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J 3 W.E.L RJ.
v. ino ni!:mi:r
HAS r.-moved from 21 to No. 1C
D . 1:
II I' ,
III.", I.
urn X-
it i-;
li'uv street, between Com-
n i l Wilier, to tlie store for-
ui'i'iijii'd liy Mr. J nines Con
110. v fitted up in beautiful
a. where he Oilers to hi. forth,-
public gnu-rally, ut very
vt'loeU-. Jewelry, Silver and
( ,'ir in lole-. L'iiiin, Wiiitres,
i a a Table mid Pocket Ctttle
tuls. ml 'alary Goods. Wnteh
i.l . v.e. fc.
A part of which
M. I. Tiiliin- Co..
U. V t. H'-esb'V. ariiti
-1 1 1 ;
; niiil
.rine-t u
.i;e !i
iii gold and
.i.n eas.-s. Al.-O-
a It, i -
plain, etiain -lel,
dtia!)Ie-eai; ami
L i lies; warranted
i W
-' i
i. Fr-ivh
M i!e ir ii
il cioal. -i
Ani'-iiean. in
(,'!t ca -ie-..
erior ;lity.
, !'i n- !)i uiion I $r
.. i U,n,'s, Diamond
i I i ii.:" -, in sets and
. 1 i : ii 1': m. I ):a iii'in
I'.- n !. Piam.i 1 I and
on ;i ) 1 Pearl, l1
.-ele!s. Pin, r.ur
and Opal r,ra..-c.
ep,i"i!i-, lirace.
lau.l lluby, Uia
( iariie! Pius and
,-a-- and (ii.ruat,
r .
1 I i, i iini ( ';i iiii-o and Penrl Hr.ieelet.s
. i-i ,J ir,-.i, I'.ir Ring and Ribbon
- a. i I ". irate, in g,-eat vaiiety and
i -aqa ..,.-d in fashionable sU le and
i,ii I (iuard. Fob and Vet CuniiK, in
(iold Slides and Ibtckles, (.'old
i i 1 Wateh Hooks for Ladies a new
old Thl'.'fdes. (Jold SlH-clacli's, (io'd
. Itoi I I'e.iA of i he best make i a yn-at
ia (in! land Si'.v.-r KMi'ii-iou t'a.,cs.
il-. liold Ui lis an I Kar Riuis. Cold
id I'l.isid line's lor lliiiiencoty pe
Fine CHa-s and IVad-.-t l ias lor
i ,
hi ir
(ili-saiid T)i-.pios Pius ,'or uiaiia-
I 'i.,'-.
; ,r ' if, i
Si i.i ,
.F .ru , I
i r ,': . i .
1.1 M i-ve and l ullar buttons, s'urt
in I Willi sets, ouc- verv nc iiiiiiiii.
V,;i; I V.uilt !(.'(, ('" (.( Spoons,
lies. I'iirh.-rs. Cups, i)iitti-r Kui'.e-. Su
l, S il in I miisiard Spoons, (Jravy and
onus. Sui: ir Tou js, marrow Spoons,
! U .S
. S ; ' ,
. a , I
1 , a - f s, JcU of Silver ire, Sets ol
and Spoon, Silver dot lets, I rtut
a W.lii-iles. Silver Card eases, Silver
11 or Or. laments. Silver Spoetach-M.
K ;
,S ;
: i
' -. l -, iii-iii. -t lioiii-T
Pen and
a -. plain a a, exn-usion.
a (iiioas. I'l.tled Waiters. Castors, Clin-
. Cli.e Ui-ki-ts. Tea and Coni e L'rns
Sam -I
na. I Ii,
Li t
I In: to,,
baa !.--
I i ;n s
Forks. Spoons and Sugar
. I 'an licstie!
tin. I urauclies of Sheilield
ailnu'iiaiu Piute.
s. s aiia;a ed (il.iss Pedestals, marble
. C it. Painted an I i round Shades, Paper
a a I i 'orcein iu Shades.
. t.'.s. ..ilt a il Plated with Prisms,
b'.n ",u a iiv-at and beautiful mantle Or-
I i ; i-r.icd and Painted Waiters, in
, i! lour pairs, and single.
-;ers: line Table cu'leryin sets
i.oir-T.- Walter's Table and De-
ir. l Forks; Rogers', (.hooks, and
a s Fine t'i. I, :l.-aud I bladcd Pocket
v. , , . .
aa I ','
a. la .-
It ,
U'a :
S ia:
Ci, ;
s. i.rasure;
iv in ves.
, Scissors
-. i'r -n -h Leeou'ttre. 2 blad
i :n i-s- iwOe-el's
i. ii -r -.( 'rook's and Carlicr's.
-. ,e. ftoTers', Saunders', Fan -rson's,
i -. Smith -V Murray's. Military Soaps,
m,'. I.ailier Ibuslies, Tooth and Hair
. -ui Ib-iishes. Perfumery. &e. &e.
,e. Fine Stub Twist Double Barrel
1 1 - k ' n -j- and Bird (inns; Hi lie and Shot
l ie, ted, Iiiilcs. Amory's Ililles, Powder
'owder Horns. Shot Pouches, Cap Hold
cutters, Bullet moulds. Cone Wrenches,
ners. Paper W ads, Percussion Caps.
. .c. Allen's Revolvers, Colt's Re
mr!e Belt Pistols, lliuitiniz Knives iiun
1 ):
i .' i a nii
Pi isks, I
. rs. Wad
(i'iiu Nip
I 'is
v,,' vei I
Pi -K.I V
:v li'ootis. Swords. Epaulets. Chaji
or.l Belts, Buttons, Buckles, Laces
cockades, Drums, Fifes
. i ' i i ry Artiides.
Watch (il.isses. Watch Springs,
- layers. Jewels Peg Wood, Puh
. I, , 'lies. Broaches. Watch Keys, Silk
. an I
mi 1 1
a e-eneral assort ment ot W atch Ma
i - . i ade.
U-iut'M;: is. Violins, d'liitars, A-H.-s.
('I.irio icts, Fh:g--lets, Guitar
rings. Bi'iilg'.-s. 1'ias. Uost'.i, prepur-
W. tlebou". Kbo-iy. inihdv i. Parlridge
I ."i. .and a l-irg-- vnietv ol" others,
I. i r. Pearl. Ivory and Ballet Heads.
; i i i . i : s . Card ca-es: Port monies;
-;. l.-st a id Fob Clia'ui.' Steel Keys:
III ! C 1 1 ! '
-es. (.'
I'able;. De-!;s. Work Boxes. Dres
' I Boxes, Perfume Cases, Toilet
s : T
.soee- V
i.iiaid Rosewood and mahogany
; Boxes. Dressing Cases; China Va
nities; Hair Ornaments; Hair. Pins;
ea utiful Ch -ss men. Che.-s Boards.
i; on
, -t i:
rv li
Ci-ibbag' Boards, DomiuO'-s;
Pen Ci'-aucrs; Spv(ilasses; 'I'll
I vi r v and 1 luru Combs; Ste--1
K v lihiii
ii i I Sif.a-r Tv'cts; hirge and small Mu--ic Box-e-,
firnnmented Paper Boxes: line Kid, Silk and
Papcv Fans, a good assortment, some very beau
tnal; line Leather Dressing Cases.
eiiNf o..- ,T i:ii-eiianci; Jewels, Seals a;id Tas-
Coni; ri-in;r a large and beautiful assortment
of a i tieli- s in t lie line of liusi ness. and will be sold
ii! low pre-es. Persons in want are respectful! v
I to cad.
i. T '.V in !i,-s. Clocks and Time Pieces repair
ed and warranted by Mr. W. V. Moore, long and
f i vortihly known in this branch of bu.-iness.
Chronometers cleaned, repaired and rated by
Mr. W . V . Moore, and warranted.
27 ' '"ura ' ing. in all its branches, done villi
t'n' gi ('-,','.- neatness and with dispatch. New
Jewelry in nle and old repaired in tlie best man
ner and wa minted.
Wanted old Gold nud Silver in exchange.
The sub. i'-riber feels assured that with a
liirge :t n t v. e!U-elected stock of Goods in his
line, and Workmen (o do all kinds of work con
nected with the Watch and Jewelry busine-s.
that his former customers and the publiit general
ly will find it for their interest to give him a call.
Mobile, Jan. . 1S50. No. 1G Dauphin street.
fTM IE. Undersigned, beg leave to call the attcn-
JL. tion of the citizens of Columbus and the
adjoining counties, to their stock of Staple and
Fa'icy Goods, comprising almost every article
in that hue.
Sil!".-,- Parages Muslins, Lawns, Ginghams,
Caiicoes, Laces ami Edgings, and all the new
and ftsleon-thle styles of Dress Goods' '
Brown and Bleach'd cotton Goods of every
width and quality, Cottonades, Nankins, Cotton
and Liuiu t'oatings. and Goods for summer wear.
Irish Linens, Table and Brown do. Napkins,
Linen Sheetings, 0, 10, & P2 quarter wide'; Silk
Worsted. and Gorton llose,and half Hose, Gloves,
Mitts, lldks.' Cravats, Suspenders and articles
for tiff -T-i!-t in great variety. "AUo,- n -Large
' -V- a1 I'asiinmib'e Ready Made- Cloth-
-. Clo'-is. C.sirneis si id Vestiugs, Boots and
.s- i.i . .-'ad !!e,y. China, (ilass. Stone, Wood,5il-v-
r. m-ittuiiia. and Hardware, Jewelry, Watches,
.-.. eef.. " '.'
1'ii il.o-.e v ith their full assortment of tloods
I'm Plantation use. Blankets, Kerseys, Limeys,
(sua i.urgs. (,r, Hats &c, they oiler to all, more
ru 'icu la i ly to thr,-; to whom they are under so
j i my obligations lor their liberal patronage lor
j a i - p-,-..
Mi s. March,21, 1850. t20 ff. '
DR. L. C. CL0ER,
TTAS removed his office to the stand occcu-
LX nied, by. I. -M. Kniipp, one door cast of
Hale & Murdoek's, on Main Street, where calls
from liirf friends will be corJially roecived, and
where messages left for him Vil I be proniptly at
tended to. Ho will keep regularly on hand a
general n.'sortment of the best Botanic : iledi
eiics, Prcjiarations, and Compounds. -
Among his Preparations is his popular Hepa
tic Preparation, for Liver Diseases.'- f -..
t . ; (Jeh-tificatg .W, - i
This to certify, that my wife has had the
Dyspepsit for many years resulting from diseas
ed Liver, during which period she has- had fre
qif-nr it tacks of Acute fuflamntion of tho Liver;
anil in no instance has she been so 'speedily :md
effntunHii relieved as she has, been - from . lute
attack by.' the bkill of Dr. Glover and tlie use r I
is H -puie Preparation. " L. N. HATCH.-"
J.l. m... U 7, ls5K U 5 -tf. . - 1
' 'To the rubllr.'---1
u r 'vigncd Imve in u0 one 'of- M'.i-
'.- Chain Pumps. We .are pleased
' ' " ' recomnviid 'thetn 'to'ttte public
' " '"'' ' "' " "'.- ' t'( labor nt.'l nor 'itHble to "et
' . s. B. MALOF.
J. u Ti;i:,i:ii;
- rT: Bf.r-'Vf: PT. "
w ; i. r. d ,v, r,-,i..
fif7 For fanhor information apply ; i 1; '
M unlock. Agents, orl"
Dec. 20, lS-'.o J.' .'l. HLOOMFiri?-
Columbus Female institute
rpiIK Tattoos of tins Institute,-in Niimmend
X ing its i-htiias to the public, take pleasure in
saying to its Uirtner Tatrons and the frteti.is ot le
mtile education generally hut jt has entered upon
tlie third year ol as luMory wan encoring pros
peels of increis'(T sncri-ss and usefulness.
The services of Mr. Jlor.r.itT A ' Means (lor
merl v of South Carnliim and late ofEwtaw, Alii.
have been engaged as Principal, and his cpialili
cations for I hi .-.iiiierinteiiikMu-e ol such mi msti
tulioB.i evincvtl bvthoit lest of testimonials
! long oxj.n-rii.Mice and uniform success. ; 1 he same
limy in- siml oi the Assistants wiinni he brings to
i Lis aim the management ol tliu various Depart
M.euts. :, . . ,
'i'i... t,,,,..,., r.r ........ - r .
T 1147 IIIH'UI KllltC ri Mliuuillll il It-Ilfllic
: rM rv ol high order iu Columbus is, we believe,
i lelt and acknowledged by all. We present the
. oinmiius leinale institute as admirably en leu
, luted to supply this Vant, arid therefore lis wor
thyt ail encouragement. We have able and
! ttoeoiiinliied iiir-iriR-tors; the course of study is
I full, thoronli nud fiiiisUed; the buildings mid
i irrounds tire well ndapted for the jnirjioses of u
larao l-eniiile behool: the location is healthful
pleasant tiud retired, and no exertions will' be
spared en the part of the Trustees to make it one
ol the first institutions of the Southwest, lour
complish this, we only invoke the patronage- of a
liberal public. .
Mr. r.oi;i:KT A. Means, Principal.
Miss -Ansa M. KKi.Loy g, EngihhBranches.
Miss S. C. ClIAI'lM, " "
Mr. S. Maukstien, Inxtrvmcntal Music.
Mrs. Fox, Vocal "
Miss II. CiiAi'ix, Primary Dfjxirtmtnf.
The s(:o!a;i(: year is divided into two sessions
of live months, eoimncucin:r respectively on the
iirst Alomlay in Ui-tober and jMarch.
No Pupil will be received for a shorter period
than one session, but can enter at an v time and
j will be eharet? from the lime of entrance
Ao ileouction wul lie allowed, except from
eontiutteu sickness, tuul llitit. at the discretion of
the Principal. In dediu-tions for board, no frae
tioij less than half a month will be considered.
The Voiinir Ladies who bonnl in the Institute
...!ll. -.l II i. .. ..
j in urn oi- niiuivi-u to titiemi nans or parties, or
j receive visits except relatives
Their expenili
tun s and visits will also be supervised
rreiiaratorv IeiKirtnicnt. uer session.
Fourth Class, per .-es
Thinl Class,
Second Class, "
First Class, " " .
Lane;ii:iges. (each.) -
Music on . the Piano or Guitar;
Use of Instrument for practising,
Drawing and Painting.
Ornamental Needlework,
Contingent Ixpenscs.
Board per Month, (including lights,
washing,' bed and bedding.)
Without' washing, - -
For five days in the week.
C7 Accounts must be settled at tin
12 50
close of
-iieli session.
Young Ladies, hoarding in the Institute, must
urnish their own towels- atid evcrv article of
clothing must
be distinctly marked with the
w lit 1 a ll.llllt. .
President of the Board of Trustees.
lS'iO. 23-1 y
Ajiril 11,
Dr. (liristie's Galvanic liirativrs.
liitAcuLUT.-j ; " fluid;
" r.ix(is; bands;
piIESE articles are of recent discovery, but
JL during their use as medicinal agents in the
cure of nervous diseases, Dyspepsia, Female
complaints,-Paralysis and Palsy. Rheumatism,
Diseases of the Heart, spinal complaints, N'tie
ralgia and Tie Polorcanx, Fits and convulsions,
&e., they have gained w orld-wide fame and no
toriety. The ell'eets of Gal v.iuism. by the use of
these article.-, lends its heatliful and m virrorm i.er
inllnenee to the alllieted. and is weekly'' among
you, performing some of the lno-t wondcrfid
cures ever eili-cted since the di.-coery of G'al
vanism. Physicians and men of the highest re
spectability are daily lending their assistance,
and cxtoiiug the virtue-! of the.-e meritorious cu
ratives. For sale at the sign of the
Nov 2S-tf NEGRO & M ORTAR."
now ready to make Insurance nrrnin-t
lire. Ainilication in writiier to 1- n,:i,l,. i
the Secretary or any of the Board of Directors, at
the Counting-room of Taylor, Hale k Murdoch
A. Jfntnocii. Scc'y.
March I I, 1S50. l!)tf. :
Something new under the Sun !
JUST received ;it BLAIR'S Drug Store that
Patent Rlark Indelible &r Indestructible M'ri-
hn AA. A truly bliu-k and purely fluent Wri
ting Ink, lmleliblc, with no corrosive propertir
i.-ttl.,.. l;..i.:i:... : ..
u.i.i ii.iuniij in jiiriMjiii.iie or iiiicKcn liy
age. change ol climate or exposure lo the ar
nas nituerto been in Chemistry an impossibilitv
rsow, lor the first tune such an Ink is nresentcc
to the public for it has been tested bv the most
scientific chemists ; is by the highest authorities
pronounced incomparable for its ease and ele
gance in use.
C7 It icitl not corrode Steel Pens.
Columbus, July '.2.3,150. 14 tf.
1 C Ounces Lactate of Iron.
1 J 50 " Citrate of Iron.
20 pounds Precipitated Ciirbon Iron.
30 '-' common " - "
For sale by A. N. JONES CO.
uuoes r-aiicine.
0 '' Chiiioidinc.
10 " Citrate of Quiijine.
.'i pounds Chlorol'oi in Phosphate of Animonii
nbmtrate of Bismuth.
Forsaleby A.N.JONES & CO
Groceries! (iroccries!!
Market Street, Cuumbits, 3Iiss.,
HAVE on hand a large and well-selected as
sortme.it of GROCERIES, to wit :
Lrown, clarified, crushed, powdered and loaf
Mohisses, New
Peppier, Ginger
and Pickles;
Orleans Syrnps ami RiroJ
Alspirre, Salonitus, Ketchups
,V--VH ,
Imperial and Gunpowder Teas : '
Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs and Crackers
Mustard, Lemon Syrup and Dried Fruit - '
Sperm and Star Candles ; Soap and Starch
Iron and Steel, Nails, Castings; '
Wine, Brandy, Rum, Whiskey; -Powder,
Shot atid Lead.
And they will keep on hand the best Family
Flour. Com Afonl R.. l .. . .-'
, jj... um. nuu t-ery article in
the grocery line with Charing and Smoking
u. vegurs an oi wfnefi will be sold
low for cash. They will buy, or make liberal
advances on cottop in store. Nov. 7, 1850-tf
" ' C N 0 T I E .
THE Undersigned having purchased of James
B. Gray, his entire stock of Goods compris
ing a general assortment of'Drv Goods. Hard
ware, Crockery &c., would respectfully solicit'
me pmronageoi rns-fneoUs. J. 1' . GAY.
HAVING sold my stock of Dry Goods &c, to
Mr. J. F. Gay, I would rCsneetfnllv solicii
for him a continuance of the patronage so liber
ally bestowed on myself.; All persons, indebted
to Dechcrd & Gray, or myself, eithct by note or
account will please settle; by the fust of March,
a muuigciivo uauuui uu given aeyond that time
" , ' '-'! ' " ' J. B. GRAY,
Columbus, Jan. 8th, ..1851.". 3S-tf. f
District Chancer) CovrtlMd at Cohan
; lus. At Rules.
Elizabeth A: Smith,' et. at.
vs. rarmenas llavnesand the Heirs
ir3 of -
1. -J
William G. Haynes, ilcceased
UPON opening the matters in this Bill and it
appearing by affidavit filed that tlie Defend
ants r.armenns Havnes and the Heirs of William
G. llayne-;, are- non-residents of the State of Mis
sissippi, nud reside beyond the limits thereof, so
that the ordinary process of this Court cannot
be served upon them. - V - . -
'.It is therefore ordered that imless the said rtc
lehdants appear here before the Viee Chancellor
on or before the first day of tho next term of this
Court, to be holden'Bt the ConrtHon.se in the
town of Columbus on the first Mbnd-rv'in lVl.iv
next c-: -;:':.. ' au(l.ilenU;'nnsw.cr6rdein'ur to 'the
several r:!v..:ationii. in said.BiH-.br romnlalnt
contained, tlie sme. will be taken. ns confessed
by satd dntendnnfs and . tt, matters th
creed aceordii'iiv; ' r '
, Ordered that ttns order be inserted in tl
"I limits H -p- T v- : r . xspap.cr pu!
in Columbus, weekly, i - ..n month. -Atru."-
copy from the inir.utes. " ""-
- .V.. V.. i.;.' i YAx. C , rk
HOTELS, & e.
1"MIE Subscriber begs leave to return
. thanks for "the liberal patroiingc
heietoibro bestowed, nand ilatters hUn-
telf ly t let attention to give, satisfaction to all
who may favor him with a call. . The 110 WARD
HOUSE is well and long known,, ns itiV House
kept bv John lluddlcstoin Curl & Buster. The
House 1ms been put in " good order, nnd i travel
ers -xv ill find every thing comfortable.. The table
wilt Ik supplied with the best the market affords:
no pains spared to give general satisfaction
His Stables are well supplied with Provender
ami good tittintive Ostlers. The rOSl Ul1-
FICE and STAGE OFFICE are in the build
lug. Terms in accordance- with the times: -
....; M. J. IIOWA11D. .
Columbus, Miss. August 29, 1850 19-lm. .
1 1 IIE subscribers having teken charge of this
JL LAlii. i; AMI Cl3I.MODIOLS ltOUSK, sit
uated in the central part of the city, formerly oc
cupied by Joiix T. Ridley, would respectfully in
form the mblie,that it has undergone a THOR
? Having procured the BEST OF BEDDING and
ATTi:.'TIVE SERVANTS, we trust with our
long experience ai d undivided attention, we may
be able to please every one while under onr roof.
' Our TABLE will always be supplied with the
iiest TiiF. .M.vr.KET AFFaiiDS. In fact, neither vnin
nor expanse shall be. spared to render our-rsr oj
forhihle. '
T7 Our llousi sfwill be sent to the well known
LIVERY STABLE of Wm. Cai.t, who keeps
the m:s r of ritovt.Mimt and attentive ostlers.
CLTrums Modkkate.
Columbus, Miss., Nov1.1, IS 19. 3 tf.
lliiyln'rry S.vrn,
''PUIS is a sale and etlicient remedv for Dvsen-
JL tary. Diarrhu-a. Cholera Morbus. and Cholera
Iufaiitum. It . litis cured when all hopes of life
had lied- . It is pleasant to the taste and is casilv
ulin'mistercd to children.
IVtrley P. O., 31(ini cc county, Miss'.
June 29th. 1M0. I
This is to certify that I have used'-Dr. Glover'
Bayberry Syrup"' in inv faniilv lor the last cigh
teen months. mid I can sal'clv stiv that it has given
entire and pcrleet satisfaction. 'In till cases of de
rnngemeut of the bowels, either in children or
adults, this syrup has never failed to give almost
immediate and permanent relief. - Given nndc
my hand. -WESLEY SMITH.
Anli-rciiodic Pills.
TOR Chills and Fever, and Ague anil Fever.-
i tiese i'u is completely "supercede the use
of Quinine, and no distressing headache is the
consequence upon their administration, bin in
stead thcreol the most pleasant sensations.
Price 00 calls per Box.
Iiiikkiious CalEaarlif Pills.
rTMIESE Pills have no rival for snfetv and cer
tain! v, as an cvacuantof the bowels. Thev
are pcoitliarlv adtipted to Lilious comlition
the system. Price 25 cents ver Box
Tootls-aclM- Drops.
N ii
"1 dr
instantaneous relief is nllordcd bv thesi
trops in all cases where they can be put in
contact with the nerve ol the tooth. Uiei-arc
henclicial also to the teeth. ; Price 75 ets. a vial.
Allol the medicines have full printed direc
tions accompany ing them.
This is the time for Prairie Planters to strike,
io sine iiiem ironi large xoctor lulls.
' (adumbns, Miss.. Sole Proprietor.
ror sate at llaik s lrug More, C olumbus,
Jiiss. Also at various popular places in the
country. June l.jth, lS'iO. 8 tf.
7?NCLIS1I BLUE Mass- do Calomel: Phos
JLi phate of Amonia; citato of Iron: sactate of
I 1 .1 1 , l 7
nun: x ice. aro. iron; loiiute Ol iron; just re
ceived at me sign ol the
Nov -'v-if " NEGRO & MORTAR.'"
SAFE and Certain Cure for CoNst MrrioN
J.X. ot the Lr.(..s. Si-ith.m; of Blood. Corpus
t.oM.s, Asm ma, Pain in -in k Sim;, Bronchitis
Hooping Cough, and all Pulmonary Affections.
The Louisville Journal says: Dr. Rogers's
LIVERWORT and TAR not only gives imme
diate relief in Coughs and Colds, but from the
testimony of men of the highest standing here
and cl.-ew here, it is making some very remarka
ble'' cures of Consumption.'"'
The Railway Register adds : ': We have heard
it stated, by persons of great respectability, who
have used this medicine, that it is one '"of. the
most remarkable medicines of the age, for
Coughs. Colds, Influenza, Bronchitis. Asthma,
Pain in the Side and Breast. Smttin" of Btorwl
Whooping Cough, and all Lung Complaints,
which, if neglected, usually terminates in Con
sumption ; "add the certificates attached to the
advertisements would seem fully to justify this
statement.'1 . .
This Plant has. for many years, been found to
be of singular virtue in the cure cf Affections of
,iuei,ucr. -uorerceem. it was ascertained that
tt possessed great power in arresting Llccli.cr
at the Lungs, Coughs of a chronic character, etc
.muoi csm-iiiuii service- in all diseases of
inonary character.
llns article is now universally acknowledged
to be the most healing and efficient application
lor diseased or decaying Lungs, or any portion
ol the lle.shy or muscular parts of the human
body. -Its medicinal and preservative qualities
were underwood by the Egyptians in the early
:.fr,. fd" tlw. ,,.l.l 1 i . s
. . ...v i uiiu. nun no nonni now exists
among scicn.mc men, that the preparation usei
... cma.i,.meni oi bod.es, was composed
I-. . ,i ui i ii is ingredient. Jn later age
".is ionic! io nc in universal use among the ab
origines of America, and at this day Tt is their
pimeipai, and, in lnct. only medicine for an un
sound state of the Lungs, or any approach to it
those who are acquainted with the history of
ln.2 l, ..-a,. i- -1 ... . .
............ y ui men, Know mat a death from
Consumption is unknown among them! The
nit uu ,u tacuity in all countries annenr tn I...,.
.io.iic aware ot the great healing properties of
..us .uu. ic, aim are now introducing it in their
pi.icuec. ijt. jjueiian. ol laigland; Dr. Cricli
ton.of St. Petersburg; Dr. La Prieure,of Paris-
.urn uic distiiigiiisicd Dr. Cooper, have been in
me n.iint oi combining it with other articles
their prescrililioiis. anil with nm-it-o c.ie.
. L .......
rv ---- T? r s . . i- . . .
ur jxnureoj isountcrjeits antl base Imitations!
UZs The genuine article is sinrnod ANnnvw
iv.ULrin, on the engraved wrat)nernroiin.lonr.l
T"i f t - t T- i-1 . 1114
fTp" Price, SI per Bottle, or Sir Unit W fr ii-;
Sold U'hoi me and Retail by
SCO V1L & MEAD, 113 Chartres street.
Between Conti, and St. Louis sts., "
- - - New. Orleans, La.
sole Uenernl -Jtgenfs for the Southern States.
Sold by ;A. N. Jones, & Co., Columbus, Miss.
ii b. Tl 1 - . C C -.1 tl .i
juiir et omiiu, , . : .
u " Taylor & McCarthy, " .
" June 20, 1850. 9-tf. , ,. "
... JOIL M. T. KE1D,
Sign ofJthie 1 Golpen Boot,
' Columbus, Miss. ; ; ' ';''"'
THE Subscriber returns his thanks for thq ve
ry liberal patronage he has received, and so
licts a continuance of the same. ' ' - 7
, He has just received a lame and exrpUmit nc.
sortment of the finest qualities of FRENCH
WJix oAiivo, which lie is prepared to manu
facture, to order in the most workmanlike man
ner ' , - . . - 4 - i
AH work warranted. -Ready Made Boots con
stantly on hand. " . - . . -;V .- -V-
Oct. 10, 1S50. 23 tf.
" . IJ. IfcEJL.I.Y,
, Main Street, . .' ' adjoining iho
. Store of Tos, II. Williams, ; i
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the
'public generally. .,nt i, .,0.j
makeup the lollowing articles, superior to any
esmbltshment in this part" of the" country, and
being connected with one of the fi st establish
ments in JVew lork, he is thereby enabled to
keep arall times a full and fresli supply of th"
very best French and Philadelphia calfskin.
Patent Leather,Boots.- French Inimp Boot--,
Water Proof do. Corlr Snl - .1
.h. l. x iirst rate t.t punrvantied
e. -'Repairs net.tly executed.
Coiumht!s,AegV! -f 2, IS 19.
V r. . - "
iti evcrv in-
unds'best CI
; ;e Green
" iii o.l.
a -i in oil.
V i -di;
SlLGiUtAIl IMC'IUrr-iFIrU 'I:iss.
rrUlE New staunch Jn Rvn','-nq ifllf
X steamer, CUBA, t. On,' r.
master, will commence her regular
triiis with the first rise of the-rvei leaving Mo
bile every Saturday evening and arriving tit Col
umbus Monday, 4 o'clock P. M. Leaving for
Mobilo TiiesdaS o'clock, a M.Moorc's Bluir
10 a.m.; Union Bluir and Nashville same day;
Pickctrsville Wi-duesdny 6 o'clock, A-,;ai:, Mem
phis, i Fairfield and Newport same day ; - ienna
12 o'clock," m., Gainsville 1 v. m. Jones' Blullnnd
and Blullport some night, arriving in Mb,J-! f a
Thusday evenini.t ' ffXS' . .
The CUBA is entirely new built expressly
for the trade (and has all the modern improve
ment in machinery,' With a fire engine.) Her
Cabin hnd State-rooms arc linishod in a style e
qnnl to any thing in tho Southern -.vaters.
The -well known punctuality Rti promptness
of Cnpt. Otis, insures the arrival and departure
of the Cuba according to her scnennie.
OT-A plan of tho Cabin will bo found at the
olhce ol the agents, -where nertns may ue s
euredc.'''K;'.-:;j; . ,;;'v i:
Augnstlf il , !iS50. ; T
. ' : RKGULAR 1MHET.. ,
For Columbus and Aberdeen
npiIE Splendid New and Fast Running Light
JL, JJraught I'assenger steamer, hUMtU, VV
J. Mattukws, master, will run the ensuing-sea
son as a Regular Packet as ubove her trips to
commence on the first rise ol water m the lom
bigbee. " " . '".- ' --
' For freight or passage apply on board or to
Columbus, Nov. 21, 1850. 31-tf.
For Columbus and Aberdeen. Claras
J. M. Brain-ard, C'n. I J. T. Wilson, Clerk
a Mil-: Light Draught, First Class
. steamer, CLARA, will run re-
oaihirlv to Colilliilmc !iiwl A lnnlr.i.n
the coming season, so soon as the water rises.
Din ing the summer she has been thoroughly
overhauled and pamled, and no expense' will, be
spared to rendei her accommodations and table
equal to any boat on theriver.
t apt. I5n AiNAiiD returns his thanks to his friends
and the public generally for the verv liberal na
tronage given to the CLARA, and assures them
that every effort will be made to render his pas
sengers comfortable &give his shippers prompt
ness and dispaton. , . .
All engagements made by the subscribers
will be laitliltillv executed.' -
August 10th, 1S50. 17 tf.
Aberdeen and Columbus Packet.
rnilE'Pirrt Clnx trnmir W.W..
X DEEX, Cuaui.es Miller, mas-
tcr. will run regularly from Mobile w-ig
to Aberdeen during the coming season, touchin
at Columbus.
The Aberdeen was built exclusively Tor this
trade, is light draught has all the modern im
provements in machinery with a lire Engine
tier cabin is lurmshed in line style and with
Captain Miller as commander what boat can of
fer greater facilities for shipment or more com-
lori to 1 assengers.
Sept. 25, 1S50. '23 tf. Agents
Regular Packet.
THE New First Class Fast Running steamer
'JENNY LIND, "Ci.oruis. master; H. K.
Jayne. clerk, will run during the season as a
regular Columbus Packet, leaving Mobile every
Wednesday evening at 5 o'clockand Columbus
every Saturday morning at 8 o'clock. The'Jen-
tiy .Laud has line accommodations, and for speed
not surpassed by any boat on the river.
All engagements for freight or passage made
with the Agents will be promptly fulfilled.
Jan2, 1851 n37-tf Agents.
Democrat copy.
E. C. EGGLESTOX is my authorized
agent to collect and receive all monies due
ie, and pay all demands against inc.
J. ii. LOGUE.
Columbus, Sept. 8th 1850. 21 tf
Notice to Persons haVinsr Claims
in the Departments at Washington City
By a late act of Congress, BOUNTY LANDS
ue granted to the surviving ollieers ami soI.IIpt
in me v. ar oi 1M2, ol the Black 'Hawk, Semi
nole, and other Indian wars since 1700: tn th.
commissioned ollieers who served in the Mc-xi
can War, and the Widows and Minor Children
ui sucn oiiiccrs and soldiers deceased.
1 ersons who axe entitled tn tl.A l,u,,r. r .i.
.iDoie jaw, who hold claims of any other de
scription against the government," or' who hav.
business ot rinv kind icnnirimr -
-,r , .- : i -s ." "iH iniuii j i
mm proiessionnl agents at WnlilimiM r1:.,.
..... ...... luvlr i,ji.erehi to apply to the Sui
senber, who is associated, for this purnose. wit
iui I,,,, n ,1.,.' - . . . . . V
Attorneys residing at the Capital, whose comne
Irnfi' n ..,1 .'.l..li... I. n . 1
-j ..." .11 .ii.iy ue niiiy rcned on.
iov. 7, 18 .0-Gm. CHARLES H. MORSE
T? VERARD DOVVSING, Jr., has the accounts
s inv f lion or rn I'ftmn nil
. - .... j'V,. -7.11.-)
L.1..1.-.-MII1 io ninKe payment tn him hr ...
...j, u. xv,,,ri.-n nostj as l have payments to make
- j l"'11 I'ine. anil no time to nttcm to tlif r nUr-n
nun oi aeeoiims mycell. 1 am still nt il.n
inn, jenny to wait upon all folks as usual
Jan. 2Sth. lS.-Jl. 41 2m.
Br. Thomas N. Love
i L 1 ' ULLY offers his professional ser-
-- vices mine pitunna nr rn i
. . . ... . . j , , . i , 1 1 , 1 1 .11 Hi .13
iciinty.aiid hopes by close attention to husinp
uu merit a snare oi their patronage. He may
found at all times, when not any where else,
i isiMiiecor residence, both on the same lot with
the City Hull, immediately south of it, formerly
oceiipn-d by M. J. Howard. -
August 8, 1S50. - 1G tf.
rHHE Mihseribcr would infumi his fiicuds und
-U- the public generally, that he has taken the
entire control ol those well-known Livery Sta
bles, formerly rccupied by Cady & ' Ridley , on
Market slrcut, south of the "Columbus Hotel." He
has enlarged and otherwise improved his Stables,
so thai he is now prepared to accommodate any
number of horses that may be left with linn in a
style nt surpassed by any establishment of the
kind west nl'Mas6n &. Dickson's line. He keeps
constant iy on Hand tor lure, "saddle Horses, Car.
riages. Buggies, &.C., of the most superior quality
Fi om his long experience in the business, and
greut desire to'give perfect satisfaction to hiscus
tomers; he hopes to receive a liberal share ef pat
.onage. His terms ore the same as heretofore;
Carriage, Horses, $ Driverper day, , $5 00
Horse and Buggy, per day,
, 3 00
1 50
12 50
saddle Horse er day,
Horse at Livery per month,
" - per week, . .
. " . - Per dav. .
'3 50
Horse per night.,
" singlefeed. 1
. WM.
Columbus, Mi?, January 1, 1851.
.. The subscriber has just comple-
ic-i mis esiaunsiiment, situated on
Main Street, east of the Market
House, where he is now prepared
UMake care of horses in style
..ui iu. uu auf iBssca in tins conn.
try. IJe will be pleased to serve all nersrma ;
that line ; and will in ; a short time be prepared
with the. best of , :J . . ,
For the benefit of tho travelling community, and
- By prompt attention to busmen, tho
Inr lin. -1 , .'. l "v
iu secure it snare 01 puuiic patromiTe.
Ho has, connected with his stable,, j
A first rate LO T arranged for Drovers
ivnii i , e'er -'.'Yd roughs. - &-c. ' ' '
where he. will be pleased to give all wlio " may
have occasion to call on himjamplo and satisfac
tory aeconmodatidnV'' t ------
Small favors wiirb'o"thhnkn'iHv r5.i
large demands upon the attention of the Proprie
tor will alwn- ' promntlv-mnt nn.l otiaJn,l .
iZs C one, dome all ! - .
' T- ''AftENT roa C. J); 5?
. . Vtss., Fopt.'ih jt::-!. -b.
co,- : --
;. .. . ullii.l iA,i
T 71 , T- r TP. . . , . .
wiui,il,.,( v. iiULESALE DTAI
tin a.. I TVit.
:1".. l.ly
n. l. r.i:resr,:s,
Y, laikmle und Retail Dealer
cr t-
Ilai &jzx and C
J 9
,'..- ! No. CO, 02,nnd 04 Water street.
HAS pure hnsed for CVrsA,' nnd imported direct
from Eurofie, tbe greatcrpnrt of the follow
inT desirab!o Goods, all of which lie ollbrs for
sahi in quantities to suit purchasers, nt very low
prices and liberal terms. Tho rapid growth und
increasing patronnge of our business confirms us
in the belief tnttt our ellorts to sell good goods ut
fair prices, have luct with success.
"I ri Plantation Goods.
Bar Iron; Swedes nil sizes," English & American
Bar Steel; English, German ami Aifirncnn
Sheet stoel for Gin-saws, sheet iron Russia, Eng
lish and American - :
Ploughs; Cotton, subsoil & corn, Plough moulds
Axes; Genuine Collin's & coMight, Heavy, and
mediums, iyu itoz. . . - ;
Nails; best Fall River make, Griffin's horse lbc
Fun Mills, approved kind; Corn shcilcrs, best ia
use; Straw cutters various kinds
Trace chains 1 by the cask;- log chains all sizes:
Fifth chains; W ell chains - , ' s--'-Halter
chains' Blued, Japanned and Tinned
Dog chainsv v - do a ? - do , do
Back chains, Brigbt and Black
Plantation Hoes; all sizes and handled, Cast steel.
German do and Iron
Spades; Ames long and short handle; Ames and
- Rowland's make
Mill saws, extra thick; Cross cut do Rowland's
make; Circular mill saws from IS to 3G inch
- Hand saws of every kind ;
Cauldron Kettles, 75 gallons
Costings; Pots and Kettles of every size
Anvils, Common and Mouse Hole : ;
Vices, Bright Kotter Keyed '
Bellows, from Cto 42 inches diameter
Grain cradles, complete with Scythes
Hedge Shears and Pruning scissors
Riddles,' Rakes and Reup Hooks, Brush Hooks
Churns, Buckets, jMuk Pails, 1 ubss
Cotton, Wool and Horse Cards;' Cnrry combs
Horse brushes, Plough lines, "Grind stones
Gin Geeruig, &c, &c. ,,
House Furnishing Goods.
Cutlery; 3-100 doz in store and on ship Jano
Knives and Forks; Fine Ivory handle, in setts of
50 and 53 pieces ,
Knives without Forks, fine Ivory handle
Table Knives, in eases
Dessert do and forks, Silver plated and steel, in
cases; British plated lorks, silver patterns
Forks, silver plated; Spoons silver plated, Iron
: I iiined and Brittany .
Candlesticks; Brass, Brittany and Silver plate
Coffee pots Filterers, English, French, American
Colfee pots, Urns, ot every size -
Tea Pots, of Brittany and Tin
Fine Steel Fire Setts with standards to match
Fine steel shovels and tongs
Shovel and Tongs,' Brass and brass Tops
Curtain Bands and Pins, splendid patterns
Andirons new patterns and brass ,
1- ire nogs, common, cast iron
Stpves, Best kinds, adapted to the country
Fenders. Parlor, nursery;. Grates parlor, wood,
coal; lurnaees lor charcoal and heatinc irons
rauce pans, patent metal, enamelled, iinned
Preserving Pans, kettles, brass, enamelled
Soup kettles, enamelled; ham kettles, English,
Iinned; l'ate Warmers, fine English Japan
' oed; Tea -Trays in setts; Waiters, 42 doz all
kinds; Oyster Gridirons
Soap, stone griddles, "a new article . . ..
dialling dishes, from 8 to 26 inches long
ish covers in setts; lea Kettles, enamelled
Brushes of all kinds; Waflle and Wafer irons.
English extra good; Coffee mills, Broomsj
Brushes, Pails, Churns, Tubs.
Sundries. v
Chain Pumps, by the quantitty, with or without
wood pipe .--..
Douglas Pumps, all sizes -
Guns. R ifles and Pistols, direct from English man-
nfacturers " " "
Powder 'Flasks; Percussion cans' Eno-lish ami
French; sheet and Bar Lead
Needles, Combs and Ink
finwnre manufacturers Tools and stock, Build
ers Hardware, oi every description, Carpen
ters tools, best makers, with every article be
longing to the business. feb20:44.1y.
lVcavcr, Mullin & Co.,
Ao. 2.3 St. Francis street, Mobile, Alabama.
A GENERAL Assortment, consisting in parti
ui uiuuis, cnssimeres, satinets, Kentucky
jeans, ginghams, Irish linens, table and birdseye
diapers, tweeds, prints, bleached sheetings and
shirtings, bed blankets, Jaconet, Swiss, book and
mum miisnns.
5A great variety of Fancy Dress Goods V,n
broidered, figured, chene and changeable silk,
very rich ; French and English merinoes ; Or-
leans and Hrth-garian Cloths; Black and colored
aip.ieea lustres; casiimeres; lJlnck and colored
111 lis 111 I l' 11 MIPS I- lMl.rniilr,rn, tin.l i
: - - , . ..... . vU u.u li..-.miriii-u
. ... ..tl..,.,,u.? ..lusuu anu lace
etines and collars: Fmbronlororl ' iin.t..rolm...
Kid and twisted silk gloves ; Thread edgings and
laces; Bonnet and belt ribbons, shawls, &c., &c.
. - - .,..u .i.fcn a.
TOT A T.-rr'
Ji -jU.JLU'xJ tlOOJLl.5 .
Netrro Blankets. Kr-rscrs. Plnl.J ,i Pi.,: T :
seys, heavy cotton stripes ; Osnaburrs of several
styles; Brown Domestics and Drillings : Giazeti
nun wool hats; Knsset iiroirans. Heavy Boots.
tv.ni lirogans, &e., iac
W e would respectfully invite the attention of
merchants and planters to our large and well-se
lected assortment ot uoods, which we offer upon
the most favorable terms, and at prices as low as
any other house in the city.
To " Planters. Merchants. &c.
"P A NIELS, 'ELGIN & C,0 ., corner of
- - I
I n..i.nliiii nn.i W"ntr utra Mni.ito 0i
a call fram Planters, Merchants and others visit-
ing the city. Their stock of DRY, GOODS con"
awt r.f pvi-rv ilpserintinri nf Rtanle nmA V.
- - - j 1- . . . - - i, t ii
r. , --1 .- . , 1 . Jl
uooas, anu is as large anu complete as at any I
house in the South.
Anions their stock mav lie found rnlprff.1
white Mackinaw Blankets; Duflil do.; bath and
ci i it urn uituiikCLa. ui t:-ftv n i sirifi fiiifi nif. n i
ed domestics: Kcutur-kv irnii- twonla.
meres; woollen plaids for children's wear; Enr-
LsviL uu iiiuviivuii ctiin-uus, jtiiaines pn cli
nic ret dress silks; shawls;" mantles; velvet cloaks
Ixom $15 to S100 each; Canton crape, all colors'
. , g.uvi-sj nnen sneet-
mgs and shirtings; table drapers; napkins; linen
towels and towellings; table and niano r.n,.
curtain muslins and damasks; carpets; rugs oil-'
Frfim tl. fnoilitinc ttiai. IC-l''.,
nnrt : lnrrrnlv fl.r. f,.r.l nnnCi... .1 .r.
.... ...... .j ui , .fui-s. 1 1 1 , r I j , n . i
, 0 j ,t .v. nicy can oner as
good bargains and as great inducements to the
pureuaser ot viy yoods as at any house in the
-Mobile, January, 1850
0. . , ' i
mving removed from his old stand to No. 18
I" . corneof Dauphin street.. , ; -
r ". ,. . " - . i
t, . y t.'t : rrM.e, jeweiry, silver and
- ""t Muiiary isooas. Uuns. Pistols. &e
HAS just. received and? opening, the laret
and best selected stock ofWtrl,Pa T
ry, and Silver Ware," ever brouyht to the Snmh.
w . ' . .- ..r..,-.
em country, viz: Gold and Silver Watches, of ev-
. . , WVU1IVC
dies wear; diamand, torquois and 2old bracelets,
Pins, andf earrinSs,, of every desfpUon,
numerous to ment onfall of which is warranted
with a certificate in hi's LandwiB ' Wlmmd
Silver. Ware. Warrant ?r
..Silver .e. and cofiee
pitchers and tumblers: silver snoon fnrL-. .!.
patters; silver castors; fruit baskets and waiters;
V, ?nr0'TPS aild.oblffets Plai" and octagen, Sild-
edaneagdpc, .'. : ;::D
tJ Ll T ?atC! W are Fine Plated
tors; cake and fruit baskets and waiters, from the
I ni . " "1.11113, UUIIl
oesi ooccieia and Burmingham man Sictorv in
ingiana; mantle and chamber n r u"ks all
.IT n- .iv,j,,vl yuuemsj steel nd p!a
ted snuuers and trays; .fine steel and plated t -t-erackers;
Bntania Hca and coffee sets, comr iete;
with urns of American and Sheffield manufacture
Gennan-silver table and teaspoons and forks.
Military Goods of every description. Also, 'r.
large assortment of Papieri maeide Work, viz:
boxe, and cabinets inlaid witli gold and mother
of pearl; girandoles and mantle ornaments of
f-.ery leicripion. " .;. ' r.
i or
t. i neap ana aesiraoie uc 1.1 my j
lacaii at .- , - -, -
: - JAMES 'CONJflNG,"";' ' -Tcrwr
of DaupLla and Water streets
hzn of the large Gold Watch '
-CI k s nnd matches repaired and clean
f ., ),it:
o u. v. possible manner, by two as -,-,,t
.nr., there is in it-r. Tt;, ' , 6. . 1,3 -Od .
1 ,-x', iaaow' Glass assorted
gro kerseys; plain Osnaburgs; fianiiels; linseysjl11- WlSTAE-'s BALSAM OP Wile Cherdy
clecks; stripes; tickings; bleached and unbleach- Signed "Sanford & Park," onthe wmn, :
r-'i f" t s r r f m
I t; ' V 1 J j '
' i -1 r , ! i I - i f
L y U I . ; 1 i .. X ii- -rf
, 7f III m f5-l - m "
f Aj'- " .
- , :-
i'y-i i
"f ! fLH. 2
; . THE MOST I-brULAR - .
Used - by Tliysieiaa - cf lOgh Standing.
TliceBlTTEIlS remore"5!! morbid ecrcu'oni, '
purify the "blood, give great tone and vigor to the
digestive organ., fortify the ytem again.t ell future
Jisee, can be take'n with lafety, at no time debili- ' '
luting the patient being grateful to the met deli. '
eate stomach, and remarkable for their cheering, ia
rlgorating, strengthening, and restorative properties,
and an-inveluuble and sure remedy for .
Also, Liter Complaints, Jaundice, Heartburn, Co
Uveness, Falhtness, Disorders of the Ski a, Liver, and
Skin, Loss of Appetite, Low Spirits, Nervous Head,
ache, Giddiness,' Palpitation of the Heart, Sinking
and Fullness of Weight at the. Stomach, and all other
diseases caused by an impure state of the blood, liver,
etc, which tend to debilitate and weaken the system.
Who suffer from a morbid and unnatural condition
. ' will find this Medicine of
In all cases of GENERAL DEBILITY, this Medi
Have tested its colcacr, and thousands more are now
under treatment ; and not one solitary "case of failure
has yet been reported. Volumes could be filled
with certificate of those who have been perma
nently cured. . , - , .
Call ou the 1-f nt, and get a riSPBLET,
Containing the Certificates of Remarkable Cures, and
the high estimation in which this Medicine is held
by the r-iblic Tress can be had of the Agnts, free
! K3r Price 50 Centi per Large Bottle.
Trincipal Office, 133 FULTON ST, N. Y, up stair
For sale by ' JAS. 13LAIR.
Columbus, .May, 1851. - .
The Best Remedy ever L ncncn to Man
I 70R Coughs, Asthma, Colds,' Croup, Bronchit
is, Influenza; Bleed ing of the Lungs, Diffi
culty, of Breathing, Liver Affection: 1'ain or
Weakness of the Breast Or Side, First stages of
consumption, cie. .--."
Remarkable Cures!:
Of all the cures that have yet heen received, there
are certainly none equal to the one first men
tioned, which plainly shows the curability of
vuhsuihjuiuii, even in some ot its worst lorms
Jefferson County, Ia.. Feb. 27. 18-19.
Mssra. Santjkokd & Park
Gents: This is to certify, that mv wife.
Nancy Dohoney, has been in a declining state of
health for the last two years. Her disease baf
fled the skill of the best medical aid I could pro
cure her physicians -prououneed her disease
Consumption 111 the last stage,"' and said that hei
recovery was past all human hopes. -As a last
resort, with very little hope, I procured "Wistar's
iKtisnmol V 1I1I Cherry. After using" a few hot
ties, I found, to my agreeable surprise,, that he
.......in as mnru ing rapuiiy. Che 13 now so
far restored, as to be able to attend to her regular
household duties, without suHerinir any ineonve
nienee. Her rapid improvement ami Tirci-m
ncaitu warrant me in the bcJiel that she will soon
ue entirely restored.
Slate of Indiana,
Jefferson Co.
I Jt
I James M. Humphreys, a Justice ofthe Peace,
and 1'or said county and State, do certify that
J above named Rhodes Dol.oney subscribed
and made oath to the foregoing ta
fore me, this 27th day of February,
. - James m. Humpi'i
ertificate, be
To the Public. h Jacob Green, of the county
I . t . . r. ' '. . '
oi Jennings, ana otate ot Indiana, do hereby cer
tify, that in the early part of last season, I wa
I..., '. , ' .l , , . '.. .
l- , . . in I. v n ftii i-n . ai.pni ,, n-, . t.
pain in tho breast and sometimes fever, and that
I employed a skillful physician for some time
who said that he could give me no relief. T
uini cuiiiimiiCTu using uisiiir s Daisaill Ol Willi
.1 ...1 .- 1 1 - . - T. , . . . . . .
Cherry, "and felt almost immediate relief and af-
ter takin? Ttlirce bottles, I find mysyjf in as good
health as 1 have enjoyed lor a number of years
.-i o.smy ui uou, 1 at
tributed to the use ofthe medicine above named
aiarcn 1st, i&iu. . Jacob Greex.
State of Indiana, Jennings county"
A.vu.m m. . uiwi,,ijca, c UMlt C VI lilt, I On O f in
and for said county and State, do certify that the
above named Jacob Green subscribed and made
oath, to the foregoing certificate before me, this
first day of March 18r9. -We
would advise those of onr renders
laborinor under nn nfl'r-pt;
immediate trial of this truly pTpplIont attn,i::A
mi ...... J iV
,le mos,1 nteiiigent and respectable families of
our ciiy nave aooptea it as a favorite m;nm .
fnti Persons Pfedisposed to consumption, who
V.ave used ,l' sPeak in highest terms of its ef-
IlCacy. . -
, , r ,
Ir r hiwurn rC . .-.r-.. , T
0 tu.um.-rit.-iis ana tmitations
oyrupsana an oilier preparations ofWild Cherry.
Remember, they Only imitate in nnmp n-;.i,,i
Posse8sinS the virtues. Buy none but the irenu-
""4 '
rnnml onrh limilo 1 i
Sold Wholesale and Retail bv
SCOVIL & MEAD, 1 12,' Chartres street, be-
- : . '"nu v.uminna ot. Louis.
Ueneral Agents for
Sold by Taylor & M-Cartht, Columbus Miss.
.n.. n JU.MiS c CO, t
Blair & Smith y "
. J. vy. Btsu & Cn. Pickensville Ala.
, . vurroiion
May, 23, 1850. .. 6 tf.
- (in , ir . r l. - ii
INVALUABLE Medicines for Coughs, Colds
Consumption and Female Diseases always on
iKIV'1.- " :
- uMuvuiuai ouuiitirier
that has been patented onlvix rnr,n,L a x.
already he- i?Z ! "1 TJ? ? "om.h8 and ha
. ......v.i., a.su. uia superior
Shoulder Brarps-
The onlvcennine nniflooo.o i .
D, . - luunu at me
rug store of r. Jis' tit aid
feb20'51:44.1y - : -JTJ;.
most Deautilul and valuable Preparat
all d.CnU"1 Tr .V. old 'Consumption,
new coound in Hnd: This is a
on nrtt.! ' U hls PIace' but u 13 evidently
ie. of T PreParatinS the ?"?e f0f
:oC-the- ngs-far superior to Jayne's
Jt.44.iy . Sole Agent. '.
ffcUUU-1000 - - U vn
This Lead has come direct from Messrs Wether4"
. D'ls &"Co.of.PbitedeIPhii"Starid?f';
superiorto any other article mtmnfacrnrod on'thl
continent." For sale by" , - reU the
.i'T - 'Oct. 1850.
" 6 ly, JAS. JONES. JR.
""t v wnsctiors at Lc
Just.-recetvcd, and warmmed the cron ol
JS49. - . ; .;, ' u, varrana the CP 01
J-an.24, 1850,
:lair & smitit.
'TL o s 1 1
Silver Pencil with a Gold Pen.
'X'-. ' '" be thankfully receiv-
v :. r.led if reinir-:-.!.
Any inform
ed and the infr
' T-S-V iu )J:- ..-
1 M r T r UJ
"ft-8. "n-
, v roa THE cure or
Coughs, Colds, Koarsncss, Spittis r.r
Clocd, Xlytt Sweats, Asthsa.0
Lircr Complaints, and
Do net neglect It.
CONSUM PTI ON ca n Hand hat been cured mU
tanas of cases pyjntioniy certain rrmeay Jul)
and no remedy has erer before hem discovered tint
'" certainly cure CONSUMPTION.
Tfce most strongly marked and developed en,
of Pulmonary consuuiptiou, wliere the lungs have
become diseased and ulcerated and tho ease --out.
icriy iiopeiess as to have been pronotme'd ly j.,7
aicians and friends to be rnst nil i.ossibil if V fit" r.
covcry and at times thought to be dying, has b. c
v-., UJ urn womiermi remedy U are now as w j
& hearty ns ever. Tt is n eomTiond nfn,..-.'.
which are peculiarly adapted to & essentiaJjy'.
cessary for the cure of Coughs and Con $,,,-, :,'
it operation is mild yet cflicacious: it Iooc,,3 ,
phlegm which creates so much difiiculty, io!,,..
the couh and osists nature to expel from t1(. "
tern all diseased matter by expectoration, 'ro,!'"
ing a delightful chanire in the brrmhir.rr..' !.'u"
and this uftcr the prescriptions of thert-rri 1
medical men and the inventions of kind h i '
ing friends & nurses Lave failed to give t'je ,'W'
est relief to the Consumptive tvfftrer. Tm,"'1;'
.jn.Mua.iii.puve persons have been dec'iv,"
peatedly in buying medicines which wc T?
be infallable cures but which hnvo r,rr,, .
palliatives, but this medicine is not only a ii-' '
live but a cure for ulcerated lungs. It contain'.'
deleterious Drugs and one trial will prove it,
tonishing clTicacy better than
certificates in curing consumption and all d;...'a'
of the lungs, and as spitting of blood, couh '
in the side and chest, night-sweats, kcT Al c
1000 certificates of almost miraculous cure. 1"
formed by this medicine, from somi. r ,i '.'.'. V
doctors, clergymen & merchants, have W-er,Hi t
us for this medicine, but the publications of tj,,.
looks too much like Quackery, (will thow t!it.' "
any person calling at oar office.) TLi, tneaiir ',, !
will spealt lor itself and enough in its own faV0f
wherever it is tried. - ... .
Caution This ined if trie is r.m nn i
bottle and you must find the name of Judson 4 Ca.
proprietors, N. ., on the splendid wrat r.er nZ . i
the bottle, to whom all orders must be ad,;--H
oiaoby lub:-lG:ly JAS. BLAIR.
To the Old and Young! Ho, ye Red Heads tf C, n"
I henomenon in Chemistry!'
East India Hair Dye.
Tins die may be applied to the hair over rh,
the first night turning the lightest red or "rt r U
to a dark brown, and byrepeatintra secGidr vt
to a bright jet black Any person may tken'iwe
with the least possible trouble keep ,is hairnrr
dark shade or perfect black; with a positive au
ranee that the dye if applied to the skin i!lr;r.t
color it. By cn occasional application, a i-ern
turning grey will never be known to have a nev
hair. Directions complete with the article. Ti er
is no coloring in this statement, as one e.tn V
test. Phese lacts are warranted by the "en tie
man who manufactures it, who is the celeb-reed
Chemist, Dr. Comstock, anthor of Comstork".
Chemistry. Philosophy and other works & srLool
books, well known and wirfelr
public. fTTFof sale onhi hv
O. 9 John st, . and in f oIi.rv.l, l.
feb37'51: 15.lv. jAS. BLAIK.
DCafilCSS Use Dr. Larzetts's Aeconstic 0.1
lor the cure ot Deafness. Also all those disn-w-abh-
noises, like the buzzing of insects, fitl'ii of
water, whizzing of steam, whu h are svim too"
approaching deafness. Many perons who 1
been deaf for ten, fifteen or twenry jeers, k v. ere
suiijeei to use ear trumpets, have after using r,Jlt.
or two bottles thrown aside these trumpet F,--made
perfectly well. It has cored crises cf V j7)
and even .10 year standing of de-.i me-- So V i r
Ccmttock 6r liro. No 9 John t. N-Y. and I t '
feb-J7'5I:-15:Iy . , ' JAS BLAIR.
ComstocfcV Vermifuge Tiis the
inost estmordmary remedy ibr vXrms ever
a eflbcf uaJIy eradicates worms' frcm boi.'i scv.'-.s
andcliildren. It cannot harm the nio.-tdelit-r'ei ,
Jam orstiongest adult and never fails to coiuph-e-ly
root out and destroy all kinds of worms It..
cost 25 cts per bottle, puts it within the rtach cf
all and all parents who are without it are wanton
ly exposing the lives of their children i ,1,r.. r.'.t
destroyers of youth, tcorms. Sold only Ly'Cuu-
. j, juuu si, i-i . and f.y
m. O oicncrs of. and denim r- i .
founder Uintment. for the pi.w'nf f..,n,t... . : .
hoot, hoof-bound horses and contracted & h. v. r
ish feet. wotind,bruises in the flesh, galled b;n k-.
cracked heels. serntehp: -t'-t;t-'iC- i '
.m : - - - - ,- , , i ... i -1
CarlCtOnS Ring-Bone cvre, for the cure cf
ring-bone, blood spavin, bone srarin win.v.
and splint a certain .emedy. This ring-bone
cure and the founder ointment nr.. i.n-. -.r. A r.r....
the recipe of a very celebrated English larrkr.
and will cure in DO cases out of one hi.udred ai..I
ofthe above complaints. They have been u-d
by farmers, livery-men, stage propiietor. oth
ers with the most markefland dec ided suecc
Sold only by Comstock & Bro. A'n o .,.- . v l"
andby , feb;27:45:ly:; J. BLAIR.
Rheumatism ComstocVs Rerve and Bone
jsimnunt is warranted to cure any case of Rheu
niatism, gout, contracted cord & muscles, or stilt
joints, strengthens weak limbs and enables tho-e
who are crippled to wait nmin TTc. ,i .,-.i
ind be cured, or go without it and ntr-r vr,
please. Sold only bv Comstork & Tim 7.
stN- Y, and by. feb27:45:ly J. BLAIR.
Corker Dauphin asd Royal Streets.
MBOULLEMET,- Proprietor, and General
Agent for Publishers of Books, Newspa
pers, Magazines and Periodicals. . At this estab
lishment can be found all the latest and most
popular works of the day.
The subscriber respectfully returns thanTts to
his numerous friends and the public for the libe
ral patronage heretofore bestowed upon him, and
would respectfully solicit its continuance. Larir"
now on hand a lull and complete assortment of
every article in his line, and is adding daily, by
different arrivals, fresh supplies of alP the most
popular works of the dav. H; rinipnt fit
South, and eriual to arv in tho TTmon. lf would
also call attention to his stock of STANDARD
WORKS for Libraries, magnifiicent gilt bound
.Book for Holiday Presents, Juvenile" and Toy
Books, music, Engravings, Valentines, and a
complete assortment of Faney Stationary. Also,
Newspapers and magriues from all parts of the
Union for sale in single ntuubexs, and subst rip
tions receivtV for the cams: - -
v CT" Citizens, strangers, and travellers in gene
ral, are all invited to call and look over the large
assortment of publications to be found at tlie
Literary . Depot. Stransrers visiting - the citv
should not fail to visit the Depot of cheap books.
' CP-Dealers will be supplied at a liberal dis
count; also a liberal deduction made to Steam
boats buying for the comfort arid pleasure ol
their passengers. ' - ..
April 4,1 S50.-22 -
-.-..- -Mlt'OXEllT 'GOOD
'MRS. CULLEN recrerti'ully in-
V forms the Ladies, that she has remo-!jj
ved her Millinery to the new brick.
building next to Daniels & Brothers, one door
from Water street, where she is now opening a
during the past summer from the best stocks in.
New York, consisting in part" of . .
Rich Silk, Straw and Satin Bonnets, fancy Span
ish Straw, China PeaH do.; - .
chip and Rough and Ready fine split Straws
Florence braid and fine eoburg 4a,"j
English and Chip-tipped Chenille;
Ostrich Femhers, Plumes and taaraboms, oil co-
, lors: - . - ;;, - ."-. '
French Flowers, Bridal Wreaths and Dresses;
Fancy Caps and Head-dresses;
Children's and Infants' Beaver and Velvet Hats;
Gold and Silver Waist Buckles; " " - ' '.
And the largest assortment of Ribbons ever of
fered by any house in the city,
;y inform
the above
the public, that they have removed to
building." - '. Jan," ISC-l'.-lG-l
. in
O'.tr.r;" - of Qui
ounce, at t" s
ci C-3 CO po

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