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V I /
We have received the nicest line of
ever brought to Corinth, including School Tablets, linen
tablets, box paper, etc. We carry a nice line of TOOTH
our stock. Smokers will find in our stock a choice line of
CIGARS and Smoking Tobacco.
USE BROWN'S ANTISEPTIC for Cuts and Bruise*.
C. H. Walker t>rug Co.
The Corinthian at Corinth has been
eceived and is up to Jud Martin's high
tandard of excellency.—New Albany
You are wrong, brother. The Cor
inthian is not up to our standard of
sxceliency, as ÿet. If our religious ed
itor ever gets through moying and fix
Jng up and gets through with a whole
lot of dog-gone, confounded, dad
blamed botheration he will have time
and inclination to give our readers fi
paper more to his liking.
Rev. T. W Walker of near Corinth,
arrived in Fulton last Thursday and
will spend some time with his son, Dr.
J. M. Walker and family. Notwith
standing Rev. Walker has passed his
85th mile post inRge, lie is quite active
and hearty. He wishes to inform his
Telatives, old friends and acquaintances
through the Herald that lie is com
fortably situated and well pleased with
Fulton and its people and that there
areplenty of Methodists down here.-—
Fulton Herald.
Miss Inez Eden of Tupelo, for three
years an attache of the Tupelo Times
office, is with the Corinthian for a few
days, coming to the rescue of an inad
quate lorce in the office. Miss Inez is
an exceptional young lady, thorough
ly at homo iu all the technicalities of
newspaper work, pleasant, genial and
withal most deserving for the energy
displayed and accuracy that character
izes her work.
The governor has appointed Hon.
E. 0. Sykes of Aberdeen, circuit judge
of the first district to succeed Jtidge
Newiian Cayec, whose term has expir
ed. Mr. Sykes is an ab)e lawyer, and a
gentleman in the highest acceptation
of the term and m his appointment
the governor will never have cause to
feel that, he made a mistake.—Biloxi
An attempt was made last Saturday
night to wreck a train a,t Middleton on
the M. & C. It was the train from Mem
phis that urriyed there at 11:17 o'clock
at night. A jackserew was placed on
the track (it the west end of the switch
with the intention of raising the track,
but the parties did not know how to
work the jackserew. They then piled
some bars on the track and left them
together with the jackserew. No dam
age was done.—Collierville Star.
Bass, Meeks & Johnsey

Have just received an immense
stock of SHOES of all kinds.
We can suit you in every style
and quality, and our prices
Don't fail to come
tin# lowest,
and inspect our stock.
We are constantly receiving
new g"oods, aud our
Spring Stock
will comprise the la teat fabrics
and notions and novelties.
In Men's Furnishjtog
Goods and Ladies
Dress Goods, we of
fer handsome in
ducements. Our
Department is complete. , and
we can give you nobby suits to
order, on short notice and can.
give you the best prices. ■
See out stock of Rugs, La<&
Curtains; fetch bür line. Of
Notions të given. Special atten
tion and splendid väliies cad àl
svays bè Secttrfed.
Sve'y-Day Philosophy.
When weariness with life my spirit fills,
When deep digust comsumes me
with my lot,
I draw some comfort from the ills
I haven't got.
To find that fortune at your conllng
To be bankrupt in health, in fame,
in Purse,
Is bad enough: but I philosophize,
It might be worse.
Incessantly we make a great ado,
The mouth of misery's wide agape;
But happier we, I faney, if we knew,
What we escape.
The common woes of life are bad
Misfortunes as easy as the dew,
And, still, for every morning steak
that's tough
There might be two.
This one is sick; wayward fale cries
Against the leech, Ca'omel, the bed;
0, inconsiderate mortal, cease to pout,
You might be dead.
And this one hath a mitten; he lias
Vainly, alack! his woing it lias spred.
Well, even in this there's comfort,
rightly viewed—
He might be wed!
And here is one who whines; his all is
Away iu panics; he lias had to "fail."
He should, I think, be cheerful that
he's kept
Safe out of jail.
But late I lost a twenty-dollar bill;
And did 1 ring my hands, thnt I had
Not I, Indeed! I'm very thankful still,
'Twas not a hundred.
Sooth should 1 e'er capsize, when
walks are bad.
And my good clavicle invrlve in
Serenely I should" say: IIow very glad
It's not my neck.
Oh, trust me, better not make ado,
At the few miseries ot oui- common
. lot;
There millions of 'em, if we only knew,
We haven't got.
Go to D, J. Hyneman for re
liable Grass Seed. He keeps
in stock
Blue Grass,
Herd's Grass,
Orchard Grass
land Timothy and
Clover Seed.
f -
ofe to Graham & Hendrix';
to buy Embroideries cheap.
Nearly six hundred styles in Neek
wehr at
7 *x

» ,-e.
[■ 'ofA
: w
ft j

: ShOEQj\
• '*
Highest market pri^e p;
for ail kinds 'of Country P
duce. 1000 Hifead of Catlte
wanted, ifqgs arid sheep al
wanted; best price*! fiaid.
Bring us _a.il your old floor
cows and oiëri.
Miss Mary Hill Phillips lias returned
from a visit to Memphis.
Miss Pearl Sanders was a visitor to
Memphis the past week.
Dr. and Mrs. Alexis Borroum visit
ed Selmer, Tenn., last Sunday.
Mrs. John Ellis, of Rienzi, visited Mr.
and Mrs. W. U. Rowsey the past week.
Miss Lucille Duncan returned Mon
day from a visit of several days in Ri
Miss Maggie Berry of Rienzi, visited
friends and relatives in the city this
Miss Pauline Sanders has been in
New Orleans this week, enjoying the
Mardi Gras festivities.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mitchell of near
Rienzi was here Saturday and Sunday,
yisiting Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Dalton.
Mrs. G. W. liyhum and Miss Dora
Dilworth spent the week in New Or
leans, attending the Mardi Gras fes
Miss Annie Outten.^of Kentucky,
who lias been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Dr. Johns, left this week for New Or
leans on a visit.
Mrs. T'hyfer and daughter, Miss Liz
zie, of Ripley, and Mrs. Hunt of North
Carolina, have been the guests of Mrs.
ÎI. B. Hilliard this week.
Booneville Plaindealer:—Miss Maud
Wood, of Corinth, accompanied by her
friend Miss Skillman, was the guest of
Mrs. John Sanders for several days this
Mrs. Frank Humphrey left this week
for Memphis to reside. Mr. Humphrey
is located in that city now with the W.
T. Adams Machine Co. There depart
ure is a loss keenly felt by a large host
of Corinth friends, and .ill wish them
happiness in their new home.
The "Pathfinders, 1 held their regu
lar meeting on Thursday evening with
Miss Mary Jolinsey. The evening was
delightfully spent in the discussion of
one of the lectures from "Sesame and
It is said that the way to get the
most benefit from a book is to disagree
with the aijthor. If this is true, the
"Pathfinder?" got at least a few ideas
from the discussion. After this they
read and discussed "The Two Voices,"
by Tennyson. At fu-stit seems difficult
to get the author's meaning, but soon
it begins to unveil itself and the reader
is lost in its beautiful language and
more beautiful thought.
At the next meeting they will begin
the discussion of "MidJlemarch."
$ 1 , 100,00 for Chickens in One Day.
j The oar of chickens shipped out last
I week by W. T. Young, was a sight
wortli seeing. The car was full to
overflowing with chickens while the
top was covered with geese and
: turkeys. For this bit of enterprise Mr.
i Young received a check for 5)1,100,00.—
New Albany Gazette.
R. F. Moor»'s Latest Move
One of the splendid business estab
lishments in , which Corinthians take
pride is that tf R. F. Moore. lie lias
for years conducted one of the most
complete confectionery, fancy grocery
and cigar stores to be found in any
city approximating Corinth's sF.e. lib;
already handsome store is being ovor
haulcd and fixed up generally and
when finished promises to be a marvel
of beauty. The front will undergo an
appreciable change, with new glass
fixtures, the top portion replaced with
artistically dfegned cathedral glass.
New shelving (.being placed in and
fine steel ceiling will adorn the top of
the room. .The furnishings will be
neat and attractive and reflect much
credit on the establishment. There
has beeti à&ded to his stobft p/ complete
line of flné shoes and to fhfs depart
ment he will devote speci?.l attention,
and use êyery effort to .give perfect
satisfaction and prove a convenience
to buyers of good shoes. Every atten^
tion will be paid to this trade and the
public, no, doubt, Will show a liberal
appreciation of the same. •
His line of cigars apt! tobaccos and
Arte; 1 candles will be kept up to the
higjl grade of excellency that has al
ways Characterized the store.
For Job Printing; telephone 34.
Try the Velvet ttlgar at C. fl. Walker
j Drug Co.
I See Chancery Notices in another
I column.
Measles is the thing in the Theo
; neighborhood.
See Board of Supervisors proceedings
iu another column.
Go to Dalton's for seed potatoes and
all kinds of Seid and garden seed.
By paying for The Corinthian iu ad
vance you get it one year for $1.
G. Ü. Winston has moved his job of
fice upstairs over the postoffice.
You can read any twenty-five cent,
book in Zachary's library for ten
Smoke the Rosa Concha, leading 5c.
cigar, at C. H. Walker Drug Co.
Old newspapers,
sale at the Corinthian office.
Fine Writing Paper; Pencils, Pens,
Ink, etc., at R. lienderson's.
Don't forget the latest things in
Shoes at Graham & Hendtix.
Messrs. Pollock and Street have open
ed a bicycle and sewing machine store
bn the corner of Franklin and Waldron
for 5 cents, for
Our line of hosiery is "out o' sight."
Graham & Hendrix.
Telephone The Corinthian for Job
Monday was a day of rest for the
Woolen Mills employes. It was ma
chinery cleaning day.
We handle all kinds of Potato Seed,
Onion Sets, and seed in bulk.
The Corinth Masons held an import
ant meeting last night. Work in the
M. M. degree was done and several vis
iting brethren were present.
We have in stock now a nice assort
ment of Visiting Cards including the
latest styles and shapes Call and see
C. U. Walker Drug Co.
The March winds arrived on time,
and a heavy rain storm was the order
of things yesterday morning. It was
a twisting, whirling downpour and a
gully wasiier of the first class.
Henderson's toilet goods embrace
everything iu the druggists' novelty
line. Brushes, fine soaps, extracts,
creams, powders, etc., of the finest.
Go to Henderson's for anything you
need in toilet goods.
The Corinthian
This Issue.
Rufus Sanders tells about Scal
lop-Back Billy.
Arps Nursery Songs—Cherokee
Philosopher Passes His Seventy
First Birthday.
International Sunday School Les
son for March 7, 1897.
Lon's Triumph—A Short Story.
Winding up of Congress.
Column of Mississippi Matters.
Column of Southern Gleanings.
Current Comment.
Otherwise Unnoticed.
Ellen Osborn's Fashion Letter.
Roundabout Notes and Local Snap
Shots, Personal Mention, and all the
local news of interest.
Board of Supervisors proceedings.
Local church news.
Good selected poetry.
Editorial and local-comments, and
the important news of the day.
Rienzi letter, telephone talk, soci
ety news, aud general miscellany.
The subscription price to the Cor
inthian is $1 a year, payable in ad
Start your dollars this wa y.
Solid and Safe Business Men.
The Corinthian in future issues will
have something to say regarding its
liberal advertising patrons. Corinth
merchants are solid, safe and progress
ive and know the value of a good ad
vertising medium. There are many
old landmarks here with whom the
people have for many years found sat
isfaction, profit and pleasure to deal,
and to them much credit is due for the
high business pT.ne that characterises
the city. Business lines are smooth
here and no injurious factions exist.
The principle of co-operation and ' live
and let live" is Well planted.
We Know This Will Strike You.
We find the following flodtiug around
among out exchanges aud commend it
to our readers as a bit of good advice:
"If you know of anything we don't
know, which people ought to know, if
it is worth knowing don't ybu know it
is your duty to let us know, that
whl6h you know and we ought to know
but don't know, because you-know,
but won't let us know.'h And that's
"kno\?" he, you know.
Something Extra in Perfumery.
Remember that Henderson carric?
the largest line of the best, purest and
most durable perfumery extract^ ever
brought to Corinth. Call and Âeè them.
Telephone 4L
i 1
* t
This is 34. How is the "Old Re
Oh, the M. & O. is moving things
lively now. A big grain trade is
handled by south-bound fre'ghts and
the fruit trade north of Mobile contin
ues to require all the cars in sight.
Spring shipments of dry goods, etc.,
just now is immense, and the passen
ger traffic, augmented by drummers
and merchants going on after goods,
is decidedly flattering.
Hello, 34! Alle samee telephone you
likee Melican man. Helle goes:
Wifee got a baby,
Lilly billy felly
Plettv likee plicture,
Likee velly welly.
Now me be a dlunk man,
Velly, velly tight man,
Cause me got a yelly kid
Alle samee white man.
This is John
Hello, Corinthian!
Bell speaking to you. Thisweek while
repairing the residence at corner Cruise
and Webster streets, the workmen
found a love letter, (a letter that never
came) between the flooring. It was
I written twenty-three years ago and
had an old 3-cent stamp on it.
Yes, this is the Corinthian. Had the
boys pretty badly rattled, didn't they?
Yes, of course Tom Henry was at the
bottom of it. And they say the boy»
didn't like the idea of going to Cuba
a little bit and poor Cap. Browning.
Yes, we've heard it reported, but you
know how such talk starts aud is kept
going. Besides, she denies it, and that
ought to settle it.
Hello! Yes the editor has moved nis
family and household goods from Tu
pelo to Corinth thisweek, and the Cor
inthian pages will doubtless suffer
from it tliis issue.
llow is that?
Oh, yes; you have been there, have
you? It is a big job. Thanks. We
know all the balance of our friends
have a tear to drop for us.
Hello, what's that, Captain?
Why, we have a new administration
now. and prosperity is now due.
feel better already; sold two bills of
drugs this morhing just after the in
auguration. O, yes; times will be good
from now on. Fred Elgin says so, aud
like me, Fred never jokes.
W bitte more's celebrated Shoe Dress
ing, the best made; also polish for tan
shoes in all shades, oxbloods, etc.
carry a full line of these goods aud of
fer them as the best on the market.
Give them a trial.
Telephone 41.
11. Henderson.
As the Corinthian goes to press Fri
day afternoon, Herman Rothschilds,
who lias been for many years with the
firm of Abe Rubel A Co., lies danger
ously near death's door,
ill for about ten days, and has been at
tended by the best medical skill, but
the worse is feared.
lie has been
. . Retail
3 qt. Pudding Pans
4'qt. Halt'd. Sauce Pans 35c
1Ö qt. Preserving Kcttl 50c
30c Wash Bowls, 11 in.. . . .35c
3 Éc Bärge Fluted Lake Pa - 35c
4 "
5 *'

4 qt. Coffee Pots
Extraordinary bargains in Gray Ehahleled Ware.
Just received a big shipment bought at Bankrupt Sale. "
Take advantage of this golden opportunity to
yourself „wifi "Granite Ware" at half Its value.
Corinth, Miss; Tel. 21.
- 1 .'. i *e .üjp,
Dr. R. Y. Barnhill visited BarnsviUe
Dr. J. S. Vbyles paid Burnsville a
visit Sunday.
Albert Clark of Rienzi was in
city Tuesday.
VV. C. Clark is in Florida prospecting
for a location.
Eld. L. It. BurresS of Ueeville, Y.'as in
the city Saturday.
Taylor Sanders was a recent visitor
to 1'ittsburg', Tenn.
Some cases of measles reported a few
miles south of town,
C. N. l'ollock attended Mardi (»ras in
New Orleans this week.
Prof. Ouy D. Dean, of luka, was a
visitor to Corinth Monday.
l)r. Lowrey made homefolks a visit
in Blue Mountain this week.
J. M. Boone made Jackson, Term., a
visit Tuesday, attending to legal busi
S. L. Nelson, drummer for the Al
corn Woolen Mills was in the city this
M. C. Woodruff, one of Booneville'*
prominent merchants, was in Corinth
Dr. L. W. Worsham spent the week
in Tupelo attending to professional
Eli Mitchell visited his father and
mother near Rienzi last Satnrday and
J. B. Sanders and J. R. Thrasher, of
booneville, were in the city one day
this week.
P. L. Persons, who is now located at
Debeon. Texas, was in the city the
past week.
J. T. Meeks made one of his frequent
trips to St. Louis this week, with a car
load of cattle.
W. D. Dupree, a prominent cotton
factor of Jackson, Tenu., was in Covj
inth Tuesday.
Jake Walker, who lias peen attend
ing medical college in St. Louis, return
ed home tlris week.
W. F. Ostrander, with the Albert
Lea, Minn., Times, was a caller ut tire
Coriuthiauoillee Thursday.
V. C. Kincannon, lire popular Mans
field-Van Vleet drummer, of Memphis,
was in the city Monday.
J. 1Î. Houston, mayor of Seltner,
Tenn., and a prominent lawyer, was a
recent visitor to Corinth.
Mrs. Lillie Underwood, of Kosssuth
passed through town a few days ago,
enroute to Mobile on a visit to relatives.
J. C. Price, Esq., left yesterday for
St. Louis and other markets to buy his
spring stock of dry goods, clothing, etc.
Hardy Gfec'n, who represents the
Alcorn Woolen Mills in the Alabama
and Georgia territory is in the cit\
this week.
Esq. N. Hamlin is recovering fror
his severe illness, but is yet so tight! •
gripped as to be compelled to remain
ut home.
Mr. Biggs night operate!' at the
A C. depot has resigned und his pn
tion is now tilled by Ir. (iaitb
formerly of Texas.
Hon. E. S. Candler' Jr was in lu -.;,
this week visiting his me er, who ■ ;
been quite ill for several clays bu.
now convalescent.
Manager Scheuing, of . ■■ Telople at
Exchange, leaves today for a trip U
Louisville, Cincinnati ae other oil '
to be absent several da His . .uc
petent assistant, Avo M er, will -i,
charge ef the "hollo" 1 during
the '4
Seeing the New Adminix on In.
Frank Elgin, of Sei
claimed as a Corinthian
iugton this week att. m
gural ceremonies, ete.
r, Tjciiu.,
was In \V

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