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i !!:
rc : lie f C.
xerJio.it on tha fiwity-'
A. i.iqp& :
' That the general great ind 'essential "prin:i
' plea of liberty and free ovc.: .: -.: nt may
be . recognized and established, we dc
clare: .-.-. ,
Sec. I. That all freemen, v?hcn thsy form
a social compact, &ro equal in rights ; and that
no man, or set of men, are entitled to exela
ie, eeparat public emoluments or privileges
frora the cbsamunity, but in consideration of
public services,' .-.v,?-. -i "
Sbs, 3.vThatalJ political power is inherent
ia thai people, and all free governments are
founded on their authority and established for
their benefit; and, therefore,; they have at all
times an unalienable and indefeasible right to
alter or abolish their form of government, in
8uch manner as they may think expedient.
Sec. & The exercise and enjoyment of re
ligious profession and worship, wilJioutdiscrim
ination, shall forever bo free to all persons in
this State: Provided, That the right hereby
declared and established shall not be so con
strued, ta to excuse acts of licentiousness or
j istify practices inconsistent with the peace and
safety of the State. ,
Sec. 4. No preference shall ever be given
hy. law to any religious sec, or mode of wor
ihir;,.-..--;-,v-r',r.A:.:;J ,,:.::..:'
tSEc. 5. -.That no person shall he molested
for his opinions on any Bubject whatever, nor
tiuHer any civil or political incapacity, ar ac
quire any civil or political advantage, in con
fluence of such opinions, except in cases pro
vided for in this Constitution.
Spa 0. Every citizen may freely speak,
write arid rjublieh his sentiments on all subjects;
tLj.fj refipmM?ble for the abuse of that liberty.
Sxc. 7 No lw 8naJl ever be passed to cur
tail or restrain the .Ierty of speech, or of the
Sec 8 In all prosecutions or indictments
for libel, the troth ma bo g7ven m evidence ;
and it it shall appear to tu$ jury i.Hat the mat
ter charged aa libellous is tru and W Fb
hsbed wiih good motives and fof justiulle
nnAa fha nnTtw crinll ho ermitirA !inft the 10-
ry shall have the right to determine the lajv
and the facts,
Sec. 9. That the people shall be secure in
their persons, houses, papers and possessions
from unreasonable seizures and searches ; ana
that no warrant to search any place, or to
seize any person or things, shall issue without
describing tho place to be searched, and the
person or thing to be seized, as nearly as may
be, nor without probable cause, supported by
oath or affirmation.
Sec. 10. That in all criminal prosecutions
the accused hath a right to be heard, by him
self or counsel, or both ; to demand the nature
cr cause of the accusation ; to be confronted
by the witnesses in his favor ; and in all pros
ecutions by indictment or information a spee
dy and public trial by an impartial jury of the
county where the offence was committed ;
that he cannot be compelled to give evidence
against himself, nor can he be deprived of bis
life, liberty or property, but by due course of
Sec 11. No person shall be accused, ar
rested or detained, except in cases ascertained
by law, and according to the form which the
same has prescribed ; and no person shall be
punished but in virtue of a law established and
promulgated prior to the ofibnee, and legally
applied. .
Bsc. 12. That no person shall for. any. In
dictable offence, be proceeded against crimin
ally by information ; except in ease a arising in
tho land of naval forces, or the militia, when in
actual service, or by leave of the Court,fo mis
demeanor uvomce.
Sec IS. No person shall for the same of
fence, be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb
nor shall any person's property be taken or tp
plied to public use without the consent of the
Legislature, and without just compensation be
ing fit made thereto
Sec 14. That all courts f hall be orwn, and
every person -for an injury done him in his
lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have
remeuy oypue course or law, anu rigni ana jus
tice administered witbouLsalc, denial or delay.
Sec. 15. That no power of suspending laws
shall bo exercised except by the Legislature,
or its authority.
Sec 16. That excessive bait shall not be
required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cru
el punishments inflicted ; ; :4 .T -v i : V
Sec 17. .That all prisoner? shad before con
viction be bailable by .sufficient securities,, ex
cept for capital offences, where the proof is ev
ident or the presutrition greatrf and the priv-
ilere of the writ oi habeas corpus snail not be
suspended, unless,' when in case of rebellion or
invasion: the public s-ifety may require it.
; Sec 18; That the person of a debtor, when
there is not strong presumption pi fraud,- shall
not be detained in prison, after delivering up
nts esTaieaor tne oeneni oi-nis creaitors, in
such manner as shall be prescriced by law.
; Sec 18. No conviction for any offence shal
work corruption of blood or forfeiture of estate:
The Legislatare shall pass no bill of attainder,
ex postfatto law, nor law impairing the obliga
tion of contracts.:.:; , .. : " . : -,
. Sec 20-tNo propertr quaHtlcation far eli
gibility of office, or, for the, right of safirage,
shall ever be required, by law in this State.
Sec 2l. That the estates of suicidas shall
descend orl vest ai n cases of natural death-;
j ... 114 . 1 - It ' ft
- ana h .any person snau oe Kiuea oy-asoauty,
thereshall be no forfeiture by reason thereof".
: SbECf .22. That the citizens have a right in
a peacjcable xnanner.'d,.assemble,: together r
their common good, and to apply to those; ves t
cd with the powers of government for reire ss
of grievances, or other proper purpose ; by
petition, aaoress or remonstrance.1 . ' t, , . e
Sec 23.- E very citizen has a right to bear
arms in tieience oi ntniseu ana of tte bute;
' SEC--24--.No'.aT'djng. -armyshali i.be ,ket
up without 4lie coaatntf'lJjeLegisIatwei and
the military shall m all cases, and at all tjmcs,
be in strict subordination to tee civil power.
Sec 25. That no soldier ehan in time of
peace, be quartered in any house, without the
consent oi we owner, or u ume war,: out in
mariner to be prescribed bylaw,.;;,;
Sec 20. That no hereditary emoluments,
privileges r honors shall ever be granted or
conferred m this State; a
Sec. 27. Emigration front this. State shall
not be prohibited, nor shall any free white cit
izen of tbii State, ever; be "exfled tmdar. any
pretence whatever.
Sec 23. The right of trial by jury; shall ro-
mahrinviofafe;;'-;- - -viJ?k.i.u.iw, t-- .
;. Sec 2D. Nn "personliall be debarred from
proseemmfj oi.defohd1ii'ttnjr.H.v9Mt3?.fbr or
az&inst himself or herself before any tribunal
i 1 t 5. r
hi iuus utAiy vj mat vi nuistsup u vuu. tae, vr
bath.-: X'mJj.l.-J.itt 'iv l;"itii-t:s J
. Use pX No person ehaH ever be appointed
or e'cited Xa any oHIcc of this State for life, or
dnrkgood behavior ; but the tenure cf all of.
ficrs shall bo for acme limited period of time, if
the person appointed or elected thereto shall
so Ionj behave well. - t - '
- ' -ir.- : coircMrstoaU' '' r-
To guard sainst.trinrrcssk.Tjs i,h s hi j
p-irers herein d:Ir;;::ri; VS Dzzl- v Tlait
evety.ihir g in t! ;? a:t! i.i cxzepicZ c : f tl s
gwcnJ, rowers rfr'ffr'i'Tfmv zvA f. Jlfjr
enr remain L'Ll?; r.rd iLit all l. scor.
tisiy tfcactc, - i? t:. L?r-:lr.t."ii.':wi
ciall bsvoid. .'' , ' .
I t U i -
1 i.
.rii iizij.tl deparu..-.t.:, ar.j ccict t..cm
.. i . . ...
an J
cm : ? J to a separate t . ct r .i,rzcy; to
Ail: t run V;Iiof.rc Ie-n'-iva -to orsc, f" ...e
wL! -j era J olic.il to an ;t'-er, and tho.:? u L'.ch
are 7.1 ecutiv J td aridther, ''. -
12. KJ person cr couoztnn cf persons,
bar -,f Cre tf tf.CoO c.7arirn2n;s, s.-i.i
cisiarvT'DJtur mrci'? L:!:n'initocIt--
thccr.l e. i, oc: t in t'.iO i.:...:.: r;
cxrji r? ?7 d.n.-ctci cr ( cr.lv.Ll.
herd. .niter
- . ARTICLE. 7X , . , ;
Uec 1. Every free white male person of the
agq of twcuty.oneycaf8 orrjpvvards, who shall
be a citizen of the United States, and, shall
have resided m this Strte one year next. pre.
Ceding an .dJtioiV and, the last-four:; months
within Uio county city or town iri which he of
fers to vote, shall be. deemed a qualified eJec-
tori And any such qualified: elector who may
happen to be in anycounty; city or town, other
man tnat o: nis rcsiuencc at tnc umo or an elec
tion, or who shall have; removed to any county,
city or town ia which he, would have been a
qualified elector had he not so removed, may.
vote for any State or District ofScer or mem
ber of Congress for whom he could have voted
in ttis county of hU residence, or the county,
city or town, from which' he may have so re
moved :..:....J.,'
Sec 2i Electors shall in all cases, except, in
those of treason j felony or breach of the peace,
be privileged from arrest, during thcTr attend
ance on elections, and going to and returning
from the same.
Sec 3 The first election sTiaI be by ballot,
and all future elections by the people, shall be
regulated by law. I , .j ; , V .
ec. 4. The legislative power of this State
shall be vested in two distinct branches ; the
ona to be styled ?tho Senate' the other the
House of Representatives and both together
"The Legislature of the State of Mississippi."
And the style of their laws shall be, "Be it en
acted In the Legislature rf the State of Mis.
sissippi'" " , -
Sec. 5. The members of the House of Rep
resentatives shall be chosen by the. qualified
electors, and shall serve for the term of two
years, from the day of the commencement of
the general election, and no longer.
Sec. 0. The representatives shall bo cho
sen every two years, on the first Monday and
ja? following in November.
Sec. 7. No person shall be a representative
unless? he be a" citizen of the United States, and
shall have ecn tin inhabitant of the State two
years nextpreu,I'ling" .his election, and the last
year thereof a resist et the county, .city or
town for which he shau' be chCsen, and shall
have attained the age of twisty one years. ,
Sec. a Elections for rtpreset'catives for the
several counties, shall bo held at thC places of
holding their respective courts, or in the t&ver
al election districts into which the county mC
be divided; troxdtd That when it 6hall ap
pear to the Legislature, that any city or towA
hath a number of free white inhabitants, equal
to the ratio lb en fixed, such city or town shall
have a separate representation, according to
the number of free white inhabitants therein,
which shall be retained so ldhg a3 such city or
town shall contain a number of free white in
habitants equal to tho existing ratio, and there
after and during tho existence of the right of
separate representation in such city or town,
elections for the county in which 6uch city or
town entitled to a separate representation is
situated, shall not be held in such city er.tOwru
And Provided, That if the residuum or frac
tion of any city or town, entitled to a separate
representation shall, when added to the residu
um in tho county in which it may lie,
be equal to the ratio fixed by law, for one rep
resentative ; then the aforesaid county, city or
town, having tho largest residuffra, shall be en
titled to such representation : And Provided
also That when there are two or more coun
ties adjoining which have residnums over and
above the ratio then fixed by law, if said resi
dmrms, when added together, will amount to
such ratio, in that case one representative shall
be added to that county having the largest res
iduum. . - :-?:V'" " '-
Sec. 9, The Legislature shaU at their first
session, and at periods of not less than every
rour, nor more uianvery six years, until the
year 1845 ; and, thereafter at periods of not less j
than every four, nor more than every eiirht
years, cause an enumeration to be- made of all
the free white inhabitants Oft his State, and the
whole number, bf Representatives shall at the
several periods of making such enumeration bo
fixed by the Legislature, and apportioned a
mon the several counties, cities or towns en
titled to separate representation, according to
the number of free white inhabitants in each,
and shall not be less than thirty six. nor1 more I
man one uunurca : troviaea, nowever, i nat I
"j v, vuuuvu iv uwiin
onelierscntative.. ; . 'T : T j
t . au. iic wnuit? . imujutr oi ocnaiors
shall, at the several penoda of the ennmcratioa
befero mentioned, bo fixed by the Legislature,
and apportioned'among the several districts to
be established by law, according to. the num
ber of free white Inhabitants in eachi and shall
never be less thatt ond fourth, nor more than
onc-third, of the whole number of iZepresenta
tives.; ' o'rrn.'i'- ' -"'' r:v.i" V :
Sec ":XV-7VhQ ' Senators' -shall be chcaWn bv
- . - j w
the quihfled electors; for four years, ' and ton t
"JOtt "C,U.B wucuu. ia consequence or me i
first election, they shall be divided by lot from I
their respecuve districts ntd two classes, as Lit
v y w,v; j 1 "c- j uu tuu rxjiiia oi i
the Senat6r3 of f ha first-tae chn ha
vitr 'T'v' vnf BVTa Tr: i-?l:?'4 I
4Itional . Senators shall bebserved. as'wilj ia
nearly as pc ssible preserve an equality of hum-
wuia in vacu ciass. , ,
Sec 13. Vhen a Senatorikf
lo composed of two or more countick it Rhati
hot be entirely separated by any connty belong,
in? to another districti and nn rjnrmtv Biiin
divided in forming a dwtricL- ; s ;
p &ec. jo; person -shall be a Senator' tin-'
less he be a citizen of ths Unifirf JStatna
sba3 havo bein an inhabitant of this i?1q four
years nsxtf receding his elecUon, and Ho last
iwiacrew a reswent or the district for whxh
heBhall be clneen: and shall have 9tts?nrH n t
fcfl unriy years.
Seci 15: The house bfreprcscntaliveg,Svhcn
assenib ea, fihall choose a Keat'r an if a ism . I
txTB, ata wenate flail chooso a Presidctit !
and its oHIctrr; and eae h house shall judre of I tl.
uo uudjuvauwa anu fjeCtlOttOf If own mom. t
-.Mwi.BULiriij s.ia.1- be directed by felon two or more eict cf h'knowi.Mr
law A ma mat of er r.! hrt, n I n,, ?o.icJj9 for
mv . .JUUUJl iu tj US.. FinnR. .-I?1f at em a
, - . - 4 ' . PC t , I
in I
each manner nd under -sue! penalties as each
uuuoe may provm; -.
XS60"!?-1 EacH JjciiVe- may determinerthe
mea Dutaown proceeding peni A meters
for ciaorderly behaviour, and with the consent
01, tao-thirdiv exncl a mmhiT. Vn f
conti fjcie for the eajno cause and shall have
oucrpewersnjeeanary for a branch of tha lc
islatara of afrea an 1 independent State- -
. Sxi.i7. lJa;h houca e :.-!l ke?p. a jocrr-I ef
its proceedir n and pu:,:;.h tho rur- fiji'-.
J Ci0 aj a ot tr,3 r.v;j-.-.i;er3 cf iihcr hi
the powers i f the govcrncr. t'
cf e!..'i:n tf.;.:3 s:h v.r-e'-r.
ca any cystica, shall at ta dsira cf any t
f0!, 1 ttrrsd en the journal.
. tec.;l5J aerf vacancies Jhapn ia e,!1 r"r
1 " "Ji
'.--3 ,
f jr c ry twenty miles such member rcay re.
e Us fo..i the .lace at which tho Lcsiclatarc u
(.oriveneJ. - : ; .
i;ec.! 20.' Eich Lu-oC r.-:.y punish by impri
cr!.T.cns djrm-j the session, any person not a
rr.cra'jcr, for d;si espectful or disorderly bchav
i rzt in its presence, or for "obstr acting any of
i' 3 rrdceedk"! v Prmt&ti,'Wch imprisonment
i hall not; at any time, exceed fortyight hours.
Sec. l.; Th0 doors of each house shall be
cpori, except ort iach occasions of grjat emer-
gency, as, m inoopiruon oi uiu uuiw uaj in
quire secrecy. ... :.; - .7 ,
Sec. 22. Neither house shall without the
rnnnont of the other. adioumtor more than
three days, nor to any jothcr placn Jhan that to
which they msy De siumg. ,. T , ,
Sec. 23. Bills may prighiatc fn either police
and be amenjed, aitcrea or rejecteu oy ms oui
er. hut nnbill shall haver the force of a law,' un
til inn thren several davs. it bo read hi each
house, arid free discusBion be allowed thereon,
toiless fouf-tiftbs of tha house.m which tho bill
shajrbe pending, may deem it expedient ,to dis
pense with this rule r arid every bill paving
passed both houses,shall be signed by the spea
ker and president of their respective houses, y
Sec. 24. All bills fiir raising revenun shall
originate in the House of Representatives; but
the, Senate may amend or reject them as oui
er bills; . :'- ;,'?' : - v," ;, i! '
See. 25. Each member cf tbe Letftslatifre
shall receive from the public treasury a com
pensation for his services, which .may be in
creased or diminished by law j but no increase
of compensation shaft-take effect daring the
session at which such increase shall havo been
made . ,r' ." " .:
Sec. 2D. No Senator or Representative
shall, during the term lor which he shall Jiaye
been elected, nor for one year thereafter, be
appointed to any civil office of profit under this
State, which snail have been creatcc, or me
emoluments of which shall have been mcreas
ed during such term J except such offices as
may be filled bv elections by tho people, and
no member of either house of the Legislature
shall, after the commencement of the first ses
sion of tho Legislature after bis election, and
during the remainder of the terra for which be
is elected, be eligible" to any office or place, the"
appointment to which may be made in whole
or in part by cither branch of the legislature.
Bee. 27. no judged any court oi jaw or
eauitv. secretary of state attorney general,
clerk of any court of record, sherifFpt collector,
or any person holding a lucrative 'office linden
tho United States or this State.shall he eligible
co the Legislature : Provided, That offices m
the militia, to which there is attached no annu
al salary.'and the office of justice of the peace
shalf not be deemed lucrative. : . - ;
Sec 28. No person who hath heretofore
been, or hereafter may be, a collector or holder
of public moneys, 6hal! have a seat in either
house of the Legislature, until such person
shall have accounted for, and paid into the trea
sury, all suras tor which he may be accounta-
Sec, 29 The first election for senatof s and
representatJycs shall be general throughout
the state, and snC be held on the first Monday
and day following iil November, 1833 ;;and
thereafter, there shall be biennial ejectionsor
senators to fill the places or Jbose whose term
of service may havo expired. . : .
Sec. 30. The first and all future sessions of
the legislature 6hall . be held in the town of
- o . .....
Jackson, m the county ot timds,nnui me yej,r
1850. During the first session thereafter, the
Legislature shall have power to designate by
law the permanent seat of government ? Pro
vided houevcrf That unless such designation
be then made by law, the seat of government
shall continue permanent at the town of Jack
son. ' The first session shall commence on the
third Monday in November, in the year 1833.
And in eyery two years thereafter, at such
times as may be prescribed by law.
Sec. 31. Tba fiovernor. Secretary of State.
fl4 - ' .L t a &
L reasurer,Aaanor oi I'uunc Accounts ana At
torney General shall reside at the scat of Gov
ernment. . '. t . . ; ' .. . ;'
. Sec. h The Judicial power of this State i
shall be vested in one llisrh Uourt of Errors
and Appear and such other courts of law and j
eqQity as are hereafter provided for in this con- j
Bee 2. the Hiirli Court of Errors and Ad.
peals shall consist of three judges, any two of
waom snau wrra a quorum. . rx ae i.eirisiature
shall divide the state into threo districts, and
the quahhed electors of each district shall elect
one of said judges for the term of six years.
dcc. o. me omce. or one of said iadea
s hall be vacated in two vears. and of ono in
four yetrs, and of one in six years, so that at
ue expiration i every two yeare, one of said
(""s"1 tu " era.reu (U iMUtsaiU,. . ' 'I
Sec4. The High i Court of Errors and Ap-
peals shall have no jurisdiction,-but such as
propeny Deiongs to a court ot errors and an- f
Deals. . I
u xn vacancius ua i may occur in
said court, from death, resignation or removal.
. r '- ATI - - - .
Miau oB. iuiea oy eiocuon as aioresaia : - jrro
vided hoicever, Tliat if the unexpired term do
not exceed one year, the vacancy shall be fill
ed by executive appointment, -
, &ec. o. wo person shall btf eligible to the
y - r w w vtu;iwiv SV IUW
office of Judgejof tl high Court of Errors and
appeals, wno snail not. nave attained, at the
time of hi election theasre of thirty veara. . r
Sec 7. The High CourlMErrors and Ar-I
yvaia tuui oe neia twice ia eacn year, at such
year eigbtean .Jiandred and thirty efxvaad
icg all the oScial returns of the firet election,'
eu'i jiroceeu, loiwwimi in tne presence-and
.h,-.w -1
said jeaeltiAairserve for th
yeara which $ha:i serve for the term or fnn.
iaerwaraj ravine seat or goyernment of the
stater-- 'i?.: 1 r' ' Z-?p ';'':
:r. Sec. &' The Secretary of State.
wnoi tnuasBisianre or iwo justices orthffpeace, 1 aucast i.ve years nextpreccdin
, "7 tue ujruecanaiaatea l r;, .. " r "uui huu not be capable
iravinsr lh ciirhesr number--nt vntte
yi.ars,ana wmcn tiuil serve fur the tern eft? - . "rl m.r,l:Iiy "won which shall nciLc
ycaw, and taxing go'detcraned Uie eaao 'i; whV ' . m T 1 V fl :'arSn 1 ' f
el.aJl bethadutvofi!.f.frtvr- -:tn Mwuc. - ..a J l elected.
r.-SEioaatLCCOrdiiir-I.- . . ' L,
. Sec 9. No jucI-eshanaltonlherTAf Jll K'
crt'sawhentiis pirticscr eitlicrof
U ccnaocted witir lia Ly aCaxty orconJ".-.
gunny, or wntn lr-y m interested m t
3 parties ;
-ana. waencvsr ouormnKof
crwrt a,oc!;Mn.i.f,:,:l ..-
wwwiju.4tiiyu WJVTSJ01.J - " ' ' tCI. ..jt
; Sec. la Theses cfk'tij court shal to.
ftrftfl! tnr. ...K Zm.1. -I. .'I i 4
-cic ior aeir Bervirrft cr-rerv
wj- .iuw,. TV UJ-oU t i.lll UUl C3 L,
curing thcr contii.-uahc j ia'cCca-1-.-
Sec. lUJThe J'uegof te .CircL.t Ccuit
uw ue eiecLca Dy tho qaaLQed cJcctcrs cf e - -1
p-.cialdinnct;ar..l ho!J thdVcC;fLr tf".
term of four years!, and re Ma in itCr rec-ica:
ti v
dv;,!cd into
at .'wut i.:3eec;ion,navettaL'iei
hall ha
c;- ;7en.c:
tai 1 rot 1
cc !i.:r .
-td.stiictr.f n-lcarh'I-
3 tlr.n three r.cr
L-rlj.;r trbiJlmtt-
av -ni.i
Si, wk...:! ti. 3 iizto ; Lut i 1
wi'-'-it' J- :lftl;oi.
ncr t3 r.-y U prctcrilcd.ly lav, and th-H
receive f-r. l!.::r services a cc:npc;;;.tion to La
fixed by law, which cha'l not' bo -dixniniehed
doring their ccntmnation in ofltc&-: -i
. . 'Sec. 16. A separato Superior court of Chan,
cbry shall bs established, ( with full jurisdiction
in all matters, "of equity ; 'Provided, however,
Tho Leislatnro may giro to tho circuit court
cf each county equity jurisdiction in all cas rs
Where the valuo of a thing, or amount in con
troy ersy, does not'exceed f.ve hundred Czllzta ,
also, in all ases (f.divorder and for the fjfe
clpsure pf mortgages.' Tho, chancellor shall
be elected by the qualified electors of the whole
State, for the term of six years; and shall be at
teat thirty years old at the tlmoof his election.
Sec 17. Tho style of all ptocesa shall be
"Too State of Mississippi' and all prosecu
tions shall be carried on in the name and by
the authority of 4,The State of Mississippi,' and
shall conclude "agairist tho peace and dignity
of the
Sec' 18. A court of nrobates shaUlto. eatab-
lisricd in caclf county" in thfs state, I 'wth juriB-'
dicfion in aH tnatters ietamentaVy and of ad
ministration in orphans' business and the allot
ment of doweri in cates pf idiocy and lunacy",
an4 of persons non compos mentis. Thejudo
of said coUt shall be elected bv the tlualified
electors Of the respective counties, for the term
of two years--i;-?i";L'ir-;;.:; v-r.- ".'.
Sec.19. The clerk of the? High1 Court of
Errors and Appeals shall be appointed by said
court for tho term' of four yearg, and the circuit
probate and other interior courts, snail be el
ected by the qualified electors of the respective
counties, and shall hold their offices fdt tho
term cf t.woyearg. - ( . , ; , ... ? ; . . r '. .
Sec. 20. The qualified electors of each coun-
ty snail eicct nvo persons tor me term oi two
years, who shall constitute a board of police fbf
each county, a majority of whom may transact
.. . i i , r n -
ousiness, wmcn Doay snau nave mu junsmc
tion 6ver roads, highways, ferries and bridges,
and all other matters of county police : and
shall order all county elections to fill vacancies
that may occur in the office s Of their respective
counties t The Clerk of Probates shall bo the
Clerkol i he Board of County folice.
Sec 21. rto person shall be eligible, as a
member of f aid board, who shall have hot re-
sided one year inrthe county ; but this qualm
cation shall not extend to such new counties
as may hereafter be establised nntir one year
after their organisation ; and all vacancies that
may occur in said board shall bo 6opplied by
election as aforesaid to nil the unexpired term.
. Set. 22. The judges of all the courts of lhi3
state, and aleo the members' cf the 'board of
county police, shall in virtue. cf their Offices bo
conservators of tho peacov and ehalj be by Jaw
vested with ample powers in this respect.
Sec 23. A competent nmnbet 6T justices of
the-peace ang constables shall be chosen in
each epnuty by the qualified electors thereoC
by districts who shall hold their offices for the
term of two years : Uhe jurisdiction of justices
oi me peace snau ceHmiiea 10 causes in w.nicn
the principal of the amount in controvcrsy,6hail
not exceed fifty dollars r in all causes tried by
a jusuce oi jne peace, me ngni dj appeal ei sa
be secured under such rules and regulations as
shall be prescribed by law.' v
- Sec. 24. The legislature 'may, frorn' time to
lime establish -such other inferior courts is
be deemed necessary, and abolish tho
same whenever they shall deem it expedient.
bee. 2o. 1 lierc shall bo an attorney cener
al elected by the qualified electors of the state:
aiid a competent number of district attorneys
shall fee elected by the qualified voters of their
respective districts; wbosa compensation and
term of service snau oe proscriDea oy law.
Sec. 20. The legislature uhall provide by law
for determining contested elections or jud?es
of tho High Court of Errors, and j4ppealst of
theCircuit and Probate Court?, and ptber of
ficers. ;' -J, '---"i-iife '.' -J
- Sec. 27. The judges'f the severaf- courts
of this state, for; wilful neglactof duty or Other
reasonable cause, shall, be removed . by the
Governor on the address of two.thirda- of both
houses of the legislature ; the address to he hv
joint voic of both houses. The cause or Cau
ses for which such removal shall be required,
saan oe Biaiea at jengtn m eucn aaarese. 'and
on the journals of each house. ; The judge so
intended to be removed, shall be notified and
aamiuea ton neanng in his own defence before
any vote for such address shall pass ; the vote
on such address :"shall be taken' bir vean anr!
nays.and entered on the journals of each house.
Sec - 28- Judrre of probates, clerks. tshcrifE.: i
and other county officers, for wilful neglect of
amy, or misdemeanor m office, shaU be liable
to prenentiment or indictment by a grand jury
and trial by petit jury, and.upon conviction shall !
os rcnaovea irom otnee ,
www A lie vulCi CXCCUUVe power Ottilia cllO
be vested in a governor, wh,haU hold his
Sec l.'.The chief cxecative power of this elate
-oficc for two year from the time of hi3 instal.
Soc. 2. Th
c crovcrnor shall lu nht-.tvA i..
qualified electors of the etatci Tho returns of
ever jr election for governor shall be- scaled tip
and transmitted to-the seat of government, di,
rceted tothc secretary f state, who shall dcliv
cr them to the speaker of the house ofreprescn
tattves, at the next ensuing session isf the Lct-
isiaiore durin? the Erst Wot r n,u:u
theaatd speaker shall cpea and publish them in
the presence of both homes of the f uture.
ITie person haVuiir the li5rrt,. i !!
equal andhfgbest in Voles then one ofthcra shall
house of houses of lha
both houses of the lemzUt,, t y
-j pivsLuuuu vv law.
v vec.
' United
"V'H'nsr wo -c-iace more than rnn si
v.55 ' Ue hant stated tlmfnemi
OCv' ?.ban to cj ::
rMfl.ch.vf cf
an.! r t' ... n:
.... 11 -. iaii-
.i,; rV. eiia'J l i.cj-ir.!o l'.o
Bcrviceoi inj United Ltatcj.
r-.-j ii,o tA.tccr8in the cipirt-
any subject rekf t V "3 t'
-t;on in vii:-.
2 d:
" c
rt-y. .,.. 1
' ".lr 1. -
o. xao Oovernta- elixir ti.j it .
ot aire.- shall havo l,r, t- ..J
, 7 " -- . T-. "- wtueq oi ilia
o.tates lor twenr .. i . -
Sec. 7.
vene t: ; I
cr at a d;
since t'j .
cr.crnv c
'V l.l
j, i;
from C,
t 4,n I
- v r
a l" i
rtLeyond'tha t'
"lLo IcgisIat L.ro.
'i tio tolini3-i,
' f Dit tii ta Lr
"tat "r i "
-11 think
ct.ui..cd r:.
ill ffs
3 f
ernn.wt,a.;.j r:
i.--urc3 L
t. .;., .:..;, . r .
i4i4t.4ia.jtr executed." .
I EccU.
. fl. 1 t W . 4 .
ia Ui cri.-n
. ,..;:
' - i SIS.
-ntr i-
avc r ,Ttiif-t.
JV f
h TVC-
uvea 1 y anj v
.1 1'
.re (hall ic
a seal of this utatc.
by hinfOinciaUy. . nd sball be called the rteat
"i-crnor, t;I t;cd
. 7 ' ww I'lmucu lor iri Ihl
constitaticn, hall be f.Iled q uch iaanncr as
the legislatur inty. prescribe.
.Sec. 14, The tccrctary of otato thall be elect
ed by the qualified electors of the tate,' and
ejiall continaajn oHlce during Uio term of two
years. ' Ifo shall keep m fair register of all tho
official acts and proceedings of the governor, and
shajl when required; lay lbs tarns and ail papers
minutes and vouchers relative thereto before tho
legWoture,and shall perform such other dufka
aa may be required of him by law.
. Sec. 15. Every bill which shall hava passed
botb houses of.ths legislature shall Lo present
ed to tho governor, if ho approve be shall rirn jt,
but if not ho shall return it with hi objections
to thohouao in which it ahall havo originated,
which ahall enter the oljcctidna at Utgn upon
thejr, journala, and proceed to corwider it, if af,
L?ch' consideration two-thirds of the house
HrreelWpaM tbobiIl,'it ahall le sect with
tho objections to the other house, by which it
snail. likewise he rtitnntAttl it i-
twd-thirdaof that hoosti. h ahall l,A, - i.Ji
but in auch cise th votes of both houses ehali
bf determined by yeap and nays-, and tk6 names
J th rriirabeS-a votinjr for 'and iagainst tho bill,
miituKm wHicrcQ on mo journals ti each Ijoubo
respectively: If any bill shall not to returned by
tho; governor within aix flayi (Sundays cicepu
edVaftor it sfialj have been presented tdhiai,thj
vatnc shall become a lav? in like manner if ho
had signed ititinlcsa'the legislature by their ad
Journment prevents its return,' in vJhfeh case it
shall not become a law. .- ,. : .
Sec. 16.' Every order, resolution or Vote, to
wh?cb tlie concorrcnce of both houses may bo
necessary .texcept resolutions, for lha
obtaining the joint action of both houses, and on
questions oi adjournment, haU bo presented to
the governor, and before it shall take cTcct be
approved by him, or being disapproved, t Lull he
repassed by both houses according to the rules
and limitations preatri&cd in the caso of a LilJ.
Sec. 17. Whenever theoCco of governor nliull
become vacant ' y t'oath; rc: ' jnation, rpmovnl
from ofTico or'cUtr'iFo,-.th!i president of the.
senate shall -exercise the office of rovernor un
til another governor shall bo dol v Qualified : and
in case of the death, resignation, removal from
office or other disqualification cf the prf-i'r.t
so excrcisinjtthe office ofCovcrnor. the pre iktr
oflhe house of rCpreKntetircs shall exercise tho
oflice, until the president of tho sonatc shall have
be ct' chosen, and when the efTiCe of rovernor.
ptef.'Jcnt of tfie senafe.and pjTKJiker ofthehouc
eLa'l become vacant 3n tho recces tf tho rehatc.
lac fersoir acting as. secretary of etato for the
time 'ireing? shall' by PToclamaticn convene tlic
aerate, thnt a president may bo chosen to excr-
who uto oiac ot governor, v, , - -r, ..
, scc -18. When cither tho presio ;t or srca.
kcr of the home of representatives tall bo exer
cise Said ofDce, ho shall receive the comnensation
of governor only, and his duties as president or
speaker . shall- be suspended, and the Bcnato or
bouse of representatives, as the cape may be
shall fill the vacancy until his duties us govcr
nor shalf cease. .
" Sec. 19, ,A sheriff and one or more coroners
a treasurer, surveyor and ran?cr sin II bo elect
ed in each count v bv the Qualified pi
of, who shall hold their ofHces for two year, un
less sooner removea except that the corone
shall hold his oflice -until his successor lr. Hulw
(UillUIUU. '
. bcC. 20. A state treasurer and auditar of ruL
lie accounts shall bo elected by the Qualified ul
cctors of tlc state, who ihall hold their oflicos for
tlie term of two years, unless sooner removed
Sec. 1. The legislature shall provide bv law
tor oreamzinar and clisciplininf? tl-e militia nf
this state, in such manner as they shall deem
expeaicni.net incompatible ;i tli the constitu
tion and Jaws of tho United States, in rcl.tt inn
- Sec 2. Commissioned oncers of "the mi!ifiji
umcers ami umoUiccrsof Toluntcer om
panics excepted) sha'l bo elected by the persons
uttoie io periorm military dutv. and the nualifirri
electors within .their rcspcclivo commands, snd
siutii oc commissionca oy iie povernor.
-i .ii lj ' : ....
boC. o. J he rovernor Ia II hive the mwr.r in
can lorin.uie mi una to exec. ; i t',13 laws nf the
state, to suppress lasurrcction, , repel inra
sion. .. 11 - - ' ' ; - .
!'J.?1 . AUnCLD VI. v - V.
W.. 'j. . ISirEACHMIlTTS. ' .
. v Sec l,.Thc hquse of representatives bLall bare
the solo power of impeaching.
Soc 2. AH impeachments shall Lo tried ly
the senate t .When siltinir for that nun.rsn Hie
BciiHie eiiau oe on oalft or a urination
. si ...
son shall be convicted, witlioat tho cor
of two thirds of tl a nicmbera nrcsenf.
io jicr
c orrence
Sce.3, , Tho bo, crnor. and n't rivil :
shall .to liablo tj i .i; rachmcnt for ary v ,
..-j,,, n uiulu , uuijutmcni in fxcli
co -, s
snau net extend furtlicr than removal
ficc, and disqualification In hnM
fruni cf.
cf.I:c of
but t! c
honor, tru-t, or prof.l under ll e ftate,
pany convicts, 1 si.aii r evert!. , f l!.-fir
su.jt.ct ti in- , -rr:t, trial en J pur...:1.Mcr.I, ac
coruing fo law, m in clhcr cv.-is.
xl'wICLC VII.'
- Sec 1.
. ifrOLf'J Of t fi IrUInf nrr. .
officers, cxecutivo and iudiciat. Lr.fori'iJ,r v
ter upon the duties of their rcf -ciivc c
t.1i'l t.l. ' r . .1 - -
;j, to
1 f
' t
Wit i 'l t
r (or afHrra j.a t:,
may!,) tl-
n wi.j Ei'j;xri t.no can
t'tt:3, c- 1 tha t-iftit-
. , ... .'I . . . .4
the !; 1
izen t-'icrcof, a:, j tl.at 1 will
to the Lst-of my eliLUes, the C.
ficeof . . uccardia ti h
God.":1 ..;":-'. -'i:,-' - .
' 'c c. -: 2. ' .. The Icr&iatcro t '
S 1.
all T
laws to Prevent tho evil
rrr -'- t c
i3 Uioyway deem ncccriry i..J i
all oSIccra', before they enter en C
;ir respective cfUccs to iz.1 - t!.
catli of aflrmatinn - f
(or eSftrj aa thecaso tnr v i
t-ccn crised tn -a daol, 1.
li::,? a chtllcr-e to f r!.t a c
a duel fiaiea tho fire; da 7 j
year of our Lord ona'th--and
thirty . tLrce. .- Co he It ;
V. -
Treason era:;-?
3 I
i:oc. 12. Tin
ra;, 3 a - .., f ,
ta.c,cr 1 .
lioueeof lirr."- -a
majority cf'r
entered on t'
najs .tat cat'." r
saccccdlr-f j-t-.
in three r
majority tf.
elect; J, af..cr -and
pass sach 1- .' ,
and nayss -
journals tf tact, i
JiatLi3 6-r' '
Prevent t! -
further 1- ;r ( f ,
Jars, and vt-1 : -
to tho t' j.-t l,T
Hank oft!.- t.;a.;
. 'ec lo- 'f 1
tn.iy.tetr-, '
,.:scc, ii,
or of tli- l . j
tcro of ,.'., t i
ia'sreto rci !
deduction? p! .
he oScera ix r.
capacity, tV '
Hoc 12. K0 i .
person holJintnnv -''' '
dcr the Urntcd &t i;
ter except, ofapy'',V
ion, or under any U ' "
exercise any ofike cf ' '
stale. - lr
Bcc. 15,
Hon of hbcrty, and tfcL(,,
echoo!.i and the means of,
....ij. Divorces I
monyehalJ not be l-,
tlca llr by laly'V ,
ovC, 10. Returns of-"
pioehall bo ix,alcio C, k .
auch a mrmcra8mayL"-"
pec. 17. NonewcV
hshcdbythclcptiatur,.. '
county or counties, CrV
which it may be taken t '
five hundred and ecvc'.'vV
shall any new couiitv !
SccL Tho lclature s"
er to pasa laws fur thecrr.v
withoot the consent of ihV
wncreino Fiavc FLall J.ave -etatoeorne
tho owner e hall hu paid a'f
the slave eo em.nicipr.ti(j
no power to prevent cm
from brinrrinir with nlPm ;
deemed slaves by the km
wnuiu oiaics, )ion-as
same ago or defcriotion -
slavery by the lawsof tVu
lhat FU'h ncron or t
property of guch cininnts :
That laws may bepusti lo '
dUCtiOn into thin at.ifn i '
committed hich crimw in
shall have power to pas l'.j
owners of slaves tocmanrh
thO rifrhtfl of rrrdltn.. ..!i.'
from beromiriff a nul l:.
have fuil power to oblige t!,fc0
In f runt Ih.m i ...
U I t .4
- B.vu ii'iiii null lillli;irii!y
tficm neccsfijry do
stain frora all i: :
i.r , . i i '
to t!
iwor ii:iu, ana r
filial to conij,!y . . .
laws to 1 ave n !. . ,
benefit of te c rrcn
Sec. 2. Tl.-- irrV n
this state aa rr.rrt L: : . ; a f
Pl"riHKif ft A frmn ...t .ft.. .1 .
J umvittu II will ILdil diLt'f l'tP Ji
eighteen hundred an thirty !)
prohibited from rurtl,; '
in Xi'i3 Union.and brir-:n't;'-
for their own irufi vi.!-: I r.
cihU-cn hundred .. J f -. :
Sec. 3. In tl.cr. '
cri:r.Cdof which the;
no inq-ist by a fr-.., i j r.'
he r roccejir in ... '. -
ted Ly law.
i::lccf r.rri :"; : :
Vl never two-l!.
,tt rcfchillt'i f' i ,
r r r 'rncr.t n.-c- .; 1
I rt; l J cli.vy, ;
1 I.-T J a: 1 ;
IV.-fi-l Tl
1 , t r
tl. rtcf
t! r t .ve: !
t' 1 1? :
. fttr.'s :t 1
f X
e L.I .
f.'..: )
;ar tf,
';s c:
.ta :
r f
i r
t r
) i
Con :
A'l r"
- ire:
.3 r.t f
. .VI
it t.
1 3 tra
II sir-J r.. . !
: r t! 0 tul.
' " es
m ( . t
V3 L(
14 i
f .
.. iv1. K ciiv cr? ail. . --n
i"u r,X( (; f i.ftrt :.
pca:e, le rnn!.' rr.' ,.
i i
tl !
11...-'..: c,,:,.!.
l.4j aUuliOrit
HUE 3 -T Crt'- It:!,,i....- - . 1
3 tiatc, at !
r.J Ly
j sea""
Sec. 1. Th? i i t.'.o rjeven . t rf
an 1 r
trr n.fl;
-'J ui'hf! t -rc
al ti
-d Ly
JT e day
;e circuits wi.h W!,0
til ir.tcr-
-er, i.i fc!.;;h man-
-.r.Ury ci ;
At le t

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