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The City Fathers Provided for a Park and Discussed
the Sprinkling' Contract.
fProbable That It Will Occur in This City and Will
Bring an Immense Throng Here.
Ever since Mayor Gunter was inducted into office three years
ago he has been urging the necessity of providing a public park for
the people of Columbus, and his efforts in this direct reached a
successful consummation last Tuesday night, when at their regular
monthly meeting the City Council decided to lease from Mrs. 8. B.
Bradford the property nt the corner of Market street and South
Fourth avenue known as Bradford Square for use as a park. The
lease is for a term of live years, and as compensation for use of the
property Mrs. Bradford is to be relieved of the payment of all tax
es thereon.
TIhe property is admirably adapted for the purpose for which it
is been secured. It is centrally located, being only two blocks
Istant from Main street, and at the same time is in a quiet neigh
orhood where one can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace
.d quietude. The park, which is already beautifully shaded, will
i graded and sodded and a system of cement walks put in. A
mber of electric lights will be installed and the place will be fit
4. X utp with every comfort and convenience for pleasure seekers
d for those who may go there in seach of rest after a hard day's
l x - '
i (to'i. y. c. Richard appeared before the the Council as the repre- j
i .Native of a number of the citizens who it seems are not satisfied
till lUc lcruiS Ul IUC UUifUi at.u n. wu j wv .,j wuu vtu-
il with Mr. J. W. Gardner for the sprinkling of the streets. The
o ejection raised by Col. Riehaids is that the agreement is not sat
iA factory on account of the fact that the owners of large parcels of
;ound will have to pay the same price for sprinkling as do the
r . - -.1 1 ? r-v n A A ar-i rrorl rr nc h (Trod t honofi t -f r-ntn
thl 3 sprinkling. After a short discussion of the matter tne coun
cilV decided to postpone all action until next Monday night, when a
sp ecial meeting will be held for the purpose of making final dispo
sitVion of the question. The citizens of Columbus are invited to be
prt sent at this meeting, and a fair and equitable adjustment of the
master will doubtlessbe arranged. "
Al fter the discussion of several matters of minor importance the
couUcil adjourned until 7:30 o'clock Thursday night.
Alt the meeting Thursday night a communication was received
front i the Arkay Stave and Heading Company, stating that they j
were ' about to erect a large tank at their plant in the southeastern ;
portion of the city, and would furnish the city with water for fire j
purposes provided that the council would purchase and have in
stalled a tire hydrant. jUpon motion, the proposition of the Arkay
Stavel and Heading Company was, accepted with thanks, and the
tire committee was instructed to purchase a hydrant and have the
same linstalled at the most central point available.
The! request of Mrs.L eech for permission to erect a stable on a
parcel i ground at a point near the corner of First street and
South! Filth avenue was referred to the street committee.
Upol i motion, the Pastors' Alliance was granted permission to
erect at tent on Bradford Square for the purpose of holding a series
of revival meetings.
The ireport of the city marshal of the property sold for delinquent
taxes wfas received and approvtd.
The c ity treasurer was instructed to return to Mr. J. G. Wood
the amo unt of overcharge made on water rent.
The bBnd submitted by E. S. Donnell, city marshal and tax col
lector, whth the American Guarantee Company as surety thereon
was recelived and approved.
Upon naotion, it was ordered that the Bauscher Carnival Compa
ny, whiclu apseared here last week under the auspices of the local
lodge of tlhe Independent Order of Beavers, be relieved of the pay
ment of alll privilege license.
Upon na otion, the council adjourned until 8 o'clock Friday night.
The council met again at 8 o'clock Friday night, but little busi
ness of imlportance was transacted, the whole meeting having been
levoted tot examining and approving the regular monthly accounts.
The fhpanee committee, which was sometime since empowered
j xnake a contract for the erection of a city prison, reported that
hey had bids from three contractors. These were read before the
nril buti no definite action was taken. The committee was con-
: S V - " I
The masyor was requested to cite the members of the board of
ieath to that chapter of the city ordinances prescribing their duties
nd to inform them that hereafter the same would be rigidly en-
i upon motion, the council adjourned until 8 o'clock. Monday
- :ght. ,1 -
The Dispatch continues to grow. As an evidence of this fact
nf, tnP month of March this paper paid for six hundred and
-PC pounds of mail matter at the local postoffice, the largest
j postage, bill in its history, covering a period of twenty six
:; , It must be understood that this was for papers sent out
dditiotk f toe thousands sent to the people of this county upon
vn res-te i raid and the thousands distributed by carriers
his city-
, The v'h
week $r,w a large number of people enrolled as new
- 'n the lists are increasing daily Among those who
"d their names to our lists are: W. B. Peebles,
d, City; J. P. Murray, Caledonia; J. R. Gilmer,
field, City; Mrs. Eliza Hackleman, Roxton, Tex
vitt, City; J. B. Dowdle,City; Mrs. S. B. McGee,
:us Mr "ins, City; J. E Mason, Mason, City; C. A.
i CJ 1 City; W. A. Brown," City; A. B. Gard
Minter City, Miss., and others.
-ff .
A i . Jfc a .-m ti -n-1..,,,
channa Gadski, jthe igreat soloist, appearing in this city .on May
2nd with the Pittsburg Orchestra.
Coming of Pittsburg Orcnestra and Madam Gadski
Will be Welcome J by Thousands.
May the second promises to he a red letter day in the history
of this beautiful little city and it is sure to be thronged with vis
itors from every nook and corner otthe State. The occasion will
be the dedication of the Tempk of Mush- at the Industrial College,
the beautiful building which will be opened on that occasiou. In
addition to the great musical U assured the public in the com
ing of the famous Pittsburg on-hestra, with Emul Paur conduct
ing, accompanied by that inc in pirable soloist, Madam Johanna
Gadski, it is more than proba t w f ,at those who are here will have
the opportunity of hearing l! V rate's two most brilliant sons,
tloii. Jub. Iv. urduuiuU uuii iiuu. .irp Williams.
The coming of the Pittsburg orchestra is a history making oc
casion in the musical annals of Mississippi. It is seldom, indeed,
that the great organizations like this are heard outside of the large
cities and their visit to Columbus is only assured upon the largest
guarantee ever placed in this city. Accompanying the orchestra
will be Madam Gadski, who in concert work ranks with all of the
great artist of the day. Her singing here will be a distinct event
serving to distinguish this city as one of the musical centres of the
Another feature of the day will be, probably, the addresses by
Hon. Jas. K. : Vardaman andllou. John Sharp Williams. The Dis
patch has invited both of them to address the farmers of this sec
tion upon that occasion and if they accept the invitation a tremendous
gathering is looked for. Mr. Williams has an engagement at Cor
inth for the 2nd but Hon. Walter Weaver has written him appeal
ing to him to come here and as he has never spoken in Columbus
and this section it is more than likely he will change his dates and
accept the invitation. Hon. Jas. K. Vardaman has done good work
ovar the State in the cotton movement and both gentlemen would
be eagerly listened to if they will agree to speak. While the meet
ing is devoid of political significance it is generally understood
that in the event that Senator Money is not a candidate for re elec
tion both of these distinguished gentlemen will be in the race to
succeed him and this fact adds greatly to the interest and impor
tance of their visit. It is hoped that both will be heard from this
week and definite announcements can be made in the matter.
Interest in the forthcoming engagement of the Pittsburg Orches
tra in this city has been so widespread and has become so great
that those in charge of the entertainment and the College, under
whose auspices the entertainment will be given, havi decided to
make it the beginning of a "May Music Festival" fori this institu
tion and this city which will be given each May. It isltheir inten
tion to have a concert on the evening of Monday, May ust, at the
College at which several of the College celebrities will lappear as
sisted by notable artists from other places and this will formerly
inaugurate the movement. Extensive notices will be madl of the
entertainment later. N
No religious movemeut in years promises so much for jthe de
velopment of Columbus as the great revival to be held during May,
a concerted effort of all the churches. Already considerable inter
est is being manifested in the preparations which are being! made
by the committees named in Sunday's issue now vigorously at
work, at their respective tasks. f
A men's prayer meeting has been inaugurated by th- se in
charge of the promotion of the undertaking, the 5rst .sess on of
which will be held at the First Baptist church tomorrow nlht at
eight o'clock. At this time the work thus far done by the commit
tees will be reported, and further plans for the movement di scuss
ed. Every man interested in the work attempted, as allshoHld be,
is urged to be on hand Monday night. 1 ,
The Grand Master has sent forth his Droeiamation mllinp- nmn
the member of the order to celebrate the 87th annivprsarv nf n.hi
Ftjllowsliip. It has been the custom of the lodges in this section
f01r a number of years past to celebrate this occasion with becom
Viy exercises and it is more than probable that it will be observed
Q llhis good year. Already one lodge, Artesia. No. lt9. has ap
pelated a committee to co operate with the committees from the
otber lodges in arranging for the anniversary celebration and it is
exlJected that the other lodges throughout this section will soon'
aPPoint committees to assist in the work.
The plan which has proven so acceptable and pooular'in tho
yeai-s gone by wilJ, in all probability, be changed somewhat this 1
.f iu uruer w give me members ot tne order from the western
section an opportunity to share in the pleasures of the day. Here
tofoi.e the lodges from Columbus and others have selected Je mi son's
lor New Bethel as the scene of the celebration in order to ac
comilaodate the Odd Fellows from Western Alabama, who have al
ways! united in the occasion.
rhere is a stroner sentiment in all nf th'p. Indfps thi vpnr fnvnr.
ms wolumbus as the scene of the celebration. This would enable
all thle lodges to meet upon central ground. The Odd Fellows from
Artesjia and other places west and south of us could easily reach
here, 1 while the members of the order on the line of the South
ern ccluia reach this city early on the day of the celebrationreturn
1 lotneir homes on the night train after the celebration is over.
It is bjelieved that the lodges at Caledonia, New Hope, in this coun
ty; Mclbee, Sunnyside, Gordo and other places in the western sec
tion of lAlabama would welcome the opportunity to visit Columbus
upon siiCh an occasion.
A line program cou Id be arrarged here. The fair grounds
CUld 1 secured and a m agnificent basket dinner given. This
could by proceeded by a parade and the anniversary exercises with
such shjort addresses as are appropriate for the occasion. Union
Lodge generally takes th e initiative in this matter and the anniver
sary wili come up for discussion to-morrow night.
Instantly by the Blowing Up of His Engine at Ar
tesia Two Other Men Injured.
This(iitywas shocked yesterday after torn by the telephonic
announcement from Artesia stating that Mr. Gregory Humphries
had been iln-stantiy kiled by the blowing up of his engine. He was
employed Ks engineer on the switch engine at that place and was
engaged irl pUShing a number of cars upon the coal chute when
i ee,rribl P. accident occured. His body was blown about two hun
dred feet ajad was terribly mangled, death being instantaneous. His
nreman, a Wgro named Will Davis, was also badly irjurcd and
scalded ancb a conductor, Mr. Dougherty, was also seriously if not
fatally iniujred. Following the explosion tire ensued and sever
al cars werb destroyed as was also a part of the coal chute The
engine wasjblown to atoms.
Mr. Humphries was a brother of Mr. Henry Humphries of
this city, wllose tragic end by drowning a few weeks ago caused
this community such intense sorrow. For a number of years he
had been emlpioyed by the M. & O. and he was regarded as one of
this road s cjjost deserving and promising young men. He was
given the switch engine at the above place and as engineer had
been employAd for some time past He wag married seTera yoars
ago and he leesagrief strickeQ younfir Wlfe his brothers aml
sisters in tniA cjtJ to mourn his untimely death. It is unncces
ary to state mat the sympathy of the entire community goesout to
tne family in their additional bereavement and sorrow.
The in juredj conductor snd fireman were brought' to this city
yesterdav afternoon and carried to the infirmary for treatmeat.
loeDoay of lMr. Homphries was also brought to this city,
tne tunerai arangemeilts at this hour not having been completed
The Dispa
tcH has secured for a h
wortbyand desjerving charities of this city a lecture to be given
nuS v Z n rSS renowned acd eminent a man than Bishop
Chas. B. fcraJlowky. This profound scholar, great orator and dis
tinguished churi.hman states that his time isa1 fiJed untu faJ
when he will be jpieased to deliver his latest lecture on Lamar hero.
The date and object 0f his engagement in Columbus will be an
nounced m due Reason.
The Street Springing contract.
Some little 4isapprenension
exists in the mincis cf the people
as to the street Sprinkling con
tract, and a word just here is
perhaps necessary in ex plan a
natlon. The raL applies to
residents on both sides of the
street, that is for instance: on
ana street 120 4et wide the
sprinkling rate is cents for
each2eetof the street sprin
kled. Tins rate apklies to resi.
dents on Bth sideeLf the street,
really make the U cents for
the twenty five feet of a 120
foot street sprinkled. There arc
some little objections to the con
tract and in some instances it
is working a hardship to the
property owner who own large
tracts, but these will be it is un
derstood amicably and satisfac
torily adjusted by the Council.
Messrs. Sydney R. Prince and
J. M. Posey, two well known of
ficials of the Mobile A Ohio rail
road wish headquartersin Mobile,
were inthe city Friday.

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