus and solicits
the patronage of the people. With
Mrs. Frank Skinner. 3-1-lm.
Where can you see the game
No. 4 leaves (daily) 4:45 p. m.
No. 24 daily 10:30 a. m.
No. 12 leaves (week davs) 3:00 p. m.
No. 3 daily -12:15 p. rn.
No. 23 daily .-. - t:15 p . m.
No. 11 leaves (week days) 12:15 a. m
tMunl Mimgtr, fi l reBgT AftnJ,
tiT. LOUS.
-ff III' 1 1 O I f i'w
V ,
This week we offer the largest and most complete
stock of Boys' and Youth's Suits ever shown in this vicin
ity at special prices.
Every Suit and every pair of Trousers were selected
with the utmost care as to style, durability and low prices.
For This Week we Have
Attached Special Briees
and You Will Not3 Take
a Chance in Getting the
Best Values for, Your
Money ;
Boys' Genuine Madras Neckband Shirts,
worth 50c each, this week, at . 25c
Excellently Made Percale Waists, worth
25c, this week, at . . . 20c
Blouse Waists, this week, 25c, 50c, 75c
25 doz. All-Wool Knee Pants this week,50c
Yours;Vith the Best Values,
p 1 n
Don't fail to see our swell
Mr. Bachman's Visit.
Rev. Geo. C. Bachman, a noted
Sunday school worker from Pa
ducah, Ky., was in the city last
Sunday, and while here delivered
three lectures, having addressed
the congregation of the First
Baptist church at 11 a.m., having
conducted a conference for Sun
day school officers and teachers
at the First Presbyterian church
at 3:30 p.m. and having spoken
at a general mass meeting at the
First Methodist church at 7:30
p.m. The morning and afternoon
meetings were attended by large
congregations but on account of
the inclement weather there was
only a small congregation pres
ent at the First Methodist church
Sunday night. All three of the
meetings were, however, very
much enjoyed and a great deal
of gKd is likely to result from
The object of Mr. Bachman's
visit here was to stimulate inter
est in Sunday school work and
to try to build up the Sunday
schools of the city and county.
He urged that the Lowndes
County Sunday School Associa
tion, which was once a nourish
ing organization but whic'i is
now defunct, be reorganized at
once, aud a committee was ap
pointed to take this matter in
Sour stomach, fullness after
mating, flatulence are all caused
by imperfect digestion. Phickly
Ash Bitters corrects the dis
order at once, drives out badly
digested food and tones the
stomach, liver and bowels.
For Rent.
Lot of ground containing 0S0
acres to be used as pasture. Sod
ded with Bermuda and Ispede
za and Clover. Desire to rent
for a long time, upon easy terms.
For further particulars address
Miss Minnie Symons,
549 Lauderdale St ,
Selma, Ala.
Two year old Climbing Rose
plants, 50c each. Laws.
n n n
uu u
line of Ready-to-Wear Mats.
For Sale.
Essex sow and nine pigs. A
bargain is ottered. F'or' further
information address or apply to
R P. Nickels,
Steeps, Miss.
All my lands in the prairie
have been posted and no hunting
or fishing or trespassing1 will h;
allowed under penalty of the law.
3 Mm. J as. E. Cox.
Mrs. M. Runciman has just
completed thn ejection of two
cottages just in the rear of her
home on College street.
Mr. W. N. Puckett is erecting
a handsome cottaye just north of
the residence of Mr. W. C. G cy
der nu South Market street..
You are behind the times if
you do not play Brist. Mayo A:
Weaver will explain this iiio-i
fascinating lawn game to you.
Mr. Howard Marshal, at tin
request of many friends and ad
mirers, has consented to deliver
a lecture on "life and the
Times," of which due notice will
be given.
1. 1. & C. Lyceum Association
Nkxt Dat.
Friday, March 2-4 tH
I have Three Houses on ireod
sized lots: one larjre Shop
Buihlinand Four Good liuikl
injr Lots all in one body, and
only one block from Southern
Depot. Houses all vented.
Titles perfect and trood reason
for selling. Cull at of'iee of

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