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The Columbus weekly dispatch. (Columbus, Miss.) 1908-19??, October 29, 1908, Image 7

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MspaCcSi IBcnSidlleg Telepfiaoiae 531
11 U.S1
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'? fjt 1 YM- C I it
V ..' . 'i
The kind for I
swell dressers.
Meduim prices.
I Every suit guar-1
X j 1 T J
J anteed. Let us
S show you?
X m
x -
Boy's Suits I
j a large assortment tto select
from. :J
42 styles of .5
x ?
ISelz Royal 1
Selz Royal
Blue Shoes. I
3.5$ 0& 4.00 J
FlsH every day- in tHe weh.
? fresK every day in tH
JweeK. .";
FresK meat of all
Kinds at v f
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 n n 1 1 r 1
Coal Dealers.
; Office and yard near
Southern Railway.
Coal of all Kinds.
Phone "No! 312
) c 7 r
Agnew-Nestor. I
Announcement of the marriage of
Miss Marie Agnew to Dr. Michael j
James Nestor of Providence, Rhode
Island, will be interesting news to
mflnv Columbians. The wedding was ,
celebrated at St. Augustine's church,
Elkridge, Maryland, on Wednesday,
October twenty - first. During the
uciooer iweuij' - uisl. 1U5 .
years of her residence in Columbus,
where she was associated with the , of the winter. The cluD met lniorm
McKinley -Sanitarium, Miss Agnew j ally with Miss Emmie Power at the
made warm friends, whose admira-! home of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Whitfield
tion for her unusual prof essional j Saturday evening,
ability was linked to a high regard
for the woman and her attractive, Mrs. John Ervin has returned to
qualities. Dr. Nestor is a prominent . West Point. Her aunt, Mrs. Waddell,
nhvHiin cf Providence, in which whd has been seriously ill with pneu-
city they v;ill reside.
The Daughters of the Confederacy.
With the approach of November,
plans fo. the oneral convention of
the U. D. C. to be he?d this year in
Atlanta are assuming definite shape,
and repi33ntatives selected by the
home chapter are locking forward to
n not hi a e-atheiir The delegates
are: Mrs. Sarah "Sheffield. Mrs. S. B.
Hudson, Mrs. T. B. Franklin; alter-,
nates Mrs. Claude Ayres, Mrs. Sim-:.
rail and Mrs. Z. P. Landrum.
As the result of the series of lunch
eons given fair week, the treasurer
of the chapter states that nearly two
hundred dollars will be added to the
monument fund.-
Meeting of the College Alumnae.
The Lowndes county members of
the College. Alumnae will meet with
Mrs. William Baldwin Saturday after
noon at half-past three o'clock for
the purpose of outlining the work
upon which they will enter this sea
son. It is the wish of the local circle
that all eligible for membership will
be present on' thi occasion and en
roll to take part in service for their
Alma Mater. At a meeting in the
early fall, the following officers were
elected for the resident association:
President, Mrs. William Baldwin;
vice-president, Miss Mary Stokes;
secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Charles
L. Wood.
Accounts of the Missouri-Mississip
pi football game played amid so much
, , 1 he foreot to leave the pig's asnore.
enthusiasm at Memphis make special tproOT fne hog comes lard; from lard,
and most complimentary mention of , indigestion. The moment you put lard
, , , rooked food into your stomach.c you
Mr: Claude Lee, son "of Mr. and Mrs. looked presasInlglinvyItatlon for dyspep-
A r T fnr-ma-rAv nf thi r i t V and .1. -m anil t alt P DOSSeSSiOn.
V. j A A i 'V J V . vwp L
a young soldier on the staff of Col.
Poi-Df Hurin p- thp pnMmnmpnt here.
M,,Lee, like his cousin, the celebrat-j
ed "Billy" Church of Princeton,
whose name is a magic word for all
the sons of "Old Nassau," seems des
tined to win athletic honors. Com
menting upon Mississippi's first touch
down, the Commercial Appeal says:
"When Church Lee, the strong-legged
full back, rushed through Missouri's
left wing, entering a big gap opened
up for him by Ayres, Johnson and
McCall, and fell behind the line for
the first touchdown, the Oxford dele
gation of rooters ran over policemen
and all others and embraced every
member of Old Miss squad. A bald
headed enthusiast threw his hat away
and the glare of a mild October sun
on the shiny pate was one of the un
usual side-line sights."
A '
Mr. and Mrs! Witherspoon and lit
tle daughter, Margaret, leave today
for Magowah .Meadows to visit Mr.
and Mrs. W. S. Turner. Later they
will spend a few weeks at Gallatin,
Tenn., before going to Chicago for
the winter, . .
Mr. Claude Banks Mayo, of the
U. S. Navy, reached New Yoik on the
twentieth, and w ill t robably be wel
comed to C lurrbus soon. Mr. Mayo
ha3 had . long 8Dd delightful 'cruise
with the Pacific squadron, and hi3
homeward Journey embraced many
European ports of interest.
Miss Adele Clark, formerly assist
ant in Latin at the , I. and C. now
the Y. M. C. A, secretary of that in
stitution, was in Verona for the week.
The illness of Mrs. Z. P. Landrum
is sincerely regretted, and countless
friends share the hope that she will
be benefited by a visit to Hot Springs,
to which resort she will go early in
An embroidery club, with twenty
civ momhors is nn arnnisition to
" -
clubdom and to the pleasure outlook
monia, is considered Detter, ana inj
Improvement in her condition comes
as pleasantest news.
Miss Sarah Neilsdn, who has been
so cordially greeted by friends of
auld ldng syne, left' Monday for St.
Louis, after a montlis stay with
Capt. and Mrs. John A. Neilson.
Miss Margaret Russe.ll of Baltimore
will not be able to resume her duties
at the jucivimey aamianum luit, wiu
ter. She has been ill at a Baltimore
hospital recently, and will rest until
her health, is restored.
' Miss Christine Rogers, the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnston for
the horse show, returned Saturday
to Aberdeen. Mrs. Ben Allen, who
was- also a visitor auring me gam
days ' of the fair, left Monday for
Macon- ' - . ,.'....7 ',
Miss Martha Campbell will remain
with Mr. W. A. Campbell and Miss
Campbell a few weeks longer. Upon
her return to Nashville she Will be!
accompanied by Miss Maggie Camp
bell. ' 1 -
The critical illness of Mr. Eugene
Harrison, the bright young son of
Judge and Mrs. James T. Harrison,
brings general regret. On yesterday
his condition was practically un
changed. 1
Th fnnnripr of Indigestion was Noah;
W " " t
Ta )' neon tn iiso lara. iiiuuku,
unless you want to; there Is a cooking
fat that makes food any stomach can
easily digest . It is COJTOLENE: no
tious. wholesome: makes naKy pie
juwv'.. - o -
crust, crisp doughnuts, light, rich rolls
and cake in fact, all the things you
like, but cannot eat perhaps, because
they do not "agree."
COTTOLBNE has been well named
"the perfect shortening."
Next Count Saturday.
The next count of the ballots .in
this paper's subscription contest will .
occur on next Saturday, October the j
31st, as advertised. The box wm ue
closed at noon, and every ballot
therein will be counted and the re
sult will be published in the follow
ing Sunday's paper, and each of the
candidates will be mailed a copy of
that paper..
The candidate having the highest
number of ballots to her credit in
next Saturday's count will be given
an order upon a merchant or busi
ness house in Columbus for five dol
lars' worth of merchandising, and the
candidate second to the highest will
be given an order for half that. sum.
This is just to make the count In j
the contest interesting.
Ballots will be given for every dol
lar paid upon subscriptions, and this
is the only way in which they can be
obtained. Canvass your neighbor
hood fo.r old subscriptions, and after
they have been secured make a house
to house canvass for new ones. This
is the field in which to work for bal
lots. Candidates are' urged to get
their subscriptions into this office as
early as possible oji Saturday, that
Interest in Revival.
A great deal of interest is being
manifested in the revival which is
being conducted by Rev. M. F. Ham.
of Bowling Green, Ky., at the First
Baptist church. Mr. Ham spoke to
men only at three o'clock last Sun
day afternoon, and at the evening
service took occasion to gently prod
the ladies. He said whenever he
found a city without saloons that
the men were all right, and he had
no fault to find with members of the
sterner sex in this city, but had some
criticism to offer on the conduct of
the ladies. He said that they were
too fond of playing cards, and al
lowed card parties to keep them from
religious services.
While Mr. Ham praised the male
contingent, he condemned baseball,
a sport that is dear to the heart of
the average man. lie said h,e had
no use for baseball because it was
sometimes played on Sunday, and
kept people away from the church.
Mr. Ham did not know, perhaps, that
Sunday ball is tabooed in Columbus,
but it is, and his remarks were not
therefore applicable to thi3 city.
Mr. Ham also criticised those mem
bers of the church who visited the
horse show last week in preference
to attending his services, declaring
that in doing this they had commit
ted a grave sin. He said that unless
they made public acknowledgement
of the sin God would never gorgive
them, and requested all who realized
that they had done wrong in going
to the fair and wanted God's forgive
ness to walk up to the pulpit and
shake hands with him. A few re
sponded to the request.
There was a large congregation
present at the service Sunday even
ing, and the music was an especially
delightful feature, the choir having
been materially strengthened for the
occasion. Mrs. George Catling pre
sided at the organ with consummate
skill, while the piano under the skill
ed touch of Miss Taylor and the ar
tistic playing of the violin by Miss
Greenup of the Industrial Institute
and College faculty added materially
to the ensemble.
stylz clcgeicace
r ability $3 "
1 r -P"
Preston B. Keith Shoe Co.,
Makers, Brocton, Mass.
?sap.- .:--v.:,.v.:.:-.r,-.;-.v i
in 11 I
- -
Special OMeFS at the
Bag uBep&Ftaeinill
For Monday and Wednesday
Flannellette gowns, the kind you always want
Well made of best materials.
$1.30 values only
$1.23 va!u only,
1 1. ". vulas only.
6Ce only...
I All season's novelties in TaiTeta and Mescaline
Silk and Satin Waists, and net waists at interes
ting reductions.
S10.0 k:n.l only... JO II
$ !.:. y:ci vr.ly. iv
J5.3' ktu I t.r.Iy $Vn
$3.." k-.:.i o:.!; . ,LU'
8 cent Bleached Domestic 1 yard wide only 5 3-4c.
Best $1.50 White 4 'Satin' Bed Spread only $1.19
:-: Late Arrivals :-:
Handsome fur pieces and fur sets " in black
lynx, wolf, fox, coney, etc. Styish millinery, for
ladies, children and infants. Satin and velvet hats.
Prices right. Ladies wool bath robes, house dress
es, silk and fleeced kimonas.
Simon ho eh & Bro.
Trute Sa.
State of MUsiippi.
Countv of Lownie.
. " .
edness. I will sell to th highest bii
der for cash at public auction, withla
legal hours, in front of tie court
house door in the city of Colutaba.
on the 24th day of November. 150.
the following property, ter it: All
of square thirtv-cine. north of Mia
7th day February 1M. by I C0Z$ iio:x te4 UfTlUl.wta
Butts and wife .Ada a frii rcooeM iv.ccr-
the payment to A. hwab of 7'-aerr. W trie4 tt. ri IU Lu r
indebtedness eriu mention r-I. te::i- Dr.
ord of which deed ;rut It j in .Nw Dlo,ry ! U Vlzs cf
the otSce of the chancr c.erV tvt Iic rl- For cold
No. iS. page 4 . t Jt d.s !rt itl.Z. Try it. Scli uir
the owner and holder cf said laibt- , . ..-- - ,
iumbus, except that part of th aid. c as trusts ia crtxz of
square thirtr - nine heretofore sold trust. C2AJe ri f:.r-4 ca tie Zzl
and conTeved" to one W. D. Da?re by'lAT of OctoN-r. I T. t y Mr. Crrse
deed recorded la Deed Book SO, pate ' A. Szeiies.. aad JeStss V,. Sterbec. ta
5S0. of the record of d-d ia tire ! ecure ti.e f aycrat to I. T. Vlr cf
chancery clerk's office of said Loia-i cvrtaia lcdMe4ses tlera vzi
des countr. which said exceptioa U . tiosed. record cf t::h d'-d cf tr-it
street, in me piau vi icr ci v4 v-
particulars described a beeiaain? .is tz lie ia te o5v" Z tt cane!7
at the southwest corner cf said' clerk of uli cc is-i StAt ia
sauare thirtv-nlne: from tfceace run- I-ei Book No. S. ra; 1ST, at tie
nnrth im? Svntr street U" . rr-:us t.n oicr aa tir.ar.' v
fr" then.. Mt narallel with what!a.U tadeMedae. I w. to
' formerlr North street XS2 feet.
Ithence south parallel with Sereata
Utreet 10S feet to said North street.
thence west alone said North fret,toian'.-i. a x tn a?
153 feet to point of besinaia. to-'rair. H-'!. tie fo!! J-'crl-gether
with the fre .e of as alter 4 ;ro;rty. lt.t Tl,t .-riAia lot
fa-ht tet wide ' runnier aloasr aod aad wideaoe taerca la 11-trtsca"
adjacent to the north l:ne or sa.a
above described lot it entire leasts,
said alley to be kept orea perpetually
for the use of said above described
let. The property fcereia belac lea-e-hrti.i
from the truite of Fraaklia
Academr for niaetf-aiae rears iron
k. finnhv of Aarwt. l$2i. reaew-
m fnrptpr. said p. ivrtr beiasr ia
the city of Coluaibys. county of
t r-. srat of Mi-.i!rrl.
k-ads and State of il;-::rr
rhe title to the aboT property
Th title to the aboT rrorerty
lieved to be srool. but I will coarey
red to be cool, but I will coaTey
r uch title as rested la ir.e a
ee under said dee4 of trust.
C U Licco!n. Trustee.
Columbus. Mb., October IT. I ' -
j Wliy Jm Lr G- Well.
f Eferyy la Zfi:: O it
Ur- L. of Harm! Kost No. I.
f Si write: "My fcastJisi. Ix.
store. 53 ttzia al II. Ci. TfUl
'Ut of
County of Loa4.
lly Ttrta of th f"rr "..! la
Mgaest tld-r tor xh at
J"- "i v 1
. auetloa. wltaia UaS to it, la fnast
'cf the coartkea dwr ia tt city cf
aiditioa to th t.V c
Mil?sirr. I. de;ffaated as lie to fill
Lalf of lots t!re ( 3 ) i:i tea iM) c?
square aurr.rr two ( 2 cf a1 1 1.
ertsoa sddi'.ioa. A!a tie fclto Ite
- .
ice k a;; aaa -r4
half of tie east tx'f cf f-:f.ca el!it
eea, towaja!? set'
j eca et (W4 d v a va c
f C v Cf
sec. If. T. X.. rarjre 15, we:.
sec. is, . i.. re ?.
Tt till t tt ato'e property
Tt till t tae ato'e rrcj-frty b-
lieTed to b rd. tt ! will ccar-ry
lie-red to b rd. tt X wi.l ccar-ry
oaly tuca titl-s as Tested la xzm as
trssle crier tali de4 of tras-
1 Wax. Fa! wla. Traits.
Colesib'ss. li!'Oct- 12. If 3$.
r -

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