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f. -:
Thy You,CjiouXiiWfi?:scrib-t f l
it is ably, independeTdly",,tniLimpartialIy ecu-..
ducted. t " -- ' : t
Its list of contributors contains the names of;
many of the best writers. ; " i
' It maintains a high tone ol literature and mo
rals."";' t ... -v "-
No pains or expense is spared in'its manage
ment. , . '' ' .--
It is printed, with' bold, clear, new, typo, that
can be read by old and young., . i
It is famished at the low price of Two Dollars i
per annum." "-Person obtaining and '-sending
three subscriptions to the publisher(by mail, at i
Ins ri$fc,) are entitled 10 a copy grans. - -;.
Many other reasons might bo given, but these
nre sufficient. y - -.
Tb8 Philadelphia Saturday Express,
, K-ffoit- The Home. Chicle, V.-..
, Is published by ' '- . S. McIIENRY,
No. 47 Dock St., N. E. of Second,' Philadelphia
iy A copy of the Express; and one of either
Godey's Lady's Book, Graham's Magazine, Sar
tain's Magazine, or Harpers : New Monthly
Magazine, may be obtained for Four Dollars !
fjy Editors who wish an exchange will oblige
us by giving the above three insertions.'
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that all persons who
have claims on the Estate of Branard Brd
well, deceased, -are requested to forward the
same duly proven for payment. or they will be
barred of course, and all persons who arc indebt
ed to said estate are requested to make payment.
Letters of administration granted on the 23d day
of December 1850 of the Probate Court of the
county of Oktibbeha Miss. .' .j. -,
Jan. 9, 1851. - 33 6w. . - . '
Administratrix Kctice. :
NOTICE is hereby given that the r.iidersign
: ed administratrix of the estate 0 William
C. Bell, deceased lias filed in the Probate Court
of Oktibbeha county, Mississippi, her petition to
surrender her letters and will at the, February
Term of the Probate Court of said countv on
the fourth Monday, the time of the setting of
aid court, present an account of her adminis
tration so far as the same has extendedfor nllow
' a nee. and apply for a final hearing ol said peti
tion. . JANE BELL, Administratrix.
Jan. 0, 1851. 3S 6w. -
Elliott RoBBisi,
JVb." ID Bank Pt'acf, New Orleans.
Refes. TO .
Thos. W. Brown, , , . J. J. Sherman,
Elias B. Forte, P , ,A. II. Jordan.
Jan. 8th, 1S51. ., 3S tf.
Sale of Land and degrees ! !
THE Undersigned offers for sale his Plantation
lying seven miles south east from Colum
bus, on the . Pickens Road. The tract contains
- 84p ACRES, rij
400 of which:ia- sn". Cultivation;- - The Dwelling
House and other buildings are commodious, and
in f,ood repair; the fences on the farm are good.
The terms will be, a cash payment of 2000, the
balance on a credit to suit the purchaser. ,
. I will also sell for cash at the Coun House in
CoUunbus on Monday the 20th day of January,
1851, a large lot of .. . 4,
V.-. W;EG: O'E'S.. .1 ., 1
m Public Auction.- NIMROD DAVIS.
-Jan. 7th, 1S51. 3S 2w. . Vj ..;,,-.:,. .,
t7 Democrat will copy 2 weeks'"- "
"TX AS 'removed his office , to thestand ofecii-
XX pied bv I. M. Knann, one door ,east of
Hale Sf. Murdoch's, on. Main Street, where calls
IVom his friends will be cordially received, and
where messages left for him will be promptly at
tended to. He will . keep regularly, on li.nd , a
general assortment of the best Botanic - Medi
cines, Preparations, and Compounds.
Among his Preparations is his popular Hepa
tic Preparation, "for Liver Diseases. -
. " (JebtTIficate : :
' This is to' "certify, : that my wile has "had ihe
Dyspepsia for many years resulting from diseas--ed
Liver, daring which period she has had fre
quent attacks ol- .ctue luflamation of the Liver:
and in no instance has she been so speedily and
ffcctwilly relieved as she has been from a late
Attack by, the "still of Dr. Glover and the use of
his Hepatic Preparation. L. N. HATCH.
: January 7, 1S51. 33 tf. ' .
I wish 'to employ a Male Assistant -An educa
ted Southerner, who will ronfbrra to my
method of teaching can set a liberal salary. "Ap
ply to ... - - J NO. A. FOSTER,
, ' . Principal, Brooksville Academy
Brooksville, Miss, Jan. 4, 1851. - 33 3w.
THHE Undersigned havinsr purchased of James
- JL B. Gray, his entira stock of Goods compri
ing a general assortment ofDry-Goods, Hard
ware, Crockery &c. would respectfully solicit
the patronage of his friends.' ; J. F. GAY.
HAVING. sold my stock of Dry Goods, fee, to
. Mr. J. F. Gay,r I would respectfully solicit
for him a continuance of the patronage so liber
ally bestowed on. myself. AIL persons indebted
to Decherd & Gray or myself, euhet by note or
account will please settle by the first of March,
as indulgence cannot be given deyond that time.
. . " - 'J. b: GRAY,
- Columbusj Jan. 8th,185ir "3S-tf. " ' ' .
Guardian Sale.
PURSUANT to a decree of the" Probate Court
oi Lowndes county," State of Mississippi,
1 made at the December Term 1S50, thereof, the
" undersigned Guardians of Joseph M. Well mi
nor heir of Joseph M."'WelIs deceased,' will on
'Tuesday the WtlidaiJ of January next ,
sell at public auction, to. the highest bidder. "on a
credit of twelve months .at the Conrt Houre door
of said county between the hours prescribed by
law the following, tract of land situate in said
county on theTuscalooso road about 3 1-2 miles
from - Columbus to-wit: The jidrth half of the
' east balf and the north half of the, west half of
' the south west quarter and all 5that part of the.
north wrest quarter lying south of the little branch
which irons Lbetween where ,f Thomas J. Lewis
formerly lived, and where Jame R. Ham .lived
in 1817 known(by the name of '"the dry Branch"
all in Section thirty-five township eighteen range
eighteen west containing about ninety five acres.
-Said .land will be- sold subject to '.the lien pre
scribed by statute and the, purchaser.wilK.be re
quired to give bond with approved security. It
will aloo, bo fcuhject to widows dower , but, the
purchaser can have that on ftvorable terms.
. ' "." MARY R. SYKES,
DecriD. 1S'0. '33-3t. " , Guardian t.- .
AX Extension Silver Pencil with a Gold Pen.
Anv ! r-rm'jon will be thankfully receiv
ed.' I t i.e l i -mant rewarded if required.
TV ; - . . BEXJ. S. LONG.
SIGHT -DI1AFTS on Xcw York, for .ih by
Columbus. Dee. 20, IboO. ,'iG tf.: '
i A N A AV. r A Xifroni; the Subscriber,
some time m August last, a-nesrrJ
i , i i 'i. . i . .... .....
or forty years old, color, not very black, ,
" v.e Kloraih in one eve. about .5 feet
n inches i igh, weighs about 140 pound,,
.T will " "ive the. above .reward .for-, his
".nprehensioo and Jodgemennt i onyjaii j;
StatP or ?r0 if delivered to J. C. Lewis in
a z o o
""'iVn 1. !f11 n35-3t L. P. COLLP-.
t i o MIT i o rv."'' - ,
---.TTj- - , . - DECHERD GJIAY. is t-s-
' ' -,1jc death of tbe former. ' The b :s
.!Swir,bp'oo tinned by tlu - '
v I a r'-i lto be! tl if. " : 1 'r
ff' n .', ''i r tl .t;n.iy :ii'or 1.,..! si ii
c-y.i. To ma -e room for jt he Fall and Xvinier
'Etoi'k,'tl e" present one wiil'bc fold re mi. l.aMy
iow oa the uu a time to pu.utaal guton ;rs. j
.. ' . "'v J. li. CiwAX. s
: ' Cc'"'bvs. ; rpt." tthVi5"' -l?f."
' X I Tit 1
tax 1; 11 sr vVA KT Illf
' V, OLE U L E; N D R T AIL-D U G G 1 S T S;
Kfcaiui i' v L.L.X invite the attention of the
' public- iq their Lu?gejind u-pUlatsortcd ;
focU of rrars ami BlWifl-iesJ-
J ast received utrcut iiom ,the Cny of-New York
.where they were carelully selected bv one of the
p irmers with special refere'iice to quality, "cheap-;
11 's.aud.adaptatton to the wants of this market
Their Medicines are. Frfsii, Genuine, and us
a JuLTERArED,- and ihoiraeims. wilLbe as liberul
as.those-of any house-in ihe country...
5 Vf'- S'J ?CCCP constantly on hand in addition,
Dental nnd burgical Instruments,,' Paints,
Olt and Dye Stutls,' Tutty-.-Win- - -'
, d'3v" G!a"s, -c.', " Extracts' -
, , and Jrancy Articles
- v Bronze and Fancy
- "" boai Lombs f 1 r - -
. . Sc Brushes., " t
Letter and Cap - Paper, Sealing Wax -
: ;lftc tj-c.--c--
Their E:itctil IV'Scflicinc, I
consist of all the variety now in use throughout
tliu United States.
T-hey especially invite , the Ladies to examine
their selection of,-' , . .. . ;
Extracts, ' J'erfjiir.cryand Fancy -Aritces.
wliiclu from Its extent and diversity, must furnish
something to please the taste of every one. . -.
Columbus, Miss.i April, 25, 1S50. . 25 tf. " -
rW OTHER'S;: -RELIEF. A "genuine -article,
ItX.just received and lor sale at the DrnsSiore
of... , taylor &. McCarthy.
RED CLOVER SEED. Fresh and Genuine,
received per S earner Cuba, for sale bv
taylor & McCarthy.
Dec. 12th. 1S50. . 31 tf. .; . - ' ,
HEWING TOBACCO. A fine article can
be found at TAYLOR & MCCARTHY'S.
supply of Perry Davis' Paiu Killer, just re
ceived and for sale bv :' -.'.v .-.
r TAYLORt& McCarthy:
-C A II D.
HAVING associated themselves in the prac
Vtice ' of Medicine, respectfully oifer their
services to the public. In all cases requiring it,
their joint attention will be given. "' ' "
Columbus, Miss. August 13, lSJO. 17 6m.
Lanilrcth-s Garden Sect!. ,;
THE crop of lS19,j
at . received and for sale
, 11.' S. TAYLOR & CO.
S1GIV' OS? Till:
(Formerly Blair tj- Sriilh.)
THE undersigned having "purchased oil lGth
'April' the entire interest of E. A. Smith in
the Drug Store including Uooks, Notes, &c. &c.
he would inform his friends that the business will
be conducted as heretofore, and hope to merit
the liberal pationag-2 icinierly extended to the
establishment." .
'Dr. 3 as. W.' Hopkins will attend to the pre
scription department -a guarrantec that all will
be right." in that .delicate and important part of
the badness. T "
? CXx" I would request those indebted to th?
Store for tlie year 1S-13. to call and settle by cash
or note, (I alone am authorized to close the bus
iness of the concern.) as it is necessary so that
I can have a settlement with Dr. E. A. Smith.
DnUG. MPir-inNK,' AND CriEMIfTAI s,
P a I N a r i ) ( ) I f ;s . vv i r( iwciass,
' fc(P, fiPAUt PENS. &,
; v INK.
- Patent Medicines of avl tcinds;
Pure Old Bramly, Wine, Hnhind Gin $
Old Jamaica Rum. for Medical purposes. ,
U A Superior article f Tea, botlj Green
anH Black. .
Superior -hewing1 Tobacco,
Eia vati:i Cigars
Dentjil Foil, Tools, " Teeth, &r.
' Phytician Prescriptions carefully put up.
-Ph vsicians nnl P!:irifrs willalwnv-'fii4 at I his
FMjhlishmeni; FEM AND ...PN ADULTER A
TKI :M EUIt IN ES wl.itb bavo h. en telcc:d
With fTrcst care (or1 this' Alapo. ' 4" purchaser
aresnviled tn examine mr Strw-k for wo think
they will find it rpr(if not -..superior,) as reffarrf?
q rilit y unrt vi:i( ty. tn an j in the' State ; and ma
tiinsr ihcir purchaser 'aUtecthrr.;.frnm I-nport"ng
f louses, tliev arir cnnhlvrl- to vtrll on a grunt icriiis,
a any I'aia Voof. ii tin:, South or Soulh-Wcs'.
June 29, ISTjO.- 11 tf.'.. ' '
JLJ Just received," andwarranted the crop oi
, ..BLAiR &,srirr.ii....
Auction and Commission lercliant,
. ColumbusMiss,, h.,,i. ,t.
"TT7"OULD respectfully announce to his friends
V V and the-public generallyi that .he , is now
prepared to sell Goods, Merchandise and all other
property at Auction -or on Commission ior a rea
sonable -per ccntage, and hopes by strict and
prompt attention to share, a liberal proportion ol
business, at his ohl stand on tho corner of Main
and St. John street. .
Messrs. iFranldin & Brother, , , 4- '
J. J. Sherman,"- " ' - ' ' ' t
. Eckford, Cage & Co.,"" " .
" ' ' J Col.' B. S. Long, CotumLtis, Slissr - -Messrs.
Boykin, Mc-Rae & Fost '- i
' " Humphries", Walsh & -
, Moo1? Lyons,- . .
Executor's: Sale of Rear Estate.
BY virtue of the last will and" testament of
THOMAS BELL "deceased,'' and pursuant
tt'nn order of tlie" Probate Court of the t-ounty
cl i; " behi. Mi i-Jippi. nul' re -he Xo.- i -I
c i T rvi A. D. lit) J thereof, the u i. t-rsi j .):
Executor, of v said !ast- will -aud tesiKfi ent, vi
tn Monday the 20th lny of January -lSiil, wtibi;.
I. the-hours prescribed by law.SFsoIi' at public Alio-
l oi to ti e highest I idder before the Court ho j?(
coot of said county on a credit of one and t vc
jeri the- fo'Iowiug described elands situated -n.
sat I 'Qut v , .z : t
f (H- srjuiri xi-t . 4 ui tcv.uun wire .- js- t;-
half of the north east quarter' of (er-
l.-JnfN. E. 1-1 Of4?. L) i Urn-
sLin . 'V t 'i ro'ui cl" nuicre fou, : t i
IS N.1 oi ! i 1 E) "
'331 1 i.nd i urity leipiiret1 .i 1 sta 'i e liei.
rj i ' -i u the i i.rf-hn3 m- ' '
'". !:' f yi r it Ti- . T '
- t a'o'Y'jiof.
B I'G; 0 TAR.
. xi EDiCIMES.'
HAS now in store and for sale a full and com
plete assortment" of every article in-the
Drug line his stock'is entirely fresh and one. of
the best selections in the countTy. comprising -v.-"
Drug Chemical, Patent Medicines? Perfumery,
Fancy Article. --Toilette' Soap, Candies, Surgeon's
Instrument, Glass Ware for Physicians, Windmv
Glass assorted sizes Putty, Puint Bruhes, Var
nishes for Coach makers and Cabinet ieorkmen,nnd
Brown and Black Japans, Varnishes, Imperial Tea.
Sperm. Lard." Tanner's and Linseed Oil, Old O
porta Port, Mountain Malign.- and Superior - Ma
rt hi Wine, Otard Dujjvy Co. 'James- Hennessy
and Martell, Cogniar. and Champaigne Brandies
for Medical purposes - - -a . '
. Also," Chinoldine of Ambrphnw Quinine; . 7"
one of the most desirable articles aof .the. day in
treating intermittent diseases, full directions ac
companying each package. Citrate of Quinine tor
delicate cases possessing all the properties of
Sulphate only in milder form; Phosphate of Am
monia the new remedy for Gout, Chronic and
Inflamatory Rhuematism 5'r . '
1'atciit Medicines of every variety
- IFresli siticl Genuine.' '
His assortment of Patent Medicines combines
every article of any "importance in that line
which he otfer3 at northern prices : ' --
- - J AS. JONES JR.,
Columbus,' Miss., Oct. 17th. 1S50. i tf.
THE firm of A: N.' J ONES & CO. M as dis
solverl by, mutual agreement on the first in
stant. All those having demands against tne
firm will present them to James Jones Jr.; and
all persons indebted to it will find their notes &
accounts in the hand of John P. Krecker who
is alone authorized to collect and receipt lor
the same. -
fTMIE Undcrsingned respectfully informs his
I friends and customers of the old fif'n that
he continues the; pJUJ'J-ELrSINESS at the old
staml and "respectfully solicits a share of their patronage.-.
: Columbus, Miss. Oct. 10,1SjO. ; 23-tf. '
rt ;- ; :i5i;'.AV W.; JOISES.
HAS removed his office to the store of Lamp
kin & Whitfield, Main street, where he would
be pleased to see his friends, nnd where any mes
sage left for him will be promptly attended. ;
-"Columbus, October 24,1850 27-tf.
EUGENE ROUSSEL'S Perfumes for the hand
kerchief prove themselves to be the most
delightful preparations now offered to the public
among his inimitable -combination of odors,
the Perfume De Jenny" Lind, Extract of muse
Verbena, Rose, Jockey Club &c;, stand high as
possessing the dedicate -.fragrance of the Floral
Kingdom. For sale, by . JAS. J ONES, Jr. ,
IODINE Iodide of Potash, Iodide" of Merou
ry and Iodide of Iron. For sale by- -
A Barrels Wine Vinegar. " '; -
"l1 C Newark Cider Vinegar. ' '
For sale by ; J AS.-" J ONES & CO.-
A ( ( f Pounds best artiela of pure Lead,
JJUU iooa . "J; u No. l 4i.
This Lead has come direct from Messrs AVether
ell's Dulls & Co. of Philadelphia "and" stands far
superior to any other article manufactured on the
continent. For sale by -. . , ij,
Oct. 1S30. f ly. . JAS. JONES, JR.
Pounds Superior Pearl Starch, lor fam
CV J ily U:
For ,siile by
JUST RECEIVED, from New York, Alcoholic
Ex. Nux:Vomiea; Valerianate. Quinine;-Cod
Liver Oil; iIat ico Sea ves; Chinoidine; Strych
nine; Tannin; at 'the sign of the
Nov 28-tf "NEGRO & MORTAR."
Pounds best Chrome Green
20 " ' in oil.
u - ; Yellow. ' 1
. . - Verdigris in.oiT.
For sale by . JAS. JONES, JR.,'
Dozen Superfine London .Mustard.
J 12 '" , ti American ' "
For sale by
;a. N, JONES & CO.
TV I OTHER'S" RELIEF, Genuine ; article' from
1YL the original. Proprietor Rochester N. Y.
i For sale by; , -A. N JONES" & CO)
Gallons English Linseed Oil. ;
1000 'Pounds of Putty in Bladders".
5. Barrels Spirits of Turpentine.0 Fof sale by
..!-- Ar N.-JONES -&-UO.-
a A d Gallons Winter Sperm.. Oil. )
OUU COO ' - Lard . ,
30 ,
- . Tanner's",
.;,. Neatloot t'
. , ;Forsaieby JAS. JONESr JR.,..
DR, JAYNE'S Hair (Toxic,JRemoves: dand
rufl", cleanses the scalp, , gives the Hair, a
beautiful glossy .appearance ajid. finally prevents
it-,; from lading out. or ' becoming prematurely
gray. ,. .Tayne's Hair Tonic stands unrivalled as
a useful aucr healthy preparation for the Hair." w
For sale by n AN. J ONES,& CO..
rrJ7 Persons inquiring .for. Fahnestoek's Ter-
mifugo will do well, to remember that the gen-
nine rrticb is'signed B. A. FA1INEST0CK. '
For sa:e at the sign of the " " "
,Nov 2S-tf
- Groceries! Groceries!! -
I" . Market Street, Columbus," Miss.,
HAVE "on "'hand alarce nnd well-selected as
" sortment of GROCERIES, to wit: . .
JJrown, clarified, crushed, powdered and loaf
Java and Rio Co dee :
ars :
"Molasses" New Orleans Syrups" and Rice :
P-'p :er,'Ginger, Al'pice, Saleratus, Ketchups"
:.nd .Pickles ; . t , . - - ;
Inn eni
Cin nil!
land Gunpowder Teas;
t Cloves. Nutmegs and Crackers ;
i fMiori Svrnn ard Dried Fruit: '
l. -l i 1 t ar ti.i s i - , sc.ij
I roii and Steel, Nails. C isiins ;
V"ro. Csar.d, Rur", V,iSLc y ; .
! ; i lr, S'lOt and Lead.
I i f W . i i
keep on hand the best I
. io. 1, u o.i. .n ! tilery tuiiin i.i
line w th ' Che u-'ii-and ro';i)i
Sr'r p'l of-ihJfh v-stl I -ohl
ihj g '0- e
T' I 1' . " ! 'J
xut-y. i.i. t-u;-, cr-.ir.aace .ibernl
p.. cotton in store. I. T,ov. 7, ls,50-tl
;.lv l 1
. f trtnetni.' nei
leiiiu ! cxi.sung b"
:art, --AVni. IL Shelton :
. lj il.e ranes of Co
Carrincio i 15 r -
it .it. , Ji. D
j!,i''e(! ly i
!.: ml it ?i ....
rtpiirrt :ive l-.
11 e
11. D.
- t r -
.... .....wx,
T T C r ff i -V
I,. T)
Z'rMIEi AVw staunch J asf Ilunning .f .
.JL ' steamer',' CUBA, Root. Otis, F'
mititer w . ! c ommence her jegulur
trips with th j first rise of the river leaving I u
bilo evory Saturday evening mid arriving ut Col
umbus Monday; 4 o'clock iP.' M. ' 'Leaving for
Mobile Tueiday 8 o'clock, a. at. Moore's Ulutf
10 a.m.; Union Bluff and '' Nashville same day ;
Picken-iville Wednesday ..C o'clock,'A. M.,-Memphis.
Fairfield rind Newport 'same day ; .Vienna
12 o'clock. M.t- Gainsville 4 p. ji.' Jones' ..-Blutl'and
and .. Bluifport same night, arriving in Mobile on
Thusday evenings M - . - -
Tho CUBA. is-entirely new built expressly
for the trade .and has all the modern improve
ment in machinery, with a lire engine.) Her
Cabin atid State-rooms are finished in a etyle e
qual to any thing in the Souihern waters, - -
r The well known punctuality and promptness
of Capr. -Oxis," Insures. the arrival and departure
of;thc Cuba according to her schedule. .-
OCT" A plan of. the Cabin will be .found at the
ofiioe .of the; ageuts, where- berths may be se
cured. V .
, . . .IIx. & MURDOCK. Agts. -.
August lr aS30. "o-- e " fv ;
: For Columbus aud Aberdeen. -
rTMIE Splendid' New and' Fast Running Light
XvDraught Passenger steainerlROM EO," W.
J. J1 atthkws. master,' will ruu ihe ensuing sea
son as "a K'csrular Packet as above her trips to
commence ort the first rise of water in the Tom-
bigbee.' "
. -For freight or passage upply on board orto "
r ;J , jj DICKSON, Agt.
. Coliunbus,Nov. 21, 1S50. ' 31-tf.- -
. For Columbus and Aberdeen, Clara.
J. M. Brainatkd, - J."T; Wilson, Clerk.
AnilE ttght 'Draught, First' Class (7 jK.
JL' steamer, CLARA, will run re- " CsT5
gularly to Columbus and Aberdeen eaKSStfa
the coining season, so soon as the water rises?"".
"Dunns the summer she has been thoroughly
overhauled and' painted', nnd ho expense will be
spared to rendei her accommodations and table
equal to any boat on the river. ; : '"' '
Capt. liRAiNARo returns his thanks to his friends
and the public generally for the very liberal pa
tronage given to the LLAKA, nnd assures them
that every elTort will be made to render his pas
sengers comfortable "& give his shippers" prompt
ness nnd dispatch. ; . ' "'""""? """''''
DC" AH enjagements made by the subscribers
will be faithfully executed.- -
V, llAL,Ji & iMUilUUCK, Acts.
i August 10th, lS50,..rJ7tf...,.J.T..-,r
: - Aberdeen and CcIumfcus PacIkel
THE Firct Class steamer, ABER- fjyTPT IK
,DEEN, CiiAttLEs Mii.lkr. mas- wfr
tcr,will run regularly from Moliile3
toAberdeen during the cominj' season, touching
at Columbus. - ,- - , .'" , ;. ,
v The Aberdeen was built exclusively for this
trade, is light draught has all the modern im
provements in machinery with a fire Engine.
Her Cabin is furnished in fine- style and with
Captain Miller as commander what boat can of
fer greater facilities for shipment or more com
fort to Passengers. . '-
- 'Sept. 25, lS.'0.'-23 tf. " -Agents.
Regular Packet. , .
THE New First Clas Fast Running tteamer
JENNY LIND, Clocbis, master ; II. K.
Javne. clerk, will rim during the season as u
regular Columbus Packet, leaving Mobile every
Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock, and Columbus
every Saturday morning ht 8 o'clock. " The Jen
ny Lind has fine accommodations, and for speed
is not surpassed by any boat on the river.
All engagements ior freight or passage made
with the Agents will be promptly fulfilled.
-, s . ; HALE & MURDOCK,
Jan 2. lS-'d n37-tf - , Agents.
- Democrat-copy. -
- UOB & EST - S3 A '- & CO., -
CosiisMission ;iiaescIftJMls
; - "" '"'' - "" - Mobh.e, A LA.
; G. A. CHANDLER. Agent,, -
' "". . ' ' "Columbus, 'Bliss. '
I HAVE a large supply of Bagging and Rope on
hand, at cost and charges; " ,
t All Cotton shipped to the above House, in the
name of G. A: Chandler, on account of the real
owner, will be-ensured.. , .,..- . . . .. . ,.-:
August, 10th .1350..30 tf.
Mobile; Ala. - " Coliunlvs, Miss,
jr. :s: marsh & c:o.v '
ureneral Recetctogt Forwarding, Purchasing
" and Commission Merchants,
. Mobile, Ala. '. - 1
rTlHE undersigned,' frnin CoTifrnhns,
vM. :, haviiiir jiss iciiited himself with J. S.
Miss ;
tt t'o. in the city of .Mobrle for. the purpose of Re
ceiyingrF.ir warning, and 'Purchann-g of Gjods,
tor AlcrchuntH, PUnfTR and oMiers, rcsptclfiili v
Aotit-iitt the patronage pf h; Iriendt ai d the public
generally. - r r , J. M. LlCKiOS. '
. - i TO MCRCn A NTS:. - " -J
"'The personal" .mill specTul nt(entio"of both mil
be given i their : iiU'rtrit in Ueeciviiifr, F:r ward,
inland , Puri;liJiHii(f Onodi..Ail cm$-ignsiii. tits
I r warded, ithqul delay, fi.ee of- churce, and re-inea.ureilbefin-e,,fhiprneril,
ro .that ali; trrns in
freiyhl lulls of ovcr-chartre, c.ni be corrected, and
the an oynt deducted furtiibhed the owners, when
tl'- g-ixxls ar rcfhrp-d. Iu., no int-tuneo . v iU
Go xis be ho'd tr .ajiy Bim.1. except umier upecial
iustriiciuir ?j fronr the owner ff. ,x . si'.( ,.
Wh'i hay their Grnccrie find olher G'nods in Mo
h'le. wdl,-find.it, greatly In . .their -Interest in fin
warding their orders diri-ct nrthrmii;h lhcir'Cnm
nii8-inn ;Mcrctia nl., ns lliey will in every inst an "e
consult their two,. .interest irj r. lefcling ..ihe Giyx'-f
and shipping' tleni by ihe first Bout. Perfect t
isfuctiotMi puoraniicfi. t'j- -all who ..may favor 4 hem
with tiieJr buxint-BS. . - - . Jrr .....
Persen vifilinj' Mnhile or tlie purp' senf p:xr
cliHsinjr -their own G o'ls will he introduced to the
several !)ii!cstd business by -applying to 't-ilher
oJ I fl- firriy. - - ' -. -' ' - - -.. - -- ,
1 li Those nrdenng Gods will inserl in or
der whether" to be insured or rait -
Executor's frJ? of fsnd.
"FN pursuance of an order ofil.t 1 i'-,r.e Co:i't
X Lowndes county, the undersigned Executor oi
the last will mxl ff-rniTjcnt f J -,t vs G8 ht.t. de
( v -etb will on Moiu' y t'.. Cih day of Jai.i. r
lZl "-pose to ; r! 1 rt ihe jor of'h Cou- 1
in C" ) nliiN, on a credit of tv Ive mn . - '
following lands in Low tide ou'i'y, tj-w. : 'i i.e
rir'h ha't'of 'be west hnl. of the "-""na wet'
quarter oi section thirty-six m lowushsp nmetefui
south .oC. rung'! eighi-.-en , west contuiinng.. i .-riy
acres more or less, of winch said Jamvs.Garret
died seized and possessed. . ... f . .. .
Bondt with approved see-iritv will bo renin red.
Dee. 11th, 2350. ?---3v..
. j t ,o iiii. .,' :-i .l.i j..ic : in. i.ie onecf Mn
son's Eiiilless Oh i in i: 1 iimps. -. We -aro pleaded
wi;'ttL;m ti I rt coniire ,t them to i'ie ;
n a great sru .u'g- of labor '-"d rot '"",!.- to get
t. of order.- -- t .. - '
::: - '"V j A 1 1 . . i. y .. X i.S x .
T. G. rLEV.:TT,
I.ENRY - t-- s
217" j?cr f.irtner informttio.i apiy to Haij
T- - lock. Asen:. r to ' ,
Lic.zr IS"" J. M. TJLDOMFII A.w.
No..35,'.Dau'jTi'n Strict,; -Ivcii.E--Ai-a-,
"T7"EEPS coiistantly'on hand a great variety of
XX tlie loilowiiig articles,' benles manyoihcrs
v. inch it would be too'tcdious to mention: f :
J'oi toise Shell and Horn Combs, of ail descrip
t.oi.s; ;- ' " -. . ,
i brushes of every variety ;''" .." '
Buttons Of the late3t "style and" fashion regu
i I t rl y I'ecbived r-. j- v .t .v.---
j Needle's and Pines of all kinds'"rf "''"' -.-r-I
Jlillinery Articles of superior style add ' fash--
lOll. ,---' .-.:.-v.-- -r - i :;-V -ivM
' "CUTLERY, -&c-.-V-rj i
Greaves am Sons' Razors, Wade and Butcher's
Razors, RodgersvFine Scissors and Knives, 1, Q,
3 an"d 4 blades, Anderson's Scissors, Pocket, Toy
Knives anil " Forks; ' SaundcrV'Ch'apma1 Tome
roy's Emerson's Hill's and Mechi's Razor Strops,
Tea Bells'. Brittannia. "Iron," Tea and-Tabb!e
Spoons,"':' Brittanniar Lamps,' CoTkscrews and
Spurs." ' - -.'-: .-.- 4 -"'- '
.-- Silver evcr'pointed pencilshimblc.coarse
Thimbles?4 Spectacles.; Platedj Tea and TablJ
Spoons, Blue 'Steer Spectacles, Goggle
Buckle?, Pantaloon Buckle, Silver -Tooth and
Ear Picks, Silver and St'eel-Twcesers. Silver Pla
....1 TT...' .... I T-. . . ,
iu uuots miu Jjyes, ni rouna Gqv.nio .tnid ross
boxc . ,-. - t
Stationery Article.-, viz-- trcl Tci.-,. P.!,c.
Blue and Liar L V.'ritii t i Ui- ; c. ,.xC
fc'portinf Art.cle- Vn" Dcibhj baricl Cuns ;
lv.ne una j ui. i i.n.s. cot., Cel. - - -
Games' Back guminon Poardi,- Chect, Hoard
Chess Men. Dominoes," -&c., ice. ; - .
.Musical Instruments Accordcons, Flucts, Vi-
, . ' ' r ....'-: ' - i. ... .. .:- .r. -... . . ".. j ... '
lions, kc. : '.'. -' '-.- -
" Jewelry Gold and Plated Breast-ritis, "Finger
Kings, Hair "Pins, Beads and Necklaces. " -'"
Perfumery, Pocket Books and Wallets. Fishiu
Tac kle, Fancy Goods,' Looking" Glasses, Miscel
laneous, wares, VV alow 1 oys." &c, &c., with all
the articles usually kept in a Wholsesale and Re
tail l-ancy and Variety Store. ? ' -'-',"'
. Merchants and others "from Eastern Missisipr i
purchasing goods in this line. are respectfully in
vited, to oali, assuring them that they will at all
iimes, oe prepareu to sell as low as any ostab
lishment of the kind in'Mobile. '
January ,13-10. 27 ly. ' ' -"; '
Importers and iDciilrrs in Fordga and Do
. mcstic Dry Coeds. ... :
4 Corner Conk''and Water Streets, MOBILE.' ,
JOHN IIEiVitv' , :V.v E" r.UTIIEr.FOR.D,
i Are constantly receiving by Foreign it rivals,
and from the best manuihetnrers in the country.
jetv arid : zeasonaole UUUiJS adapted to the
Southern trade, to which they invite the attention
ol' Wholesale and Retail Purchasers.
I L. A N TAT 1 N li OD S ,
In great variety: Blankets, Kerseys.- Linscyp,
Osnnburgs, Brown Shirtings .v' Sheetings, Blench
ed do, Striped Domestics, Denims,' Cottonades,
Tweedes, Kentucky Jeans, Sattinets, Bed Tick
ings,' Checks, fcc. .;..;..'':-- :"'
o.c I'stici: orvii.
Oct. ,3, 1850. 2-1 Cm. "J".".'
russet nzzotiks9
" Corneis. of Co:;ti axo Wateh Stkeets,
v.. ' Mobile, Ala., . .
Jno. Ilcxr-y, ; Alex. Stoedaet,
J. W." Field, ' " JamesTait'; ;
; Wc, would respectfully call the attention of 1
Planters, Trailers nnd citizens generally, to our
Very Extensive Stock oi the above articles, i
which have been selected with the greatest care
as regards material and workmanship, especially,
for this market. .. .- .-,' . -
We are at all times prepared to furnish to the i
Trade, every style of Goods in our line, at satis
factory prices, aud would respectfully solicit or
ders. ;,:.
Oct. 3rd, 1350. 24 Cm. '" "
; ceo. g. I'fiE.Ni ;ci:
(No. 7 t, Commerce Slrcct..)
- Mobile, Alabama.
January 1st, 1800. ly
7-4iiuT5i5Ay-r. swrn'si,- .
; . - . Mobile, Ala.,
;-J.'H. TUrwNER.-Agent, - -;
- i 1 CoLr.Mnrs," IIiss.v
D Oflice"ttt Grny&dne.C; I : ;
. Liberal Cash cdrauccsVon Cotton to be
, " . r - " -.; - -
-- Nj. G8, Cot.iriin-ce Street.' - - -r
rTTI7'OULD at the beginning of a New Season,
VV return their thanks to ihe citizens' of.East
Mississinni for the liberal patronage heretoore
extended to them, and would Tespectfiillysobcjt
a continuance of the s.ime.. They, will keep con
stantly on hand A full supply 'of .every article in
their line, consistin;
g in part of the" followiiug
articles :
Java. Mocha," Manilla ami' Rio Coffee;" St.'Louis
and Ohio Flouv; Bacon'. Hams, Sides and Shoul
ders ; Whiskey ;" Sugar; Molasses;- Nails; Lead;
f ", n -' T' T. 'JL eb.ueo. of Tarious bra.icls,
i a vtv t'ty of Cigars; Potatoes; Candles; J3iar
ti.es; V me.sj &e. .- - -- . ''
Jan. 1, l:-:0. 7 lv". ' ' "-
.lVcaicr, rinIliu-&'Cot, ".
'No. 23 "St. Francis strctt, Mobile,' Alabama.
k .- - s, -VD en 1 e r i n '"
A GENERAL A'-onmpnt, ( o.-li..tpg Tn "part
JT.L c'. , ' "netJ. K rtnf fey
.tns, gingham , lri- -able ar I In
r-, tvee
' -i in.gs, bed b aukctn, Jacoi.ct, Swiss, Luuu.
Li l-q ri".''""
A gre.it i
. l
.:". Drext ( Inofh
und' ciicinc
! h l ti-1
n-t 11.
xll l.U.Wil.'(.i
n-st ire lied
ari l : ice
mur-itii delaines ; J-2titbrf.'!-leivl and li
r ! ('
1 tu-is-
; Bonnet
rchii.'t.- ; Kins!
Kid i
nibrOid rt'd .am'l-T
"v. ; .Thread v Ig
r ml
t r.
j '
Kerseys, P!.i.l 'j.nd I.,
i stri pes ; Osi." I " of
.ii"- -ii":) and Uit . ,-;
ni Lin-, J
several J
Glaz?d '
sey--. .
stylo- ;
and V
ivy co"
B At., 'r
i ;
rt B.t -.11. II
. i.e. - - '-
e full-.- invito the
Kip Brogans, &c
c would res;
m ""rchants and. ;
; i-.v .t 3 ivor-.L
a .
.u. ""rs ro our 1 ir and w.
of Good , v ij.t'i. we i
' j tor... s, r. - 3 1 j !
t'.jt .
"T " v 1 T ' " 1 H V
1 ::o' ' 1
, , -1
-j-! rCuii.Nti'. D.vtijis a.v Rova STF.rr.T3,
'"V;f "E'rinTLrMinV-Prer rlotor,-and Gcr;ral
xVJ. A'ci.t ior Publishers cf Pooks, IVc-v.-sj-a-
per, MagazL f-s t rid Periodir als."" At thisestcb
Jishmenf "can uv found all the iatcet ar.d meat
popular works ol'the day."'' ' .-
, 'i'he cubticribc'r' respectfulJjr 'returns thenks to
his numerous friends end ti.e public for the I.Lc
ral palionogc Lercio.'bie Lest owed upon him, t nd
..wo aid respectfully tolicit its' -rjiitiuuar.ee, l.cving
n.ow on hand a lull and com Ic'.e OFtortr cnt of
every article In his line, cr.d is'cddirg t'ai.'y, by
difl'cici.t arriva!?,-frefh" tuf plies of r.h the n.cst
pop'ular'works ; of -. the ' tey.- -His attortrrc-m of
CHEAP PUBLICATIONS is the beet in tLo
Eouth, and equal to any in the Union. He would
aL-o 'call attention to his stock of STANDARD
VV UKK.5S lor-Libraries, inagnifiicent. pilt bound
Book "ior -Holiday- Presents,-Juvenile and Toy ,
pccks:mnsic, , Lngiavings,rrVaIeEtiriC8,. end a
complete as-or; incut Of Ffcncy Siaticna'jy. . Alto,
Newspapers and "mngzhivs Ucm all j aits cf tho
Lnion lor sale mj single numbers, and Eubscrin- ,
tioi:s received for the tome. m : -r -
-p Cl 01" stngcw5 Pnd tj-areders m
id travellers in gene
ral, arc ail invited to call end lock over ihe inigo
assortment of publications to Lo found at ti.e
L.iterary Uepot.-'utianger, vitmng tLe city
should not fail to visit the Depot of cLci-p locks.
CT-Deal-ij.v ill be srprl.cd at a Llcinl dic-ro.u.t-
aLo a libetnl (icucticn :rK,'.e to Ctcem
t cai3"buyiii, ior thy comic-it ar.d pleasuio of
thr r r iei:"-ei3. - .
Aprd -2? . - .... ,.
. jazivjs co?:.iw,- ....
(having r.;mo-,ed fi-om his old Mand to.Kc. 13. .
- . -corner ol .Dauphin street).
Importer: of ..Fine Wctihes,, Jewelry, Silver end "
i i'laU.d, War?, Military Coeds, Guns. Pi.lols, 4 c.
HAS just- received antV, opening, the largest
end best selected Etock.of Watches, Jewel
ry, and Silver Ware, ever brought to the South
ern country, viz: Gold and Silver Watches, of ev
ery description;-gold- and'Silver-guard, lob and .
vest chain;' gold and enameled chata la ins for la
dies wear; tliamand, torquois and goldhjacclcts;
pins, aud earrings, of every description, and too .
nuancrous to mention:- all of which is. warranted
with a-certificctc in his handwritings ... .
Silver Ware. Warranted made of. pure ccic
viz: Silver tea and colfee sets, complete; silver,
pitchers and tumblers; silver spoons, foiks,dcs- -scrt
and butter knives, king, threaded and plain
patters; silver casters? fruit baskets cud writers;
silver cups and goblets, plain and octagon, gild- -ed
inside. and plain, &c. .. .
pine Silver and Plated Ware.Flrc plated ens
tors; cake and fruit baskets and waiters, from the
best-Sheffield and Burmingham manufactory, in
England; mantle and-chamber randiest! "ks, nil
sizes and variety oi patterns; with steel ..i d nla-
.1 JT- 1 r. ' . . . 1
German-silver fable and teaspoons and -oiks.
Military Goods of every description. Also, a
large assortment of .Papieri machic Woik, viz:
Papieri machie work and chess tables; v.otk
boses and cabinets, inlaid with geld and mother
of pearl; girandoles and mantle ornaments of
every description. ,
For good, cheap and desirable Goods in my
line, be sure and call at v .
yh. .... ,r Corner of Dauphin and Water streets,
Sign of the large Gold Watch.
B. Clocks aud watc hes repaired and elrnn.
ed, iii the best possible manner, bv two as good
workmen'as there is in the United States.
January, lS50.-14-ly . 4 .,
GWISI muni's, ..
( 4D Commerce and Front street,
Mobie,'Ala." "' " "
IMPORTERS and Dealers in Foreign and Do
meic Hardware and Ship Chniullerv. Cutle
ry, Bar Iron, &c, Thank their .friends lor their
very liberal patronage, and honc'Jbv promnt at
tention to all orders received to secure a continu
ance of their favors.". ..i-
They have now on hand and pre constantly rc-
e'Ci Vtmr Irriii) ' l'.nrnvoi anrl.Jnrtlirn pnrti. a
large and well , selected stock,of; every" thing in
their line, consiathig in part'of the following arti
elt:3. viz: v-" -.,. '', - a,,., ,.f , ..
. 150 tons Swedes Dar Iron, of all tizes;
i-uo-.tio. -American, do. ;o. .
- , Englisn rid dor..,., , .do.
- . - Horse-shoe Iron and Nail Rods of rfd qhy.
200 bundles Hoop and Eand Iron do.
r .. , -'-Rod lion, all sizes; -. ,
' S.hcet Iron, all numbers; ...
- . - . Steel, German. Blistered and cast;
I. CO bags Griffin's Horse-shoe Nails:
JtJCO.kcgs cut nails and Spikes, of sup. quality;
nu .io. , wrought apikcs, liom j to 10 m.;
i 30 tons Hollow-ware castings; .'
100 dozen. Axes, genuine Collin's, Hum's". Sec:
ISO do. Spades and.Shovcls, Amcb: fnd od.cr
. brands; .Whittcmore's cotton, Wool ar.d
( Hoi sc. cards;, codee mills, Wil en's and
i , other brands; .
Rcllows, Anvils, Vices. Stocks and Dies;
i Ox,v Trace, Log, linker. Fifth and coil
- chains. ,.,' ;
5C0 dozen cast and German Steel Ilors.
'fr Files;.. Hand, mill, cross-cut and Pit Saws;, - .
v Carpenter's and cooper.'s ..Tools, Ship carpen
tfa Toois; . l'iantation tools, of every variety.
, American and English Socks; Hook and Plato
Hinges; Butt and l urh iment Hinges; ; Window
Fastenings; cross-cut, Pit, llqw; Luicl.ers; Will
and. Hand Saws. , . .. x .
... Pot7(,-Rugglcs', Noursc's, and Mas-on's, and
other makers. - .- '., x
Fan mi'is,.corn Shellers nnd Straw cutters'.. -..
. Grh.idj, Stones .and Grind-stone Rollers and
Clanks;. together ..wiili, a general r.ssorjmnt ol
;v-3ry thing usually found in a liardwara siorc.
J. Te r, PI ,.clr,"MTnrpen:ine-' Oakum, Spun Yarn,
mutli;:', Mutlrr.e," llouselme, Hambrohne, manil
It, Ct"c- irtft-Tan-1 r";v. ofull-sizes; Lin.
sees. Lard, Sperm, v'h.-.l-. 'k.lepharit,-Jseai-foot
nd Train Oil?, murlin bpikA--. - CaulkinC Len.i
ahd "mallets, Lamps; Bright, Vcpal and Japan
Varnishes' Scrub, Whitewash arnlCrumb -Brushes:
"Oars. Deck-scrapers, Pump Boxes. 1'iiinr,
Varnish and Maiking 1ms : ?-: lacking
nr R'jbbcr and Cotton I'aeking Lanterns, of
a'! r'r.ciipiions; Tvbs, ' Packet r- Wrrd
icks,' Brcom?,-Cc". on r. ' ! . .. t : ' Ah-
rr" rem.. OU i .. i ,'lndow Glass. -A
brga assci 'ment aivays on hand allwLich
tiny oficr ict sale cn favoralla tcims. '
"Jannury, laC0.-I3-ly , . '
'rd 's.
T" T' nff i ft,
jL...i' 1..J..I.. IJl r.I.j
'ot.in J.. McIUe,
Hi;.r.Ai:r lr, i , .
, or- t
va rice ,Ci
! Hon-
31. V.JLI.I
ill ..!! C- '
Book- clk-r
M ajnn r-5 r 1
; e: ? o. ' '. .)
i'l. i .
in "
' r .1 r
C l I -
. Old
icu biuun-i-s iinu irays; nno stcci and plated
oracuers: Jntniiia lea and coCee sets, corn
v nn utiu ui iiiucrican una onciiieiu mnnn:

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