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, I - t
i T
That the rehttal greaVand essentia! princi
fiW6?-Uberiy" and free government may
" Clare: .. 1 ,r I "H' -Y
- Ur-o i. That all freemen, when thsy form
. rial r.bmaact. areequil in VictJ : an4
m.n'V set of rnen. r" entiled toexcla-
mvt "upoarate butlic emolument i or omlta jea
tha cottuminilVi but:ia coJeratbn of
Sbcj Si That all politujal powfr is inherent
inthfi neobla,-ani aU free ffovtrninente are
founded po' their atjlhoritv and established for
thflir benefit : and, therefore, ttey feavfr at aB
times an nnilienable rid indefeaaible right to
alter or abolish their forin of faternmeat, la
ucb manner as they matf Hnntf expedient. , -
&ec S The exercwe ana e.oy menc el re
Villous pivfegsl woi t-vjv ? ithoutdiscrim
-4aation.ehall forever be fraeth all persons in
this Etata i Provided That t-io right hereby
declared ana esiauiieea enau not be so con
trued as to excuse acts oi necnuousnesn or
ioatift praetires incoasisteat mththe peace and
safety of the BraieH I
&Ea 4. Kb preference aha'l eer he given
by law to any religions sepv or mode of wot
bECo-5. That no perpoi 'eta'i he molested
for bit cpinipna 0n any saject whatever, nor
qtyre ar civu or porwicw aatfanRgcv mron.
equencfe of such opinions, except m cases pro
videa for W this Constitution. - ;
Sec. f." Every eitiien may freely, speak,'
write an publish his sentiments on all euljjjecW;
beins rtsp0"10-6 for the abuae of thai liberty. :
Seo 7. No law shall eer be passed to enr-!
tail ofestrain the liberty of tpeech, or of the :
- Src 8. In all prosecutions or indictmsnts i
" Wt?aeC the truth may be given in evidence ;
aiyj i t Bhall appear to the jury in n me matter-
fc&ared aa l.belloug is trtie, and was pub
liebed "ruh -good .motives and for iast'iG.ible
c&a.the pty iht be acquitted ; and theja-
their persons, houses, papers and possesions
from unreasonable seizures and sear che ; and
tbat no wairant to search any place, or to
seize any person or things shalrfesue without
describing the place to beearcl.W, and the
perso.i or thing to be seizedaa neay as may
be, nor without probable cause, supported by
oath or affirmation. v
Sec. in. That in all criminal prosecution
the accused hath a right to be heard, by him
self or counsel, or both ; to demand the nature
or cause of the accusation ; to be confronted
by the witnesses in h3 favor ; and in all pros
ecutions by indictment or information a spec
dy and public trial by an impartial jury of the
county where the offence was committed ;
that he carina' be compelled to mve evidence
acainst himself, nor can he be' deprived of his
life, liberty or property, but by due course of
11 K Aficiiald. ar.
J i ft-j"irioft nrrp it !n rasps VlPf-tJrlaillSd
by law, and according to the form which the
arao has prescribed ; and no person shall be
lhed but in virtue of a law established and
proo. ,c rior tQ lho osence, and legally
apphed. .
Sac. 12. XL. Vv Tiorr.n ehail for anv
d-cuble offenca, proceeded against crimin
ally by mformation , xcept in cases arising m
the land or naval forfcea, t the militia, when in
actual service, or by leaYcjtf twcvartjfbr mi-i-demeanor
in office" lTT rl -
Sec. IS. yo" person eh iH for tha. same of
fence, batf ice put in jeopardy of life or limb ;
norha!l anv person's nronertv be taken or t,n-
-pHed to public use without the consent of the
Leg-islature, ana without just compensation be
in? fi st made therefor.
Sec 14. That all courts -t haTl bi opoa, and
every person tur an injury done h m m" his
landii, goods, person, or reputation, shall have
remedv,by due course of law, and right and jus
- tice amrnistered without' sale, denial or delay.
Sec. 13. That no power of su pendiDg laws
shall be exercised, except by the Legislature,
cr its authority.
Sec 10. That esceta've hail shall not be
: required, nor excessive fines imposed, norcru
el punishments inflicted. ; -
J3EC 17. I hat aH prisoner? shall befare'eon.
yiction be bailable by suffie'ent eecurtfies, exi
cepi tor capita) dienceg, where the proof is ev-
'jciii, w iub pressuuiiiongreai ; ana inepriv
ilege of the writ of Tiabeas corpus shall not hs
, suspended, unless, when in case of rebelhotf or
. iavasion; the public safety may require it. h:
. Sec- 18. That the person of a debtor, hen
' there is not strong presumption off rand shall
not be detained in prison, after delivemg np
his estate , far the .benefit of his crcdrorsj in
.such manner as shall be prescribed N law.
. Sec. IS. No conviction for any ofince shall
work corruption of blood cr forfeiture of estate:
i oe legislature shall paf no hill of attainder,
ex posijacto Jaw, nor laWunparmrg the obliga
tion of contracts. ' ?
ec 20. io property quahflcation I r eli
gibility of office, or fur the right of surage,
shall ever be required by law in this State. -
-iEC. 21. That the. estates of suicides shall
deOQ4r vest aV in cases of natural death ;
and if any pe Ehall be killed by. casualty,
there shall be no Tcyre bj rcason thereof.
Sz& 2-3, That the qUi ; Tfasliave a right in
a peaceabfe manner, to assemble together for
i neir common gooa, ana to apply to thoaa
ed with the powers of governmehtr redress
of grievances or other proper purposes; tby
petition, address or remonstrance. : . - .
Sec- S3. Every citizen ha a 'right to tear
arms in defence of himself and of the State.-'
up without the consent of the Legislature; and
me mmiary snan in an cases, ana at au uriee,
be in strict subardinatipn to the civjf power. ?
Sec. 25. Tbat no tidier shall , in time of
peace, be quartered in any house, without th
consent oi xne owner, or jh iimeof war, oki is
manner to be prescribed bylaw. !V
- Sec. 26. That po hereditary -emoluments,
privileges or honors shall ever be granted or
eoaierrea in mis, ouie.' ; s ,
Sec. 27. Emigration from this State s'la'I
nVbe; prohibited, norf hall any free white ciu
-ixen of tbw SuteLcver be exiled under any
pretence whatever.- -f " r
Sec. 2Su Thf rigl.Vof rial brrjnry.Bh ill re
main inviolate.' f . v. V - .
.r Sic:23..o person'j'rn be debarred fi on
prosecnttnE crdefahdlr? s:it cit il cacse for or
against himself orVers'eif fcrr. r ? ay ,tr:l tnal
ia this State, by.hjm p?l hcrscH cr eoun or
. Sta.SO: JNo cer5;ril..l,pri';; ? 'ppninled
tt elected to ar-v tttza cf th:3 rtatf f :r 1..?, or
d aricj pood beh ivlof : I b at tfc i I it " 3 c f t !: of
fice shalljbe fjr-eome Iini' ed r ' ri : J of u'f n, if
tea perron appointed cr e rctca .tlicreto eu.l
- t jfi,t,UH-i. . . , .... :
- Toruard arairst Tensions of the hitb
f ; e jjrciare, ;i hat
i.. e " "!tdout(f thu
every t hip,'?' in this a-
ever rema;n icvi'-V: r . 1 )'
, 1 1 n : c
txir- tl. ''tOj-f.njto tl.i..omij
halt It vrZA ' " ' ' " - -.
tTBiBrjTT?:r or rowsr i
Cec 1. The powcri
:f tl a 4;ofcnr3'3a:'of
iu'f.uta cf Uisa'ttinftl.
CO 1. J - J U J I, . . j-6 I -
r ,
tvbicb ars Jui'.cui t 1 1-.
are lixec five to cL.
th 3.13 cxef-
bzvr of or.e of izzz dc;
ciae any powef prcjrorly bcl
the others; exeent ta tue iz:
erpresaly directed or permitted.
, r :;; . AttTlCLKt III. .
tEGistaTnrr.crPASxMsMXi ' ;
I Bad. : I." Elvery free' white male person of the
arB of twenty -one years or npwards, who eball
be a Citizen of .the United Statesi and hall
haYe resided m this Strte qtia year cext pre:
ceding an election,' and, the last four month?
within the countyi city or townm which he of
fera to vote,' shall be deemed a qualified elector.-
And any" such qualified elector wboT may
happen, to be in any county, city or town, other
tliap that ofhts residenceat the time of an elec
tidri, or who shall have removed to any county,
city or town, in which he would have been a
quafiSed elector,1 had he not so removed, miy
vote" for anv State or District officer or mem
ber of Consrreas, for whom he could have voted
in the county of his residence, or the. county,
city or town, from waico be, may nave eore
moved, v.; A-t:-"-;;-;?."!; rrj:-' .v. ' :J-'vj
Sec. 2. Electors shall, inaU cases; except ra
these off reason, felony or breach of the peace,
tffprivileged from arrest, during their attend
ance on elections, and gihg to and returning
from the same. ' ' ' J v
Sec 3.- The first election' sha3 be by baflqti
ipd all future elections by the people, shall be
rarrtila it A kv taw.
I :B4.;Tfceleg&t
shau oevesiea in two ubuuui m twines, me
one to be styled the Senate, the other the
House of Represeittatives j7 and both together
"The Legislature of the State of Mississippi.
And the style of their laws shall be, uBe it en
acted by1 the legislature ff tie State of Mis.
sissippi' -v ; , - --If --v .'..i.
Sec 5. The members of the House of Rep
resentatives shall e chosen by the qualified
dehors, and fhaJSservei for Ulie term of two
years, from the day of the commencement of
the general election, arid no longer. 5-
Sec. 6. The representatives shaJf be cho
sen every 'wo years, on the first Monday and
day lollowlng in November.
Sec. ,7. No per son shall be a representative
-Sw J be a citizen of the United States, and
hj?bave been an inbabitantof the State two
years ai j7rco4iag hbi election, and the last
year thereof a rpsidenf r
town for Whlfch he ohalt h . and ahall
have attained tFjWe of uUmy one years.
01.1.. u. .icouoiivipr rtprcsericatrves tor the
several cpunties, shalH held aUhe places of
holding their respective courts, or in the sever
al election districts into which the county may
be divided . Provided, TbatVen it' shall ap,.
pear to the Legislature, that anYciU or town
hut'i a number of free white inhabhatits, equal
mi the ratio then rued, such city or town ahall
le a separate representation, according tn
the umber of free white inhabitants therein,
which hail be retained so long as such city or
town shm contain a number of free white in
habitants mial to the fiJtiKl1ri( raf in. anil theia-
,after and during tho existence of the right of
- r-- .-r..vouuu uj puco ci iv or i own,
eJectKffls for the county which such city or
town entitled to aseparie representation is
sutf. baU jiot be held ftcr. city r town.
And Pram, at if thertesiduum or frac
tion of any c'Ujr or entitfed to a separate
representation shall. whe ided to the Tisldu
um in the couiuv. in whf a mav lie.
be equal to the ratio fixed by fewWi re rep-
resentative ; then the afofesaVd eaaMrZti "
town, having the largest residuum,iiiii be n
titled to such representation ; An4 iVvcilai
also, i nai when mere are two or mora conn-
lira adjoining, which have resiihftim wnsr anrf
above tbe ratb then fixed by lawif etid resi
duums, wVeu added together, ytf amottQt to
sucn ratio, w that case one representative Blall
oe aaued to thfcvcounfy havinMie largest rete,
iduum.- :f: S
Sec. 9.-The -Legbtii-ehall at their first
session, and at period of not less than every'
iour, nor more Uao evefyjiyx years, until the
year 1845 a iu; thereafter alperiods of not lees
than .every Jbor,tior mote jhan every, eight
years, came 'n enumeration; to.be made ofall
the free white inhabttaEts of i&ia State, and the
whole numbef-'bf Representatives shall at the
eeverif period of makingsuerj enumeration he
fivPfV fttt.hA frfriR tat lire, aid a nnortionrrt n-
"j r r . ' t .
moi the sevej-alpuntiea, ties or towna .en
titled to separareprosentsuion, according? to
tib number free white inhabitants in each,
ind ahall pot be less than flirty six. nor more
i ha n one hundred : Provided, , however, ,-That
eachounty shall always te entitled to at least
one Kepresentative. - ;
Sec. 10. The whole lumber: of Senators
shall, at the several period ofthe enumeration
before mentioned, ba fixed by the Legislature,
and apportioned among the several districts to
be established by law, according, to the num
ber of free white inhabitants in each, and shall
never be Jess than one fourth, nor more ihan
one-third of the whole number of Kepresenta-
tive8. . ' - , , .,rt:Ai
.Sec. 11. Tho Senators shall be chosen by
th qualified electors, for four ,y ears, and on
iheir being ; convened in consequence of the
first election, they phalj be divided by lot from
their respective districts into tWo: classes, as
nearly equal as they can be. And the seats of
the Beoators of the first class shall be vacated.
ai me expirauon ct the second vear.
Sec. 12. Suchmode of claswfyog new ad.
1 -. 1 t . . . . . i.
ciuonai isenaiors Sfialfe?oD5ervea, as win as
nearly as jtosmrpte serve an equality of num
fcerjrf each, class, .f-.-l -rut. '. - -(-- ,
" bee 13. When a Senatorial- distinct " shall
te composed oi two or more counties, it shall
noi oe enureiy separated by any county beJon
ing to another district ; and no county shall fie
divided in fbrmingt a district-- : :' ; . ;;',
V Stc J4, Nd Person, shaU be Senator un
Jnw fMba a, citizen of the United States, and
saau nave oeen au ifiaaaaWoltttUtitate four
yean next preceding hiaetection, and the last
year thereof 'resident of the district for which
he shall be chosen, and shall have attained the;
age of thirty yea ra -
,Sec lSThe house ofreprcsentiitive5,vhen
assembled, shall choose a sneaker an I ita tsGl.
cere, and f he . Senate tJiall choose a President
aad its oflicere, and each house eliall judge pf
the qualifications and election of it o .vn taem
b srs, but a contested eiecLon sha:l he rtrVnunl
t in suli a manner as sbajl be. directed by
lavvrv Apajority of each housshalj roristi
rar'qaarum to 'do business, but a smaller
n amber may adjourn from day to day, and may
(xmijjtt. iuu a..ienaauce oi aoseni member?, m
iuch manner and ender such-penalties as s acb
h 31.3 3 may provide- -: - - - k fJ
Secl lCi Each house may C stcfnlnq :' the
rtlTt ftfita ftivn' nm?iAnr1?nm Vim s T-t -v- i
tor disorderly behaviour, and With the consent
w wj v it art iv-v.; uu40li 'Uat4uJ'Ci S3
of twrMhirds, expel a membar, but not a 8e
coni time fof the saxaCaSsei and s'lall ljive
o; her powers necessary for a t ranch of the le.
i;?iture of free atd i" T.penont State. . t
t e.17. L'achhou- fhrJI kcrp a jr.vicf
ilr t ccc . :-3f t ii yc !" h tl? t '.rzt ; an tLa
yu slI rajs of tie mcr.-.lcra of clthartct-j?,
f. i j-r.y i-hillat t!;3 c!:. 'r5 cfeny t'.rco
txc. A:. a pr3cn la en'crfti c:i Lv.e jurr h f
l; 13 71. ;.7 vac. -':"3 ;n i.i e .'.cr
c vera, cry
cf elect -.a tif::i
i: all case; , cr.:
ci tl.3 pi'cc, L
s ..-. . T . .ii2 vr ; .
;tcftrco.t,LLcj, urcaclj
r.itviIo,Ted ffcm arrect crk"
tie to
".on t f tho Ir jiYslura, and ia gear." to
;rninj frcn the sane, allowing oneway
t' ) l-p-Utcrsij
rr.:y p:"': 1 ty ir'rris
i 2
cr.msn,x' :-
cem:jsr, J ;t
iour ini V"tr
its cr 1
' ,., r j . IT
r n.f eny of
i : ii..-p.--jr.x.i?r)t
shall jvata. i",
..ly-cht houf
Ii f.oj iu!l ba
1 Kaa "21j i 1 i.vcra tt t
as. in th3 opinion c
f tl.j 1.03 tiiy rs-
nuire s&crecy.
Rsr: 22. Neither houss
ehalJ witr.su: t3
cksent of the tth; .a? rpcr?.
three days,-nor to any oiiier pai.3 "
ahmll th mivhe BittimfV - r " '
and m amerued, auereu or ;uUJ v -er,but
no biH shall have,th& force of a 1 law, , tai
t?l ba three several daysy it :be Tead jo; each
&ouse, and free discussion ta allowed thereon,
Onlesa fourtfifths of the house iff which the bill
gball be pending, may deerait expcdisnUo dial
Jenaa-with.. thui-rufe; and every. btU Jiavmg
passed both botfcesll beeped by the spea
ker and president of their reecUva houses. ,
x ,Sec 54 All bills for raiemg, reveuue, ehaa
or'CTnate in,' the House of Keprefi6ntaUvs, Jty
tba Senate may ?iamehd or keject them aa oth-
hilla i ... , .v ' . '. "... " - ,
,Sec 35.- Each inember of fhe 'jLegislaf tirJ
shall rprfliva trom ine puwiu ucaoury . a kwui-
pensation for bis services which may be. in
creased or diminished by law ; biit no increase
of compensation shall .;takp'.feffeef during the
sess on at which such incree shaH have beep
made. ' - - -r.
1 St. 26. NoJ Senior, or. Representative
shall, during the terpiJet bicb Jie-ahalLhave
been elect, nor for r yar .beafreiy be
SSe? which shall have been created, or the
emoSnb of whkb shall Wda inOfifl.
ed daring nch term except each offices at
mav be filled by elecuons by ihe people, and
no member of e4ther; house of the legislature
sbaBjftct the commencement of tho first ses
sion of the Legislature 'after bis election, and
during the remainder of the term for which he
is elected, be eligible loany office: or place, the
appcintmeht to which may bo made in whole
r in nart hv either branch of the legislature. ,
; Sec. U7i No judge of any court of lai or
equity, secretary; of sttteattorney general,
rlflrk of anvcourtof record, sheriff or collector,
or any person boidipg a lucrative office under
tne unitea oiaies or iu jwwj.puau v
to the Legislature : Provided, fTh&t offices in
the militia, to which there is attached no annu
al salary ,'and tm Pfflcf of jostice of the peace,
shall not be deemed lucrative. V; .
. Sec 28. No person ,wbo hath beretdfor
beeft or hereafter maj be, a collector or hofder
of public moneys, shaJJ iavc a seat in either
house of ihe,Le8ktue, until such person
shaD have accounted forkhd paM into the trea
sory all sums for.whici he may be accountai
; Sec. 25. The first el ctioa for eeaafors and
representatives shall b general throughout
the state, and shall be bt d on the first Monday
and dav followios m November, 1833; and
tbereafterr there ehallbd biennial elections for J
senators to fill the place or those whose term
of service mav have exi'tred i
Sec. 30.- The first and all future sessions of
the legislature ; shall ibe held in thtf" town of
Jacxsonrin the county of timds, until the year
lboa During thesrst acssgoa thereaner the
Legislature chaU havff power to designate by
law the permanent freit of government; Pro
vided however, Thai tmless euch designation
bi then made by law,) the seat of government
ahall continue; permanent at the town of Jack
son. 'The first session shall commence on the
tblrd .Mondy November, in the year 1833.
TaC?: e-m3r 0 ears thereazier, at such
i rT-bo prescribed by law.
"Sac. 31. TTid Poatnor, Sewwy.fStalfi,
Treaer,Auditorotfu-buC Account j5At
torney General Ehalfresld watcaCor.
ernment. . ..s-. ,'"'-:;"'-r-i'-
- - ;7 ARTICLE IV. .:.''-i-':' :
Sec. X The Judicial Jwwer of this (State
shall be vested in one High 'ourt of Errors
d Appeals, and sfeh other cotfris of la wand
equay as are aereaf;er provided for in. this ca-atitntioa-
....... .,.;-. - .:.,.V;..:i-l;'w,.i '.:
v Sec. 2vthe High Court of ErrwandMr
pealsshah Sigjst of three jud'eatiy. two of
whom shall tow a qaoriwr. The Legislature
shal-dividw thete into three districts, and
the qualified electors or ovti district 6hall elect
one of sail judges for the term of sixyearat .
Sec. 3. The office of one of said judges
shall be vacated in two years, an4 of one in
four yetrs, and of. one in six yeso that at
toe expiration or every incf years, one oi said
judges shall be elected asaforesaidi 1 :-'
acc 4. The High Uflurt of Errors and Ap
peals shall have i no jurisdiction, but such as
oroncrlv belonfrsltoa court of errors and si
peais. , , i - f; - ;. tv ; y
Sec 5, AU yacaicies that may. occur in
said court, from flealhy resignation or removal.
t it x i .
. o ? . ,,tr. . ..
snail De.miea oyjejection as aforesaid UPro-
vtded however, IpatM the unexpired term do
not exceed one jear, the vacancv shall be fill.
ed by executive appointment. .
Sec. 6. No Mrson shall be eligible to the
omce ouuagejotihe high Uourt of Errors and
Appeals.iWho shilluot have attained, at the
units oi ais eiecnan ineaffeof thirtv t ears. t .
faec 7. The CburtVif Rrmrs nnrl An
peals shall be held tsvice in eaih War. at mh
tca.-iis A,effBiaiure sna 1 d rwt. imt!
the; year eighteen krinArUA iikWtr.;.-..
afterwards at ih- at : of gbvernmeht of the
fctate ' -: :r. a ; r ; ? ( , . .....
, o. Aiieoecretary ot Ktate,on receiv
ing all the official njtui ns pf , tba first election,
sha-l proceed ibrtkwitb, irrthe presence and
with the assistance of twd justices f the peace,
to determine by lot amon the three
bating the highest number ot votes which of
Kuajuages eject shall serve for the terra of tvo
yew which shall serve for the term of four
jrba wnicn shau serve for the term of aix
TO ahavi-,7 fq determined the same it
snah be the ty d the governor to issue" coiji
missions accorL r'j, .
L:?eC f N? s&ailsit'on the trial of any
C?J!e? lhef: cr either of them shall
beccnnected w.th L.i hy afTtv cr trvn
c;;;V y he interested an the
the tt '-1 '1 : -
tie governor cf
the 5eterm;natL - tbsrsof.' , ' " ' "? r
: Sec10.- Thej-Je's o'J-i ' . ' . ' " ' " '
th ttZZ cf the Judge and of
the trticff; ani whecs.,ra cuorm of .M
ftniirl nro cnn'.-t ' St-iJr-tU OI Said
or at a
ceive for heir services :a ccV--en nC-i i-," '
fixed by law, which shall rit v - . 5
uriujilwjlrjcoafifcafi&ct-inofiice' J '
fee;. lL'-TheJadrrcs rf ilia cir:t r
Bhall be elected t y the cuaii.d electors r.f
judicial dietricr,'i.df hold tiitlYlss for ih
yezn icarr.r: lz an th:r r
re ic strict.
ir, " t . .... . , . it
ill tuJ
uius oi juujo cr lae vircu rf.'
t a the tirm r his election.have att "
a?e of twenty sc years. ' " ' :
-j. 10. ftate e:ian cYvn:
T'!Ei-Md "1-:x:ti5.&nj e?chdl-9rlct
tain IIR1 Innm f
.' . - f .-- 4 - Y' " .
? c: : J 1
rt"' - !I h-vecr:;
. tii.UrU trie::.-.
- - . CSJ5CS Oltlj
' i in c rov- t
inaJ jiri
!, "0 1'.' .. . '
: i.avir. . " ;
CSiCli CJOvCtj C wi a
ycar.icdt. sjY
chants ciKfs y,
"rC .rt behcrjii
r - . , ? . . r .. . .
..-j.. ,0.1. .IffKBlaf-'l
1 c
siid courts a! -.?i j
.tcr-1 GY ,
i each
c..:cr, ta 6--h c:
during d"-' cr".::.:v,-U-:i i.; c...-
in allimatiora -t equity Pmi ;J.
The Lcru
of each co
Where the
l a elected bv the Qualified elef lz:
Elite, ic: t Lstcrm if fix j'cin; tn J tc II
ii . k ' - , fir,."..'"
J &jiV-17-:The-ety!9 ef a!l r -r e
ill te
'The Stafo-'cf Xlisosippl,! .ar.J
itAfia mH lis" earned. on s i t.a
the autL3rity ofThe Stata of rlhilasiri a&
shalI;ots;lude against th4 peace &ii4 dsuiy
'ofthe'eanid'uH . .. -
I Bedlia. A ecurtof probates hall ke estab
lished in each county ia ttisttsti, vdih jurist
fiction in all mattera testamentary rrj.'l cf a
mlnKtratiori in erpbasi business and tbe'augls
ment of dower, in cases of idioCy and lunacy!
ana oi persons now compos menus. 4 uojuu-b
of eaia court shall be elected by tiie quJXai
Errors aud Ap'peaW shall be-appointed byaaid
eourrfortjje term ofour years, and the circuit
probate 'and other inferior ' courts, shall be el
ected by the qualified elector of the respective
counties;- and shall, hold JheU offices for the
term oftwo years, ' ' " v " '
' Sec 20. The quahfied electors of each coun
ty shall elect five persona for, the term of two
fenFjhkra 6tmitt board of police for
ain?WWwy majority Of
bueiness, Which body Wall have fiiS
tion over roads, highway, ferries and bridges,
and all other matters tf county: police ; and
shall order ail county elections to fill tacancies
that may occur in the ffic s o( their respective
counties : The Clerk of Probates shall be the
Clerk of the Board' of Coumy Police'; '
; Sec. 21. No person shall be eligible as a
member of said board, who shall have, not re
6ided one year in the county ; but this qualifi
eatioit ehaJil not extend to such new counties
as may hereafter be establised until one year
after their organization ; and all vacancies that
may occur.in said board shall bo supplied by
election as'aforesaid to fill the unexpired term.
Sec. 22. Tbe iudares of all the courts of this
state, and aleu the members of the board of
county police, shall in virtue of their offices be
conservators ofthe peace,- and shall be by law
vested with amble bowers in this respect. vY
! Sec.' 23. A competent number of justices of
tee peace and constables shall be chosen in
each county by the qualified electors thereof
by districts, who shall hold their offices for the
term of two years" :) the jurisdiction of justices
of the peace shall be limited to causes in which
the principal ofthe amount in controversy.shall
not exceed fifty dollars in all causes tried by
a justice of the peace, the right of appeal shall
be secured" under such rules arid regulations as
shall be prescribed by law". "Y 7 .. . .
Sec. 24. The legislature mayfrom' time to
time establish; such other inferior courts as
may be deemed necessary, and abolish the
eamie whenever they shall deem it expedient
Sec. 25. There shall be xn attorney gener
al elected by the qualified Sectors of tbe state;
and a competent iiumbif of-district attorneys
shaH.be elected by tbe qualified voters of their
respective districts rhoee compertf alicrx and
term of service sha be proscribed by law
Sec 23. The legislature nhaU provide by law
for determininffiontested elections of Judsres
f the High Court of Errors and Appeals, of
tne vircuii ana fuuaie vouns, ana piner CI-
; Sec; 27. The Ju3g?i of the iiveral coutfj
of this state, for wilful neglect of duty or other
rBaionit aaa-.rprflpyptt tttr
Governor an th ftLlretjtriwa-Ci5iXuj c.rlkk.
houses of the leffisiature ; the address to he by
ioint voieof both houses. , The cause or cau-
cocr fnr which CTCII TGIDOViU BOail UO JlTJUireu
ohati . crated at lenrrth in such address, and
rt fh foumals of each house.'-The 'judge so
,nendeu to be remeved. shall be. notified and
admitted to a bearing in bis own defence before
any vote for sacs address shall pass the. rote
onsuch address BitfH bo taken by yeas and
naym,ahd entered on the journals of each house.
Sec- 23; Judge of probata clerki, sherifS,
and other county officers, for.wtTftil neirlect of
duly, or misdemeanor in ofiiceefaaJI be ha bid
to presentiment or indictment
ly a grand jury
and trial by petit jury, and upon
roavictioa shall
be removed from omce. . .
Secv l...Thexhif executive pi er of this'siatie
shall be vested in a, governor, vIa shall hold his
office for twd years from ihe lite of lib iustaL-
laiion. . - -'v. . .... -v
T Xb9 governor ahall ft" elected bv the
Hu.i.ucu deciors 01 im eute. The return of
buivi vrnueiiuiiea 10 me seat pf
rected to the tecr ttiry of elate,''
er them to the speaker ofthe hi
rovernment, th-
vno shall deliv-
""'"i" ensuing scion csf the Lc
the said speaker shall open andpaCli.h'thrn in
V-T v on rouses ofthe legislature.
shaU be governor, but if two wmore shall be
equal and highest in vote then uoe of them fU'I
ft .. . '. . Jv. "WtlVfc Ul LKit.il
nouse ot houses of the h?i
Kuuaeu covernor rv tio i.ii. i
election for governor shall h v i.: j t
lS v!5th-?W1ft0M. " manner
United Ctat-- s - ' cl i"e
f . " J
7iT - j v . ttt ,iVe years C .1 rrr
thed-crhia rlfirf nti .r, !..M : ...
not Lf.caj-sL'j
term ef uz vein ' - ""cytars j?
fl Rnn
See. 4. He ehslln ..i.i I
hi. wrviees , cessation wj7ch -"l " V'r
increased or r'YY. ,,. T r.f a 1301
whichhesha'. t ? r' i , ' ' nr-i -
'Sec." 5." II u i.h it .,-,.'.,,...
the array and navy of this state, in.! r.f t
tia,: exceri when ihev' shall I, 9!' i
servbe ofthe United Stales. . . -
y. Sec." 6. Jit r.ay require informtti" ' '
from the o.'".-ers in the PTPinfi-- 'rt.'. 1
any tu. cct
pect.ve o
CC3. - '
' Sec. 7. 11
yene the
. j at
f t'nt f '
i. ..rk.t ac" j-;
enemy or frcn ci-" -tstwei
the two l.o:
in eve cfti'n
. 1 1" t
0 to l..-
I 4 fei.ail t'.:' pro r, r.
1. Jit rtitcd iu:ei:. -rcf t
u-n tj t 1
. irr-
1 1;
t? t:.
!'j:il4lore, ir.f
ernmeatj.&Dd rec
e"el 1-; assure 3 m
n ri
1 t3
ace. lis
.j. j. ....
i t".
;? execv
In all-jY
"3 cf tre- -
i -'? i
1 1
-r l crY " t Y
cf tl.3 1 Y"--"-re,.;.a tj tt.
c; rf Y
r' . - f
- WA .,
"rrcit sell t
nfritffcr th:. crVicrs a c;:t
L-itnra. Mav r.ve to teirc-.&
"t ....
riw' ,4 aut ....
valuo cl aihisr cr ctu-
tfoversy, does cot exceed t.vc aaacr ca c.irs ,
also, in all cssci U kl;rcrr.p,i::i; fpr ths fi;--
electors oitbe respective counties, for the term
of two vears. . : ...,;:;V; v l' ":f
i 1BL Th4' clerk1 of the llfffla Coifrt tf
if-. I?
f. -j.
7 ,
.... rf
i ,
. J f
'i Sc, If.
j ' -y cf r3t5' 'l
ed by tr.'S ... . ) . t
tb&ll Co .S.r .j i.i t. '. .i l.'.vi Ui-.,i of t
year. J2a-fcha'l l.p a rj ", - !r cf all
oriclalattsandproceedic-f tTt', : - ?rjr
hall when required; lay ' r t ' .
minutes and vouchers r"!nvs t: rf . ,m
leulfture, and shall r r-n
as rasy be required of I'ri by I
ice; IS. If ry f "1 - ' ' ' '
1 I
ve ji
both bc.a.i a . L. - -ed
to the governor, if Lo e;
3 he, .'-i.li;nit,
' 1 ' " ' ' Yiicnt
J l.ava eliminated,
1 f 1 1 ryfl upon
bat 11 not Jii'f . r y
td the house in whicli it 1 '
which shall enter tl.3 c' J
their 'journaliand proti.;d t
ter such ccasi deration two-;
thtTl a -res ta pass the til', it
r It tf.
1 J I.e:C
. -t vrt.h
t c.
1 1
J&e objections to lha cU.tr I , .;.
shall likewise be reconsider iJ", if a
two-thirds of that house. It '.,'A !
but ia tuch ease tbs Votes of to: t I
v hich it
4 . ired ly
,u"s shall
hm tfelerfnined bv veas and mv. & -. J tr. : narr.ti
f Iha'mpmbers yotinj.forat I st::.tt the till,
ehall bdnterdttti -the j-.uri.Ali tf cacli hoie
respectively rlf any li'I k -all nt la rcluracd ty
the governor within aix dys ("unJjys except
ed) after it ahall have been presented to him, the
same shall become a law In lilts manner as if lie
had signed it, unless the iegialature ty their sd.
journment prevents I Uk return,' in which case it
hall not become a law. "
I Sec 16.' Every order, refolotion ot vole, to
which the. concurrence of both hotitef may ta
necsary,except resolutions, for the p'.irpoxtf f
obtaining the joint action of both hit ss, un 1 1
questions of adjourn roent, shall be ..h. .. ..U ! la
repassed by b'th bouies at ordirj t 1 1? rulca
and limitations prescribed Jin tho : Yu. bill.
.' Sec 17. Whenever the oEice of govcirr eliall
become vacant by. death, res'natioa, rrfi-.val
from office or otherwise, the presi lent cf li
senate hall exeroise the o'lice tf govrmnr un
til another governor ehall la dulj .?.!;" j ; and
in case of the death, rc Ysstiot!, tc. '1 from
ofHce or other disqualification cf f;.. , sc ut
so exercising the otSce of governor, the r j cjker
ofthe house f repreaentetivee shHfx;rc:e the
office, until the president of tiie cnat sLillhave
been chosen, and when the oflice of governor,
president of the seoate.and spoker ofthe house
shall become vacant in the recce ofthe senate.
tho perspa acting- as aecretary of state for tho
time'being, shall, by proclamation convene the
senate, that 0 president may be chosen to exer
cise the ofSce of governor. '
Sec". 1 8. When either the prejiidsnt or spca
ker of the house of representatives shall no cxer
ciue said oflice, he shall receive the compensation
of governor only, and his duties as president or
speaker shall be suspended,' and the senate or
house of representatives. the cure may be,
shall fill the vacancy until bia duties govsr
nor shall cease. .. '-. " v -'
Sec. 1? A aheriif and one or Qiorn coronerf,
a treasurer, surveyor and ranker chill be elect-
ed in each county by the qualified electors there
of, who shall hold their offices for two years, un
less sooner removed ; , except that the coroner
hall hold his omce until his successor be duly
Qualified. . : ,
Sec 20. .A elate treasurer and audiler cf pub
lic accounts snail be elected bv tbe qualified el
BCtors ofthe stale, who shall bold their efficea for
the term of two years, unless sooner removed
See. 1.' The legislature shall provido bv law.
for organizing and disciplining tbe militia of
mis state, in sucn manner as they shall deem
expedient, not incompatible ith the conRtitu-
tion ami Jaws ofthe United States, in relation
tncretov .
Sec. 2.1 Cowmisaioned officers of the militia,
t8iaiiihcera and the o facers of volunteer c m
panies excepted eha'l be elected by the persona
liable to perform military uty, and the qualified
. See. 3. The rnvtrnor shall have t' e iowrr tA
u iu" 1110 muiiia toetecuie li.a laws of llie
sUte, to suppress Insurrection," and repel inva
trtn -.1" :--,,.. .
- f' ; ARTICLE VI.
pec 11 The house of renresenUtiVta shall hv
he sole power cflmf caching.
, fcec V. All impeachments shall trlo.t hv
ine senate: When eitun'r for that 'nurtioae the
.1 . .... -. .
senate snail be on oath or adrniution : No t cr
son shall be convicted withuSt th a confnrrpnft
01 two thirds of the members present.
rKufl I.e. ItKt I .... f .
1.. a lie revcrnnr. rt r..i tm rivti
vi, uir. ixj iiiipcacjimer.i lor any niisL'e
meanor iit pfHce ;. but judgment in fuch rnsea
shall not extend further than removes I from cf.
ce, end cisoual.:.cation lo i.oIJ env t of
honor, trust,- or proiTt., under .the ?ate ; but the
party -convicted shall nevertheless, be liab'e and
subject i indictment, trial and punishment,' ac
cording lo law, as in otLer cues.
, article vir. -
aec i. j.Jcmbera cf !?. I r. t ; t
Ciccrsr, cifccttve andj
al, ' r thpy cu-
ter P30T1 thft r!ntij f 1 -,
cir rr-'. ( sve cice?.
.i iil take tbe io .
wir -
r i: ". ri A ion. tn
v. it : 'l to iimn tr au. r . r t, r . . , 11 . . ,.. . .
. suiciiiiiiy awcsir or ju
i.iay Lc,) thct 1 will rup-.rt tV
tho Uiiit-d ftats, jjnd.Vta a,
-- . 1... J. .. vu.
ciui3 ci . ;.srir'
l'' m I
t I.Wiii ;!(!,'
-1 t t j d
ri:. ti !
ircn t;,Te.f, and t.'. 1
to the I cit cf my a
"3 ft ' !!
i 1.
i.ri or .
I... u ...i ...
j 2. Tl.e I- ' '
laws ;.irr;vt-: ?' ...!
as they. mav d . 3 k.t'
all cfTiCrs Lc.Y-cth-'v c
their rcjrsxlive tfJc: t
oath cf rYIrrr: lion : I
(or afYrn aa tl 3c. 1
,t! dl
been cnT: lii a l !.
?icachc:.c: uf ' I -
rducl jEinceuio Cut e. .
ercfour Ixrd 03 t
Jtl. rty tI.!Co. ' T ' . .'
c; j 1 r,
.1 ..
i r'
.. i
a 1
LI t
- i i.
eta r - '
lie C.Y:.; 1 f f ,
capacity, E d" ,
t'ecl2. j;.,
I :r. nl '1
in tl.c U
tcr exc, j w
icn, cr l J.r l j'
exercise any c'' -5
Sec 15, :
tion 4 f I.Lertr.,
Sehoc's arJt'." r
evprlc enccu'
t'ez. 13. I
raony f,Yll r
del "for by hv.. .. '
,cc, 15. I ,
sw h a ..
Sec- 1. ; ,
li&LeJ Ly t! e n .
county or cm;- ,
which itr.jvL" :
five hundred z:,l
shall any rc-s -tents.
' Sec.1. TL?:?
er to pa-ssLwiCr ::
without the tej,,.
where the uve t(
state some dktiiir-;
the owner t;,a!!b -the
t!a?e ao err
no power ta p-e ..
froin'briiigsrwiii, ;
(feeriicd kUvcs Ly r
United .State.?,
fair. 2 age er i!;
shivery by the !,.
That mm pcrun t;
property of tucher...
ltiat laws fn:i.'k ;
duciion intotltiiisu
committed h;ch cm
1 .
Duaii Hare jur 10
'owners -oft laves tor
from becoming a r ,
have full DOer tn
to treat tliem wish h
them necemarv els'
6tain from all irisrk'
life or limb, nnima
C I . - I.. - .
1 uc di ii rt;:.:; v v,.
Ia to la.e i
benefit of tc c.v;;':
eighteen liundfrdair
That the 'actual f.-:!.
frohibiteJ f,-.;; . -'
in this Unioii.a:..; L.
for their c.v a h.L,,..
eighteen iijii;:;Ji:,:
luce. j. l;i t.i,
crimes cl w y
no inauctlvar-i-.:
ted by Lw.
Whenever t-Ao-:'.
K'gislaturebblld .
or amendment n-(
Euch jrdpoJ c' .
ment ha.'l tf re..::
two-thirds of t;;!i '
day, for t! r f-
tf tta'3 it 1
l.-xl -!
t It'Ctll J tl.- '
t 1
i:i hivM
n r:
ii -1
J tj
".ri c
S'f 1.
3 i'
in t
Le f
r 1
. , f '

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