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--jj tlpc -5 -tcr, rxji.iaia tl.a i.".yt.
-" run: aorno cnkiad rc2?etioaj pnt-t.b yo:r
. cicd ch yet oreAii fjo ycc eidmm
this cosceat the treat titter scH-i i i n, J
Cfwcrs prefarat'o2aiEsay tne tit 4 foe!,
11a mm tiaebjrfor there ara tears ben sath my
r' - f " I tha e:::fj tidbecs of ceatt ryjau
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,.-;CiKC3is eoftenedto tears by this language,
pressed Uie hand of tar ccmraaioa alfectian
ately in her own. .; . ."" ' .
-Alas replied she, "I vow itY ray son! is
cruelly keeled. Forgive, Alixl xvgive me.
f I: wiii lay bare ray. heart without Restraint
I the hour has come, and I most do to. Des
tined both of oa to have but ne coatnon ex
le'.ence to make but one vow, as it were from
one soul our wishes, our thoughts, butual by
our nature it was also decreed that te should
oova the same man. 4 Alix ! AIix ! I love him
too: like you, I love him passionately; him
alone, and none but him. Tour Rodolph w
our Rodolph." - , .
"Merciful Father!" m'mhed Alix, clasping
iet hantJa an1 Whin thra towards heaven, HI
. T' ; 5. 4 1 i ' -
. Ixnew it 1 i-'t it" 5'
6 sletcn tone li r 1 1 f c.
e jre to Cad yoasii&Y0 ru..
litiaexUU"- - . i
Tits hours cf ni-ht glCa cn. Tha twins
are siiil to?ether: to separata U a were. a
possible. The lovs conference ! those mel
tinwords! Goi abns tas Jino-ra their ea-
Soddenly, a messenger from Arioval castle
covered wun ciusi, wa iocs wuwecu ui
his face arm cs at the convent. Sad, indeed,
is the new he brings MUobI had called the
Count d Herrainffny. The rivals met in dead
ly combat, the day previous, just before the
eettm- of the son ; and Rodolpa has fallen !
A thunder-bolt seemed ta strike the two
ststeri at theeame inBtant. : They fell, crushed
by theeame blew ; and, rising with the same
pain, both clunjj to the same mode ofresigna-
ion. v' - '-i ' :
AUt spoke firsi: r '
YVho will console as V she cried.
W ho ? Sister !' replies Blanche, Gob
will. - 1 ' ; ' -
, A holyimaS wasnear Thv young orphans
pros'rated themselves before it; and, locked in
each the embrace, tney Eneu m rouiua
knev it ere it was spoken ; but I was loath to j prayer at the feet of Chri3t.
: - 3 - iiri, . then mntinued I : :
he, Hhis blissful resemblance with myseii, I Drprnto jigaiit. We have published the
this happy analogy ot sentiment, Uus unity of o0win2 trueand do'eful picture ol "Dipping
- mind and
' yarded pot only as a divine phenomenon but as
a bounteous blessing of Providence is all this
V bua double chastisement prepared, us for the
ture, along and eternal torture for us both?'
Jf.J Dear Alix," returned her sister, in a plain
slive tone, "aware of our strange nature, we
. ought to have consecrated oureelves to the Al
tnigfity. Two beings can love Him together,
withoutfears of rival affectioiis. He, without
parting " us fiom each other, would have re
ceived us in his bosom !"
Listen tome," pursued Blanche with cahn
cess.IS"Let us not exaggerate our woe ; re
proach not yourself, dear Alix, my confession
to you must be complete. I am indeed a prey
to the bitterest pangs! but in the midst of my
misery your joy- life a harbinger of peace
comes by times to shed a ray of gladness over
my sufferings; my mournful and gloomy
thoughts take flight before your radiantshopes."
Alix, bathed m tears, threw herself in the
arms of her sister.
Ol Rodolpa.! how well tcey love thee!
On the day following, a sealed package is
placed into the hands of Count ltbdolph d'
liermingny'a betrothed ; it is brought from a
neighboring convent a convent of nuns. Gra
cious heavens ! it is from Blanche.
"I have resigned myself to my fate, dear
eester. Loving Rodolph too deeply io be
able to wed Kaoui, J nave consecrated my
eou! to God for ever. Seek not to disturb me
from my resolution all such attempts would
be vain and useless: you must feel within your
self tbat my heart will never deviate from the
-course it has taken. . Hasten to become the
bride cf Count d Hermingny. You know
where the enjoyment of your felicity will ever
find a constant echo. May your joys be suffi
cient to stifle my afflictions. The Omnipre
eent, who worked the miracle of our resem
blance, is mighty enough to effect that of my
cure. I hope you will strive to think of me
without bitterness towards yourseHi for I shall
mintt or yuu umj wun feifimga r m?r ana
kindness. , My heart tells mo that you will not
.give yourself aip to despondency, for I shall
' banish from my mind every thought aH vari
ance with voir peace. ; I shall cou-t quietude
in order that yon may be calm. , Dt joyful, ani
my tears shall cease to flow. .
MBe happy, and 1 shall be happy ,We shall
etill love together; you, mortal nanand I,
the Everlasting God. Alix, your tister will
have the best portion. When th spring of
your happiness shall cea?e to murnur forth its
accents, come to me come withou; fear-share
the same love, at the same altar ! '
"P. S.. Tell me the day, the hou, on which
you will become Conuntess d' Hemingny.
i will not weep; I shall kneel in payer."
TV."!-' 'r1"
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Ol S 23 II CUO S3?. ;
The scarcity of ctlitorial in thi number of
eur paper, 1 caused by.oa n Leing -bie io
receive our iszchango papers, o?ing to the ex
ceeding i regularity of. Uie jceili. ot, mufch
cai.bedon in Politics, untiLCengress fd our
LegislalurehaH hav's gotten underway v "
(CTRioRaan f Ixnar BaofWnx, sf late Edit
of the "Democratic Whig," his tacceptcd the
Secretaryship to the Choctair fomraisaloifc for
the settlement of the Indian CUiraa.iuBder . the
Treaty f Dancing Rabbit Creek. tuJ ; .'.
The question as to tie ptopficty and eonati
lutionality of admitting the' njembers elect to
Congrees, from the seucral St(itep; which have
refused to comply with the lawiof Congress, re
quiring the legislature of each State, to divide
the State, Into Congressional districts: and have
elected their representatives by the general
ticket system; will be the fitst, for the action
and decision of the present Congress. What
will be the decision, cannot. In these days of
party strife be positively known. We however,
hope for the sake of the perpetuation ol oor g ot-
i Si a oil .
ia and " hoexcorat.unic. f 1
Wfciil tle ta carry UthVong!-. Cv
two hojsesfJf'lfso.the Quo Warranto, ns"i...jr.
ciiiy tI.-xonmoa"law, frill aniUhL'' t? ? Jr!t
of the corporate Mohicans. The mammoth
iorfoirV f tJ.e'Bank will be rrlievcd; and the
soulless land serpent called repudiation, will, be
surfeited to the gorge." - ' ' X: Cr
i i -'
.V Ittnyma nerciant.a: Irffengag&gfcjs.
,-eason, in lheoWon trade. Whyhwild not
the merchants ot Columhus, purchase and ship
the greater portion i of tliq'cotion raised it) 'the
couniyi Apujd not the small farmers, partic
ularly,do well todispos? of their cotton at home
in place of going to Mobile) , ., CaVthey'noj iU
ford to confide Ja ,ihe merchants of this place,
whom tliey know, as.weU as in strangers resi
ding in aity of Alabama! T.pqrchasolthe
produce of the county and tsQshiplit;i' the Irgi
timate business of the iuteriof merchant; and
if the merchants would, manifest; a proper de
gree of liberality and not attempt lo f peculate
upon the labors of the growers, they would
very soon be enabled to command the disposal
of the products; of. the whole C iuntry. This
would increase, in a very few years, the mer
cantile capital tenfold: it would always afford
would rV
4 .
il'li3 dr-
will fcltai.
but e i.
action" "cf t' s Cuutch;. ,.' wt'.l t.
jwtaiatiion .of, .n...-.JI-Jihris'irt,. rf ':y
(caiuv-Hcjr. v. utis as. t rrrnj, hhuhdj
certain than J. C. Call
in!e cf that ConvcntioR
i in the
it moi s
fun wCI flsttro t 3 r.--ii
Jp" W-a were khownjaJa tlsya i.ncc, at t,a
Prwlhiort Store of Mclsrs. Dcrcli A, While
a caUbsjrc, raised bj fsnncll Tayior, Zh j., r.f
tins 'ciiuntywli f".a7uVn"'Lur fj.!,'.!
chta'around tbe'i'ajr,fand'wtijhc.i 17 R-Vindu,
afe fond of cabbage, iry whatever .aj serve I up.
This wis decided! llw largrst I tad no Lavo
ever sccM.as the product of t'lii climate.
?'DIn accordance w'aU resolution cf t',d
uiaiecue society, io haVe id udlrt? in phce of
a debate, every fourth rr.ecurg.llr, J. N. Lrk.
da .wil) dIivr an sddreM in I'Vid'jy'yv'csing
next, at the C. P. Chu.'du The citizens orq in
vited 'to attend. The Jad;e; bcinthe rcore
liberal patrons ofth'uagcioiy, are specially invi-
request, we again tell
the sad atorv sad because humiliating in the
extreme. Fully aware are we at tlie same
time, that those "fair Dippers" wUl not 'with
hold their disapprobation of thus pointedly and
forcibly reminding them of the -"vulgar evils"
f the oractice : vet we shrink not from a com
pliance with the request ; knowing as we do
at tne same tune, sucn request, m irom odb
who has witnessed all the deleteroos effects p
"Dipping" that may have fallen ti the lot pt
any one individual to witness perhaps ejpe
rience. To those fair creatures wh may cast
a contemptuous frown upon this just rouk
we would ask. What would be yourfelings
towards your drunken husband or yourbrotier
who was a drunlcard!" That ofionovful
contempt. Just so with the other sex iry this
case; tor as the evil of drunlcenesa is P the
male, so are the evils of "Dipping" to .he fe
male 6ex. T a true and appropriate com
parison. Mississippi Advertiser. "
"Dipping." Ladies who are"uro snuflj"
married and those who want io b read the
following description of the procesand effects
of the delectable and sweet practice of yellow
snuff "dipping." or tooth mopphg, from the
Medical Journal, and then turf away in dis
gust from the nasty and mostfilhy practice: -
The toilet vocabulary of tjta country has
become enriched with the nw and elegant
word dipping." A lady or mise chews the
end of a stick until she conveys it into a kind of
brush or fibrous mop, whwhihe rubs her teeth
and gums. At first she peeses the powder
weed with a gentle hand, Ant becoming, ena
mored, a t last touches, so eeply as to consume
a bottle of snuff in a week' Whole families and
whole schools of crirls are said, with a small
number of cleanly exceptions, to be given to
this method of liiihtirg their nervous systems;
and may, by the tim they are full grown, have
become so thoroughly impregnated with the
pewder, that iheir apparel Might hang in a hot
room the whole summer, without being touched
by the moths. We know of but two advan
tages from this habit. 1st It may render
them insensible to the breath or the otr:or sex,
who begin the use ot tobacco with the study
of grammar. 2d. Jfcanbe made a substitute
oi wniskey (now falling into discredit) b
1 I - . m- .- rwm. '
bt8t cofrcnev 10 ow?riivess
toojr own citizens a considerable atnouux ci
itrnnt.' and the character of our institutions commissions, ana wouju u,w"1 '"Z
leriiment, and the cbaracie oi our denceand prosperity at home. We ivould
.broad; that those, lo whom, the mighty spir recoramend tJ aithe small planters todispose
ilb vi out rcpuuut, iub vw""-1"- r- i oi ineir conon in IsOIumous. ; fierq .ircn -
try. fcae been accustomed to !ok with tue uN can De heard and their interest considered and
Rtn mnA mirurUvi w'dl be. so far, able
ta divest IhemselVrt, of all pirty influences, and
oeisonal considerations, as, to cl in their delib
erations o thia subject, as the friends cf their
common country; and to show themselvea what
superintended by themselves; whilst in Mobile,
the commission merchsnt turns from the small
nlanter, to look after the inierest of thoae
whose patronage is more valuable.
The changes in a retired lucidity,' li; 0ur,
are not liuiiicrous, aiid lie inciJintal notir.es of
liftj as.it prngfec am not equal, in iiutnLcr,
ttiose of a cSf .xirnal.
liId !)ig vvritmfrom Lo.tin-r.
r Edtlor), the Philadelphia Inqui-
list were not for pride, in excess hntv hap-
tbey haveloag beeri held, the granite pillars of py we ght be. , How much of social enjoy
the chart'of our liberty our national Constitu
lion. This ia a momentous question and should
be settled, at once, and we hope it will be settled
permanently, in the beginning of this session of
Congree; after -a dispassionate and thorough
discussion shall have taken place, between
members holding opposite views upon this sub
ject. '.-'' ' '"i.- " j
"A h regards out 'representatives from this j
State, it is but just,' that they should not be ad
milted; since, at least, nine tenths of the
voters of the Stats, are in favor of the District
of the immense collection of viands and dishes
that have been served .up to Jeed the gour
mand apd often, already, satiated appetite.
!ttm llaA it tint Kn fnr tVttt nfrrrt Iniv
of Governor Tucker. ta th. legislature; during UBP.1? evertbmk of eating, after their
the July sessiosi. of his Solomon-Iiko constitu. 1 regular tea, ana now very ;iew n u B wu
tional scruples, the State would ne- hivs been
districted, and our members to Congress, would
have been elected, in accordance with' the re
quisitions of the laws and constitution of this
out TeelingThoreor leESVunweM on Jicsu'jceed-
toff day. If 6rckn3S or mental heaviness are
more commonly the consequence of indulging
the appetite at unaccustomed hours of the
country. .The representatives and. Senator from j night,' why not dispense wilh the labor a?d
expense of preparation. If the. hm.m of fara.
Uies were aware cf the general icn timent of
khe party goings portion of the community, we
feel assured 'that they wouldegive parties fre
quently, without labor, or expense. These
are decidedly, more acceptable to theyaung
people iuau an jr wtuci aaiu. iurjf are always
more woiy comtn men tea ana roucu more en
joyed than those that may be styled splendid.
There can be no objection to a splendid party
Lowndes, together with a large majority of the
Legislature, were In favor of districting the
State, but Governor Tucker trampled the will of,
this majority under the tcscrcLoos mEAnofhis
own lawless ambition. V ' ; r 1 , ' I'
CoNoacss is now in session. Have the Repu
diating Representatives from Mississippi, been
permitted to take their seats? Or, are they loaf
ers around the door of the house, in hopeful ex
pectaney? 1 If these individuals should be per- onome great occasion, but our social parties
mitted to take their scats, itis to be hoped, that "hould rot partake of this character. .Who
.., , . , , . will lead in thia great social measure We
ah I the members present, who feel the .lightest enould faaw two Jr Ahrce parliea everv Week
inflaenee.ofthe last lingering spark of patriot- during the winter; and where the cooscien-
ism; and a holr rcsoect iir the toils and virtue tiom rranlea Are nnt ton flrmlv'rt'anforf
tl.oso who are in affliction. Thus we are (of the Fathers of this Republic, may give rent 1 should if we please be allowed to dance. This
lolrl nv a irin(iAtn,n. th.tflha Lal I . . ' t ... . t .
.tt . .
mother seated at the.bed side of her expiring ' in ea ,ec" nUe"D ""'"l wlioTs unpVpuW;abo
son, with an open dish of snuff On theabll the" Pd.ator. shall be announced qualified mk 'tEStSZe ofSvlnvSS
A distino;u
inton io liie
J aih h.-rppy toin'rm'you that Mr. CI.iv m
in excellent hea.th.hnd is lookin,; ;e.Tiark;iWy
wHl. Tuno has delt mott gently with Uun ;
it nuy hive deprivjl birn-of tvoine of the" fire
and v gor t.fyoulivlut ,'t has conferred tifson
liiin in return tiienjturcJ. dignity ago. His
eye Lr'brighthia rm erott anJ unt?o'.vel
his step buoyant a4 elastic, ail liis'cont.iitu.
tion apparently unipairod by the laborious ef.
fots oian arduousjublic hie. Indeed, eince
tiis rotiremgnt frot the -Senate?! lie ieems t
have recuperated, r.d-h no a l.gi tlie upjoar
anceof one over vfse head scarce ljfty w in
ter had spritklcdheir rnuwa.
rejoiced to ne him in the enjeymcat of
such-jexcelient hdtli. Ithid hfo be pparefl
( .
cn i.
fn t
y ...
I'n ft r
tf,o- v-V'j
thrown y.t i.f.
1 1 a
'1 1.-
imon" hi mMieinM. mtr whtrh cho nttmrraj I members ot Con press: a hiss, a chillinor hicsf I .r '
c --.w . -7 . UdW,fc xtt, givmv Eociai parties, wiinout exDense
her dipper as often as she sighed; and when the hiss as fierce and destructive to their hopes and 1 will stjll the tongue of the vituperative and be
!ol,ed down her cheeks, they fame, a. the arid Sirocco, to the life of the han J 'tow upon his burdened nmel a most enmfor.
mmgiea wun streams or snun-colored naHva I ' 1
CnAPTTR viit -". .
A short time after the reefpton of this
missive, Alix attired In onptial garnents, lier
brow adorned yith the bridal wrath was
accompanying her betrothed to chtrch.: The
young girl's face wore an expressioi of melan"
cholp and thoughlfulness.. Not sdwith Ro
dolph i his features were ht up with he radiant
joy of his heart, and beamed the light of perfect
"; happiness. - - :,--':: t ! I-,,
Hut, that eve, Baron d' Aigrevile had left
the castle, with rage and vexation a his heart.
The motives which had prompted llanche to
seek a cloister, could not pass wholly unheede d
by his jealous and irritable nature. In a mo-"
ment of unruly passion, he took an oath of re-
venge. ; " -T.rt,--: -y.v
The bride is at the altar. ' Sine the rising
of the sun she had felt weak and fant. The
soft, peace-like hue had deserted h cheek
her limbs trembled, and scarcely eupported
her. . r ' -r "
The ' affianced couple are knetling the
cnurcn tower announce tne nour of rata-day.
r The priest questions Rodolph ihe wedding-.
ring is slipped on tbe finder of the Countess.:
But the head of Alix falls upon her bosom
her eye-lid' close she sinks backward.. Ro
dolph endeavors to support her . the arm en
circling her waist supports a lifeleaa weight.
Alix had fainted. .
from the corners of her mouth. 1 seems hard
hearted to condemn a costom fraught with
such comforts;' but we are compelled to say
that it is not without many opposing effects.
InOur inquiries into the diseases of the sex in
the South, we have already collected satisfac
tory evidence that "dipping' is the cause of
iBonvvand aggravation of many more." We
might refer toits eflVct on their breath, com
plexion and cleanliness, but this we shall leave
in the hands of the genJemen who are imme
diately interested. - .
less traveller on the waste cf Sahara. Let the
hall of Congress sound as a o?n of adders! Let
indignation fire every countenance and edge ev
ery sound. They arc contenined by tho bond
payeis, at home, may they be despised bv cv-
, ' . I-.-.-. . -.
noucei man aDroaa.
uur legislature will convmo on tho first of
Januiry, 1844. The repudktors will have a
IarSe majority in both IIoa.ee. This is most
ment, do we deny ourselves, because we oan
not make a splendid d.eplay. How many so
cial parties could be enjoyed by the citizens o
Columbus, and how very improving they would
be to society, was it not for van;ty! If the
young and the old meet for socb! purposes
alone, the evidence of great Jaoor and prepar
ation restrains the social disposition. and the he Js .'destined tote called in 1841 by the
1 . r..,,w tA nkcriroiiff. I American reopia n itovdiui anu nassic re.
uiiuu ii:H.j . 4. ... J trtt to the higlief office of tho country."
A'paper in fexarecorTImends to the f-ottlers
not to run in debt' Having run from debt to
get here,say8"he, sere ;an be no greater f l!y
than running intot when here, beyond which,
there' is no place f run.
Experienced aricultural st tell ua that all
plants, whether iifjarden, fields, or forest, if in
rows, -, should, bi placed in the direction of
north and southern order to admit the sun's
rays every day, tfiigth sides of the tow.
.' . M0uV0n Advertiser.
. -
An'TTHer Pciam. A boy named Vhi:a
ker, in Warreniounty, Missis-ippi, recently
performed a featrhich might astound old hun-
ters The accujey of the facti vouched lor
by the Vicksbuf VVhig. The boy went out
cn the I7th instat, at about day-break to hunt.
He had notgonefar before his dogs broke out
in a fine cry, art ran about a quarter of mile
and treed. He aproached the tree and f aw
something wbicl he supposed at first was a
largo coon. Aftr getting a fair view, he ran
ed is gun and find he made the animal vey
uneasy m a lev moments no snot mm witn
the oiber barrel' His amunition was now out
and h?eaw from the ize, that it was no cqon.
He had a small ncgroabout eijjhl years old with
him, whom he eit home after more amunition;
but before the bv h id irono far. the nanther
j began to get uneisy, and sprang from the tree
onio one of his avonte clogs, lie knew in a
moment after it ias oa the giound tbat it' was
a panther, (as e saic he had seen them in
shows and read ol them in history.) , Ase.oon
as it caught his j!og, he siezed a larrti stick of
wood, as. large jshe could manage well, and
(truck it with ai his might across its back; at
the same time lis other dos began to fiht,
and before thefiegro boy returned with the
powder and shol they had conatieredtheran-
the. It measurd feven feet eight inches in
length frci'm tip b tin. his claws -were from an
irtfeh to an incliiand a half in length, aid as
sharp its a cats.-i'tr.
. ,. , t ,
r. (J!., t
v l i '1 foe i:
i'ay next.
'0 Hie curn:
j. A
J-JLZ ; 1
Chijriiiau ofi!;1
B-i tiiriurf, r ,
luiitlw, a tins .
nor. to lo , u h,"
o: u.jum .r?.,tl);(
nave the f,i-
I ffi'i-'l ti'. , '
v.'ith tji8 n i-J
a 'i tho Le?t j,.
all the kinds wh-'tj,',
been alreify
ntion r tlie .v' !
forward it. il,r ',' ,
pure iTa tafo arrival.
Thconcrpui r
Convertioa t0 rtt
ly made bv t;.. w
Wu3 very f.r. tnl
t lie bfgt i'X cli.
suitable for the s"
than the Mo
Sflf with glory d."
recently ag,in ,.' ,
lo.i-'tna? t!
."icv r
table amnesty. Who can sneak severplvor
even slightly of the lad? and gentlemen of
wnoso nospuaiiiy tney nave neen the paruci
pants? What young lady can be neglected or
unauenaea, or nnvis tea wnose . parenfs "or
rnenas have complimented thegrntlemeri with
an occasional party?" These pleasant associ
ations can be rendered and would poon prove
to be the tomb of forges fulness, ta all the fitlle
ungrounded enmities and Oickerinjrs that dis
iv4 1. picaam- ui Fcieiy. . it 13 ITIOre
especially tne duty of parents Who have grown
- The Maysville Eagle contains the followinrr
'wvuui, ui me empnaiio aeniai given oy JSx.
President Adams, dorin j his recent visit, to
ine ataie calumny of ".Bargain and Corrup'ion:
lamentable, but it could not be avoided. In I and growing up sons, to take a der p and active
j. yji uiu cute, me aoiesi debaters '. " " . "a.Aiug4.jfPiein, as u will
appeared before the people, and made everv ef w ? pm Practice Bnd haunts pi Ale fipa-
lnlre.tl,,M,c. .od hono,, ,t wa, .U.l,o-,v- fofl d,.ed l ),- ta ibenMh-wtto-m,
er, in vain. Thev resolved ta mnl rrr) 'Ar srfvantarrno ,rhirU tha-,'r:.t t.
- - 1 1,-- ...vti uivj juigjji uvnve irom I nis
Ths bride is borne from tbe altar." The
cert mony, being'thus interrupted, has not been
entirely concluded.' ; The ala-m has reached
the castle. . . . : . . j "::i;-J.'
Alix, stretched on her couch, gradually re
" covered her senses. A sweet tnougnt semed
to occupy hermind. ; She reaseuied her be
, trothed, and, having calmed her own agitation,
b egged earnestly to be left alone,1 '
. Sleep apparently weighed down lier eyelids,
anujner woman were oraerea iu retire.
AU is now sun ana silent in tbe apartment.
There is no more bustle no domest
."her. Lady Clamore on the brink
, ond Childhood bas been confined
, ber since the preceding' week, and is ignorant
of tho scene whi6h took place that mornme
V..8rdwtp'w.alone in her rooatu..-j .
. It was Iduskl Ahx" leaves her ted. The
. , thick veil ol night was .mantling the valley in
' darkness. ;5he glides stealthily ut of the
bouse and, unperceived, harries siross the
garden, and having gained the outer Walls, flies
with all speed to Her sister's convent. ' It was
two leagues from Arinvaicasua.
Mr. Adams, in his address in tha Preahv: I Ulemammoaof unrighteousness, and hoist nmr cu.tivation of sociability, and to itp.iv ,1.,.
Wian Church of Maysvil'e, in respondinar to I tl'1 doomed territory, the black fLsg of repudi- co"3mn'"y the many cpj yments which sucfi
Uie declaration of Gen. Collins, 'that he (Mr. W Ephraim inseparably joined to h.s f cto,n w ou iMd.: we f Inll be compelled
Adams) had placed Kentuckv undArnarwi i.4i - . f Join-o w m to pronounce them nuite.aneh,-iih. . .
Ii9tin.rohHratinn9 to him e'h;. "uyZ'ri ' w""in r,compcilea to let Win alone for V ' , ' "' - ' '
of her great sutesman, in his letter to the 'l V naV oM tb0 Wh gs, (for Hexkt CtirThe Raleigh :Rei.teav
Whigs of New Jersey,' replied, as nearly as I we, se to be the only inflexible, u 11 com- j -One thing especially commends l?enry C;ay
WDv,u aa.fuiiows: - ; . F.H'j.tna payers pursue tinder existing to rae unragea ot the great body of yeomanry
. Ithank you. sir, for the opportunity you clrcam6tanees. If the .members lect to the f ta? ;UniN States He Js on QF TBEat.
haye given meofspeakin of the great States- legislature, should take their seats could thev B-n ,n ,,umble obscurity, he owes not his ele;
m ,n who was associatecT with me in Ihe. ad, effect any sjood for - thJ qountrv' " ihiUt ii vatwrMo -Wealthy. parents -dr. splendid "faraily
y5UCial uoveroraent, at I lawless rerudiairtr. - i . . I , jo e inceuted
my earnest sohcHation-who beiongi not to k!! f T,. " ,are5 " maiollt foihat ongm& gre.tnesj of mind, the cift
uumu lua wnoie union; and t . " " " "!;, wouia iinc-t viw, iW lUAiuruicipiar oi unwearied
ta nnt nf fi.iiu 1. : - c.. . . . . F 1 Im, rniii.K l-4 - . . . . i ., . . I r..ltnn ... . - , ... 'v-u.
.u w.tw uus oiaie ana this IVa- J ,"iU,il e tr.eir seats, but leave r""-,' persdvermg maustry, which nil
uvii, uui, iu MitiiMua. i ne cnargO:
jvu icier, x. nave, auer my term
expired, and it was nronn,
j t' r.rr-..-.w..v.., cueas,! an association with aiinh k... '-r-i ' ?. . I :.. r..
ucincu ueiore me wnwe country; and 1 here I ' . ,V t - preeawrs, rweii appreciated those talents and thai hafrint
rmltrat omA- .-.i'LV: Jrere I as at all honorable. : or ..-rui; V ..v.- I iM ,.Z.:u - " ",a? Patriot.
: -v'"" jb ana as i ex-1 ; - w. i " . r,-';au,v pi is i "-" " a uanou may salev relv
Uect fihoitlfT to annnip hofr rj . j . I imDOSSIble. for-thi tWl.! kf:i " - " 1 J V U'J1
r " u 5' '"j uuut an- i . . , . . " uviievs ine.'o repu-
BnTOV TAs t hA -i . . a aj7 a a , i 1 . .
-..w. .mo uubuvui my wnoie liie,s4i UiMU' H9nesiornonarable4and can thcvdMlf
JTk fyrt-their ayito seat whhthem, in power7
,et every tVh.g; who has been elected" to the le
feature refuse to take his sea ancj let us see
what fnch a leffislatareilldo for the cw
tion, anaMhis WU1 be the most lonelV a rA
alAorrcnrconditioi i ) th they c?n be
vl tiff ? IV hun ffVtAtst : liaf 1 r i! .-'
- T"':iiu i 1 n,-, "-.t. 1 ...- ' ; : . ." i - s. .-r- rruf.i'(vmiot future I B, oa processions hiw vii!Ta
Kbfherse&. I ... CDaniry cannot -retain ahrere amoimt f I dene r. mom Hark .niw.f... ...v-l nevM unW., , . v"?iucrais voulj
election, was ielj',
in the four Districts of
make choice ofMexL ."fl
.State Klcctwn ia fcVp
mast chef rin--.
the (Ker:n, v,,
trict, L'it;er hi'verur.ri f
bee Journal, and or'flf.'. "
is eieced by nearly or
Hat the ma-t a-itoiM
the Lincoln and Oxiruf, ."
Dictricf. Fi.rty Vyv
gVf iii majoniy 8 ,
i-ji.a aue, now rivel"' r
gain of 2,013; "
Our friend write Ulit V
W e hive I w.u.i ,..,.. .
. . . . - ""-i a
tne rrankl:nK,i Cl;,.
'tie value of tu u.ut'epr -
tV in th Wir I 3 ! ft '
fact, that a':h, ii,
on various Mbj.-crgoftM
falling oifi;, thnrc.ijpfr'
In 143,
to which oe emirs law making interest, in the hinds Af w"TTer great, couid turn, tack fnmjts
5! Choice! Can any Whig confer KKKSnitSf
-y uinj. ana wno
7virens o Eternal Justice. I wtt.t.
FALSE;-. .
. nw solemn declaration of th naM.
man, who must, in the
-ppca. uours me j uage ot air, need no com.
'a'T -'' .'. r.r. For tlie Whi
; a snort time after the eleci inn rf dm i r.
nson to the Presidencv wns nffi--ti. .
ed, the Writer was in thar"1 "D?
:S"l!?': Therd the
w wiugue oeiween- .a- Vhig and
c-aVhig.-4.lFel! neighbor Tve have beat vbtL
rhave elected our .President; '.;'! v
- Democrat,. Tnift vrsn . , -
r -j . . -'""vr" cieciea rnnr
; , ' ?iuuiiciet a IU
ince our last! there had Lten nr.iKiir In
the Cotton Marlit Heavy B.llcn l.avn lwn if.
Icctad in Mobile lt an advance of I 4 to 1-2 et.
predicated upon tie next European news, which
buyers confidtntyVexpcct will bo favWallc
feiionldthey . bejisaypointed ti this. Cotton
must decline to ojj quotations. - -:
oevtra! nial! Crops !ae LccVfnjd in this
matket at pricea d,uuc cqial to our fgurei. We
iv quoto in .Uobi!e,7 1,4 lo 8 I 2i la th a mar,
fcet G 1.2 t 7 1-3. , Fr the la.t fi.w day th -rl
ycipts here have ci increased, r d from the
present prospect ef the weuthcr, and il.o i.v ;o
ving conc'idan of jlie reads, w
,arge receipts ar.d truk; sales
wcek'? ' ",f " t" ' ' ' " ' '
iuUtij ate
e incv
for Ilia coming
jpzi i.c.k a c v ii ii k n
coaoECTEn' WEF.atv. '?' -
'Iam, i - ' "
Sides'.' , . V
DdC?inff, Kv
iaio KopcKy.rb. 10
iecswax, Io., at; To 25
8 a 10
: ' -7163
6 to 7
yd. "0
t hersf,
00 o:)
Whig. -I acknowle'djo; with !S .
more irom Emr and than f,- mM ' !w,writriiig to them, than! thdennnAi.. i "
.us.-and-w-rA.Tu k-; r.V. nrZ lwu lion oftfc4, !.: '.V -..J- rrr rw &n'vei.
. . r w
:"'u6.-'rre mere no -tariff we would bnv.l w . r- ' "?uuwmi ana i that h,w , -l..- , - -itien
more ram I'nrvi, i : . ... j i more lerritvins' tn (him ki j i : vwi wunea io tp - n
6 Iia7j
4 CO a tru
nd!e Sperm. 00 n ln i s,
Tallow . . CO a CO T.rai
notice, . , lo a 14
FJour, coontrr. 1 (it) li,.
' : ' - '50 a 4rj;j
Do. Northern h. 7
Fisli . , ; none.
South Carolina,
Nort'i Carolina, -Virginia,
Rice, ..
Salt, ' s
Scjar, E.c
ceo. iwV
Feat lie ik,
llidc, dry.
Lard, .
20 a 21
33 3i
' -,
.. .....
, U t '
CO (,j
' II a 1
II ft i
a I" f
n 1-3 the s.-.cjr.itf
For the cnrrvKscf .
in IF 23, ansij.liticjiilhv
arid othr arti, fra r, 1 1 '
but notwithtftandirT it .
prP y fh;i;t
y dr. i ts acc?r
Kentticly ra'jrrj l.-v :
pence of the Com,;
their!!! am! xtl;..:
7 a
Hr. A&.wm' -
fricii appea rs t 1
prctihive. TIjc C
day.frives thefu ...
YcKterdy i.'
Jchr. Q,. Addrv-,r . '
' : M t four o'c ' L -walled
upon hm stf
cortrd him oa ttrf
r ra:..i.i rt-nercv. .
r Gorman.
"1 Lj Jjr. ?'i " v-
I the o:i!ij hi c;: f !
to bear him 8?--y, v.
beings. Tr. a !!..'
i tig the quay, wc-J s
ence more Ho j o ' c
to hear his par::: g L
MnJ t!.at I.
crowd y.tc It' ' .
ppejrcj on 1 .j '
;ts v."i vl. I '
'If - i tt'
..II --i: '
: r ,t f ? -
;'-:, i .
t ... . i, ar " ' f
ih..-, t:. ' c. j
is c .o t.'t: os.
. i CI.TiC
t: k
.?? i
1 c
I l
'uit measuresat the cir.r . . ' r. 11 t-
imic ill uaia.iif.r inn imumt i . - uuuiuui ui uie rirtn a th... I hetfr. i.vj . . - t- - vi : - i aiu ,,? , , i'.i"t'..af:ii . it
abi4dto7aSof ' MianJA "?rHP!?ted Rthsir,a. Vot, Thev fe .into vhicb our 4vef nSfaTf - , 1 1 ni-.OI.ST.3I.
Tt;;; SSOO IbrceVnrsfe 'V. " tir-r,. i.
- tbmenow. maTrK ??a f ,Ivff ra W0f !nother.; e pnlpitthe sttnnp orI .-,V.rlt h. J.li.
whether I be wedJrd cruet, I'm, new wi:h shs pj i.1 fjr then with'lro cf-" - 'J .hea.the Whf-s will h-bu tWc- tVfr l Pm nte"5ctJ sod reasomr, E-jfi Coc ID,."--
you.-Yoothocghtcfdyig this mffnhr, 4Id &cN3w,hou . T " ' " -' ( -
"yoa fiat, when the cbek struck tx. toa vtrr ccnid V " rL;-' - .tot.eslvcM... r c.rn rt:..r:rr..;t,an3 to play with Lic!;crv rhnr" erC f' . "aT-"-.f
: . jL3r.ct iu.i o. . .., cocj tpt-.t is, sha u tV lio r iv-. . . , . f. j -.s ,rH i c cr "tors v.'era If.r ,I .- j n-.T-- -
lhsre.3raf:rK:Vi;it-:i!ft!ehciy OrV.il . -V-I .&ra Cms.! x.VtL- ,!; cyed torcdsca c-fea6 fl'- '
fcUttrtt:Ul. . ! Iii:r:r;::iIrtA:, rti 1 It : ;lrn i.!;-''" A -'V r5 trri:Cv j c '?! 1tonc.3S; no ecor. :r d.'i tvo VAi r V. rt 'r
- . ... - - i " . - - ' ji a,,,.. . j i a t . s s ". ....... j -,. ... r . .j - j, t ... . i j,,,!. ... a .. 1
t ' ; r
: t'sa fcrcat h?r . I
rt':U:r.j J ,. . . " ? : Cr I -1 1 ' t,,uaceld r, r 1 ;.y c-, ffPa3t Kf3; !r; 5- 1' Tc - r-: '; -i

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